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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2178286
A Virility Potion turns Nerds into Werebeasts
[Introduction] I realize that after inviting the fourth person of the Mutant Campfire things may now take a while, so to pass the time, here's an idea

A Mysterious Old Man approaches several Nerdy Boys one day with his new 'Energy Drink' that he claims can help them build more muscle mass

There story picks up after the Boys have tried it only to find it turns them into Werebeasts of different species!

Just a fun campfire
OK Standard Character Intros

Name: Albert Sweitz
Age: 14
(I don't think we need to do sex, because in this story, all the protagonists will be male)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Were he becomes: Were-Praying Mantis
Likes: Insects, Astronomy, Parlor Tricks, Sweets and Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories
Dislikes: Bullies, Too much noise, Most Modern TV Shows and Movies.

Albert was in his room when the Transformations started, he was in his bed, reading Isaac Asimov's 'The Naked Sun' when suddenly the words became blurry to him, he rubbed his eyes and his hands felt different to him. He gasped! His hands were becoming Mantis scythes! He quickly realized his vision was changing because his eyes were becoming segmented...
Name: Micah Bell
Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Were he becomes: Were-Cat
Likes: Westerns, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Writing, video games
Dislikes: Swimming

Micah was playing a Western Video game called Darkwatch Redemption Nightmare, which was about an outlaw-turned-vamperic vampire slayer that had teamed up with a zombified outlaw-turned bounty hunter-turned zombie hunter. The basic idea was that the two had to work together to prevent a vampire lord from using an enchanted mask in order to spread the curse of the undead. Initially, the zombified outlaw/bounty hunter was limited to weapons found in a typical Western, like revolvers, repeating rifles, and double-barrel shotguns, before encountering the vampire slayers, whose technology seemed to be a steampunked version of modified weapons that made them more powerful. As it was, he didn't notice the changes, at least at first.
Albert screamed! He tumbled out of the bed! As he crawled out of his room green chitin was spreading down his body.

As his Mom came down the Hallway she saw what was coming out of her Son's room she screamed bloody murder and ran to get Albert's Dad.

Fortunately Albert's mouth remained a mouth, not mandibles and he shouted hoarsely "Mom! Dad! It's me Albert!"
It was then that Micah noticed that something was off. The game started to sound different. He wasn't sure what it was though.
Okay, sense mostly this is BBW's usual favorite, I'll go with this,

Name: Chester Wimser
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Were: He becomes a werewolf
Likes: Riding his bicycle, Video games and making friends.
Dislikes: Bullies, being told what to do and being huliliated in public.

Racing down the street, Chester rode is bike towards the high school, athough there's no school today because it's a Saturday, but he had no choice but to face Bruno Manheim, the neighborhood bully. If he had other choices he'll be home playing his Nintendo games but Bruno is one of those 'Be there or else' types. Today seems diffferent to him, earlier he met a Strange old man who game him a drink that he says it'll build mussle mass, it'll make a beast ouit of you garenteed. Just hope it works for his sake. As he turned into an alley for a shortcut. He felt a burning sensation That's when the change started, he looked at his hands and claws began to grow from his fingers, then his body began to grow and his skin turned dark. "What...is....hap,,pen..ing..to...meeee!" he looked into the mirror and a huge canine muzzle grow out from his face with razor sharp fangs. After the change Chester stood up to an even seven feet, looked into the bike mirror and in a deep growling voice Chester said "The old man is right, That drink did make a beast out of me. Time to face Bruno." With a quick run, he left the alley.
Albert's Mom and Dad recognized their son's voice and came to look at the strange Insect Creature

"Albert!" His Mom gasped "What happened to you?!"

Hoarsely Albert said "Some old guy...Gave me and my friends some new...Energy drink...Said it would increase muscle mass...Bottle should be in my room..."

As Albert's Dad went to get the bottle his Mom said "I think we should take you to the hospital."
Micah looked in a mirror. His face was very different. "Was there something in that drink?"
At the high school, Bruno smiled fiendishly as other kids looked on with fright. "Listen up dilweeds, as soon a Chester gets here. I'm going to teach you an example that no one shall stand up to me." "That's what you think." said a low voice, "What?" Bruno says, "Who said that and who dares stand up to me?" Standing on a nearby car, a huge werewolf(Chester) appears "I dare, and I'm going to teach you a lesson that you'll never forget." Before he could blink, Chester came in front on Bruno towering over him, picked him up and then hung him on the schools victory statue on it's outstretched arms giving Bruno a wedgie he couldn't forget The kids cheered on because they were more scared of Bruno then the werewolf. Before anyone could notice, the werewolf is gone. One of the girls got out her cell phone, "I better tell Micah that someone finally stood up to Bruno."
Albert was taken to the Hospital, when he was taken into the Waiting Room, half the People in the Waiting Room screamed in terror the others thought it was just an elaborate costume.

Albert's Dad showed the 'energy drink' bottle to one of the Doctors the Doctor narrowed his eyes and he sniffed the bottle "I think you're boy has consumed some kind of Mutagen." Said the Doctor
Meanwhile, Micah was looking at his face when his cellphone rang. He grabbed it, only to look at his transformed hands. Then, he answered the phone. "What's up Chelsea?"

"Someone gave Bruno a big wedgie," the girl said. "Someone in a werewolf costume."

"Well, good for them," said Micah.
Chester went back to the alley feeling proud of himself, he carefully picked up the bottle. "I don't know what ingredient this has, but it finally gave me the strength to stand up to Bruno. I know it seemed a bit cruel letting him hang up there but this was a long time coming and someone had to give him a dose of his own medicine. Is there a way to change back to human?" He looks closely at the label.
Albert was on an operating table as he was being X-Rayed

"He still has an internal skeleton." The Doctor said showing Albert's Mo and Dad their Son's X-Rays "Fascinating..."

"Fascinating?!" Exclaimed Albert's Dad "Our Son's been turned into a Green Monster and all you can say is 'Fascinating' Mr. Spock?!"
"I'll tell you a story about a buddy of mine from when he was serving in the medical corps," the doctor said. "Group of soldiers were in a hot zone, when a live grenade lands next to them. One jumps on top of it, and boom! Shrapnel is lodged in this guy, but he was still alive. My buddy spent six hours removing pieces of metal out of him, and trying to repair the damage. The guy was so badly injured, it was unlikely that he'd ever walk again. Then, after more than half a year of physical therapy later, that soldier was able to walk on his own legs, with some assistance from a walker of course, but he was able to move his legs and have weight on them."
The label says "First transformation comes in at least a half hour after consuming. Afterwards changes are at will, to change back simply concentrate and think human. You'll change back just make sure your not distracted." Chester just did that and felt his fur start to recede before he knew it he was human again, athough he could use a change of clothes. "Oh Fuddruckers, Mom's going to be mad at me when I come with ripped clothes."
"I'm hungry." Albert said when they brought him into Lab.

"Can you concentrate your mind on becoming Human?" Asked the Doctor
Micah was looking in the mirror when an idea came to him. "Yeah, let's try this." He thought about reverting back to normal.
Chester made it home, fortunately his parents are not at home. "Mom's not home yet, I better change my clothes quickly. I better save up for a special suit that stretches when I change,." He went into his bedroom and quickly changed into clothing ditching the ripped fabrics he had on.
Albert concentrated really hard and slowly he began to transform back into a Human
Micah watched as he reverted back to normal. "Hmm. Cool. Now, to enjoy my game."
Chester was playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his Nintendo Switch when his mother got home. "Oh, you're back Chester. How did that test go?" Chester told his mother he had a test at the school, if he told he had to go to the high school to face off Bruno. She'll try to stop him and Bruno will pay him a visit and will break in just to beat him up. "Went fine mom, I'll get the results sometime next week."
As Albert lay in bed after coming back from the hospital, he stared at his celling and thought "That energy drink gave me the ability to turn into a giant praying mantis." Albert wondered about the Mantis part...He had always had a fondness for Insects, is that why he turned into one? The Doctor said that he was going to do a series of tests on the residue left in the bottle and he would call the family if any new things were discovered...

Albert turned his head to the Full Moon outside his Window and saw a fluttering shape Albert blinked and rubbed his eyes and put on his glasses. On the branch outside his window, it was the Old Man! He was wearing a Cape like Dracula

"Before you ask..." Said the Old Man "No I'm not a Vampire, this is a flying cloak it just helps me to fly without wings, I have come to tell you and the other boys I gave my free samples to is that I chose you three for a reason...Need some boys who aren't jerks to help continue the fight against evil extra-terrestrials."
"Um, not to sound rude or anything of the sort," Albert started to say. "But, why not get the military to help out?"
Chester's father cane home from work, he looked pretty angry, "Chester! startimg tomorrow, your going to a different high school!" Chester says "But, I have friends at my current high school." His father says "I don't care, your not seeing them again." Chester says "What did I do?" his old man says "There are reports about a kid in a werewolf costume hung one of the kids on the high school's statue by his underwear, I don't want you around such riffraff! After dinner call your friends and tell them goodbye!" Chester says "But..." before Chester says anything else his father says "And that's final!"
The Old Man got a message from his earpiece

"I see." Said the Old Man to whoever was on the other end "That ain't gonna fly." The Old Man turned to Albert "Transform into your Mantis Form and fly after me...I'm gonna gather your other two friends and I'll explain to all of you why I need you."

As Morgan transformed into a Were-Mantis he couldn't help thinking something about this Old Man seemed familiar

Flying through the sky Albert said "You sound a lot like Morgan Freeman."

"I get that a lot." Said the Old Man as they stopped at Chester's house
Micah went back to playing his game, watching as the two undead characters tried to learn how to work together, with the vampire using his greater strength to move heavy objects, and the zombie using the fact that he was immune to sunlight and crosses to help him make certain areas safer for the vampire to traverse, and when it came to the fighting, both were very good at what they did, even without special abilities.
The doorbell rang, "Oh great." Dad says sicarticly, "I'm not expecticting visitors,: Before Chester could answer the door, his father peeked through peephole. "Well it looks like you get to say goodbye to one of your friends." He opened the door and there stood Albert Sweitz and the old man who give him the sports drink. "If it isn't Albert, my son has something to day before he is transferred to a new school. Chester quickly went outside and close the door before his father decides to intervene. Albert says "What got into him?" Chester says "My overprotective father thought it was a bad idea to attend a school where Bruno got a lesion from a kid in a werewolf costume." Looking at the old man, "Actually the werewolf is me." . Albert says "You finally stood up to Bruno, the bully who made your life miserable for the past two years?" The old man says "Let me have a word with your father Chester, I can persuade him to keep you into the school."
The Old Man went over to Chester Dad "I know the situation looks bad." Said the Old Man "Actually the whole thing was a part of a movie being filmed."
"What?" Chester's father asked.

"Oh, you know, the sort of thing where enforced method acting occurs," the old man said. "School jock thinks that he's going to end up in a fight with a wimp, only to find out that the alleged wimp took a level in badass, or some such thing, and bests him in a fight. Granted, there's more to it than that, but it would be a bad idea for Chester to be pulled out, especially since he seems to fit the role of the person we need as the main star the best."

"And why should I allow this silliness to go on?" Chester's dad asked.

The old man handed over sheet of paper. "I think that this would be at least a few good reasons."

Chester's dad looked the sheet of paper over. "Thirty thousand dollars for a thirty second commercial for a new energy drink? Thought that you mentioned a movie."

"That's the promotion thing," the old man said. He handed over several more sheets. "Here's the one on the movie itself."

Chester's dad looked them over. "Um, mind if I go over this with a friend of mine?"

"Go ahead," the old man said.

Chester's dad walked back inside, still reading the paper.

"The boss isn't going to be happy about this development," the old man said.

"What does that paper say?" Chester asked.

"We have to pay you a hundred fifty thousand dollars for you to 'star in a movie' as it were," the old man said. "But sometimes saving the world costs money."

"You have a boss?" Albert asked.

"Decent chap, if you don't upset him," the old man said.
Soon Albert Chester and Micah were gathered in the woods.

"Gentleman." Said the Old Man "I am Methuselah Enoch. And I am one of three previous Boys who were chosen to become Werebeasts to fight the Extra-terrestrials."

The Old Man proceeded to transform himself into an Anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus Rex they boys gasped

"As you can see." Said the Old Man "This form is rather large and not very stealthy, also since unlike other Dinosaurs T. Rex couldn't fly, I was given a flying cloak for fast travel."

"Why do we need to be Animals to fight these Aliens?" Asked Albert

"These Aliens have psychic abilities that render them invisible to normal human senses." Said the Old Man "Animals senses however can detect them."
"So, this is some sort of 'Save the World' thing?" Micah asked.

"Basically," the old man said.

"Then why didn't you get the military involved?" Micah asked.
The old man says "Dispite the combat training military has, they don't have the equipment needed to win this battle."

Chester says "So, I guess the aliens fall under the same category and the ones in the ID4 series,:
"Son, I don't keep up with most Pop Culture these days." The Old Man said "There is more to it than that...This is a very ancient tradition...Three Boys are the chosen ones to fight the Aliens, trained by the three who came previous chosen ones this will go on and on until Humanity takes to the stars to battle the Alien Menace head on."

"How bad are these Aliens?" Albert asked

"They're the typical 'little gray men' said the Old Man "The Abduct Humans to steal their genetic material because they've lost the ability to reproduce on their own...With Animal DNA in your mix now, they won't want your DNA."
"Then why can't they just go to a blood bank and and steal a few pouches of blood?" Micah asked. "Also, there's dating websites - you're bound to find some people who wouldn't mind hooking up with E.T.."

"You mean there's people like that?" the old man asked.

"You'd be surprised," said Micah.
Chester says "So we're part of a prophecy. only problem I'm not currently trained for battle, how about you two?" He looks at Albert and then Micah.
"That's why I'm here." Said the Old Man "To train you in the Ancient Ways of the Beast Warrior!"
"No offence, you could have given this stuff to a couple of Marines or something," said Micah. "Got an older cousin in the service. I don't think he'd mind having special powers to help him out."

"Where has he served?" Chester asked.

"He doesn't really talk about it," said Micah. "Then again, I am probably a little young for such things. Of course, it doesn't stop me from playing games that I shouldn't."

"What games are we talking about?" Albert asked.

"Darkwatch Redemption Nightmare," said Micah.

"That collaboration between Capcom and Rockstar combining two of their Western-type games?" Chester asked. "How does it play?"

"Pretty good, and the weapons are pretty interesting, and cool," said Micah. "There's your typical Western-type weapons, which are fairly good, then there's the ones you get access to once you start coming across these special undead, and well as the organization known as Darkwatch."
Chester asks "Just for the record, were there others like you?"
"Like I said." Said the Old Man "I'm one of a Trio of Men who became Beast-Men to fight the Aliens Micah. the reason you three were chosen is...Did you watch the First Captain America movie?"

The Three Boys looked at each other

"More than fighting skill and prowess, the Trio must have certain...Psychological Qualities...Some might call it...Purity of Heart...But if just any boy is given the Potion they won't keep their Human Morality in transforming, instead their become Humanoid Beasts who are driven by lust and hunger, previous generations discovered that 'how tales of Werewolves and other Werebeasts got started."
"Okay," said Micah. "So, let's get to the training."

"I was hoping someone would suggest that," the old man said.
The old man says "Before we start training, first I want to discuss how you handled from your first change, Chester, you handled yourself remarkably. You used yours to fight back and overcome a bully that terrorized the students for the past two years through sheer humiliation." Chester says "if you expect me to kill him, sorry, but that's not me."
"Albert." The Old Man said "You seem to have many questions you want to ask me."

"Why did I turn into a Mantis?" Albert asked

"It is your totem animal." Said the Old Man "It is the Animal your Soul most resembles...Do note, your totem is not necessarily your favorite animal, there once was a Beast Warrior whose favorite animal was the lion, he turned into a mouse."
"Sounds like irony to me," said Micah.

"And then there's you," the old man said. "Transformed, thought it was cool, figured out how to revert yourself back to normal, and then went back to playing your videogame."

"It wasn't like my parents were home," said Micah.
Chester pulls out this bottle "What is in this drink that changed us into our totem animals?" Albert says "I was wondering that myself, the doctor says it's a mutagen."
"Mutagen is the best way most Humans can comprehend it." Said the Old Man "It really is more magic than science."
"So, just how does all of this work?" Micah asked.
Meanwhile, back in town, Bruno Manheim looking madder then usua, Along with his two buddies Brick and Brock. Brick says "You okay boss?" Bruno says "I've been hanged by my britches by some peon in a werewolf costume and your asking me if I'm okay. Technically I am physically okay but mad as hell." Brock says "So what are you going to do?" Bruno balls up his fist and says "I'm going to find that kid and send him on a one way trip to knuckle junction." Brick spots a small gray figure "Check out this kid?" Brock says "Is there a sci-fi convention in town?" Bruno says "If it is, he's not going to make it." Bruno smiles "I've been itching to beat someone up and I'm going to enjoy this."
The Aliens of course were Psychic and Invisible, they heard Bruno say this and they thought "This Human is funny, he thinks he stands a chance against us, he'll be perfect for dissection!"
"They could have been talking about the person in this wolf costume," thought the other. "Maybe we out to look for that person."
Chester asks "How are we going to fight these aliens, are we being trained on how to detect them? Fighting invisable aliens isn't going to be easy."
"Like I said." Said the Old Man "The Aliens are invisible only to Humans, now that you have animal senses you soon detect them everywhere."
"Let me guys, we can see, smell, and hear them?" Micah asked.

"Something like that," the old man said.
Chester says "So when do we start training?"
"When we get to the Training Camp up North." Said the Old Man
"Then let's get going," said Micah.
Soon the trio is on their way to the training camp when the old man drives his van there. Chester couldn't help but whistle 'On The Road Again'.
"Will the other two members be there too?" Asked Albert

"Yes." Said the Old Man

"What Animals do they turn into?" Asked Albert

The Old Man chuckled but didn't say anything else

"Why do you turn into a Dinosaur?" Asked Albert

"It's very rare for one's totem to be an extinct animal." Said the Old Man
"Five bucks says that their totem animals will be of the unassuming sorts," said Micah.
Chester checked his wallet and says "Okay, you're on. Judging by the old man, my guess the rest are rare totems too."
They arrived at the camp in the Northern Wilderness two other Old Man were waiting in the middle of what looked like an athletic field
"Well, I guess this is the part where we exercise," said Micah.
Chester says "I suppose so, and we got a nice looking place to exercise. Do you have a feeling that you're being watched?"
One of the other two Old Men says "We got special security camera to make sure any Aliens don't get in."

"Okeydokey." Chester says "What Animals do you turn into?"

"I'm Harry Johnson." Says one Man "My Totem Animal is the Red Bellied Piranha!" With that he turned into a terrifying Anthro Fish!
"What about you?" Micah asked, looking at the other.

The other old man said, "Don't laugh." He then turned into a small, but humanoid, mouse.

Micah looked at the other kids. "Told you that one of them was something unassuming."

"Um, how is that possible?" Chester asked. "I mean, shouldn't he be human-sized, and not the size of an actual mouse?"

The mouse-man laughed, in a squeaky voice. "Really? Watch this!"

Next thing the three teenagers knew, the mouse-man was seven feet tall, with the kind of muscles that would make a professional bodybuilder jealous.

"It's tail-whipping time," he said, in a deep voice.

"Um, can you get bigger than that?" Albert asked.

"Twenty feet, that is my limit, thus far," the mouse-man said. "The name is Fredrick by the way."

"How does that work?" Micah asked.

"Still trying to figure that one out," said Fredrick.
Chester turns to the piranha man, "Isn't piranhas fish? How are you breathing." Henry just chuckled "I'm more amphibious then fish."
"Like all of us, I'm a combination of Human and Animal traits." Said Harry
"Then sometimes we have extra abilities that are difficult to explain," said Fredrick, as he reverted to his normal human form. "Perhaps one of you will have an unexpected ability."
Fredrick says "Now we showed you our animal forms, let's see each of your and see what we can work with." Charlie changed into his wolf form. Henry says "A werewolf, classic. We just need to train you to use your hightened senses to help detect the aliens."
"You will soon learn..." Said Methuselah "...That Totem Animals are about the Human Soul and what kind of Animal Energy the Soul works best with, this is what the Native Americans called 'Medicine' just as certain body types are better suited to basketball and some to football, some souls are better suited for different kinds of animal medicine, this is why it is better to be skilled and efficient at mouse medicine than clumsy and inefficient at lion medicine."
"Personally, I think he likes to repeat things his granddaddy used to say," Fredrick said, in an obvious stage whisper.
Chester says "Are we fighting aliens or playing sports? For I don't get for what you said."
"This Athletic Field is simply a good place for you to practice your fighting skills." Said Harry
"There's also a weight room as well," said Fredrick.
Charles says "This reminds me of the original Karate Kid, when Danny does menial chores disguised as fighting techniques." Albert asks "You mean the 1984 original and not the 2010 remake?" Charles nods.
Charles? Did you forget your character's name was Chester Hertz?
"Probably a little bit different anyways," said Micah.

"For one thing, we have a spa, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi," said Fredrick. "Plus a few other nice amenities."
Sorry Twigga, a lot on my mind today.

Chester says "With a set up like that, this is more of a resort then a training facility."
"Remember, it's important to take care of your mind and body." Said Methuselah "Working yourself too hard is detrimental to your health."

"Indeed." Said Harry "I think we should feed you boys a good meal before we practice sparring on those dummies."
"Yes, feel free to enjoy the buffet," said Fredrick. "By the way, we do have a resort set up."

"Seriously?" Micah asked.

"Sadly, saving the world doesn't help when it comes to paying the bills."
Chester helped himself to the Salad bar, "I know wolves eat meat, but why should I only eat beef when I can start with a nice house salad?"
Albert said "I mean we're still part humans and we can shape shift back into Humans..." Albert spooned some chicken soup in his bowl "So shouldn't we be able to eat what we ate when we were Humans?"
"Luckily, yes," said Fredrick. "Know of a guy that got turned into a horse, and he ate a beef hamburger every day for lunch, and I'm not talking about a tofu burger that tastes like beef either."
Chester says "I hope he kept in shape, I shudder to think of a fat horse."
After lunch the Old Men took the boys back to the fields to practice attacking the dummies
"First, we train without using any transformations," said Fredrick. "Useful in case you end up having to fight in public, which can be annoying."
Chester hits a dummy so hard, it falls apart "Whoa, did that just happened? I suppose I underestimated my own strength.
"Indeed." Said Harry "That is the first time I saw that happen with someone who wasn't transformed in their Beast-Form."
"We're going to have to make sure that you learn to hold back," said Fredrick. "Suppose you gave someone a friendly slap on the back, and broke their spine."
Chester says "Oooh, dooly noted. I better learn to hold back my strength."
Methuselah turned to Albert who Methuselah liked the most because Albert reminded him much of himself when he was a New Recruit "Why don't you try Albert."

Albert punched the dummy, and his hand went through the soft cloth into the stuffing which was very soggy and gross

"Eww." Albert said "Have you been letting these dummies soak in the rain?"
"More like we know a guy that can make ballistic jell," said Fredrick. "We had to use pig carcasses for our training. Personally, I think that they need something to simulate bones."
Chester says "That explains why my dummy fell apart, For a moment there, I was I thought I was Superman trying to live a mild mannered life."
Harry turned to Micah "You're turn."
Micah looked at the target, and simply kneed it where the groin would be.

"A dirty trick, but a good one," said Fredrick. "Works on these things as well."
Chester says "May not work on those aliens, as far as I know an alien inguinal region maybe different then a human one, Far as we know their groins could be their chins."
Hey Guys I'm gonna close this one for now, it's been fun but I can't think of anything more for this campfire

And thus our Three Nerds Continued the Tradition of Fighting the Little Grey Men, will we ever take the fight to them? I'd give it ten or twenty years

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