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by Twiga
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Mutant Animals bred to fight for sport, Can they ever be something more?
[Introduction] OK just had something happened that REALLY pissed me off and I decided to make something to get my rage out. Here in the World of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a hidden underground fighting ring where Nerdy Scientists instead of building Robots to fight they take all kinds of different Animals to see who can bio-engineer the roughest toughest Mutant Gladiator!

This is an RP Campfire with each of us playing a different Gladiator, eventually the TMNT will come to attempt to rescue us, weather our characters want to leave or continue the Gladiator Life is up to each individual, keep in mind this Characters were created in the Underground Lab and this life is the only one they've ever known not clear how many Mutants are even literate
Name: Black Claw
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Black Domestic Cat
Weapon of Choice: A single Katana
Personality: Aloof, Introverted but with a Quick Temper
Bio: Black Claw makes up for her lack of muscle mass with insane speed and agility with Ninja Grace and Dexterity one of her favorite moves is the climb the bars in a cage match hand from above with her feet and drop down with her Katana to impale her opponent from above she is one of the few Animals who can read and write and often does both in between matches. She is introverted and doesn't like hanging out with the other Gladiator Animals, she's only close to her Companion and Scientist who claims they need to win if they both want to be free
Name: Speedy
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Harvest Mouse
Weapon of Choice: Metal claws that have been tipped with a paralytic solution.
Personality: Generally quiet, and tends to keep to self outside of matches.
Bio: Speedy makes up for his lack of size and strength by being very fast, and very quick with his claws. Going for his opponent's ankles, Speedy has a decent record of defeating far larger competitors. While it does take a about two minutes for the solution to drop his target, Speedy can outmaneuver most foes.
Black Claw was facing a Giant Mutant Crab in this match, the Mutated Crustation had a hard time moving in the cage, Black Claw always found Mutated Invertebrates were No-Brainers to defeat hardly any of them lasted more than one match, one would think the Scientists would take a hint and stop creating them.

But in either case Black Claw climbed the cage bars, the Mute Crab Mutant snapping his claws feebly from below.

Then Black Claw dove down the Crab never stood a chance she drove her blade through the center of his body where his claws could never reach
Speedy watched as the crab was taken away. It was actually fairly rare for the "fatalities" to be permanent. Some time in a healing tank, and some tweaks, and the crab would be alright for another fight, in about a few weeks.

In a way, Speedy felt sorry for Black Claw, not to mention every other Gladiator, for what was going on was a King of the Cage Endurance Competition. A gladiator would soon be sent to face Black Claw. If Black Claw won, she'd have to face another, the same holding true for whomever it was that bested her. The last one still standing would be the Cage Champion, for a while at any rate.

Speedy looked up to watch the display chart. The images flickered through the various Gladiators, randomly picking the next challenger. He sighed as the images finally stopped. He was the next Challenger to enter the Cage. He strapped on his claws and coated them in the solution. He was certain that he could drop her, but what about the one that came afterwards? In most matches, there would be resting between rounds, but not in this case.
Black Claw saw it was Speedy who was facing her next, she lashed her tail, Speedy was one of the few Mutants who could match her in speed and agility meaning she couldn't rely on her usual moves.
Name: Stripes
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Species: Tiger
Weapon of choice: Tonfa, an Okinawan baton like weapon that reinforces for backfist, elbow strikes, and punches and the grip provides protection or brace along one's forearms and Stripes mastered it quite well.
Bio: Stripes is fierce fighter that you can depend on that any foe underestimates.
Speedy looked up at Black Claw. An instinctive urge to run came to him, especially since, despite his modifications, he was still the size of a normal harvest mouse, while she was much larger. For a split second, he even had a vision of himself going down her throat, struggling to escape. However, he banished the thought away - even if the cat had somehow managed to grab, and swallow, him, he was still worth too much money to be left inside of the cat's stomach. Worst case scenario, the doctor's would pump her stomach out to recover him. Best case scenario, the cat would voluntarily vomit him up. Of course, if luck was with him, the cat would be laid out on the floor, needing to be taken out of the cage.

At the same time, Black Claw was looking down at the mouse. She knew about those claws he wore, and how they could easily paralyze her. Getting scratched by them wasn't an option. There was something else as well; the more she looked at him, the more she felt like she wanted to devour the mouse. She could easily do it, if not for those claws, but those could be, with care, removed. In a way, it would be fitting, and make the match more exciting for the betters. Of course, if she did do that, it would probably a good idea to let him out of her own free will. The scientist that had made him would most certainly want the mouse back.
However since he was also the size of a normal Mouse she realized that if she were too actually strike him with her Katana , his tiny body would be damaged too throughly for repair, he would more or less be reduced to chunky salsa.

So she raised her sword to strike, however Speedy wasn't gonna let that happen so he ran forward and scratched her bare foot!

Black Claw yowled as she fell.

"She was already exhausted from fighting five opponents in a row." Said Speedy
However, just because Speedy had managed to scratch the cat, he knew well enough that she wasn't necessarily down and out. The solution would still need to course through her bloodstream and that would take a few minutes. Black Claw could turn a certain defeat for herself into a mutual defeat, if she managed to make sure that he couldn't fight the next round.

He watched as the cat got back up on her feet, well, more like she was using her hands as an extra pair of feet, as the foot he'd scratched wasn't much use at the moment. He watched her lock eyes with him. He knew one thing; he'd need to keep ahead of her in order to fight the next round.

Black Claw made her move, as did he, she coming after him, and he trying to keep away from her.
Stripes is traing for his match on the arena's fighing dummy with his Tonfas, when Timber, the wolf with the fighting fans said, "Are you watching the match going on?" "No, I'm busy training." "It's a real Tom and Jerry match, Black Claw vs. Speedy. Who do you think is going to win?"
Speedy skittered away from Black Claw the bars the the Cage were too tight for him to sleep through he just had to keep dodging until she collapsed
Black Claw could feel the effects of the solution. coursing through her blood, slowly reducing her ability to control her muscles. However, while she knew that she wouldn't be the Cage Champion, she could at least make sure that the mouse wouldn't be either. Calling upon the last of her reserves, she sprang just fast enough to grab Speedy in one of her paws. She then squeezed, until she could feel the bones in the mouse's arms break.

Speedy screamed in pain as the cat squeezed him. He looked at the cat, helpless to do anything to stop her. "What now? You can't move much anymore."

Black Claw panted from effort, her other arm being useless, and the one holding the mouse would soon follow. "We can still give the viewers a show. It's not like you can do anything to stop me."

Speedy nodded. "Just no biting or any other funny business. Good fight."

Black Claw nodded back. "You as well." Using what was left of the strength in her arm, she brought the mouse up to her mouth, placed him inside, and swallowed. She felt him slide down her throat just as she lost the last of her ability to move.
Watch the results of the match as he does pushups with his tonfas. Timber asks "Why are you doing push up with those and not your hands?" "To improve stability not just exercise." That's when the arena's announcer came in "Stripes, your up next." Timber says "Good luck out there." Walks out the door passing .Black Claw as she is escorted in by two medics.
Black Claw's experience on the operating table was one of blissfulness...She dreamed about the places she had only seen in Storybooks. Her Creator wanted her to be literate and she developed a love of reading, she flew over fantastical landscapes of Enchanted Forests and Fire Breathing Dragons
Speedy was, uncomfortable, to say the least, about his situation. His arms were in pain, he was covered in stomach acid, and while he couldn't see it, he was certain that he was slowly loosing his fur. Still, his scientist had prepared him, and made sure that acid didn't affect him too much, just in case something like this occurred. That was one of the risks of putting predator and prey in the Cage together. On the plus side, he could hear voices, and he could smell the anesthesia, which was making him drowsy. Soon enough, he'd be out of the stomach and placed into a healing tank, followed closely by the cat. He knew that he'd be alright within a week.
As Stripes enters the Arena an Weasal, a weasel mutant welding numb chucks and he twirls them around skillfully without hitting himself. "Like these you overgrown cat? I saw that last match and I'm going to knock you out before you have a chance to eat me." Stripes says "Eat you? You're hardly a snack. You just only made this match more challenging," he did two thrusts from each arm followed by a roundhouse kick, "I'd say bring it on."
Then Black Claw's dream took a strange turn...She found herself surrounded by black prickly grass the sky above was red, she didn't know where she was, then a sound from behind she turned around and saw a Mutant Turtle! He was wearing a red mask
However, that was when things became very cold for her. Black Claw snapped open her eyes, to find herself having been immersed in a healing tank. A breathing mask was over her face, helping her to have air in this liquid environment. She could now move her limbs, and she carefully looked down to see where an incision had been made near the area of her stomach. It would take a few hours to heal up while she was in the tank, compared to three weeks, at least, outside of it. She looked over, and saw Speedy in a tank next to her, with some supports on his arms, to help them heal correctly.

She then saw the in-tank communication device that had been strapped to her, just in case she needed to tell the doctors something. She typed on it. "How are you doing Speedy?"

Speedy's communication device flashed. He looked at it. He then looked at her. He then used the claws on his toes to type. "Fine."

"You weren't too badly harmed, right?" Black Claw typed.

"More my pride than anything," Speedy typed. "It's been a while since I got beaten. Well, technically, the match was a draw."

Black Claw smiled to herself. "At least you didn't get to be Cage Champion either."

"Likewise," Speedy typed.

"So, what happened?" Black Claw typed. "I noticed Stripes going in as they took me out and then I lost consciousness."

"Well, in short, they cut you open in order to get me out," typed Speedy. "You broke my arms."

"I hope that you don't hold that against me," Black Claw typed. "I didn't want you to win after all."

"Would have done similar," typed Speedy. "I would have scratched your throat up, so that you wouldn't have been able to fight the next round anyways. As it is, things might get more interesting for me from now on."

"What do you mean?" Black Claws typed.

"The footage of you swallowing me was shared at least fifty thousand time within the time you swallowed me and the time the doctors got me out," typed Speedy. "Naturally, questions about how long I could last have been asked. In short, I might end up becoming more acquainted with your insides outside of matches."

Black Claws groaned internally. "Seriously?"

"I don't like the idea either," typed Speedy. "Still, my scientist has been talking about increasing my acid resistance, to protect me for at least twelve hours. Basically, you could have me at supper and I'd be out before breakfast."

"Out how?" Black Claw typed.

"Make a very good guess," Speedy replied.

Black Claw groaned. "I hope they don't film that part."

"Likewise," Speedy typed.

"So, how is Stripes doing?" Black Claw typed.

"He's up on the screen now," Speedy typed. "He's up against Lightning."
So far Stripes is holding his own against Lightning's numb chucks met blow to blow against his Tonfas, but Lighting, true to his name is lightning quick. For each time Stripes saw an opening, Lighting just dodged and evaded each blow.. On the downside, Lighting was overexerting himself, and Stripes struck Lighting with the long end of his Tonfa on the back of the head.
Black Claw typed to Speedy "I had a dream...I saw a Mutant Turtle wearing a red mask...Have you seen any Mutant Turtles around here?"

Speedy responded "The last Turtle I saw was killed after he was caught mating with one of the female Scientists."

Meanwhile the TMNT....Actually more like Twenty-Something Mutant Ninja Turtles had been sent by Eleanor Capra, a Mutant Wensleydale Sheep and leader of the 'Mutant Liberation Front' she had been an Lab Animal in the 1970s and after 'Liberating Herself' she traveled North America for many years meeting different kinds of Mutants along the way (The reason the Turtles never had any inkling these Mutants were hiding themselves in the Wilderness of North America and most of these Mutants had no access to technology so it's not like the Turtles could come across them of Online Forums.

But Elenaor and her Secret Society of Mutant Warriors had encountered the Turtles in the woods of Northampton one year ago and the Turtles did their best to try to convince her maybe war with Humanity isn't the best ticket to liberation...Eleanor was Psychic she had the ability to both speak and hear with telepathy (Though she preferred to talk normally as 'A mind is a terrible thing to read' she could strike the nervous system with her mind causing vast amounts of pain and she had the ability to hypnotize the weak willed by either speech or telepathy (Note this only works on the weak-willed, attempting it on the Turtles would only piss them off) so instead she took the Turtles as her 'Lieutenants'

Eleanor had been having dreams of Mutant Fighting each other for sport, after much help from Splinter by teaching her how to meditate Eleanor located the Psychic Call she had heard was coming from the Great Northern Wilderness in Canada, she sent the Turtles there along with two of her Finest Warriors Rana and Female Red Eyed Tree Frog who specialized in Nunchucks and her adopted brother Charlie and Male Mutant Gray Squirrel who sometimes utilized a blowpipe with fast acting Jungle Toxin but most of the time preferred something called 'Lee Kwon Choo' which is meditating while fighting...A Lee Kwon Choo move would be a devastating blow that stops one inch from the opponent's body leaving them stunned.

Donatello was able to detect that the they were standing above the place it was deep underground.

"Great." Raph said "How we gonna get in there?"
"I might have a toy for that part," said Donatello. "It dig tunnels."

"Is it a really big machine with lights and everything?" Michelangelo asked.

"If I wanted the entire neighborhood to hear us, yes," said Donatello. "But, since we want stealth, it is instead a specially made shovel, that can cut through rocks, metal, concrete, and makes a decent bludgeon type weapon when caught without something better."

"So, basically, we're digging?" Raph asked.

"Got any better ideas?" Leonardo asked.

"No," said Raph. "I just don't like getting my hands dirty in that manner."
Stripes completed his match the victor, for his strategy of using Lightning's own speed against him and finally dealing with the knockout blow with a forward thrust right to the jaw, he too was battered and bruised by his numb chucks and now it's his turn in the healing tank. He stepped into the tank and put on the breathing mask, as the tank closed it soon filled with healing liquid and he's out like a light....

Stripes soon found himself in a jungle with a hut as he steps into a hut he saw a mutant rat in a kimono sitting in a meditative state. "You must be the one called Stripes." "And who is asking?" "Who I am is not important now, but let ask you something." "What do you want to know." "I'd like to now what's more important is what do you rather do? Fight in gladiatorial combat for the enjoyment of your master's clients as they bid on or against you with your next match may be your last, or fight for a better cause with me and my sons?"
Well let's just leave Stripes to himself as Black Claw was asking more questions of Speedy.

"A Mutant banged a Human?! How? Why?"

"It wasn't his own creator." Speedy said "I I think it was the Female Scientist who created the Giant Crab you fought before me...When they had sex...He really...Hurt her pelvis..."

That's when they noticed Stripes had joined them "I thought Stripes won his match." Said Black Claw

"He did." Said Speedy "But like you and me it was kind of a mutual defeat...He was collapsing as he was declared the winner."
"I guess that means that neither him or Lightning are going to be Cage Champion then," typed Speedy.

"Back to the turtle, what happened?" Black Claw typed.

"Let's put it this way - that turtle wasn't right in the head," said Speedy. "Granted, none of us probably are, but, when you and me fought, we fought to put on a show for the audience, and the injuries we inflicted upon each other, they could be healed up in a reasonable time. That crab for instance, he'll be fine in three days."

"I hope he's smarter the next time we fight," typed Black Claw. "What was different about the turtle's fights?"

"To say that he was excessively brutal was an understatement," typed Speedy. "I know of an alligator that fought him - it took the gator three months to recover, between the various broken bones, internal injuries, to say nothing about needing one of his limbs reattached. In fact, when that turtle had sex with that scientist, I don't think it was consensual on her part."

"He was that messed up?" Black Claw typed.

Back in Stripe's dream "Better cause?" "To liberate other mutants from captivity. My sons are doing just that, to liberate you and others from this deadly sport." "I'm expecting more rats?" "Not rats, turtles. Each bares the name of a renaissance artist and sport the following colors, blue, purple, orange and red." "Wait a minute, you described the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that means you must be their master Splinter." "Yes, but there more mature now and no longer teenagers. Elenor and I will be waiting for you and others to arrive."

Soon the tank opened and Stipes awakened with a gasp, "Wow, what a dream. I must tell both Black Claw and Speedy about it."
Of course Black Claw responded "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! Those guys are just a legend Stripes, they aren't real."
"You might want to get back into the tank," Speedy typed. "It's possible that you're not fully recovered from your fight. A blow to the head can still cause trouble even hours after the fight."

"He has a point," typed Black Claw. "You might want to get back into your tank to finish healing."
That's when earth tremors starting shaking up the arena. On the monitor a digging machine came out of the ceiling during a match between a lion with a trident and a bull with a Warhammer.
Um...Hertz since I stated all this underground stuff is happening BELOW the forest floor I'm gonna write the digging coming from the ceiling instead of the ground

The Turtles realized what they had dug into and that they had revealed themselves and gave a collective "SHELL!"
"That's a new one," Speedy typed, as he, Black Claw, and Stripes watched the screen. "I wonder just how interesting things are about to get."

"If they are here to get us out, let's hope that they are smart enough to realize that we need to be in these healing tanks," Black Claw typed.
Inside the machine, Raph says "Smooth move Donnie, you call this stealth?" Donnie says "A miscalculation on my part." Mikey says "What do we do now?" Leo says "We've faced the Shredder and the entire Foot clan, I believe these guys aren't as touch as them. Raph, you and I will handle the guards and keep them distracted. Donnie, you and Mikey will liberate the mutants. Elenor and master Splinter are couniting on us."
Hertz I think you might not have comprehended what they were digging with it wasn't a machine you could ride in just really electronic hand shovels

However the Scientists were a bit more clever, they brought out three enormous Mutant Spiders and had them shoot silk at the emerging Turtles

"Frick!" Raph yelled seeing the giant Mutant Spiders as he hated Insects, Arachnids and anything with more than four legs
"So, what do you think will happen?" typed Speedy.

"Not sure," typed Black Claw. "Even I've had some trouble dealing with those spiders."

"Hard to defeat," said Stripes.
When the Turtles woke up, they found themselves shackled to a wall instead of covered in webbing. "Oh good, your all awake." said a familiar voice, They looked up and saw an old adversary Agent Bishop. "Bishop!" said Leo, "I should've known someone like you running this underground arena!" Bishop says "A project of mine, my scientists each created the mutants in this arena. We test their fighting ability in gladiatorial combat. And my clients bet on them, the winnings goes into my grant of more research. The spiders are like my watchdogs. You think I wasn't prepared. Now we have four new entries. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or should I say Twenty-something.".
"Why are you in Canada?" Donatello asked

"Borders don't really mean anything to me really." Bishop said "Canada simply has much more untouched wilderness than the US which I needed to build a place of this magnitude and not be noticed."
"Well, that was entertaining," Speedy typed, after the turtles had been dragged away.

"Do you think it could have worked?" Black Claw typed.

"You'd need a larger force than just four turtles," typed Speedy.

"What if we helped them?" Stripes asked. "I mean, hypothetically."

"We'd have a communication issue to overcome first," Speedy typed. He then looked over at the security camera that was focused on them. "Those are everywhere, meaning every move is being watched, meaning one can't just pass a note to someone else."

"Even these keyboards are monitored with that keystroke logging thing," Black Claw typed.

"You'd probably have to be telepathic, but I wouldn't be surprised if they've thought about that," Speedy typed.

"I guess you have a point," said Stripes. "I guess I'd better get back in the tank. My head is still bothering me a bit."

"A good night's rest will help all of us," Speedy typed. He then watched as the tiger got back into his own healing tank, with a breathing mask being attached to his face as he went under the healing liquid.

Speedy was doing some thinking. At some point between falling asleep in Black Claw's stomach, and just before he'd been removed from the cat, he'd had a vision of a human-sized rat in a red robe. He wasn't sure what it meant, but given that the turtles had shown up, he had a feeling that something bigger was in the works. He then closed his eyes to rest, and to heal.
Stripes found himself in a dojo of some kind, but this time is wasn't alone, Black Claw and Speedy are with him. "What are you doing in my dream?" asked Black Claw, "Your dream? I thought it was mine," responded Speedy. "I'm baffled myself, who's dream is this?" Just then Splinter appeared "Think of this as a shared dream." Black Claw says "I saw you in my dreams." Splinter responds "One of the perks of meditation, visiting the dream realm. Let's cut to the chase, it seems my sons' rescue attempt lead to their capture, I'm on my way there to free them but I need a distraction. Keep Bishop and the scientists busy and we'll take you three several others to a safe haven."

Of course if you'll remember from earlier Eleanor sent two of her own warriors Rana the Nunchucks Wielding Tree Frog and Charlie the Ninja Gray Squirrel the Turtles had them wait at ground level and when they saw the Turtles got captured they ran it was they who sounded the telepathic alarm to Splinter and Elenaor.

Of course when they called they were screaming their thoughts causing both Splinter and Eleanor to wince

'You don't need to shout.' Eleanor thought back

Speedy looked at Splinter. "Well, I don't know if you know this, but some of us are out of commission for a while. Stripes over there took a blow to the head during his match, I got my arms broke, and Black Claws here is healing from an open stomach operation."

Splinter blinked at this. "Open stomach operation?"

"During the match between him and me, I broke his arms and swallowed him whole," said Black Claws. "They had to cut me open in order to get him out."

"Not to be crude, but why didn't you throw him up?" Splinter asked.

"The weapons I use are coated with a paralytic solution, which immobilizes the victim," said Speedy. "She wasn't in much of a position to let me out of her own free will."

Splinter shook his head. "Things these people come up with."

"Yeah, and the three of us are all in healing tanks, although Stripes and Black Claws should be ready in a few hours," said Speedy. "Me, I got to wait at least a week."

"I see," said Splinter. "Are there others who might be willing to help?"

"At least another sixty," said Stripes. "There should be some who are able-bodied enough to help cause some sort of diversion, such as a brawl that distracts the security forces. We do have interactions with each other outside of the matches."

"Would any of them be asleep?" Splinter asked.

"At least twenty, depending on the time of the day," said Black Claws.

Splinter nodded. "I'll see about bringing them here."
Eleanor has access to quite a few Jeep (Because she stole it before meeting the TMNT) And it was how She, Splinter April and Casey were four wheeling through the wilderness.

"Rana, Charlie." Eleanor thought to her Warriors "Get yourselves as far away from that hole as possible."

"Where do you want us to meet?" Charlie asked

"At least three miles south would be good," said Eleanor. "There's a park that's closed for maintenance that we might be able to use as a base."
Meanwhile Bishop is disciding on what kind of match to do next, "Now who to I match up with the turtles? I know, sense they're almost out of their healing tanks, it'll be the following. Black Claw vs. Leonardo, then Stripes vs. Donatello. As for the other two, I'll decide later."
Black Claw was having her supper in her own private chambers...Just plain tuna salad in a pet food bowl.

As she was eating it her Creator the Scientist Dr. Jin came in.

"Hey." He said

Black Claw didn't say anything
Meanwhile, Speedy was still in his healing tank. The liquid helped with his caloric needs, along with the healing. He watched as his scientist came in.

"How are the arms?" the man asked.

"I'll live, Dr. Scalpel," Speedy typed.

"Its Scapelli," the scientist said. "Dr. Anthony Scapelli."

"I blame the auto-correct feature," Speedy typed. "So, what modifications are you going to use on me?"

"Making sure that your bones are much stronger for one thing," said Dr. Scapelli. "I don't like having them break on you."

Speedy rolled his eyes. "Anything else?"

"Working on your acid resistance," said Scapelli. "It would be good to know just how long you could survive in a container filled with the equivalent of gastric acid, or even inside of the stomach of a predator."

"Seriously?" Speedy typed.

"There's plenty of interest in that sort of thing," said Scapelli. "I'm sure that Dr. Jin would be willing to help out with the use of Black Claw."

"Good Luck," Speedy typed.
Stripes is busy training with his Tonfas that's when his creator Dr. Louis Rojas(pronounced Row-haz) came in, "Enough training for now Stipes, take five. Now is time for your check-up." Stripes says "Been meaning to ask, what privileges does the Champion receive?" Dr. Rojas says "Privileges? What do you mean?" Stripes says "A trophy, a ribbon, a way out of this place." Dr. Rojas says "That's up to Bishop to decide. Now follow me to the clinic."
Jin simply sat and watched Black Claw eat when she was finished she sat and glared at him.

"Why do you work for Bishop?" Black Claw asked

"I'm essentially a Slave same as you." Said Jin "Was a prominent Biologist in Japan, Human Traffickers kidnapped me and sold me to Bishop,"
At this, the door to Black Claw's chamber opened, and in came Dr. Scapelli. "Ah, Dr. Jin. I thought that I'd find you here."

"What do you want?" Dr. Jin asked.

"Why, to borrow your Black Claw for some experiments," said Dr. Scapelli. "I'm seeing about increasing Speedy's acid resistance, and I'm hoping to count on you for assistance in the matter."

Dr. Jin clenched his mouth. "I noticed the footage from the match. Do you really wish to risk your mouse like that?"

"I already have a backup ready, including the current one's memories, for the old 'Just in Case', like just in case he doesn't make it, and ends up becoming fat on your cat's ass," said Dr. Scapelli. "I'm sure that you have similar backups for your cat, in case a big dog tries to tear her to pieces, especially after what happened last time."

Dr. Jin growled. "I told you not to bring that incident up."

Dr. Scapelli grinned. "I still remember you trying to shove her organs back into her broken body."

"Enough!" Dr. Jin smacked Dr. Scapelli across the face. "You mention that again, and I'll see to it that you wake up in a tank being turned into a slug, or something just as slimy! "

"Try it, and your cat will be dissected, followed by yourself," said Dr. Scapelli. "I'll count on your support in my experiment."

Dr. Jin watched as the other scientist left. To say that Dr. Scapelli lacked scruples was to imply that he had any. Dr. Jin looked at Black Claw, who was looking at him.

"What did he mean by 'Backups'?" she asked.

Dr. Jin sighed. "You, and all of the others, have clones, ready for just in case the healing tank fails to heal you. Their memories are updated each time you go to sleep, even scars are added. The idea is that you don't notice anything wrong should things not work out, and that you just took a longer time than normal in the tank."

"How many times have I died?" Black Claw asked. "I remember the fight with the dog being a bad one, and I remember you being worried, and I remember being in the tank longer than normal, so you tell me; how many times?"

"Just that once," said Dr. Jin. "It was extremely difficult to put you down, and even more difficult to wake you up."

"Then, why?" Black Claw asked.

"Because I knew that they'd just get someone else to be in charge of your profile," said Dr. Jin. "You're like a daughter to me. I care about you."

"Funny way of showing it," said Black Claw. "I'm not even the original Black Claw."

"I doubt any of you are the original ones anymore," said Dr. Jin.
Dr. Rojas is checking Stripes, "You seemed to heal nicely, that's good. Now let's go though your physical examination." That's when the phone rang. "Hello...Oh, I'm just going to exam him Bishop. You sure this is wise? He just recovered from his last match and already you want to put him in another one this soon? Fine, I'll get him ready and I will tell Dr. Jin about Black Claw's next match."
Meanwhile the Turtles were still in chains when Bishop came in. He was on his cell phone

"What?!" He exclaimed "Tell Dr. Scapelli he can do his disgusting Vore experiments later I need Black Claw this instant!"

"Let me guess." Leo said "We're gonna fight your Mutants."

"Just you and Donatello." Said Bishop
Dr. Jin sighed as he hung up his phone. He looked at Black Claw. "On the bright side, you and Speedy got a reprieve from Dr. Scapelli's experiment."

"And the other side?" Black Claw asked.

"Seems that you and Stripes will each be fighting one of the turtles."

"Any rules?"

"I don't know," said Dr. Jin. "It might be to knockout, or until one side gives up. Hopefully it isn't to the death - I'd hate to have to wake up another one, who has the knowledge that they are yet another clone."

"How many clones are there?" Black Claw asked.

"You have seven more clones in tubes," said Dr. Jin. "Someone thought that it was fitting for a cat to have nine lives."

"What would happen if they, and all of the other clones were awaken at once?" Black Claw asked.

Dr. Jin's eyes widened, and then he smiled. "Might overwhelm the security forces long enough for someone to arrive and expose the whole operation."

Black Claw smiled. "Then I might have the start of a plan. When is my match?"

"In about an hour," said Dr. Jin.

"And the clones' memories are updated as the one currently out of the tube is asleep?"


"In that case, I'll be taking a little nap," said Black Claw. "I'll let you know when to wake the rest up."

"You're talking about the clones?"

Black Claw nodded.

"You be safe."

"I will."

Soon enough, Black Claw was taking her nap, and she found herself by the rat once more. "Splinter."

The rat nodded. "What have you found out, Black Claws?"

"Seems there's some sort of cloning program going on," said Black Claws. "The clones are kept in tanks, with their memories getting updated as the one sleeps."

Splinter nodded. "I thought that I sensed a a fair bit more minds that weren't fully conscious. Also, it seems that most everyone is taking a nap, meaning that I can bring everyone here."

Suddenly, the area was filled with the various gladiators that the facility had.

"What's going on?" asked Lightning. "Is this some sort of dream where I became Cage Champion?"

"No, this is the dream where we get our freedom," Black Claws told the weasel. "Today is the day we all go free."

"How?" asked a bull mutant. "There's about sixty of us, and over a dozen of those spiders that could each take on all of us at once."

"Well, we're going to have some help, and some of that help will be closer to you than a brother," said Black Claw. "You see, we all have clones, and those clones have just learned that detail right now, and if you want out, I'm certain that they'll help us to get out, along with themselves."
That's when Stripes appeared, "What's this about clones?" Black Claw says "Didn't Dr. Rojas tell you?" "No, not a word. Far as I know, I'm one of a kind." Splinter says "I'd be careful fighting against my sons. Knowing Bishop, he'll have the match rigged against them." Black Claw asked "How do you know Bishop?" "The Turtles and I have a long history about him, ever sense the Tricaratons invaded Earth. He has been a pain on our sides. I'd stick with the weapons you have, don't accept any substitutes."
Of course the pan was a success all the clones were awakened and...The campfire ends because the Clones with all the same memories trope is one that really REALLY hurts my brain

The End!

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