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This is another Campfire of Princess Megan and Hooves.
Beautiful lawn image of Jane Austen and her book with flowers and a silhouette.

Welcome to another Campfire of Princess Megan Rose and ♥HOOves♥ We love doing Campfires and this time we are doing one about our favorite books and movies. I think everyone loves books and movies. We both love Jane Austen and Danielle Steel. I like The Bronte Sisters. Hooves likes Hemingway and other authors like I do. I love the movie "Titanic" and Hooves loves Clark Gable and I did, too. I adored Cary Grant. We both love Audrey Hepburn. We hope you will join us and read what about our favorite books and movies. I learn to read in school by studying Dick and Jane. They are still favorites with me, being in my book collection. They gave me a start in reading and writing. I have Dick and Jane magnets and curtains. I attribute my reading skills to Dick and Jane. ♥HOOves♥ will be sharing how she learned to read in school.

Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. I got this Sig as a gift and I wanted to share it. I will be writing about Johnny's movies and other movies I love.

A neat gift from Creative Pen of Johnny Depp's Portrait picture of his movies.

Another portrait of the Bronte Sisters.

Thank you for reading. We are really excited about this.

A special cool sig made by best friend Angel.
Our new Campfire. This is exciting. I loved books since I was a little girl. I started out with Dr. Suess and his Cat In The Hat, Hop On Pop, Go Dog Go, Green Ham And Ham, Put Me In The Zoo and The Wizard Of Oz along with Alice In Wonderland.

I liked how the cat turned the snow pink. The creature that wanted to be in the zoo well he ended up in a circus at the end. He could do a lot of tricks. The little kids hopping on Pop, they were bear like creatures. That was cute. At work over the years and in my life, if I don't like something, I would say I don't like green eggs and ham and I wouldn't eat them with a fox in a purple socks in a cardboard box. Everyone would laugh. Go Dog Go was cute. I still have My original Cat In The Hat Book. It is a favorite of mine.

I still enjoy Dick and Jane. I liked their dog and cat. Dick and Jane were family with pets and got kids to learn how to read.

The Wizard Of Oz was different then the movie but I still have that book. Same with Alice In Wonderland. I liked reading about Alice.

I grew up an read all of Nancy Drew, the girl detective book and I liked Cherry Ames. She was nurse and I loved her antics. Maybe that's one reason why I did the nursing thing though now I know, my heart is in writing.

What were your favorite books as a child?
My mother taught me to read with Dick and Jane and some others, like she would read to me over and over again from Grimm's fairy tales. I especially enjoyed Rapunzel.

My favorite books were the Babar The Elephant series. I wore those out. I also liked the Madelaine Series and I ended up with my brother's Bobbsey Twins books, which I enjoyed.

We would always watch The Wizard of Oz as a family. One time watching it, I went into the kitchen and badly burned myself on a hot pan, grabbing for the popcorn. I think I was about 4 or so. I don't remember ever reading the book, just watching the movie. But it was scary to me and more scary after I hurt myself.

Then anything with Charlie Brown and Snoopy. My brother said I was just like "Lucy" so my family gave me peanuts dolls. I had a lot of the early Peanuts books. Always liked anything that was funny. I think I still have some of those somewhere, but I gave a bunch to my niece for her kids. Then I enjoyed Sesame Street with my nieces and nephews when I babysat for them. We all loved Cookie Monster.

I loved Grimms Fairy Tales. You know how I like Princesses and children's stories. Cinderella and Elsa are my favorites. I like Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.

I loved watching Wizard Of Oz. I enjoy The Great and Powerful Oz. Sorry you burned yourself on some pop corn. That is scary.

I liked Sesame Street. I like Big Bird and I loved The Muppets.

I like Beatrix Potter's stories about rabbits, ducks and frogs. If only they could talk. That would be cool. They are cute. I like The Velveteen Rabbit. I took Childrens Literature in college and that was an easy A. I had to read a 100 books {children's} in a month and it was my favorite class ever. I like Black Beauty. I enjoy all these books from my childhood.

Did you ever read Trixie Belden books? She was younger then Nancy Drew and she solved mysteries. These were some good books. There was also Donna Parker and The Dana Girls {who were twins} and they solved mysteries.

I used to watch the Nancy Drew series but Pamela White was wrong for the part I thought. I enjoy sharing my childhood and young adult books with you. I used to read ten romances but they were mild. Now, they are graphic.

Have a good day and week.

I remember the Donna Parker books and enjoying them. They were shiny with pictures on the actual books, with no book jacket. Very shiny and smooth. It's funny I do not remember anything about the actual content. I don't remember Trixie Belden. Maybe it is memory now that is fuzzy though.

I liked books that came out with movies like the Mary Poppins companion book with the original movie. I also liked Saving Mr. Banks. However, I see there is a new Mary Poppins movie. This leads me to the question of why Hollywood doesn't do anything original much anymore. How many versions of "A Star is Born" do we need? And I am a fan of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, but I think the Judy Garland version was even a remake.

Back to youthful book reading, I also liked my Help companion book for the Beatles 2nd movie. I would get books that went with movies like I remember getting "Up the Down Staircase" at one point, but I don't remember anything about that movie. I would see a movie and have to get the book. If it was a big picture book, all the better.

I liked reading movie reviews and I remember at a very young age (like 10) I had a book of movie reviews that I read over and over.

I also had a book about the 1930s, called The Desperate Years. This is when I first got interested in that decade. It was my parents book, but I wore it out. My brother liked it too and he took it so I ended up getting my own used version on Amazon after my mother passed away. It is one of my favorite books ever and I learned so much by reading it. I would read it and reread it and biographies too. I remember a biography of Amelia Earhart that I read when I was real young. Stuff like that.

I read movie magazines too then because I didn't realize most of the stuff in them was made up. It took me to adulthood to realize that most of People magazine is made-up stuff. So, I never buy it unless the pictures are good.


I always felt so sad for Amelia Earhart. She was a quite a woman pilot. I saw the movie about her a few years back. I like "A Star Is Born" with Barbara Streisand. Some movies don't need to be remade. Just leave them alone I say.

I like all my Twilight reference books. I like My Wizard Of Oz companion. I enjoy movie companion books. I bought a book about survivors of The Titanic and they tell how the great ship went down. I like true stories about The Titanic. I love the movie with Leo and Kate. My favorite movie of all time although I do love a lot of movies.

I like Tiger Beat and Sixteen. I took out pictures of David Cassidy, The Monkees, Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman and Dark Shadows. It was great to be a teen.

I will be waiting on Danielle Steel's newest book. Beachamp Hall was good but I wish it would been about Downton Abbey people. I do love the Downton Abbey Companion books.

I need to do some Bible reading. I like Genesis, Exodus, Ruth, Psalms, Proverbs, Esther best.

Have a good day.
I didn't think about my Downton Abbey books. I think I have most of them - those are fun to look through, with all the historical references they have.

I loved David McCallum from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He used to be on the cover of everything, Tiger Beat and all those magazines. I love him now in NCIS as Ducky. He is something like 84 now, but he looks as if he is in his 50s or 60s. Have you seen the guy they have playing him in flashbacks as a young man? He looks so much like the young David McCallum, but not quite as good.

I liked Amelia Earhart. She was a patriot and loyal to America. The media tried to build up Charles Lindburgh more. He sympathized with the Nazis so I don't really care about what he did with the flying. I felt sad for his wife with their baby being kidnapped and him being a big celebrity. But he was buddies with Hitler later, so I don't have much use for him and his accomplishments. He tried to convince Roosevelt to support Hitler.

Bible reading is inspiring. I don't do it much because I do it when I need to find something when there is a loss. That is what I associate it with mostly, Psalm 23 and my Dad's service, having to find what to use.

I got a book for Christmas that I wanted. It is called The Little Shop of Found Things. I thought from the book flap that it would be good, but it wasn't really. The cover art is better than the book. You can never tell until you get into the book whether it will be good or now. Danielle Steel usually gets me to care about her characters and then I want to see what happens to them. That is how she hooks me in. This Little Shop of Found Things book had a character right from the beginning that I didn't like. So, it was a struggle reading it.

Well, you never know when a book will be great. One Day in December was a great book. Lies was a good book. So, two out of three I've read so far since Christmas have been good. Not bad, I guess.

Enjoy your reading.


I still love Danielle Steel's book The Duchess. It is about a English girl whose rich father died and her half brothers kicked her out of the mansion. She started over again as a Nanny and had to make her own way. She did so, married well and got enough money to buy back her father's mansion. It is a Jane Austen type and I wish Daniele Steel would write more like this one. I love Regency novels.

We all know how I love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Lizzie and Darcy. Darcy won Lizzie's heart and her love turned him from a snob into a nice man. Lizzie's sweet sister Jane, her rowdy sisters Lydia and Kitty. The mother Mrs. Bennet who was loud and wanted to marry her daughters off to rich men. The balls, romance, glamour. I love this book. Jane Austen is so magical. I just adore her and her romances. She was a great lady. I love watching Colin Firth as Darcy in the 1995 movie version. I can't get enough of this one.

Books and movies feed our imaginations. They make me happy. I loved Becoming Jane. Jane almost got married but she changed her mind. Poor Jane. Always felt she didn't fit in and suffered her happiness for others.

The Little Shop Of Found Things sounds like a good book. Have a good day. Winter is trying to set in here. Snow is coming. I will be thinking warm thoughts.
I never could get into The Little Shop of Found Things. I like the idea and the title, but the main character was one I didn't care for. I think that makes a difference if you like a character enough to care and keep reading.

It is like Elizabeth Bennett. She is the one I liked at first in P & P. I liked her and wanted good things for her, so was rooting for her in the book and in the series with Colin Firth. Darcy changed to be worthy of her later. He grew on me, but she and the father were the ones I thought had good sense to begin with.

I always look for a character to care about when I start reading a book. That is why I loved A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving - because I cared about what happened to the boys, one who lost everyone and the other whose parents never cared for him. They both found a father figure in the character of Ben in the movie and I forget the name in the book. It's different names from the book to the movie - they change Owen Meany to Simon Burch for the movie. The movie based on the book is called Simon Burch after the main character.

Danielle Steel always has a character who I care about - at least one and usually more. That is the thing that most times keeps me at it with the reading. She knows what she is doing.

I started a book yesterday that I had hopes for and now I'm not sure. I give it 50 pages for me to care about reading on. If, after 50 pages, I do not care I normally quit reading. This book is called "Everyone Brave is Forgiven" and it is set in World War II, but so far I am not so sure. The writing is a weird sort of show-off type of writing where the writer is trying to show off his vocabulary. That's so far, but hopefully it will improve or it's outta here. *Baseball*
I have some anxiety issues going on. Dad's heart was skipping beats so I took him to the ER. He had, had a heart replacement years ago and I have concerns for him. He sees his heart doctor in a couple of weeks and I hope he will do alright. I pray for him a lot and everyone as well as everything.

I really enjoy Danielle Steel's book Fairytale. A young girl's father remarries and her new stepmother wants her husband's wine business. She has two mean stepbrothers. The girl's father dies and she her stepmother makes her live in one of the buildings with her step grandmother who becomes her best friend. When her stepbrothers turn to burn down the vast wine plantation and get caught, the young girl gets her family home back. Her step grandmother and her have been best friends and this is like a Cinderella story. This is one of my favorites.

A Prayer For Owen sound like a good book. I need to get back to reading. I still have Christmas decorations to take down. It snowed yesterday. Hope you have a good day. Oh! My Princess Megan Markel Wedding Doll finally came in. She is beautiful.

I hope they figure out how to get your Dad feeling better and all of the heart stuff regulated. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Fairytale sounds good. I do not have it, but I will look at the used book place later today.

I am reading a book called "The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter" by Hazel Gaynor. This book is historical fiction and it definitely has an Irish flair to it. I am enjoying it so far a lot. This writer has written other historical ficiton books, one abut the Titanic and at least one about WW I.

So far, so good.

A woman at the bookstore (B & N) told me that she is reading a book by Joyce Carol Oates called, My Sister, My Love. It is based on the Jon Benet Ramsey case. It's an old book so I will look for it at the used bookstore also.

Plus, I have coupon that came in the email for B & N. So I will go today as we are supposed to get a snow/ice storm on the weekend.

Take care and I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts as always.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter sounds like a good one. I will keep that in mind for later reading.

Looking at my bookcase, I have a book about how to write romances. I used that as a guide when I was writing romances and when I still write them. I don't buy books about writing anymore. I feel either I know how to write or I don't. I don't write to be famous. I just write at WDC and I am content with that.

I watched Momma Mia, Here We Go Again. I can never get enough of Colin Firth. He is just great. You have to love Abba's movie and the great story line. I like The Book Club with Candice Bergan, Diane Keaton and Kevin Spacey also Jane Fonda. It is a good movie for women my age. Finding love again and still enjoying life. I can relate.

Hope you are having a good day. You are always in my thought. Boo, too.
I hope that you and Bella are having a nice weekend! *Heartp* We are supposed to get some sort of ice storm tonight so who knows if we will have power tomorrow. I have to get stuff today and am making chili in the crock pot. We can have chili and then tomorrow or Monday we can use the chili over angel hair pasta. So, at least two meals. Plus we can heat the chili on the grill if we need to if the power goes out.

I am still reading the Lighthouse book. I ordered Fairytale used from amazon and got the My Sister, My Love book from the used book store for $4. They had Fairytale, but it was $10 and I could get it used at amazon for less than $5.

I watched Gilmore Girls some last night, which always relaxes me. We also watched the NCIS Los Angeles disk, disk five. I have to swing by the library today to get Disk 6.

We found out they closed the Netflix Disk service in our state. Now, it comes from New Jersey, which is why it takes a week. We fussed and they gave us 2 free months, but we are going to get rid of it because if we only get one disk or less a week for $8.53, it's not worth it. We get a lot of what we watch now from the library for free. The library is only about a five minute drive from here.

We are keeping Amazon Prime for another year. Mr. HOOves thinks it is worth it, but I'm not convinced. I guess we will see going forward how much we watch it. I like that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel show, but not enough to pay for the membership up front the $119. Oh well. You can pay monthly and it is about $12 a month, but then you pay more overall.

I would like to watch P & P sometime over the next few days and that is on Amazon Prime and I also have the disks. That and the movie Love Actually all the way through relax me. Hopefully the power will stay on.

Have a lovely weekend! *Heartv*

It is snowing here. We may get 2 inches. I will be staying home today. I am still taking down Christmas decorations. I will get things done I hope.

You will love Fairy Tale By Danielle Steel. I enjoy my Barbie Doll resource books. I like the original Barbie and the books I have start at 1959 and go up to 1980. I love the 60's Barbies best. I have a Audrey Hepburn book full of pictures of Audrey I keep on my coffee table. I also enjoy my Beatles books. I also have soap opera books. I love going back to my Young and the Restless books and see how the show has changed since it started in 1973.

I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory awhile back and Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp. I still love his pirate movies the best. Now, these make pirates colorful. I love Edward Scissorhands. He does all these strange parts and makes these movies beautiful and heart touching. Johnny is my favorite.

Ray and I just watch old shows and network shows. I enjoy watching old movies. Have a good weekend. I will be cleaning house. Glad you are here with me on this.
I hope your weekend is going good and the snow isn't too bad. It is crunchy ice on our deck and in the trees so lots of power outages. Boo goes zipping out, she has those nails to grip, but Mr. HOOves has to be careful. I cannot do it because I have this artificial hip and all the hardware in my back so I just watch and worry.

So far, so good for us. If the tree comes down from the ice we won't have to pay the tree guy to take it down. We will just get Tony (the yard guy) to cut it up if he will do it. Hopefully the tree will not hit the house or any power lines. We tried to get the tree guy to take it down, but it has been too wet to do that for his crew.

I was thinking I would like to watch some older movies. I have to hunt for them.

Did you watch any of Game of Thrones? I started with it and kept with it for a bunch of seasons. Then it went too far and I didn't care anymore. Same with Poldark. Once he slept with Elizabeth, I wasn't interested in his fate anymore. I watched the first three (I think it is) seasons and got the DVDs but I do not want the new one.

For me, it is a big thing to like a character. This is what happened with Ross Poldark. I liked him and the actor and then he crossed that line. Game of Thrones got too violent with the eldest daughter of the Starks. I had enough of watching her be abused by a psychopath, even thought she did have her revenge. Enough was enough there.

In Pride and Prejudice it would be if Darcy cheated on Elizabeth in any way. Jane Austen knew what she was doing with her characters keeping them true to their hearts.

Another movie that I watch repeatedly is "You've Got Mail," with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I never seem to get tired of it. When I first saw it at the theatre I didn't love it, but it has grown on me over time. It is a remake of an old movie called The Little Shop on the Corner or something like that. The original isn't nearly as good as the remake.

I have a big book about Ernest Hemingway and one about Jean Harlow that I look at a lot. We also have a lot of books on Ireland, along with a photo album or three with trip photos. Those are out and about where I can peruse them.

Have a good day and stay toasty warm there! Hope the power stays humming there and here!


I still watch Poldark but I didn't like Ross cheating with Elizabeth. Her little boy belonged to him. They had to give it a soap opera twist I guess. I have never watched Game Of Thrones but I hear it is good. I have seen previews and they look gruesome.

Steel Magnolias, Pretty In Pink, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, well I watch them a lot along with the Jane Austen movies. I do love them.

I enjoyed Danielle Steel's older books. The Ring. It takes place in World 2 and a young woman starts her life over again after her husband dies who was a Nazi soldier. This was a sad one. I don't know where she gets all her ideas. I wish I had her muse or could at least borrow it.

I really like romance stories about couples and their pets and how they met. I don't like sad stories with animals but I do like them all happy. I am too old for sad I guess. Like there was a movie about dogs being aliens living on earth and they fell in love with their owners. The dogs had to go back to outer space but they begged their leader to be pets of humans and live on earth. The space craft crashed and the humans were happy to have their pets back who now got to behave like earth dogs. This one makes me cry.

We got snow and it was slick but we got 2 inches. That I could handle. Going to be cold this week but no snow. Hope Boo likes snow. Bella watches it and I think she likes sunshine better so she can lay in the sun. Have a good day.
It was more ice than snow. It was tricky on the deck, which is still icy. However the ice storm is over. Be careful on the slick stuff where you are. Boo likes sunshine, but didn't mind the ice as her large paws grip it okay. I tell her to take it easy but she still moves fast on it. I won't go out until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

The Ring sounds good. I don't know if I read that. I think I have a small paperback of it that was my Mom's. I like the older book, Answered Prayers, too. If I read The Ring it will have to be a book with larger print. I will look in the used and for the Kindle since it is older. It sounds like it is right up my alley with the time frame.

Danielle Steel does have good ideas and she always gets me hooked in with the characters.

Happy endings are good. I prefer that to sad. I get too upset when I see people being mean to dogs in movies or books, even when it turns out okay.

The book The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter by Hazel Gaynor had some very sad stuff in the end. There was some good, but it was plenty sad. I liked that I cared about the characters and that she moved back and forth between 1838 and 1938 so easily. The author did it with first person and combined it with third person. That worked very well. Sometimes on this site people squawk about changing point of view, but more and more best selling authors do it and it works. Cold Mountain did it and it won all sorts of awards.

I got too many really mean reviews when I was writing romance. So, if I do it again I will set it to no ratings, reviews only. There are some very nasty people on this site who like to express it through mean reviews and some are still here, although most are gone because they weren't here to write anyway. Just act mean. They really poisoned the well for me and I used to get these ideas and just run with them, writing and writing. That was a long time ago. It got so I would get started and here would come a big elephant (but meaner than an elephant) stomping on what I had written.

I think about writing something romantic again. That was how I started - with romantic comedy fanfiction stuff. I would try first person combined with third. So it would be I did this and I did that or I think. That might be a challenge with the man's point of view more than the woman's. But it might be fun to try it.

The last time I started something romantic was early 2011. That was the year everything went wrong offline. I haven't really thought about starting anything like that since then.


It is sunny but cold here. I have been cleaning house. Tomorrow, I will visit my cousin. I got the tree and Christmas decorations put away. That is done.

I was thinking about a book I read that was about a young girl who became the Queen's companion, Marie Antionette and how sad she was when the Queen was tried and beheaded. It is a story that touched my heart and I wrote my own short story about it. I like reading about Anne Boleyn, Joan Of Arc and women from Medieval Times. I read that Meghan is having problems getting along with the Royals. My cousin teased me when I put my new Meghan Wedding doll in the Curio Cabinet beside Kate and asked if they get along. Meghan is beside my Madame Alexander Cinderella doll, so they can console each other!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter was sad. Sometimes, we have to write a sad story to make it good.

I have gotten bad reviews. I will stick to the genres I always write. Sci Fi didn't work for me. Sorry about your bad reviews. I love all you write. I just write the way I want.

Have a good day. I hope winter leaves like yesterday.
I think that there is a need for empathy in all stories. We have to be able to identify with what the characters go through. That is the key to all kinds of fiction, but especially historical fiction. Moving forward on the site, we need to believe that there are nice readers who will "get" what we are doing.

I think there are those.

In that Lighthouse book, the author wrote some stuff at the end explaining what she was trying to do. She was trying to respect the real people the book was based on and also add her imagination. She said, in the end, she wanted to do something that the historical people would be happy with if they could read it. I think if writers write with the idea that say, Jane Austen, would read something and be happy about it, that's the key with historically based fiction.

On the flip side of the coin, I saw someone on here bragging and crowing about how a group was "MILES" ahead of another group that's leader passed away in 2015. That left me with my mouth hanging open, it was so mean and tacky. It's amazing how people feel the need to make everything so competitive. It is no wonder some people just feel sad and fade away.

On the royals, I don't believe most of what the press says. They make stuff up. Every other day Jennifer
Aniston is supposedly pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. She's 50 almost and he's rounding the curve toward 60. They make it up and then make up more stuff. I bet the royals are all trying to be nice to Meghan. Maybe she likes all of them and maybe not. Kate has enough to deal with, having all those kids with an heir to the throne. I like my sister-in-laws, but we are not on top of each other like I think those royals are a lot of the time. Kate always seemed sensible to me and Meghan was good in that show she was in (Suits). And having "Charles" for a father in law. *Alieng* Well, I am not a big fan of Charles and his opinions, much less his wife, "Horseface." *Sick* That is not an easy life, even though it is royal. Where can she go when they get on her nerves? I hope that she and Harry (who I admire) love each other and can be strong.

Back to writing. I don't know if you remember this but in the very early days of the site there was a romance author named "Bailey". That was her handle, I think. She used to write stories that continued and she was so good at hooking readers. I sometimes wonder what happened with her after she left. When the site was just Interactive stories it was fun to write things and say "to be continued" and others would continue them so the stories had a lot of twists and turns.

I am thinking this year I want to try with romance again, but I don't know if it will happen.


I love historical fiction. This has always been a favorite with me. Victoria Holt used to write good historical fiction and she started in the Medieval times and went up to the Civil War and World War 2. She always included romance. She also wrote as Jean Plaidy and this was all Medieval fiction history. I loved all her books.

Visiting my cousin Sam today, we watched The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. This is a good movie. He had his own circus of deformed people rejected by society. It has good drama and is a musical and I love the elephants and lions at the end. We watched Breakfast At Tiffanys as we both love Audrey Hepburn.

It is going to be a big snow storm this weekend. Maybe I will read Jane Austen this weekend.

I don't remember Bailey, a romance author. Identifying with characters does help us make us appreciate a book more and love it. I get tired of gossip about the stars. We never know what to believe.

Have a good day and stay warm.
I finished a book yesterday by Sally Field. I have always admired her since I watched Gidget and The Flying Nun as a little child. I did a product review of the book. At first her sentences, which are long and run-on gave me a little trouble, but I continued to read and later on it seemed like her voice, the way she speaks.

It had some shocking things in it about her stepfather and her father.

I read some stuff about Davey Jones that wasn't very nice about how he treated her. It changed my opinion about him.

She had a great career and now she has written a book when she is in her 70s. To me, she will always be Gidget and Norma Rae, but her life wasn't a picnic. A lot of her relatives think she is their personal ATM. I wanted more stuff about people like Robin Williams and Tom Hanks, who she worked with, but there was nothing. She really liked Jeff and Beau Bridges. I am not sure how she felt about Hanks and Williams. Davey Jones and Peter Tork, of the Monkees, were mean to her.

She played Mary Todd Lincoln recently in that movie with Daniel Day Lewis. She has played lots of interesting roles. When she was the Flying Nun, she felt like a big joke. I could identify with that as people have treated me here like a big joke at times. At the end of the book, I was disturbed about the sexual abuse stuff, but I could also see that she had something important to say about what she went through and about her life and relationships.

I did a product remoo of the book if you are interested:

In Pieces   (Rated: GC)
ASIN: 1538763028
ID #113883
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 8.38

I saw the book about Sally Field and wondered if it would be any good. I am sad that Davey Jones wasn't very nice to her. I always thought The Monkees were nice guys. This is a great review you gave and I will buy it for my Nook later.

I ordered a Pride and Prejudice brand new book that has illustrations and I can't wait to receive it. I think it will be a neat book and the illustrations are neat. Can anyone ever have too many copies of Pride and Prejudice? I can't. I found one with the Martha Stewart recipes in a Pride and Prejudice book. I am not one for cooking and baking.

I still need to watch A Nun's Story. I am hoping to watch it this afternoon. This was one of Audrey Hepburn's first movies. My mother likes this one and she isn't a fan of Audrey's.

We are supposed to get a snowstorm this weekend. Guess this will be a good time to read and watch movies. Have a good day.
Stay cozy warm inside with the snow!!

I am reading a historical fiction book by Hazel Gaynor (another one - she wrote the Lighthouse book) about a woman who survived the Titanic. It starts in Ireland with a group of women getting ready to board the ship. They are mostly stressed about traveling to America, rather than worrying about safety. The book is called "The Woman Who Came Home" or something along those lines - I got it on the Kindle.

I am also reading Danielle Steele's Beauchamp Hall book. I found The Ring with my Mom's books and it is a small paperback, but I will try reading it soon. I am doing a lot of offline reading this month.

Yesterday I went to the used bookstore. I am going to trade in all my Game of Thrones DVDs and some of those are pretty fresh (unopened). That show went too far for me with the torture and such. I don't care if I ever see another episode of it and the first season was the best anyway. Once they started killing characters and bringing some back to life, but leaving some to be dead for eternity I was done, too. I liked the character of the Dad, Ned Stark the best, better than Jon Snow. Well, it's all authors choice I guess. I do like Peter Dinkladge and the actor who plays The Eunich. They are my favorites because they are funny. The rest I can do without.

Anyway at the bookstore, I got a lot in trade for Season 2 of Game of Thrones and a few other things so I got the first two seasons of NCIS Los Angeles on DVD. Now we won't have to wait for the library to see our favorite show.

We are supposed to get bitter cold on Monday, but no snow this weekend - just rain and wind.

Stay warm and enjoy your reading! *Heartp*

I wish we had a used book store. to downloaded a sample of Martha Stewart and Pride and Prejudice so I may buy it for my Nook. The cookies are so decorative with shoes, cameos and everything Regency and it includes recipes. I may buy the physical book or just buy it for my Nook. Anything that says Jane Austen or Kate Spade, I go crazy.

Sorry, you didn't like Game Of Thrones. I have all the books, read the first chapter and I wasn't impressed. Just like with Harry Potter. I am not a fan.

I haven't got back to reading my book about the survivors of Titanic but it is on my reading list. I read devotions everyday. I try not to skip a day. I love my book all about unicorns and I learned a lot. I even wrote an article about them. This book is illustrated and unicorns were found in China and some areas say unicorns were goats. One unicorn was big and black. I wonder if unicorns really existed. If dinosaurs did, why couldn't unicorns? Guess we will never know.

Have a good day. I am going to see my urologist, go to Barnes and Nobles and Kohls. Stay warm. Give Boo hugs.
Good luck at the Doctor's office.

I am trying to stay away from the doctors if I can. They overcharged me for my test so they have to refund money to me but I bet it will take a while. I always wonder why all their "mistakes" are in their favor.

My blood pressure has been good since the start of the year with no doctors' appointments. Then yesterday I get the statement from the insurance and have to call and fight with the doctors office and now my blood pressure is high again. I think the answer for me is to avoid them if I can. *Alien*

It is funny with shows like Game of Thrones and Poldark. It's like they cross a line with me and then I lose interest. They go too far or something with the violence and having the main character do bad things (like Ross sleeping with Elizabeth, betraying Demelza.)

Once a show goes too far, then I don't care much especially with these shows that have episodes for a few weeks then go on hiatus for a year. I forget and then I think do I really want to re-watch a show that made me mad when they left off. I would rather watch Gilmore Girls again, a show I know I love.

With reading sometimes an author will turn me off if she does something weird with the characters, like Patricia Corwell did with the character of Marino. I couldn't even pick up one of her books after that.

On Harry Potter, I didn't really read the first Harry Potter until my grandson told me he loved it. Then I read and watched the first movie. I enjoyed them, but I'm not dying to read and watch the next one. I probably will eventually, just to be able to talk to him about it. He will be 12 next month. Hard to believe. He will probably outgrow Harry Potter before I get my act together to read and watch much.

Have a good one and I hope you don't get too much snow. *Heartb*
My Doctor did a UA. I am waiting for the results. It is cold here and snowing. We didn't get a lot but it probably isn't done, yet. I need to get a few things done.

I watched Benny and Joon last night with Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp plays Sam, a guy who acts outs skits and people think he is mentally ill. Benny {Adrian Quinn} wins him in a poker game and Sam cleans house and watches over Joon {Mary Stuart Masters} is mentally ill and they fall in love. Benny isn't happy and Joon winds up in the mental ward. Sam is swinging on a crane looking in her room and the Case Manager is there but has her back towards him, so she can't see him. Joon gets her own apartment and Benny gets to be with his girlfriend {Julie Anne Moore}. You know how I love Johnny Depp.

Hope your B/P goes down. Petting your dog can relax you. I pet my kitty and it helps.

Off to start my day. Have a good one.
You have a good one also. I hope your test results are good. Boo is hiding from me because I was opening some new eye drops and she saw me so now she's hiding out in her crate. Well, more like snoring now than actively hiding since she fell asleep.

I saw that movie a long time ago (Benny and Joon) and loved it. It is quirky and funny isn't it? Aindan Quinn is pretty appealing, also.

I am reading Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steele. She has a good imagination for her settings and situations. Once again, I am hooked in and want to see how things turn out for Winnie, the main characters. It's a fast read now that I am into it.

We are supposed to get the bitter cold tomorrow into Tuesday, but just rain for precipitation.

I went to Barnes and Noble with a coupon and got Slowhand, the biography of Eric Clapton by Philip Norman. It was 20%, plus member discount, plus that 15% coupon. Not cheap, but I figured I would treat myself to it.

Have a nice, relaxing weekend there with Bella!

Danielle Steel has a new book called Turning Point about a hospital doctor who goes through life's problems. I haven't bought it, yet. I am waiting on my Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice illustrated book to come in. I didn't read anything this weekend, yet except devotions. I cleaned house.

It is 9 degrees. We have 2 inches of snow, maybe 3. Ray went out to blow snow so I can go to Church. I don't like winter. I make the best of it. I hope winter goes by fast.

Bella has been rowdy. Must be the weather. Poor Boo. She must hate being messed up for medical things. I know the feeling. My cat Tigger hated getting ear drops in her ears. Bella has never had to have ear drops and a that would be a treat. She doesn't want to be messed with. Hope Boo is doing well.

Have a good day. Once I get home, I am going to read and get caught up with that. Have a good day and stay warm.
That is cold, 9 degrees. Yikes! Stay warm as much as you can, inside. Boo gets stir-crazy too with being cooped up with the cold and snow. She runs around a barks at us then throws herself down on one of her pads for us to rub her and pet her. This happens a lot, but more when it's cold outside.

Today she got one eye drop session and, of course, Sunday's ear cleaning. When I rub her ears with a tissue in the morning each day she lets me do it and seems to like it. It's the major cleanings and drops that she doesn't like, but we want to keep her healthy so it's a trade-off.

Is this P&P edition a new one? It sounds interesting.

I finished reading Beauchamp Hall by Danielle Steel. I will wait for the doctor book until it comes out used. I am not really a fan of stories about doctors. Beauchamp Hall was good. I felt like the ending was rushed as there wasn't much time spent on the man that Winnie ended up with. He was mentioned, but her relationships with the other two men dominated the book. I like that she was able to go and work on the show she loved. Wouldn't that be amazing?

I am now reading the book about Eric Clapton called Slow Hand. Also the Titanic book and one about John Lennon written by his first wife, Cynthia Lennon. We are supposed to get the bitter cold weather tonight through tomorrow then warm up a bit on Tuesday.

Feels like winter this afternoon. *Snow4**Heartb*

The Pride and Prejudice book I ordered is new. It looks like 8 by 10 and it is illustrated. I can't wait till I get it and I know I will love it. I still have my Pride and Prejudice book with recipes to look over and I may get brave and do some baking. These are recipes by Martha Stewart. They will be good ones.

I have been reading The Bronte Sisters. Their mother died when they were young and so did their two younger sisters. Their father Patrick Bronte worked for a clergyman. The Brontes were well off. They had a brother who was always in trouble and in a documentary I saw on PBS a year ago, he served time in prison. These women are interesting.

It is 6 below and cold. I made spaghetti in the Crock Pot. I promised Ray I would be home all day and I am staying put. It may snow Wednesday. Bella is hiding in our closet on a puppy dog blanket I left in there.

I always felt sorry for Cynthia Lennon. John Lennon was a great song writer and singer but he wasn't nice to his first wife or Julian. Sad. Eric Clapton married George Harrison's e x-wife Patty Boyd. John and George did better with their second wives.

Hope you are staying warm. I am trying to. Have a good day. Boo, too.
The Bronte sisters sound interesting, like their lives were complicated.

Let me know if you like that new P & P book when you get it. Is it from Barnes and Noble?

I am still reading the Eric Clapton book and the other two. It is cold here today (for here) but nothing like 6 below. That is super cold. Stay in and stay warm. We are doing that mostly. Mr HOOves had to go to the skin doctor and he wants to take his car to the garage tomorrow.

We will have soup for dinner so no more going out today. Just too cold. I moved Boo's pad (she has 3) from her crate into the sun in this room with the computers. It used to be a dining room, but it is our computer room now. It has a big window that gets a lot of sun. She is snoring so loud next to me, I have to stop from giggling and waking her up.

I saw something on the newsfeed about a big movement towards "honesty" in reviewing. Like everyone isn't being "honest" already? Of course, I am out of step, but those labels that get thrown around periodically here are for the *Bird*'s. Who is to say who is honest and who isn't. They say honest when they mean to say "mean" sometimes I think. But some are nice and have good intentions. some. All reviewing is good and why they still feel the need to sling around words like "honesty" is way beyond me. They don't think nasty reviews are so "honest" when they are slung in their direction. I am trying hard not to get drawn into any sort of dispute on the newsfeed. Crossing hooves and fingers that I can avoid it.

Have a nice day there with Bella. Give her hugs!


I saw the Forum For Honesty In Reviewing. I don't sign up for Reviewing Groups anymore. I do Anniversary Reviews and stories I find interesting. I am honest but polite and I don't hurt anyone. I like these kind of reviews in return. I ignore bad reviews. Some people like being mean to others. It is that way all over.

I ordered the P&P book from Barnes and Nobles. It is my favorite Jane Austen book.

I have some paranormal books on my Nook I haven't read. I don't read much paranormal anymore. They make vampires and werewolves and gory books and movies. I stay away from them anymore. I still like romance but I don't read them anymore.

It is 30 some degrees here. A nice pace. I hope you and Boo have a good day. Bella is being affectionate. Stay warm.
I hope it is a good sunny day for you and Bella. We are still in the 20s and supposed to get freezing rain overnight tonight. Always something in winter, it seems. We just have a heat pump and then an Eden Pure heater we use. Today it was in the 50s in the downstairs part of the house early in the morning.

I looked at all the ones who promoted that forum yesterday to see if they did a bunch of reviews. They didn't so far, except for one. It's just spreading the word and promoting so far. Some are doing it to be nice I am sure. In the past there has been hurt feelings over the use of that word, "honesty". That goes way back. Most of the ones who were braying and screaming about that in the early 2000's are gone and never followed through much that I could see.

Who is to say that about others, anyway. I knew some here, who just loved to read, and be positive, but were offended by the feeling of being labeled dishonest for failing to be nasty and mean. It's not like there is a lot of diplomatic skill on display with the reviews that are self-consciously harsh. Someone who can make suggestions and be encouraging is much more likely to get people writing. I am not sure what the point is really to get people writing or to be harshly (and sometimes wrongly, let's face it) critical of anything posted. There is a bit of wrong and uninformed advice that's floated now and then.

All reviewing is good, I suppose, but I don't like the feeling that I'm being called dishonest or thought of as a big bovine liar when I'm reading and reviewing consistently. Someone else might review once a month and is mean so they are considered "honest." It's all a big load of cow pies with those labels. Who is to say one opinion is a lie and the other is a truth. It's not group think, at least I hope it isn't.

It is fun to read and review. It is not fun to have unqualified spectators second-guess that effort. It takes away the fun for me.

I am still reading the Eric Clapton book. I didn't know a lot about him. It's pretty shocking the stuff he was up to with drugs and women. I like his music, but he seems like he wasn't very nice for a long time. The book is really negative about George Harrison, too. I will be glad to finish it and take it to the used book place. I was interested to read that the cover of the album "Layla" is a painting that he bought because it resembled Pattie Boyd. I never knew that. I think Layla and Wonderful Tonight that he wrote for her are his best songs so far.

Have a good day, you and Bella and stay toasty warm! *Heartp*

I dread reviews from people I don't know. Those silver cases give bad one and stay but never write anything. WHO ARE THEY TO CRITICIZE? Some just want to cause problems. Thank goodness for the blocking device.

I was in the hospital for a night. I have a blood clot in my lung. I spent the last 2 days getting blood tests and xrays. I am getting treatment. Meds. I hope they work out for me. Keep me in your prayers.

I watched two Star Wars movies in the hospital. The ones where Anakin became bad and ended up being Darth Vadar and Padme died after giving birth to Luke and Leia. Makes me have a soft spot for Darth Vadar. I always cry over these movies. Hospital TV stinks. I am home and can watch what I want.

It has been cold and rainy and back to snow. Hope things are going well for you. Bella was mad because I wasn't here but she rubbed up against me. She is okay with me. Have a good rest of the week.
Get lots of rest and feel better. *Heart* Only write here if you really feel up to it.

They have good medicine for that (blood clots) now and once they know what it is and you get the medicine it should work pretty fast. It is a good sign I think that they sent you home. Just get a lot of rest and relaxation.

Hospitals stink all the way around. The TV and the food. You are home and Ray and Nurse Bella can take care of you.

All is okay here. I finished the Eric Clapton book and am reading a historical fiction book about Hedy Lemarr. I didn't realize she was a scientific genius. It is called The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict.

I got all worked up over that "honesty" label. It's silly in the big scheme of things. Most are nice and mean well and those here who don't mean well we can block/ignore. So that's good.

Get some nice rest , lots of sleep, and feel better, that's the man thing! *Heartp**Hug**Heartv*
I am hoping I have no side effects from my blood thinner med. I put a call out to my Doctor because I have a couple of questions. I am praying and doing what I am supposed to. I always have a million questions for doctors.

I got my Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice book in the mail. It is illustrated by Alice Pattillo. It reminds me of a school text book with Pemberly on the front, a pond with fishes grass and flowers. It is in color. The inside has colored illustrations of the sisters, Lady Catherine, carriage, balls, Wickham, Darcy and it is real impressive. I think I am doing buying copies of Pride and Prejudice.

I want to read today and relax. We plan on going to WalMart later today. I hope to get well and stay well.

Have a good weekend. It is going to be cold all next week. Feels like it has been a long winter already. Give Boo hugs.
I hope that you take it easy does it as much as you can and that the doctor calls back in a timely way. Walking a little in WalMart is probably a good thing to move around indoors a bit.

That illustrated book sounds good. I will look around for it.

I am reading Marie Benedict's historical fiction book about Hedy Lamaar, or I will be later. I didn't read much yesterday.

We have our one car (and Audi) in the shop and it turned out to be a major deal. It has been there since Tuesday. It hasn't been a good car, but this problem is something that a dealership caused by stripping something when they did an oil change. My car, which is older - almost 15 - has been so far much better. It is weird having just one car for two people.

We are making a wide step for Boo to help her get into my car. She has a ramp, but it tilts getting into my Toyota Camry. Mr. HOOves can get her to do it, but I am not sure I could do it. But, hopefully the wide step will be helpful for a lot of things.

The weather is colder, but sunny today. I don't mind the cold so much if it is sunny. Seems warmer somehow. Take good care. It is a long winter, isn't it? Although we went out last night with our weekly dinner group and the days are definitely getting longer. It was daylight til after 6 pm here last night. We went to Cracker Barrel. Have a nice, relaxing weekend! *Hearty*

The Doctor's nurse called me back after she talked to the Doctor. I wanted to talk to him but I will see him in 2 weeks. I pray and I know God is always close by.

It is going to be cold and snowy all next week. I think I will feel better when winter is over. I am getting baptized tomorrow and this is a comfort and joy to me. We can find warmth in winter and good things. I try to think past the snow.

I didn't do any reading. Just the Bible and Devotions. I look over book lists and I don't know what new books I would like to read. Danielle Steel's new book, I will be buying when I get out shopping again. I need to get back to reading my book about the survivors from The Titanic and their stories. I was watching a comedy show last night and they were getting ready to watch Titanic. I want to watch that movie again. It is my favorite. Have you ever seen The Book Club with Candice Bergan, Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton? They find romance again and they are senior citizens. I really like that movie.

Poor Boo. Bella hates to get in her carrier. She knows she is going to the Vet. She doesn't like going there. Hope Boo is doing well today. I need to clean house. Have a good weekend.
I hope that the nurse was helpful, at least. Two weeks is a long time. Hopefully, you will get to talk to the doctor if you need to do it. It is hard to get in touch with any doctor. On Seinfeld, George made a joke about it being harder to see a doctor then it was to see Sinatra or something. More difficult and more expensive.

Congrats on your baptism ceremony! I hope all goes well! *Heartv*

Mr. HOOves cannot stand Jane Fonda in anything, so I have not seen that. I did see her in Monster in Law because that co-starred Michael Vartan and I was into seeing everything he did. I liked her in Cat Ballou when she was young before she acted like an idiot in Vietnam.

That Titanic book sounds interesting. Whatever you enjoy reading is good I think. I am halfway reading a fiction book about the Titanic. Also, the book about Hedy Lamaar. My friend, Joanne, says it's really good, but I haven't got into it yet.

Our car is being repaired and it keeps going up in the price for the stuff they have to do. Every time the phone rang yesterday it was more money. If it goes up any more, I am going to say, keep the car. I don't like the car, anyway. It is newer than mine but it isn't nearly as reliable.

I hope that Boo will like her step that Mr. HOOves made so nicely. We don't go for the nails thing again until March 6. I hope by then it will be warmer and nice. This has been a long seeming winter, that's for sure. Teddy, the corgi nextdoor, might get a step, also. He is younger though, so with him there is no rush. I was going to buy Boo a step on amazon, but none of them looked the right height or width for a Basset Hound - she is very long and low. It is very easy to take it in the trunk, unlike the ramp, which would be awkward in the Vet's parking lot getting her in after her visit.

Boo will go out and get into the car, but then she whines going there. Luckily, it's close - less than a mile. Boo is with Bella on not liking to go there. I wish there was another way or the Vet would come here, but that's a dream of the past I guess. Have a lovely weekend!


I agree that it is hard to get in touch with your Doctor. George is right about that. I hope someday I will be well and only need to see a Doctor for my blood tests.

Hope Boo has a good winter and by spring, she will be a happy dog again. We got snow last night and is going to snow tomorrow again. When will it leave? Not soon enough.

I am going to read and watch movies this week and relax. I hope to get better. It could take awhile.

I remember Hedy Lamar. Actors and singers have interesting lives. I enjoy reading about celebrities and their lives.

I am going to get baptized today. It is going to be a beautiful day. I have been thinking about and making this decision for a long time. I say a prayer for the world and want to find inner peace with everything in my life. Have a good day. Hope things are going well your way.
I hope that everything goes nice for you today. Also, I hope that you feel better and better this week and going forward. *Heart*

I read some in the Hedy Lamarr book and we also watched our usual NCIS Los Angeles. We never get tired of that show. It has humor and action, both things we like to see. We went to a diner to eat dinner last night. That was kind of fun. I saw a commercial for it and had forgotten about it. It's too far to go to often, though. It's kind of on the way to and from Costco when we go there so we will keep it in mind.

Boo is hiding from ear cleaning day so she is non-stop snoozing in her crate so far.

Have a good Sunday and take it easy when you get back. Nice and easy does it, resting and recuperating. I hope all goes well at church.

Baptism was beautiful and great. I feel committed and like a complete Christian. I did real well getting into the baptism tank with help and getting out. It was a beautiful experience.

We are getting snow again. We will have 6 additional inches. It was 6 degrees yesterday. Winter was too quiet and now it is taking off. Brrrrrr. I will be staying home all week. I started by cleaning the kitchen today and working on laundry. Bella was watching the snow earlier. She can be glad she is an inside cat.

I haven't watched any movies lately. Just watched Super Girl. I keep promising myself that I am going to watch A Nun's Story. I know it will have to be good.

Have a good day and week. Hope you stay warmer then us. Hope Boo is happy as well.
I am glad all went well yesterday and things are good.

Hopefully, you can stay inside and be warm. I see where the middle of the country is in for very cold temperatures and a lot of snow. We are supposed to get something late tomorrow, but who knows what it will be.

I am still reading "The Only Woman in the Room" by Marie Benedict. I don't know why I'm not reading it faster than I am. It is not a long book.

We are still stuck on NCIS Los Angeles and Blue Bloods. I would like to watch the movie, Manchester by the Sea sometime. I hear it might be good and we have the DVD. I may do that if the weather is bad on Wednesday.

Hug Bella for me. Boo is asleep in her crate now, but in a while if she gets up I'll move her pad into the direct sunlight that is coming in. She likes that usually.

Have a good and restful Monday! Continue to feel better and be on the mend! *Heartv*
I finally watched A Nun's Story with Audrey Hepburn. It is a good movie and I enjoyed watching it. It reminded me of the Nuns at the two year college I went to. It was run by Nuns. It made me think of the Nuns I knew from years ago. It was heart touching. I do enjoy Breakfast At Tiffanys and My Fair Lady more.

It is cold. It will be 16 below later this week. I will be home all week and be like a little bunny all snug in his hole in the ground. Just call me Mrs. Rabbit.

Hope you, Mr. Hooves and Boo are having a good day. I am doing housework. I will try to make the best of my day as I get well. Thinking of you.
Stay warm and toasty inside with that awful cold.

We are hanging in here. Same things going on. Still reading the Hedy Lamarr book, slowly. Also watching NCIS Los Angeles.

I think this time of year leads to feeling sad. I guess it is the cold and days without the sunshine. But the days are definitely getting longer and soon it will be spring.

Boo was very lethargic yesterday, but perky this morning. I guess she has her moments also now.

Our grandson turns 12 next month. It seems like yesterday we went up to Maryland to see him in the N.I.C.U. at the hospital. He's into acting and music. He amazes us with all his creativity. This winter seems longer than usual and more harsh. Hopefully the groundhog will hurry spring up for us.

Why was your grandson in the hospital that time? Acting and music are great choices. Our kids can amaze us. Grandkids, too.

It is 16 below today. I promised Ray I will make vegetable soup today. I will be happy if that ground hog brings us spring. I like Phil, the ground hog that one man brings out every year that is his pet. He is so cute.

I wanted to watch Mermaids with Cher last night. I haven't read anything except my Bible. When I was working, I had time to read when I worked midnights. I sleep at night and my reading time is all messed up. I do have books about writing. Children's stories, Write From Life, Writing Novels and Writing Romances. I learned a lot from the writing romances book. I used to read Diagnosis Made Easy when I worked in mental health. I never could tell one diagnosis from another with the people I took care of, no matter how many times I read that book. I was still baffled.

I am staying inside. My sinuses want to act up and my arthritis. Stay warm and have a great day. I am always thinking off you and Boo.
Stay warm there, too. It is so cold out that I am not thinking of going anywhere.

Grandson was in the hospital N.I.C.U. after he was born, but he recovered and was fine and is fine now. He was so tiny then, with bright red hair. He's a very nice and sweet boy now, at almost 12.

Books that help with writing are useful, same as quotation collections. We can get inspired by those or by what we read in our reading adventures.

Vegetable soup sounds yummy. I am having some back issues and foot issues. I think it is the cold mostly. I watched a bit of Gilmore Girls last night after Mr. HOOves watched Blue Bloods.

Yes, Pennsylvania Phil is a cutie. I liked that movie, Groundhog Day, too. I am trying my best to stay positive and move forward. I don't see any other way.

Hug Bella for me. *Heartv*
Glad your grandson did well in the hospital when he was a baby. They do grow up fast. Sounds like he is quite talented for his age. Congrats.

21 below here. My son lives in Minnesota and it is 41 below. He wants to move to Oregon or Washington State. I said I would move with him. Like I could move again. I had enough of that when Dad was in the Air Force.

I watched Eddie and The Cruisers 2 last night. A movie about a rock star who had died when his car went off the bridge. He didn't die. He just hid from the world. He got a new band and everyone realized he sounded like Eddie Wilson and he was very much alive. I love this movie and all the music. Michael Pare does a great job playing Eddie. I watch this movie every chance I get.

I need to get under my electric blanket. How are things there? Bella and I have played throw the milk ring 4 or 5 times. I am trying to get better. I see my doctor next week again for my blood clot I had. It is going to be in the 30's. Thank goodness. Hope you feel better, too.
Stay warm and toasty and I hope that by next week when you go to the doctor you will feel much better! *Heart* Bella is a fine nurse! *Cat2*

I have a friend also in Minneapolis and she says she has never seen it like this. She has to go to work at a TV Station there and she says the worst part is having to go to her car and start it in the middle of the day so that the battery isn't dead at the end of the day. The wind is awful apparently. I hope your son is keeping warm as much as possible inside. Hopefully, this week will see a warmup for all of us.

Moving would be hard for me to do, also. I have a sister-in-law (and her hubby) and two nieces who live in Washington State in Spokane and in Seattle. Also, my late niece's youngest son is stationed there in the Air Force. He works on planes. They all like living there a lot. I have never been to Washington, but I picture it as being very nice.

We have just watched some house thing on Netflix and Blue Bloods.

I have been clicking on the Read and Review option and reading some new stuff. It is nice. I don't read stuff I don't like. All the reading has been top notch here. People have been very nice lately, which is a change. *Heart*

Offline, I continue with the book on Hedy Lamarr.

It is a little warmer today. In the teens. The weather man promised that the cold snap is done. I have been home all week. Next week, I have doctor appointments. I hope to get better soon. I need to take some Tylenol. I need an outing to a store. Kate Spade cheers me up. Ha. Ha. I pray things will be better. I opened the garage door to put out the garbage and it is still cold. Bella is playing with her milk rings inside the house. She is happy.

I have a book to download. 30 Days Of Prayer With Jane Austen. I need that right now.

I do a few reviews here. I hope to write a Valentine Day's Poem for a contest. I need to keep busy. There will be a Mod Squad Marathon this weekend. I hope to watch some of those.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm. Always thinking of you.
I hope it will be warmer for you today. Our warmup is supposed to start today, going into the 50s. Then, we are supposed to be in the 60s through Friday. I hope you are having a nice thaw, also! *Heartp*

I watched Pauxatawney Phil this morning not see his shadow. He was so cute and the man who pulled him out of his sleep was nice to him and not rough. So the groundhog said early spring. 30,000 plus people were there to wake him up this morning. Rude awakening, if you ask me.

Tylenol helps me and I bet Mr. Groundhog could use some Tylenol too, right about now. Once in a while I get a headache and I take one excedrin. I hope that the Tylenol helps you. I don't take anything but that, blood pressure medicine and acid reflux over the counter stuff now and some useless vitamins.

I have had some issues about going places lately, but I'm working on it. We don't really have any good places except Barnes and Noble and the used book place. The Vera Bradley outlet is about an hour away in the wrong direction for me. I don't even want to go there alone and I don't want to take Mr. HOOves over there because it's in the direction of the VA Hospital. Most of my shopping now is on Amazon, anyway. Of course, there is Costco. Mr. HOOves will go with me there later this week.

I am still slowly reading the Hedy Lamarr book. Also, my friend was talking to me and I realized I have a Dorothy Kilgalllen book on my Kindle. My friend, Joanne, says that she is interested in her. Joanne reads a lot, also and gives me tips. Sometimes she is right that a book is good like that "One Day in December" book. I liked that a lot. Apparently, Dorothy Kilgallen was murdered when she was in her early 50s, and it was connected to the assassination of JFK. That's what the book is about, anyway.

I decided on here (this web site) to only read what I like. I have really been doing that without thinking about it for a while. I am not sure it's what the ideal is, but I am not sure anyone really cares what I am doing much anyway at this point. I'm here, I volunteer time and effort and I pay the moola to be here and enjoy myself. Of course, for contests I will read everything and do my best to be fair.

There was a small thing about "honesty" recently, and I always get my hackles raised when people start slinging that loaded word around as if anyone can really judge anyone else's honesty levels.

I guess I can say I honestly don't read or review what I don't like.

I notice that people talk a lot about how other people should review. Then they, themselves, don't do many reviews. What's up with that? It's like the old them that teach can't do or something. Funny thing is that people I send reviews to tell me they like them, when I do what I enjoy.

So, it's the writers who say that who are actually writing. There's a self-appointed panel of experts around here who don't like my reviews, don't like me, don't like anything I do and never will. For a long time that hurt my feelings and when review groups that I was working hard for didn't care about the actual reviewing work I was doing faithfully, it had the tendency to ruffle my feathers.

This is all dumb stuff and I am starting to get how dumb it really is. That seems like a good thing. I am getting my goals organized and then I will just stick to them best that I can. So, if someone says that I or others are dumb for being positive in my reviews, I go and look at their treasure trove of reviews.

I have over 11,000 reviews. You have a lot more than that. We can stand on our records and be proud.

It sure has been interesting looking at the numbers and doing that because in most cases I don't have much to look at when it comes to the "experts".

Have a good weekend and hug Bella! *Cat2*

I think I have over 20,000 reviews. I try to do one or two a day. I do 15 Anniversary Reviews every month. I try to give helpful reviews. I have been getting nice reviews lately. I realize what genres I am good at writing at and stick with those. Reviewing Groups. Everyone competes with each other. I quit all those groups. I like doing reviews at my leisure.

I watched Mermaids last night. I always get a kick out of Cher. I think she made Sonny's career. I adored Sonny but she had all the talent. Mermaids is such an entertaining movie.

I read some of Northanger Abbey. When Catherine first met Henry and told her she was good at writing letters. Jane threw that in for her benefit as well as Catherine's I am sure. I have Pride and Prejudice memorized almost. Northanger Abbey was bigger then Pemberly but it was scary. I would rather live at Pemberly.

I am glad it is warmer. I want to get out and go places this week. I was home every day last week. With my recent episode of my blood clot, I need to get out more. I saw Phil this morning. He is so big and cute. Guess he is that guy's pet. Groundhogs can get mean. We need an early spring. I hope I will feel better physically and emotionally.

Sounds like you are reading some good books. I may look for new books to read this spring. Have a good day. WalMart was a zoo last night. People in my way. When it was so cold those two days, everyone stayed home but yesterday, everyone came out of the wood work! Me, too. Give Boo hugs.
I hope that your weekend is going well. I have not felt the best today, but it's nothing serious. The weather is nice, but we aren't doing much about it.

I started reading the Dorothy Kilgallen book called, The Reporter Who Knew too Much, on my Kindle.

Otherwise, still plugging along with the Hedy Lamarr book and reading some in the other two Kindle books. The one about the Titanic jumps around a lot in time and that's confusing to me. Maybe it's because I'm reading too many books at one time.

Tomorrow Mr. HOOves goes to the surgeon who saved his life. He tests his circulation once a year. I hope it goes well. We are also getting at least two trees (they are pretty dead) taken out. These are big, 90 foot tall trees. That will be sometime this week we think.

I signed up for Soundtrackers, without having the option for them to comment on my song choices or writing. They can review it if they want to. I figure that way if anyone wants to listen they can and they don't have to feel obligated to like my choices. I don't really know if anyone in that group now will look much - Beth, who used to run the Soundtrackers - was real dedicated to reading all and commenting. Well, it's good to have an activity like that going on for people who enjoy writing about and being inspired by music. Time will tell how it goes under new management and such. I hope for the best. *Heartv*

Boo is very sleepy. We did her ears early so she isn't hiding from that, but she's basically sleeping the day away in addition to sleeping all night last night. Must be an aging thing. I know I sleep more sometimes, too.

Have a nice rest of the weekend! *Heartp*

Church was canceled. The parking lot was all frozen. 50 Degrees here but still feels cold. I cleaned house. I watched An Officer And A Gentleman. I like military movies and Richard Gere's character Zach who was a nice man but was rough. I enjoy the romance of him and Debra Winger's character and sadly his friend kills himself over a woman who broke up with him because he dropped out of Boot Camp. This is an emotional movie for me. I love watching it.

I wrote an entry for Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Contest. Beauty and the Beast. I see The Heart Throb Contest is going on. I don't think I will write for it. I wrote a Regency Valentines Day Ball poem but I haven't decided if I will put it in Stormy's Contest or not. I never know when an idea will strike me.

I haven't done much reading. Mom and I are going to the Kate Spade Store tomorrow. I need to get out. Doctor appointments this week. I hope they know what they are doing.

Have a good week. I am like Boo. I took a nap watching Magnum PI. Hope you get your trees cut down. Thinking of you.
I hope that your week ahead is a good one and all the medical stuff is better and better than before. Hopefully, the medicine has worked good and you are well on the mend. Mr. HOOves is at the doctor this morning. They scan him for his circulation in his legs. This doctor is a vascular surgeon who saved his life here. I don't go with him because Mr. HOOves is proud to take himself and be buddies with the doctor.

The VA messed him up in June 2011 and by October Mr. HOOves was dying and weighed only about 130 pounds. On the night of the surgery 10.25.11, the (NON VA) surgeon here (bless him) said Mr. HOOves had a 15% chance of seeing the next day. Well, he and his team saved him. His office is only about a minute from my house. It is seven plus years later so we try and remember to tell ourselves every day is a gift.

The anesthesiologist (who looks like Gene Simmons of K.I.S.S.) told me that some people should not make it with all the things wrong, but God comes into the operating room. He told me that Mr. HOOves was that guy that night. So, yes, we believe in miracles and that there are doctors who are angels amongst us.

Officer and Gentleman was a great movie. It has been too long since I saw that.

I started reading in the book about Dorothy Kilgallen. It is well written so far. I am reading about 4 things. That Hedy Lamarr book is short, but I wonder if I'll ever finish it. She sure was a smart woman - she was a brilliant scientist who eaves dropped on the Nazi guys.

I could watch Magnum all day. I love Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods, also.

I hope you get a warm up and a thaw out. Have fun at the Kate Spade store. My trip today (if there is one) will be to the Post Office. Stay warm and have a good one!


Mom and I went to Kate Spade today. I bought: a beautiful star necklace with a pearl and rhinestones, a pearl necklace with white beads and a bracelet to match and a silver bracelet with a rhinestone bow. I really love going to Kate Spade.

I downloaded the newest Victoria Magazine on my Nook. They are celebrating Louisa May Alcott's Book Little Women. I love this story. I should watch the movie. The Victoria Magazine has Easter things and Irish plates and neat decoration ideas. I love Easter. I have a white bunny cookie jar that I never taken out of the box. Maybe I will this year for Easter. They have Victorian House pictures and castles. I always wanted a Victorian house or castle. Indiana is no place for these houses. I wish.

It rained today. Going to be freezing rain tomorrow night. Things clear up Wednesday and I have a Doctor's appointment. Tomorrow is my hair day. Bella will be alone a lot this week.

I don't like military doctors and Dad quit going to the VA. I guess military doctors are good at Walter Reed Hospital but not as a rule. Sad, really. I trust foreign doctors and all my doctors are foreign but I am okay with that.

Mom asked if I was going to buy Danielle Steel's new book Turning Point. I guess I will after I go to the Doctor this Wednesday. Barnes and Nobles is in the area.

Have a good day. Enjoy reading your books.
I hope that all goes well for you this week and that the doctor's appointment is a good one.

The Kate Spade store sounds heavenly. I wish I could go, too. We don't have much here anymore.

I like the version of Little Women that has Elizabeth Taylor in it. It's pretty old, though.

Easter is a very nice time. When we lived on a golf course (1995 - 2002) here, in April the PGA Golf Tournament went through our back yard. Mr. HOOves and I used to volunteer as marshals. It was always around Easter and sometimes the tournament finished on Easter Sunday. That was a lot of happy memories for me, even though it was after my Dad died. I think that the spring, Easter and the Golf helped comfort me a lot.

I finally finished the Hedy Lamarr book. I was surprised that she was such a knowledgeable scientist. Her work and her patents were the predecessors of the modern cell phones. The Navy ignored her genius, but she invented something for torpedoes that they later used and it saved a lot of lives. We all have these cell phones because of her work. She tried to help, but her being a beautiful woman and an actress kept them from learning from her and paying good attention to what she was saying. Having been married to a munitions guy in Austria, she listened and learned a lot that she wanted to share to defeat Hitler because of the way he was and because she was Jewish, which she kept secret.

Here, VA doctors (some of them) come from Duke. Duke Hospital has a very bad reputation these days. It is across the street from the VA one. I don't know if they are as bad at the Duke part as they are at the VA part. Mr. HOOves has a big mouth and he has let a lot of people know about the vascular surgeon guy (and his monstrous assistants) who tore him up. Plus, there are those at the VA Hospital in Durham who treat the white vets like crap. It's like a reverse racial thing. One of these days someone will get a conversation over there on cell phone and give it to the media. Whether the media will do anything with it is another question.

I hope your freezing rain isn't too bad and that driving is okay on Wednesday. Bella will be happy that you are feeling better, I am sure. Boo gets a little confused sometimes now, but she's our baby. She gets happy when we are happy. Hug Bella for us! *Heartv*

Hedy Lamarr sounds like an interesting woman who knew what she wanted. Men don't like when women compete with them. Too bad, I say. Women are smart and talented as men.

The PGA Golf Tournament sounds like it was fun to be part of. Alice Cooper had his own golf team years ago. I remember Arnold Palmer played golf years ago. Tiger Woods. I have never even done miniature golfing. I watched my mother play when I was a kid.

I never saw Little Women with Liz Taylor. I always liked her in Cleopatra, Elephant Walk and Secret Ceremony. I also liked her in Butterfield 8. National Velvet was a good one about a girl and her horse. I could never get into Giant. She left a legacy of movies she was in. She played in General Hospital for a couple of years.

I hope the weather is good tomorrow. I need to ask that doctor a lot of questions. Bella is hiding behind the curtain in the bedroom. Guess she is either the big deal of the day or the zunk. Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Boo, too.
I hope the weather is good for you and your appointment goes real well. I always write down my questions so the doctor cannot hightail it out the door.

I wrote my opinion about something and it was a mistake, but I can live with that. I was honest. So be it. I am not doing Soundtrackers anymore. I am doing my own thing with the music and keeping to myself except for here. I am proud of what I did do and I know I was right.

I am reading The Tatooist of Auschwitz. It's a true story and very sad.

When we had the golf tournament, Tiger Woods never came here. He came not too long ago, now that his career is on the downslide. I didn't go to see him, but I was grateful that he came here. Phil Mickelson came once while we were marshals. He was real nice and hit a ball into a chair of my neighbor. He joked with all of us as we moved out of the way so he could make his next shot. My niece used to bring her kids to help with the tournament. This is the same niece I lost in 2011.

I saw Liz Taylor on General Hospital. That was with Luke. I used to love it when he was on there in the early days with Laura and John Stamos as Blackie.

Have a nice day and good luck at the doctor. *Heart*

I saw my Doctor today and he thinks I am doing okay. He did more blood tests. Sometimes I feel like a pin cushion. Hopefully, I am doing well.

I went to Barnes and Nobles. I got the cutest book Pugs & Prejudice By Jane Austen with illustrations by Eliza Garrett. It tells a brief story of P&P with Pug dogs as the characters. The pictures are painted with pugs as Lizzie, Darcy and the rest of P&P characters. It is so cute. Darcy asked for Elizabeth's paw in marriage. Lizzie and her family lived at Longbone. Seeing this story through dogs is so cute. This book is for young girls, so they can get acquainted with Jane Austen's literature. I remember when the dog Wishbone used to tell literature classics and act them out. I can never get enough of P&P. This book practically jumped out at me.

I did buy Turning Point By Danielle Steel. I hope I like it.

I bought the movies: Platoon with Charlie Sheen. This was Charlie's first movie and he was cute and nice. This is the only Viet Nam war movie I like. I also bought What Ever Happened To Baby Jane with Bette Davis. I have always liked this creepy movie of how a woman abused her crippled sister. I bought Disney's Nutcracker and the Other Four Realms, I have always been a fan of The Nutcracker. I am sure I will love this movie.

Liz Taylor was a bad lady on General Hospital but she did a great job . I liked Luke and Laura. I haven't watched General Hospital in years.

A little chilly at 40 Degrees. Rained last night. I had a pretty good day. Have a good day. Come on spring!
I am glad your doctor's appointment went well and I hope all your tests come out okay. Fingers and Hooves crossed for that!

Pugs and Prejudice sounds sweet. My Dad loved pugs. We considered getting one when we were looking for Boo.. They are so cute and adorable. I wasn't sure I could cope with their breathing issues, but Boo has that (allergies) also so any breed can have allergies.

Danielle Steele is always a good read. Within the first five pages, she gets me caring about her characters. That is her gift, her genius I believe. I am going to wait for the used version since that one is about doctors.

I am still reading the Tatooist of Auschwitz. We are watching some reality show about people who leave England to start businesses in France and Spain on Netflix. That and Blue Bloods are our shows right now.

I don't think anyone will notice I left Soundtrackers for a good while, if ever. It's okay because I want my song choices to be relaxed and I want to be comfortable here. I was thinking about the movie, HAIR and how much I loved it and the music from it. Treat Williams starred in that along with John Savage. Not sure who else, but I loved the movie and haven't seen it in more than 35 years.

Our anniversary is Sunday - 35th! *Heartv* We always go for our traditional cheeseburgers. Shhh, don't tell HOOves! *Heart*
Sorry to hear you left Soundtrackers. I always enjoy ding the music campfires with you. I would find songs that I forgot that I loved. Thank goodness for music. Music takes us down Memory Lane. I enjoy good memories.

Happy Anniversary coming up! Ray and I have been married 35 years. The years sure go by fast. All my best to you. Is Boo planning a party? Our pets don't know about holidays and celebrations. She just knows here comes that tree again and there goes my fun in the room edition for 6 weeks! Things are hopping and she knows her Mommy is out there in the front room a lot at Christmas.

We have fog and rain. I will be glad to see spring.

The P&P Pugs book is cute. I hear Pugs have allergies. Poor things.

I haven't read any books or watched any movies. I will stay up late tonight and watch movies I hope or at least the weekend. Roma Downey keeps showing All Dogs Go To Heaven. She must love that movie.

Have a good day. I am looking forward to spring. Always thinking of you.
I hope you are having a good day and enjoying things.

We look forward to our anniversary cheeseburgers on Sunday. Were you married in 1984 or 1983? We were married Friday, Feb 10, 1984. The weather is supposed to turn colder today through the weekend. When we got married it was a hot day for February - in the 70s I think. We went to the Poconoes for the honeymoon, just the weekend but it was nice. *Heart* We both had to get back to work the next week. I got Mr. HOOves a Claddagh pocket watch. We don't usually get presents for the anniversary, just go out to eat. But this one is special being 35 years I think. *Heart* Nothing extravagant, but something anyway.

The tree guys were here yesterday. We hoped they were coming this week but they showed up around 3 and we had our dinner group so we had to cancel that. They cut down two trees that were dead and trimmed back another one. I enjoy watching the chaos of the guy up high in the tree and then watching them feed the wood into the chipper. So, it was like having a live show going on. Boo greeted them nicely, but mostly she wanted to stay in and snooze. With all the branches flying around, that was safer anyway.

I am still reading the Tattooist of Aucshwitz paperback. Mostly we watched the tree guys yesterday then went to sleep to Blue Bloods last night. I am glad those trees that looked dead are out because it is supposed to get windy today.

Have a good one and take care - hug Bella for us! *Heartv*

We had rain, fog and wind last night. We get all this at once. It is like, weather, make up your mind. We may have snow this weekend. Winter isn't leaving without a fight. This is still February and anything can happen.

I just mopped floors. I am behind on my housework. I have been gone all week shopping and doctor visits. I hope someday I will be well so I don't have to go see doctors.

We were married in 1983. Doesn't seem possible. Where did all the years go?

I am cleaning house today and I hope to read this weekend and watch movies. Bella has been back here visiting when I am on the computer. I wrote for the 48 Hour Music Challenge. They choose some good songs sometime. Today was I Will Wait By Mumford & Sons. It reminded me of a cute little Irish tune. I see Celtic Woman has a new CD. I miss Celtic Thunder. They are so good.

Have a good day. Hope your trees all got cut down. Give Boo hugs.
Hope your weekend is going good. We are getting more traditional type February weather now.

I am finally learning to look for things and figure them out. I got chewed out and misquoted (again) and I went and looked at the person doing the nastiness towards me's reviews. Surprise. They are a member of the same group that has targeted me for almost two years. I am not going to take their bait or anyone else's no matter what they do in there The rest is silence from me.

I wonder if they go after everyone who disagrees with their leader in an organized way like this. It is aggravating to log in and have things that aren't nice happen. But I think it comes and goes in waves. How do otherwise smart people allow themselves to be used as tools of a mindless group is a thought that comes to mind.

Reading the Tattooist of Auschwitz still. I have not been to Barnes and Noble for a while. I get a little anxious about driving, but that's getting better (I hope)

I did some cleaning already this morning. It felt good to get it done. Boo seems peppy. The weather is cold, but that's normal for February.

I hope Bella has a good day. Boo is doing good. She liked visiting with the tree guys this week. Some of her bedding (one of the three beds) needed extra washing today so she is happy to have the fresh linens. She sleeps a lot more now, but is always up for either eating or a walk.

Have a nice weekend! *Heart*


I watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Clara went to the underground basement of her castle at a ball that she was at and sees The Clockmaker and an owl and finds out about the Four Realms. Clara is a Princess and travels to the Four Realms with The Nutcracker who is a bridge guard and takes her to the Four Realms along with the Mouse King {who is actually a cute little brown mouse. If all mice behaved liked him, he could be my pet but I would have to ask Bella!} They meet The Sugar Plum Fairy who loved and served Clara's mother who was the Queen. The Sugar Plum Fairy is mean and imprisons Clara and The Nutcracker. Clara and The Nutcracker escape with the help of the Mouse King and Ginger who was a friend and part of The Royal Court. The Sugar Plum Fairy? Can't say but things work out. The scenery and imagery is beautiful and Clara is Queen of The Four Realms but returns home to her family. Makes me think there will be a part 2. Definitely, a good movie. *HeartP*

I am finishing cleaning house. It is cold today but no snow. Bella is in the front room edition.

I won First Place in Once Upon A Time Fairy Contest with a Beauty and the Beast Poem. *RibbonO* I am surprised.

Some people here don't play at times. I am sorry to hear someone hurt you again. Have a good day and enjoy reading. I need to get warm and do some reading. Have a good weekend.

Congratulations on your first place win! That's awesome - way to go!!! *Thumbsupl* *Heartv*

Mice are cute characters like squirrels, but in person they are rodents. I imagine Bella would think they are rodents coming into her turf. *Cat2* I am pretty sure that Boo would have issues with mice or squirrels being inside. She pretty much sniffed at, then steered clear of the bat.

Once a squirrel came down my chimney (different house before we had Boo) and another time it was a bat that came in. I do not know for sure how the bat got in, but we closed off the fireplace just in case so no more cozy gas log type fires.

I gave Mr. HOOves a Claddagh pocket watch for our anniversary and he gave me a key to the heart necklace. We are going later for our cheeseburgers. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate, but it's not too far away. So, it's 35 years and counting now for us. I wish the restaurant we used to go to in Maryland still existed, but it's been gone for a long time.

Congrats again and enjoy your nice Sunday time! *Heart*
Hope your Anniversary was a good one. The Claddagh Pocket watch sounds nice. I wish you and Tom many Happy Anniversaries!

I watched Austenland last night. I always thought the main character Jane should have chosen the handyman at Austenland but he wasn't a Darcy. He seemed liked one at first. I wish I could dress like Jane Austen and go to Bath. I like all the Jane Austen items Jane collected. I wish I lived by The Jane Austen Shop. I would never have any money. I do love this movie.

When I worked in the old county building, we had bats come through the Fireplace and had to shut up the Fireplaces. Once in awhile, one would still get in. I don't like bats.

Have a good day. I see things are quiet on here. Give Boo hugs.
Hope your day goes good. Give Bella hugs, too. *Cat2* Boo sleeps a lot now. She is lively in the morning for a while, then sleeps until 3 or 4 when it is time to eat again. Then she has an energetic time from about 5 to 7:30 or 8 and back to sleep.

I remember watching Austenland a while back, but not much about it. It sounds like you have some good ideas about it.

I didn't watch The Grammy's but I saw a clip with Dolly Parton singing Jolene with Miley Cyrus that was good. Dolly has a way of bringing everyone together with her music and singing.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, it was a good day. We didn't go where we wanted to go because it was too crowded. We ended up at a better place, actually. It was kind of weird. A lot of times (including the day we got married) we don't end up going out to the place we originally planned to go. It happened again this year.

It's pretty rainy and chilly today. Things seem to have settled down here a bit, I agree. Usually, in the past, February has been somewhat volatile. Maybe this year will be nice and calm. Hope so.

I didn't see any of the Grammys. I don't even know the Rock Stars anymore and I just like old Rock music. Rock music was so much better years ago. I do like Dolly but she has had so much plastic surgery and she doesn't look as pretty as she did in Steel Magnolias. This is another movie I enjoy watching.

We have snow and ice but it is melting. I have to go see the Doctor today. I hope someday I will be better. Maybe when spring arrives. I get winter depression.

I haven't doing any reading and I just watched Frazier reruns last night and was going to put in a movie but fell asleep. No plans today. Go see the Doctor and hope he has answers. February hasn't been a kind month.

Have a good day. I will be thinking of you. I wish good thoughts for you. Boo, too.
I hope and pray that all goes well at the Doctor and he can help you to feel better.

I get winter depression also.

I finished the book I was reading and did a product review. The book, The Tattooist of Auschwitz was very sad, but inspiring at the same time.

ASIN: 0062797158
ID #113925
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 18+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 9.57

Frazier is one of my all time favorites on TV. I love Niles and Daphne and, of course, Eddie the dog and Martin Crane. I hope all goes well for you today and better than you think. Sometimes, when I think it will be bad, it's not, but hopefully it will go your way.


I watched Platoon. I forgot what a rough movie it was with all the swearing and battles. I know the Viet Nam was rough. My father used to tell stories of being in Viet Nam and it was a bad war. I guess I am getting too old for rough movies. This movie is how Charlie Sheen got his start and Johnny Depp, too. I think I will just watch romance movies.

I started reading Turning Point. It is about Doctors, nurses who work in the ER and it has romance. I just can't get into this book. Guess I am changing what I like to read. Danielle Steel must be running out of material to write about. I know the feeling.

I went to the Doctor yesterday. I am on an antibiotic for a non specific urine infection. He says I am doing alright otherwise. I hope so. I get anxiety issues a lot.

I loved Eddie, Niles and Daphne in Frazier. Have a good day. We had fog, snow and wind yesterday and ice. Going to watch Lucy.
I hope that the medicine helps quickly and you feel much better real fast. I get anxiety issues, too, so don't feel like you are alone in that at all. This confining weather and like what you are getting does not help things because it is hard to move around when the weather doesn't cooperate.

My husband and brother were both in Vietnam. It's like what was that really for with all those boys drafted (although my husband and brother enlisted) then lost. I always think about that Wall of Remembrance down in D.C. Every politician who votes for war should be required to visit the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and look at all the names lost.

I saw Platoon a long time ago, but don't remember it. I mostly just watch things that are romantic comedies or silly action things now. I also like murder mystery things.

Lucy is always good to lift the spirits.

The Turning Point (besides being that book) was also a movie in the 70s. It had Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine and Mikhail Baryshnikov. It was a movie about dancing so unrelated to the Danielle Steel book. I just looked it up a few days ago. I loved it at the time it came out, but then forgot about it. I saw it in the movie theater a bunch of times and then went to see Baryshnikov dance at The Kennedy center in D.C. He was really quite something to watch! I think at that time he was performing with the American Ballet Theater as a guest performer.

Hope your day goes good and you feel better. Boo barks hello as she goes in for her long nap.

I hate having anxiety. Winter doesn't help. I try to get out more every chance I get. I pray. God is the best healer of all.. I hope to get better soon. My sinuses want to act up this morning.

Valentines Day. My mother and I are going out with friends for lunch. My Valentines Days gifts are: a stuffed lavender llama and a stuffed bobcat. from my husband. They are so cute. All the Kate Spade jewelry I bought with my Christmas money from my husband. I am content.

I watched Are You Being Served? yesterday. I am like you. I like comedy. One movie I love is Valentines Day. Taylor Swift carrying that big white stuffed Teddy Bear around and Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace were a cute couple. I love George Lopez. I hope to watch this movie tonight. It is cute and funny. This is what Valentines Day is about.

Going to be 30 Degrees today. That helps. It is time for winter to leave. Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. Happy Valentines Day! *HeartP* *HeartV*
I hope that it warms up a bit for you and things are nice and toasty and you feel better and better as the day goes on. It sounds like everything is very nice for your Valentine's.

We are supposed to go out with friends to celebrate. We no longer exchange presents, just cards for Valentine's because our anniversary is so close in time.

Our eldest grandson turned 12 yesterday. We called him and sang to him and Boo barked a lot while we were singing. He said he enjoyed it. Mr. HOOves can sing, me, not so much. He's a nice and thoughtful boy, very sweet natured. *Heartb*

Gilmore Girls is my choice for romantic comedy these days. I also love the movie, You've Got Mail, and, of course P & P with Colin Firth, but I don't know if I will get a chance to watch it all. I am wearing my necklace (lock and heart key) that Mr. HOOves gave me for our anniversary. The longer chain arrived yesterday from amazon.

I am reading a biography of Prince Charles by Sally Bedell Smith. I got it a while ago. You know how I feel about him. *Alien* It's sympathetic to him so far. I get the feeling it's going to blame Diana for all his woes, but I will see how it goes as I read and try to keep an open mind. *Heartbl*

*Heart* Happy Valentines to you, also!! *Heart*
Mom and I had a nice dinner with our friends. I came home and relaxed. Ray bought me home a glazed donut. That was my Valentine treat.

I watched episodes of "Heartland". It had romantic moment episodes of the main couple Amy and Ty. I watched Momma Mia. Here We Go Again last night. I love that movie and I enjoy Colin Firth, Cher and of course all the Abba music.

In the 20's today. Cold day.

Prince Charles I don't care for. I dread seeing him be King someday even though I don't live in England. Let me know how you like the book you are reading about him.

So, Boo didn't like the Birthday song. Bella is running around, going crazy today. She likes to have fun. If only I had her ambition. Have a good day. Stay warm.
I hope your weather has warmed up or is at least sunny. We've got chilly rain today. I think the whole weekend is supposed to be rainy.

Sounds like your Valentine's Day was very nice.

We went out with our dinner group. We got cannoli cake to go, but it wasn't very good. The cannolis are usually better than the cannoli cake was. The meal was delicious - Italian. This is a restaurant where the owner/chef made chicken soup for Tom while he was recovering in the hospital and he didn't charge me for it. We both say that he helped save Tom's life. It is our favorite restaurant to go to, family owned and operated. On Monday-Wednesday they have a special for $16.99 - You get two pasta dishes, salads and bread. We end up taking leftovers home and getting two meals out of it, which is a good deal, with great food.

Yesterday, I was busy getting our meds and running errands. It all went well, so that was a relief to get everything done. I have had some anxiety about driving lately, but that was better and I went a whole bunch of places with no trouble. I traded in a bunch of books and DVDs at the used book place, but didn't find anything to buy. I ended up with 60$ credit so we will have fun with that.

My friend Joanne recommended a book called "The Last Romantics" by Tara Conklin. I got it at Barnes and Noble yesterday - it was in the bestseller section. Joanne always gives me a list of books, but I told her to tell me which one she liked best since the beginning of the year and it was that one. Otherwise, I am still reading the Prince Charles book or not reading it, I guess. It's still sitting there on my coffee table.

It sounds like Bella is in good spirits. Boo has been, too. She definitely makes us smile.

Have a lovely weekend in spite of the weather, if it's cold or icky! *Heartb**Snow4**Heartb**Cow*
I watched Sahara with Matthew Mcunahay and Penelope Cruz. They were trying to find a confederate ship and coin in the desert. Weird story line. It had a lot of action, drama and adventure. It is a good movie but not one I want to watch over and over. I like Matthew. Guess that is why I watched it.

I haven't been to Olive Garden in awhile but their food isn't as good as it used to be. I was disappointed the last time my mother and I went there to eat. We always have to wait. Sounds like you have a nice Italian restaurant that you and your friends go to. I have always liked noodles fettucini, my favorite Italian food.

"The Last Romantics" sounds good. I may need to check that one out. I just haven't been in a reading mood I guess. We haven't had a used book store around here in years. Glad I got Barnes and Nobles to go to.

Bella makes me smile but she does take a mood. May get flurries today. I am still cold this winter. Hope all is going well with you. Have a great day.
I always like Matthew McConahay. I like him in person and in movies. He's a rarity these days. I liked that first movie I saw him in , A Time to Kill. He and Sandra Bullock and the rest of that cast were really good. I also think A Time to Kill is the best book that John Grisham ever wrote. It is different from the rest of his books that I have read.

Our friends were talking about Olive Garden. Last week when we missed going, (because of our trees being taken down) they went there. They said it was good with the bottomless salad and breadsticks. Maybe it depends on the one you go to. Usually the one closest to us is mobbed so we never go and we have this good restaurant closer with no crowds and it is a better deal during the week.

Joanne usually gives me good tips, but sometimes I don't agree with her assessments. That book, One Day in December that she recommended was really good so now I'm relying on her until I don't like something, I guess.

Boo is snoozing now. She had a nice morning I think, but she already got her ear cleaning out of the way when we ambushed her. Give Bella a hug! *Heartv*

I haven't been in the mood to read or do much except watch NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles. Our weather is rainy and cold now, too. We are supposed to get a bit of a break tomorrow, but we will see.
I watched Dirty Dancing last night. I love it because it is in the 60's and I adore Patrick Swayze. He was a great actor and dancer. I watch this movie every once in awhile. I like watching old movies. Ray and I haven't been to a movie at a theatre in awhile. Maybe we will when it gets spring and summer.

I have been reading my Bible almost everyday. I enjoy reading devotions. I clean house and go shopping when I can. Yesterday it snowed. It's like will winter ever end?

Bella will probably go take a nap. I did my household chores this morning. Not much going on. Hope Boo is happy today. Thinking of you. Thank you for telling me about the books you read. Have a good day.
I love Dirty Dancing. It is a classic. The mother is the mother on Gilmore Girls and Baby's Dad is Lenny from Law and Order. What a great cast! I love the dancing and the songs they use. It was filmed in North Carolina. *Heartb* I don't know why Jennifer Grey changed her looks like she did with plastic surgery. I thought she was beautiful in this film and in Ferris Buehler.

I think that I would go to the theater to see a Downton Abbey movie or a movie that would be a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Those are the only things that would get me into a movie theatre. I only miss the popcorn now.

Did you see that Elvis tribute thing last night on NBC? My friends who used to share a port here told me about it. I didn't watch because I saw the original Elvis Comeback live in 1968. I watched some of the stuff on YouTube this morning from last night. It is totally not in the spirit of the original, which was all live and all Elvis for an hour and a half or so. I don't see how they can take ten celebrities nowadays singing a song each and compare it to what Elvis did back then. My mother made me watch it, but by the end I was an Elvis fan forever.

He was a talent. I think that performance of his, and Michael Jackson's Billy Jean thing and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan are the best live performances ever.

I am not reading today. Went to Costco and I didn't buy any books. I ordered Boo's Sentinel medicine. It's funny because they said "last name" so I said my last name and then "first name?" Boo. LoL Everyone around me started giggling, then I said, "She's a canine member of the family."

Tell Bella to have sweet dreams. Boo kicks her feet when she's asleep like shes running. Do cats do that, also?


I like Jerry Orbach. He played a bad guy in Buck Rogers. He was influencing teen-age kids in space to kill people. That was quite a role. Jennifer Grey did some plastic surgery and she was already pretty. I didn't know Baby's mother played in anything else. I never get tired of watching Dirty Dancing.

I didn't watch Elvis. Mom is a big fan. She painted a bust of him in ceramics class for me but I left it for her when I moved out and got married. My son Jason was born a year later, on the day that Elvis died. Jason asked if that was his claim to fame. Mom has a Elvis Scrapbook of him and I buy her Elvis items once in awhile. I liked some of his songs.

I haven't done much reading. I watched Newhart episodes last night.

Still cold today. I hope it warms up. It may snow tomorrow and rain all weekend. Come on spring! Have a good day.
We are supposed to get freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Spring is definitely dragging its little bunny paws. *Rabbit*

The mother from Dirty Dancing was played by Kelly Bishop. She was in the play on Broadway called A Chorus Line. Then she plays Emily Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, the mother of the main character. The father in Gilmore Girls was Edward Herrmann. I think Kelly Bishop is known for her dancing and she won a Tony for A Chorus Line.

My mother got me to like Elvis when she had me watch that 1968 Comeback special with her. My brother used to have a velvet painting of Elvis because he thought that was funny. He used to give me annoying Elvis presents like I have a little box with Elvis on it that has Elvis stamps in it. He went to Graceland years ago. When we were in Las Vegas for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in the early 90s, my brother and his wife and me and Mr. HOOves went to see an Elvis impersonator. He was kind of bad. I never saw the real Elvis in person.

My Dad liked Elvis, but not as much as my Mom did. He thought my brother was funny and would try and add to his Elvis souvenir collection. Weird senses of humor. I think Elvis was a huge talent. I did not love him like I loved the Beatles. I do not know why. Maybe it's those travel movies he used to do. I made the mistake of going to see one of those. Really bad.

I haven't done much reading either this week so far. Maybe tomorrow when the weather turns icky. I guess it is Prince Charles staring at me from the cover of the book on the coffee table. I make faces at him and find reasons not to read. That Last Romantics book that my friend Joanne liked was at Costco. They just have big bestsellers so I know it is doing well. I haven't started reading it yet.

The big booksale here is in the beginning of May this year instead of the end of April. That booksale is always a highlight of the year for me, but I am not reading much. I just like looking at the books at B & N, the used book place and the book sale. You never know what I might find there.

Hope your day goes good and that the weather in store is not as bad as forecast.


we got some rain and it is trying to snow. We didn't get the freezing rain. That much I am happy for. It is 28 Degrees and supposed to get above freezing.

Mom loved Elvis. I am a Beatles Fan, Prince and Glen Campbell were my favorites. I like Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift. I did see Beatles impersonators once and they were very good.

I don't blame you for making faces at Prince Charles. I would probably go slap the book cover that he is on. I read a magazine caption that said William and Kate were named the next King and Queen. Meghan is always getting a bad rap. I feel sorry for her. The Royals are always in the tabloids. Guess I will just play a Princess here and hopefully, not get a bad rap.

I enjoy book sales but I have books from a Flea Market I bought 2 years ago that I didn't read. I saw a book on line about Life after Pemberly about Charles and Jane Bingley that someone wrote. I am debating whether to order it and add it to my reading pile. Maybe someday I will get to reading again.

I was on the phone, paying a hospital credit card bill and Bella was messing with the valcro on the recliner and I told her to stop that and told the lady, my cat was misbehaving. She laughed. She asked if she could do anything else for me. I told she could come over and help cat sit. She laughed. That has been my day.

Hope Boo is behaving. Have a good day. Thinking of you.
I am behind in my reading, too. So much, but it doesn't stop me from getting more books. I don't want to run out of things to read I guess. I don't really shop for much except books now. Vera Bradley quit carrying the purse style I like so I'm not motivated to go to the outlet.

Sounds like Bella is very frisky and has a lot of kitten in her still. Boo has a lot of puppy. She really barks in our faces at night, sometimes. It is funny when she gets all sassy with us. Good that they have a lot of spirit, I think. She's sleeping now, in her crate with her head hanging out the front. She likes doing that for some reason.

The weather is wintry here, but nothing extreme. Low 30s and cold rain. I think it's supposed to rain all week, but warm up some tomorrow so it's just rain and no sleet or freezing rain.

I made a dumb mistake with something. I don't know why I make dumb mistakes, but I seem to do a lot of that these days. I just smack my forehead and think why did I do that. Well, all I can do is try and do better going forward. I get headaches when I get frustrated, but whatever. Things will get better and I'll be more careful as I try things.

Have a nice Wednesday and stay cozy inside. I may or may not read about dopey Prince Charles today.


I just ordered A Wedding Necessity, Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet is walking in the woods when it rains and seeks shelter in a building in the woods. Darcy is there, too. They need to get married to save face and Elizabeth hates him. This should be an interesting take on another Lizzie and Darcy story. This I will read.

No rain and fog today. I am glad. Just a nice quiet winter day. Bella is up running around. I should get her to fold up laundry. Ha. Ha.

I make dumb mistakes all the time. I lack common sense. If common sense came in a text book, I would ace it. I was good at text book study except math. Don't feel bad.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs.
That book sounds interesting. Let me know how you like it.

I made so many mistakes yesterday, I couldn't believe it. It was like Mistake Wednesday for me. But today is another day.

I am still avoiding Prince Charles. I may take his face and put the book back on the shelf if I can't get to reading it soon.

Bella has a lot of good energy and so does Boo. Boo points out when I drop things from the laundry. Sometimes, she tries to eat dryer sheets if one falls on the floor. I do not understand why she thinks that is a good idea. It does not seem appetizing to me.

Lots of rain here, still, but the temperatures are warmer. I think it's supposed to rain until Sunday. Very gloomy, chilly and dark. I think we will still have our group thing and go to a cafeteria if all agree. We all figure out our own paths sooner or later. I think I am a late bloomer in that respect.

Have a nice Thursday and stay cozy! *Shamrock**Heartg**Shamrock*

I will let you know how I like the new P&P sequel book about Elizabeth and Darcy. I have been reading Angels On Earth Magazine. This magazine has inspiring stories about angels and religious miracles that happen. Like a flower growing or a butterfly appearing to comfort a person who has lost someone they loved. I find these stories uplifting. These stories make me feel good about things in life.

It is going to rain all weekend. I don't have any plans. I need to clean house.

I almost get hit by cars at a red light yesterday. I thought the light was going to stay red for me to make a right turn before it changed. Wrong! Luckily, God was with me. I didn't get hit. I was embarrassed. For now on, no turn on red for me. Not now, not ever! Too close for comfort. That was my mistake for the week.

Not much is happening. I hope you have a good day. Give Boo hugs.
Take care with the driving. Thank goodness you are okay!! I get anxious about it a lot lately and I am not sure why. I do not go right when it is red. The ones behind me can honk all they want, but if I have no way of seeing what the oncoming lanes are doing from the left then no dice. Same with railroad crossings. I stay way clear and the nutjobs can go around me if they want to sit on the tracks. Not for me!! Stay safe!!!

The Angel magazine sounds lovely and inspiring. Sometimes I read Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. Those are usually quite heartwarming and inspirational. It is good to read positive stuff. A friend gave me one of those Chicken Soup books about mothers and daughters after my mother passed away. This friend lost her Dad on the same day (Thanksgiving 2005) that I lost my Mom. We were both struggling with being caregivers at the time our parents passed. I lived in Maryland then.

It is heavy rain all weekend here, also. Late Sunday into Monday is supposed to be windy and sunny and hopefully dry out. I hope the weekend is good to you!

Give Bella a hug! Boo wants to go our and have it be nice, but it's pouring so she's grumpy.


I am going to be more careful when I am driving, that's for sure. I could never be a truck driver. I am glad I didn't get hit the other day at the stop light. That would have been worse then a NASCAR pile up.

I watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday. I do enjoy every minute of that movie. Two hours can't tell the story where 5 and a half hours can and you get to follow every detail. I think this movie made Colin Firth. This is my favorite Jane Austen movie and novel. I can't believe it was made 20 years ago. I saw this movie at WalMart in the Valentines Day section 2 weeks ago and this got me in the mood to want to watch it again. Ray wasn't home yesterday so I was able to watch it in peace. Ha. Ha.

I got the book P&P sequel I told you about of Elizabeth and Darcy. They have to spend the night in a gardner's shack and share a bed due to a bad rain storm and looks like this book could be interesting. I read the first 2 chapters.

I watched Some Kind Of Wonderful last night. A teen movie about a middle class boy in high school falling in love with a beautiful girl who hangs out with rich people. His best friend is a Tom Boy played by Mary Stuart Masters. She is in love with him but she helps him go after the wanna be rich girl. I enjoy these teen ager movies from the 80's.

It is windy here and may snow. Rained yesterday. Hope Boo is doing well. I am getting ready to start my day. Have a good one.
I wish that drivers would be more cautious. I have had anxious moments doing it. I think some people treat it like a competition.

I hope your weather gets better. We finally got some sun yesterday after nine straight days of rain. It was sunny and windy. Today is sunny and windy. That's okay with me.

Last night we started out watching NCIS on Netflix. Then Mr. HOOves nodded off and I switched to the Oscars. I got to see the big Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga performance. That was really something.

I remember Bradley Cooper very well from the TV show, Alias when he played Jennifer Garner's reporter friend, Will. He has a lot of talent.


I didn't enjoy Barbra Streisand lecturing the world or Spike Lee's know it all acceptance speech, but whatever. I am a big fan of Mahershala Ali and Olivia Colman so their awards made me happy. I am not a fan of Glenn Close so I was okay with her not winning. Melissa McCarthy's dress made me laugh. DId you see her dressed as the Queen with the animals on her dress? I didn't see all of it, just moments here and there. I didn't think they needed a host - seemed to go better without one.

I want to see Green Book and A Star is Born and Roma on Netflix. I didn't even realize it was on Netflix.

P & P is always a reliable way to get lost in time. The performances are so good. You know it is better than 99% of movies that come out. It just is - great story, great setting and superb performances. Plus, an Oscar winning (afterwards) lead actor. If there was any sense in the world P & P would get an Honorary Oscar for storytelling.

I didn't watch the Oscars. They never pick the movies I like and I love movies but I am disappointed in actors and actresses anymore. Their attitudes. I like to think of actors and actresses as the movie characters they play and these are the characters I love. I love Johnny Depp no matter what. I just do. Melissa McCarthy. She was cute in Mike and Molly. I never liked Glenn Close. I like Julia Roberts. I like the year Titanic won everything except Helen Hunt beat out Kate. Like seriously.Kate Winslet should have won for best actress. I love Kate. Hollywood. Glad I am not an actress.

I am reading the P&P sequel. Charles Collins found Darcy and Elizabeth in the gardner's shed and told them they had to get married. Darcy said he and Elizabeth were already engaged. I will be reading to see what happens next.

Cold today but no wind, snow, rain or fog. Just a quiet day.
I know what you mean about the Oscars. They usually don't pick the performances or movies that are lasting. I think jealousy and popularity contests (within the acting community} play a part. Titanic made a lot of money so there was a lot of envy. Kate Winslett has a much more enduring career than Helen Hunt. People will know forever who Kate Winsett and Leonardo DiCaprio are because of Titanic. Twenty years from now, who will really know or remember Helen Hunt's performance that year? Not many.

Everyone knows Johnny Depp for some of his performances like the Pirates thing. He's memorable and he doesn't need an Oscar to say so. Yo ho ho.

It is live TV so it interests me to see some of it. But the glamour just isn't there like it used to be.

I want to see that Green Book movie now and A Star is Born. I didn't care about seeing anything before I saw the Oscar show. So, it got me a little interested, not a lot. Julia Roberts is aging beautifully. Glenn Close always seemed like a Meryl Streep clone to me, without the good sense to pick the right parts.

I turned that biography of Prince Charles over on the coffee table to avoid looking at his face and there was Camilla's grinning horse face. I continue to "try" to read the book, one grueling chapter at a time.

I hope it is a good day for you and for Bella. Boo barks hello! Stay warm and cozy - it's sunny and warm here, but supposed to get colder and rainier tomorrow. *Heartv*

I agree that Johnny Depp doesn't need an Oscar. He is the in thing! To me, all pirates should have been Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

I watched Terms Of Endearment last night. This movie has romance, sadness and humor. I love the theme song. Jack Nicholson and Shirley McClaine make me laugh so hard. I can't watch the ending when Debra Wringer's character dies. Too many medical problems I have had and a close call so I pass on the ending. The rest of the movie is good.

Remains to be cold. I keep hoping for spring. I haven't seen the first robin, yet but once I see him, then I will know it is spring. I wait patiently.

Bella loves to run amok. I wish I could. Not much happening. Give Boo hugs.
Hope all is good there. We are back to cloudy and rainy here, but it was nice to have a couple of sunny days there.

We have a guy, Tony, who helps with the yard stuff. He got a lot done yesterday and the day before. We took Boo for a walk yesterday evening while Tony was cleaning off her deck and her run. She got to see some of her friends in the neighborhood. We usually walk her in the morning, but this was after dinner. We found out a new puppy is moving in across the street later this week. Three little kids live there so I know they will be happy. They used to have a cat, named Hamlet who Boo watched a lot. Boo would howl if she saw Hamlet step a paw into the road. Hamlet went to Angel's Rest a while back.

We just watched NCIS. Nothing new about that - some NCIS and some Gilmore Girls for me.

I remember Terms of Endearment being a good movie, but not much more about it than that.

I want to watch Manchester by the Sea. I have had that one for a long time on DVD but never watched it. Maybe this week. We are in a rut with a lot of our viewing stuff.

Next week Madame Boo has to go to the Vet and we have to go to the Tax guy. Big bad week ahead.

Give Bella a big hug for us when she stops her running. Boo likes to run and jump sometimes too. It means there is a lot of puppy and kitten in them still.


Sounds like Boo will be getting a new puppy friend to visit. Cute. Sorry the kitty died, Boo's friend. Bella just sees birds and animals on TV. I think she is happy.

I watched Ice Castles last night. A young skater girl loses her eye sight, well most of her eye sight, in a skating accident. The movie stars Robby Benson and I always adored him. He is so cute. The girl is a blonde girl with three names and I never saw her in anything else. She skates in a competition in the end but trips over the flowers the audience threw at her and Robby's character helps her. She was trying to hide the fact that her sight is almost gone. The ending always makes me cry. I can watch Robby Benson in anything. I loved him on Sabrina, The Teen-Aged Witch.

I watched the last half of Funny Girl. I love Barbara Streisand. I am disappointed in Hollywood actors running down Trump but I like their movies and characters and try not to think of them as people and their bad attitudes.

Cold her today. May get snow flurries. February is almost over. Ray has a Birthday in two days but he was a leap year baby. I promised him a turkey dinner this weekend. Have a good day. Thinking of you and Boo.

I hope that your weather is better and Ray has a nice birthday. I guess he either celebrates it today or tomorrow on the first when it isn't a leap year. That is interesting that he is a leap year baby. One of my most beloved aunts was born on Feb 27. Right on the edge of spring.

Funny Girl is a good movie. I remember when Reagan was President, Hollywood ran him down all the time, too. He was a good president, far as I could tell. I think Trump will be remembered better than he is treated now. Well, the press ran down Lincoln every day of his presidency, calling him names and berating him for "destroying" the country. The press is dopey and Hollywood is way below that in brain power. Congress, is below that - they all want face time to make a name for themselves.

Most people (I hope) make up their own minds.

I noticed at least one new merit badge so I sent it to you. I didn't see any others, but it looks like more are about to come out. That's a nice sign of Spring, also. *Tulipy*

We have learned of some illness close to us. I don't know if it will mean a trip up north yet or not.

we are having out turkey dinner Saturday. He has a borderline Birthday. He didn't want anything so I am making him a turkey dinner. He built a pole barn. That is his Birthday and Christmas.

I liked Regan. No matter who is President, everyone will pick on him. Guess we will never have a perfect President but I feel Trump is trying. Politics. Glad I am not a Politician.

I haven't done much reading. I didn't watch any movies. I watched Frazier, Survivor, Dark Shadows and Home Improvement last night. I will be glad to see the weekend come. Even though I am retired. I still never have enough time to do things. I had to change Bella's litter box. That takes awhile. I watched Lucy.

The new Merit Badges are neat.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you and Boo.
I hope that everything goes good for you today. *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg* That newsletter is awesome!

I am not in a reading mode with the biography that sits on my coffee table. I cover the picture with a brochure and put my water bottle on it. I blame Prince Charles sitting on my coffee table. *Alien* That might change soon if I can't bring myself to pick up the book.

I have ordered the new Maisie Dobbs mystery book from Amazon. I got it with a gift card I got for Christmas, but the book isn't to be released until later this month, around the 26th, I believe. I think it is about 13th or 14th in the series. I have read all the books so far. This is pretty much the only "series" I follow now since Sue Grafton (A is for Alibi) died. I had read all her books, A through Y.

I was having some anxiety, but that seems much better now so I can go places, but the weather has turned bad.
Always something, isn't there? I went to Costco yesterday, but none of the books there appealed to me. I got Boo's Sentinel. I save 30$ every six months by getting her medicine at Costco, so it's worth the effort. She takes Sentinel once a month. At Costco, it costs $51 and at the Vet's $85. Big difference.

Take care and hug Bella for us! *Heartg*

I got my blood test. I went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought a new Womens Devotional Bible. I am inspired. I read my Soap Opera Digest Magazine. Melody Thomas Scott has been on The Young And The Restless for 40 years. It is like her character Nikki Newman and I grew up together. I love how they dress Nikki and the necklaces she wears. She gets to be married to Victor! This was a special section about her in the newest Soap Opera Digest.

I am reading the P&P Sequel. Darcy and Elizabeth just got married. I will be reading this.

I watched Translyvania 3. I love this cartoon series about Dracula, the wolfman and Frankenstein. These cartoon movies are cute and so entertaining.

I wouldn't want to look at Prince Charles picture every day. I would probably slap him or cover him up with aluminum foil! He would definitely look better.

Have a good weekend. I need to clean house and make my turkey dinner. Give Boo hugs.
I hope your weekend goes good and your blood test turns out fine. Hopefully, you will hear about it sooner rather than later. Enjoy that turkey dinner. Sounds yummy - Happy Birthday weekend to Ray!

We have been watching the new puppy across the street come out with the three little kids. One has the puppy on the leash, one carries the poopie bag and the other (the girl) cheers them all on. It's so cute. We will have to meet the puppy later on today or this weekend and find out the name and whether it's a boy or girl.

Boo is now the oldest dog on the street. All her contemporaries are gone. But she still has a lot of puppy left in her. This week she goes for the nail trim appointment. But, Mr. HOOves made a step for her to get into the car with, so we are hopeful about that. It's funny how things change over time. The corgi next door (he's about 4 years old now) was all sweet with me yesterday - all his hesitancy has gone away with the bribe of dog chow treats.

We are watching some lifeguards on the beach show from Australia. I think it's called, Bondi Beach or something like that. It's on Netflix. That and NCIS are our staples these days.

I think this week coming up I will either dive into the Prince Charles book or take it to the garage and find another book to read. Maybe I have to be in the mood for it. Slapping it sounds good and covering with foil even better. *Laugh*

Have a lovely weekend there and hug Bella for us! *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg*

We had a good turkey dinner yesterday. I am always glad when the mess is cleaned up. I love left over turkey for sandwiches. Turkey is a favorite food of mine.

We watched Married With Children episodes yesterday. I haven't been doing much reading but I do love to read. I want to read Danielle Steel's book Silent Night. This is about twin sisters all grown up and one has a teen-age daughter and the woman dies. The twin sister has to raise the daughter. I hope I will like this one. I haven't liked Danielle's last three books, so I a, hoping I will like this one. I have Barnes and Nobles coupons, so I will be going to Barnes and Nobles this week.

The new puppy sounds cute. Bella looks outside and sees corn fields but she is looking for birds and sees other animals at times. She hates when coyotes howl. Me, too. They are eerie. I would rather hear wolves.

Have a good day. I need to pay bills. I cleaned house yesterday. Give Boo hugs.
Enjoy your turkey leftovers! My HOOves is a big fan of the turkey sandwich and turkey soup. We get a lot of meals out of a turkey dinner. Today I have a roast in the crockpot with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and onion. It is a cold, dreary day here. We are supposed to get more rain, then dry out and be colder for the week.

I read some in the Prince Charles book yesterday. Today, I have been reading about Dorothy Kilgallen on the Kindle. The Reporter Who Knew Too Much is the name of the book. The premise of it is that she was murdered for what she learned about the JFK assassination. It's pretty interesting so far.

I got the Barnes and Noble coupons too. I used one yesterday. I couldn't find any of the 50% off books that I wanted. I may go back on Tuesday afternoon, not sure.

We are watching NCIS and Bondi Beach on Netflix, as usual. It takes a long time to get through 15 seasons of NCIS. We haven't met the puppy yet, but we watch from afar. It's cute with the three kids trying to manage the leash.

I was happy today when sum1swriting told me that yellow roses got her white briefcase. For some reason, her family never asked for it at the time she passed away.

I hope that it goes with her wishes. I know she loved it being promoted to golden.

Hug Bella for us - Boo is snoring in her crate at the moment.

I remember Yellow Rose. I am glad I have been here for you. Congrats on the Merit Badge you got from The Heart Throb Contest. I didn't enter. I have been entering the Once Upon A Contest. I have good luck there. I was hoping Bob Baker was having his Unicorn Contest this month but he isn't. I will have to write a unicorn story of my own.

I read some of my Survivors Of The Titanic book about what really happened. I read a few pages of Wedding Necessity. I did finish up a book of Devotions I had been reading.

The turkey was good. Bella liked her turkey.

Cold here 20 some degrees. I am getting ready to start my day. I cleaned house\, kitchen anyway and did laundry. Have a good day. Thanks for all you do here.
That Survivors of the Titanic book sounds interesting.

You never know with contests here. I hope it all goes good for you.

It was fun judging the Heartthrob one. Lots of good entries and it was very nice of everose to give the judges badges. We had to do percentage evaluations. I think she is good with Math. Math is not my strong point, but I did my best. It was a lot of nice and romantic reading, plus the sonnets with the consistent syllable count are not easy to write. Lot's of fine work.

I have been a judge with people for contests and then after they don't even thank the judges. One year I did a lot of reading and evaluating for the big event contest that starts with a letter toward the end of the alphabet. I never heard a word, or a peep of thanks. Same with another contest that was poetry that took a lot of work and time. Not one word from the hostess there.

Everose was very nice about thanking and giving us badges. That makes a big difference to me.

Also, with donating. If I donate to a big something or other and I hear *crickets* then I live and learn. How hard is it to just say thanks. I guess it's harder than I thought. However, it is writers. If one cannot write "thank you" that is a pretty sad state of affairs.

I am reading for judging the site contest (Quotation Inspiration) now. Lots of fine entries and good reading so far. It is a lot of work, but good reading that I enjoy.

Yes, now Yellow Rose will have her port preserved. She gave a lot of reviews that were honest and encouraging. That is a good thing that the white briefcase does. Then no one has to pay to keep it upgraded in order to keep stuff from going away. All good.


I haven't been a judge for a contest in awhile. I don't know if I should reopen The Prince Writing Challenge next month. Seems like no one is interested. I will think about it. Best Wishes with The Quotation Inspiration Contest. I have never entered that one. I did enter What A Character Contest a couple of times.

I haven't done any more reading. I used to do reading when I worked midnights and everyone went to bed. I am hoping to buy Danielle Steel's book Silent Night. It comes out today. That I will read. I want to read Pride and Prejudice again. I never get tired of this one. I should have it memorized. I think I do.

It is cold here. 10 Degrees I think. Bella keeps running towards her food dish and eats. Hope Boo is having a good day. Glad to see Yellow Rose's Port id preserved.

I hope your day goes well there and Bella enjoys her food. We have cold now too, for here. After I finish with Writer's Cramp judging, I hope to go to the Post Office and maybe Barnes and Noble. Not sure if that will happen.

I am still reading for contests mostly. I want to get it all done by the end of the week. But I don't know if that will happen, either. I keep getting intense headaches when I read online. Today, though, my blood pressure was better.

I try to be encouraging as much as I can. Sometimes, I have entered those contests and I had the judges be unpleasant with me. I was pretty shocked when that happened. I write and enter sometimes now when they do poetry or other stuff like Dear Me. I made a dopey mistake with my entry there and got disqualified. That was embarrassing.

We have Boo's nail trim and one other thing tomorrow at the vets and then the accountant/tax appointment on Thursday. This will be the first time using the step that Tom made for her for Boo to get into the car. I hope it works out well. She has a ramp, but it tilts so much with the car door that it scares me. This is the kind of thing I get anxious about ahead of time, which I shouldn't do, but I do.

That Danielle Steele book sounds good. Let me know what you think. Try and stay warm today and hug Bella.


I watched The Greatest Showman last night with Hugh Jackman. It is about P. T. Barnum. It must be the magic of Hugh that draws me to this movie and there are lions, elephants and a tiger at the end. Barnum had a freak show of physically freak people and this a heart touching movie for me. The music is great. I bet it is harder to do a musical then a regular movie.

Things are quiet here but I have written poems. I haven't had a short story idea lately. I do read and review a few things here.

Hope Boo's trip to the Vet goes well. We will take Bella next month when the weather warms up. I hope that will be soon. We have some snow on the ground.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Isn't it spring, yet?
Hugh Jackman is always good. I enjoyed him a lot in Les MIserables. Very talented!
We are going to be watching Brokenwood Mysteries, Series 5 when it is released. With Season 4, we bought it to watch from Amazon Prime. It was around 10$. With the first three seasons before that, we bought the disk. Hopefully Amazon Prime will offer a good deal in the next few days.

I finished my judging and posting for the site contest. I have a few more of the disqualified entries to do reviews for and put those in the review tool. I did the things I wanted to get done, but that's a load off my mind.

Now, I need to go and run the errands I didn't do yesterday before her appointment this afternoon. Lots to do and no energy, but I'll try.

It feels like we have gone back into winter, although the sun is out. Very very cold. Boo is sleeping now, which is good because she will need her energy.

Stay warm inside and hug Bella for us! *Cat2**Heartg*
I hope to get the book Silent Night today. I am going to see the Oncologist and stop by Barnes and Nobles. I am anxious to read this book by Danielle Steel. I wish I could write novels like her.

Bella went to bed I think. Never mind. She is back visiting me now. I hate to leave her but I have to see this Doctor. We are having winter still. I really hate it but I am making the best of it. I am trying to stay warm.

I hope Boo did okay with the nail spa day. Ha. Ha. Seems like I have no time for anything. Doctor appointments keep me running. Have a good day. Boo, too.
I hope that all goes well at the doctor today. Fingers and HOOves and Boo's paws are all crossed.

I saw that book yesterday at B & N, but ended up getting a Word Puzzle book and one called, "Finding Dorothy" by Elizabeth Letts. I could use the 20% off coupon on that one and I also had a gift card to use so it went well. Let me know how you like Silent Night and that other one with the red cover.

Yesterday was a weird day. Boo did pretty good with her step getting into the car, a little awkward and dicey, but she did it. One thing at the Vet visit came up that we have to watch out for, but the nail cutting part went okay, with the Vet, two Vet techs and Mr. HOOves holding her. One of the techs rubbed her belly and that seemed to calm her some.

Then we came home. The french door to the deck has been acting up. Mr. HOOves, who is normally quite handy, tried to fix it. *Stop* *Alieng* *Stop*

Bad idea!

Then we got to the point where the door wouldn't open and had a little gap letting very cold air in so we called a locksmith to come. That is a stressful thing having the door not being open for BOO, but letting cold air in with a gap, but the locksmith came right away. He was AWESOME! He fixed it in like 3 minutes and only charged us $55. *Bigsmile*

Today we go to the accountant. I organized the tax information, so I hope I did everything right. Like everyone else around here, the tax fellow is a character. I enjoy him, but I don't like the whole tax thing. Mixed bag.

I am keeping a good thought for you today. Tell Bella that Boo says hello - they will probably both be napping while we are away from our respective homes.


I did go to Barnes and Nobles and get Danielle Steel's new book Silent Night. I am looking forward to reading it. I did use one of my gift cards. I should say coupons.I ordered a book through Guideposts, All Creatures Small and Great. I love stories about animals who help humans as well as humans who love and rescue animals. This is when I feel that there is still good and beauty in the world.

My Oncologist says my blood tests show my clot is resolving and there is no history of blood clots in my family. Thank goodness. I will have to be on blood thinners another 4 months, yet. I was hoping he would take me off them in 6 weeks. Luckily, the blood thinners aren't causing me any issues. I am lucky in that respect.

We need to get our taxes done. Ray is working on them. He has an Auto Electric business and a factory shop. The taxes from the shop have to be figured in.

Bella was just here visiting. Boo and her are lucky to have us as pet owners. I wish all animals got a happy ending. The world would be a better place, that's for sure.

I just watched Lucy. Ray and I haven't seen any new movies at the theatre in awhile. I really haven't seen any preview of anything I would want to see. I will just dig out one of my own movies to watch.

Hope your door is fixed and you are staying warm. We have flurries here. THAT I can deal with. Have a good day. Oh! My friend here is okay with the Elizabeth Bennet picture I want to use for a Merit Badge. I promised she would get one as soon as it comes out, yet. I will order it this this weekend or next week some time. Later.

I am glad to read that you had a good outcome to the doctor visit and that the medicine to help is agreeing with you. That is all good and hopefully the medicine will keep the blood clot stuff from coming back. *Heartg*

Let me know if you like that book. My Barnes and Noble membership ends on the 17th of this month. I am going to wait to renew. I have plenty of things to read here that I'm not reading.

I also got the first episode of Brokenwood Mysteries Series 5 on Amazon so we watched it last night. It was only about 3$ and some change. I think it is worth it as we like that show. It's set in New Zealand with pretty scenery.

I want to see the movie Green Book and A Star is Born. Those two and maybe Roma, although a friend told me that Roma is very boring and slow. It's on Netflix streaming so I could watch a few minutes at a time.

We had flurries too this morning.

That sounds great about the badge. I thought about a badge, but if I do one this year I will wait until closer to the site anniversary. Maybe then it won't take as long as it did last year when I commissioned the Godfather one. I don't want to end up waiting and with hurt feelings again. Keeping it nice by avoiding it I reckon.

We now wait for the call on the taxes then I go over to pay the moola. It's in the next city over, same county. There is a store over there that had a lot of Vera Bradley stuff, so I will check it out when I go alone to pick up the tax stuff. I don't know if we will owe a lot or not. It's always a mystery.

I finished my site contest reviewing today. It was 25 reviews that I put in the Review Tool thing. I hope I can send them before the end of the month. That depends on the other judges doing their work timely. So, waiting on that, also. Hopefully, I can send them in March because there are some Anniversary Reviews in there.

Fingers crossed for that.

Back to books, I am blah. Prince Charles book - I read a couple more chapters. I also watched a thing on Amazon on Princess Diana so I'm even less inclined to like him. I may end up putting that book in the garage, but I'm not ready to do that yet.

Have a good one and hug Bella! Boo is napping!

I watched Hawaii Five-0 last night. Joan Collins was on there playing the role of a book author. Her real life sister Jackie Collins wrote books. I liked Jackie's book Lucky. It was about a man who lived in Italy and was part of the mafia. Lucky was his daughter and she had a cheating, Greek rich husband who was played by Eric Braden {Victor of Young and the Restless} in the movie. I enjoyed the book and the movie both. It was a three part series on TV. I had forgotten about Jackie until I saw Joan Collins last night.

I have books in the garage, too. I have my good ones in the house. Prince Charles belongs in the garage. Just feed him bread and water. Ha. Ha. I think I accidentally left a Princess Diana book in the garage. It's on the top shelf and I need Ray to get it down for me. It is a book about all the dresses she wore and beautiful pictures of her clothes. It needs to be in the house. I love my other Princess Diana books. They are in the house in a section of my book case, of books about her. I have a book comparing Jackie Kennedy to Princess Diana. Princess Diana was more friendlier then Jackie. I did admire and love Jackie like I did Princess Diana.

I ordered the Elizabeth Merit Badge. I think it will be cute. I think I am done with commissioning Jane Austen Merit Badges.

I used to love Vera Bradley but now I love Kate Spade items. Her purses are more expensive then Vera. I have a Vera bag, that is big and I use that for my clothes and stuff when I go to Michigan. I have a Vera Bradley book A Colorful Way Of Living written by her daughter about how Vera went into business and how others can, to. I like the book and wish I could have had my own business. Vera does have some neat tote bags. I have a wallet of hers I love and a neat blue Tote bag.

Enjoy watching Brokenwood Mysteries. I never heard of Greenbook. Is it a mystery movie?

I need to start my day. Bella needs dry food on her plate. It is going to rain and be windy this weekend. My son is getting snow in Minnesota. He won't be pleased. Give Boo hugs. Have a good day.

It is rainy and drizzly here today, and cold. Tomorrow it is supposed to be high of 70, but we will see. The time change tonight will help. *Thumbsup* Boo will have to get used to eating earlier in the day, tomorrow. I bet she will be up for that.

I like the Hawaii 5-0 Series. It is very entertaining and I like the scenery - I mean the new one, I do not remember the old one very well.

I want another bookcase for in the house. Most of my books are in the garage. I am like you in that I keep some special ones and the ones I am reading inside. Yes, Prince Charles should go to the garage at some point and stay there or go to the used book place. *Alien*

Green Book is a drama set in the 1950s or 60s. It is about an educated black musician who hires an uneducated white guy to drive him to performances in the south. The Green Book is a book that told the safe places for black people to go, so it's a true story. It won best picture at the Oscars. I want to see it eventually, but I"m not sure I'll buy it.

The streaming for Brokenwood Mysteries did not work well with the subtitles. I had to reload it for it to work.

Here there are (according to some) too many Vera Bradley purses, but they don't make the style I like anymore. I also use Vera totebags to carry my laundry from downstairs to upstairs and back. I have heard of Kate Spade, but am not familiar with her designs, which is probably for the best. I don't want to get hooked on another style of purse since I have quite a few in the rotation now.

I hope your merit badge comes through quickly. She likes you so hopefully she will do it fast since all the artwork is done. You have created a fine assortment of Jane Austen badges to be proud of.


I finished up Wedding Necessity, the P&P sequel. It is a good book. Another version of what if with Elizabeth and Darcy. It was respectable. Years ago, people didn't marry for love. I always like when the couple end up in love in the end of Regency and historical fictional stories. Works for me. I looked over Pride and Prejudice, the illustrated version and it brings the book to life for all the Jane Austen Fans of this classic story. It is nicely done.

I watched Grease last night. I enjoy musicals and I always loved this movie. I adored John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and all the music. The acting was great, too.

I like Vera Wang items like her purses and clothes that they sell at Kohls. I buy a top or two at WalMart. I like Ree, the Pioneer Woman and her stuff they sell at WalMart, like her plates and dish towels. I have some of those. I love her fancy crock pots with flowers on them but once you cook in a crock pot, they get messy. I will use my old faithful black crock pot.

I like the new Hawaii 5-0. I can't even watch the old episodes. They lack something. I did like Jack Lord. The old Hawaii 5-0 was good back in the 60's at that time.

It is going to be 60 here but it is dreary this morning. I am trying to start my day. Hope you have a good day. Give Boo hugs.
It is overcast and gloomy here, but at least it's not raining. The time change is welcome here.

My friend, Joanne, left me a voicemail about a Pride and Prejudice book that is set in Pakistan. I am not sure how that works. Have you seen that one? I do not recall the title that she said.

I like the Pioneer Woman stuff, especially the hand held can opener. It works better than any other can opener. I have a few of her things like an iron skillet and some pans. I also have a basset hound spoon holder and some basset hound salt and pepper shakers. She has a Basset Hound, named Charlie that she writes stories about. I do not have the Pioneer Woman Basset Hound cookie jar. My grandson made us a doggie cookie jar so I have that one up on the kitchen cabinet shelf that you can see. I also have a Cow cookie jar that my Dad gave me up there, that I keep Equal packets in.

My crockpot is one my parents gave me back in the 1980s. It still works good. They do get stains over time, though. It looks "lived in". I have a new one, but I am not done with this one and it reminds me of my parents when I use it so it's comforting.

I will look at Kohls next time for Kate Spade. Kohl's near me shrank and leased 1/3 of their space to Planet Fitness. I do not like it in the smaller squished-in space as much.

Grease is a great film. I like the early John Travolta movies, where he danced and also Pulp Fiction. It was fun to watch him move and think about him as Barbarino from TV.

We watched most of the Brokenwood Mysteries that I got on Amazon. We watched three of the episodes on the downstairs TV. For some reason the downstairs TV works better than the upstairs one on Amazon. We get "Low Bandwidth" warnings upstairs and the subtitles don't work right. It all worked fine watching it downstairs. Maybe the DVD player it streams through is the culprit. We have lots of theories.

Still we work our way through NCIS and I am restarting Gilmore Girls.

Prince Charles continues to glare at me from the coffee table, but his days there are numbered.

Have a lovely Sunday and I hope the sun comes out for both of us! *Hearty*
A Pride and Prejudice book that takes place in Pakistan? Guess that it is told in their culture. That does sound interesting. I have read foreign countries like Jane Austen books. Jane is all over the world. I read Ireland wants to have a Jane Austen Festival because Jane visited a certain area there in her life.

Sounds like Prince Charles needs to go in the garage. This makes me laugh when you mention him.

Ray watched the NASCAR Race yesterday. I didn't read or watch anything except my Bible. I was bored with NASCAR. I did some reviews here. I checked to see what going on here. Ray did get taxes done and now I have to take them in to the Accountant today.

It is gloomy here. 38 Degrees. I am slowly starting my day. Hope you, Mr. Hooves and Boo are having a good day. Thinking of you.

I hope the sun comes out for you. It is out here and it makes a positive difference. Boo is snoring in her crate after a good morning. She's adjusting to the time change. How about you?

I have to go to the doctor today because my blood pressure medicine is not working like it should and my feet/ankles are really swelling up a lot more at night. So, I will go and see. Always something. I was hoping to wait until my 6 month BP check in April, but whatever.

That is interesting about Jane Austen vacationing in Ireland. I wonder if it was on the west coast. There was an incident in the Prince C. book that took place in Ireland that I read yesterday, also.

Write of the devil, I got more into that dreaded book yesterday as it got to the Diana stuff. According to the author, Camilla was devastatingly attractive as a young woman. (to me her pictures just look like a younger hag *Alien*)

She loved this guy (Andrew Parker Bowles) who played around, but manipulated him to marry her while she kept Charles on the side. Supposedly when Camilla met Charles she told him her ancestor was a mistress to a Prince so it runs in her family. Charles had little to no self confidence so this made an impression and he was hers. The guy she married openly cheated on her so she did the same to him - very open about it, although they all took pains to hide it from Diana when she could have said "no" to Prince Charles before marrying him. Stinkers! Whenever I watch footage of that wedding, I yell at her to "run away!"

I also learned that Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles' great uncle (and more like a Dad to him then his Dad) was killed in an IRA bombing on his yacht while vacationing in Ireland. The explosion was in The Bay of Donegal, a place I am familiar with. The culprit was imprisoned from when it happened (around 1978) until 1998 when he was "forgiven" and released, even though he was sentenced to "life" in prison. I could not believe that they released a guy who did terrorist stuff, and a lot of other innocent people were killed or badly hurt on the yacht. Kids too were hurt. I am not sure if it is Northern Ireland (which is part of the U.K) or the Southern Republic of Ireland, which is independent that released him. The Bay of Donegal is in the Republic, just over the border I believe. The author makes it sound like "wonderful Charles" forgave. I bet the guy's immediate family didn't feel that way.

We watched all of the Brokenwood Mysteries series 5 yesterday. That is a great show.
Amazon didn't work for some of it. I don't know why it won't work like Netflix does. It's a mystery.

I hope you have a wonderful day and the sun comes out before it's over. Give Bella a hug for us. Good job to Ray and the taxes being done! Hello, with hugs to all! *Heartg* Spring is coming soon! *Rabbit**Tulipy**Heartg*

I hate the time change. I wish we could all stay on the same thing and not have to set our clocks ahead or back. When I worked, I had to work on fast time. The county I live in, is an hour behind.

I read Danielle Steel's new book Silent Night. Paige and Whitney were sisters. Their mother had been a famous actress and Paige wanted to be an actress but didn't make it in Hollywood. She pushed her nine year old daughter Emma into acting and Emma didn't have a life. Paige was a single mother. Whitney was a Psycholatrist and was single. Paige died in a car accident and Emma was with her and she suffered brain damage. Whitney raised her niece and it was a rough road. Emma was like Helen Keller for awhile, just being able to sign and didn't have her hearing. It is a good book but I wish Danielle would write another Jane Austen type book.

Hope you are feeling better. I see my Doctor Thursday. Time for a physical and medication refills. Doctors sure get rich off sick people. When I worked in mental health, they get rich off the mentally ill. I wish health care was free like it is in England.

You read about Prince Charles. Princess Diana said there were three people in that marriage. Her, Charles and Camilla. Sad for Princess Diana. She should have ran away and not married him. She deserved a better guy. She had her boys at least that made her happy. Sorry, Prince Charles great uncle was killed by a terrorist. We both know that Prince Charles was never sweet. This book does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing this about him.

Getting warmer little by little. 40 degrees and higher today. Have a good day. Bella was here earlier but left. I will be thinking of you.
I hope that today is at least sunny there. It is sunny here and it makes a positive mood difference for me. Hope Bella is having sweet dreams. Boo is in her crate for her big sleep of the day. *Sleeping*

We met the puppy across the way. He's a sweet little boxer. *Hearto*

The doctor visit took a long time. I took a paperback book called, "The Swans of Fifth Avenue" by Melanie Benjamin with me to read. It is a historical fiction novel, involving Truman Capote and a bunch of NY socialites in the 50s and 60s. I read 50 pages in it, so you know I waited, but it was good reading.

I was thinking of taking the Prince Charles book and leaving it there "accidentally" but decided to keep it and forge on. *Alien* Charles and Camilla both underestimated Diana because they thought she was dopey and so much younger. She was smarter than the two of them combined times ten. Luckily, I think her sons inherited her smarts. Diana said Charles should not be king and it should skip forward to William. Hey, it looks like Charles won't be King for long to me. He's in his 70s now. Maybe he will and maybe not and maybe once he gets there people won't put up with his shenanigans. I don't think he and horse-face will be popular.

The doctor gave me a new medicine ( to add to my other BP medicine) to help the foot swelling and bring the blood pressure down. It can make me dizzy so lots of warnings from the doctor and the pharmacist. You fix one thing and have to have a new medicine to fix the side effects, I reckon. I have to have labs a week from today and a blood pressure check, then also. Ka Ching for the doctor! *Dollar* This morning my BP was 115/72, which is highly unusual and good. Yesterday at the doctor it was 175/102. *Pirateflag* *Heartbroken*

Supposedly Netflix Disk is sending us The Green Book DVD. We were going to cancel the disk thing, but now are rethinking that. Green Book was just released today, so that's pretty good for them to send it so quickly. But now we pay 9$ a month to get one disk a week so that's pretty lame. Still debating it because I don't know how else we could get a new-ish movie without buying it.

I think that book about P & P in Pakiston is called "Unmarriageable" by Somah Kamal, or something like that. Joanne left a message on voice mail that was garbled, but she's still reading it. It doesn't sound like it's riveting to me as she's been reading it for a couple of weeks.

I hope your day goes well - thinking of you - Hug Bella when she next appears! *Cat2**Heartb*

You wanted to leave the Prince Charles book somewhere. I don't blame you. Camilla was never pretty. Like seriously? I got Queen Elizabeth's book on Nook and she was interesting. I admire all the hats she wears. I like wearing hats. I enjoy reading Princess Diana books every chance I get.

I watched Jurassic Fallen Kingdom again. The ending, the dinosaurs are running free and they aren't on a deserted island. They are by houses. You can bet there will be a third movie. The one part, the one dinosaur breaks down the wall and escapes. The dinosaur had come running out and Bella jumped on the back of the couch at this time and I thought that dinosaur had me! I jumped. I love this movie. Rich people were bidding on these dinosaurs and I bet people would be crazy enough to do that. I fell in love with the one blue rephtor dinosaur and I wanted her for a pet. I would be good to her. I care about dinosaurs like I do all animals and men bought them back to life, they would abuse them lie they do all the animals and the earth. This is my sermon for the day. This movie is good. I saw dinosaurs in a different light and I am not sure if they were real at one time but they claimed they existed. I am almost convinced they did.

I watched Hotel Translyvania 2. I like these animated movies about the vampire and his monster friends. I think these movies are cute.

Unmarriagable. I will look that book up. It sounds like an interesting book.

I am having lunch today with friends. It rained earlier but it is a warm rain like 50 Degrees today. I can live with that. No winter coat today. I have seen people wearing shorts and flip flops on 30 Degree weather. I would like get pneumonia for sure. Have a good day. Maybe spring has sprung. Boo hopes so, too, I bet.

I hope that your spring is finally here. We have a warm day today with colder times coming tomorrow. The sun is shining, but we are supposed to get showers tonight. Bleh.

I am working on adjusting to my medicine, so trying to get the blood pressure to stay down. Had an off day yesterday, but it all went down nicely last night foot swelling isn't as painful. Always something.

Dinosaurs are awesome! I learned that the alligator is one who has survived from the time of the dinosaurs. They are definitely survivors! The Smithsonian in Washington had some great dinosaur exhibits. I love alligators, also! *Heartg*

I read more in the Prince Charles book and asked Joanne again about the Unmarriagables book. She is still reading it after 2 weeks so I'm gathering it isn't great. She's sticking with it, but I'm not buying it. I thought it might be of interest to mention in the newsletter sometime.

Prince Charles is really not someone I would like to know. He comes across as a big jerk and this is in a book that is more sympathetic to him than it is to Diana. I'm not buying the position the author takes about her because when Charles married Diana, he was 32 and she was 19. She was smarter and stronger and in the right and that is why she prevailed in the hearts of her children and the normal people. I think, in the end, Diana will have her way about him not being king for long or at all. The worst thing (so far) in this book is that when Diana died, Charles' biggest worry was that people would blame him for her death. Not her kids (his kids), not sad for what he did to her life, but worry that it would come back on him, which he deserved. *Alien* What a tool.

What about all these stars who paid big bucks to get their dopey kids into universities over normal people (without the big bucks) with smart kids? Then, these same celebrity geniuses want to preach to me how to vote. LoL

Animated movies are wonderfully imaginative!

Have a super day and hug Bella! *Cat2**Heartt*

Boo is napping in her crate! *Hearto*

Some people blame Princess Diana for Charles and Diana's marriage problems. I try to get positive books about Princess Diana. Fergie wasn't always treated very well. We have Kate and Meghan. The tabloids go wild with stories about them. I read a book about William and Kate. They are so different from Charles and Diana. Thank goodness. William has his mother's personality. I hope Harry and Meghan will be happy and not end up like Charles and Diana.

We had rain and wind yesterday. It may snow today. Just flakes. It was 60 some degrees yesterday. So far, the weather is quiet. The robins are back. That is always a sign of spring.

I will keep The Unmarriageable book in mind to use in The Jane Austen Newsletter. Pakistan has their own marriage rules like they did in Jane's time.

I saw my Doctor yesterday. My A1C is good. So is my B/P. Xalerto is working out okay but I will still be on it for 4 months, yet. Thank goodness. I am okay. I am glad. I get tired of seeing Doctors. I hope Spring will be a time of wellness for me and you, too.

Bella is up running around. I am going to go through my Nook and see what books I need to catch up reading on. I get so behind in reading. Give Boo hugs. Thinking of you.
I am glad all your tests are okay and you are on a good path. I am still having issues, but have labs next Tuesday so we will see then I guess. It is probably just a question of adjusting the medicine, cutting back on one and increasing another. The swelling is kind of bad, but whatever.

Give Bella a hug. Boo is in for the big nap now.

Last night we went with our group to Olive Garden, which was fun.

On the home front, our washing machine (only 3 years old, a top loading GE) has a drip at the top so the repair guy is coming (maybe) if he can get the part. They make GE now in China so it's iffy that he's coming to fix it today. Parts take time, I guess. Always something, but it will work okay with cold water washes. That's what I do mostly except for Boo's stuff and linens and towels.

Those British tabloids are horrid. I never believe what they write. I hope it all works out for Diana's sons and their families and they can be left alone somewhat, to be happy.

After some rain this morning, the sun is coming out but it's cooler. Fine by me.

I hope your day ahead is not too snowy. It is time for spring!


St. Patrick's Day Weekend. I have no plans. I did listen to some Irish music yesterday. I am hoping they will show Celtic Woman or Celtic Thunder on PBS this weekend. St. Patrick's Day isn't St. Patrick's Day unless I get to hear Danny Boy. Ray bought me a cute stuffed daschund wearing a St. Patrick's Day hat.

We had snow and rain mix yesterday. The sun is out today. I get to clean house today.

I hope your Meds are working. I have some leg pain but an doing okay otherwise. I hope things go okay with your labs. I get tired of blood tests but blood tests tell doctors what is going on with people.

I think I will watch movies this weekend. First, I have to clean house. Have a good weekend. I came across my Downton Abbey books. I really loved that show. I haven't heard if the Downton Abbey Reunion movie is done being filmed. I hope it will be on PBS. If I hear anything, I will let you know.

Have a good day. Bella is lying on the wicker couch in the front room. Give Boo hugs.

I hope that today and your weekend go good. *Heartg*

I had a rough night with foot swelling (edema) and very little sleep. I will probably demand to see the doctor on Monday if this continues until then. I wish I could get rid of all the Blood Pressure medicine. Bleh.

Boo is snoozing in her crate as usual. I hope the sun is out there - it is here and it's nicer all the way around.

I used to watch QVC on St. Patrick's Day when we had cable. Sometimes they would have the Irish celebration on the TV we get with the antenna (that we have now). Last year there wasn't anything on that I could watch. We don't go out usually because stuff is too crowded and we don't drink. *Shamrock* I might go on Youtube.com tomorrow and pull up some songs. I enjoy doing that a lot. We have a lot of Irish CDs so every day is St. Patrick's Day for us, but I do love thinking about it!

We watched the movie The Green Book on DVD - got it in the mail from Netflix Disk. It was a wonderful film and I can totally see why it got a bunch of Oscars. I don't always like the Best Picture they select, but this time I definitely did.

I finished this


ASIN: 1400067901
ID #113983
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 31.99

It is in the garage with the spine of the book facing in, so I can't see his face It was a good book (about someone I dislike a lot) - written in 2017, it has nothing about Meghan Markle in it. I still don't like Charles, but I see that as he gets a lot older (in his 70s now) he has a little bit of sense about things and sensitivity to his mother that he didn't have ten years ago.

I am now reading The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. So far, so good.


Have a good weekend and hug Bella when she wakes up! *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg*

I watched The Beatles in a Hard Day's Night. I love The Beatles and this movie. I enjoy all the music and I was a kid and enjoyed watching them. The Beatles were a big deal and I enjoy watching this movie every chance I get. I never get tired of watching this movie. A lot of good memories.

We had snow today. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I didn't do anything. Ray and I made spaghetti and I made bacon and eggs. Bella liked us both being home today. She wanted to be petted.

Prince Charles is in the garage. A good place for him. You can always go back out to the garage and bring him back in. Not! At least you read what you wanted to read of this book. I enjoyed the product review you gave. Maybe I will put him on my Nook and read the book.

I want to read Born Free again By Joy Adamson. She raised Elsa, a lion cub and spent time with lions in Africa. Her and her husband. Sadly, Elsa lived three years, had cubs of her own and Joy tried to pet the cubs and one scratched her. She was brokenhearted over losing Elsa. Joy was killed by a lion years later. I always admired her. I love the book Born Free and the movie. I read it when I was ten years old and have the book and movie both. Time to get them back out.

I do hope you are feeling better. It is taking me awhile to get over my blood clot symptoms. Sinus issues don't help but I am not as bad off as I have been. I use my salt lamp.

Have a good day. Time to start a new week. Give Boo hugs.

The Beatles Hard Days Night is a great movie, way ahead of it's time. I had a book of the best films ever and it was in there. I think it was top 50 or something like that. They were so young then, weren't they?

It is good to see and watch movies over again when they are great. It's like revisiting an old friend. Born Free sounds inspiring.

We didn't do much yesterday. Bella sounds like she was appreciating her humans for St. Patrick's Day. Boo was pretty chipper, but then tired last night.

We had a porterhouse steak and baked potato and peas for dinner. Bacon and eggs sounds yummy, too.

I made a Shamrock necklace out of a $3 pack of earrings from Wal*Mart. I just took the earring part off and put it the pendant like part on a long silver chain I got on Amazon. I watched some QVC for Irish products and almost bought a throw for my couch. The colors they had didn't suit me, I wanted either burgundy or dark green. All they had was oatmeal, off white and blue gray colors. So I didn't buy anything in the end. It would have been ninety some dollars so I saved there.

I hope you continue to feel better every day. I am going in to the doctor this afternoon, and demand he reduce or take me off this medicine. He has never been arrogant with me, so we will see what we will see I reckon.

I watched Alice Through The Looking Glass. This movie focused on Alice finding The Mad Tea Hatter's family. The Red Queen had them imprisoned in a aquarium of sand. Alice had to go through a mirror to get to Wonderland and go through a clock to go back into time. It had a lot of fantasy and action. Johnny Depp played The Mad Hatter. I am glad this movie focused on him as The Mad Hatter. It is a good movie. My Great Grandmother bought me a Alice In Wonderland book years ago when I was a kid and it is a favorite with me. I do love this movie. Making Alice In Wonderland movies puts the books into focus. Alice was a Captain of her father's ship in this movie and she was a movie who didn't want to get married. She wanted to continue where her father left off. I admire her for that. The Mad Hatter loved her and she did him but she didn't want to stay in Wonderland. I found this movie heart touching. I enjoy watching it over and over.

Doctors do put us on too much medicine. I am always glad when I take meds that are just for a week. I would love to be healthy and not take any more meds ever but that won't happen. I do hope you are feeling better and things work out for you.

Going to be in the 50's and rain just one day. Looks we will have spring weather. This is a welcome relief. No more snow boots. I can start wearing summer clothes and shoes.

Hope Boo is having a good day. Bella is running around. She seems happy. Have a good day.
That movie sounds good. I have not seen it, but Johnny Depp is good in everything that he does.

I did not watch much yesterday or read much either because of going to the doctor. He changed the medicine to one I only take once a day and the dose is a lot less. I do not know yet if the old medicine was the sole the cause of the swelling as I still had it this morning, but maybe not quite as bad. I am not taking more medicine anymore or increasing doses for blood pressure medicine. I told the doctor that I can live with it being high when I am anxious.

Later yesterday, we went into our favorite restaurant (a small Italian place) and ate a small pizza. We saw a couple of new photos on the wall and learned that a couple of weeks ago, Henry Winkler was there and took pictures with the owner and autographed them. They said that he was very nice. I love The Fonz. This is the restaurant where the owner made Mr. HOOves soup when he was in the hospital. He did that and didn't charge me for it. Very kind hearted owner and family run.

I am glad Bella is running around and peppy. Boo is in for her nap now, all cozy.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. It is sunny here and cold, but I don't mind it cold if the sun is shining. Have a nice Tuesday!


Johnny Depp does play great roles. I just love the guy. I hope he will be happy again someday. Don't get me started on his ex-wife. He deserves so much better.

I watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It is a comedy, maybe dumb movie but I love it. Keenau Reeves plays Ted and he and Bill are going to flunk history class unless they give a great history report. George Carlon's character sends Bill and Ted back to the past and they bring back Billy The Kid, Socrates, Sigmond Frued, Joan Of Arc, Artillo The Hun, Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven and Napoleon. They give a great history report and pass. Their music changes the world. If only that could happen in real life. Keenau says no matter who he plays, he will always be known for his role as Ted. Keenau played a FBI Agent in Point Break and played in Speed. You can tell he was more grown up in these roles. He is a good actor, too.

I get so tired of seeing doctors. It could take me months to get over my blood clot symptoms. I have to get more blood tests later on. Sinus issues don't help. It is raining today. Hope Spring will agree with me.

I love The Fonz but I never liked anything else Henry Winkler played in. I liked Richie Cunningham and I wanted Mr. C as my father. Joanie was lucky to have an easy going father.

Bella got some more food, a clean litter box so she should be happy. You and Boo have a good day. Mr. Hooves, too.
I hope that the sky clears so that you get some Spring weather and it helps you feel even better. I hope Bella enjoys all the freshening and has a great day. Boo is a snoozer right now as usual.

Yesterday was rough. I am still struggling medically, but whatever have to give it time. Then about 6 pm, last night I dropped and broke my phone. It was 10 years old - a flip phone without a camera so a vintage one. They couldn't do anything to preserve the address book. Upsetting. I got a new flip phone - we went into Verizon and were at the place after 8 PM. We only have cell phones (no land line) and I don't like to only have one to rely on. My new phone was expensive (I think) but it is another flip one with a camera. I used to memorize all the #s I called before they made us use area codes to call.

Normally, I like Verizon and they have been steady with the price and reliable for the 10 years. But it was a big expense and to not even say thanks for the 10 years paying our bills on time rubbed me the wrong way.

I like Keanu Reeves in most of the things I've seen him in. That one sounds really funny. He's a good actor, pretty underrated, I'd say. Johnny Depp's latest wife sounded like a piece of work to me, too. I think he had a nice girl/wife that was from France before her, that was nice and loyal to him. Then he met Amber so and so. Is that her name? Seems to me like it's Amber. She seemed like she was using him to me, too. Doesn't she have a history of latching onto rich, more famous guys?

In between traipsing out to Verizon we watched Downton Abbey and NCIS Los Angeles and I finished with some Gilmore Girls. I did not read anything much except the thin phone manual I got with the new phone.

Have a good day and happy Spring there - hope for some clearing and sunshine to go with the new season! *Shamrock**Heartg**Shamrock*

Ray likes his flip phone. I have a Mini Galaxy. It work for me. I enjoy texting and taking pictures. We have Verizon but they will charge you if you go over your internet limited data. I have limited internet so I do my internet stuff on the computer.

I just watched an episode of Dark Shadows last night. I watched Frazier and Home Improvement. I do enjoy watching Jeopardy. I like being educated. Ha. Ha.

It is hazy and rained all day yesterday. The sun may come out.

I watched some more of 31 Days Of Prayer with Jane Austen. I read Dr. David Jeremiah's Devotions. I am still reading The Bronte Sisters. They had two older sisters that died. That is sad. Their mother died when they were little, too. They were raised by their father, nanny and servants. At least they were well off and able to do this.

Amber Herd was Johnny Depp's ex-wife. She played in Justice League. She was Superman's sister. I am not impressed with her acting. She uses Hollywood actors. You are right about that.

I hope you are having a good day. Looks like another chilly day. Hope Boo is having a good day. Bella is up running around. Come on Spring!

I hope today is a day with the sun shining for you! It is here, but it's supposed to be windy. Boo just went into her crate - hope Bella is doing well also!

I like my new phone so far. It's a Kyocera flip phone. I don't text or do anything with it so I don't need to to be a smart one. The old one was getting too old and when we called Verizon they gave us credits for the rip off place. It had a big Verizon sign out front, but is really something else, posing as Verizon, while being an agent. We won't make that mistake again.

Frazier is my favorite show, along with Seinfeld. I love Niles and Daphne, and of course, Eddie the Dog.

We are still watching Downton Abbey - up into Season 3. I love that show. We went out with our group last night and showed the rest of our group the photos of Henry Winkler/The Fonz that are on the wall there now. Everyone seems to love The Fonz. That Marshall Family that produced it all was awesome - Garry Marshall was even in a favorite movie of mine, Never Been Kissed and he directed Pretty Woman. And Marilyn Ross plays Lorelai's grandmother on Gilmore Girls so it's a small world.

Someone wrote me a harsh email about something here that had very little to do with me. They wanted to take their frustrations out on someone, I guess. Takes all kinds. I forgot to look and see what group the person reviews with. One big group comes after me periodically with their minions.

I guess it must be spring because there they go again maybe. Or not. Yawn.

Have a great day! *Heartg*[e:shamrock}*Heartg*

Pretty Woman is a favorite movie of mine. I think I will watch it this weekend. I think this was Julia Roberts first movie. The song Pretty Woman fit her and this movie well. I have never went shopping and someone order pizza and wait on me, hand and foot. I love that part of the movie. I enjoy the ending. That was quite a hotel room. Richard Gere is really good and gray hair looked good on him.

Sorry someone sent you a harsh emails. I get them at times. Guess all we can do is hide the reviews and I just write what I want to. Some members don't stay a year let alone 17 years. Hold your head up and go with the punches.

It is 45 Degrees but windy. That makes it chilly. No signs or predictions of snow and that is always good news.

Not much going on. Tonight is WalMart night. I hope you are feeling better. I still have mild symptoms from my blood clot but it could take months for me to heal, my Oncologist said. I don't know what takes so long. Guess a blood clot heals slowly.

Bella is up. I think she wants lunch. Have a good day. Things have been quiet here at WDC. Later.

I hope that you feel better every day from getting over your blood clot. I have heard that it takes time and I know that it is very painful from hearing others talk about getting over it. They all got better with the medicine and as far as I know never had it again once it was doctored and then monitored. Hopefully the medicine is doing its work for you. Fingers and hooves crossed! The Wal*Mart is a good place to walk and take breaks while you shop.

Pretty Woman is a great movie. Rodeo Drive is like dream shopping. I have had the sales clerks be snotty, but not bring me food and cater to me like they did with Julia Roberts. That is the movie I like Richard Gere in best. Otherwise, I think he's mostly full of himself.

We watched Downton Abbey last night up until Season 5.

Boo met the puppy across the street to walk with him for their walks yesterday. He did try and nip at her ear, but that's puppies for you. She was batting at her ear afterward, but I couldn't see any scrapes. I put medicine on it and rubbed it out, just in case. He (the puppy) seems to be a sweet little boxer so far. I hope Bella is doing good this weekend and enjoying some snoozes in the sunny window areas.

On that thing here, periodically bullies come my way and push me down, reminding me that there are some mean and unhappy people here and on the Internet. I guess it's kind of a wake-up call. It makes me think I'm here too much sometimes, but I enjoy it so whoever can lump it.


I know sales clerks have been rude to me. I couldn't find a price on a purse and I told Mom that it must be free. The clerk was real snotty and said: "No, it's not free." I was just teasing. One time at Macy's, some people were lined up with purchases and no clerk. I said: "Johnny Depp is here!" Guess what? We got a clerk! The other women customers thought that was a good one. Once there was a man clerk at Hobby Lobby cutting up material and he looked liked Johnny Depp. I couldn't stop looking at him. He just smiled. I think he knew he looked liked Johnny Depp. My hair dresser, Margo said John Melancamp was at WalMart dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt wearing a farmer's hat reading a magazine trying not to be noticed. Margo asked if he was John Melancamp and he said he was but don't tell anyone. He didn't want to be noticed. His son was attending Culver Military Academy which is 45 minutes away and his son was shopping at WalMart. Margo didn't ask for his autograph. I would have. I love his music. I watched Cold Case last week and they played a lot of John Melancamp's music in this episode. I love this show.

I watched Newhart episodes yesterday and According To Jim. I have been watching Sabrina, The Teen-Aged Witch episodes today.I love Frazier. I would like to have Eddy for a dog. I am moping floors and did the bathrooms.

I bought the Spring Edition Magazine of Ree, The Pioneer Woman. I just love her. She is country and I can relate to her. They have a new Ree, Pioneer Woman Barbie Doll that I love to have. It's on Ebay. Maybe I will have Ray get it for me for Easter. Ree has a good recipe for some ham and cheese soup in the magazine and I may get brave and cook it.

Sorry, Boo got nipped by the puppy. Hope they can still be friends. Bella was in her tower. She went to take a nap.

I have sinus issues but since I got up, took my Meds and used my Pur Mist Machine, I feel better. I will see my blood clot doctor next week. Hopefully, Xalerto is doing it's job. No side effects. I do hope you are feeing better. As for people here, we don't have to interact with those are being rude. I love it here and I will be staying. I know you will, too. We are the nice ones and are great friends.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs.
Lots of things are blooming today and the world seems brighter with the sunshine.

I hope you feel better from your sinus stuff and things start to improve steadily with how you feel and your doctor visit this week goes well.

I don't really enjoy shopping much anymore. Sometimes, I do but it seems like people are so rude more and more. Last night we went out to dinner downtown. People were all over the streets of the city with this Pokemon thing, noses in their cell phones, not paying attention to where they were walking. It was funny when it wasn't dangerous, how dopey this stuff is. We live technically in the city, but a ten minute drive from downtown.

I guess I'm not one for change. Kohl's near me gave 1/3 of its space to Planet Fitness. So now Kohl's has very little selection on most things I get.

We are still watching Downton Abbey. I wish they would bring back the show somehow beyond just a one time thing. What a great show!

Have a super Sunday and hug Bella! Enjoy the blooms! *Tulipy**Rabbit**Tulipr*


I watched Lucas over the weekend starring Corey Ham and Charlie Sheen. Lucas is a smart, teen-aged kid who is considered a nerd and is trying to fit in. He tried to play football and gets hurt. The kids accepted him and gave him a letterman's jacket. This movie is like real life. Jocks and cheerleaders thinking they rule the school and others aren't important. It is heart touching how Lucas fell in love with a girl who just wanted to be friends. This is a emotional movie and I enjoy watching this.

Seems like everyone is always on their phones. The younger generation think life is on their phones. Sad, really. I enjoy life outside my phone. Thank goodness.

Rained yesterday. I didn't really do much. I will be glad to go shopping again when it get warmer. I get tired of going to the Doctor all the time. I need some me time and fun time.

Bella is up running around. I ordered Ree, The Pioneer Woman Barbie Doll and kitchen set. I need to find a place to put it. I do love dolls and collections.

Have a good day. Hope Boo is doing well.
I hope that this week goes really good for you and you get to do some of the "me" stuff that is fun after you breeze through any of the medical stuff. It is so much nicer to feel good and do things. I hope that happens for you! *Heartv*

Give Bella a hug. Boo is snoozing in her crate after a busy morning. All is well, expecting rain later on today. For now, it is partly sunny so we'll take that.

That movie sounds good. We finished watching Downton Abbey. I don't know what is ahead. We started Blue Bloods, but maybe we will find something else.

I am trying to learn from past mistakes on here and move forward. It can be tricky to sign up for things. I try to donate and support. It sort of bugs me when people don't acknowledge donations to contests and activities. I wonder why that happens.

The Block Ignore feature has been very good in this latest bad email that I had received. For a while, I had no one in there, in the Block/Ignore list, having cleared it. Now, I'm thinking I should keep it blocking (except when I have to send a review for site contest judging).

And they know I support the site so maybe if they think of promoting people, they look to see who might be blocked. I don't know if that is the case, but it's definitely something to consider.

Pioneer Woman has a lovely Basset Hound named, Charlie. I bet you will like the doll that you get.

Have a super Monday! *Heartb*

I am reading All God's Creatures Big And Small Devotions. Animals play such an important role in our lives. I would be lost without Bella. I wish all people loved animals. I know Pioneer Woman Ree has a beautiful basset hound. She has pictures of him in her latest Pioneer Woman Spring magazine. There is even a cookie jar of him but I don't know where I would put it.

I try to be supportive of things and events here. Sometimes, we get bad reviews but I just let it go. I am thankful for all the nice people and friends that I do have here.

Sunny day here. It is chilly. 40 some degrees.

Not much is happening here. Bella was watching me fold up laundry. She will probably be ready to take a nap somewhere pretty soon. Have a good day. Boo, too.
I hope today and this week go good for you.

I don't know where we would be without our Boo either. I know you love your Bella. They are both part of our families. Boo helps me with the laundry too, telling me when I drop socks on the floor. *Hearty**Tulipy*

We watched Midsomer Murders some last night on Netflix. It was a good rainy day show to watch. They take place in small English villages so the scenery is always lovely.

I am not reading that much right now, but I hope to start again. It is good to focus on the good here. Today seems a lot better than yesterday with the sun shining some and no rain, even though it is chilly.

I have a bunch of reviews in the review tool ready to send for the site contest, but we have to wait until we are told to do that. I hope it doesn't go into April because then some of the reviews which I wrote in March, won't be anniversary ones. Not the end of the world but a little more work I guess to take the anniversary thing out of the reviews.

Have a lovely Tuesday! *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg**Tulipr*

I watched The Rockford Files this morning. I like James Garner. To me, police shows were better years ago. They are so graphic now and I don't need all the details. I watched The A-Team over the weekend.

I went to WalMart yesterday. I bought a Pioneer Woman Rose Bowl. It has a red rose on it. It is pretty. I also bought Pioneer Woman Pot holders and Dish Towels. They have Pioneer Woman dishes, Dutch Ovens, Water Pitchers but I didn't need any of that stuff. Unless I changed all my cookware and plates to Pioneer Woman. I also bought a beautiful beige watch set with bracelets to match.

I lost a contest I entered. I am about ready to get up. I am going to enter The Unicorn Contest. I love that contest. I can always think of Unicorn Stories to write.

30 Degrees today. I am getting started with my day. I am going to watch The Young and the Restless later. I never tire of this show. Hope Boo is doing good. I just gave Bella more dry food. Hope you are feeling better. I am still stuffed up. Have a good day.
I hope that everything goes your way today and you get to feeling better with the sinus stuff. We are cold, too, but in the 40s now. Tell Bella we hope that she enjoyed her meal. Boo got her Sentinel today and is in a barking mood. I picked up her ear medicine at the Vets when I ran my errands.

My shoe is falling off because my left foot swelling went down a lot. It had stretched out my shoe. The blood pressure medicine is working better than the old stuff did. Still some foot swelling at times, but not as much.

Rockford Files is a great show. I used to love Angel, his friend and his Dad, who was the son or nephew of an actor who used to be in a lot of Jean Harlow films. Wallace Beery. They had lots of good characters on Rockford. and spun off Magnum from that I think. Not sure about that, but I know Tom Selleck was on Rockford for a few episodes.

George Peppard is A Team for me. Love it when a "Plan" comes together. Mr. HOOves was the bigger fan of the A Team.

I have a few Pioneer Women things like her basset hound spoon holder, normal can opener and some pans and an iron skillet. I have a butter dish, also and a few bowls. Pretty designs, that's for sure.

I mostly lose when I enter stuff, but I figure it's good to keep writing. I guess the quills are coming soon. We will see what we will see there. It's not like anything happens in a hurry with anything much around here. I am still waiting to send the reviews for Quotation Inspiration entries from my Review Tool. I hope I can send them in March so the ones that are Anniversary will still be Anniversary.

I got my latest Maisie Dobbs mystery book in the mail yesterday.

We tried to watch A Star is Born and another movie on Netflix Disk. I didn't like it - lots of disgusting stuff right away with drugs on Star is Born and the other one (can't think of the name) wasn't much better. Then, I cancelled Netflix Disk once and for all.

Take care and enjoy the sun shining if it is. It is here. *Sun**Tulipy**Hearty*

I watched Father Knows Best. There is a new Avengers movie coming out and I told Ray that I want to go see it. Everyone died and turned to dust in the last Avengers movie. This new Avengers movie is supposed to explain what happened and that everyone isn't dead. I sure was disappointed in the last one. Heroes don't die. At least not in movies.

I like A Star is Born with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristophoson. I never get his name right. I didn't think I like I would like the one with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaa Gaa. Some movies THEY SHOULDN'T reboot. Like The Beverly Hillbillies movie. The A-Team or Charlie's Angels. I like the original movies best.

Hope you are doing better. I am okay. I see my Oncologist next week. Hopefully, things are going alright with me. Glad your foot swelling is going down.

I know The Quills are coming up. I have only won once and a honorable mention. I am glad I have got that much.

We had some rain. Tomorrow, it is going to rain cats and dogs. We are going to get 2 inches they said. I hope no one gets flooded. This is spring. Rain.

I am going to order the book Unmarriagable. I hope I will like it. I have read up on it. It does sound interesting. I am curious about life in Pakistan and their marriage customs.

Have a good day. Boo and Tom, too. Off to do my chores. Thinking of you.
I hope that it is a good day for you and you are feeling steadily better. Also, I hope next week will go really well with your appointment!

Joanne lost interest in that book apparently. She quit talking about it and has moved on to another book. I am not sure whether she liked it or not in the end. I hope you like it and it's interesting.

I think you are right about Hollywood rebooting things. They should come up with original ideas and quit the recycling.

Last night I turned the TV on and it was on Empire. I had never seen that show. It was a lot of big stars with botox and overacting that I saw. That Jussie Smollet guy was actually better than most in the cast and he looked more like he hadn't had plastic surgery. I didn't realize that was such a major show. I thought it was a dopey cable thing. Puzzling situation there in Chicago.

I saw something about the quills in the comedy newsletter that just came out. Time will tell on that I suppose, better than I could ever hope to.

I was trying to remember who won the Best Actor Oscar this year and I already forgot about it.

The book I am reading is The American Agent by Jacqueline Winspear. I think it's the 13th or 14th in the Maisie Dobbs Detective Series.

Have a great day - Boo is snoozing after ear cleaning. Hope Bella and Ray are good and everything is good with you! *Hearty*
I caught the end of an old movie It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World." The Three Stooges, Jimmy Darante, Natalie Schafer {Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island} and a lot of stars were in this. I didn't know the guys' names I saw but I know they were all actors back in the 50's and 60's. It was a funny movie, dumb but funny. Dumb makes it funny. I liked this movie when I was a kid. In this movie, I think they were looking for gold and had to find the symbol where it was. I wish I could have seen this movie from the beginning.

We are supposed to get 2 inches of rain this weekend. I hope it doesn't flood. I will be cleaning house and relaxing.

We watch the same old shows. Frazier, Home Improvement and According To Jim. I think Ray and I should watch Star Wars movies this weekend.

I haven't heard about my commissioned Merit Badge of Elizabeth Bennet, yet. It has been 2 weeks. I know it takes awhile sometimes. I will have to be patient.

I will let you know how I like Unmarriageable. I am curious about Pride and Prejudice being written from another country and culture's view on romance and marriage.

Give Boo hugs. Bella is milling around. Have a good weekend, my friend.

I hope you have a good weekend, too and feel good. Give Bella a big hug. Boo is in her crate, snooring very loudly. Earlier she "helped" me cut up her apple and carrot treats. She does that by standing next to me and when I cut up the treat sections, I give her a piece each time. She's my tester. *Heartg*

I watched that movie a long time ago, It's a Mad Mad etc. World. It had some big stars in it. I think my Dad might have taken me and my brother to see it, but it could have been another movie called Dr. Strangelove. Somehow, those two movies are mixed up in my memory.

We watched a show called "Lark Rise to Candleford" on our disks. This show is set in England in the 1890s. It has a great cast (the guy who played "Bates" in Downton Abbey and some other Downton people are in it as guest stars) The scenery is beautiful and it's heartwarming stories about a woman (the woman who played Lydia in the Colin Firth version of P & P) who runs a post office in a town called, Candleford.

We also watched a little of NYPD Blue on Amazon Prime. Lark Rise was on Prime, but they took it off and made it so you have to pay. Luckily we have the disks already as the show was one we watched on PBS and enjoyed.

In the middle of the night I didn't feel so well and watched some Gilmore Girls and went back to sleep.

I read in my new book, The American Agent and continued reading in The Swan of Fifth Avenue yesterday. I wonder if I will get to send my Quotation Inspiration reviews in March. I will have to edit them if I can't. I had all my reviews in my review tool on March 5 so they are getting more stale by the day.

Have a good one and I hope you enjoy that book! *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg*
I watched a movie about teen-aged kids who were taking Drivers Education and Harvey Korman played a Superintendant who wanted the kids to fail. He followed them around and got chased by a Doberman Pincher. Two of the teen-aged kids got in a car accident and the one kid had to borrow his father's Tow Truck to help them. The father was mad but when he found out why his son took his Tow Truck, he was okay with it. It was a comedy movie and kind of cute. I don't know the title of the movie but it had a lot of stars: The guy who played my Favorite Martian, The kid who played Kevin in Mr. Belvedere, Tina Yothers, The guy who played Max in Night Court, The one black woman who played in 227, Alyssa Milano, Brian Bloom who played in As The World Turns. The woman who played Mrs. Poole in Valerie. This was an entertaining movie. It was on Roman Downey's Light TV Channel.

I watched Are You Being Served? yesterday. I am trying to get started on my housecleaning. We got rain last night. It may rain all weekend.

I hope you are having a good weekend. My sinuses are acting up. Bella must be taking a nap. I am happy you are a finalist in the Quills and I hope you win. Have a good day.

Congratulations again for your big Quill Win for Best Music Item for "One More Light Chester Bennington!!! I was so happy to see that when it happened! Yay!!!! *Heartg**Cow**Shamrock**Balloonr**Heartg*

We watched more in Lark Rise to Candleford last night and NYPD Blue during the day. I am still reading in the same books - Swans of 5th Avenue and The American Agent.I hope to read more today in them.

Like darling Bella, Boo is a snoozer right now. She ran into her crate to avoid me wiping out her ears and putting a cool cloth on her eyes, which is kind of unusual - she usually waits for me to do that. She's not snoring, but has her head hanging out the front of the crate.

I hope that the Quotation Inspiration winner announcement gets done so that I can send out those March anniversary reviews in my review tool today or tomorrow and so I don't have to do a bunch of editing. I am really hoping, but no luck so far.

Thanks for saying you hope I will win - I am sure I won't, but it's nice to have been nominated and thought of nicely like that by whoever did that. One year they said I won, then I lost then they laughed at me and said no HOOves lost, that was a close one. LoL If that doesn't happen then I feel okay about it, I guess. That really hurt my feelings, but I realized what group was behind it. Hard to miss. A lot of the nasty ones are no longer doing much here. So, that seems like a good thing to me.

Take care, and have a nice weekend - I hope that you get to feeling better. Hug Bella!


I'm reading All God's Creatures. I really enjoy these devotions about animals and how they interact in a good, loving way with humans. I love animals.

I am in awe about my Quill Award. This is a nice surprise. *Music2* I hope you will win a Quill, too.

We had rain and snow yesterday. Today 24 Degrees! Where is this coming from? Seriously? I am getting ready to go to Church. I hope to feel better one of these days.

Bella is up doing her thing. I may make cupcakes today and read. Ray will be watching the NASCAR race.

Sounds like the Quotation winners will be announced soon. I didn't enter that contest. I never win the official ones. I will be writing an entry for the Unicorns Contest.

Have a good day. Hope you are feeling well. My best to Boo.

I hope your Sunday is going good and this is a much better week for you and you will really start to feel much better.

He posted the Winners in the Item, but not in the Site Announcements. I am not sure how that works exactly. I sent my reviews so all is well. It was 25 reviews so a lot and they were a lot of work. But all's well that ends well, he did it in time for them to be sent in March. "Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest

Boo is hiding in her crate all day because it's ear cleaning day. She got an inkling of that so she won't be out for a while. I hope that Bella is having a good day.

I am still reading the same two books (The American Agent and The Swans of 5th Avenue) and watching Lark Rise to Candleford and NYPD Blue.

Tony was here helping us with some outside work. It's definitely cooler out and about to get cold again. I think it is better for Boo's allergies - I had to give her Benadryl yesterday.

I tried to explain something the way I understood it in Crunchy. That is usually a mistake, but whatever I tried my best.

Not much else is happening. I went to the store and got gas so I'm set for the beginning of the week, anyway. I hope it all goes well for you!


I read Caroline Knight's book My Jane Austen Heritage again. Caroline is Jane's fifth great niece. She got to live at Chawton House where Jane lived. Edward Knight was Caroline's great, great, great[too may greats, to count!} and he was raised by the Knight family. Caroline inherited Jane's talent. How lucky can one be? I get this book out every once in awhile and read it as well as look at the pictures of Chawton House and Caroline's family.

Sorry, Boo has allergies. I can feel for her. I hope my sinuses get better when this weather warms up. Bella slept all day yesterday. I was worried about her. She is up running around today.

Going to have lunch with friends today. Not much going on. Hope you are feeling well. Start of a new month. Have a good day.
I hope your day goes well and you have a nice lunch. Getting out with friends is a super way to get perked up!

I was worried a bit about Boo over the weekend, too, with lots of sleeping. But this morning she was all perked up - now she has gone into her crate for a snooze. Maybe it is the time of year - today here is very cold again. It keeps changing to warm then cold so maybe that is hard for them and they adjust by sleeping more. I sort of think, though, that the cold is better for her allergies.

Reading that book sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday! I am still stuck on my other two books. The big used book sale at the church here is May 9, 10 and 11. My friend might come and my brother and his girlfriend might come. My niece, Sandy, isn't coming this year in April. She came the last two years for a company meeting. I talked to her yesterday, she has a 1 year old Basset Hound that she got because she liked Boo so much.

April is a nice month - soon it will be Spring for real and Easter is just around the corner. I usually like March, but this March was a little rocky with health stuff. I am hopeful for April to be better.

Have a lovely Monday!

Having lunch with friends perked me up. Mom and I went shopping. I got a white flower dress with a blue jacket for Easter and a pearl necklace. I bought a beautiful blue turquoise ring.

I saw my Oncologist today. He says my blood clot is dissolving and I am doing fine. Looks like my blood thinner is working.

I went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought the newest Victoria Magazine. It has beautiful castles of France and it is about France. It also has collectible treasures of France. I bought a magazine about all the Royal Women. Queen Elizabeth and her sister Anne are in it. Fergie and her daughters are in it. A tribune to Princess Diana was also included as well as Kate and Meghan. The Royal Women have their own magazine about them. I bought Dr. David Jeremiah's newest book. Unmarriageable book came in. I will let you know how I like it.

Thank you for entering The Prince Writing Challenge Contest. Someone else also placed an entry.

Boo has been on the prowl. She is doing good. Glad Boo is, too.

Have a good day. I will be busy reading.
I am so glad that your doctor visit went so well! Hopefully things will get steadily better all the way around now. We had snow yesterday, which is very unusual for April. Lots of snow and very cold.

The lunch and shopping trips sound awesome! I let my Barnes and Noble membership run out. When I go back I don't know if I will renew. The big used book sale is at the beginning of May here this year.

Boo is better since the weekend - hope Bella is doing fine, too. The colder air agrees with Boo's allergies so far. We are staying up later downstairs with Boo. Last night she was snoring on her pad between us. She looked up at me and then looked at Tom and back at me and her eyes rolled back in her head and she laid it back down. It was very cute like she was checking to make sure where we were in her sleep.

I am still working on reading and watching the same stuff. I guess I am in a rut.

Have a lovely Wednesday! Stay warm!

I went to get my B/P pills in a town 40 miles away and they had to call my Doctor. The local CVS didn't transfer the prescription right. I got them now. I am so stuffed up. It has been raining all day. My Doctor says my blood clot symptoms will improve and I will make a 100% recovery. I have to trust him. I do trust God.

I looked over my Royal Women magazine. They had pictures of Eugenie's Wedding. She was a pretty bride. Course her Wedding wasn't on TV. She is royalty and they said she likes being Royalty but she is happy to be in line for the crown. She doesn't have all the responsibilities to worry about. That I could handle. Just be a Princess and not do all those stuffy dinner parties and have to act a certain way. I like acting like me. Not being stuffy. The magazine compared Kate and Meghan to Princess Diana and how they dress like her and do charity work and recently did a Aids thing in her honor. Kate helps cook meals for charities. I do love Kate and Meghan. There are pictures of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and it, Camilla Bowles. I made faces at them. I adore all the hats the women of Royalty wear. I love wearing hats and decorative headbands. Since it is spring and summer, I will be wearing my hats and headbands. I love this magazine.

I haven't started reading Unmarriageable but I will. It should be interesting. Can you believe the UPS Man left it behind my garage door? Good thing I came home and saw it and didn't back over it. It would have been unreadable! My whole week has been like this.

Bella was running around and ate some lunch. Four o'clock, she jumped on my dresser! she had eaten all her dry food. Guess I will shut the door when I go to bed at night. Hope Boo isn't disturbing you at night. Pets do like having their owners by their side but I think cats are more independent. I am not a cat owner. I am staff! Ha! Ha!

I still watch my comedy shows. I haven't watched movies lately. Congrats on winning The Writers Cramp! I entered a Unicorn and Easter Bunny Poem in The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest. Have a good day.

Wow, CVS really gave you the business yesterday. I am glad that in the end you got your medicine. I have to get mine today so we'll see - I only have 3 pills left of the one kind since the doctor changed my medicine. They won't let me fill them both at once. Oh, no that would be too easy for CVS. I think they like to raise the blood pressure of their blood pressure medication customers.

I am glad you are doing better and your doctor had encouraging words. It's nice when that happens.

Boo is perky some days too all of a sudden. Then, she will sleep for five hours straight. Food is her big motivating factor.

Good luck in the Unicorn thing. I primarily do Writer's Cramp on the days I don't judge. I do that for the I Write in 2019 thing.

More and more I see fundraisers for things. I look at details more closely now. When I see a fundraiser, I go and look at who they are raising funds for. One recipient had more than 20 million gift points already in the coffers. I kid you not. Way more than 20 million. This is the one I avoid anyway, but seriously raising gift points when there is sitting on a hoard that people have already given. Others I saw put the amounts they have on private. That doesn't seem very amenable to full disclosures. With RAOK, I know it's good and how it operates. Some of the rest of this stuff, not so much, unless a lovely merit badge is offered as an incentive for a donation.

Times change I guess.

We march on with it. Glad you found your book, okay. Sometimes our mail is put in peculiar places, but I suspect the cats next door move it at times. *Laugh*

I agree. Your B/P can go up when trying to get your B/P Meds. I worked in mental health and our patients wanted every PRN Med they had so they could get a buzz. PRN is Meds like Tylenol, nerve pills and anything not routine. Me and you. We take Meds because we need them for our symptoms. I am fighting sinus still. I hope to get better. I hope you are doing better.

I watched Dark Shadows episodes last night and a couple of Heartland episodes this morning. I think I watch too much TV but I think everyone does. I a reading Unmarriageable. A school teacher is trying to prepare kids for college in Pakistan and all the girls want to do is get married. I think America's women are more career oriented then any country. I could be wrong. Women having careers is important. Women don't have to depend on men for money. No references to P&P in this novel, yet but I am sure the next few chapters will address that matter. So far, the book is somewhat interesting.

I don't do fund raisers here but I have given points. I hold writing challenges for Jane Austen and Prince. Guess that is my thing. I write when I think of something.

Hope Boo is doing well. Have a good day. Just chilly but the weekend is going to be 60. Good news. Later.
I hope that the weekend is going good and you feel better with your sinus stuff. It is hard this time of year with all that pollen. Boo is getting her Benadryl almost daily (along with her eyedrops) for her allergies.

I went to get my blood pressure medicine yesterday and have to go back for more on the 10th. I was trying to get all our medicines organized so that I can get them all at the same time. That plan went out the window when the doctor changed my one blood pressure medicine to two. At least Mr. HOOves medication I can get all on the same day. He takes more stuff than I do.

I am still reading the same books (Swans of Fifth Avenue and The American Agent) and watching NYPD Blue in day time and Lark Rise to Candleford at night

Recently I got tagged a bunch of times for the same thing, for me to give stuff for something. I don't mind being tagged on the Newsfeed if it is to see something nice. But more than once tagging me to fork over stuff for something. Not to mention the fact that sometimes the ones tagging me have a habit of wandering off for extended periods in the middle of activities.

I judge stuff like once a week Writer's Cramp, which is a lot of time and work. I have to be available for 3 to 4 hours one day a week and have done that without missing (unless I gave notice) for 3 years now. Then I judge the site contest maybe once or twice a year if I can brace myself for the waits involved with that.

Then, I know you review a lot and I review as much as I can. It is supposed to be enjoyable so I do what I enjoy mainly. But I see a lot of the gimme gimme stuff around. I wonder if it is a generational thing. Who knows. It has the opposite effect on me when people try to force me to do their bidding.

Then I notice the ones begging meander off a lot, too, like aimless cows in the pasture of false promises.

I hope your weekend is sunny and warm, with lots of blooming flowers! *Tulipy**Sun**Hearty*

I haven't had a chance to get back to reading Unmarriageable. I have been cleaning house. I promised Ray I would make him some mini chocolate cupcakes.

I have a cat in the dryer sitting on my clothes, so I can't finish folding up clothes. Cats are amazing. I am sure Boo is, too. I do love dogs, too. I remember a book about Dewey Decimal, a cat who lived at a library. In fact, I have the book. The cat stayed at the library but the one woman who worked there took him to her house on holidays. All the people came to the library loved him. He was a big, beige cat and I would liked to have him had him.

I hate when Doctors play around with my B/P Meds and Diabetic ones. They work for me. I don't want side effects and I need my pills now, not a year from now. Like seriously.

I haven't judged a contest in awhile. I give points to contests at times. I like to do Anniversary Reviews. I do things at my leisure here. I think you and I do good things on this site.

I have been watching Newhart. I need to go finish doing things around here. Have a good day.
Bella sitting on the clothes in the dryer sounds like the makings of a lovely story or poem. Boo helps me with the laundry by pointing out when I drop things, like socks. Of course, she does try to eat the dryer sheets when I drop those. She grabs them and runs to a doormat to work on them, hoping I didn't notice.

We were able to clean her ears early so hopefully, she won't hide in her crate all day today. I patted her eyes gently with a cool cloth and put drops in them as they looked a little red from the allergies.

I also petted the puppy across the street yesterday, the little boxer. He's already doubled in size and is so sweet still.

I'm reading the same books ever so slowly. Maybe I will read more upstairs today. Yesterday, here I caught up with reading and reviews so I bought a few gift points to reward myself. It was fun.

This morning on the news it was funny with the news people gushing all over their favorites. Too obvious and funny. I wonder if anyone really takes them seriously anymore. My local news is pretty much all cooking segments on the weekend now. I am glad that we got rid of the cable several years ago. I've never missed it once in several years.


I watched movies yesterday. I watched Passengers. I like that the main characters were on a ship that was malfunctioning and everyone was asleep in pods They were supposed to sleep in pods for 90 years until they got to the new planet they were going to live. Chris Pratt's character woke up and realized he was the only one awake and had a bartender droid for company. He wakes up Jennifer Lawrence's character so he wouldn't be alone. She was mad when she find out and slapped him. Then ship was in crisis and the main characters were able to get back together and save the ship. The woman saved his life. I would like to be on this ship. There is so much to do and I would be okay on this ship. I love this movie.

I watched Jupiter Ascending. A young woman finds out she is Queen of the Universe but on earth, she is a housekeeper. She has to fight aliens in space and they try to kill her. She has a boyfriend who is Lycan and angel as this makes for a good love story. Mila Tunis played the woman. I really like this movie.

I watched The Perfect Storm. George Clooney is a captain of a ship and he and his men are on a ship during a bad storm when they were out fishing. This storm looked so real and this storm really happened. The captain and his crew died and I get so sad when I watch this movie. The women they leave behind are in church holding a memorial. I should watch happier movies.

Glad you got to meet the little boxer puppy. He sounds cute. Boo will have a new friend.

I got my chocolate mini cupcakes made yesterday. I am just relaxing today. Not feeling my best, so I won't be in church today. I hope to do some reading today and feel better. Give Boo hugs.
That sounds like an excellent movie day!

Today is about Boo. We had a scare last night and again this morning. We rushed her to the Vet this morning and she took xrays of her. Luckily the Vet is less than a mile from my house. It looks like it is acid reflux that is happening, so we have two medicines for that. She was pacing and panting a lot for a while yesterday, then this morning. She couldn't settle down, panting and pacing, and then was shivering and shuddering. She is 12 years, 7 months old so it was scary and her appetite wasn't like usual (She normally lives to eat)

Well, the xrays looked good - no masses where they looked for them and her joints look good for her age in getting around. She is resting now and has stopped the panting. I have to give her Omeperazole 2 x a day and this other thing with a plastic (no needle involved)syringe 3 x a day. We were both prepared for the worst, so this is a good news day for us so far.

Keep a good thought for Boo.

We are back and settling her in her crate now. Hope all is well where you are and Bella is having a good day. Boo's day is much better than it started so far.


I did read Unmarriageable. I was disappointed. It was in the year 2000 and takes place in Pakistan. It did resemble Pride and Prejudice and of course, the names were changed. The school teacher seemed to be an interference and I just lost interest. I will stick to the original P&P and it's sequels. Those do Jane justice. I read it and the author went to a lot of trouble to write it but it wasn't my cup of tea. I can see why your friend lost interest in this book.

So sorry to hear about Boo. Indigestion in a dog? Oh my. Bella goes for a routine check up tomorrow and shots. She will meow all the way there and back. Poor kitty. Boo is in my prayers. I take Omeprazole. She should be alright with this pill.

I am still reading All God's Creatures. I do enjoy animal stories. I once read a book about a Vet and the animals he treated. Heart touching but some of them were sad.

Hope tomorrow is better for you. I am thinking of you.
I hope your Tuesday is going well. Boo is taking a lot of medicine, but is still not doing as well as I would hoped. I have a call into the Vet right now. It is so hard when they cannot tell you what hurts or how they feel.

Sorry you didn't like that book. I haven't spoken to Joanne in a couple of weeks - we keep missing each other, trading voice mails (I do not text) so I don't know how she ended up with it or if she finished it.

I read about a Vet in England in a book a while back - a friend loaned it to me. It was in the early 20th century in England that he practiced - I forget his name, but he was a medical doctor, who became a Vet because he loved animals.

I hope Bella's checkup goes good. Boo screamed sort of all the way to and from the Vet's yesterday, only she was a bit hoarse so it came out sounding really unhappy. I hope you do not have far to go.

Have a good one and I will keep my fingers and hooves crossed that all goes well!

I hope Boo will get better. Animals can't tell us what is wrong. The Vet called and wanted us to reschedule Bella's appointment. Some of their staff was sick. Like seriously? Ray took today off to see the Doctor and Bella's appointment, so I rescheduled it for next week. When we schedule Doctor appointments, we do what works out for us. I was nice about it. Ray has to take another day off from work. Hopefully, Bella's appointment will go alright next week.

I just watched Young and the Restless. I read Devotions. I haven't really done much today. It is 60 some degrees here with rain tomorrow.

I will be praying for Boo to get better. I am getting stuffed up. I guess I could find one of my old books to read. I used to go to the library but haven't done that in years. Mom likes religious romance books. Danielle Steel has a new book coming out again. I will be buying that and reading it. I read all of her books even though I like her old ones better.

Have a good day. You are in my thoughts. Boo, too.
I wish I had better news. We had to rush Boo back to the Vets yesterday, with some bad symptoms and then with more tests. But the tests were not helpful. Now, she is pretty much refusing to eat and just sleeping all the time, very listless. The Vet thinks it might be a stomach bug and since Boo is 12 years 7 months old, it is hard on her. Please keep a good thought and a prayer for Boo in your heart.

She loves to eat normally, it is her favorite thing, but this morning, no interest.

We keep trying and will let her tell us what she needs going forward, day to day. I may not be here as much until she gets better.

Sorry I don't have better news, I hope next time it will be better. *Heart*
Boo is in my prayers. I hope she just has a bug. A sick pet is worse then a human being sick and I understand how you feel. Just comfort Boo and love her which I know you will. Don't worry about this Campfire or things here. Just be there for Boo. I will keep praying.

I am just reading my Bible, Devotions, Dr. David Jeremiah and All God's Creatures. It is windy and cold. It may storm tonight. I haven't been doing much here lately. Just reviews.

You are in my thoughts and prayers and special prayers for Boo. Sending love to you and Boo.
Thank you so much - I hope all is well with you and Bella is fine.

Boo is some better now, Thank God. She only wanted to be in her crate for more than 24 hours, except for one drink of water. No eating, or bathroom - no nothing from morning on Wednesday until Thurs afternoon, then a little eating, but nothing else. Then again yesterday, it was like that until we tried to walk her in the afternoon. She went and did her stuff and then seemed to perk up a lot and came out of the crate some and ate.

She stayed with us on another pad out of the crate all evening last evening. Then this morning, not back to normal, but better, more bright eyed alert.

You are so right about it being hard that she cannot tell us. I hope and pray we are doing the right things so she is comfortable as she can be to get through whatever this stomach bug is. The doctor did xrays and blood work and found no reason so the best she could guess is it's a bad stomach bug.

So, now we are cautiously optimistic. She's itchy, but Tom takes that as a good sign since at least she's showing some interest. I gave her the Benadryl reluctantly as I don't want her to just sleep and not eat, but the itching and licking of paws was getting bad.

I am reading The American Agent still and we are still watching NYPD Blue & Gilmore Girls. Please keep a good thought for Boo to continue to get better and to perk up.

We had a storm yesterday that knocked power out - more are predicted for today and late tomorrow in the severe range. That's the least of my worries here though.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

Glad to hear Boo is doing somewhat better. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Glad her Xrays and blood work checked out alright. Hope she makes a full recovery.

I watched The Greatest American Hero today and Sabrina, The Teen-Aged Witch episodes yesterday. I always get a kick out of Ralph Hinckley, the super hero who is always learning how to be one. Poor guy but he gets the job done. I have been reading Dr. David Jeremiah's book about overcoming obstacles. I do need that.

Chilly weekend. We had storms the other night and it may storm tomorrow. Monday is going to be a good, warmer day and Mom and I are going to the Kate Spade Store. I love her jewelry.

Have a good weekend. Give Boo hugs. I am thinking of you.
Boo continues to improve and I am very thankful. We were able to clean and medicate her ears this morning. For her allergies/itching, I am softly rubbing her face and paws with a dampened cool Kleenex periodically. It and the Benadryl and eyedrops seem to soothe her. She slept well and will eat in a few minutes - appetite getting back to normal as we slowly give her apples again. Tomorrow I will add a couple of green beans, then carrots on Tuesday if all goes well.

We will be under threat of severe thunderstorms, high winds and tornadoes this afternoon into tonight. Tomorrow is a year to the day from the tornado last year that tore up part of the city. I hope your weather is better than ours is supposed to be.

I didn't do much yesterday, except laundry and watching Gilmore Girls and NYPD Blue and The Masters Golf.

Thinking about commissioning another merit badge, but I will wait and see when and how long it takes for you to get yours delivered. I am not much good at waiting, so may wait until closer to the site birthday. Or, I might decide not to do it.

Sort of in a wait-and-see mode here in a way.

Give Bella a gentle hug and I hope it is going good for all of you this weekend!


Glad Boo is doing better. I have been praying for her. Bella is fine and feisty as ever. It rained all day yesterday and is 40 Degrees today. Hopefully, Spring is coming. Hope you didn't get any tornadoes. I am glad we are safe for now.

I found a book in my collection She Said Yes. It is about the young teen-age girl named Sabrina who was killed in the Columbine shooting. The shooter asked her if she believed in God and she said yes. He shot her. I have always been so sad about this. The shooters had mental problems and had a lot of guns in this room. Why wasn't their parents aware of this? Sad. I worked in mental health and some of those men there scared me. We searched their rooms to be sure they didn't have weapons. I am going to read She Said Yes. I have been thinking about the Columbine shootings and always feel sad.

Mom and I are going shopping today. I am going to the Kate Spade Store. It is an outside Mall but I won't be out too long. I don't need to be cold.

Hope Boo is doing well. Have a good day.

I hope your day goes good for you and Bella. Hopefully you will find some nice bargains at the Kate Spade store. Thank you for asking after Boo. *Heartt*She had a small incident last night of clearing her throat that scared us. Then she went out in the wind and ate some grass and settled down. This morning, so far so good. Fingers and hooves crossed. She is our girl. *Heartp*

It is that time of year of the anniversary of Columbine. I guess it is, what 20 years now. There are too many guns still and too many out of control kids. Also, there are parents who think if they give their kids all the material stuff, the rest will fall into place. But I do not know what the answers are. I have always thought there are too many guns since John Lennon was killed. Still, it is 20 years now and the politicians who talked a lot back then, did nothing to fix things. Some things never change.

Our weather wasn't as bad as they forecast, thank God. That was a bad line of storms. Today is the sunshine, cool (low 60s maybe/) calm afterwards.

Our over the stove microwave broke. It lasted 13 years. Well, that is a problem I don't mind having - I would much rather deal with that then having anyone sick. The one we have is also a convection oven, but we only used it as that one time in 13 years. The next one will be more basic.

Not doing much reading and still watching Gilmore and NYPD Blue.

Boo is your girl. She is family and you do love her. Glad she is doing better. I understand that. Bella is meowing and milling around. She just got a fresh cat box, food and water. She had been playing with her toys.

I watched Legends of Tomorrow. Mona, a Chinese girl who could turn into a wolf, well her werewolf boyfriend died and she could turn into a werewolf. Mona was wearing a T-Shirt that said Jane, Elizabeth and Emma. Jane and Elizabeth's name disappeared and Mona said to her two superhero friends, that they had to go back in time to help Jane Austen or her books would never get published. So, they went back in time and Mona got mad at Jane and tried to attack her. She told Jane that romance wasn't real. Her boyfriend had died and Jane told her romance was about love and respect. Romance doesn't always go smoothly and don't ever give up. She told Mona she had, had romance and she was lucky. Mona turned back to human form and hugged Jane. She told Jane her novels became famous and everyone in the future loved her. She also told Jane that she was her idol and was sorry she tried to attack her. Jane agreed to keep writing. Thank goodness. Everyone was dressed like Jane Austen's time and there was an India guy who was a superhero and tried to change romance but Zoey {a superhero friend of Mona's} stopped him. I am not sure what he had to do with the storyline but I loved this episode because of Jane. Jane played a big part in this. Ray saw me watching this and mumbled something about me and Jane. He knows how I am about Jane Austen. I just love her. This had a happy ending and of course, they couldn't change Jane's future. Jane's books will always be with us.

Mom and I went to Kate Spade yesterday. I got a beautiful pearl necklace with a flower snowflake pendant on it. I love Jane's purses but that will have to wait until another time. I already have one that I love. The snack shop near by wasn't like Barnes and Nobles. I was disappointed. Mom and I had a good day out.

Glad you did okay with the storms. It is going to storm Thursday. I am cleaning house today and spending time here. Hope Boo is doing great.
That Legends of Tomorrow sounds good. I wonder if they will do stuff with other authors, too. It's a great way to teach about writing and authors and their impact on things in the world today.

Hug Bella for me. *Hearto* There is nothing like having things freshened to perk up a cat or dog's day.

So far, so good today with Boo. I got up before 6 to let her out and be with her this morning. She's now snoozing in her crate comfortably. Her allergies are in full swing Tomorrow she goes for her nail trims.

We are getting our next round of storms on Friday.

That necklace sounds lovely. I have been getting more interested in jewelry (pins and necklaces) lately. Purse hunting sounds good for another day. Maybe you will wear the necklace for Easter Sunday.

Still watching NYPD Blue and reading The American Agent. In a rut pretty much. My brother is coming with his girlfriend for the big book sale in May. It will be good to see him and I am looking forward to it.

Have a nice Tuesday! *Heart*
Hope Boo is doing well. Bella goes to the Vet today. I haven't told her, yet. She will know after while. Bella is up eating. All she did yesterday was eat and sleep.

I watched Pretty In Pink last night. I love this teen-age romance movie about a poor girl Andie and her rich boyfriend Blane. His friends were such snobs because they had money. Ducky was entertaining and nice. He had a crush on Andie and he was her friend no matter what. It has s happy ending. Annie Potts was funny and she is good at playing funny parts. I watch this movie a lot. I love romance.

No rain today but it may rain. Not much going on. I wrote a new prose about a little girl, Easter bunny and unicorn. I really do get into unicorns. Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. Wish us luck with Bella's Vet visit.
Bella and Boo are in synch. Boo also goes to the vet this afternoon and has not yet been informed. Solidarity at the Vets! We will be thinking of Bella as we go! *Heart*

Boo is much better now. We have some things to discuss with the Vet, though as we get her nails done and another thing looked at that she looks at regularly.

That movie is a good one. I hope to watch it again sometime. I remember I liked it, but not much else about it. The 20th anniversary of the release of Never Been Kissed (starring Drew Barrymore & Michael Vartan) is this week. They had the bad luck to release that movie the same week that Columbine happened. I love that movie, but it had a cloud over it from the beginning.

I wouldn't be on this web site if it were not for that movie and writing because of it. I was afraid of the Internet to start with. I still am so I'm not on Facebook or anything but here except shopping on amazon, just amazon no where else.

Have a good one and tell Bella we are holding good thoughts for her! *Heartp*

We got Bella to he Vet. She meowed all the way there and didn't want to come out of the carrier. The Vet got her out and examine her. She got her shots. Once we got home, she followed me around and ate. She was affectionate and seemed happy. Hope Boo's visit to the Vet went alright.

I want to read Jane Austen's biography by Lucy Worsley again. That is a good book about all the different places where Jane lived. I wish I could have lived at Chawton House. The pictures of it look so pretty and all the rooms inside the house. Jane's fifth great niece loved living at Chawton House.

I remember the movie Never Been Kissed. I like the movie Runaway Bride. One I would really like to see is Bridget Jones Diary. It is like Colin Firth reprises his role as Darcy in modern day.

Glad Boo is feeling better. It rained all day and stopped raining. Hope your day goes well.
I hope today is good for you.

Glad to read that Bella did fine at the Vet. I bet she was relieved to put it behind her for the year and you were, too. Boo just had her nails done and we conversed about what had happened the week before. Boo used her senior step that Tom made to get in the car, but she was able to get out without it. She has lost some weight and moving around good now that she feels somewhat more chipper.

Today we will be giving Miss Boo a bath shortly so there will be some doggie drama, but with all this pollen in the air she needs it with her allergies. Plus tomorrow it will be a lot cooler with those awful severe storms coming in again.

Mr. HOOves went out to play cards last night, and I surfed around netflix. I watched Friends, Frasier and a little of Pretty in Pink. There are lots of things on there that I didn't realize.

I think you will love Bridget Jones Diary. Hugh Grant is in it, also and he's a stinker and Colin Firth is mostly nice - his character's name is Mark Darcy. There are three of those movies, but I thought the first one was the best of all. Rene Zellweiger changed her looks so much with plastic surgery that she isn't recognizable as the same person in the third one. That was weird.

Hope your day is going good. We are trying to get a new microwave. We got one at Lowes on Monday but they didn't call like they promised with the delivery date. So, today we went in and I lost my temper and we got the whole thing refunded and trotted over to Home Depot and ended up getting a better one and spending 20$ less to be delivered next Wednesday. Funny how that worked out and the Home Depot guy was a lot more professional than the guy at Lowe's with his head in his I phone.

Take care and enjoy the weekend. Stay safe if there are storms.

It has been awhile since I saw Bridget Jones Diary. It is a cute movie. I adore Colin Firth in this one. My cousin Karen married a English man that she met in England and he is so nice. They live in Indiana. Karen loves Jane Austen. Karen loaned me Bridget Jones Diary. This is the best modern version of Pride and Prejudice.

I watched Purple Rain last night. I loved Prince and his music. This is a favorite movie of mine. He has been dead three years. He had the neatest clothes. He was so talented. I love the scene where Prince hits Morris Day with his motorcycle. Too funny. I cry as soon as he starts singing Purple Rain. My mother and Ray like this song. It is a song anyone can appreciate. If I lived in Minnesota, I would spend a lot of time at Paisley Park. Purple Rain made Prince a star along with his music.

It rained all day yesterday. Ray and I are going out to Golden Corral to eat. He has the day off. Easter Sunday will be 70 Degrees! I can get all dressed up.

Hope Boo is doing well. Bella was unfriendly yesterday but seems happy today and is playing.

I have got mad at people in stores. I understand why you lost your temper. Some lady in a mobile cart almost hit Ray two weeks ago at WalMart. I get tired of kids running into me. Kids have no respect.

Have a good day. It may rain again.

I hope the weekend goes well. We are predicted to have storms later on today with tornadoes. Lots of hysteria about what might happen on Good Friday.

Boo is not herself. Maybe she is still mad about the bath, but her fur seems very fluffy and she is itching less. She pretty much just wants to sleep. I hope Bella is back to her chipper self. Maybe Boo just needs a day with nothing going on this week to recover. I hope that's all it is.

I watched NYPD Blue as usual yesterday and not much else. I read in The American Agent. Well, I was glad to see your merit badge was delivered. I hope she gives you your badge also, soon. It's a lovely badge and all the new ones are great.

Easter is almost here. I am not ready for it really, but we don't do much anymore.

I will be glad when the weather calms down tomorrow. I only hope that Boo feels better.

I watched The Beatles in Help. I loved all the music and this movie is funny. When I was a little girl, I thought The Beatles were everything. Everything was Beatles. I enjoy watching their movies every once in awhile. I have a 8by 10 picture of them on top of one of my book cases.

We went to Golden Coral and ate. We got candy at the candy factory and got to see the Easter Bunny. Children had a three hour wait to see the Easter Bunny! It was cold and drizzly. A woman had to stand by the door and ask if we were buying candy or there to see the Easter Bunny. That would have been a cold job.

I hope Boo is doing well. She is in my prayers. Bella is up running around. I have sinus this morning and leg pain. It is breezy and may rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees for Easter. I look forward to it. Have a good weekend.
I hope that all is good there and you feel better with the leg pain. Maybe if the sun shines and it is warmer it will help everything. Glad Bella is chipper and perky. Boo is napping now, but she seemed good earlier. It is kind of day to day with her allergies.

I love the Beatles and always will. That was a great movie and so is A Hard Day's Night. They are both better than 95% of what Hollywood produces today, way ahead of their time.

Last night on Amazon Prime, I found The Loves of Dobie Gillis. I used to watch the reruns of that a lot, but it's been a long time. I started watching. Bob Denver played Maynard G. Krebs. It was a funny show that my brother and I enjoyed. It was black and white so like going back in time. Then we watched a Dennis Miller special on Amazon Prime. It was funny.

I hope your Easter is a lovely day. Glad you got to see the Easter Bunny.

I will keep an eye out when I do my errands today.


Happy Easter! *Rabbit3* *Cross1*

I watched The Ten Commandments last night. I have always loved this movie and who else but Charleston Heston could play Moses? It is an excellent religious movie and sticks to the scriptures like religious movies should. I always enjoy watching this movie. It is worth the 4 and a half hours to sit through it.

I watched Batman episodes yesterday. I have always liked Adam West. Burt Ward, too. Burt is an animal activist and he and his wife have their own animal shelter. That is great. I have loved the bat mobile and I saw it at a car show once. That would be fun to drive. An old 60's supped up car. Someone owns it now. He or she is so lucky.

I just liked Bob Denver in Gilligan's Island. I don't remember when the last time was I saw Doby Gillis.

Bella is up running around. Nice and sunny here. I will be going to church. We are having a turkey dinner this afternoon. Some people have ham but we had ham last week. Hope Boo is doing well. Sending hugs her way. Wishing you a great day. *EggB* *EggV* *Rabbit*
I hope your Easter is lovely. Give Bella a hug when she stops running for a while. Boo is sleepy. Mr. HOOves tells me she is changing. She was slow to go eat this morning. He says it's age that's catching up.

Well, that's us, too so we face it with her. We are slowing down some, too.

You know, sometimes I log in here and I don't feel like I belong. It's weird. Probably just a faze.

Those movies sound like good choices for Easter and you can never go wrong with the original Batman Series.

Later today, we are going to a place we like for Mexican food. I stopped there yesterday during my errand run. They will be open with a nice menu. So, I figured why not do something different. I am not a big fan of ham and I waited to long to go to Honey Baked, so I'll go for Mexican Food.

I am still mulling over the merit badge thing. Hopefully, she'll give you the actual badge herself soon.

Have a super day! *Heartv*

How was your Easter? We had a good Easter. I made a turkey dinner. I went to church. It was 70 Degrees. I am glad it didn't rain for Easter. That's a relief. Today is going to be 70 Degrees.

I watched westerns yesterday, The High Chaparral and Lancer. I always liked those shows and don't know why they didn't on longer then three years. Like Bonanza and Gunsmoke. Ten or eleven years. I don't even watch them anymore. I would rather watch The Big Valley, The Young Riders and The Rebel.

My leg pain is better today. Just a sinus issue today. Seems like it is always something. I hope and pray for a good day. Bella is up running around and got more food.

I was looking over some new books to read and can't find anything I want to read. I am just going to wait for Danielle Steel's book to come out. I think it will be this week or next week. I don't read much anymore. I will see if WalMart has any new books today since I will be in town later today.

I guess things change here over time like life. I do my usual writing. You and I have been here a long time and we belong. We are oldies but goodies.

Have a good day. I am thinking of you and Boo. I hope she is feeling good. Later.

I hope your sinuses feel better as the day goes on. Give Bella a hug for us! *Cat2**Heartv* I hope that your leg pain continues to improve and go away.

I see my doctor today about blood pressure and leg swelling. Later on this afternoon, after I run my errands I'll see him.

Easter was quiet. Boo perked up after we took her for a walk in the afternoon. She was pretty perky today, this morning, but is now resting in the crate. I changed all her bedding.

I loaded Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly onto my Kindle. I haven't started reading it yet, but I am reading a biography of John Lennon by his first wife, Cynthia. It's pretty good - it's called, "John."

I think that on here, it is hard sometimes when it seems like cliques and elitist groups control things. I look at an activity then I think oh, so and so is connected to that. Better to avoid and be safe than sorry. Last year the site birthday was really a fun time and things seemed all nice.

I don't see anything that I want enough anymore to put up with abuse. I guess that's the bottom line for me. It carries through to life in general. I just don't buy into it.

Have a nice day and enjoy your trip to Wal*Mart! *Heartp*

I bought the book The Pioneer Woman Tractors and Black Heels, the story of Ree Drummond. I read excerpts of her book before but this is the special WalMart edition. I will be reading this one. I adore Ree. I also bought 2 flower tops and stocked up on half price chocolate bunnies. I found a nice gold watch, cross bracelet and got a silver rhinestone bracelet for my mother.

They are showing a movie Joey about a baby kangaroo in Australia who escaped from a illegal kangaroo fighting and two children hide him. They help adults shut the business down. Another movie Fluke is almost a boy's father who dies and comes back as a dog to check on his son. I hope to see these movies on Light TV yet this month. I saw them before but hope to see them again.

I haven't done much here. I entered my unicorn and bunny poem in the Unicorn Writing Contest. The Prince Writing Challenge has three entries. I do some blog entries and wrote a prose about Elizabeth and her feelings for Darcy. I do reviews still. I still spend a lot of time here.

Bella is sleeping and loves turkey snacks. Hope Boo is doing well. I am going to Macys tomorrow. I want to buy a new purse. Have a good day. Let me know if you like the book John.
I hope your Tuesday goes good. Boo is doing well, was perky early, now is snoozing in her crate. I picked up her eye drops at the Vets and made sure all is in order for her meds.

As it turns out I have a sinus thing so got an antibiotic. It's been kind of hectic here. Grandsons have things going on coming up. I will email to you tomorrow about that.

Sounds like a good trip to Walmart for you yesterday. I went to Target and got some things including a sweatshirt (unusual for me lately) when I got my medicine.

That book "John" is revealing about his early days and their relationship which lasted 10 years. It does not paint a good picture of Yoko, but I kind of knew that she wasn't too nice in her dealings to "get" John Lennon. He did love her, but didn't end up with her for longer than he was with Cynthia. Kind of ironic there that his father left him when he was five, he left Julian when Julian was five and then John died when Sean was five. Kind of an odd coincidence with the last one with that pattern. I'm still reading in that and The American Agent. I'm not excited to do a lot of reading, but maybe I will be soon.

Cynthia comes across as honest, but I think she leaves some things out. I guess that's normal. John does not come off as very nice. Cynthia seems more normal or something in her attitudes. Her life changed a lot, then changed again abruptly so I guess it's understandable that she would have some feelings about that.

Did you hear that the Queen turned 93 on the 21st? She looked all perky in the video that I saw of her for her celebration. She has been queen way longer than I have been alive.

I enjoy doing our campfire and also judging W. Cramp and that's about it. Then I usually enjoy the site birthday month so there is that.

Take care and enjoy your Tuesday and hug Bella! *Cat2**Heartp*
I have always liked Cynthia Lennon and I feel she was a good person. I love The Beatles but John was a black sheep and fame went to his head. I hate when that happens to stars. We look up to actors and singers then they let us down. I hate when that happens. I remember to enjoy their music and movies, I try to forget their personal lives and attitudes.

I didn't do much reading or watch any movies or anything yesterday. I was out shopping and told you about the Calvin Klein lavender purse. Mom and I played board games at a friend's house.

I taped a new show Bless This Mess and I hear it is a modern version of Green Acres so this should be interesting. I watched Patty Duke shows yesterday. I was debating about getting the Mary Poppins Returns movie but I never really liked the first one. I like some of the music from it.

The Queen is 93. I won't see 93. That is a long time to live. Hail to the Queen! She is perky.

Have a good, safe trip. Give hugs to Boo. I am thinking of you.
Thank you! I hope that Bella is doing good today and all is going well. Boo is more sleepy today so far, but we will walk her later on.

The microwave that goes over the oven is supposed to be delivered today.

We are getting organized and running around doing things, getting a rental car that sort of thing.

I am so slow with my reading, but maybe while I'm offline I will read some more. Still reading The American Agent a little at a time. We finished watching NYPD Blue and are now watching a Survivor season on Amazon Prime.

That book about John is a good insight into what the Beatles early times were like and how crazy it was for their families. They never expected what happened with them to happen. Sort of interesting.

Take care and hug Bella for us! *Heartg*
I watched What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? I don't like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford but I do like this movie. It is like twisted sisters. A mentally ill sister takes care of her crippled sister in a wheel chair. Bette's character Baby Jane serves her sister a dead rat, kills her pet bird, ties her to the bed and this is dark. I do enjoy this movie. I have been staying away from dark movies but I decided to watch this one again. It is really good.

I watched Billie. Patty Duke plays a teen-ager track star, her father {Jim Backus} is running for mayor, her sister {Susan Seaforth, who plays on Days Of Our Lives} is secretly married to a Ted Bessell's character and the dog goes to every track meet. It is a comedy and I enjoy watching this movie. It is entertaining.

I watched this new show Bless This Mess. The couple move to a farm in the country. They are from New York. They have this black and white goat, the woman is afraid of. She is also afraid of cows. Reminds me of Green Acres. Lisa wasn't afraid of farm animals. Nothing can be as good as Green Acres but this show is funny. I only watched one episode.

I am still reading Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's Biography. I can see myself as her living in the country as I do. I am not a gourmet cook. I don't seem to read much anymore. I used to read when I worked the midnight shift and the patients were quiet.

Hope you are having a safe trip traveling to Virginia. Hope Boo is doing well. Bella was looking out the window.

I am thinking of buying the book John. I am curious about his former wife Cynthia has to say about him. John wasn't always nice. I saw movies about him and Yoko. I a not a big fan of Yoko.

Write to you when you get back. I am thinking of you.
I hope that all is well with you and you are feeling good and Bella is chipper. We are fine, tired but fine. Boo did real well at the Vet's, far as we can tell. They had fun with her and she was perky.

We are back, safe and sound, from the traveling! It was an awesome trip! We got to see the eldest grandson sing a Beatles song (Helter Skelter) as a solo in concert in a big auditorium with a very enthusiastic audience. The group he was playing in also sang the song, More Than a Feeling by Boston and brought the house down with that one.

Then, the next day, he played and sang Beatles songs with us! He sang Imagine, Here Comes the Sun and a bunch of other songs.

Then we went to a double header in baseball in winter weather, with 50 mile an hour winds blowing dirt in our faces. But the youngest grandson played well and played all sorts of positions during the games - including pitching and catching. He showed grandma (ME) some lovely pictures of baby animals that he has on his smartphone, including baby meercats!

I think I will get that John book by Cynthia also from amazon in a physical book. I have it on my Kindle, but I want to get the real live one for the photos I trust are in there. I'll probably buy it used.

I had some new ideas for a merit badge series involving The Beatles. I know you love the group, too and they definitely span the generations since my grandson is very into them now. He and I could talk about it a lot and that was nice on so many levels. I enjoyed it immensely! *Heart*

Did you get your Elizabeth badge yet from SMs? I was waiting for you to get that and get it in the mail before I start with anything. I wanted to see how long the whole process takes now from start to finish. Lots of ideas for it in my head, though!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! I am recovering from the travels and hotel stays and sitting in the wind and having too much fun to think about ! *Heartv*
Glad your trip went well. I always liked Boston's songs. They had some good ones. When I hear Helter Skelter, I think of Sharon Tate and her brutal murder. I have this neat book of Sharon Tate filled with pictures and the good things in her life that her sister out together of her. That's how they like to remember her. I agree.

We went to see The Avengers last movie. All the superheroes came back and are alive except Ironman. Hugh Jackman's character. Superheroes don't die. This movie was great and I enjoyed seeing it. I watched Guardians Of The Galaxy again. I like Chris Pratt and Kurt Russell is in this. I was hoping they will make another Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. They were in The Avengers. The Avengers focused more on all the Avengers. I know all the Avengers now.

It is raining here. It may rain all week. My mother and I are going to my cousin's house to spend the day. We are having lunch at her house and just going to spend the day talking.

I have been reading my Angels Magazine. Angels are inspiring and I believe they do exist.

I haven't got my Elizabeth Merit Badge, yet. Guess The StoryMistress is busy. A Beatles Merit Badge sounds great. They deserve their own badge. I will try to do the Jane Austen Newsletter tomorrow.

Glad Boo is doing well. Bella is doing pretty good. She will be alone today. She will just sleep. She has new dry food, so she will be alright. Have a good day. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
I hope that today is good for you and that Bella feels better and better. Boo, right now is snoozing comfortably, which seems like a good thing.

We did have a good trip and we needed to do it. I just wish it wasn't so hard on everyone's health, including Boo's. But, we couldn't not do it. I don't know if that makes sense, but there it is.

When we were able yesterday, we watched The Amazing Race on Amazon Prime. It was a really early (maybe the first) season. I was not able to read anything much except for instructions from the Vet that she printed out for us.

Just day to day now and trying to get everyone feeling better now that we are home.


I got to see Tangled yesterday, a remake of Rapunzel. I loved this movie. I couldn't believe all the long, beautiful blonde hair she had. She was kidnapped as a baby and the witch was nice to her at first but then got mean after Rapunzel left the tower. I adore fairy tales. Another favorite for me.

Bella was running around. I am praying for Boo. It is raining here, well trying to. It sure rained yesterday. I am catching up on things here. Tomorrow, I will be going out for lunch with friends.

Tonight is Survivor. Glad you are recovering from your trip. I am always thinking of you and Boo. When ever I see a Bassett hound, I think of Boo. Have a good day.
I hope all is good today for you and for Miss Bella. Keeping a good thought for all of you. Boo is resting and did well yesterday and this morning and was perky on and off. We are taking it day to day. The Vet says it might be a one time thing. We love her and will get her through it, whatever comes.

Rapunzel was a childhood favorite for me. My mother used to read it to me from Grimm's Fairy Tales book. Fairy Tales are the best stories - most of the other stuff we read has our roots in them.

We watched a season of Survivor on Amazon Prime. Now, they have more than 20 seasons of Amazing Race. We are currently on Season 2 and are enjoying that show a lot. I like watching it all together without the commercials. I hope they get more old Survivor seasons than just the one we watched. It was entertaining. The seasons I liked best of Survivor are the ones with Rupert Bonham. I thought he was sweet with the animals he met.

Nothing much new otherwise. Glad to be home and we will take it each day at a time. Thanks again for hosting such a nice challenge with your Prince Activity in April. I always look forward to it now.

I watched Beauty and the Beast last night. The one with "Matthew" from Downton Abbey is the best. I love this movie. I get caught up in all the romance, the talking candle stick, clock and the wardrobe. It is like being in a fantasy land. I will never be too old for fairy tales. I do like Robby Benson's voice in the old Beauty and the Beast cartoon one. I will never grow up. I don't want to.

I will hold the Prince Challenge again next year. I got 4 entries and this means a lot to me. I think Prince is smiling.

Bella is fine. She likes to play in her card board box that I leave for her in the kitchen. We used the box to put things in after we got a new dishwasher and had to unload underneath the sink. We emptied the box and Bella jumped in it, so this is her box. She loves it. I am glad Boo is doing better. We want our pets to be with us forever. They do entertain us and keep us company.

I am still reading God's Creatures. I need to take time to read other books. I wish you a good day. You, Tom and Boo are in my prayers.
Big Friday hugs to you and Bella and Ray! *Heartp*

We are day to day here, so far so good today and things look good. Boo is snoozing in her crate after a good morning. She has some confusion now and walks away from snacks, wandering away. I changed her bedding like I always do on Friday, so back in the routine there.

I already went for my blood test this morning, and got that done. A week from today I see the endocronologist and hopefully he can help me with the ankle swelling thing that is still going on.

I had fun this morning calling Walgreens about getting the pictures I took developed. I have a ten year old Sony camera, with the camera card so I actually want to print out the photos.

The lady at the store said you can download from your phone and I said no I can't because I do not have a smart phone, I am a dinosaur! I have a little thing I want to plug into their kyosk so I can print out my photos and send them to my daughter, who will probably roll her eyes at me sending her physical photos. LoL Crazy Grandma! (me) *Laugh*

That version of Beauty and the Beast with Matthew Stevens is the best. I loved watching it!

We are on season 3 of The Amazing Race. Hope to read some later on after I run my errands and get my photos printed or at least ordered. Have a good day and take care! Hug *Cat2* Bella for us! *Heart*
I don't print off pictures off my phone. I just send them to my computer. I still enjoy physical pictures. I scrapbook them when I do physical pictures. Everything is technology and there are some things we need to do the old fashioned way. I like to do physical shopping. THAT will never change.

I have been watching Home Improvement, According To Jim, Newhart and Partridge Family. I enjoy watching these shows. We don't do Netflix or satellite. I like watching old shows.

Bella don't like her food. We are going to WalMart and buy her different varieties plus we always need something. I was just there yesterday and bought Pioneer Woman spatulas, chip clips and dish towels.

Hope your blood test results are alright. I get so tired of seeing doctors. I will be glad to get off xarelto. I get tired of blood tests and other medical tests.

Hope Boo is doing well. I am always thinking of you. Have a good weekend.
I hope your weekend is going good and Bella is back in the groove with liking her food. As Boo ages her appetite is less. She's still an enthusiastic eater for meals, but she wanders off if we are too slow with the healthy snacks now. She is snoozing in her crate before breakfast now, but was perky earlier.

My doctor appointment to find out the results is next Friday. Always something. I hope you can get off that medicine soon. It is good when we can move on from the medicine at times. The book sale is this week coming also - Thurs, Fri and Sat. My brother and his girlfriend are coming for it Friday and Saturday. It's been a year since I saw my brother so it will be nice to see him.

My brother said he hasn't read the books he bought last year. I feel the same way. I think I read one of them or two maybe. On Saturday morning in the sale, you can fill as many paper grocery bags as you want. It is 10$ a bag no matter how many books are fitting in the bag, no limit on the number of bags.

Those are some good shows. We are on Season 4 of The Amazing Race. It looks like a lot of Survivor has been added to Amazon Prime. More choices is good.

I did not read much this week. I have a book coming from Amazon that Joanne recommended called Normal People by Sally Rooney. She is an Irish writer. I would like to finish the two books I started a while back. They sit there on the table, mocking me now.

Hope your Saturday and weekend are good. We are supposed to have storms later today. We could use the rain here for the dry grass. Take care - you and Bella and Ray are in my prayers, too! *Heart*

I have been cleaning house all day. I did take time to watch some of The Greatest American Hero. I do love superheroes. I watched Outback Docs. I love how they save wildlife animals and care about them. This always warms my heart. I watch Dr. Lisa and she helps families find a dog. She gives them three, well, lets them look at 3 dogs to choose from and then they pick one. I would have a hard time choosing. They are always so cute and sweet.

Today is Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you. I am thinking of watching a Star Wars movie or two. Chewbecca, the guy who played him in real life died. This is so sad. No more Chewie. I love Luke Skywalker back.

We had storms all week. Yesterday was cloudy. Today is nice and sunny. Some areas have flooding. We don't. We are lucky. Hope you get some rain. I would gladly send you some.

I got my new Soap Opera Magazine so I will be reading that today. Bella is milling around. She ate a whole plate of dry food. We will have to haul her around in a wheel barrel pretty soon.

Hope Boo is doing well. Oh. Your Book Sale sounds like fun. I bought books 18 months ago and I didn't read them. I need a wheel barrel to haul my books in. Have a good weekend. Give Boo hugs and read her a book. Ha. Ha.
I hope all is good this Sunday with you and Bella is doing well and eating like she should. Boo did good yesterday with a walk and is doing good so far today. We take it day by day now. She was up and perky and now is down for a snooze in the crate.

We watched some more Amazing Race yesterday and I watched some Gilmore Girls last night. I read a little in The Swans of 5th Avenue. I hope to finish that book and the other one (The American Agent) by the end of May.

My brother became a grandpa again yesterday to a little girl. So, I have another great niece. My brother is grandpa to 12 grandkids now, including one set of triplets. The triplets are about to turn 17. The eldest of his grandkids is 30, the youngest is 1 day old. Pretty cool cats, for the most part.

The book, Normal People, by Sally Rooney arrived. I also bought that book, John by Cynthia Lennon, used, but it is supposed to arrive next week sometime. I ordered the hardback of it.

We got some rain and storms late yesterday, with more rain expected today. I ran a bunch of errands, but managed to get them done before the rains came. My brother has laser surgery on one eye (for a film that developed after cataract surgery) tomorrow. If all goes well, I will see him and his girlfriend on Friday.

I tell Mr. HOOves that I have all these books so that if I start reading a book and it stinks (I usually give it 25 - 50 pages) then I have something else to read. Yesterday I went to Barnes and Nobles for the first time in a couple of months. I did not buy anything. I saw that stupid Mueller Report prominently displayed and it made me sick. Why isn't it free since we all (taxpayers) paid for the thing and it has a lot of stuff redacted (inked out) so I don't get the point. Oh well.

I will go back to B & N more often now to check out the new stuff I think. But I may not rejoin any time soon, unless I can see a big point to it.

Times they are a-changin for me with my habits I reckon. THinking of you and hoping all will go well this week.


I went to Church yesterday but had to leave early. My friend Linda and I were going to meet up at the county home where we used to work. They are going to open it up again with patients facing addiction challenges. The place has new wall paper, some walls are painted, new carpeting, new molding on the fireplace and the place got a face lift. It does look nice. Some other employees who worked there showed up and we sat in the remodeled beauty shop and talked about old times there. We are all retired and have no desire to work there again. I walked into the one room where they use to have a book case of books. I remember reading a book about a unicorn who was a friend to a teen-age girl until she got married and he left. I wonder what they did with that book. I just happen to think of that book yesterday. The other ladies and I had a good time. I hadn't been in that place in two years. I felt a little sad. I am glad to be retired.

I am still reading All God's Creatures. I am touched by people and their relationships with animals. Seems like I just watch TV. I watched Johnny Cash last night and Sonny and Cher.

Bella is doing well and I hope Boo is, too. I will need to start my day pretty soon. Enjoy reading. Have a good day.
I hope that Monday is going good for you. Sounds like you had a good Sunday reminiscing with your friends. I bet it is an interesting story what happened to that book about the unicorn - it sounds like a good story to me. Give Bella a hug for me! Boo was perky, has had her morning eating and outings and is now resting in her crate. We take it day to day, but good yesterday and good this morning. *Heartg*

I finished the book, Swans of Fifth Avenue that I started a few months back. It is by Melanie Benjamin. I can't say I loved it, but I finished it. The ending was sad, I could have lived without that. Now, I keep going with The American Agent. I hope to finish it before my brother and his girlfriend get here this week and then we have the book sale starting Thurs.

I have to go see someone for a meeting tomorrow. Then on Wed I have an appointment, then the booksale Thurs, Fri and Sat and a doctor's appointment on Friday morning. Busy week this one. I hope that things actually get done by me.

I will go to the used book place today with some stuff, clearing it out to buy more stuff on the weekend. It's fun for me to do that. Well, take care and enjoy your Monday! Hug Miss Bella. I hope you get your badge this week!

I watched That 70's Show last night. We watched 911. I didn't watch any DVD movies. Tonight, my mother and I are going to a friend's house to play board games and probably be out late. I won't be watching TV or anything tonight. I probably won't be doing much reading today as well.

I am still thinking about ordering the book John By Cynthia Lennon. Let me know if you like it when you start reading it. The Swans Of Fifth Avenue sounds interesting. I hate sad endings in books and movies.

Going to rain off and on today. Bella was rubbing up against me. Time to start my day. Enjoy your book sale. I wish Barnes and Nobles would have a big sale on books. I haven't been there in awhile but I may get to go tomorrow.

Hope Boo is doing well. Give her hugs. Not much going on. Enjoy your busy week. Hopefully, I will have a quiet week. Have a good day.
I hope today is a good day for you and Miss Bella and that everything goes good and you have fun with your board games tonight. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. Boo is snoozing and so far so good today. She did good yesterday too. So, better and she barked at me to come in the kitchen this morning and give her treats. Hasn't done that in a while, but maybe getting back to normal or the new normal, whatever that is.

I have to leave in the afternoon for a while.

I read the book "John" by Cynthia Lennon on the Kindle. It was good. It arrived yesterday, used from Amazon, the hardback. I looked through and the pictures are nice. I am happy that I got it. I enjoyed reading her thoughts on things. I was a bit skeptical about the money situation that she portrayed since when she died she was worth 6 million. It didn't make sense to me with all the struggling she portrayed, but maybe that is relative to the hundreds of millions Yoko Ono ended up with.

I went to the used book place and sold some and picked up some credits and got a head start on the book sale in finding some. As far as I know, my brother is still coming. My cousin called to wish me a Happy Birthday, but she got the month and the day wrong. She was two months early. *Laugh*

Before I go for the meeting this afternoon, I hope to read some in my book. We are still watching The Amazing Race, up to Season 6 I think on Amazon Prime.

Hug Bella for us - *Kiss*. Hope you have a lot of fun with the games later this evening.


Danielle Steel has a new book that came out yesterday called Blessings In Disguise. A woman named Isabella has three kids and I think it is during World War 2. She decided she doesn't want to be married anymore and is a single mother managing three children. I may buy it today. I have to get my phone straightened out. It is charging me for data and I haven't been used my phone internet. The man said it was Play Store and he fixed it. Well, he didn't. Like seriously. I get to go back to Verizon today.

I had a good time at Game Night last night. My mother and I used to play board games a lot and quit. Now, every 2 weeks or so, we will be having Game Night. We played 60's Monopoly. I sure miss the 60's. They have a Happy Hippie Boutique that opened out. I want to check out all the hippie goodies. I may do that today.

Bella is up running around. I am behind on things but I am getting started on things. Hope Boo is doing well. Hope she feels good.

Yoko Ono caused problems for the Beatles. John Lennon thought she walked on water. Paul McCartney and John were mad at each other for years and then they made up right before John died. It was over Yoko. I hope Cindy was happy without him. I think she married someone else later. I think I will order her book about John.

Have a good day. I hope I do. I am all stirred up over my phone. I am thinking of you.
I hope you get it straightened out about your phone. Dealing with stuff like that is so aggravating. We had problems with a Verizon Agent pretending to be the real Verizon. Make sure you are dealing with the real Verizon office and not some cellular service guy joker. Fingers and hooves crossed that you will get it fixed.

Boo is not perky today - just sleepy . I guess this is the new normal. Some days good and others just like this. A cat was on her deck and she didn't even notice or howl. Just slept through it. Give Bella a big hug!

60s Monopoly sounds fun. I wish I could go back and be a kid in the 60s again with the Beatles music and everything fun. The world has changed a lot.

That royal baby sure is a cutie pie. It is nice to see Prince Harry look so happy. I hope they somehow name the baby after Princess Diana's side.

The book sale starts tomorrow. My brother keeps changing his plans. I think he will be around on Friday for sure, maybe late Thursday, too. We will cruise over tomorrow for our first visit. I am relaxed and have nothing urgent to look for or get. It will just be having fun. Tomorrow they have the biggest selection, then everything goes to half price on Friday and then Fill a bag for 10$ each on Saturday morning, with no limit. The next few days may be a whirlwind as I also have a doctor appointment on Friday morning. Always things going on at once, then nothing for a long time it seems.

I hope all goes well for you! *Heartp*
I went to Verizon and I hope I got my phone straightened out. The guy says today starts a new cycle, so everything should be alright and The Play Store gone. I hope so. I am done playing games on my phone. We are looking for a new server. Now, Ray wants to go with a smart phone. He says he needs it for his auto electric shop. Good. He can pick the new server.

I bought Blessings In Disguise By Danielle Steel. Her books all sound alike it seems but I will read it. I like her old books better. The Duchess and Fairytale were her best ones. I make it a point to read every Danielle Steel book. She has always been my favorite author outside of Jane Austen, of course.

It rained some yesterday and this morning. Storms could get severe later. I hope not.

Meghan and Harry named the baby Archie. I would thought they would have named him Archibald. A new Prince. I just got a glimpse of him on the morning news. I bet he will be cute. I feel like the Royals are ours even though we live in the US. I have always admired The Royals. I*t goes back to when I was a little girl and loved Princesses.

Bella had a coughing spell. She gets one every 2 or 3 months. The Vet said it isn't anything to worry about. She was back here rubbing against my leg. Hope Boo is doing good. Bella looks out the patio at the birds. She looks outside at night, too. She must see things that I don't. When we had Tigger, she saw a raccoon and she ran all through the house all upset. It was funny.

Let me know how the book sale goes. Have a good day. We have a fan of this Campfire. I am glad. Give Boo hugs.
I hope all is good and goes well with you today with the phone arrangements!

Hope Bella is perky. Boo is worn out and not coming out to eat, which is pretty unusual, but she had a big day with more people and snacks than usual yesterday with company being here. The book sale wasn't as good as usual in a couple of ways, but it was still fun. I got to see my brother and his girlfriend and I enjoyed that.

That Danielle Steel book sounds good. She always has such great characters in her books.

It is back to the book sale this morning for me to fill a bag for 10$ if I can find some good books to do it with.

Hope your day goes good. Give Bella a hug, also. Boo stays in her crate so far.


I haven't had a chance to start reading the new Danielle Steel book. I hope to, yet today. I am reading All Of God's Creatures. I bought People Magazine with The Royals and they didn't put a picture of the baby in it. Just teasers. I did see a clip of Harry and Meghan holding the baby today on Good Morning America. The magazine included other things about the Royals. It is a good reference.

I watched That 70's Show. I did watch CSI Miami. I haven't taken time to watch a movie. Ray is sad because Big Bang Theory has one more episode and it is done. I am celebrating. THAT is not a favorite with me.

Bella is sitting in the dryer on my clothes. I will have to wait until later to finish folding up clothes. I did get the bathrooms clean. The kitchen is next. Busy weekend. Cleaning.

Hope Boo is doing well. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

*Heartv*Happy Mothers Day to You!*Heartp*

I wish I had happier news today. Boo is not doing too well. So, we do our best to take care of her now and comfort her through it. It is sort of an up and down time, but anything stressful seems to take a toll now.

We still watch Amazing Race, season 11 or something now and I am still trying to finish The American Agent by Jaqueline Winspear. It's not a page turner so far.

Give Bella a big hug for me and have a happy day!!! I hope it is full of nice things for you all and the weather cooperates! We are supposed to get storms, but I'm not going anywhere that I know of. The book sale was not as good as sometimes - this seems to be an off year for everything.

Enjoy your day!!!

*HeartP* Hope you had a good Mothers Day. Mom and I went to Church. Dad had a cold and stayed home. My son Jason text me Happy Mothers Day. He is in Minnesota. His wife Erin and her mother are here in Indiana and are coming over to visit tomorrow. Jason couldn't take time off from his job. He is a Psychologist and has a busy Case load.

My husband found a book by his tractor cases. It is called Days Of Remembrance. It is like a calendar book with quotes about mothers and pictures of little girls with her dolls, teddy bears, toys and having tea parties with her dolls. It is a beautiful book I bought years ago and I had forgotten about it. A nice book for today, Mothers Day. I left it to set on the coffee table next to my Audrey Hepburn book.

I read my Soap Opera Magazine so I know what will be happening on my show. I like to know story lines ahead of time and who is leaving the show.

Peggy Lipton died. I loved her when she played in The Mod Squad and I remember her playing in Twin Peaks. She owned a restaurant or something. I tried to look like her, wearing my hair long and dressing like her.

I do hope Boo is doing well. Bella was running wild this morning and playing with her stuffed beanie raccoon that she loves. She chases after her milk rings. She knows how to have fun.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. Thinking of you.

It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day with lots of love and surprises! Thanks again for making mine so nice here! *Heartv*

That book that Ray found sounds like he found it at just the right time. Very cool.

Boo is up and down. Yesterday morning was rough, but she was 100% better by afternoon. This morning was good. Ups and downs of aging, I guess. Mr. HOOves says she is definitely changing. This morning was really nice and she came and got me to go to the breakfast table like she does sometimes, but mostly forgets to do now.

I heard that Doris Day died. She was 97. I think her singing this song I'm linking, Que Sera Sera is the first song I remember. My mother used to sing it. Doris Day lived her life taking care of and loving animals. She lived a long life and I love a lot of her movies.

She outlived her son. That must have been hard for her. Her son was the one the Mansons were looking for because Manson was mad that Terry Melcher didn't give him a record deal. Terry Melcher was her son and Candace Bergen was his girlfriend. That's who some think they thought was living in that house.

Doris Day lived a good life with lots of songs and love. *Heart*


I heard Doris Day died. She did a lot to rescue animals and I admired her for it. I enjoyed the movies she was in and she had a good singing voice. I remember watching her weekly comedy show as a single Mom. She was a cute actress. Her son and Candice Bergan are lucky that Manson didn't get them. It was so sad what happened to Sharon Tate.

I ordered The Jane Austen book by Lucy Worsley about the places where Jane lived. I had it on my Nook but my Nook erased my books. I AM SO DONE WITH ELECTRONIC READERS!!! This book will be my belated Mothers Day gift. This is one book I really liked and needed the physical version of. My Nook did this before and maybe I can get Barnes and Nobles to correct it. I will see.

I hope Boo is doing well. Bella jumped on the dryer when I was folding up clothes and she knows better then that. I am getting the house ready for my daughter-in-law and her mother to come visit. That is all that is going on here. Give Boo hugs. Have a good day.
I hope all goes well for the visit you have planned! That is awful about your Nook!! I had my Kindle act up on me when I went on the trip we went on. I couldn't access things much. It was like I had to go in and do an extra step to have anything available offline. Hopefully, Barnes and Noble can help with it.

Give Bella a big hug! *Cat2* *Heartv* She has a lot of kitten in her, with naughty laundry activities! Boo always tries to eat the dryer sheets if I drop them on the floor. She takes it and runs off and hides it to chew on it if she gets one. Mostly she stands watching when I am doing laundry and points out socks or things that get dropped on the floor. She gets a treat for doing that.

Doris Day was one of the last movie stars. I guess Olivia de Haviland and Kirk Douglas are the ones left - both in their 100's I think. My mother loved Doris Day and so did I. My friend Joanne is a big fan of hers, also. She loved animals. The snobs in Hollywood overlooked her, but they overlooked most of their treasures. I don't care about film actors much now. They aren't glamorous to me - most of them look like they don't bathe often and probably smell bad.

I guess that means I'm out of it and a dinosaur, but I can live with that.

Que sera sera. Have a great Tuesday and have fun with your visit. I was going to do a lot of stuff for my brother's visit, then I thought no. I will just relax and mostly it worked better for me. He doesn't care if I dust every crevice, or even notice.


My daughter-in-law Erin, her mother Sandy, Ray and I had a good visit. I missed having my son Jason being here. Bella was unfriendly. I don't know why. She gets that way. Erin bought me a gift bag of goodies. A stuffed yellow lama named Fluffy. I could use this for a story with Louie, the lama and unicorn I already wrote. I also a lama dish towel. Lama trinket holder, stickers and note paper. I thought this was nice. She said she wanted to send me these things after my blood clot but didn't get around to it. I got them a day after Mothers Day. This is sweet.

I watched a Green Acres Reunion Movie last night. I had seen it before. All the cast members were in it except Fred and Doris Ziffel. They had died. They had a niece Daisy who was visiting. I loved them. Arnold was in it and they went to New York. They went back to Hooterville. Hooterville looked completely different and it was filmed outside. The house looked different so I guess they started from scratch or something. Mr. Haney had a hotel and Henry Gibson was trying to buy the town and turn it into a city. They made Henry's character think the town was having a earthquake and he left. Eb had 6 boys and was having another one. I like to watch this movie when I get a chance.

I hope to go to Barnes and Nobles next week. See if they fix my Nook. I have a busy week. This week is quiet. I am doing chores today and it is sunny out. Hope Boo is doing well. I am a dinosaur, too. Seems like the world is changing. I don't like change but it happens. In Hollywood and all over. Have a good day.
Sounds like you had a nice visit. So, it is a mother's Day week with nice surprises going on for you. That's good! *Hearty* I hope that Bella is having a good day today and things have settled down. Sometimes visitors upset the routine. With Boo, she was friendly, but it took her a couple of days to get back to some hint of the new normal. She felt the need to be in the room with them on her pad and that seemed to wear her out a bit.

Give Bella a hug! Boo has her allergies acting up, but has just gone in to rest. We will see how that goes. So far it didn't. She snorted and coughed a bit, so I gave her ice chips and some Benadryl and eye drops.

Green Acres was a great show. I didn't know they did a reunion movie. I bet that was a hoot. Well, Arnold, the Ziffel's adopted son, was always a favorite here. He was so clever and cute!

Tim Conway passed yesterday so three Hollywood treasures, with him, Doris Day and Peggy Lipton. Tim Conway used to make me laugh so hard I would cry when he would break up Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett Show.

I hope that Barnes and Noble can help you with the Nook. They should be able to since they are tied to it so strongly. That was a big marketing thing they used - that you could just go into the store and get help if you had any trouble with it. I hope they are actually helpful!

Have a good day and take good care! *Heartb*
Did you know they want to reboot Green Acres? I hope they leave it alone. You can't replace the old cast. They were the best. Bless This Mess is a modern version of Green Acres but, nothing can replace Green Acres. I love the reunion movie. I didn't know about it until I found it by accident late one night. It is a good, funny movie.

I am sad Tim Conway died. I loved him. He was so funny. Peggy Lipton. I admired it and wanted to be like her. Mod Squad episodes will be on Decades TV this weekend and I hope to watch some. That was a great show. Teen-agers can relate to it. I was always impressed by Peggy and her character Julie Barnes. Doris Day was so sweet.

Sorry to hear Boo has allergies. My sinuses act up off and on. Bella has been following me around. She laid down with me this morning for awhile. It is sunny here.

My Jane Austen book should be here by this weekend. I love collecting books about Jane Austen's life. I have 4 versions of Pride and Prejudice. My favorite Jane novel.

Have a good day. Boo, too. Hope it is sunny your way.
I think that Boo has good days and bad ones. And that is our new normal. Today she is limping so I do not think a walk is in the cards. I am hoping it is just she slept on her leg wrong. She also licks her paws from the allergies and that makes them sore at times. It is sunny here and supposed to be warmer. Should be a nice day. She is cheerful and doing all her normal stuff, just with a limp. Some days I limp, too. I am hoping that's all that's going on, just a muscle thing. *Hearty*

I hope that Bella has a good day and enjoys some fun time in the sun. *Sun**Cat2**Hearty*

There is a guy in my neighborhood. He usually walks two Basset Hounds. Only, it looks like they walk him. They have funny names like Petunia and Gardenia, something like that. He was walking them down our little street and he had a third one with him. That one looked more like Boo - she has shorter ears than a lot of Bassets - hers don't drag on the ground and she isn't heavy. The ones he walks are pretty heavy, but he's skinny. They literally pull him along. He says they all want to go and smell in different directions. That is what walking Boo is like. She has her nose to the ground and wants to stop and sniff every couple of steps. I do not know how he beings to be be able to walk three, going in three directions. More power to him.

They should not mess with doing a new Green Acres. Why tamper with perfection? That was a great show. They should come up with something original for now with all these smart people with their smart gadgets.

I don't see much smart going on in Hollyweird.

I finally finished The American Agent by Jacqueline Winspear. It was pretty good, but not my favorite of hers. Now I am done with The Swans of Fifth Avenue and The American Agent. I need to do Product Reviews, but I am lazy.

I am starting to read Normal People by Sally Rooney, an Irish Writer. I think some of it takes place at Trinity College in Dublin. When I went to the book sale I got a biography of Jane Austen, called "Becoming Jane Austen" by Jon Spence. It is a paperback and I forgot to mention that I got it.

We are watching Amazing Race 15 or so on Amazon Prime. Still enjoying that- we watch a season in a day or two.

I was thinking about this Beatles thing. I want to do it in a way that is fun and does not depend on anything else in terms of timing. I guess it could be done with a trophy that already exists instead of a merit badge. There is a music trophy. It costs a lot more so maybe people would enjoy that sort of thing.

I do not know. Then I think about unfairness and I think why bother. So, I am torn.

Hope your day is a stellar one and things go great! *Heartt*

Sorry to hear Boo is limping. Bella has been running around. I wish I had her ambition. I limp, too at times. I just hope I won't need cortisone shots for a long time. They told me I may need them someday. I hope not.

I ordered a new book The Illustrated Letters Of Jane Austen. It is pink and looks like The Golden Treasury Jane Austen Scrapbook. I was going through that book last night. I love having samples of her hand written manuscript, letter samples and the pictures. I hope I will like the new book I ordered. It is brand new. My mother said I have a thing for Jane Austen. She is right. I do. I read the book Becoming Jane Austen. I read they teach Jane Austen in some schools. When I went to school, I had never heard of Jane Austen. Now, she is a household word. Royalty in England wasn't talked about much in the US until Prince Charles married Diana. We all know the Royals and Jane Austen.

The Beatles thing. A music trophy would be nice. Everyone loved The Beatles except my mother but she liked Ringo. What ever you decide would be alright.

The Basset Hounds sound cute. I love all dogs. They always look so sad. They are cute.

I am going to read more of All God's Great Creatures today. Survivor finished up another year. I am always surprised who wins the million dollars. I wouldn't make it staying on that island an sleeping outdoors. You don't know what snakes and spiders will show up. I am looking forward to next year's Survivor.

Have a good day. Give Boo hugs. She is in my prayers.
Hope all is well and Bella is doing good. Boo seems a little better with the limp. She forgets it and scampers. Then remembers. Then limps. Then doesn't so a bit better today. We limp at times too and then we don't so it's probably a bit of sleeping on the shoulder wrong or something. Give Bella a big hug for us! *Cat2**Heartv*

That book sounds awesome. I did product reviews for the books I read.

John   (Rated: 18+)
ASIN: 0307338568
ID #114086
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 15.99

ASIN: 0345528700
ID #114087
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 11.39

ASIN: 006243666X
ID #114088
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 12.60

So I got the ones done in May that I wanted to get done. Yay.

I am really rethinking a lot of things about what goes on here.

I probably will do nothing in the end. That is where I come out. Activities go along great and then suddenly something happens and it turns me off and I can't find it again, the will to keep trying.

People devalue their own activities. I get why (fundraising), but then it changes things. It does for me, anyway in some instances. I can only speak for me.

Someone can sweep in and in a couple of years be more valued than someone who has been around for 19 years. I guess that's life in the fast lane... or something. It is sort of painful to think about what it is exactly and what it says about empire building and human nature in general.

And people get swept up into the periphery of activities they never supported and a cloud is cast and once a cloud descends it is challenging to get excited because one knows things won't go as advertised.

I will do what I enjoy and find a way to make things happen. Other than that, I am in the process of withdrawing quietly from quite a bit. I just don't see the big point to a lot of it right now.

I am reading the Sally Rooney book, called "Normal People."

She is an Irish writer who doesn't follow the rules a lot, but she's a fine storyteller. She breaks rigid rules about putting things in quotations. She has no quotations so it's all a told story instead of a shown one. That will probably set a lot of reviewers' hair on fire.

Makes for good reading and it's a short book.

We are still watching Amazing Race - up in season 15 or 16 now I think

I hope your Friday is a good one! *Heartg*

I read Danielle Steel's new book Blessings In Disguise. Isabella, the main character had three girls. Her first daughter's father wouldn't marry her, so she raised the child alone. She got married to a man and had another daughter. This man was a con artist and went to jail, so she divorced him. Her third husband was an art dealer like her and they had a little girl. He died and her daughters grew up with problems of their own. Looks like Isabella was going blind and was getting treatments. Isabella had a boyfriend and looks like they might have gotten married in the end. I think Danielle is running out of things to write about. I always make a point to read all her books.

I ordered The Jane Austen Illustrated Treasury Book Of Letters. It says this book of letters helped influence her to write her novels. I am curious about this book. It should arrive next week.

The books you described sound interesting. I don't read as much as I used to. I still enjoy reading. I haven't done much writing here. My sinuses are acting up. We had three rainstorms last night. It looks cloudy and foggy this morning. I have to go to graveside services for my friend's husband tomorrow. I want to be there for her.

Hope Boo is doing well. I am thinking of you. Have a good day.
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. I got some stuff done with housekeeping this morning so I feel good about that. Laundry is well under way.

Give Bella a big hug and a smile from Boo. *Sun**Hearty* *Tulipy* Boo's limp is much better - must have been a sprain or slept on it wrong. She's running around again until the next crisis hits. I hope that isn't any time soon.

I get post traumatic stress attacks when anyone has a health thing here. It's like I relive the horror of the fear and the event. It's why I hate going to any medical setting or having anyone else do it. Still, it's a fact of life that all of us face sooner or later if we are lucky enough to survive what life throws our way.

I am not doing much. I am reading in the Sally Rooney book, Normal People. It's entertaining and not too long. I think I will finish it in the coming week unless I get sidetracked.

You know all that reviewing nonsense where people say "show, don't tell". This book, Normal People, a big best seller is all tell and it works very well. It's written by a young Irish writer who obviously isn't afraid of rule-breaking and she's won a lot of awards. There is not a quotation mark in the book, which is more than 200 pages.

Still watching Amazing Race. I am way behind in all my reading, including Danielle Steele. I am not buying more new books until I catch up a bit with the reading. Famous last words. I may buy used books, though on Amazon. I hope you get your Kindle fixed at B & N. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your weather cooperates! *Hearty*

I worry about health problems a lot and see a doctor more then I should. I pray things will be alright and ask the doctor a lot of questions. I like to be informed.

My Jane Austen book by Lucy Worsley came in and I like the hard copy of it better then the Nook version. When Jane writes her novels and reading her biography, you can see that Jane is writing about herself and family. I think we all write something of ourselves in our characters in stories. It is just a given. I am enjoying the book about Jane Austen.

Hawaii 5-0 had it's season finale last night. Everyone is looking forward to the Game Of Thrones finale. I have never even seen one episode. Maybe someday.

I watched Mermaids last night. I love Cher and Winona Ryder. Cher's character had a variety of boyfriends and was always moving. She was a single mother with two daughters. This movie always warms my heart and I like that it takes place in the 60's and mentions JFK's shooting. That was a sad time. This movie is entertaining.

I would like to see Rocket Man, the movie about Elton John. I will probably have to wait until it comes on DVD. Ray never seemed too excited about it.

I watched a special about Harry and Meghan last night. Got to see the baby. Meghan is 37 years old. I guess I wasn't aware of that. They seem like a happy couple.

Bella is trying to take a nap. Hope Boo is doing well. No rain. Going to be 80 today. I m going to the grave by my church for my friend's husband's grave side services. Have a good day and good weekend.
I hope the weekend is a good one for you. Give Bella a big hug! I got lots of stuff done yesterday, but then was tired. Boo seems better today and was better yesterday, so we're in a good spurt - a hopeful time of her feeling better (hopefully).

Still reading in Normal People by Sally Rooney. I think I will finish it this week if all goes well. It's a good book, not great, but good.

Mermaids was a great movie. I watched a bunch of seasons of Game of Thrones. I think I got to the middle of the sixth season. From the beginning it was confusing to me as some of the actors (guys with beards) looked alike. I read the first book and it helped me a lot. The book was clear and well written.

But, I didn't enjoy when they would kill some characters and bring them back. They just did that sometimes, and not always with the ones I wanted back there. Also, the magical stuff was weird to me. Why do these guys transform and those guys don't. That sort of thing. The biggest turn-off for me was the extremely graphic violence toward the women, particularly the Stark's eldest girl, Sansa. The gore was really hard for me in the beginning, too. Mr. HOOves convinced me to watch the first episode all the way through because after about 20 minutes I was done.

And when they killed off some of the direwolves, I don't think you would enjoy that because the direwolves that were killed were beautiful and devoted. I wanted to do bad things to those guys and gals who caused hurt to the beautiful wolves. I wanted the wolves back healthy and the people's heads on the sticks instead.

There was a lot of blood and violence all the way through toward animals and people.

The thing I liked best was the humor with the characters of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and the Eunich, Varys. Those guys cracked me up. Maybe someday when it is on Netflix, I will watch the rest of it. So far of the seasons I watched, the first one was the best. I traded them in at the used book place (most of the seasons that I owned) and I don't miss watching it.

I think in a couple of years it will be on Netflix or something anyway, like everything ends up. If you think you want to watch it, I would recommend reading the first book beforehand.

Have a great Sunday and I hope all goes well! *Hearty**Sun*

Guess I am glad I didn't start watching The Game Of Thrones. Killing wolves, blood and gore doesn't set well with me. Wolves are my favorite animals. I have the books. I read the first two chapters of the first book and didn't care for it. I won't worry about trying to watch the series. Thanks for sharing this with me.

I watched With Six You Get An Eggroll. This movie has Doris Day, Brian Keith and Barbara Hershey, Their characters marry and Doris has a teen-aged son and two younger boys after 10 and Brian's character has a teen-aged daughter. It is a comedy and a cute movie. Jamie Farr of Mash is in it and so is the Father from Mash. They played hippies. This movie was made in 1968. I always liked this movie and was happy to find it last night on a movie channel. They are showing Sense and Sensibility Tuesday. The one with Kate Winslet. I have an eye doctor appointment Tuesday. I may borrow the movie from my friend Linda.

We are going to AT& T and buy new smart phones. Verizon is such a pain and rip off. I didn't get the answers I wanted about my phone using data from The Play Store at Verizon. We will be done with them after today. Hooray! Ray is getting a smart phone. He needs it for his business to order parts and take pictures of tractors and parts to send to customers.

It may storm this afternoon. Bella was upset and ran off when a bottle of my pills fell out of the cupboard when I was getting my pills out. She is so sensitive. Hope Boo is having a good day. I am thinking of you.
I hope today is a good day for you and for Bella. I hope she is calmed down and things have evened out. *Cat2**Hearty**Tulipy* Boo is having a good day so far. Snoozing now. We never know what each day will bring now, but so far so good.

ATT sounds like they will do what you want. I saw that they are set up now in Costco and I was interested in that. If you sign up through Costco, I was told that you don't have to deal with AT&T, you just deal with Costco. It is some sort of fiber optic thing that not every community has. We have it because we are in the city here.

That Doris Day movie is a good one. I think I saw it a long time ago. I always enjoyed her movies.

I finished these two books.

ASIN: 1682614433
ID #114097
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 12.61


Normal People: A Novel   (Rated: 18+)
ASIN: 1984822179
ID #114098
Product Type: Book
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: 13+
  Story Plot:
  Length of :
  Overall Quality:
Amazon's Price: $ 14.79

The second one has no quotation marks and manages to tell a compelling story without having a lot of snappy dialogue as fashion demands. Of course, it is a young writer who is brave enough to try new things.

That sticks a pin in some of the balloons (e:balloony} some of the know-it-all reviewers who say things like "Show Don't Tell" I'm always tempted to write back, why don't they try and write an original review thought for a change, but I stop myself. If it's nasty, I don't usually say anything anymore.

Still watching Amazing Race, up to Season 18 or so.

Have a great Monday and enjoy yourself! Give Bella a big hug! *Hearty*

The books look interesting. Normal People and The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. I went and asked about my Nook. I have to call for my Password and reset everything. I am so disgusted. They used to do it for their customers. Forget the Nook. I am done with that. I think I will go to the library and borrow books. I will just have my smart phone and computer. I have books to read. We did go with AT&T. I have a big smart phone. I hope AT&T stands behind their phone. We canceled Verizon of course. Go get $15.00 from some other customer for data they didn't use and treat them lousy.

I watched Mod Squad episodes this weekend. I loved that show and al the characters. Brings back memories of the 60's and when I was younger. We survived without technology.

Bella was still running AMOK. She has fun. I wish I could run like her. Hope Boo is doing well. I am in a down mood but your surprises of a gold coin Awardicon and Merit Badge cheered me up. I have been here 17 years. Like seriously. I am thankful for this web site or else I wouldn't even be writing.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Give Boo a kiss for me.

Happy 17 Years Today!!!

That's a great milestone!

I hope today is a very good day all around! *Heart*

Sorry to hear that about Nook. I am kind of sick of my Kindle, too but I have a lot on there to read still. I don't go online with it anymore at all, just read so it had better work for that. I get used books from amazon when I read one on Kindle that I want to physically have for the pictures and such. There are only a few like that, though.

I hope AT&T works out good for you. They are getting better I think, maybe because they are with Costco and all. We got rid of them close to ten years ago and dumped the land line phone. They weren't too good then, but with the fiber optic stuff and all their merging maybe they have better management now. I hope that's so.

Boo has her ups and downs and scares here. But we keep going and it's mostly good. There are surprises with things, but whatever we will do our best to take good care of her.
Hug Bella for us! Today looks to be busy, but hopefully things will get done.

Have a very happy day!!! Celebrate!!! *Heart*

I watched Sense and Sensibility last night. I don't have this novel memorized like I do Pride and Prejudice. Marianne Dashwood cried all the time. She picked the wrong suitor. She got sick from being out in the rain and got pneumonia or a real bad cold. Poor girl. She got married to a man she fell in love with while the man who rejected her was on a hill on his horse watching her from afar when she got married. Eleanor got Hugh Grant's character after she thought he had married someone else but he didn't. He loved Lucy Steel and it was like Eleanor was his second choice. How desperate were they to be married back then? The Dashwood sisters and their mother were thrown out of their fancy house when the father died. Didn't men make provisions for their wife back then financially back then? The mother's cousin let them live in a cottage on his land. The cottage was big, not as fancy as their other home but they were lucky. Not all women got a big, nice house. Some had to settle for a run down flat in the bad side of the city. I am reading Jane's autobiography by Lucy Worsley and I feel that Jane was writing about herself, her sister and her mother when they had to move after her father died. I can see Jane's life as I watch these movies and read her novels. I loved Kate Winslet in this. She is my favorite actress.

My Jane Austen Illustrated Book Of Letters will be delivered today. I tracked it on line. This is one of the times when I love my internet. I can't wait to for the mail to get here.

Ray and I are going to the eye Doctor today and he has to have a hand xray. They think it is arthritis. Mom and I are having game night with our friend Diane from Church.

So far, I love my new phone. Hope it doesn't let me down. I am glad AT&T bought out Centennial. I hated Centennial. They have come a long way. I think it will be alright.

Bella sat on my clothes in the dryer. Hope Boo is doing well. Some days, I function better then others. I can't believe I have been here 17 years. I have gotten some nice greetings and Merit Badges. It means a lot. Have a good day. Thank you for the Merit Badges and beautiful Awardicon coin. I feel like Queen for a day. Have a good one.

I am glad you had a good 17th anniversary day! You deserve everything and more! *Heartv*

That movie is a fine one. The actor who played the guy who broke Maryann's heart ended up marrying, Emma Thompson, who played Eleanor. He is younger than her. The marriage has lasted a long time. I thought that was interesting to watch for the chemistry between them. I also loved Alan Rickman in the movie. This movie has a lot of the same actors who are in Love Actually. I wanted to slap Hugh Grant's character, though. I normally enjoy him in a humorous way, but he was just so weak in this.

I hope that your book arrived safe and sound. Sometimes, mine come a day later even though the tracking says that day. I hope your mail delivery is better than ours, which usually gets worse as the year goes on and the days get shorter.

Hope it went good at the eye doctor and with Ray's hand xray. I had to go to the regular doctor yesterday and my regular doctor was "off". It was a nightmare, let's just leave it there. I also had to take care of some other stuff when I wasn't feeling the best, but it was just something that turned into a rough day. I feel much better today and so far so good with that and Boo, also.

Like Scarlett O"Hara says, Tomorrow is another day. Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Give Bella a hug for being so helpful with laundry! *Cat2**Hearty*

Boo is now snoozing in her crate. Some guys we know who fix things around the house are supposed to stop by and give us their thoughts. Those guys made Boo's run and helped us so much over the years. We love them. Sometimes they come when they say, but sometimes not. One is the son of our friends. Boo loves them so much, too so it will be a treat for her if they show up.

I am going to start reading a book Joanne recommended. It is called "The Guest Book" by Sarah Blake. Still watching The Amazing Race, season 20 or so. We've had fun with that.

I ordered two physical books from amazon.com. One is about Carole Lombard's life and how she died in a plane crash selling war bonds at the beginning of WW II. The other is about Ernest Hemingway and his second wife. It's called Unbelievable Joy and Sorrow, or something like that. I read both on Kindle and wanted the physical book, so I get the photos nicely laid out. I bought both used.

Take care and have a fine Wednesday as you go into your 18th amazing year! *Heartv*

The Jane Austen book of Illustrated Letters arrived as promised. It is interesting and has excerpts of letters that Jane wrote. I hope to have time to read it. I looked through it and it will be enjoyable reading. Jane's novels and hand written letters are reprinted. I wonder how she would feel about her letters being in print. Our mail system is accurate but sometimes on Saturday, it closes at Noon and the person working has to deliver the mail. We won't get our mail until 3:00 PM. Otherwise, we get it at 9:30 AM.

Our eye doctor appointments went well. We need new glasses. Ray had his hand xray. He has to wear a brace and use arthritis cream. I see the Oncologist today. I had a bone density test. I haven't had many doctor appointments lately but I am not feeling perfect. I wish.

I haven't seen Gone With The Wind in quite awhile. I do agree with Scarlet. Tomorrow is another day. I always hope each day will be great or at least better.

Hope Boo is doing well. Bella is being a guard cat by the bedroom door. Hope the men showed up for repair advice.

I have seen that book The Guest Book. I got some Barnes and Nobles coupons. I didn't use the last ones. I need to go read The Pioneer Woman and I am still reading Jane Austen's biography by Lucy Worsley.

Have a good day. I will be home the next 2 days so I can read and clean house again. Like seriously? A week does go fast.
I hope today is a good day and all goes well at the oncologist doctor. Mr. HOOves has a doctor appointment today for a "wellness" check. It seems like as the week's go by one of us or Boo is usually at the doctor's nowadays. Next week, Boo has her 6 week check and nail trim.

Glad you got your book and it looks good. I got those coupons also in the mail yesterday. My membership ran out in the middle of March and I have not renewed it yet. I don't think I will do that until there is a book there I want to buy. They kept restricting the use of the coupons more and more over time. Well, I get most of my books that I buy from Amazon or Costco now. I still enjoy browsing in B & N, but I don't do it as often.

Bella is a stellar guard cat. *Cat2**Heartp* I love that she does that. Boo would make friends if there were any intruders. She loves just about everyone. Yesterday when the work guy came, she didn't wake up though, which is kind of unusual. Usually she hears their truck and gets all excited. They have to fix some of the exterior side of our house where the woodpecker chewed on our chimney. Always something. These guys totally have helped us a lot. They made a run for Boo right after my back surgery to help and then when I had hip replacement they put in a railing to the garage steps real quick. We know the Mom and Dad of the main one from our weekly dinner group. They put in our hardwood floors and did all our house stuff when we moved in, so they knew Boo from the very beginning.

I didn't get too much done yesterday (besides waiting for Bryan and watching Amazing Race Season 22), but it was a good day in that we got some good news about something that had worried us/me. Blood pressure is good today. Boo is snoozing. I will feed her this morning because of Mr. HOOves Doctor appointment. I usually do the afternoon feeding and morning belongs to Mr. HOOves/Tom. *Heartb*

Did you see any of that All In The Family/The Jeffersons reboot that was on ABC live? I thought it looked awful based on the excerpts that I saw on Good Morning America. I wish they would get an original idea for network TV. The originals were great, it's like get a clue with the caricatures.

Of course the GMA people were all raving about it like they always do if it is something they want to promote. I thought it looked pretty dopey.

Have a good day - I'll be hoping everything goes well for you! *Hearty*

I didn't know The Jeffersons and All In The Family were rebooted. They should just leave some shows alone. Leave all the old shows in reruns and watch them. Works for me. Like Bless This Mess is a modern day version of Green Acres. I would rather watch Green Acres. This is a favorite with me.

The Doctor Appointment went well. I need to get a blood test and x-ray for my blood clot. I will be getting this done next week. Hopefully, this will check out okay. I hope I have no more problems.

Sorry Boo missed the visitors. Bella isn't friendly to people like she used to be. I don't know why she gets in these moods. I guess she just loves Ray and I.

I will probably use my Barnes and Nobles coupons next week when I go for my x-ray and blood test. Barnes and Nobles is 5 minutes away from the place I get my x-ray done. I haven't done much reading. I did get my Victoria magazine yesterday. I love the houses they pick out, the collectible items and the gardens and yards. They always choose houses on the Victorian era or Georgian areas. Next month, they are going to do England's castles and houses.

Have a good day. It rained all night last night. Hopefully, we will have sunny days.
I hope you are having a good holiday weekend and you can catch up on some rest. Good to hear that the doctor went well, I hope that you breeze through your tests next week. I hope that Bella is doing good, too, and you don't have this awful heat wave that we do. Boo is doing okay so far. She has to go for the nail trim and mini check this week coming up. Always something.

I took a couple of days to rest and mostly ...well...rest some more. I was taking strong medicine and it was pretty much wiping me out and I got a secondary thing to deal with. But I feel like if I get a lot of rest now it's what's needed. I slept a lot during the past couple of days, that's for sure.

My two used books came in the mail. One is autographed by the author - the biography of Hemingway's second wife, called Unbelievable Joy and Ultimate Sorrow. The other used book is about the death of Carole Lombard in a plane crash. It's called, "Fireball". I read both books on the Kindle but wanted the hard copies from Amazon for the photos mostly and to just have the books. I spent a lot of time reading in them again. Very glad that I got them and they came right on time.

We still are watching The Amazing Race when I am awake. I was surprised anyone thought that All in the Family/Jeffersons thing was any good. I am with you. Why remake what was awesome to begin with? I hope that Hollywood gets some new, original ideas.

It seems hard to believe that it's Memorial Day already. It feels more like July 4th weekend here. Take care and stay cool! Hug Bella when she breezes by!


I missed you being here the past days. Glad you rested. I am having sinus issues. I get a blood test and chest x-ray to see if my blood clot dissolved. Hopefully, I can go off Xalerto.

I have been reading my new Jane Austen Illustrated Letters Book. Jane's brother Frank was away when their father died. Jane wrote a letter to her brother telling him. There is an excerpt of the letter in this book and it is sad. Some of the letters tell about Jane's ideas for Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. It is an interesting book.

I am still reading Jane At Home. I can't believe her family sent George away because he had mental issues and seizures and let Edward be adopted by a wealthy family. Jane was the official baby sitter for her nieces and nephews. I guess she didn't mind.

Ray and I went and ordered new glasses. I am getting lavender ones. We are having a Cook Out tomorrow. It keeps raining everyday. Farmers are farming in between the rain drops. It was 78 Degrees today. Bella wants to sleep but when she gets up, she plays and makes up for it. I have been cleaning house.

Did you know they want to reboot Frazier? I AM NOT FOR IT. Frazier was good and great the way it was. There are no actors that can play their characters. Not even Eddy who we all love. They want to ruin everything. They have enough shows on satellite and people can't watch everything. Leave Frazier alone!

I watched some Doris Day comedy shows this weekend. I read some more of my Jane Austen Golden Treasury Book. I am in a Jane Austen mood. Oh! I ordered The Guest Book by Andrea Hurst. It is about a divorced woman who moves to Washington State and lives on an island with a few houses and stores. It is a romance. I see there is another book called The Guest Book By a Sarah someone and it is new. I preordered a photo book about England's cottages, castles, houses and England called The Heart Of England.

Hope Boo is doing well. Ray watched NASCAR. Enjoy your books. Happy Memorial Day! *FlagP* *StarB*

I hope everything went good for your cookout yesterday. I hope also that you stayed safe with all that weather around in the heartland.

I agree about Frazier. Don't reboot it, Hollywood. It's perfection just the way it is. I loved that show. It is definitely in my top ten of all time. I don't get why they don't come up with some original ideas. It's because the ones back then were better, I know. There was more creativity when people did not have all the technology doing most of the work for them.

Plus, now, all the actors look the same to me. They don't have much in the way of personalities either.

I saw this trailer for the Downton Abbey movie:


Hopefully, you can see the link. On Youtube, there are a bunch of cast interviews about it, also. It looks like the whole cast returned pretty much. That comes out Sept. 20. It is one movie that I will go to see even though I haven't bought a movie ticket in a long time. I think it's been at least 6 years or more.

I didn't do much yesterday. Still getting back to feeling better I guess. It's slow recovery, that's for sure. Boo and I and Mr. HOOves send hugs to you and Ms. Bella.

Have a lovely Tuesday! *Cat2**Heartg*
I got my blood test to check to see if my blood clot is gone. Think of me. Mom and I did some shopping. I couldn't find any books at Barnes and Nobles. I have that one book The Guest Book coming in. I did buy a new necklace of multi colored stones at Kohl's. I got a neat unicorn, merry go round tin and 2 pretty blue journals.

Thanks for sharing the Downton Abbey movie link. I really want to see it. Looks entertaining. I suppose, no, I KNOW Mom and I will be going. Mom got me watching Downton Abbey. It will be interesting to see how many Downton Abbey fans are around here. My cousin Sam is and my mother. I al looking forward to seeing this movie.

We had a bad storm last night and a tornado 40 miles from us. I text my friend Gretchen who lives there and she text back that she is safe. That storm we had was scary. I hope I don't see anymore of those. It is going to rain all week.

Not much is going on. Hope Boo is doing well. Bella didn't like being alone today. I will be close to home this week. Bella was so scared of that storm last night and usually these storms don't bother her. We had a short rain shower tonight and it didn't bother her. Give Boo hugs. Have a good day. I will be reading my new Soap Opera Magazine tonight.
Many prayers and fingers and HOOves crossed that the blood test turns out good. I hope that Bella gets back to being not scared. Boo had her spa day (nails, etc) yesterday. Then she came home and had an episode of reverse sneezing, wheezing with allergies. I had to go out and cool the car down for 15 minutes (it was in the high 90s) before we took her to the car. The ride is only less than a mile to the Vet's, but there you are. Lots of stress yesterday.

Holy Cow! 40 miles is way too close for tornadoes!!!

I hope that now your weather has subsided also. It seems like a bad Spring for weather. I guess we are supposed to get out of the heat wave this weekend, which probably means storms as the front moves through.

I started reading an old book, The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. I read it paperback (small size) than went on Kindle and bought the updated version on Kindle. It has been a long time since I read that. It's pretty scary and a true story of how Ann Rule worked in a crisis center in Washington State, alone at night with Ted Bundy. They were work friends for a while and she never knew, but then when she did she wrote about it and got rich and famous doing that.

Did you read that Game of Thrones actor (Kit Harrington) had some sort of breakdown about how the show ended? It's a shame. He just got married to that girl (Rose Leslie) who played the housemaid, Gwen, on Downton Abbey. She was in Game of Thrones also and they met there and fell in love. A few people from Downton were in Game of Thrones - including that guy who played Sir Richard Carlysle, one of Mary's early suitors.

I think there is something evil about Game of Thrones. I thought that when there was a game on here those times in the summer. I played in it one time and that was enough. It seemed to bring out the worst in people. They would be over tired I guess from trying to win the game. In the end, the year I played, my team won. All we got was a few points, and a merit badge of a throne that looked like a potty seat with sharp things on it.

When the leader of a group told me off, one of the grudges she had against me that I never realized was that I dared turn down her offer to be on her stupid Game of Thrones team. I am still glad that I never played for that team, although I cheered for it the year that they actually won it. She was bitter about that for years and I never knew.

That and the show in general definitely left a bad taste for me. I talked to some friends who watched it. They said that they knew what was coming in the show and that the book, which the author quit writing in about 2011 or so was much better than the series. I don't think I will ever watch it now, but never say never. I did watch about 5 1/2 seasons of the thing.

Now, we are moving on to Survivor on Amazon Prime. Season 3 or something like that - the one in Africa. I don't like it as much as The Amazing Race. I accidentally turned on to it on CBS last night between 8 and 9. I hope I remember to watch it next week.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday! *Heartp*

We had some rain this morning. It has rained all week but does stop for 10 hours. Suppose to be dry tomorrow. I hope so. I go see my Doctor tomorrow. IBS and GERD. Always something.

I read the Games Of Thrones actor had a breakdown. Guess the show was too much. I never watched one episode but I know others that like it. I played The Game Of Thrones Game here but I didn't in the last one. Too hard. I admire anyone who plays the game. Our team won third place and the year I didn't play, they came in second place. I don't do well with 1,000 characters reviews and interactives. I really haven't done much of anything on here.

I have watched all the seasons of Survivor. That is quite a game. I don't think I could do that game but I like Jeff Probst and I enjoy all the games and challenges. I love the scenery.

I am trying to enjoy my day. I need to get things done around here. I have no ambition. Hope Boo is doing well. I gave Bella fresh dry food. No rain right now. No severe storms expected.

Have a good day. I hope to read or get something done.
I hope that the doctor visit went well and everything is okay. Give Bella a big hug. Boo is resting before she eats. So far so good today.

We are in the process of watching old Survivor episodes now on Amazon Prime. I tuned in to the current Amazing Race. I found out that my favorite Survivor castaway, Rupert Bonham, was on and I missed him as he and his wife were eliminated the second week.. Maybe I will get to see it on Amazon eventually.

It has been a lot of fun doing this campfire and I look forward to the next one. Great work!!! *Heartv*

I bought a book on Amazon called In Another Time or something like that by Jillian Cantor. My friend Joanne recommended it. It should arrive today. I am still rereading The Stranger Beside me and Fireball. Going back to non-fiction books I enjoyed in the past.

I am going to try and keep to a 3-4 days a week schedule on here on this site. So, I will always be here in Tuesday because that is when I judge for the W. Cramp, then sort of every other day. I am pretty turned off by a few things actually so I figure this is a good time to cut down and read offline so I have things to write about more. I can channel my energies where they are appreciated more. Leave it to the cliques mostly and see how well they do. I looked at the grand total in the last month for reviewing and I noticed a trend that goes along with the way I've been feeling lately.

I went to Barnes and Noble, but didn't buy anything or renew. I wanted this book, but I had looked on Amazon and it was a couple of dollars cheaper. I figure I'll just browse at B & N for a while. I can go in there and get ideas without paying $25 plus paying more moola than Amazon charges. Amazon is building a huge distribution center very close to my city and all of a sudden they are creating thousands of jobs here. Things are booming.

So, maybe we will even get a book store that's connected to Amazon somehow. You never know. I donated a bunch of books this week for next year's book sale. I did that instead of trading them in for credits at the used book place. It just felt right to do it.

Have a great Sunday and I hope all is well! Fingers and HOOves crossed and thanks again for hosting such a super campfire! *Heartv*
My Doctor doesn't know if I have IBS or not. He told me to eat shredded wheat and cheerios. This is part of my daily meals now. Still some sinus issues. I am praying to get back to normal. I see my oncologist for my blood clot next week. I am praying that is alright. Always something it seems like.

I got the book Then Guestbook by Andrea Hurst. I think I will like it. A woman leaves her glamorized life with her husband {after she finds out he is having an affair} to run her Grandma's Bed and Breakfast at a Victorian mansion in Washington State, which is on an island. I would rather have the Victorian mansion on an island then a life in Los Angeles. I like designer jewelry and purses but not a life in California. I think this will be a good book. I wish I could go back to Washington State. This book sounds perfect. I read the first chapter already.

Barnes and Nobles haven't had anything lately in books I like. I ordered The Guest Book. I have enough to read for now to keep me busy. I do enjoy reading.

Things have been slow here. I haven't been doing a lot. A few reviews. No one wants to do blog entries anymore it seems. I have slowed down on doing those. I will start the new campfire next week. Thank you for being with me on this one. We do have fun with these and get to talk regularly and that means a lot. I enjoy reading what you have to say. We have been friends for years and I am glad. Thanks for all you do. You are the best. Give Boo hugs.
♥HOOves♥ and I love doing these campfires. We will be doing a new one about quotes from authors, actors and famous people. We have a lot of fun and we get to talk to each other everyday. I want to thank everyone for reading this campfire and you can read our old campfires and the new one we will be working on it. It is a pleasure to do these. Off to the next adventure!

The End!

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