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Rated: E · Campfire Creative · Script/Play · Fantasy · #2200300
A story made up by a girl and her counselor during their sessions.
[Introduction] Dr. Kret was finishing up her notes on her last patient when she heard the door open very slowly.
She looked up to see two beautiful, young girls tentatively walk into her office. They halted behind the two available chairs in front of the woman's desk.
She timidly said, "Hello Dr. Kret. I am here for my first session."
Zoe Kret looked up and smiled warmly, "You must be Electra and Celeste Carisco. I am glad to meet you both. You may call me Miss Zoe if you wish. It is too confusing to have two Dr. Kret's. Oh, please, have a seat."
"Well, we can do this one of two ways. There is the old fashion way where the two of you lay on the couch and answer a bunch of questions. I figure that you'd be bored with that very soon, so I thought that maybe you would like for us to make up a story together. You know, like a skit or a role-playing game or something. What do think of that?"
Celectra perked up, "Sounds good to me. Could we do it in a holograph chamber?"
"Well, that's a great idea. I will reserve my time slots to align with our sessions from now on." beamed Dr. Kret. "In the meantime, why don't you try to think of a good scenario for our story."
Celectra exclaimed, "Oh, I know one already! I'll be a water nymph named um ... Aquella. I live in a pool in a stream in an enchanted forest."
"Ah, fantasy! I can see you're good at this! Well, You've already set the stage and introduced yourself. Now how about your sister?"
Celectra started to correct her new shrink, but thought better and said, "The other half of her."
Zoe shrugged and said, "I guess now I need to enter my character. I think I shall be a young, human woman of an indigenous tribe. My name is Lolita of the ... um ... Skitrole Clan."
Celectra dove into her role, "I'm delighted to make your acquaintance Lolita. I know of the Skitrole's. A couple of thousand years ago, they had a prosperous city about 60 miles east of here."
Lolita: "We do have stories of city life, but what does a little child like you know of such things? Why you couldn't be a day over seven."
Aquella: "I was there and knew some of the people. Don't let my appearance fool you. You see, my father is immortal and my mother was not, and so it seems that I physically age one year for every thousand actual years. So, I'll probably live to be about seventy to ninety thousand years old! Right now I'm seven thousand four hundred and twenty-six years old. So, what brings you to my neck of the woods? It has been decades since any of your people have sought my powers."
Lolita: "Well, actually, I came here by accident. I've sort of lost my way. What powers would one seek of you?
Aquella: "My touch makes you young again, but I see you do not require that!"
Lolita: "Oh, then I've heard of you. My father says that you steal people's souls!"
Aquella: " Ha, ha! That's silly! What would I want with a puff of air? I'm practically all air anyway. Neither sentient being nor animal has ever suffered any negative effects from my touch. There is no price for my service. I only wish for long-lasting friendships."
Lolita: "Well, that sounds good enough for me. Do you know where my tribe is now?"
Aquella: "Yes, and I'd be happy to escort you there. I will have to fly up from time to time to scout ahead. I have watched your people many times while perched on a branch near your village."
Lolita: "Perched? You make it sound as though you are a bird! "
Aquella: "My father is a fairy and my mother was a Sylph, so naturally, I have wings. See?"
Lolita: "Ah yes, and lovely wings at that. I am very hungry, and my family will begin to worry. Shall we go now?"
Aquella: "Yes, of course! Your village is this way. Come on."
Lolita: "It's getting late. I hope there is nothing too spooky out here in these woods!"
Aquella: "Oh, there's nothing around here that will bother you with me around. The critters all love me because I have helped a lot of them over the years."
Lolita: "Years. Yes, I keep forgetting how ancient you are. Why do you keep looking around in the sky?"
Aquella: "Oh, it's probably nothing. It just seems it's been a long time since I've seen any of my dragon friends."
Lolita: "You're even friends with dragons! Wow!"
Celectra narrates, "They walk along an old, overgrown path. The sun is getting low in the sky. Soon they see something moving in the path ahead."
Lolita: "What or who is that?"
Aquella: "I don't know, it looks like a Satyr. Let's get closer, but be careful."
Lolita: "Why don't you go ahead, and I'll wait here."
Aquella: "OK."
Dr. Zoe narrates, "Aquella slowly approaches the mysterious creature. She calls out ..."
Aquella: "Who goes there?"
Celectra fills in for the third party, "It is I, Kylyn. I am a harmless Faun."
Aquella: "We wish you no harm either. My name is Aquella, and my fearless friend hiding in the bushes back there is Lolita. She is human, and I am half Sylph and half Fairy."
Lolita: "I'm not hiding, I am resting!"
Kylyn: "I'm glad to meet you both, but I'm afraid I'm in a hurry. I must find the Great Grand Stallion to tell him what the humans are doing to the dragons!"
Lolita: "Well, what are they doing to them?"
Kylyn: "As if you didn't know, Human, they are brainwashing them into submission and using them to battle each other. I'm afraid only the Great Grand Stallion can stop them."

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