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by prego
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A fanfiction story that involved the characters of star wars the clone wars.
[Introduction] A star wars fanfiction that involved pregnancy and other stuff.
ready for this?
Let's give it a shot and see how it fly's
you start with the intro. It will involved pregnancy, hyper pregnancy and futanari. If that okay with you?
Eh, not a big fan on futa stuff, but whatever not a deal breaker. The rest of the stuff is fine, an well can you start this? Since, it's kinda your thing ^^;
thanks. But you have the honor of doing the script. I know futanari isn't your thing but what about huge breast then?
The giant breasts will work fine and well..hmm..how about you just start something random an we'll go from there.
With the Jedi continue to fight the Clone wars. Padawan Ashoka Tano, Jedi Master Aayla Secura transferring Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze to a peace meeting with the Council of Neutral Systems. Due to a malfunction to the hyper drive. The ship out of control and it whereabouts are unknown.
"So, any ideas where we are?" Satine asked, as she approached both Aayla and Ashoka.

"Not the slightest clue ma'am, I doubt we even studied this part of the galaxy." Aayla replied, tapping her chin.

However, the two suddenly felt a strange energy from a nearby planet, it was hard to say what it was. It def felt similar to the force, but was not it; still this was there best chance of finding some civilization and getting some help. Approaching the planet, they saw it seemed a mix between a large city and jungle, so it least meant there were people here.

"Well, let's just hope they're friendly...." Ashoka said, getting a nod from her companions.
With the ship enter the planet gravity they took a planet scanning and discovered the city is full of people and they trying to communicate them.
"Ummm..H..hello..we kinda need some aid. Our ship has suffered some damage and we need a place to stay..." Ashsoka said somewhat nervously "I'm Ashoka Tano and my master Aayla Secura are here with Duches Satine Kryze."

At first there was silence, but then a female voice responded.

"Very well, please we have a dock prepared for you." The female said, making the trio relax.

As their ship docked, the trio quickly prepared, making sure their weapons were ready incase things have gotten bad. As they stepped out, they were greeted by three females all of 'em sporting rather huge looking bellies against their uniforms.

"Greetings, Ashoka Tano, Master Aayla Secura and Duches Satine Kryze" The female in the middle said, bowing her head a little "My name is 2nd Lieutenant Asha Cohen."
"Thank you for letting us land hear Lieutenant Asha Cohen. Our ship was damage but with the right tool we can hopefully repair the Hyper Drive." Master Aayla Secura said to the three pregnant guards.

The guard on the left of Asha Cohen move her hand towards her helmet and whispering what is happening on the pad. Ashoka Tano and Master Aayla Secura can hear this but Duches Satine Kryze couldn't without training in the force.

"My pardons 2nd Lieutenant Asha Cohen. The commander want to spear with the travelers."

"My thanks private. Please follow me." Lieutenant Asha Cohen walking while being pregnant is something not new on this planet. When they enter a vehicle they notice it was design for woman being pregnant. When they enter the city they notice a few things. One, it full of woman. The second is the woman are really pregnant with multiple unborn & the one who isn't pregnant have massive breast.
"Jeez...This place is weird..." Ashoka muttered to Aayla who just nodded her head.

Satine meanwhile just looked around curiously at the amount of massively pregnant women or the big breasted ones. Eventually, their ride arrived to what seemed like the commander's HQ, the building itself looking quite tall, with Asha leading them inside and to the top floor. As they arrived, Asha waddled forward and saluted.

"2nd Lieutenant Asha Cohen reporting, commander Uizajturi" She said,

The commander in question was a female Twi'lek, sporting a uniform like Asha only her belly was big enough to carry both Ashoka and Aayla inside her. Her scheme color was a sort purple with red stripes across her eyes and face, giving a soft smile she waddled forward and nodded her head.

"Thank you Asha, you can leave us~" She said gently, as the Lieutenant waddled away.
"Your wondering what is going on here Jedi and Duches?" Commander Uizajturi said to the three and their reply was a nod.

"Several thousand years ago the Blue Shadow Virus infected this very planet. At first the men tried to find a cure but the virus mutated that only killed the men. We thought we would join them until we became pregnant. The first generation were all girls, when they reach adulthood. They become pregnant. After many generation we became used to becoming pregnant. When my ship crash here a month ago..."

"What do you mean a month ago Uizajturi?" Ashoka interrupted her.

"When I crash here I was aready pregnant. My injuries was so critical even a Bacta tank couldn't heal me. The people here have very advance medic that heal me extreamly well. The price was I have to carry some of their children and that is why I'm this size."

"How many children did they?" Duches Satine Kryze couldn't form enough words to say what she was going to say. Uizajturi only reply...
"At least worth for an army" She replied, patting her belly.

The trio gasped with surprise, as Ahsoka swallowed nervously at the thought of being THIS massive. Uizajturi meanwhile smiled softly as she waved her hand

"Oh don't threat, but still while you're here we'll be sure to fix your ship. While you wait, we can offer you some place to stay." She said, smiling

"Thank you very much for such kindess" Satine said, smiling to Uizajturi

"Hey, anything to show we're not dangerous to you."

She then called Asha back, telling the her to take the three females to the best hotel the city had to offer. While they were heading outside, both Ahsoka and Aayla felt a presence of what felt like another Jedi or maybe Sith, it was hard to say but the presence wasn't far.

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