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by Twiga
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2181290
Chronicles of Random Mizzer Humanimal Citizens during enslavement
[Introduction] Balls to the Walls People, this is a Humanimal Story but chronicles the lives of the Mizzer Humanimals who for most of the Humanimals Five Thousand Year History had been living like 20th Century Humans free and unencumbered because the Neo-Hippies being the Hippy-Dippy Animal Lovers they are wanted their Humanimals to live happy lives.

But when the Wrangler Planets had gone through too many slaves like tissue paper and had barely any more regular Animals to create new Humanimals from, they saw a Planet teeming with large and strong Humanimals, Yeah they had promised millennia ago they wouldn't interfere with Mizzer if Mizzer didn't interfere but years of debauchery have made them disregard basic decency to even fellow Human Beings as they see it the Strong can do whatever they wish to those who are weak.

As such the Humanimals we'll be role playing as are not military (Neo-Hippies being well...Hippies believed they would never need a Military) and thus we play various Average Joe Professions such as Dentist, Accountant, Electrician, Etc, who came from various parts of Mizzer's Western Continent (Only the Western Super-continent was Colonized the larger one on the East wasn't because it seemed to be covered in a Toxic Fungus Forest similar to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

The story chronicles their Capture (As the Wranglers say 'Harvest' ) From Mizzer and their journey to Planet Viola Strierra Birth Planet of Edward Green (Marzipan was taken to Planet Alderbaren who got only two percent of the Mizzer's Humanimal Population as on Alderbaren only the Elite get Humanimal Slaves)

Other than that let's see what we can come up with this is a chance to see what happens when the Average Joe is placed in an Epic Fantasy (And the Average Joe has Animal Abilities he has hadly ever utilized)
Name: Eunice 'Bright Eyes' Dewclaw
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Species: Yellow Labrador Retriever (Canis lupus familiaris)
Occupation: Intern at a Software Company (Think Initech from the Movie Office Space)
Bio: Eunice lives in the Midwestern Town of Bluegrass (The Culturally equivalent of Kentucky on Mizzer) Eunice 'Bright Eyes' Dewclaw lives a very boring life in the Domestic Dog district, all her life she's been very repressed by her Overbearing Mom who has stressed 'Don't Act Like An Animal' as in Mizzer Culture any display of Animal Mannerisms is thought of as disgusting no matter how benign from wagging a tail to walking on all fours to any animal noise, as such Eunice has become emotionally stunted only feeling any happiness in her dreams
Name: Samuel Blackstripes
Species: Male
Age: 19
Species: Bangle Tiger
Occupation: Police Officer(Cadet)
Bio: Just graduated from the Police Academy, Samuel(or Sam for short) try to make the name for himself at the Bluegrass Police Department.
Eunice just got home from work...Once again it had been only business as usual. She looked in the Fridge. Not much...She really needed to do some Grocery Shopping. She got down a bag of jerky from the cupboard and started munching on it, she took her bag of jerky to the living room, sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV...Apparently there was a car chase...Someone was speeding around Bluegrass for some reason...The Cops were chasing him

'Am I evil for being entertained by Police Chases?' Eunice thought to herself and she noshed another piece of jerky

That was when the speeding car hit a Humanimal riding a Scooter! The Humanimal in Question was large Pig from the Livestock District

(Humanimal Towns are always divided like this...The Center is always evenly divided into the Domestic Cat and Dog Districts, surrounding them are the Tropical Mammal, Woodland Mammal, and Livestock Mammal Districts, on the Outskirts are the Bird Districts and Reptile/Amphibian Districts, Fish and Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins) With in the Waterways as they tend to become ill when they get too dry) and Insects and Arachnids live underground so no one else has to look at their ugly faces)
Name: Richard Simins
Sex: Male
Age: 29 years
Species: White-tailed Deer
Occupation: Firefighter
Bio: Been in the fire department for years and has seen a few things.

Richard was looking up at the show on the station's television. "Something tells me that we're going to get called out for this, somehow."

"Probably after the wreck," said a wolf. "Get a few trucks and responders on standby, just in case."
If Eunice had been outside watching the skies that moment she would have noticed what appeared to be several very pretty shooting stars dart across the Mizzer Skies.

However she was on her sofa watching a car chase on TV, so she she had no idea what happened when there was a BOOM so loud that it shook her entire house and she fell off her Sofa.

Before she had any time to ask any questions about what the heck just happened, that's when she heard the sirens blaring...She had learned in Puppyhood through Kindergarten Safety Drills that those Sirens mean an emergency for the entire Planet and all the Humanimals are to head to the Human Cities.

So trembling Eunice exited her house...Her quaint cozy cottage Many of the Humanimals of Bluegrass lived had these kinds of buildings giving the feeling of a Beatrix Potter Book and in truth sometimes giving more the feel of Rural England instead of Kentucky which the name Bluegrass was meant to symbolize (Almost all the towns and cities of Mizzer had plant names)

So joining her Fellow Dogs Eunice tried to walk, not run (We don't want to trample anyone!) To the Human City that was some distance away...Their Canine Ears could hear the More Wild Animals in the other Districts were actually stampeding! (Wild Animals! Can never keep calm in a crisis!) But then several gunshots were heard and several roars and other Animal noises were heard. The Dogs stopped...Those sounds came from just up ahead whatever got the Wild Animals was coming their way.

What came was several Humanoid Figures dressed in strange black and white armor the White giving their masks a skull appearance

"Put your hands up!" Came a Deep British Accented Voice "We are the Wranglers! And this Planet and all of you belong to us!"

(Remember this is seven years before the Main Humanimal Story line, Edward Green is a Wrangler Prince of 16 and he's with his Stepdad Lord Sean)
Richard had heard the alarms. "What's going on?"

"This is a new one on me," said the Captain, an old wolf. "Make sure that all the trucks are ready, and fully equipped."

Richard watched as the wolf grabbed a fire ax, among other things. "Are you sure we'll need those?"

The Captain looked at the ax. "Best thing I've ever used to break down a wall. You might need to make an escape path if you get trapped in a building." He grabbed another and tossed it to Richard. "Everyone grab an ax or a sledgehammer, and have it with you. And, I repeat, make sure you're fully equipped. We don't know how bad the emergency is."

"Um, Captain, you might want to take a look at this," said another firefighter.

The Captain took a look. "Looks like an invasion."

Richard took a look. "Are you sure?"

"It isn't the Cub Scouts selling cookies," the Captain said. "This requires a different kind of plan."

"What kind?" Richard asked.

"The kind where one heads away from the cities," the Captain said. He walked over to the alarm system and pulled a lever.

Richard then heard a sound that he felt like getting away from, as if it was dangerous to be near. "What alarm is that?" he asked.

"The one that tells people to get away from the area," said the Captain. "Hopefully everyone will evacuate the city, if that's even possible at this point."
Sam along with the other police units arri9ve at the epicenter of the incident, Chief Silvermane(an aging lion police chief briefed to the rest of the officers including Sam. "We have no idea what started this incident, but our tasks now is to keep the citizens from panicking so they'll won't be trampling on each other." Sam says, "This won't be easy, but I'll try the best I can and perhaps bring in whoever started all this."
Eunice and the other Dogs were being marched out of the City, they were later joined by the Cats from the Cat District.

Over the trees Eunice saw it! A massive spaceship! Black as pitch and looked kind of like a gigantic zeppelin! It was large enough to hold the population of a small city. (Which Bluegrass wasn't it was only a small town) Other Spaceships exactly like this one had parked themselves all over the Western Continent.

As More Humanimals from the different Districts were joined into the march Eunice heard the Wranglers speaking to each other

"Isn't nice how the Humanimals of this Planet organized themselves according to type?"

"Yeah..." Chuckled a Wrangler with a naisely voice "...That makes our job so much easier! We always know what to expect!"

Some of the Large Wild Animals tried to attack to Invaders, they were quickly shot with a tranquilizer dart and their bodies were put on a Hovercraft with other Tranquilized Humanimals who had tried the same thing.

As they approached the Spaceship outside of Town, Eunice heard the Sirens of Police and Fire Engines. Not Missing a beat the Black Spaceship fired multiple beams that froze the 20th century style vehicles in suspended Animation.

"It is to laugh!" Said the naisely voiced Wrangler "These People have been living like it's the 20th Century!"
Back at the fire station, Richard heard the Communications Operator call out. "We've just lost contact with the trucks near the epicenter. One moment they were talking about groups of people being forcefully marched by a group of armed men, and the next, nothing, not even static."

"Pass the information onto the police station if they don't already know," the Captain said. "Tell them to sound the Evacuate The City Alarm, and center it near those ships, so that the people will head away from the area, instead of being captured by these invaders."

"What do we do?" Richard asked.

"We do what we can," the Captain said. "If we can save those who have been caught, we'll do so. Otherwise, I'm ordering everyone to flee the city, and go into the wilderness."

At this, those who were Domesticated looked at each other.

"You can't be serious," said a cat. "I haven't been in the wilderness since I was a kitten."

"Refreshing up on your Survival skills is better than being captured," the Captain said.

"He's got a point," said Richard.
The Chief says "Got word from the Commissioner, we got a full scale invasion so we need to evacuate the citizens, each of you is tasked to escort them to the bus station, there's a convoy of busses there waiting. If you see any of the invaders, remember your task is to protect the citizens and remember your training when dealing with hostiles." Each of the officers is paired with a partner, Sam is pairs with a goat named Paul Jackhoof. "Let's go partner, let's get to the citizens before the invaders do." Jack said in an almost bleat-like voice.
Eunice and the other Citizens now joined by the captured Fire-Beasts and Police-Beasts were entering the Gigantic Black Spaceship.

Eunice could here several Humanimal Children crying.

Mechanical Arms reached down from above and tore the clothing off the Humanimals' bodies

Several of the Humanimal Women screamed and covered themselves over were screaming for their Babies

"Your Whelps are currently being inspected by Professional Cub Handlers to make sure they don't have any parasites or pathogens that might start a plague on our Planet." Said a Wrangler "You're about to experience the same thing but for adult Humanimals we take a different approach."

Mechanical Arms then strapped muzzles to every Humanimal's face Eunice then felt two arms grab her and pull her to a vertical Metal Table where metal straps tied her naked body spread eagle, like their were straps for even her tail!

A Female Wrangler was able to examine their bodies with sonar each Humanimal felt a PING that caused their fur or feathers to stand on end but the Wranglers got a three-dimensional map of their innards like an X-Ray without dangerous radiation

"The best part..." Said the Female Wrangler "...Is you get to see weather the Females are Virgins or not without having to prod!"

As the Wranglers laughed Eunice and several other Females blushed

Then a Teenage Pig-Boy exclaimed "Oh man! My library books are gonna be overdue tomorrow!"

Everyone turned and just glared at the Pig-Boy
Richard watched his Captain. The older wolf was busy talking to the Police Chief over the communication systems.

"Right," the wolf said. "So, that's the plan?"

"Yes," said the Police Chief. "Every able-bodied adult humanimal with a weapon is to be considered to be Deputized, or Drafted if one prefers to word it like that, into the Militia. If you got a firearm, I hope you have ammunition for it."

"Alright," the Captain said. "Good hunting Thomas."

"Same to you, Matthew," said the Police Chief.

Richard looked at the wolf. "What is all that about?"

The Captain looked at the firefighters. "From this moment on, we're a resistance movement. If you have hunting weapons, time to get them out of your lockers along with plenty of ammo. We're at war against these invaders. They've been capturing our people for purposes that aren't good. We are going to show them that they made a big mistake in thinking that just because we are peaceful, it doesn't mean that we don't fight for what's rightfully ours. In short, we're going to kill them."

"Kill them?" Richard asked. "Isn't that a little much?"

"They've invaded our home, and have captured a good number of our people for nefarious reasons," the Captain said. "They didn't ask us for help or give us a job offer. They are taking our people against their will. You all have families. Think about them. Some are already captured. My daughter is among them. I want her back. If you don't want to fight, there's other things you can do, like getting ready for injuries."
Sam took out his service revolver and cocks it, "I hate doing this but we have no choice. The invaders are hostile and will not think twice before killing us." Paul gets out the shotgun, "I know, you heard the chief, the invaders are to be shot on sight. Besides we won't allow them to capture us."
However Eunice overhead one of the Wranglers say "Chief, the remaining Humanimals are arming themselves."

"Oh geez..." Said the Captain "All right let's stop playing around, unleash the Sounds and the Scents!"

The Spaceships released a sound that was like a Dog Whistle, caused many Humanimals to be paralyzed by the piercing sound and also a scent similar to Skunk spray was released in a great cloud over the area
However, there were those who saw these sounds and scents as minor irritations at worst, and were angered enough that they started firing their weapons from a distance. Some of the shots downed a few of the Wranglers, and at least one of them took out the speakers that they'd been using, which took care of the high-pitched sound.

"Get moving!" yelled a voice."Keep down but keep moving! Get out of the city!"

One Wrangler turned to aim their tranquilizer gun, only to take a crossbow bolt in the throat.

Richard felt like throwing up as the saw the man fall. "You killed him."

"It's us or them," the Captain said, as he reloaded his crossbow.

"I don't feel so good," said Richard. "One moment, he was standing, and the next -"

"If it makes you feel better, I'm scared too," the Captain said. "But right now, the only thing I'm focused on is getting my daughter and grandchildren back. I'll throw up later."
Despite the sounds and scents the invaders used, Sam just fought on. He shot one of the invaders as it tried to shoot a deer merchant.
The Captain of the Spaceship Eunice was on, received the message that several Wranglers had just been shot by the Humanimals "I gotta call Lord Sean" He said

Lord Sean was on the West Coat of the Western Continent (Just for the record the Western Continent is even broader than the Earth's America, for some sense of the scale of this invasion imagine you're in the Midwest and your boss is currently in Los Angeles)

Eunice and several of the other Humanimals heard both ends of the conversation as Lord Sean's Scottish accented voice came through clearly on the Walkie-Talkie "Lord Sean." Said the Captain "Several Wranglers have been killed by these Country Humanimals."

Lord Sean hissed irritably "Can you identify which Humanimals did it?" He asked

"One is particular seems to be a particularly aggressive old Wolf-Man." Said the Captain

"Old Humanimals we don't really need anyway..." Said Lord Sean "Break out the Quadruple-Duty Flamethrowers and kill the most aggressive Humanimals and see if you can save the rest...We have had no troubles here with these Soft and Fat City Humanimals seems the Country Bumpkins are always a bit harder as the legends say."

One note I should remind the people below me, is the title is 9 Years a Slave, the Mizzer Humanimals are doomed by historical canon to be captured and taken to Wrangler Planets, but remember you can survive Slavery you don't survive death
(Granted, the Humanimal forces, or at least this rag-tag group of them, will be defeated, but so were the American Rebels at Bunker Hill during the American Revolution against the British forces. There's nothing that says that there wasn't a certain amount of resistance, nor that there wasn't a significant number of Wrangler forces weren't killed during the take over. In fact, it is possible that it could be this initial resistance is what would inspire not just further rebellion, but cause the other planets to side against the Wranglers. After all, if a rag-tag group of civilians can cause the Wranglers to suffer a certain amount of trouble during a campaign, imagine what a professional force could have done.)

Richard watched as more enemy soldiers appeared, this time with better weapons, and armored vehicles. "Do you think that we can win?"

The Captain had a grim look on his face. "Not against that."

"So, what do we do?" Richard asked.

"We buy time for others to escape," the Captain said. "If we can hold these guys off long enough, there might be a tomorrow for those who have fled."

"We'll die if we fight back," said Richard.

"They have my daughter and my grandchild," the Captain said. "If they were free, I would consider running. I might as well be dead without them to look forward to."

"What if we don't have family that have been caught?" Richard asked.

"I won't blame anyone that decides to leave if they know that their family is safe," the Captain said loud enough for the others to hear. "That being said, anyone that stays here will probably be killed. If you want to leave, now's the time."

Richard watched the others in the group look at each other, and he saw them look at the Captain.

"I think that I can speak for the others when I say this," said a rat. "We'll make them pay for each one of us they take, with blood."

Richard then saw the Captain look at him.

"What about you?" the wolf asked.

"I say that we're going to lose," said Richard. "But, I guess I'm staying."

The Captain smiled. "We'll give them something to talk about before they leave this life. If you can't fight, you can at least patch the rest of us up until we are either killed or captured."
Sam saw what dreads him the most and the Chief. got on the radio "What the situation?" Sam says "Grim. The invaders are now armed with flamethrowers and our best officers are being torched." Sam heard a sigh as The Chief says "Alight, I'm sending our best police snipers on the roofs," Sam says "Tell them to aim for the tanks, from our hiding spot they are wearing bulletproof armor including their helmets."
Eunice and the other Captured Humanimals were still tied to the Tables they herd Lord Sean say "Try to get as many in the suspended animation beams as possible!"
Richard then saw something over his shoulder that startled him. "Captain, look over there."

The old wolf looked behind the group of fighters. A group of Wranglers had managed to sneak around and were now coming towards them. "Should of thought about that possibility."

"So, what do we do?" Richard asked. "Do we surrender?"

The wolf chuckled as he pulled out a pistol and checked it. "How about we ask for their's first?"

That got a chuckle out of the others, as they checked their ammunition. Richard realized at that moment that most were either out or down to their last few rounds.

"Do you think that we bought the others enough time to get away?" Richard asked.

"A better chance than they had when we first started fighting back," the Captain said.

Richard watched as the Wranglers came forward.

"Let's at least hope that they are civilized enough to talk," the Captain said, holstering his pistol. "Hopefully we'll live to fight another day."
Just then one of the Wranglers was shot in the head and immediately died in front of Richard, One of the other Wrangler yelled "SNIPER!" Richard looked up and saw a figure with a high powered rifle high on the City Hall roof,
The Armored vehicles shot out their suspended Animation Beams and froze the Snipers and the remaining Police and Firefighters
Next thing Richard knew, he was in a cell of some sort. "What's going on?" He heard a familiar chuckle.

"The bastards used some sort of paralyzing beam on us," the Captain said.

Richard looked at him. "You alright?"

"The bastards got a few kicks in, but I'm alright, physically," the wolf said.

"So, what's going to happen to us?" Richard asked.

The Captain chuckled. "Do you want to know a secret about the future?"

Richard blinked. "Do you have that ability?"

The Captain nodded. "It comes and goes. Sometimes I see a few pieces, sometimes I see the shape, sometimes I see the whole story. Didn't see an invasion, but I did see trouble."

"So, what have you seen?" Richard asked.

The Captain smiled. "I see you in a large bed in a mansion, surrounded by your mate, your children, and grandchildren, and a few great-grandchildren. I see you in fine clothes, them as well. I'm not sure if you're the Master of the house, or a Valued Servant of the household, but I see a lot of people that care about you, including humans. I see you die in that bed, surrounded by family and friends. I'm not sure how you'll get there, but it is a nice fate."

Richard gulped. "And yourself?"

"I've seen my fate too." The Captain gave a toothy grin. "Seems I'm to be executed, alongside of the other leaders of those that resisted."

"I'm sorry to hear that, sir," said Richard.

"Don't be," the Captain said. "I have a nice bonus coming to me."

"What do you mean?" Richard asked.

The Captain chuckled. "Seems someone called Lord Sean will get too close to me. He'll be having problems breathing with my teeth in his throat. I'm not sure if he'll live or die, especially with the bullets going through both of our bodies, but it will be a moment that no one will forget."

"I'll see about finding your daughter and grandchildren," said Richard.

The Captain smiled. "I'm sure that you'll do everything that you can."
Sam woke up and found himself chained up within the hold of the Wrangler ship, "You're quite a fighter and I could use someone like you to escape the Wranglers." said a female voice. Sam looked around and saw a figure in the corner chained to the wall. Sam says "It comes with the job and I have 2 questions. What are the Wranglers and whom am I speaking too?"
Since Eunice would not actually say that, I'm gonna create a different female Character and Eunice is gonna witness this from her own cell

Eunice was witnessing this from her own cell across from Sam's the creature revealed herself to be...A Velociraptor!

One thing you must know about the Humanimal Population of Mizzer is that there never was any Dinosaur or Other Prehistoric Animal Humanimals, the Neo-Hippies arrived on Mizzer before the Jurassic Park style cloning technology had been developed to clone Prehistoric Animals and transform them into Humanimals

"You're a Dinosaur!" Sam exclaimed "It can't be! Dinosaurs are extinct!"

"We once were." Said the Dinosaur "But we were brought back by Humans...My name is White Feather and I'm a Shaman."

"What's a Shaman?" Eunice asked

White Feather turned to the Dog "You honestly don't know?!" she exclaimed

Mizzer Humanimals having lived safe sheltered lives knew absolutely not one thing about how other Humanimals lived
Richard looked at his Captain. "You're pretty calm about what's going to happen to you."

The wolf chuckled. "I had a good life, a good mate, and good friends. That's more than some get."

"Did you know you'd die like this?" Richard asked.

"We all die," the wolf said. "It's how you're remembered that's important. I hope that you remember me as a good Captain."

"Well, you've pulled me out of at least one fire, if not two," said Richard.

"You'll name your son after me, Thomas," the wolf said.

Richard chuckled. "I guess I could do that. It's a good name."

"You have a good life, young buck," the wolf said.

"I only hope that I can live up to your expectations, you old dog."

The wolf chuckled. "Do me a favor, and don't cry when they come to take me. Just know that, no matter what happens, you'll get through this."

"I hope that you enjoy your last meal," said Richard.

The wolf barked out a laugh. "He'll probably poison me."
Sam says "I hope the humans that you back aren't the Wranglers."
White Feather says "She was a scientist, a very good one. She helped the others live in peace but the Wranglers tried to buy us from her but when she refused they attacked an killed her. Like you, I'm a prisoner here and willing to fight my way out." Sam and Eunice looked at each other. "These Wranglers are heartless." Sam says.
This campfire has been good so far...But I need to take a break from it, when I rekindle there will be a timeskip

The End!

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