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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2179929
Albert, Micah and Chester return
[Introduction] The Continuing Adventures of Albert the Were-Mantis Micah the Werecat and Chester the Werewolf
Fast Forward a few months later after our last story Albert, Micah and Chester had developed into strong Werebeasts fit to take on Aliens.

Methuselah turned to at his Brothers In-Arms "Do you think they're the ones the prophecy spoke of? The ones who will lead Humanity to the stars?"
Sense he. Albert and Mihah arrived at the training facility. they faced many trails and tests. Unprepared at first, they struggled and now their training seems to show promise. Chester felt stronger then before and more confident. Now they are being tested on teamwork.
Harry the Were-Piranha led them into a room that looked like an Alien Spaceship, on a table was a dummy dressed to look like woman with Alien Dummies around her

"Okey dokey boys." Said Harry "This is a test in rescuing abductees."
"Any rules?" Micah asked.
Harry says "This will be a stealth mission, so try rescuing the woman without alerting any of the aliens."
So the Werebeasts tried to sneak around by hiding beside the various strange machines.

However Albert accidentally knocked over one of the machines with his large spiked forelimbs
"Not good," Micah muttered.
Harry said, "You just alerted the aliens and now they killed the hostage." Chester let out a growl in frustration, "Albert, you have to be careful of those sickle-like appendages of yours."
Albert blushed, how his red blush was able to show through his green exoskeleton nobody knew

Harry decided to take a break for lunch, as they ate Albert felt he had to ask "Did you guys ever get married or have kids?"
Fredrick chuckled. "Oh, yes. I have a lovely wife, a daughter, two sons, and seven grandchildren. Those grandkids like having a cool grandfather who can carry all of them while they are all on a picnic table."
Chester says "I can imagine that, then again someday I'll have cubs of my own. First, we have aliens to fight."
"Are the kids Werebeasts?" Asked Albert

Harry shook his head "No, it's not inheritable."
"Do they know?" Micah asked.

Fredrick chuckled. "Hard to keep the fact that you have powers secret from your family for thirty or so years. They found out, eventually."
Chester says "I bet the grandchildren knew, sense they called Harry a Cool Grandfather."
Meanwhile the Little Grey Man had captured the Bully from the Previous Story and had him strapped down to their table

"Shall we probe him?" Asked one of the Aliens

"You always want to probe the Humans!" Said one of the Other Aliens "Don't you get bored of probing?"
"Seriously, what's up with that routine?" another asked. "Why do we have to shove something up their anus? We could have them swallow a small camera and recorder. Alternatively, there's the Dissection Device - I've always wanted to use it."
Bruno struggled in the examination table, "Dissection? Let me go! Do I look like a frog in a science class? Help!"
"You Humans are mere Animals to us." Said one of the Aliens

"We are superior." Said Another "We are not organic nor are we naturally evolved...We are made of what you might call plastic."
"This can't be real!," the bully said.
Meanwhile the werebeasts just finishing lunch as Methuselah explains about their werebeasts abilities. Chester asked "You're saying I don't have the ability to turn others into werewolves through bite?"
Um...Hertz that goes against what BBWolf put where Fred says he carries his family in giant Mouse form

Meanwhile Bruno still on the table said "Aw Man! First I get beat up by a Werewolf then this happens!"

When the Aliens heard that they held off on dissecting him

"Werewolf you say?" Said the Aliens "Tell us more and we won't probe you."
"Um, release me first," Bruno said. "I'm not stupid."
The other alien says "What he said is true, we have a new generation of werebeasts to deal with."
Um...Hertz, do you want me to change the post you made that says the families don't know anything where BBWolf's post above your's say they do?
Fredrick looked at the test. "Reset Scenario."
Uuh Twiga, I can't edit captures. This is your campfire, not mine.

Chester says "Here we go again, and let's try to be careful this time." He looks at Alfred.
That's why I was asking me if you wanted me to change to something specific
Fredrick flipped a switch, causing the scene to be reset. "Just remember, stealth is key here."
OK Guys Special situation here...Our internet at home is dead due to the modem being wonky and tomorrow is MLK Day so...From my public library I'm enxtinguishing campfires until Thursday

The End!

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All rights reserved.
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