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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2210480
Mutant Animals break out of the Lab they were created and have adventures
[Introduction] Just a TMNT Fanfic RP Where we are all OC Mutants, the story begins after we've all broken out of the Lab we were created from and have passed out after running ourselves ragged
ID Number: Subject # 66
Name: Starflower 'Star' Millennium
Sex: Female
Species: Domestic Dog (Mongrel)
Height: 5.0
Weight: 100 Lbs
Personality: Generally laid back and introverted is prone to become a worrywart in times of stress often imagining the worst possible outcomes
Bio: Star is a a delicate white furred, fine boned mix of sight hound (Specifically Saluki) and Rat Terrier she was created specifically to be an Entertainer Slave trained to dance and perform acrobatic tricks (And though no one said it, everyone knew that duties also included certain 'adult activities') Star's primary fears are falling from great heights (Which caused her to stop her acrobatic training) and darkness specifically being alone in the dark, if someone is with her she's just fine
ID Number: Subject # 23
Name: Charles "Charlie" Darwin
Sex: Male
Species: Aldabra giant tortoise
Height: 4.0
Weight: 290 Lbs
Personality: Philosophical, Charlie likes to meditate a lot. Despite appearing to be slow, he's actually pretty quick.
Bio: Charlie's exact reason for creation is a bit of a mystery, but the impression is that he was created to read books to children. However, he reads more than just children books - historical martial arts is something he took an interest in, European and Asian, as well as others he can find info on. He also likes to read about pre-industrial weapons. He also reads a lot of philosophy books, and has a tendency to write poetry.
ID Number: Subject 45
Name: Theodore "Teddy" Ursa
Sex: Male
Species: Louisiana Black Bear
Height: 6,0
Weight 450 lbs.
Personality: Though me may look dangerous, he is surprisingly friendly. He enjoys company of others to earn friendship.
Bio: Teddy was bought up in the Louisiana Bayou, the scientist that altered him spoke in a New Orleans Creole so don't be surprised if he spoke the same way and he can fight not only to protect himself but his friends as well.
The Three Mutants had recently broken out of the Labs that had confined them, though they were all from different Labs across the USA they all seemed to be a bit psychic and communicated with each other in their dreams thus they had all planned to meet in one place, New York City!
I caught a big fish.
Now I search for a good friend
To share my lunch with.

Charlie stood back as he looked at the graffiti on the abandoned building's wall. He recognized it as a haiku, specifically, one written for a game called Dungeons and Dragons, which had a race of turtle-like creatures called Tortles. He had to chuckle.

"Next thing you know, those Wizards will have a race for dogs and bears," he said, as he went inside. He found a spot, sat down, and got some books out of his pack. They were D&D books he'd found in the trash, along with printed sheets of PDFs for some supplementary items, like the very Tortle Package that had the poem he'd just read. He then got out a laptop, checked the strength of the local public Wi-Fi, and logged onto a D&D playing site. He communicated by text while playing, for a number of reasons, and didn't bother with video, again for obvious reasons. Still, it was nice to communicate with folks, even if they were half a world away. If nothing else, it was a nice way to wait out the weather.
Teddy left the Bayou area of Louisiana and found himself in the outskirts of New Orleans by an abandoned restaurant he took his laptop from his bag and check his messages and found one interesting. "Don't that be all." He said, "I have an invitation."
Star was already in New York, her Lab was in Rochester the trick was getting to NYC
(As someone from Western NY, I can say that a trip from Rochester to NYC is around 330 miles, so 5.5 hour drive at 60mph, possibly 6-7 if stopping for breaks or switching drivers/cars. With the right disguise, it should be simple for Star to make the trip by hitchhiking.)

Charlie played D&D for a while, before he logged off. He looked out the window, looking for the train to NYC to show up. He had picked up freighthopping as a means to get around - jumping from one train car to another, as need be. It was risky, but his shell had helped protect him from the worst of injury, so far. Trick was getting on the right train at the right time, when no one was looking.
Reads the invitation, "So, I have to go to New York City. Alright I could use a change of atmosphere. I have to be discreet about this, I don't think they'll let a bear either on a bus, train or airplane yet." Looks at the address on it, "Maybe I'll ship myself there."
Concealing herself with a fedora and trench coat Star decided to try hitchhiking,
Charlie managed to locate a boxcar on a train that was far enough from a station to not stop so easily for security guards to get on. He jumped on, opened the door, got in, and closed the door, so that it wouldn't be obvious. He then decided to nap until the train got closer to its destination.
Charlie woke up with the sound of rattling from one of the boxes he looked around and saw a big brown box marked for New York and it was shaking almost violently like something trying to get out he opened the box to find A big black bear come out "Thank goodness, I thought I was a goner. Remind me next time I do that, cut some holes for air." Charlie says "Okay, by the way, name's Charlie Darwin but please call me Charlie." "Charlie eh? And I'm Theodore Ursa, Teddy if you prefer."
The weather began to become misty 'I hope it doesn't begin raining...' Star thought '...The smell of wet dog would giveaway I'm not human!'

A pick up truck loaded with watermelons stopped for Star, the window rolled down revealing...A pig face! Turns out the farmer let his pet pig ride in the passenger's seat and Star had to ride with the fruit "Can't trust a pig with watermelons you know." Said the Farmer

(Yes I borrowed this joke from The Simpsons episode Mr. Plow)
"Piece of advice, hop into the car after the train has left the station," said Charlie. "That or put a sign on the box that says 'Live Cargo' or something."

"I'll keep that in mind," said Teddy.

"Say, do you play Dungeons and Dragons?" Charlie asked.
Teddy says "I used to play it when the scientists at the lab in the Bayou tested us for social experiments. Maybe this was I was invited for.",
The clouds above were dark and gray, Star lay among the melons and thought 'A storm is coming soon, I know it.'
(borrowing a bit of the script from Lost Mines of Phandelver, a nice adventure for new DMs and players, as it teaches the basics of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.)

"... and with that last attack, your party has broken the will of the last goblin, who has decided to flee for his life," said Charlie. "What would you like to do to them?"

"Is it possible for me to throw a net to capture them?" Teddy asked.

"They're at least fifteen feet away, and running, so the attempt would be made with disadvantage," said Charlie.

Teddy rolled the two special dice, the d20s. The lowest was a 19.

"Looks like the net enveloped him so well, he tripped over his own feet," said Charlie.

Teddy had to chuckle. "It's nice of you to let me play as more than one guy. Would have been nuts otherwise."

"Well, the adventure works best with 3-5 player characters, from what I've read, so given that you picked a guy from each class, I felt it necessary to increase the opposition against the party to 20," said Charlie. "After all, 4 goblins versus 14 adventurers would have hardly been fair."

"Well, I'm having fun," said Teddy. "I like playing as all of these races. Lizardfolk, eagle-like Aarakocras, Centaurs, Bugbears, Orcs, raven-like Kenku, cat-like Tabaxi, humans, Dragonborn, various elves - I'd like to create a character for all of them."

Charlie laughed. "We'll work on that another time."

"So, we're going to go and rescue our employer, right?" Teddy asked.

"That's a ways down the road, but eventually," said Charlie. "But we'd best pack up. We're going to have to jump soon. Last thing you want is some security guard find you at the wrong time."
Teddy says "I agree, we may end up in the New York City sewers sense most of the train line run underground."
The rain was beginning to drizzle as Star arrived in NYC
"Okay," said Charlie, as he looked out the door. "Try to aim and land in something soft, like mud. Cushions the impact a bit. Also, tuck your arms and legs in as best as you can, as it helps to protect your vitals, and reduces the likelihood of broken bones."
To their luck they found a small pond of water, doing what Charlie recommended, Teddy jump and landed in it with a splash followed by Charlie.
Quick question what is with this, 'rescue their employer' thing I read earlier? my idea was the Animals were just fleeing the Labs that created them and banding together
(Charlie and Teddy were playing D&D, specifically "Lost Mines of Phandelver". Basically, you start off escorting a wagon full of goods, while the boss rides a day ahead to get things ready for arrival, only to get captured by a gang of bandits, and the characters have to track him down and rescue him, dealing with other issues along the way. So, nothing to do with whatever you're planning, other than a way in which the characters can entertain themselves in the downtime.)

Once they got out of the pond, Charlie looked at his things. "Well, glad that worked to protect my stuff. Would have sucked otherwise."

"So, do you want to do?" Teddy asked.

"Locating some food and a place to stay would be a good idea," said Charlie. "Hopefully we'll run into the others."

"Do you think that they would like to play?" Teddy asked.

"Don't know," said Charlie. "But the rules are easy, so maybe they'll pick it up."
Fortunately for them, they found an abandoned rundown building, Charlie says "You stay here while I look or food." Teddy says "Are you sure you don't need help?" Charlie says "I'm sure an besides, you might bring panic to the locals."
Star found the Scents of Tortoise and Bear two Animals that you wouldn't normally find in the Metropolis, she followed the scents to an abandoned building
Charlie found himself in the back of a restaurant. "Well, at least things should be relativity fresh."
Teddy took a little nap while Charlie was getting food but a sound of the door opening, "Charlie? I hope you got something good, I'm starving." A female voice says "I hope your not starving for dog." He sees a female dog come in. "Actually, I prefer maceral Miss uhhh…." She says "Call me Star. Where's the Tortoise?" "You mean Charlie, getting some food and besides, my name is Teddy."
"I came on a watermelon truck." Star said bashfully "If I was stronger I could have taken one and the farmer probably wouldn't have noticed but as you can see I'm kind of a skinny dog."
Charlie came in a little while later. "Good news, hit the food jackpot." He set some boxes down. "Got these from a food bank, just don't ask how."

"Did you steal them?" Star asked.

Charlie looked at her. He then looked at Teddy. "Who is she?"

"I'm Star," said Star.


"What did you get?" Teddy asked.

"Canned meats, canned vegetables, canned soups, MREs, plus something to open the cans with, a portable stove, and a few other things," said Charlie. "Scooped out the location pretty well - lots of restaurants, if you don't mind getting it from the back door and are quick enough to grab an order that was 'Supposed to be chicken, not beef!' that would otherwise get tossed out in the trash. Homeless beggars eat good around here."

"Well, at least we get something," said Teddy. "Hunt down those goblins while we eat?"

"Sure thing," said Charlie. He looked over at Star. "Do you know how to play D&D 5E? I'll create a dozen or so guys for you and teach you the rules if you don't. You can show up as a group of guys who were trailing behind us, in case of danger."

(Here's Lost Mines of Phandover on 5etools https://5e.tools/adventure.html#lmop. Click on Goblin Arrows and go to Cragmaw Hideout to get to where the group is getting set to go attack the goblin lair, as that's where Charlie and Teddy left off - Charlie is DMing, and was nice enough to let Teddy to play as a guy from each class (a dozen or so total). Star can do the same, if she wants.)
(Hmm. the link seems to be broken Twiga or my server is slow as molasses. Good thing I found a pdf copy of it using Bing.)

Picks out a can of tuna, "Not exactly what I want but it'll due." Using his claw he manages to pull off the lid of the can with the pull-tab conveniently placed there, he studies the game rules as he eats the tuna meat with the fork.

He looks up waiting for Stars response.

"OK." She said "I'll try."

It was a bit much for her as she had never played the game before, and being multiple characters at once was a bit more than her imagination could handle
Charlie chuckled as he watched Star struggle. "Usually, it's only done one character, perhaps two, per player at a time, but Teddy wanted to try all of the classes."

"Any suggestions?" Star asked.

"You could dictate what your guys are going to do ahead of time," said Charlie. "If role-playing is not your strong point, just say if your guy is going to attack, defend a fallen ally or stabilize said ally, pass an extra weapon to a disarmed ally, or whatever. Some folks are what's known as Audience players - can't role-play, but they like hanging out with the rest, and usually roll the dice only when told to, and their guy is just hang out with the rest."

"Good to know," said Star. "Any other tips?"

"Just have fun really," said Charlie. "I might be controlling the opposition, and any of your possible allies, but I only win if you guys win. That being said, I have heard about some terrible DMs, who do some really bad things."

"Like what?" Teddy asked.

"Railroading," said Charlie. "You're supposed to have the illusion of choice, but some just force you onto a path. Then there's those who just shove one impossible encounter after another at the players - as in you all but die and use up everything every time. Then there's those who force a fetish down the players' throats without talking to them about it beforehand in order to see if it was okay with them. Then there's those who stick in an over-powered personal character, who is just way too awesome for the players to ever compete with. Then there's the extra insane ones, who do things that just break all the rules of a good game."

"How do you know about these?" Star asked.

"Youtube," said Charlie. "That, and I play online."
For at least an hour each player was doing great even Star got the hang of it. Teddy is amazed on how tough his Ursine fighter was.
"This is fun." Star said "But...We should talk about how we're gonna survive in this human world, and how we're gonna keep our creators from finding us.'
"Good idea," said Charlie. "Folks are be bound to notice any thefts eventually, even if all we take is second-hand goods and food that was going to get tossed anyways. I mean, I know a bit about martial arts and such, but that will only help so much."
Meanwhile in New Orleans, the scientists from the lab that Teddy came from are scouting throughout the city, one scientist says "Sorry director sir, but we can't find Theodore anywhere" The director says "Impossible, how can a 6 foot black bear disappear?" As his car passes a bar on Bourbon St. He sees one of he scientist passed out on the bar with a large empty glass. "Stop the car!" He then walks up to the passed out scientist, "Dr. Kaufman!" Dr. Kaufman woke up "Yesh shir?" He slurred "We came here to look for a missing experiment, not getting drunk! Now sober yourself up and get to it!"
That night Star volunteered to be the first to keep watch while the other two slept
Charlie had to chuckle. There was no Ursuline race in D&D. He'd Homebrewed it for Teddy, by modifying the stats of a werebear's hybrid form. Now, what to do for Star? Perhaps he could do something similar with a werewolf's hybrid form.
While Teddy slept, he had a dream he was deep in a forest catching salmon in a lake, as he catch one of the salmon, it had a human face. Teddy recognized it, it was Jocque Moussett a lab volunteer in which he befriended before he escaped and found out one of the guards shot him because he knew too much about the experiments. "Jocque?" Teddy said in shock. "Teddy," Jocque says, "Director Briggs and his team is looking for you and will not rest until the find you." Teddy woke up from his puzzling dream "Don't worry kid, " he says quietly, "I doubt he'll find me in New York." Unknowing to Teddy, a small device is attached to his right ear.
As Star kept watch out the first floor window, her sensitive canine ears heard footsteps above. "Someone here?" Star asked "How can that be?"

She had no idea the TMNT were taking a break from their training run and chose the runaways' building to stop at
Charlie carefully opened his eyes. One of the things he'd learned was to sleep light, just in case a train guard investigated the car he was riding in. He looked at Star, and saw that she was looking up at the ceiling. He then looked at Teddy, and wondered if the bear was asleep or awake.
Up on the roof the Turtles are having a conversation, Raph says "Donny, this better be important. We still got training to do." Donny says "I'm picking up of some kind of signal from this building here." His device is beeping like crazy. Leo says "Okay, let's put our training on hold to investigate." Mikey asks, "Are the Utroms back?" They sneak in through one of the windows from the fire escape.
"You hear something?" Charlie asked

Star jumped at the sudden sound but quickly calmed herself "Yeah...Heard what sounded like footsteps coming from above."
"Yeah," said Charlie. "Wake Teddy, carefully, and we'll find a spot that's at least hidden, or defensible." He found a length of pipe. "This might help."

"As a weapon?" Star asked.

"That, or to lock a door behind us," said Charlie. "Now, let's wake Teddy."
Teddy woke up after Charlie shook him "Hey, why did you wake me for?" Charlie says "Listen." Teddy heard footsteps from above. "Oh great, I hope they didn't find us." Then through the window, in jumped for huge turtles. Teddy says "Expecting company Charlie?"
"They are like us!" Exclaimed Star

"Uh...Kind of?" Mikey said "Are you mutants to?"

"Yes we are!" Star said enthusiastically "Where did you guys come from? Which Lab are you from?"

"Whoa! Whoa!" Raph said "Lab?"
"And here we have the boring conversation part," Charlie said, as he sat down, and got out his books and dice, as well as his laptop. "Anyone up for D&D 5e?"

"What races do you allow?" Mikey asked, coming over to him.

"The ones listed on 5etools," said Charlie. "Of course, to get the whole thing, had to click 'Filter', click on 'Combine as Or', and 'Show All', and you got 193 Races and Subraces, although some are more for NPC types, like Skeletons, to say nothing about the Unearthed Arcana and Plane Shift stuff, which some Dungeon Masters won't allow."

"Cool," said Mikey. "Do they have a turtle-like guy? I've heard that there is one, but it's not in the books."

"That would be a Tortle," said Charlie. "+2 strength, +1 Wisdom, 17 Natural armor, but can't wear any armor, but can use and benefit from the +2 a shield gives, 30ft speed, claws that do 1d4 plus strength slashing damage, hold breath for an hour, can withdraw into their shell for an extra +4 armor while withdrawn but act as prone while doing do, proficient in Survival skills, and speak Common and Aquan."

"Wicked!" exclaimed Mikey. "17 armor!"

Ralph smacked him on the back of the head. "A 20 and or an Adamantine-type weapon could still ruin your day, to say nothing about a good Called Shot to your head!"

"You play?" Charlie asked.

"Not really, but I know the basics from his yelling about them all the time," said Ralph.

"You didn't need to hit me," said Mikey, rubbing his head.

"Shuts you up for a few seconds," said Ralph.
Teddy says, "So what brings you four here?" Donny gets close to Teddy with his device as it rapidly beeps, he looks under his right ear, "Found the source of the signal." as he shows them. Mikey says "Oh man, he's tagged."
"Holy shit." Star gasps "How did I miss that?!"
"Better question: am I or you also tagged?" Charlie asked. "Next question: how to get it out?"
Donnie checks both Charlie and Star and found a tag around her left ankle and Implanted on the back of Charlie's neck just inside his shell. Leo examines Star's tag, "Does this insignia look familiar?" Raph looks at it and says "Agent Bishop." Teddy asks "Who's Agent Bishop?"
"Agent Bishop is some Bastard who tried to dissect us!" Mikey spits furiously

Star had never heard of 'Agent Bishop" "How...Did I not notice that was on me?" She asks mystified
"Does it matter how it got put in you?" Charlie asked. "Question is how to get it out?"

"One reason you might not have noticed them has to do with their size," said Donatello, as he showed his scanner, which showed the image of the tags. "This is zoomed in at about a hundred times magnification. These devices are less than a millimeter in length, width, and height."
Donny says "Good thing we have a friend who has a knowhow to remove such, tracking devices. I hope none of you are afraid of alligators." Teddy says "Looks like we go to Florida."
"No need." Donny said he lives here in New York."

2k3 Leatherhead doesn't live in Florida
"Any ideas on getting us there?" Charlie asked. "It might be dark out, but folks might notice a bear."
There was a knock on the door, Charlie opens it and a huge gator mutant in a lab coat comes in, Donny says "Glad you made it Leatherhead." Leatherhead says "I got your message, something about getting devices out of 3 lab subjects?" Mikey says "Over hear, a fellow turtle, a dog and a bear." Teddy says "We all have names, mine is Theodore Ursa. Call me Teddy." Mikey says "Teddy Ursa? Cool name." Charlie says "Charles Darwin but please call me Charlie." Star says "Starflower Millennium, or just call me Star." Leatherhead says, "Judging by or accents, you all from three different labs. Judging Teddy's, I'd say his is somewhere in the Bayou. Cutting to the chase, I'd like each of you to sit down and let me see your devices."
Star said "Would either of you like to go first?"
Charlie looked over at the turtles. "By the way, for further reference, I'm a tortoise. I don't swim as good as you guys do. My shell is also a bit heavier."
Leatherhead says "I won't be a problem, I gave a tool that reaches into your shell to get the device out."
As Leatherhead began working on Charlie, Star thought about names "Strange..." She said

"What's strange?" Asked Charlie

"Both you and Teddy have names related to your species, Charles Darwin being tangentially related to Tortoises, but Starflower Millennium is not remotely Canine related."

"No." Said Charlie "But it is the kind of name a performer takes, I heard murmuring about Mutants created to be pleasure companions..."

All four of the Turtles suddenly became very pale.

"Did you just say..." Donny said "...Mutants are being created to be sex slaves?"
"Wouldn't surprise me," said Charlie. "A number of the gamers I play with online seem to be part of something called the Furry Fandom. In a number of games consisting of such people, you won't find any human-like races - no humans, no elves, no dwarves, no gnomes, no halflings, or anything that looks like a human could have been in the family tree, beyond being bipedal of course. Instead, they use the more animal-like races, and there's quite a bit of those, or they reskin the human-like races into something more animal-like, with humans often turning into Chimpanzees."

"Do they ever talk about sex slaves?" Star asked.

"Last campaign I had with one group involved freeing a bunch," said Charlie. "Out of Character, most seemed to wonder what kind of sicko would do that to anyone, regardless of species. Once I even brought up what they'd think if say, a walking talking tortoise came up to them and asked if they could play a game of D&D in real life. Most thought that it would be pretty cool. Then I asked what they'd think if a cat showed up. A few thought that they might ask for permission in order to touch their fur. Then I asked what they'd think about birds - a few might want a feather, with permission, and so on. Even asked them what they'd think about having sex with one - most seemed to say that they'd get permission from them first."
Mikey then asks "So, what kind of name is Teddy Ursa?" Teddy answers, "I believe the scientist who created me came up with that because his son collects Pokémon cards and Teddiursa was one of the cards he has." Raph says "If I had my choice in changing names, you be called Ursa Major." Teddy says "Isn't that a constellation?"
So after Charlie and Teddy had their tags removed, Star took her turn to have her tag removed.

"I still can't believe Bishop could be involved with making Mutant Sex Slaves." Donny said "I thought he hated everything Non-Human, why would he create Mutants humans could potentially bond with?"
"Covert assassin perhaps," suggested Charlie. "Played with a player once, who used a tiefling assassin - their shtick was to, basically, sleep with the target, and when the target was asleep, one way or another, she'd then kill the target, in such a way that, to the casual observer, said target would look like they were still asleep, long enough for her to leave the place without issue. Managed to kill the Big Bad Evil Guy that way."

"What's a tiefling?" Donny asked.

"Think of a human with a demon somewhere in the family tree," said Mikey.
Leo gathered up the 3 devices "Be right back, if Agent Bishop is tracking these three, I'm going to put them in a false location." Raph says "Be careful, last thing we need is a repeat of that time Shredder surprised us at April's home and store."
Just finished watching this week's Svengoolie movie 'Berserk' starring Joan Crawford and I got to say it was both a decent mix of horror (some gore but not too much) and humor but the things I found most hilarious were unintentional like the very clear product placement of Pepsi Cola (Because of Joan Crawford) but for pure unintentional hilarity in the climax of the movie Batman and Robin cameo during the circus parade! I am not making this up, Sven jokes Scotland Yard imported them to solve the murders! But anyway this movie gives me the perfect reason why Star stopped her acrobatics training

"I never was trained in anything about assassination..." Said Star as she stood "All I was taught was dance, lovemaking and...I began acrobatics training but I quickly stopped doing it because...When I was very young I watched this movie called 'Berserk' opening scene a guy is walking on a tightrope then the tightrope snaps and somehow wraps around his neck while he's falling causing him to be hanged...The next guy who becomes the high wire act then does it over steel bayonets instead of a safety net, then they wanted me to begin tightrope training after that! I promptly chickened out...And decided to leave."
"Old saying," said Charlie. "When one falls off a horse, first thing to do is to get back on."

"What does that even mean?" Star asked.

"Something about how the horse would leave you in the middle of nowhere otherwise," said Charlie. "In other words, sometimes you have to face your fears."
Have any of you two ever watched The Unlisted on Netflix? Twin brothers of Hindu heritage help a group of young vigilantes stop a corporation from controlling children.

Teddy says "Why this Agent Bishop wants us to kill? I detest violence." Letherhead says "We better check these three for implants." Donny says "Yeah, if Bishop wants them to kill, hell no doubt control them through their subconscious".
"Didn't say Bishop wants us to kill." Said Charlie "Just said he might."
"So, anyone got any ideas?" Charlie asked.
Meanwhile the Scientists found no trace of Teddy, The Cajun one looked at his phone, The Director says "Your prized creation disappeared without a trace and you want to surf the web?" "No sir, I placed GPS tracker on him and getting his location, but what I found you may not like, he's in upstate New York along with two others." "WHAT! How did he get way other there?"
Upstate? I thought NYC didn't qualify as Upstate New York

"So..." Donny said "...We can't leave them behind..."
(Simple - stick tracking chips on a train/semi heading upstate! *Laugh* Given that they are near a train station, it is possible, if difficult. But, we are dealing with ninjas.)

"You wouldn't happen to have a place where we could stay at?" Charlie asked.
Leo came back, "I'm back." Teddy says "I hope you placed those devices far away from here." Leo says "Slipped them in a cattle truck heading to a farm somewhere upstate, does that count?"
"So what do we do about these three?" Raph asks
"Do you have a place for us to stay?" Charlie asked.
Leo says "How about April's farm?" Raph says "You mean the one where both she and Casey got married?" Mikey says "And crashed by Cyber Shredder and all our enemies." Raph says "Trying to forget that." Donny says "I don't know, do we need their permission first?"
April and Casey said OK so the three of them went to live on the Farm for a while

Ran out of ideas, maybe there will be a sequel
Charlie looked around. "Well, at least rocks didn't fall."
Agent Bishop took it to himself to search for his 3 escaped subjects. "How dare subjects 66, 23 and 45 escape before they got their mind control implants." He followed their GPS beacons to a dairy farm in the outskirts of Fulton, He found the devices in a plastic bag by the barn with a note and it says the following,,,


We freed your test subjects and they are now far out of your reach.


Bishop got furious as he tore up the note "TURTLES!"
Oops! Totally forgot you have to extringuish campfire when you want to end it *Blush*

The End!

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