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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2206142
Fight to protect Mother Earth from her ancient enemy
[Introduction] From before the beginning of life on Earth, Mother Earth's enemy was the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, why was he her enemy? Because he noticed the young planet marveling at the beauty of the cosmos and praising it, He chastised her both talking and thinking, to him planets, stars shouldn't think they should simply spin in their orbits (Yes, even though he could think himself, he tries not to do it, he hated Earth for making have to talk and think to chastise her) Earth may have stopped talking since then, but she hasn't stopped thinking and Black Hole hates her for 'setting a horrible example' for all the other celestial bodies
Name: Thorn
Sex: Female
Species: Dung Beetle (Anachalcos convexus)
Bio: In Africa Thorn was eating some elephant dung, she had no way of knowing that earlier the Red Cosmic Gem had fallen into the elephant dung Thorn ate the Red Cosmic Gem and upon doing so instantly transformed into an intelligent Anthropomorph and from the Red Cosmic Gem gained the mastery of fire! Mostly she breathes it from her mouth, because her diet of dung her fiery breath often smells like manure on fire.
Appearance: Thorn is 5 foot three Dung Beetle, she has a bulky body with her first and second pair of arms becoming arms with three fingers, her compound eyes have transformed into human like eyes and her mandibles have transformed into a vertebrate like mouth with a tongue.
Personality: Thorn is rather laid back and easy going if a bit fond of 'dark humor' after eating the Red Cosmic Gem she has become a Guardian of the Earth
Name: Benji
Sex: Male
Species: Snowshoe Hare (Lepus americanus)
Bio: Benji lived somewhere in Canada, eh? To be honest, he's still not sure about what happened that night that things change. One moment he was like other hares, and the next, he was six feet tall and able to control ice.
Appearance: Depending on the season, he is brown with a white underbelly, or completely white.
Personality: Usually relaxed, but whenever a female mammal is around, he's very quick to introduce himself to her.
Immediately after transforming Thorn suddenly realized something was different.

"What...Huh..." Then she covered her newly formed Mouth and realized she had a mouth instead of mandibles "What is happening to me?!" She asked

Then from the dark night sky a beam shone down on her "Thorn, you have chosen yourself." Said a Voice"Search for a hole large enough to fit your new body, crawl into that hole and you will find me, I will explain everything."
Benji looked around. Things were very different. It had been a cold winter, but then things got colder, and closer to him. Then, he realized that the cold was coming from him, and that he was taller.

"What's going on?" he wondered. Then he realized - he was thinking. That was new too.
Thorn searched for a hole large enough to fit her new body until she came across one at the foot of a hill.

She peeked into the hole "This is the deepest hole I've ever seen!" She exclaimed "I don't see any end to it!"

Then something, it felt like the wind gave her a push and she fell into the hole and she began sliding on her carapace down the very long tunnel
Benji looked around. He had no clue about what was going on.
After sliding for what felt like several minutes Thorn finally landed, she gasped! She was in some deep underground cavern with several pools of what seemed like green glowing slime that was providing the illumination for this cavern.

"Welcome Thorn." Said the Voice "There is another creature that I must summon before I can tell you why you have transformed."
"What's going on here?" Benji asked. "Why am I even thinking of myself as Benji?"
"You have been transformed." Came a voice from above shining a beam on Benji "I will explain everything to you as soon as you find a hole large enough to fit your new body and go down it."
Name: Redd
Sex: Male
Species: Fox
Bio: Redd was about to feed on a berry bush by the river stream but one of the berries had a peculiar taste and the next thing he knew he was walking like a human, his forepaws are now like hands able to grab things "What happened to me?" He said to himself, "and what did I eat that made me this way?"
Appearance: He's a 5 foot 9 fox complete with red fur and black paws and hands with a nice bushy red tail and a white underbelly.
Personality: Adventurous, curious and mostly friendly but misunderstood as a predictor when he prefers berries over game meat.
Thorn was twiddling her new thumbs as she waited.

"A Third One has transformed..." Said the Voice "I shall contact him as well."

A beam shone down on Redd "Find a hole large enough for your new body and come down."
Benji soon found a big hole. "You'd think that light beam could have moved me, you know. This better work." He started to climb down it.
Looked around an saw a hare almost big as him going down a large hole, and he followed it carefully not to spook it. "This is got to be it and it seems I'm not the only one changed. I hope whoever this voice is has answers on what's going on."
Thorn heard two screaming voices , she turned her head to see a white hare coming down a different tunnel he was shortly followed by a red fox.

"Welcome Children." Said the Voice "I am the Spirit of Mother Earth, this place is the Earth Chamber their are many paths that lead to here but only when I create one."

"So..." Said Thorn "...Why did we transform?"

"Because you ate one of the Cosmic Gems that grants a creature Mastery over some element of nature, you Thorn ate the Red Cosmic Gem that gives you mastery of fire, Benji the Hare ate the White Cosmic Gem which gives mastery of ice..."
"I don't remember eating anything odd," said Benji.
Redd says "You mean the blueberry I ate is...?"

The spirit says "A blue cosmic gem that you the mastery of water."

Redd says "I better be careful what I eat."

Thorn. Benji and Redd looked at each other, "Is there a reason why we're all together like this?" Benji asks.
"Because you have all been chosen as Guardians of the Earth." Said Mother Earth's Spirit "To protect me, your Mother Earth."

"Why do you need protection?" Asked Thorn

"I need you to protect me from my ancient enemy...Black Hole..."
"I think we're at least a few guys short," said Benji. "I mean, do we have a mole with the power of Earth and a bird with the power of Wind or something?"
Redd says "From what I heard, a black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting gravitational acceleration so strong that nothing, no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from it. How do you expect us to fight something like that?"
"First things first." Said Mother Earth, all that's required is that an Animal eat a Cosmic Gem to gain the element Species is not relevant, a Bird could have Earth and Mole could have Air if they ate those Gems which unfortunately don't exist anymore."

"Anymore?" Asked Thorn

"Many many eons ago." Said Mother Earth "When Earth was beginning to develop on me, my brother Mars decided he wanted life on him as well and also began to develop life on himself. but Black Hole hated us for doing that...He wanted to punish us...But when each of us Planets of the Solar System were born, the Sun bestowed each of us a Cosmic Gem. Nine of them...I know Humans no longer count Pluto because he's a 'Dwarf Planet' but Humans don't say Dwarf Humans aren't really Humans...The White Cosmic Gem was Pluto's Gem...My Gem was the Green Gem able to control plant life...But anyway Mars gave a Cosmic Gem to his own Animals, who were much different from my Animals...I remember one was a large carnivore that breathed through long tubes coming out of head and back, another was a perfectly spherical creature that ran on four stumpy legs I called him Ball Body. So Mars gave the 9 Cosmic Gems to 9 of his Animals Millions of years ago, imbued with heavenly cosmic power the Martian Animals were able to defeat Black Hole before he could capture our spirits within himself, unfortunately as his last act before he had to retreat, Black Hole cursed Mars to become so barren no life form could ever live on him again, with no home to return to, the Martian Animals died, Mars was only able to save three Cosmic Gems the rest fell into the black void of space, Mars was so heartbroken he's been unable to speak ever since, but he kept the three Gems until Black Hole regained his strength he then tossed them at me as our orbital paths crossed and they landed on three random places on me, to be found by...Whoever...That is why I said your chose yourselves."
"Halfway surprised that there aren't any others who could provide you with those sorts of gems," said Benji. "Still, I guess you have to make due with what you got."
Redd says "So, it's up to us to stop Black Hole before the same thing happens here on Earth." He looks to both Dung and Benji, "I hope you both have ideas on how to stop this, because I have no idea how."
Dung Beetle's name is THORN not Dung

"Fortunately...says Mother Earth this time, we have things we didn't have last time, like Humans, and their technology, certain Humans called Earth Witches know about our plight so they have found ways to prevent the issues that happened last time most importantly, providing you Earth Guardians a Spaceship, because while the Crystals can give you call a 'Cosmic Mode' where you can breathe and survive in Outer Space because you're surrounded by an aura of Heavenly Cosmic Energy maintaining Cosmic Mode can be physically exhausting and the last time the Martian Animals had to maintain Cosmic Mode sometimes for weeks at a time with a spaceship you have a place to rest from Cosmic Mode without having to constantly retreat back to your home planet when you need a refresh, it also has a small crew of androids to feed you and man the spaceship while you're out
"Okay," said Benji. "Know of any we could get a hold of?"
Sorry, got a lot on my mind lately. Like Thanksgiving with the rest of my family this Thursday.

"I never picture myself in space," Redd says, "as for witches, I don't know if any that still exist, these aren't the dark ages."
"They didn't vanish after the dark ages they simply went underground." Said Mother Earth "Some of them managed to work their charms on some NASA workers."
"Okay," said Benji. "Let's see about meeting them."
In a cabin somewhere in the Everglades, Madame Olivia in meditating, during so she has a vision. Strange animals with powers of the cosmos fighting a dark entity of immense powers. She woke up sweating "Oh my, from what I saw is true. Earth is in danger. I must come up with a spell to help fight such power before Earth is crushed by such great gravitational power."
"No Olivia..." It was a Trio of Witch Sisters Tabitha, Hilda and Lena "The Black Hole isn't gonna crush the Earth it is planning to steal the Earth's spirit leaving it barren and lifeless."

"We've already taken care of the situation." Said Lena "We had some NASA guys create a special Spaceship."
Olivia blinked, as she looked at Lena and Hilda. "The two of you look like a mouse and a frog."

"They had an argument over meat or vegetables and fruit," said Tabitha.

"Like that situation during that one Easter event where two of the others were turned into a rabbit and chicken?" Olivia asked.

Tabitha nodded.

"Alright," said Olivia.
Lena says "Time to visit the Earth Spirit and tell her all is set. Maybe we'll see her new animal heroes, a fox, a hare and a dung beetle."
Meanwhile Mother Earth said to her Animals "One more thing of importance, the Gems in your bellies give you the abilities to master and element of nature and survive in the vacuum of Space they also have a limit of energy, they have like a year's worth of energy inside them but when that is gone your Gems need to be 'Recharged' this is where the pools of Green Slime come in, these are Pools of pure life energy, by bathing in these pools you can recharge your Gems.

Thorn waved her Antennae over the pools "Smells fruity!" She said
"They also help you live for a long time, for a given value of life," said a skeleton that came out from the darkness.

"What in the world are you?" Benji asked, backing away.

"A human skeleton," the skeleton said. "But you can call me Jack Bones - no relation to Jack Skellington or Jack O'Lantern, or Billy Bones for that matter."

Mother Earth sighed. "What are you doing here? I told you to not come here while I was talking to these new recruits."

"Never was much good at obeying orders," said Jack. "I told you that when you recruited me to be your servant, two hundred years ago!"

"So, what do you do?" Benji asked.

"Every hear of a Skeleton in the Closet?" Jack asked.


"Odd. Most people have one. I know the secrets people like to keep locked up," said Jack. "Mother Earth gave me the job of serving her after I was killed in battle two hundred years ago. She needs someone who is of the state of Death to help her out. That's where I come in."

"Um, are you like the Grim Reaper?" Benji asked.

"That's my day job," said Jack. "Most folks don't see me, unless it's their time. You three on the other hand have the ability to see me, as do those who can use magic and the like."

"So, why are you here?" Benji asked.

"Because, unless you can stop Black Hole, I'll have to take the souls of everyone on Earth at once, and that's going to ruin my schedule of things to do for the next thousand years or so," said Jack. "That includes Mother Earth herself."
Redd says "I'm positive that it won't happen, not on our watch. It may not be easy but I'm sure Black Hole will not succeed with us." Benji says "Redd? May I have a word?"
"But how can we three Animals defeat Black Hole?" Thorn asked

"I have an idea on how to defeat him permanently." Mother Earth said "Black Hole has the ability to capture Spirits inside himself, but I think there is a way to imprison his own spirit inside himself, so he can still do his necessary function as center of the galaxy but won't be able to do anything else."
"Let's hope it works," said Jack. "Hate to have to take several billion peoples' souls at once. It's bad enough when several hundred get snuffed out at the same time due to some sort of disaster, natural or otherwise. Sometimes on certain days, I actually have to pause for a moment, especially when my job requires me to take the soul of someone who had survived a bad incident. Sometimes I bring along the soul of a prior friend of theirs, to make things easier."
"So here is the tunnel that will take you to the Spaceship." Said Mother Earth opening a new hole in the chamber
"Good luck," said Jack. "Hopefully I won't have to visit you for at least a few decades."
Thorn, Benji and Redd soon found themselves standing in a hidden spot outside the launchpad of Cape Canaveral. Redd asks "Where to now?" a door opens up and a woman beckons them in "Over here dearies." Benji says "You must be the witch the Earth spirit mentioned."
They all came over

"I am Olivia." Said the Witch "I am here with three other Witches Tabitha, Hilda and Lena."
Benji looked at Hilda and Lena. "Why are you a frog and a mouse?"

"No time to explain," said Tabitha. "You need to get on board."
On the wall, hung 3 space suits each specified for the 3 heroes, Redd was confused, "I thought our cosmic gems allow us to breathe in space." Olivia says "You have to look the part, too many questions will raise in NASA security if animals other then monkeys flew in a space shuttle."
"Of course." Said Lena "This is only to get you to your spaceship, once you are in space you are free to where anything or...Be all natural."

Hilda gave Thorn a few things, a bottle of mouthwash, toothbrushes and toothpaste

"What are these?" Thorn asked

"To help you with your breath." Said Hilda

"Why does my breath need help?" Asked Thorn

"Your breath reminds me of one time I got close to a human farm.: Said Benji "And a pile of manure caught on fire."
"Is it really that bad?" Thorn asked.
"Let's just say in the closed area of the Spaceship, the stench of your breath might cause your teammates to throw you out the airlock." Said Hilda

They took the three Animals to their special spaceship, it was smaller than the regular Space Shuttle and had several androids to do mundane things like cook and clean
"Now what?" Benji asked.
Redd says "Now we go aboard I suppose."
As the Spaceship Launched the Witches distracted the NASA Humans from the unscheduled launching by creating the illusion of a giant dancing space ape
"Dumbest thing I've ever seen," said Benji. "I mean, even the humans are calling it fake."
Redd says "It maybe dumb, it is amusing. Now for the hard part. Fighting Black Hole."
On the Space Shuttle a TV turns on, Tabitha's face appears on screen

"Even with this space shuttle, the trip from here to the Center of the Milky Way will take at least half a year, until then you will have to fight Black Hole's Spirit and his minions the Space Sprites."
"Let's hope it isn't boring," said Benji. "I mean, will there be any Space Babes or something?"
Unfortunately for our heroes the launch was witnessed by one of Black Hole's spies, a space sprite, "So, the Earth Spirit recruited her animal soldiers and now they're heading to Master Black Hole, I have to inform him at once."
"We have heard stories of Alien life outside this solar system." Said Tabitha "However whether you'll find them attractive or even if they divide neatly into concepts of 'male' and 'female' has yet to be seen."

One of the Android began to speak in a voice very similar to Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet "I am the cook. I am programmed to provide you with meals."

"Do you have manure?" Thorn asked

"We have a few bags a garden store manure for you." Said The Cook Android "However the Witches do recommend to eat cooked human food as cooked food is more nutritious, easier to digest and therefore will give you more energy for battles, I have over 500 recipes programmed from simple PB&J Sandwiches to Penne all' Arrabbiata."
"Makes one wonder if these androids have other functions," said Benji.
Redd asks "PB&J eh, can you make it with blueberry jelly?"
"Of course." Said the Cook Android "If you have any questions ask me or any of the other Androids here to serve you."
"Kind of wonder if they have other forms," said Benji. "I mean, do they have combat forms or some such thing?"
Redd says "I wonder if this ship has a combat training room? We need to make sure we're prepared when fighting Black Hole. With the world at risk, we surly can't afford to loose to him."
The Android Cook said "There is a Gym at the very back of the spaceship, behind the sleeping quarters."
"Okay, let's go get started on that stuff first, and actually look this place over," said Benji.
Redd says, "Might as well, a tour of the ship will be nice. That way we'll find things to do to keep from getting stir crazy from this long trip."
The found the rec room with a large TV and DVD collection
"It's that thing that humans are always watching," said Benji. "Still, there's probably more."
Redd quickly goes through the DVD titles, "Some of these are Bruce Lee movies and Chuck Norris. Maybe watching these could help us with our training." Thorn says "I'm not going to yell like Bruce Lee."
The Rec Room had several large beanbag chairs to sit on three the same colors as the Animals' Gems Red, White and Blue
"Well, hopefully there's some martial arts instruction videos in there," said Benji. "There's a lot of different ones, from all over."
Redd says "We'll watch them later, let's see the rest of the ship first."
They found the lavatories and the sleeping quarters
"Useful to know," said Benji.
The sleeping quarters are set up like burrows and dens to keep each animal feel right at home. The android says "I'm sure you feel comfortable sleeping like this, I wasn't too sure if beds were right for each of you."
"It's great." Said Thorn "The walls are painted dark to remind us of a burrow."
"Useful," said Benji.
Redd looks at his spot, "Looks comfy, I'm not sure about you two but I'm going to look at the gym."
I need a break I can't think what happens next

The End!

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