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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2192065
Several Scientists accidently transform themselves into Mutant Animals!
[Introduction] So this is a bit different, instead of Innocent People being unwillingly transformed into Furries by malevolent scientists the Scientists who seem to have studied at the absent minded professor's school of science transform themselves into Human-Animal Hybrids, while the Number of Scientists in this story are 13, I think we'll only have two or three 'PCs' and the rest will be NPCs

The Year was 1994 13 Scientists were united by their mutual goal of creating Mutant Animals but needed to find a secret place to do so, they created a Lab for themselves underneath the City of Los Angeles the City stank so much the no one would notice to odor of several animals of various species, the Mutagen was almost complete but a Dudley Dabble stricken with hay fever, sneezed, his glasses falling into the vat of bubbling Mutagen

BOOM the City above assumed it was just another earthquake or as some called them 'Foot Massages'

Everyone came to, the Lab was covered in green slime and everyone felt a bit different, some felt a lot warmer other felt a bit colder many felt extra parts on them Dudley Dabble felt he was mossing parts for he had transformed into a Human-Earthworm Hybrid

(Dudley Dabble will be an NPC possible villain to the other scientists)
My Character

Name: Loretta Talbot (Reference to Larry Talbot AKA the Universal Wolf Man)
Sex: Female
Animal She's been crossed with: Talbot Hound: An Medieval Extinct Breed of Dog
Personality: A biology prodigy Loretta has been obsessed with evolution and is ambitious insanely driven to tinker with life
Likes: Evolution, Genetic Engineering, Hot sauce, UFO Hunting
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud Noises, Most Fiction (Doesn't think Fiction has a purpose) Babies and Relationships.

Loretta was horrified! She had been transformed into a White Hound! She stared at her reflection in the mirror touching her floppy ears and her wet black nose.

"It appears you've been transformed into a Talbot Hound." Said Dudley Dabble "Rather fitting isn't it?"

Loretta turned sharply "You!" She barked "You caused this! Why couldn't you have invested in some more antihistamines!"
My Character:

Name: Rodger Smith
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Animal He's Been Crossed With: Komodo Dragon
Personality: Generally easy-going, prefers to take things slowly and carefully.
Likes: Good Food, especially meat, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Learning
Dislikes: Arguments, people rushing into things before understanding them, vegetables

Rodger looked over at the pair. "Mind knocking it off. It's not his fault he sneezed at the wrong time. It could have been anyone." He looked at his reflection. "So, other than being transformed, was anyone injured?"

"You mean being turned into a dog doesn't qualify as an injury?" Loretta asked.

"You're talking, and you're breathing," said Rodger. "I qualify that as good information. Check on everyone else, and let's start on a reversal."

"He's got a point there," said Dudley. "You have arms and legs. I don't have those."
Seems everyone was crossed with an Animal they had been keeping in the laboratory (And while keeping Endangered Animals like Komodo Dragons was illegal, these scientists were driven to create the most magnificent Mutant Animals ever)

"The thing is..." Said Rodger "The Talbot Breed has been extinct for hundreds of years...We have plenty of mutts and purebreds of other breeds but how did you become a Medieval Breed?"
"Maybe one of the mutts was part Talbot," said Dudley. "I mean, there's other scientists that are trying to use selective breeding, and other methods, to bring back extinct animals by using those with similar genetics and looks to recreate that species. I mean, take the Neanderthal - there's a theory that its DNA exists in modern humans, at least in a small amount."

"Crazy idea, but plausible," said Rodger. "One of the mutts could of had some of the DNA, and maybe the mutagen extrapolated the rest of the code. I mean, we don't have a Komodo Dragon on the lists, that I know of, but we have other lizards."
"So what do we do?" Asked Loretta "How can we show our faces? I've heard stories about that Bishop guy, that he doesn't give a rat's tail weather you're a former Human or not he'll dissect you anyway."

"Well." Said Dudley "I did cause this situation we're in I should take it upon myself to find a cure."
"How about we all work on the cure?" said Rodger. "That way we're not reliant on just one person in case things go wrong, and everyone knows what happened, so that we can fix any mistakes."
"What I was thinking is that we should separate." Dudley said "People are gonna figure out that the shaking wasn't an ordinary earthquake and their gonna search for answers so we should split up to prevent people like Bishop from finding us."
"If you're that worried about that guy, what are you going to do if he does find you?" Rodger asked.

"What would you suggest?" Loretta asked.

"If we're at risk of being caught by someone like him, then I suggest that we simply place ourselves in a situation where we can't be forcibly removed by the guy," said Rodger. "My brother's a Bio-Chemist in the Army, Germ Warfare division. He's one of the guys that makes sure that any nasty things tossed on our guys doesn't do much damage. If we contact him, it's possible that he could line us up with someone who can use their status to keep guys like Bishop away from us."

"Seriously? The military?" Loretta asked. "I don't like that idea."

"It's a reasonable idea," said Rodger. "It would give us access to the resources we'd need to reverse the situation with no questions asked. Of course, if you have a better suggestion, I'll hear it."
Loretta and the remaining 10 Scientists turned Mutant Animals couldn't think of anything else, only Dudley replied with "Do as you wish, I'm staying here, if I'm anything like a normal Earthworm I can't be in the sun too long or else I'll be dried into jerky! I think it's best if I stay underground and work to find out a cure on my own."
"Try to keep in touch," said Rodger.

"You sure about your brother?" Loretta asked.

"We've had our squabbles, but I'm sure he'll help," said Rodger. "I'll see about giving him a call, if the phone lines still work."
The Scientists dug through the slime for a couple minutes looking for a telephone but finally one of the Scientists who had been transformed into Naked Mole Rat a Mr. Eugene Winthrop dug out a phone.

Rodger found it still worked
"Now, the trick will be meeting him someplace out of sight," said Rodger. "Should be doable."
"How do we leave Los Angeles out of sight?" Asked Loretta
"Nighttime might help," said Rodger. "Also, really bad wigs, and really bad clothes."

"Why those?" Loretta asked.

"Because then it would look like we went to a costume party," said Rodger. "Haven't you ever been to one of those?"
"I have." Said another Female Scientist who had been transformed into Elk and was more sociable than Loretta her name was Mira White "I've seen all kinds of crazy costumes."
"Good," said Rodger. "So all we have to do, is make it look like we'd been to some sort of costume party, with a few of us having had a little too much to drink, and we'll meet up with my brother by one of those empty parking lots, and hopefully he'll have a few soldiers who are in on the act."

"And, what act would that be?" Loretta asked.

"A bunch of mad scientists that got mutated, and have been detained by the US Army," said Rodger. "It's simple, stupid, and a likely reason as to why we look ridiculous."

Mira chuckled. "As stupid as it sounds, it's a smart idea. I'm certain I could do something along those lines."

"Good," said Rodger. "I'll call up my brother, tell him the story, and the plan, and hopefully he'll get a few guys, and gals, who will ruffle up their uniforms to make it look like they too are also just some folks wearing costumes, playing the parts of our respective dates. After that, we can get to someplace safe."

"Are you sure we can trust the military?" Loretta asked.

"I'd prefer them over Bishop," said Rodger.
So 12 Scientists dressed themselves in elaborate costumes while Dudley Dabble stayed behind

Loretta dressed up in a trench coat and fedora with a the classic funny nose, mustache and glasses
"Always something going on," Rodger said as he put on an Einstein wig and mustache. "Und now, how's my Aksent?"
"The other scientists laughed and said it was good, Loretta remained silent
"What's the matter Loretta?" Rodger asked. "I've been to funerals where folks were happier. Then again, Grandma always loved a good party, and so, we celebrated, and had a good time in her honor."
Loretta said "We've all been transformed into Animals! What is there to be happy about?!"

"We're not happy about being transformed into Animals." Said Mira "But we don't have much reason to be constantly fuming over it."
"Exactly," said Rodger. "We can still talk, we can still reason, we're still alive, we can still complain. It could be so much worse, and that's without adding Bishop into the mix. I don't feel like rolling over and giving up. We'll figure a way out of this mess."

"What if we can't?" Loretta asked. "What if we're stuck like this?"

"Then you can apply to Search and Rescue," said Rodger. "A dog's nose is a thousand times better than that of a human's. If yours is anything similar, you should be able to track down missing children fairly easily, and let the other searchers know that you found the kid, and take them home."

"Do you think that would even work?" Loretta asked. "Who would be willing to accept someone like us?"

"Let me call my brother, and we'll find out." Rodger dialed the number. "Hey, Raymond. Good to talk to you. Sorry to bother you at work, but I need a big favor, and a whole lot of help. Me and my co-workers stumbled into something big with possible military applications, some of which are up your alley. Problem is, we got into a bit of trouble, and thus we need help."
After calling his brother the Transformed Scientists had to make their way out of the underground lab
"So, just what is the plan for getting to where your brother and these military guys are going to meet us?" Loretta asked.

"Simple, we just walk there," said Rodger. "I doubt that anyone will notice, so long as we act like nothing special has happened."

"You sure about that?" Loretta asked.

"Heard about this study that this university did once," said Rodger. "They had a class watch a video of half a dozen guys passing these basketballs back and forth, half wearing black shirts, half wearing white, and the class was told to count the number of times the guys in white shirts caught the ball. Halfway through, a guy in a gorilla suit walks into the scene, faces the camera, beats his chest, and walks off. After the video was over, the class was asked if any of them had noticed the gorilla - not many had."

"Why wouldn't they have noticed a guy in a gorilla suit?" Loretta asked.

"Because most are so focused in their own lives, they aren't going to stop just because something seems a little odd, so long as no one else acts like something is odd," said Rodger. "Ever hear of those streakers who run at night? Most aren't going to call them out on it, and those who do look like bigger perverts than the streaker."

Mira chuckled at this. "Oh, I've heard about that!"
So they left the Underground Lab indeed most People just strode by never turning their heads towards the transformed scientists
"I'm kind of surprised that this is working," said Loretta.

"You should see New Orleans during Madi Gras, or Las Vegas Strip," said Mira. "Of course, there is one thing that's going to help us out; there's one of those Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions going on, so there's a number of people who'll be wearing costumes anyways."

Rodger grinned at this. "Useful to know. Think there's any good books for sale?"

"Heard about one called Grunts: A Fantasy With Attitude," said Mira. "Basic idea, a bunch of Middle-Earth type Orcs get their hands on Modern Weaponry, and things go crazy from there."

Rodger chuckled at this. "Sounds like something I'd be interested in."
They met Rodger's Brother who was had an expression of displeasure on his face "How did this happen?" He asked
"Let's start with complicated and go to simply that there was an accident at work," said Rodger.

Raymond looked at them. "I kinda figured that part out."

"Thankfully, I don't think anyone really noticed how odd we look, especially since we intentionally made ourselves look ridiculous," said Rodger. "I mean, think about it, a lizardman version of Einstein - pretty stupid when you think about it."

"Must have worked," said Raymond.
As Raymond got the Scientists all food and drink he said "Still I can't help but keep asking what in the heck you all were doing that caused this to happen?"

The Scientists squirmed not all of them had nice reasons for wanting to create Mutant Animals some wanted to create them to serve as a new servant class
"There's always a reason," said Rodger. "One idea would be to create dogs that could be able to identify contraband, like cocaine, or locate a missing person, and that sort of stuff. Of course, there's probably other uses." He looked over at Loretta. "What was your reason for working on the project? You've never really said much, except to mope, unless you get pissed off."
"I sought to demonstrate that sapience could be artificially created." Loretta said "That Humanity's intelligence is not a fluke and can be replicated in any species."
"Fluke or not, you were a bit of an idiot for going off on Dudley, all because his glasses fell into that vat," said Rodger. "I just hope he's able to follow after us."

"There's another mutated scientist?" Raymond asked.

"Poor guy got turned into an earthworm," said Rodger. "He was worried he'd dry out. And she lambasted him over the accident. I just hope he's alright."
Dudley however was not planning on following the other scientists, instead with the Lab all to himself he worked on something he had been working on for a long while, a portal to other dimensions...
"So, what do you think he's doing?" Raymond asked.
"If you ask me..." said a Scientist who had been transformed into a Green Anole Lizard Lou Frigit "Dudley has always been a bit of a loner, we were classmates when were kids, I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually secretly thrilled by the accident because it means he has the entire lab to himself."
"Let's hope he isn't doing something foolish," said Rodger. "I know a lot of us did this for the money, and for science, but I trust that most of us would do the right thing for the right reasons, right?"
Again some of the Scientists who wished to create Mutant Animal slaves squirmed

"I can certainly find something for all of you here to do." Said Raymond

Some of the scientists were distracted by how much hot sauce Loretta was putting on her burger

"Don't you think that's enough hot sauce?" Asked Mira

"Food tastes like dust to me if I don't completely cover it in hot sauce." Loretta said as she took a bite of her burger

The other scientists were beginning to ask if Loretta was at all normal
"Heard of crazier things," said Raymond.
Meanwhile Dabble was placing the last pieces on his Dimension Portal even though he was working mostly with his mouth and his tail he still worked expertly.

He turned on the machine and as the electrons wavered Dabble saw images of other worlds flickering in and out
"Alright," said Rodger, once they got a lab. "Let's get to work on a reversal."
Meanwhile Dabble had found something that he believed would reverse their transformations.

"Yes..." Said the Voice on the other side of the Dimensional Portal "I can reverse you and your fellow's transformations but you must work for me..."
"How do I know you're on the level?" Dabble asked. "I might have my moments, but I'm not stupid."
"All right, All right." Said the Thing on the Other Side "I'll come over to your side and we can talk about the arrangements."
The Creature stepped through into the Lab it was a tall pale Humanoid, with no hair anywhere, and large blue eyes and no nose and a pure white gown.

Dabble who thought he was unfazed by weird things flinched in repulsion from this Alien being.

"My name is Arcana." Said the Creature "I am the Leader of a...Very special club on my world...We call ourselves the Ultimate Gamers and all we wish for is the ultimate thrill."
"What kind of game are you talking about?" Dabble asked.
"We're into LARPing." Said Arcana

"Larping?" Dabble cocked his head

"Live Action Role Playing." Said Arcana

"Oh." Dabble said flatly "You must pardon me, I'm a Geek, not a Nerd...The many utilize those terms interchangeably, a Geek is into Science and Technology and the progression thereof, not Popular Culture like a Nerd."

"My Club and I seek other worlds where we can have some fun LARPing as natives of that world." Said Arcana "Normally we need some assistance crafting new bodies for ourselves so we can properly blend in with the inhabitants of that world."
"Go on," said Dabble.
"So we were hoping you and your friends could mold us into creatures that resemble the Natives of this Planet...We can return to our own forms we have our methods when we're done Larping. We simply don't have to ability to transform our initial forms on our world."

"Why not?" Asked Dabble

"On out Planet transforming your form is illegal." Said Arcana "Which is another reason we LARP on other worlds but all we want is a bit of fun, things are so dreary on our planet."
"Sounds a little out of my league," said Dabble. "I need to get a hold of a few people."
Dudley Dabble called the other scientists Rodger picked up

"I think I've found the solution!" Said Dabble "I completed my dimensional portal and made contact with an advanced alien race!"
"Are you sure we can trust them?" Rodger asked. "One has to be careful about such things."
"They seem to be harmless." Dabble said "They want us to transform them into Mutant Animals, they have a means on their Planet to transform us back to normal but don't have a means to transform themselves as the technology for Mutation Modification was destroyed on their planet?"

"Why do they want to be transformed into Mutant Animals?" Asked Rodger

"For fun I believe." Said Dabble "I believe that these are a bunch of bored rich kids on their planet."

"That doesn't fill me with confidence." Said Rodger
"Sounds even more suspicious than your story," said the Base Commander.
"I don't think we should mutate alien rich kids just because they said please." Rodger said to Dabble

Loretta however was able to hear both sides of the conversation with her canine ears and unbeknownst to her colleagues she kept of copy of the Mutagen Recipe in her brazier just in case.
"We ought to be very careful in this situation," said the Base Commander. "I don't want to be the one to break some hereto unknown intergalactic law that might result with us on the loosing end of a war with an alien race."
Loretta kept quiet until everyone else was asleep, putting her costume back on she left and went back to the underground lab.

There Dabble was with Arcana and the rest of his club making a total of five aliens. Loretta was also repulsed by these alien humanoids but she would do anything to become human again!

"I brought the recipe for the Mutagen." Loretta said pulling the recipe out of her brazier.

Arcana took the recipe from her hand and read the recipe he murmured some of the ingredients to himself and he nodded his head approvingly

"This seems to be a Mutagen we're historically familiar with." Arcana said handing the recipe back to Loretta "My friends and I will prepare ourselves while you prepare the Mutagen."

While Dabble and Loretta were recreating the Mutagen the Ultimate Gamers were rolling rice and filling out character sheets.

"I do mine first." Said Arcana as he took his chosen list of animals and rolled 2 ten sided dice twice.

The Animal he got was 'Pig' Arcana narrowed his eyes and said "I'll finish the rest of my character sheet while the rest of you do your dice rolls."

While the rest of his club were taking turns rolling dice, Arcana wrote 'Dragon' in the species slot.

"Why are these creatures so invested in playing a game?" Loretta asked

"Everyone has there hobbies." Said Dabble "Even great scientists can't be all work and no play."

"Play is holding our species back!" Loretta spat "our species is so preoccupied with chasing frivolities instead of pursuing furthering our evolution!"

'Geez.' Dabble thought 'That's a bit extreme even for me.' What kind of psycho family had Loretta been raised in

The Aliens finished their character sheets and Arcana told them to all drop their character sheets into the vat of Mutagen at the same time.

Loretta and Dabble locked themselves in a glass box the avoid further mutation.

After the green slime explosion the Aliens examined their Mutated Forms and as Arcana revealed his Green Draconic Form

"Hey!" Exclaimed on the female members of Club who had transformed into a White Cat "Dragon wasn't on any of the lists!"

A Male who had transformed into a Pig said "How come we have to play by the rules and you don't?!

"Because I'm the leader and I'm the best." Said Arcana "If it weren't for me this club wouldn't exist."
"This might be an issue," said Dabble.
Arcana then turned to Dabble and Loretta in their glass box, he punched the box and lifted them.

"You still work for us." Said Arcana "You're gonna ensure we have a great game."
"In that case, you'd better play fair," said Loretta. "Our friends are at a military base, and if you're really foolish enough to not have certain rules, you might find yourselves on the wrong end of a target range. I doubt that even you could survive getting hit by a rocket launcher."
"Ooh! Arcana." Said the Alien who had been turned into a Pig "These Humans aren't as passive as you said they were."

Arcana turned and blew smoke at his Fellows

"Why don't we talk about this on my side of the portal?" Arcana said
"Sounds like something else is going one," said Dabble.
And thus The Aliens took Dabble and Loretta to their Dimension

This has been fun but I need a break may write a sequel to this story

The End!

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