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Love you moon and back
Love ... A powerful and awesome feeling. It's a name that makes you want more than yourself, a name you know that's true, it's 1000 years to live and do all you can to enjoy. And happiness comes with love. Because it is like a lost treasure that is required by mankind and often reminds you of why you live. While it makes time to pass, time makes love pass. Hete has said, "Love, loyalty, and passion are not invented poets." And so it is. Because love is part of reality. That beautiful venture from the start gives butterfly to the stomach and makes you laugh and understand that life makes sense. A loveless life would be like a sunless garden and a flower of vyshkyra. While a person without love is like a mother without children. Love is the key ... the key that opens the doors of happiness. If you take it away, the land where you live will become a grave. It is a pleasure to make love, to enjoy at any moment, to make and to cry, because it is like a illness or illusion when you are away from the person you love. It's a motive ... the motive of hopes. Sacrifice and happiness, at the same time, keep the spirit up, protecting it from the contaminations of this wrinkled world, which is filled with vices and backbone of interests. One prince is wonderful but this love is imperishable. You endear to the prince and the baby when you first saw "CINDERELLA" when you were small. When it's yours, you've caught the sky with your hands. You crossed the oceans together, you danced on by going "3 METERS ABOUT QUE". Because she never justifies. It is a high-rise house with only one port. When you enter the door, the door closes and does not open and goes to the endless greenery of the castle gardens. This beautiful feeling likes more than marriage, for the same reason that novels are more fun than history. Sacrifice, sincerity, fantasy, reason, jealousy and faith are the love wires and without it it loses in the troubled sea of ​​complex life. Love does not end easily, but when it ends it is a "WANT" on a wind made of steam that disappears, leaving the breeze of a memory for love.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2193027-Fallin-in-love