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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Holiday · #2175357
Someone asked for it, a Christmas Campfire where anything can happen
[Introduction] Important note: This Campfire is not an RPG so we won't be making characters RPG style and just focusing on our characters on our turns, this is a more simple campfire building a story piece by piece
Jack Skellington awoke next to Sally. It had been a good Halloween that year and while Thanksgiving Land had just celebrated their Holiday, Jack was thinking of visiting Christmas Land to see how Santa was doing.

As he opened his window to greet the Pumpkin Sun he noticed something very strange, some new residents seem to have come to Halloween Town, they looked like strange Half-Human Half-Animal Creatures like Halloween Town's own Werewolf and Fish-Girl
"Must be visitors," said Jack. "Hopefully it isn't anything too crazy."
Jack quickly got dressed into his usual clothes and went forth to greet these strange new creatures.

"Welcome to Halloween Town." Jack said warmly "I'm Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King...Of whom to I have the pleasure of addressing?"

The various animal creatures looked at each other, finally one of them, who appeared to be some kind of half-man half-wolf only this Wolf had dark blue fur said "Please Sir...I think we're...Not where we're supposed to be...The last thing I remember was...Darkness...Then I found myself traveling with these Fellow Creatures through a grey leafless forest until we found ourselves here."

"Oh dear..." Jack sighed seemed like a case of recently departed souls finding themselves in the Holiday Lands instead of their proper afterlives
"Good news is, I know the guy that takes care of these matters," said Jack. "So, I'll give him a call, and until he come for you, feel free to spend some time here. The pup has plenty of spirits, and and the food is to die for. If there's a bit of a backlog, I'll have a little chat with the rulers of the holidays, to see about opening up guest quarters in their realms."

The recently departed had a chat among themselves.

"Well, that does sound reasonable," the wolf said. "Hopefully it will be resolved soon."

"Yes, I'm sure that you wish to be in your proper afterlives," said Jack. "Still, until then, make yourselves welcome, be friendly, and watch out for Oogie Boogie. That guy cheats worse than the casinos where gambling is concerned."

"So, we're allowed to stay here?" a cat asked.

"For now," said Jack. "Also, I'm sure that the other Holidays will be willing to open their doors so that you can have some fun until Death can take you to your proper destinations. I hope nothing bad happened to him - I don't want to have to take on his job in addition to mine - I got into enough trouble with the Christmas mess I made a few years back."
The dog says "What a minute, I know you. You're that skeleton that took over for Santa years ago, my master's grandfather nearly died of a heart attack at the sight of one of your errr… presents. What make us trust you now?"
"Oh that..." Jack chuckled awkwardly "...That was all an accident on my part, believe me I meant no actual harm to your...What did you say?"

"My Master's Grandfather." Said the Dog-Man "We're all Mutant Animals."

"I see." Said Jack "You're not werewolves, and other were-creatures?"

"We all came to be mutated in various ways." Said the Blue Wolf "Some of us were Mutated by some kind of spill of Mutagens others were formed by deliberate experimentation."
"Anyways, like I said, I know Death, the guy lives nearby," said Jack. "I'll give him a call, and hopefully things will proceed from there. But, until then, enjoy your time here, and like I said, if things take a while, like more than a day or so, I'll see about talking to the leaders of the other holiday realms. Most are rather lovely this time of year."
The Vampire brothers along with the Wolfman greets the visitors, The cat looked nervous, "Your not going to suck our blood are you?" One of the vampires said "Heavens, no. Our job is only to scare people but all in fun during the holidays." One of the other vampires says "By holiday rule, we are not allowed to harm anyone. So right now our job is to show you around before we take you to where your going to stay."
They took the Creatures to a building that looked half haunted castle/half haunted mansion. "This..." Said One Vampire "...Was the place where the Ancestor Vampires of Halloween Town resided...Until they decided to find somewhere else to live."
"So, what do you do with it now?" the wolf mutant asked.

"I think it ought to do for a guest quarters," said the one vampire.
The Wolfman says "I'm curious, how did you all become mutants?" The dog says "My master was about to give me a bath, it was scary at first but he didn't realize the water was traced with that mutagen. I don't know how he didn't see the water was giving off a green glow. The end results, started changing into a humanoid version of myself with increased intelligence to talk."
The Blue Wolf said "I was created in a Lab with a bunch of other animals...The details are fuzzy..."
"A lot of the details are fuzzy," said the cat. "Different for everyone."
The wolfman says "I see, well anyway welcome to Halloween Town. The mayor will stop by later," As he and the vampire brothers leave them to rest up.
The Mutant Animals decided to rest after settling in where they wanted to sleep the Dog asked "If we're dead do we even need to sleep?"

"Don't know." Said the Blue Wolf
"Could just be one of those psychological-type of things," the cat said. "Maybe we'll actually fall into a state like sleep, or maybe it will just help our thoughts to just relax and all of that stuff. To be honest though, I do feel a bit tired."

"I guess there's nothing wrong with trying to take a rest," the wolf said. "Maybe it will be like sleeping."
The dog man says "Funny, I don't remember dying. Could it be those brown bunnies I ate?"
The Wolf looked at the Feline "I don't know." The Lupine said "I think I was able to eat things Humans ate after I mutated without too much trouble."
"Maybe we just don't remember the manner of our deaths, so that we could perhaps move on more peacefully," the cat said.
The dog man says "I guess your right, I guess we're here to find out how we are we move on. I suppose the Mayor the other wolf guy mentioned is going to explain that."
Of course the Mayor being the Mayor wasn't there to help them figure out their pasts but he did bring a basket of treats, there were some things humans might find disguising like rat-gut-on-a-stick (But the three carnivores thought that looked and smelled good) too more conventional things like standard candies and cookies, most decorated for Halloween
"Must be Halloween is the theme around here," the cat said.
The dog man says "At least the food's good, anyway with a name like Halloween Town you might expect the place is Halloween themed. Perhaps we'll stop by around Halloween and see how they celebrate."
Meanwhile Jack was on his way to Death but then saw the Christmas door and decided to visit Santa first.

Santa was busy overseeing the elves when Jack came in.

"You sometimes deliver live animals as presents right?" Jack said

"Yes." Said Santa "Sometimes brings pets to good little boys and girls."

"Have you ever seen an Animal...Transform into something like a Werewolf?" Asked Jack
"Hmm, that is a strange request," said Santa. He turned to an elf. "Harold. Have we ever got a request for anything like that?"

"We have, but there is provisions against modifying animals like that," said Harold. "Remember the whole thing with the reindeer, and those Animal Rights group?"

Santa sighed. "Feed some magic corn to the reindeer to help them to fly, and those nuts cry out animal abuse. Makes me want to send their misdeeds to the FBI, the CIA, and the PTA."

"Parent-Teacher's Association?" Jack asked.

"Very scary people, the PTA," said Santa.
Santa says "Still, this perks my curiosity. I'm going to look at this animals but one thing I need to know. Last time I was in Halloween Town. I got held hostage by that Oogie Boogie. I hope he hasn't returned."
"Um..." Jack hesitated. someone calling themselves 'Malecificent' had brought the bag of bugs back to life but Jack simply laughed and said "No, no, he hasn't returned."
"Oh, good," said Santa. "I still get nightmares from that, and not in a good way. By the way, have you seen some of these crazy Christmas movies they've been putting out, where they have some nutjob running around in a Santa outfit killing people in all sorts of gruesome ways? Uhg!"

"Well, some people enjoy a good scare," said Jack.

"Christmas shouldn't be scary," said Santa. "At least, not these days."
Jack says "Your right, I only like it when they release a good scary movie around Halloween. That's the only time of year where I enjoy a good scare. And I'll show you to...Oh, Pumpkin cakes!" Santa asks, "What's wrong?" Jack says "I completely forgot to ask them their names."
"That's why I asked you about Animals transforming." Jack said "Three creatures that look sort of like werewolves, although one of them is a wolf, at first I thought they were new residents but they think they were meant for a different afterlife and don't know where to find it."
"How many are there?" Santa asked.

"At least three, but there might be more," said Jack.

"Sounds like you'd best get a hold of Death," said Santa. "I'll see about asking around about any unusual arrivals showing up. Be kind of odd in a humanoid reindeer popped up."
Does anyone ever played the 1995 game Grim Fandango?

In the land of the dead, Manny is confused on what's going on. His boss, Domino was the one who sent the trio to Halloween Town. "How could you do this to me boss, I arranged a special place for those three and you sent them to Halloween Town? This isn't right."
Meanwhile the three Creatures were snoozing peacefully after their snack as they slept they dreamed The Blue Wolf in particular dreamed about his time in the Lab, he remembered floating in a tank of green fluid during his mutation process
(Seen part of a playthrough, got up to Chapter 2 I think.)

Meanwhile, Jack was placing some calls. "Come on Death. Pick up the phone."
Manny just went back to his office "It's just my luck, I had all the good cases and Domino had to undermine them fo r his greedy causes." That's when he herd his phone ring, He answers it "Hello, Manuel Calavera. Grim Reaper/Travel Agent. How may I help you?" "Ah yes, Jack Skellington. I'
Meanwhile the Blue Wolf still dreaming about his time when he was life, remembered there was another Blue Wolf...A Sister...He woke up
"Thinking about the past, what there was?" the cat asked.
Manny explained to Jack the situation, Jack says "Let me get this straight, you had plans for the 3 animals to travel to a well deserved heavnly estate but got cheated by your superior Domino. So he sent them here to Halloween Town. Except you don't know why he did that." Manny responds, "That's the sum of it, I'm going to find out why and see if I can straighten things up here. No offense, but they deserve better then Halloween Town."
Jack's stitch like mouth flicked for a moment as he felt Halloween Town was a great potential afterlife but he decided it was better he return and ask those three Animals if they had names.

Meanwhile the Blue Wolf rubbed his head as he thought "I had a sister." He said "But I have no idea if she's alive or dead."
"That might be a good thing," the cat said. "If they aren't dead, well, you'll see them later. If they are dead, you'll see them sooner. In short, you'll see them either sooner or later."
That was when Jack came in "Greetings! I spoke with one of the People working for Death and he affirmed there was a bit of a mix-up, Anyway I realized I never asked you your names."

"I don't think I ever really had a NAME so to speak." Said the Blue Wolf "I think the scientists called me...Subject...47."
"Max," said the cat.
The dog man says “Rover.”
"Well." Said Jack "I'd like you all to know that soon you'll all be on your way to your Proper Afterlives!"

Subject 47 still couldn't help thinking about what he had just dreamed about he wished he could find a way to peek into the land of the living to see what had happened to his sister
Max looked at Subject 47. "Listen, you'll see her again. It's merely a matter of time. Just wait patiently."
Rover shrugs and says “Who knows, maybe she’s eating got you in the afterlife subject 47.”
"Huh?" Subject 47 wasn't sure what Rover even said

However Jack was now curious and decided to ask the Witches so he could look in their cauldron to see this strange Lab
"Let's try to relax," said Max. "The worst is probably behind us."
As Jack entered the lab, the witches greeted him. “Jack Skellington. Nice for you to stop by. How can we assist you dearie?”
{Um Hertz, the Witches don't have the Lab, Jack was gonna ask to look into the Cauldron so he could see the Lab where 47 was born because the cauldron acts sort of like a crystal Ball also, check out this short videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RPgauBuIq4 /c}

"I wish to have your cauldron look into something for me." Said Jack "I wish to see the Lab that created our guest the Blue Wolf who calls himself Subject 47."

The Witches waved their hands over the Cauldron and the water began to shimmer and glow showing a lab that was in the Outback of Australia.

"Australia?" Jack cocked his head "I'm fairly certain 47 is a Blue Gray Wolf not a Dingo."

"They may have brought them over to the Outback because it is so far away." Said the Grey Witch "So no one would see what they were doing."
"Plenty of illegal things happen in the middle of nowhere," said another witch.
Meanwhile Manny was on an investigation on his own he was tailing Domino for to set things right he snuck in his office and spotted, 3 folders and he looked at them. “Rover, Max and Subject 47.” He opened each folder, “These are my 3 clients, why in the Afterworld was he doing with them?”
The Notes read "I need 3 Animal Spirits to sneak into Fauna's Lair and bring back Fauna's Recipe for Transformation Potion." Fauna was the Goddess of Animals and that Potion had the ability to give the drinker the ability to transform into any species of Animal at will
"Sounds like trouble," said Manny. "I'd better let Jack know. Still, I wonder what's really going on."
Jack got a phone call, "Jack here," Manny says "Jack, It's Manny. I have found evidence that Domino is after the 3 animals to steal a recipe for Transformation Potion from the goddess Fauna." Jack says "Hmm, What does this Domino look like?" Manny says, "He's a skeleton like you but in a business suit. The only difference is, he's the type of skeleton seen in Día de Muertos." Jack says "Día de Muertos? What's that?" Manny says "A Mexican Holiday, it means Day of the Dead."
"I see." Jack said concerned someone might be trying to copy his style

"Fauna often has a million Animal Spirits hanging around her celestial palace." Said the frantic Skeleton "It shouldn't be too hard for three Mutant Animal Spirits to blend in."
"So, what's this whole 'Day of the Dead' thing?" Jack asked.

"It's when the spirits of the dead interact with the living," said Manny. "Can't say it actually works, but most feel comforted doing it."
Meanwhile in his office Domino is on the phone with someone, "Yeah there safe, I admit arranging for there accident was pure genius on your part but we nearly lost them by Death, I had to take care of it." "They're in Halloween Town until we need them for the job, by the way when is the job?"
"Around Christmas Eve." Said the Someone
"Be careful," said the Someone. "You don't want Jack on your tailbone, especially if he brings his friends along."
Domino says "If he's anything like Manuel Calavera, he'll be no trouble at all. I heard he once took over Christmas with terrible results."
Meanwhile, Subject 47 couldn't stop thinking about his dream, and the idea of his sister, he paced back and forth behind the house.

"You want to see your sister Wolf-Boy?" Came a strange voice

Subject 47's ears perked up "Huh? Who said that?"

"Here Wolf-Boy." Said the Voice "Look for a tree with a face in the trunk."

47 indeed saw a fat tree trunk with what looked like a Laughing face

"You want to see your Sister again, I can give you the opportunity, but first you have to do me a teensy-tiny favor."
"I'd be careful," said Max. "Talk to Jack first."
Back in the land of the dead, Manny saw what looks like a woman, like the 3 animals she looks like an Anthromorphic creature that's a mixture of a deer, a lioness and a shewolf but Manny recognized her, "Fauna? What brings you to my office?"
"How do you like my new look?" She asked "I've been experimenting with mixing different creature features together."

"I don't like it." He said "Stick to being one normal creature at a time, it looks less garish."

Miffed at her new look being dissed she turned into a disgusting Tapeworm they wriggled on the table "How do you like me now?" She asked

But eventually the eccentric Lady of Animals settled back into her Base Form, the form she had before she was became Lady of Non-Human Creatures. a Beautiful Human Woman with ivory complexion, black tresses and brilliant blue eyes.

"I've wanted to speak with you about the Mutation of Animals on Third Earth." She said "Many Humans have figured out how to bio-engineer Animals into intelligent Humanoids and I noticed when I last came home that a lot of Animal Spirits were Anthropomorphic...That means when I last went out two centuries ago, Man of Third Earth has cracked the genetic code and is turning Animals into Mutants at breakneck speed."

"Why did it take you two centuries to return to your house?" Asked the Exasperated Skeleton.

"Needed comfort food..." Fauna huffed "...Specifically I needed the Devil's Food Cake that is baked 26 Dimensions away..."

Fauna was like a Beast in that she was a voracious eater some of her snacks were legendary even among the Deities!
"I'm surprised that your stomach and butt aren't bigger than the door," said Manny.

"What was that?" Fauna asked, less than happy.

"Listen, humans have advanced their technology quite rapidly," said Manny. "Even we have had to adjust to the changes in the Living World. I mean, look at the building we're doing business in - fifty stories tall, at least. Used to be that having a four story home was posh living, but now, most of the stories are filled with paperwork."
Manny says "I got a situation that you may help on." Fauna says "Let me guess, does it involve 3 half human animals?" Manny pointed to the files, "I was going to send them to a special place. Normally when I handle a human spirit, it's always a choice to send them to the gates of heaven or the firary depths of the underworld if you know what I mean," Fauna says "I understand "Sense these are half animal, I'm not too sure St. Peter or Beelzebub would accept them so I arranged a special place, but my boss Domino sent them to Halloween Town of all places and I'm not sure why he did it."
"Perhaps because they are like the Werewolf." Said Fauna "As Aberrations, Halloween Town is an ideal place for things that are unusual."

The Tree with a Face continued to speak with Subject 47 "Your Sister is still among the Living," It said "I will give to the ability to visit her as a Ghost but first you must retrieve something for me."
"How about I get a reference about you from Jack?" said Subject 47. "After all, if you're on the level, he'd vouch for you."
Unfortunate for Subject 47, one of Domino's spies is overhearing his conversation with the tree. "Oh no, Domino is not going to be happy about this."
"I suppose I'll just have to send you back to the mortal world now, and have the favor later." Said the Tree, a spectral tongue grabbed Subject 47 and pulled him into the tree's mouth. For a moment it was pitch black, but then the next moment later Subject 47 found himself somewhere else, he was hovering a few inches above the ground and when he looked at his floating feet they were translucent...He looked around, he looked like he was in some kind of fancy parlor, then he looked behind him, he saw two Humans watching another Wolf Mutant...A Female through a window, the Wolf was in some kind of Dojo she was practicing with a staff against a Dummy
"What's going on?" Subject 47 asked.
The Wolf is wearing a standard Karate Gi, but there was no doubt in Subject 47, this is his sister.
He heard the Humans speaking "She's coming along quite nicely." Said the Female Human

Meanwhile Fauna eventually learned that Domino was planning to steal the recipe for her transformation potion she turned into a Dragon and started breathing fire to show her displeasure
"It might help if you breathed fire at the right person," said a servant.
Manny gave Jack a call "Jack? Urgent news. It that Domino is going to use your three guests on a heist. Fauna's transformation potion recipe. Whoever is working for Domino needs it and he's not taking no for an answer. Could you move them to somewhere safe like Christmas Land or Easter Land?"
"Can do." Jack said but then he saw one of the Animals were already gone.

Subject 47 was continuing to listen to the Two Humans talk "Soon we'll have entire lines of Mutated Animal Servants available for purchase." Said the Man "Fighting Animals for Super Soldiers and Bodyguards, Animals Bio-Engineered to be Nurturing for looking after Human Children..."
"This isn't right," Subject 47 muttered. "There's got to be something I can do."
Subject 47 could talk to his sister but he doesn't want to scare her or attract attention from the enslaving humans, he tries to figure it out how.
I think this is as far I as I can think for this campfire for now

The End!

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