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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2205062
Just a fun TF RP Campfire about Teens turned Anthro Animals
[Introduction] Hey everyone sorry I've barely done anything here...Been working non stop on Fanfiction Net and Fictionpress I tried to participate in another campfire, but the truth is, I'm not great at keeping track of details in someone else's world and I've been...In general not feeling so hot but I've got a new computer so what better reason than to have a campfire that and I've deleted some campfires I thought I would get back to but realized I had no idea where to go with them this is just a 'Make-It-Up as we go along' campfire with a simple premise, we are all Human Teenagers who have been hexed by some witches into Anthro Animals during the Halloween Season
Ooh sorry don't know how I made that much space

Name: Katie White
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Animal She's Turned into: Housefly (Musca domestica)
Appearance: She appears to be a five foot tall Humanoid Housefly with short brown hair that was her hair as a Human covering her head, her antennae poke out of her hair she has an extra pair of arms under her normal arms and the end of her abdomen sticks out like a tail she describes herself as 'A female version of Jeff Goldblum's character from the fly'
How she got this way: Two weeks before Halloween she and another kid were invited by some seemingly nice but weird old ladies to try some new dessert recipes "We've made so many we just can't eat them all!" They said in the kitchen was every kind of dessert Katie could imagine, being a chocolate lover she immediately reached for a bowl of bon bons and had one it was pure milk chocolate and pure horror for as soon as she ate that one bon bon she felt a sharp pain and she fell on the floor clutching her stomach as she began transforming once she could hear again (Because the ringing in her ears had stopped) the three witches made a stupid joke about how "Life is like a box of chocolates..." and then explained while the cakes and pies had only one animal serum in them,the Witches had placed a different animal serum in each individual chocolate so "You really didn't know what you're gonna get." the Witches said they are doing this as an experiment in giving Animal abilities to Humans
Name: William Johnson
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Animal He's Turned Into: House Cat (Felis catus)
Appearance: Think Sylvester in looks, only 5ft 8in.
How He Got This Way: Some gypsy cursed him for robbing her. That being said, he claims, at any rate, that he did not rob her. He's fairly adamant about that. She doesn't believe him though, and will only undo the curse if he returns what he stole from her - and he claims to know nothing about what she's talking about. (Then again, William has been dating a young woman named Sarah, who may be connected to the Gypsy woman somehow....)
After seeing Katie turn into Fly the other teen who came with screamed and ran away.

"What the heck?" Screamed Katie "What did you do to me?!"

"This is an experiment." Said the Head Witch "We feel the Humans of this town don't treat animals and the environment right, we hope to teach the people of this town a lesson in appreciating the Earth."

"Why a Fly though?" Katie asked "Why not turn me into an awesome animal?"

"We didn't choose the fly you chose yourself." Said the Head Witch "We placed a different animal DNA in each dessert, the cakes and pies have one animal DNA in each of them, but for our hand crafted chocolates we placed a different Animal DNA in each one so if you chose a different chocolate you would have gotten a different animal."

"But I didn't steal anything from you!" William yelled at the woman. "Change me back to normal."

"I'll only change you back when you return what you stole," the woman said. "Return it to me, or a cat forever you will be."

"You won't get away with this," William said. "I'm sure that the police can arrest you for assault, or something!"
"How am I gonna explain this to my folks?" Katie asked

"We placed an enchantment on them." Said the Head Witch "They'll just think you're wearing a Halloween Costume."
"I doubt that the police would believe you anyways," the woman said. "It's not like anyone would take you seriously."

"I'm sure someone will," said William. "Besides, I never stole anything from you."
"What do you want me to do?" Katie asked

"We want to run various tests on you." Said the Head Witch "We want to test the extent of your abilities."
William began to run. There had to be someone who could help him.
"After I do all the tests will you change me back?" Asked Katie

"Sure why not?" Said the Head Witch "You'd probably not make the best wildlife defender anyway, we just need you to be a test run before we get someone more...Enthusiastic for the job."
William wasn't paying attention to where he was going, when he ran into a house that had some older women and a young woman dressed up as a fly.

"Oops! Sorry! Wasn't paying attention to where I was running!" He decided to run out the door.
"Oh geez." Said the Head Witch "Seems like someone..." She didn't finish her sentence

"Anyway." The Head Witch said "Come every evening for testing."
William stopped by a tree. "Okay. That was weird. Then again, this evening has been weird."
"So I just...Leave like this?" Asked Katie

The Witches nodded.

While fuming about her disgusting fate Katie heard the distinct cry of a nerd in pain, some bully from her school was giving some poor bespectacled nerd a wedgie!

Without thinking Katie vomited some fly puke onto the bully (Flies need to vomit on their food to digest it) The bully screamed "MY EYES! THEY BURN!"

Realizing what she had just done, Katie smiled realizing she finally had a means to put the bullies in their place
William also heard the screams, and rushed to another set of trees, and decided to watch what was going on.
The Nerd (Katie didn't know his name) Said "I've never seen anyone fight with puke!"

"Uh...I just had a stomachache is all." Katie said "Stress makes me puke."

"Great costume by the way." Said the Nerd "Never seen one so...Detailed..."
William had to blink as he watched what was going on. "Weird."
Deep down Katie was thinking about all the revenge she would have against all the other bullies
"What do you think you're doing?" William asked, from behind a tree.
Katie turned to the person who seemed to be dressed up like a cat

"Like I said." Katie said "I just got a stress stomachache and just happened to puke on that bully."
"Sounds like a lie to me," said William.
"How do you know that?" Asked Katie
"Let's just say that this tail isn't some costume piece, and I'd wager those wings aren't either," said William.
"Um Dudes, what are you talking about?" Asked the Nerd who was still there.

"How about we take this elsewhere?" Katie asked
"Probably," said William.
So they went deeper into the forest.

"I think I saw you at the Witch Sisters' House earlier." Said Katie "Did some other witch ask you to try out her new recipes?"
"More like some crazy woman accused me of robbing her," said William. "Never saw her before, so I'm fairly certain that I never stole anything from her."
"Eh whatever." Said Katie "My case is these Witch Sisters asked me to try some dessert recipes, I eat a single bon bon and I transform into some kind of human/fly hybrid. The Witches explain to me this is an experiment in giving human abilities to Animals, apparently these witches are environmentalists and they're seeking to create human/animal wildlife defenders they said they'd change me back after they had run some tests on me."
"Hopefully they can help me out," said William. "Besides, I doubt that you could fool people for long, as I doubt anyone would believe that you'd wear the same costume for over twenty-four hours, unless you convinced people that you are a mascot for some recycling plant, or some such thing."
Katie burst into laughter she wasn't expecting that. "Yeah I could do that." She said "I'll take you to their creepy mansion."

They went back to the Witch Sisters' House, Katie went and rung the doorbell, the Youngest Sister opened the door.

"You're not expected back until next evening." The Witch said

"I know that." Katie said "I just met someone who said they were turned into a Cat by a different Witch and he wants to ask you for help."
The witches glanced at William.

"Gypsy magic," the Head Witch said. "It's a little different from ours."

"Um, what?" William asked.

"It's like comparing the Catholic Bible with that of a Protestant Bible," the Head Witch. "Similar origins, but with enough key differences that piss the other group off, despite the fact that said differences are actually fairly minor."

"Fairly minor, but still different enough that it's hard for our two groups to even plan even a simple cookout," said a rather stout witch. "I mean, what was wrong with having a nice juicy bratwurst instead of some skinny hot dog every now and then?"

"I don't think it was the bratwurst that was the issue," said a skinnier witch. "There was the ribs you brought, the steak, the crab, the chicken, the turkey, the goose, the venison, the pork, the veal, the tilapia, the salmon, the tuna, the duck, the pheasant, those frog legs-"

"The Voodoo and Hoodoo folks like those," the stout witch said.

"Don't even get me started on the walrus-"

"The Inuit and Eskimo shaman liked that."

"I'm still surprised that you managed to acquire meat from one of those, to say nothing about the stuff from Africa and Asia, many of which are illegal to even get-"

"Didn't stop you from enjoying them-"

"Well, I found out-"

"They're going to be like that for a while," the Head Witch said. "Hilda likes her food, and likes it to be good and plenty. Lena on the other hand tends to be concerned about her figure, and only eats meat on special occasions. Me, I don't mind having a hot dog and hamburger, and all the fixings, but I'm smart enough to eat other things too. That being said, don't ever insult the one, unless you want the other to blast you. Half the time I'm surprised that they are friends."

"Um, what's your name?" William asked.

"I'm Tabitha," the Head Witch said.

"William. So, can you help me?"

"Might be able to," said Tabitha. "Still, our magic and that of a gypsy differs just enough that it could prove somewhat tricky, if not difficult, especially if the caster doesn't want the curse to be gone."

"Didn't she mention something about meat from Endangered animals?" Katie asked.

"Not quite what you might be thinking," said Tabitha. "I know Hilda enough to know that she's not going to just kill a walrus for some steak. But, if it died of natural causes, and she was there with a knife, she'd cut into its corpse to get the good bits before leaving the rest to the scavengers."

"Sounds illegal," said William.

"Probably is," said Tabitha. "But, if the animal is already dead, it makes a difference to her, as she didn't kill it."
"OK." Said Katie "William here raised the issue of people being suspicious of me wearing my 'costume' 24/7"

"How the enchantment works..." Said Tabitha "...Is it is restricted to your family their minds have been dulled somewhat temporarily they'll think you're wearing a costume and they won't question why you're wearing it in bed, as for school...We've worked a spell causing the school to decide to put on a play about biodiversity and you're already signed up...As the Fly."

"Oh..." Katie said not liking the idea of performing on stage
"Let's hope that this situation doesn't end up like that one movie," said William.

"Both versions of The Fly were horrifying," said Tabitha. "Seriously - make sure your teleporters are in a clean room - you'd think that they'd learn."

"So, what about me?" William asked.

"We'll work on something for you," said Tabitha. She turned to the other two witches, who were still arguing. "You about done yet?"


"Um, why do you have those two with you?" Katie asked. "I mean, if they argue so much."

"A group of witches is called an Argument for a reason," said Tabitha. "It's part of how we get things done. It's like with those scientists discussing theories and philosophers debating ideas. All of them yelling and yammering at one another until understanding finally sinks into one another, or until someone grabs a rolling pin and beats sense into the other, or grabs a broom and shoves it up the other one's spine."

William blinked. "Seriously?"

"Magic," said Tabitha. "You'd be surprised at some of the things I've seen witches in an Argument do to each other. Had a crazy Easter once, involving one turning the other into a rabbit, who had, at the same time, uttered a spell that turned the first into a chicken. Penny always laid eggs after that, and don't get me started on Hillary chasing every man in sight."
"So...I can just be like this and no one will question it?" Katie asked

"For the most part." Said Tabitha "You were always a loner type weren't you?"

"Yeah..." Said Katie

"Return to your home." Said Tabitha "Well see what we can do about William."

Just then Katie's stomach rumbled she was hungry

"Just a quick question.." Said Katie "What if someone who are already transformed from eating a dessert ate a different dessert with another Mutagen in it?"

"We designed them so the body can't handle having more than one Mutagen at a time." Said Tabitha "The Person would vomit the latter dessert."
"That being said, let me get some actual food for the two of you," said Tabitha, as she got up.

That was when a loud Croak! was heard, as well as a Squeak!.

Tabitha sighed, as she turned around. "Finished?"

A mouse and a frog sat on opposite chairs.

"Finished," the frog said, in a voice similar to Hilda's.

"Same," the mouse said, in a voice similar to that of Lena's.

"Well, this is going to make things difficult," said Tabitha. "Luckily, not impossible." She grabbed two pieces of chocolate, one in the shape of a frog, and one in the shape of a mouse, and placed them before the two transformed witches.

The witches ate the chocolate, and became, well, humanoid, at any rate. Hilda looked like a frog person, and Lena looked like a mouse person.

"Not too different from Penny and Hillary's situation, and the stopgap used to make sure that they could cast magic until their spells wore off the other," said Tabitha. "Beats dealing with folks who are just a talking frog and a talking mouse at any rate."

"I remember that," said Hilda.

"Especially with them having to be kept in those carrier containers when out and about," said Lena. "To say nothing about that thief in Chinatown that tried to steal them!"

"Those two convinced him that they were demons who'd devour his soul though," Hilda said, with a croaking chuckle.

Lena had her own squeaking chuckle. "I remember the look on his face as he came out of that alley."

"Yes, and it was a good thing that we were able to give them humanoid forms, so that folks didn't have to deal with more than one area," said Tabitha.
"Um...OK...I think I'll be heading home." Said Katie not wanting to be hit by a stray spell.

It was very late when Katie arrived Mom and Dad had gone to bed but they left one door unlocked for Katie, Katie was known for taking long trips around the area that lasted long into the night.

Katie went to her room, turned on her Laptop and decompressed with some YouTube, however she quickly realizing laying on her back hurt her wings so she had to flip over
Likewise, for once, William was glad that his folks were off on a business trip, and that he didn't need a sitter, to say nothing about how tomorrow was the weekend.

That was when he checked his phone, and saw that he had a date with his girlfriend, Sarah, the next evening.

"This will be hard to explain," he said. "How am I supposed to even go out in Public, let alone go on a date?"
Katie began watching some Let's Plays of video games she started watching a Let's Play of the video game 'Bully' and she began to fantasize about all the things she would do to the bullies at school
William decided to get some sleep. He'd have to figure out tomorrow's issues tomorrow.
Katie fell asleep and had a dream...She dreamed she was reenacting the Devo Whip It music video complete with her wearing the fire hydrant hat and the guy she hated the most from school playing the part of the lady who get's whipped


So she began singing the Whip It song while whipping the bully
William slept relatively soundly.
Katie had a habit of kicking in her sleep often after a particularly lively dream dream Katie would wake up feeling stiff and tired as if she had been running all night. She still quickly got dressed and got her stuff ready for school she left for school calling to her folks saying she'd get a bagel on her way to school.
(I did mention it would be a weekend - unless I misread an earlier date as it were.)

As William got up, he was glad he didn't have to worry about school. However, that brought to mind a different issue: his date with Sarah.
(Since the Witches said a play was gonna happen, at my sister's school Drama Club kids had to come to school on Weekends to rehearse)

Katie arrived the school auditorium

William wasn't sure what to do. If he tried to call the date off, he'd have to lie, and he hated to lie to Sarah. That ruled out claiming to be sick especially - she might come over anyways. He certainly couldn't just stand her up either. As for trying to disguise himself - foolish to do so.

That was when a crazy idea came to him - just invite her over, so that she could see for herself.
In the auditorium several of the Drama Club kids were dressed as various plants and animals
William called up Sarah. "Um, Sarah, about our date, there's something I need to say..."

"Don't tell me," said Sarah. "You're secretly gay, right? Or bisexual?"

William's eyes bulged out at this. "No! I'm very much into females - that much I know."

"Are you seeing anyone else?" Sarah asked.

"No," said William. "It's easier to explain if you came over. Let's just say that I can't go out to our date tonight for a certain reason."
'I hope I only have a bit part...' Katie thought to herself 'Something where I just stand in the background and don't say anything...'

She remembered her ballet recital as little girl and she just ran off the stage
A while later, the doorbell rang.

William looked at a security app on his phone, to see who was there.

It was Sarah, and no one else was nearby.

Carefully, he opened the door, so that Sarah could come in.

She looked at him. Her reaction was unexpected. "What happened?"

"To be honest, I'm not exactly sure," William said. "Some sort of Gypsy curse from what I was told." He walked over to the couch, and sat down.

Sarah sat next to him. "So, what happened, that you do know?"

"I was out for a run, when next thing I know, this woman called me a thief, who cursed me," said William. "She said that I was stuck like this until I returned what I stole."

"Did she say what the item was?" Sarah asked.

"She didn't say," said William. "Guess she figured I'd know what this item was."

"Is there any way to reverse it?" Sarah asked.

"Don't know," said William. "Then I met someone else who is apparently a witch, and given what some of her friends did to each other, I'm inclined to believe her. She said that she, and her friends, would see what they could do for me, but it would be tricky. Seems that Gypsy curses and Witchcraft are two slightly different sorts of magic."

"So, you're going to be stuck like this for a while?" Sarah asked.

William nodded. "For a while at any rate." He sighed. "I could understand if you want to break up-"

"You being turned into a cat person isn't going to stop me from seeing you," said Sarah, as she cuddled up next to him. "You're still the same person I fell for."

"More or less," William muttered.

"Besides, your ears are cute, and I'm curious about a few other things," said Sarah.
Just then Katie gave a violent shudder

"Why you shudder like that Katie?" Asked Drama Club member Heidi

"I don't know..." Katie said "I just got a sudden case of the Heebie-Jeebies all of a sudden." Then she saw Heidi's costume "What are you dressed up as?"

"A dung beetle." Said Heidi

"That's gross." Said Katie
"So, what about later?" William asked, as he looked at Sarah. "I don't see us eating out."

"There's always delivery," said Sarah. "Anyone asks why I'm here, I'll simply say that you tripped and scraped your face and hands on the sidewalk, plus a few other similar injuries, and that I came here because a few things were awkward for you to do."

William chuckled. "Sounds reasonable. Silly, but reasonable."

"It would also explain why you'd become a little shy quite suddenly, especially with that nasty cut to your lip," said Sarah.

William smiled. "You have quite the imagination."

"I could imagine a few other things," said Sarah. "Of course, those things could wait until after graduation."

"Right," said William. "Don't want to rush into things."
"So..." Katie said trying to gauge what the plot of this play was from Heidi "What do you have to do for your role?"

"We're both Insects." Said Heidi "That means during the part of the play where the insects introduce themselves When my name is called I stand in front and make a speech about the dung beetle's role in the ecosystem, you do the same for the house fly."

"Is that all the Insects have to do?" Katie asked hoping her lines would be limited to a single paragraph.

"Well, there is that musical number at the end everyone participates in..." Said Heidi
William carefully held onto Sarah's hand. "I'm glad you didn't scream or run, or anything like that, like what happens in movies."

"Those scenes are stupid anyways," said Sarah. "Besides, your eyes aren't that different."
"OK Places everyone!" Said Mrs. Darrow the Drama Teacher.

Katie stood next to Heidi and hoped that was her place

"We've got the opening song about life on Earth." Said Mrs. Darrow
"So, what do you want to do?" William asked.

"How about we watch Beauty and the Beast?" Sarah asked.

"Cartoon or Live Action?" William asked. "I have both of them."
Fortunately standing next to Heidi and the other Insects seemed to be her place and so the Piano started playing some really deep rumbling tune, and the Plants and Animals stood to the sides as one girl who was dressed as the Planet Earth took center stage.

"Long ago some stardust formed,
Into a planet known as Earth
And soon became a miracle
Life began it's birth..."
As William and Sarah watched the movie, they talked about some of the issues.

"You know, if the Beast merely said, 'Look, the West Wing contains my personal study as well as my bedroom, as well as some artwork not appropriate for young ladies.' the whole section where Belle looks in there could have been prevented, to say nothing about the part where she tries to run away only to be attacked by the wolves," said Sarah.

William chuckled at this. "Probably ruin part of the movie though. They always need to put in some reason for the couple to fight, in order for them to make up, and fall deeply in love."

"I say that is a stupid reason," said Sarah. "At least we talk about things."

"There is that," said William. "I would at least tell you if there's a reason not to go into a room."
(For the song above imagine the tune being the same as the opening to the New Orleans Song from the Simpsons episode 'A Streetcar Named Marge')

As the Plants and Animals began their part in the song Katie just pretended to sing, she didn't know the lyrics
William was enjoying the feeling of having Sarah just snuggle up against him.
After practicing the opening song Katie was completely out of breath.

"Take 5 everyone." Said Mrs. Darrow

After a drink of water Katie asked "Can I see the script?"
William put on another movie.

"So, besides movies, what do you want to do?" Sarah asked.

"Well, there's chicken in the fridge," said William. "Could cook it up."
Reading through the script Katie had a thought still plaguing her in the back of her mind 'Isn't anyone gonna remember I wasn't part of the Drama club before?'

But reading through the rest of the script she saw after the opening song and the roll call where all the different species introduced themselves the The Earth would tell them all a story about how life first evolved and after the story there would be thunder and lightning and the Earth would vanish.

(She saw a note saying by 'Earth' they meant the spiritual manifestation represented by the character the Plants and Animals would not be floating in the vaccuum of space because the planet actually vanished)
"So, what is you plan?" Sarah asked.

"Well, see the one witch tonight," said William. "See if she and her friends came up with something."

"I want to come," said Sarah. "I want to keep an eye on these people."
Further reading of the script reveals that Man 'The Strangest Animal of All' comes up and invites the plants and animals to live with him and he will keep them safe and well fed he then proceeds to keep them in a menagerie and botanical garden.
William smiled as he looked at Sarah. "It will be interesting to see what they think of you."

"Perhaps it will." She leaned over and gave him a kiss.
Further reading of the script revealed that Katie as the House Fly had more than a bit part in fact the only other character who had more of of part than her was the 'Mighty Oak' played by some boy named Brandon, turns out the House Fly manages to free herself by picking the lock of her cage with a pair of lock picks she chewed out of a jawbreaker and then proceeding to do the same with all the other plants and animals, the Mighty Oak reveals he has just had a dream revealing the reason for Earth's Spirit vanishing, turns out Mother Earth's Spirit was abducted by her Ancient Enemy Black Hole, Mother Earth's spirit is being held captive in the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy!

'Who wrote this crap?!' Thought Katie then realized it was probably the Witches
Soon enough, after spending the day watching movies, William and Sarah were heading towards the witches' place.

"Almost wonder how Katie's day went," William said.

"Who's Katie?" Sarah asked.

"Someone I ran into last night," said William. "Seems to be a few grades below us though."
Katie met William and Sarah, she was limping from rehearsing running and jumping around

"Why were you at school on Saturday?" Asked William

"Drama Club members rehearse on weekends." Said Katie "Plays are always shown on weekends too."

They approached the Witches' Mansion Katie rung the doorbell

"Before we begin the 'tests' whatever they are do you have something for my sore muscles?"

"We have an enchanted muscle cream." Said Tabitha "Rub it on your sore parts, pain instantly vanishes."
"You'd better be able to help my boyfriend," said Sarah.

Tabitha looked at her. "Interesting." She looked at William. "She wasn't frightened?"

"Not that she showed," said William.
Lena took Katie to the backyard where they gave her the enchanted muscle cream.

"Ooh!" Exclaimed Katie "It smells like the Earth after it rains!" And just like the Earth after a rainstorm Katie's body felt cleansed and refreshed

"So what are these tests?" Asked Katie "Are they in anyway painful?"

"Not inherently." Said Lena "We wish to test your flying skills by putting you through and aerial obstacle course."
Sarah was looking at Lena, whom she had noticed looked like a mouse. She then looked at Hilda, who looked like a frog, and was in the process of making something. She then looked at Tabitha. "What's up with those two?"

"A simple magic dispute," said Tabitha. "No real harm done."

"So, can you help William?" Sarah asked.

"Maybe and maybe not," said Tabitha. "He was cursed by a Gypsy, and Gypsies use magic that's slightly different from ours. Might be possible to reverse it, but it would be difficult at best."
Lena showed Katie the obstacle course
"So, who could remove William's curse?" Sarah asked.

"The Gypsy that cast the curse in the first place, or one of their line, would be the best bet," said Tabitha. "Next best bet, another Gypsy."

"That woman will only undo the curse if I returned what I took from her," said William. "But I didn't take anything from her."

"Which one was it?" Tabitha asked.

"She lives over by the swampy section of town," said William.

Tabitha signed. "Ah, that Salie. Always felt sorry for her. She was married once, decent fella, except when he took to drinking and getting angry while drunk. Got involved in a car accident, a fatal one, with him being among the dead. Not even a Voodoo Priest could have brought him back. Then there was all of those bills she had to pay afterwards. She had a baby girl. With no money, she couldn't care for her. The County took the baby, and put the child into the System."

"So, what does that have to do with me?" William asked.

"You must come come into contact with her child recently," said Tabitha. "Gypsies seem to know when one of their own is nearby."

"How old would the child be?" Sarah asked.

"Same age as you," said Tabitha. "In fact, you have Gypsy blood in you."
After completing the obstacle course Katie was extremely tired
"I'm fairly certain that I'm not a Gypsy," said Sarah. "My family doesn't live in one of those wagon things."

"Most in this country don't," said Tabitha. "Most tend to settle down in apartments and drive cars. Many of them don't even identify as being Romani, or Roma as some in Europe call themselves. Find them in Texas, Louisiana, Pacific Northwest, California, not to mention Chicago and St. Louis, for the most part."

"How can you tell that she's a Gypsy?" William asked.

Tabitha scoffed. "Great-grandfather was one," she said. "Had some of the gift of his people. Then he met my great-grandmother, things took their course, and my grandmother was born. He had a case of wonderlust though, and left when she was fifteen. Thing is, Great-grandmother was a witch of the sort I am, and had never bothered with other sorts of magic, but she knew that grandmother had something else in her besides her magic. It's sort of like that Terry Pratchett book, 'Equal Rites' where a witch had to tech magic to a girl who had the power of a wizard, or the 'wrong sort of magic' in that witch's opinion. It took my grandmother some difficulty to learn her mother's magic. She then married my grandfather, who was a warlock, and things were easier for my mother, who met my father, and they had me. But, despite the gradual dilution of the blood, I could always tell when another Gypsy was around, and they had a funny feeling about me, although those in the know would know that I too had Gypsy blood."
Lena brought Katie a bowl of sugar water to help her regain her energy
"You know, that play's story is crazy, right?" Katie asked. "It barely makes sense."
"Yeah..." Lena said "It's the best we could come up with on short notice."

"I mean...The Black Hole is the enemy of the Earth?" Katie cocked her head
"Yeah, it is stupid," said Lena. "Still, it should do the job, for a while. I guess we'll plan things out better next time."

Sarah looked at Tabitha. "So, what does me being part Gypsy have to do with anything?"

"Might be something, might be nothing," said the witch. "If nothing else, you might be able to lift the curse on William. That makes things easier. My knowledge in my craft might not be able to help William, but there is a Gypsy friend of mine who might be able to help you to lift the curse on William. Then again, there is another possibility."

"What would that be?" William asked.

"It's a long shot, but Sarah, take a hold of William's hand and say 'I declare you to be free of the curse.'," said Tabitha.

Sarah grabbed William's hand. "I declare you to be free of the curse."
Katie yawned "I feel like I'm gonna crash any minute."
For a moment, it seemed like something was going to happen to William, especially given the amount of sparks, but after the electricity wore off, William was still very much like a cat.

"That's one tough curse," said Tabitha. "I was hoping that her simply being of the right bloodline, due to the fact that most Gypsies are related, would be enough. This one looks like a Personal Curse - only Salie or another very powerful Gypsy can undo it."

"So, what do we do?" William asked.

"We go pay Salie a visit," said Tabitha. "Should have enough room in the van for an additional two passengers. We even have tinted windows to help hide obvious physical issues."

"You drive a van?" Sarah asked.

"More subtle than using a broom," said Hilda. "Of course, those are fun, but you need to wear the proper clothes on a broom - it gets cold on those things, and if you don't have a proper pair of winter long johns and leggings on, things feel a little drafty."

"Interesting," said Sarah.

"Lena, Katie, you can stop training for a bit," said Tabitha. "We're going for a ride."
'Oh great.' Katie thought 'What is this?'
"Just going to have a chat with an old friend of mine," said Tabitha. "No big deal."
Katie slept for most of the ride
Soon enough, Tabitha came upon Salie's place, an old worn-down houseboat, which looked like it had seen better years.

"Well, here's her place, and all it's glory," said Tabitha.

"Must of fallen on harder times that we were informed of," said Hilda.

"She never was much for talking," said Lena.

"We ought to come by more often," said Hilda. "You know, bring some stuffed lamb or something."

"More like a basket of fruit," said Lena. "Still, it's not good to be alone, and not have company visit."
Katie was still deep in Dream Land and everyone decided to let her sleep
"Alright," said Tabitha. "I'll see about talking to Salie. Might be able to straighten a few things out."
Katie was dreaming about being in Candy Land and finding a giant sugar cube as large as Mt. Everest
"What do you think she's dreaming about?" William asked, as she looked at Katie.

"Probably something delicious," said Hilda. "I can hear her smacking her lips every now and then."
So they left Katie to move on to the House Boat
Tabitha entered the houseboat. "Hello, Salie."

Salie looked up at her. "What do you want?"

"To talk, that's all," said Tabitha.

"What's there to talk about?" Salie asked. "Life's been rotten lately."

"For some more than others," said Tabitha. "You cursed a young man yesterday."

"He knows where my daughter is," said Salie. "It's my only chance to find her."

"Could of done it legally," said Tabitha.

"Wouldn't have the time to use mundane methods," said Salie. "Been sick the last few months. Finally saw the doctor. They did some tests. Cancer. I can't afford treatment."

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Tabitha. "How long?"

"Less than six months," said Salie. "I have to find her."
Salie's loud voice caused Katie to stir slightly in her sleep
"So, what do you know?" Tabitha asked.
Katie yawned and stretched
"All I know is that my daughter is in the area," said Salie.
Katie got out of the car 'How long was I sleeping?' She thought
"Not that long," said Lena.
How about this, an Animal nose can smell the genetic similarity between Salie and Sarah, seems a lot of writers only utilize the superior animal nose when it suits the plot

Just then Katie's antennae wavered she wriggled her antennae other Salie then Sarah "You two smell...Similar..." Katie
"Not much of a surprise there, if you're thinking that they might be related," said Tabitha. "Most Gypsies are related to one another, like many other minority groups that were regularly discriminated against during the Medieval Ages. Look up Jews for instance - plenty of forced inbreeding, usually between second or third cousins. Or, in more recent terms, the Plain Folks, such as the Amish and Mennonites. Almost any group with a small group of Founding Ancestors tends to have a certain amount of inbreeding, even when steps are taken to prevent it - after a while, you are eventually left with no choice but to marry a relative, although you can make sure that you're not too closely related, or you marry someone from outside of the group."

"Thought that Sarah could have been Salie's daughter," said Katie.

"Not a bad thought, but it's still a numbers game," said Tabitha. "A blood test would help. I know of a doctor who could help with that."
"Do what you have to do." Katie said "I really need to get home, it's probably past suppertime."

When Katie got home everyone else had went to bed, Katie made herself a supper of Cheez-its and sparkling water and went to bed so she could wake up for next rehearsal
"Crazy day," said Sarah, as she and William walked to William's home. "Finding out that I'm part Gypsy."

"Think your folks would mind if you stayed at my place for the night?" William asked.

"Actually, there's a few questions I might want to ask them," said Sarah.
As she slept Katie had a terrifying dream! She dreamed she continued to transform into an ordinary fly, including shrinking until she was as small as a the fingernail on a pinky. She flew around like crazy in her panic until she was hit by a flyswatter she woke up in a cold sweat
William had another peaceful night.
When Katie woke up again she quickly got dressed, ran out saying she would get a bagel again on her way to school and when she arrived at the auditorium Heidi said "You seem positively ill!"
William woke up, got dressed, looked at his reflection, and sighed. He didn't know what was scarier, the fact that he was getting used to this body, or to his reflection.

That was when the doorbell rang. He took a quick look. It was Sarah.

He went and opened the door. "Nice to see you."

"We need to talk," said Sarah.

"Sure, I guess," said William, as he let her in. "Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure," said Sarah. She sat down on the couch. "I had a talk with my parents. Well, long story short, it seems that my mother is infertile, and father has his own issues."

"Go on," said William.

"Long story shorter - seems I was adopted," said Sarah.
How long is your story arc gonna drag on? I want to end this campfire soon

So turns out at the end of the play Heidi was the unlikely heroine as Dung Beetle throws her dung ball in Black Hole's eye providing the nessicary distraction for everyone else to free Mother Earth's Spirit
Soon enough, Sarah and Salie went to a doctor to do some blood tests. Sarah got a call.

"So, looks like Salie's my mother," Sarah said. "Well, she should be able to lift your curse, William."
After rehearsal Katie slowly made her way to the Witches' mansion she felt she had to ask them to change her back things didn't feel right anymore
"Well, let's hope that she can change me back," William said, as he and Sarah made their way to the boathouse.
Katie rung the doorbell, Tabitha answered

"I'm not sure if I can stay this way much longer..." Said Katie "...I'm not feeling so hot..."
William looked at Salie. "Well, found your daughter. Could you please release me from this curse?"

"Very well," the woman said. "I release you from the curse."

William was human again.
"I had dreams I transformed into an ordinary fly." Said Katie "And I've been feeling tired and feverish."
Tabitha felt Katie's forehead and checked her pulse "You do seem to be running a temperature..." The Eldest Witch said "All right. We'll change you back."

And with the chanting of a spell and a gust of enchanted wind Katie was returned to Human form

"It might have been low morale that caused you to become ill." Tabitha said "Otherwise you were a...Decent initial test run, but I think the next test subjects will be purely voluntary and we'll let them choose what Animal they want to become."

"You really think there are people who would volunteer to become freaks of nature?" Katie asked

"You would be amazed..." Said Tabitha "...What some people dream about..."

"Ooh!" Exclaimed Lena "That sounds like a segway!"

The End!

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