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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Novel · Fantasy · #2200674
Hogwart's fanfiction
[Introduction] New Characters

Name: Luna Black
Nickname: Ketsueki
Age: 14
Birthday: October 31
Description: Short white hair messy bob cut with a gold moon clip, mint green eyes, pale skin, height 5'4", weight 115lbs, slight build, she's an registered wolf animagus , (typically wears aside from school uniform) a orange sweater with a white collar shirt, black uniform pants, and dragonskin boots.
Personality: Wuss, not well at fighting, bit shy when meeting new people, slight temper if you get on her bad side, average intellegence,
Background: Her parents passed away when she was in her first year at Mahoutokoro School of Magic where she met Shinda Okai. She's never been told the reason for their death. She now lives with her Uncle Sirius Black and is in her 2nd year at Hogwart's. She knows Harry Potter really well because of that.
Hobbies: studies Japanese, drawing, likes to sing in Japanese
Pets: an all black lab named Kuro, Ural owl named Yuki No
House: Slytherin 3rd year
Parents/family: Niece of Sirius Black, Mother Jucienda Black (sister of Sirius), Father Keno Tamasui

Name: Vera D'Amore
Nickname: Vee( she hates when people call her that)
Age: 14
Birthday: September 30
Description: Shoulder length straight black hair with hair tucked behind ears, amber colored eyes, slight tan colored skin, muscular build (from fighting), wears a black tee shirt with a dragon on it, black jeans with rips in the knees and black leather boots. Also a silver dragon pendant with ruby eyes on her neck. height 5'0" weight 95lbs
Personality: Smart, fiery temper at times, a tad shy about being part vampire, slightly mysterious
Background: Doesn't really know who her parents are. Her older brother Marco D'Amore raised her. Transfer student from Castelobruxo in Brazil.
Hobbies: Singing, climbing trees and hanging upside down, reading, studying Italian (because she is part Italian)
Pets: Tarantuala named Gambe, Tawny owl named Rossa
House: Sytherin 3rd
Parents/Family: Only known family is her brother Marco who is part Italian and part vampire

Name: Isabella Morreau
Nickname: Izy ( brother calls her this she hates it), Bella by her friends
Age: 15
Birthday: Febuary 14
Description: Long wavy blonde hair to her butt with white highlights, big sapphire blue eyes they look almost cat-like, fair skinned, muscular/athletic build, height 5'5", weight 120, wears black tank top trimmed in white with a black zippered no sleeve vest that covers, a tiger claw key necklace that has a tiger eye stone adorned on it, black pleated skirt, with knee high black leather boots. Hair is typically worn down or in a loose ponytail.
Personality: She's an intellegent girl, sweet, compassionate about animals of all kinds, she has a real sassy side at times, sticks to her morals and beliefs, adventurous and observant.
Background: Transfer student from Beauxbaton, is a twin, parents are missing? Deceased? Unknown.... adoptive family are muggles not familiar with magic whatsoever. When they start to notice things about Belle and her brother trouble arises. Bella is a unregistered (at this time) animagus she can turn ito a white tiger. Hasn't seen her brother for 3 years since she was sent to Beauxbaton and he went to Durmstang.
Hobbies: Swimming, hiking, running, rock and tree climbing, parkour, tai chi, judo, karate and Iaido, exploring, caring of creatures, sings but only around her brother.
Pets: kneazle kitten named Bleu, snow owl named Frost
House: Ravenclaw 4th year
Parents/Family: Birth Mother: Charlotte Morreau (american) Birth Father: Aldrick Morreau (deceased) Birth/twin Brother: Lucas Morreau
Adoptive Father: Émile Thomas (muggle) Adoptive Mother: Cadence Thomas (muggle)

Name: Lucas Morreau
Nickname: Luka ( little sister calls him that to annoy him) Blaze (by his friends and quidditch teamates)
Age: 15
Birthday: Febuary 14
Description: Jagged red hair with orangish highlights his bangs dangle down almost covering his left eye, his eyes are orange and cat like alike his younger sisters even though the color differs, he is tan in complexion, muscular build and very athletic, height is 6'0" weight 135, white tee shirt, blue jeans that look like a beast clawed the knee areas, black vans skating sneakers.
Personality: Very outgoing, adventurous, extremely protective of his sister and friends, intellgent alike his sister, fiery temper at times especially if he feels threatened or a friend is being threatened, loyal, compassionate about all creatures alike his sister, also sticks to his morals and beliefs, very sporty and athletic.
Background: Transfer student from Durmstang, is a twin, parents are missing? Deceased? Unknown.... adoptive family are muggles not familiar with magic whatsoever. When they start to notice things about him and his sister trouble arises. He is also a unregistered (at this time) animagus he can turn into a bengal tiger. Hasn't seen his sister in 3 years. His best friend is his fellow Durmstang Shinda Okai.
Hobbies: Quidditch, running, hiking with his dog or sister, rock climbing, skateboarding, keeping tabs on his sister Bella, kyacking, swimming, learning karate, Iaido, and judo (Shinda is teaching him), parkour
Pets: a Airedale terrier named Donovan and a northern hawk owl named Odin
House: Sytherin (ticked by being separated from his sister)
Parents: Birth Mother: Charlotte Morreau (american) Birth Father: Aldrick Morreau (deceased) Birth/twin sister: Isabella Morreau
Adoptive Father: Émile Thomas (muggle) Adoptive Mother: Cadence Thomas (muggle)

Name: Shinda Okai
Nickname: Shin
age: 15
Birthday: March 28
personality: mysterious, bold, cunning, charming, intellegent, usually calm unless a problem arises then he can tend to be drastic, outgoing, adventurous, with a bit of a dark side
description: white blonde straight hair with gold highlights to his mid back worn down or ponytail for his quidditch matches, pale blue eyes (eyes turn red when mad), pale complexion, muscular athletic build, height 6'1", 135 lbs, wearing a all black leather duster with a silver snake on the back, black tight fitting tee shirt, black jeans and black leather boots.
background: Shinda is part vampire. His mother was enchanted by a vampire unknown to her. They bore a son together before he was killed. His mother resides in Tokyo Japan. Went to Mahoutokoro School of Magic for a year before attending Durmstang when he and his mother moved. Durmstang is where he met his best friend Lucas Morreau.
hobbies: skateboarding, karate, judo, Iaido, parkour
pets: A cornsnake named Orenji, and a collared owlet named Sumi
house: Slytherin 4th yr
parents: Birth Mother Mai Okai Step father: Ochia Nosoratu Birth Father: only first name is known Komachi. Younger sister: Mayumi Nosoratu (they have the same mother, but different fathers. She is deceased. She passed away when she was 11 after falling through the ice during a winter vacation. Shinda called her May May)


Vera tugged her luggage aboard with her on the train set to Hogwart's, She stopped to catch a breath and set her luggage against the wall aside the door. As she took a deep breath she removed a strand of her black hair from her amber colored eyes. She grabbed her luggage and tucked her hair behind her ears before moving onward into the train. She passed by a few doors peeking in to see if there was any room before finding one empty.

"Tis wil-l do." Vera set Rossa down aside the window along with her things before taking a seat. She pulled a small cage from her things and opened the lid letting her pet taruntuala out.

"I'm-a sorrr-rrry. I know you ave been cooped in dere forrr so long-a!" Gambe completely ignored the apology and crawled up her arm taking a seat on her shoulder underneath her hair. She turns her head to a knock on the door.

"Excuse me. Is there room for another in here?" A girl with short jagged white hair in a bob cut and mint green eyes peered in.

"I soop-pose so." Vera pulled her hair over her shoulder covering up Gambe as the girl began to enter the sleeper cabin.

"Ok." Luna exhaled as she opened the door and set her things down in the empty seat. She yanked at a leash in her hand tugging in giant black labrador.

"What is-a tat-a?" Vera squeeled her eyes grew wide has she pressed back into her seat staring at the giant dog before her.

"Huh? Oh, it's just my dog, Kuro." Luna made a confused face and shook her head as she usherd Kuro to sit beside her.

"Tat is-a not a dog-a. It's-a ooge! It's-a a like a wolf orrr something-a!" Vera pointed her finger shaking. As she stared Gambe pushed through to see poking his head out of her hair making Luna squeel.

"Eek! Spider!" Luna jumped back into her seat taking off her shoe to smack it.

"Don't you darrre oorrrt Gambe." Vera placed her hand over Gambe in a protective manner still being weary of the huge dog.

"What's a Gambe?" Luna looked at the girl puzzled and frightened. Kuro sat beside her watching Gambe and Vera.

"Tis is-a Gambe." Vera took Gambe off her shoulder and held him out in front of Luna.

"That is a Akuma! Get that thing away from me." Luna said shaking her shoe. Koru reached his neck out so his nose got close to Gambe and he took a sniff before backing off and sitting back aside Luna in a protective manner.

"A what-a? Oh-a....sorrr-rrry." Vera frowned sensing Luna didn't like Gambe very much and put him back into his cage. Gambe glared at the two. "e adn't been out in awhile. It's-a alrrright-a. I'l-l let im out again when I get to de dorrrms-a." Vera sat the cage down next to her still watching Koru.

"Uh thanks. Wait...where are you from? I don't recall you from Hogwarts." Luna looked at the girl studying her appearance and trying to recall her if she could as she patted Koru's head.

"I am-a a trrransfoi stoodent frrrom Castelobruxo." Vera set the cage down aside her and tucked her hair behind her ears swinging her feet a bit nervously.

"Oh..that makes sense. I'm here for my second year now. Although, I was at Mahoutokoro School of Magic before my Uncle Sirius Black took me in." Luna's head turned to the cabin door being opened. Koru lifted his head and sniffed the air excitedly. Luna stroked the fur on his back to calm him.

"Did I hear mention of Sirius?" Harry looked in and smiled his eyes resting on Luna and Karu. "I knew I heard your voice. What have you and Sirius been up to?"

"Well, he's been teaching me a few new spells lately." Luna said smiling back.

"Who is-a tis-a? ow do you know eachother-a?" Vera looked at the two.

"This is Harry. My Uncle Sirius and his father James Potter were best friends." Luna explained in a make-shift introduction.

"So tis is-a de pot-toi boy? e doesn't look like mooch-a." Vera asked looking him over.

"What?" Harry looked over at Vera confused.

"Uh..nothing..she's a transfer from Castelobruxo." Luna looked at vera with a slight glare.

"Well, I best find Ron and Mione. I haven' t seen them since last year. I'll catch you later." Harry closed the door and headed off.

"Sorrr-rrry." Vera whispered looking at Luna.

"It's okay." Luna said calmly.

---------------------------------------------------------------change of pov---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bella stood in her Beauxbaton's uniform against a post of the dock at Black Lake. She braided her hair impatiently awaiting her brother's arrival to Hogwarts. As the ship from Durmstang came into the dock and began to unload people and passengers she scanned for any sign of her brother. Dissapointed she turned with his letter in hand and made her way slowly back up the dock to dry land.

"Ai guez 'e couldn't come zis yair." Bella sighed sitting on the steps that headed back up to the school a tear escaping her eyes.

"Who is it you're looking for?" A boy with white blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and pale blue eyes looked down at her.

"Just mon brothair." Bella wiped the tear away looking up.

"You mean this crazy baka?" The boy said pointing beside him.

"I'm not an idiot Shinda!" The other boy pulled his hood from his head revealing his red hair.

"Luka!" Bella gave her brother a punch to the arm before hugging him tightly.

"Izzy." Lucas hugged his sister tightly letting her rest her head on his shoulder. "God's you look so...." Lucas's voice trailed off as he shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair.

"So, this is your sister." Shinda waited to be inroduced.

"Sorry. Shinda this Isabella. Izzy this is my best friend Shinda." Lucas gave his sister another hug before letting go.

"It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard a lot about you." Shinda said with a smile making sure not to show his fangs.

"You too. I'm afraid mon brothair 'asn't said much abut you een 'is lettair." Bella looked at her brother with a frown. "Actual-lee 'é 'asn't wrote mé teehl just récént-lee to tell me 'e was comeng to Hogwarts."

"That's a bit rude." Shinda glared at Lucas.

"I didn't know what to say. We were separated after our adoptive parents tried to...." Lucas's voice trailed off at the memory.

"Eet eez okai." Bella grew quiet at the mention of the past.

"We should probably get going before we miss everything." Shinda broke the awkward silence.

The group headed up the stairs and into Hogwarts towards the Great Hall.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Change time----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Luna made her way towards the great hall amongest the crowd of other students she noticed a familiar face. She made her way closer to the person to tap his shoulder.

"Shinda?" Luna said curiously.

"Luna?" Shinda turned around at the sound of his name along with Lucas and Bella.

"Shinda! I knew it was you!" Luna said hugging her old friend.

"You little scamp what the heck are you doing here?" Shinda laughed hugging her back.

"Who's this Shinda?" Lucas said elbowing Shinda playfully.

"Shut up. This is a friend. An old friend." Shinda said with a kind smile.

"Luka stop." Bella rolled her eyes at her brother.

"Bella, Lucas this is Luna. Luna this is Lucas and his sister Bella." Shinda pointed to each as he said their names.

"Konichiwa." Luna said with a bow.

"Konichiwa." Lucas said with a smile.

"Konichi wha?" Bella looked at the girl weirdly.

"It means hello." Shinda laughed.

"Oh...Bonjour." Bella smiled grabbing her brothers arm.

"OOm-m-a. You forrrgot tis-a." Vera tapped a thick leather bound notebook onto Luna's shoulder making her jump.

"Huh? Oh, thanks." Luna said as she grabbed the book from Vera.

"Who's that?" Shinda looked at Vera curiously then back to Luna.

"I never caught her name." Luna said embarraced.

"It's Vera." She smiled showing a bit of her fangs as she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Nice to meet you." Shinda smiled softly taking note of her fangs and making sure not to show off his just yet.

"I think it's starting guys." Lucas glanced at Luna before the rest of the group as a women's voice over a loud microphone could be heard speaking.

"That's Proffessor Minerva McGonagall." Luna nodded. "Yes, we should go. She doesn't tolerate tardiness." Luna said with an akward smile.

"The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts." said Proffessor McGonagall.

"Come everyone that has a house already to your tables." A tall old man called out and students began to make way to their tables leaving only the first years and transfer students behind.

"That's Proffessor Dumbledore. I have to go. I hope to see you all again. " Luna looked at the group and bowed before heading off to the Slytherin table.

Bella, Lucas, Shinda and Vera stood amongst the first year and other transfer students awaiting their turn at the sorting hat.

"Vera D'Amore." Proffessor McGonagall called.

Vera made her way slowly to the front taking a seat where Proffessor McGonagall appointed her. Proffessor McGonagall placed the hat onto Vera's head taking a step aside.

"Ah...a transfer from Castelobruxo. Intriging." The hat murmered before bursting into song.

"I've done this job for centuries.
On every student's head I've sat.
Of thoughts I take inventories
For I'm the famous Sorting Hat.

I've sorted high, I've sorted low,
I've done the job through thick and thin
So put me on and you will know
Which house you should be in...?" The hats singing came to an abrupt stop.

"a singing at?" Vera looked up to the hat on her head.

"Hmm. Gryffindor? No no no....that will not do. Your house shall be Slytherin!" The hat said with a loud roar before being moved from Vera's head.

Vera stepped down from the chair and made her way over to the Slytherin house table taking a seat across from Luna.

"Next Lucas Morreau." Proffessor McGonagall called.

Lucas made his way to the front of the room and took a seat as Vera did before him. He looked at Proffessor McGonagall as she placed the hat on his head.

"Another transfer student...hmmm. Durmstang no less. Yes...I have an idea where to place this one." The hat began and stoped abruptly as Lucas reached up out of curiousity and gave it a poke.

"Ouch." Lucas grumbeled as the hat nipped his finger.

"Another for House Slytherin." The hat hissed as Lucas stood and made his way to the Slytherin table.

"Shinda Okai." Proffessor McGonagall awaited the boy to come to the front of the room and take a seat. She placed the sorting hat on his head and awaited.

"Mr. Okai....yes another from Durmstang....hmmm....where to place you?" The hat seemed to smirk as he spoke.

"Oh grief." Shinda rolled his eyes.

"Seriously....." The sorting hat grumbled. "Another...well now Slytherin's aren't we popular today?" The hat spat sarcastically as it was taken from Shinda's head and Shinda made his way to the Slytherin table.

"That concludes this years banquet. Students please make your way to......" Proffessor McGonagall's voice trailled off as Proffessor Dumbledore handed her a paper and nodded towards Bella who was standing looking rather confused.

"Oh...yes well...looks like we've one more student to sort. Isabella Morreau."

"Let's get zis ovair wiv." Bella made her way up to the chair and took a seat hesitently.

"Hmm. A transfer from Beauxbaton. Well....well.. well...Are you afraid of what you'll hear? Afraid I'll speak the name you fear?" The sorting hat started listening to her whispering.

"Hmm...Not Gryffindor? Nor Hufflepuff?" The hat continued on.

"Slytherin." Bella whispered growing impatient and irritated.

"Slytherin? No no no....we've enough of them today. The house you'll do most well in is Ravenclaw!" The hat exclaimed.

"Non...non Ravenclaw " Bella hissed at his response and yanked the hat off her head and held it before her staring into it's face.

"Ravenclaw..." The hat hissed back mockingly.

"Why? Wé've already been séparatéd fair 2 yairs! Gah!" Bella fummed tossing the hat to Proffessor McGonagall as she stomped off the stage to the Ravenclaw's table.

"Now then this shall conclude our banquet. Everyone enjoy the feast." Proffessor McGonagall looked back over her shoulder at Proffessor Dumbledore who tried not to laugh.


"Ravenclaw?" Lucas muttered he was completely at a loss for words. He thought for sure he and his sister would be in the same house together. Yet, here they were separated again. They hadn't seen eachother for 2 years since the incident that had seaparated them in the first place. When she was a Beauxbaton's she had wrote him every day, but he had only wrote her back once. When she had wrote about transferring to Hogwarts.

"Your sister looks upset." Shinda whispered to Lucas.

"That's not the half of it." Lucas exhaled watching his sister make her way to the Ravenclaw table and take a seat.

"What do you mean by tat?" Vera looked at Lucas.

"We were separated and sent off to two different schools after an incident. We were at the zoo where my adopted father worked and a little boy managed to fall into the enclosure for the tigers. Bella and I immediately went to aide the child. The tigers never harmed the boy. I attended to the boy and Bella attended to the tigers. Our adoptive parents were furious and upset. My adoptive father sought to have the tigers put down. Bella wouldn't have it. She told him and our adoptive mother they were her friends. They thought she was nuts especially after she went into the enclosure again. They didn't understand that Bella and I can communicate with most animals. Bella was about to be sent away for what they thought was her safety. I couldn't let them take her. Things were about to be bad really bad when someone came in to aide us. Someone we didn't know. Suddenly everything was okay except for her going off to Beauxbaton's and me to Durmstang." Lucas explained.

"This is the first time you've said anything. Now I sort of understand why you couldn't bring yourself to write to her. You felt like you let her down and failed to protect her." Shinda played with the food on his plate while thinking of his own sister May May.

"Tat's-a toirrrible. I only ave my brrrother Marrrco. We don't know ourrr parrrents-a. e as taken carrre of me as long as I cano rrrememboi." Vera said softly looking at the two.

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