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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2212432
A virus from China has strange effects on members of the Furry Fandom
Inspired by the Coronavirus (And my own non-related illness that has me coughing and hacking without end) Comes what I hope is a more 'refined' and well thought out version of Beast Fever, here the Virus is simply an illness to most people who catch it but for members of the furry fandom who catch it there is a 50 percent chance you may transform into an Anthropomorphic Animal it may be your Fursona or it might not...Seems to be related to if you're a good person or not if you're the kind of furry who makes an ass of yourself at conventions and befoul the hotel with your bodily fluids, then even if your Fursona is a wolf you're be turned into a naked mole rat
While this character is similar to another one I did in an earlier campfire I should tell the inspiration came in a dream I dreamed I was about to play the RPG Changeling: The Dreaming which is about different kinds of fairies with 'Pooka' being the fairies that can shapeshift into all kinds of animals at the last minute I decided my character would be a fly Pooka and I woke before I got a chance to play

Name: Kate White
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Transformed Species: Housefly (Musca domestica)
Appearance: Is a five foot three inch Humanoid fly with antennae sticking out of her short brown hair, her eyes have transformed into red compound eyes, leaving her eyesight a mess (Fortunately she's able to navigate by hearing and her improved sense of smell) has grown a second pair of arms under her normal arms on either side of her belly and has a pair of gossamer wings growing out of her shoulder blades
Personality: Nerdy and introverted, has been part of the online furry community since puberty, never could make up her mind about a Fursona as she liked nearly all animals except bugs, so why was she turned into a Bug, she doesn't seem particularly asshole-ish one suspects it might have something to do with the very strange art she did for commissions, very weird fetish artwork.
Likes: Sweets and junk food, horror movies, science fiction and fantasy, peace and quiet
Dislikes: Loud noises, crowds, bitter vegetables, people who talk too much

It had started like any other cold, first was the sore throat then the congestion, but then Kate started sleeping a lot longer then normal most of the time only rising at night after the rest of her family had gone to bed to quench her hunger and thirst before heading back to bed where she had fitful fever dreams of psychedelic swirls of color turning into vision of flying in outer space among the stars and planets then finally her dreams settled into things that could almost be described as pleasant her dreams were visually similar to cartoons she watched a kid in the 90s she dreamed as was at a fairy tale carnival decorated with flowers and jewels but then she woke before she got on a single ride.
She yawned and stretched, something felt off but she couldn't put her finger on what...Then she saw herself in her bedroom mirror...The screaming that could be heard could make glass shatter
Name: Nate Jones
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Transformed Species: House cat
Appearance: Mostly orange, with white splotches and a white underbelly.
Personality: Enjoys gaming, and likes to role-play as cat-like creatures.
Likes: Online Role Play
Dislikes: Leaving his home.
Name: Chuck Everstein
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Transformed Species: Polar Bear
Appearance: A pure white humanoid polar bear, with a black nose and claws. He wears no clothing due to his massive size although fur covers his privates,
Personality: He like games and make friends,
Likes: Fish, Friends and gaming.
Dislikes: Mean people
Kate screamed and her Mom rushed in, and upon seeing her daughter's insectoid transformation, she promptly fainted

"Mom? Mom?!" Kate exclaimed "Oh geez! What am I gonna do?!"

She was insanely thirsty so, navigating her way to the kitchen, Kate opened the refrigerator, got the bottle of sparkling water and nearly drank the entire bottle to quench her thirst.

That was when Kate realized all her previous cold symptoms were gone! No sore throat, no congestion she felt perfectly fine fine even if her body had transformed
Nate looked at himself. "Well, that's interesting. Bound to be some crazy Youtube videos I'd wager."
Chuck woke up feeling great "Wow, that homemade cold remedy worked. I better keep that tea recipe, I better get ready for work now." As he got out of bed, his PJs fell off all tattered and torn, "Now how did that happen?" As he looked up he saw himself in the dresser mirror and a polar bear stared right back at him. "Is that me? How did it happen? I can't go out in public looking like this!"
Upon further examination of herself Kate discovered she had wings and a second pair of arms!
Nate went onto his laptop, to see if anyone had posted anything odd within the last 24 hours.
Chuck turns on the TV and there's a News Bulletin about new strain of virus. The news anchor was interviewing a scientist and the scientist says "Reason why we call it Beast Fever because the virus turns the victim into the animal he or she saw last, example if the victim saw a 3-toed sloth, he or she becomes the 3-toed sloth, even if it's a picture of that animal." Chuck turns off the TV, "That explains why I became a Polar Bear, I saw a visit Alaska add on the subway and it had a picture of a polar bear. But how did I catch the fever?"
Um Hertz one thing I chose to emphasize is the virus only turns members of the Furry Fandom into animals everyone else just gets a normal illness but whatever
Just then Kate heard her Mom waking up in her room

"What a horrible dream!" Said her Mom "I dreamed Kate turned into a giant fly like that Jell Goldblum movie..."

"IT WASN'T A DREAM MOM!" Kate yelled from the kitchen
(Viruses are a bit indiscriminate - anyone could get hit, hence why they spread so much.)

Nate found himself looking at a number of videos. "Interesting. So, who all is trying to figure things out?"
I saw that movie with Jeff Goldblum, I was in Nantucket Maine with a big bag of Lobster gourmet popcorn, somehow it wasn't a good combination and the popcorn didn't agree with me.

The phone rang and it was Mr. Karlson, his boss "MR. EVERSTEIN! I WAS EXPECTING YOU ON TIME TODAY! NOW GET OVER HERE QUICKLY!"
"Mr. Karlson, I'm not feeling well, been running a fever."
Kate turned on the TV reports were flying in of 'Beast Fever' showing up in North America, Europe and Australia, it is believed to have started in China but for some reason the Chinese didn't transform into Animals they just died
As Nate looked at the various videos, he wondered a bit. "Well, hopefully things don't get too serious. One hears of crazy things when such stories get written."
Chuck checked his computer for similar stories, "Well, glad to hear that I'm not the only one transformed, Hello, what's this? A Mrs, White reported that her daughter Kate, transformed into a human/fly hybrid."
"MOM!!!" Kate exclaimed "Why did you do that?!"

"Because you need medical attention!" Said her Mom "We don't know what happened to you!"

Kate however was pissed at her Mom for blabbing her transformation to the local news station, feeling the wings on her shoulder blades, Kate asked if they could fly.

She opened the door to the backyard, she buzzed her wings once then twice, then she had lift off!

"Wow!" Kate exclaimed as she rose into the sky "I can fly! I'm like Peter Pan!"
Nate had to chuckle as he read up on some of the stories. "Well, at least this should make things easier."
Chuck feels better when reading other stories, he read that an Australian man turned into a kangaroo reported by his wife but he feels sorry most of the Chinese infected as the virus proved fatal to them. There's on more thing, should he risk going out? He wants to avoid panic with the neighbors.
Kate began flying over forests, she decided to land there away from human civilization
"Finally!" She exclaimed "Peace and quiet!"
Nate chuckled. "Might be best to wait a bit before doing anything. Probably take a few days for the panic to die down. After that, a six foot cat walking around town won't be unusual."
There was a knock on the door, Chuck says "I hope that's not Mr. Karlson." He checked the peephole, it's his neighbor, Susan Billings, "Charles, it's me Susan, I heard you're not feeling well so I giving you some chicken soup." "Thanks Susan, but I doubt soup will help me for what I got." "Tell me what you got?" "I don't think you'll believe me if I told you so I better show you." He opens the door and goes in front of Susan, showing her his new Ursine form. "Oh, I see, one of those cases that's spreading like wildfire in the news. I'll tell you what, I'll come back with some grouper." "Please, don't tell anyone about me, last thing I need is panic in the neighborhood, or being ended up at the zoo by animal control."
Meanwhile in the forest Kate was lounging by a pond gazing at her own reflection, at least she was attempting to, she was still struggling to see with her new compound eyes.

"How in the heck could something like this be cured?" Kate asked "Like how do you reverse spontaneous transformation to an Anthro Animal? Like would they have to cut off my extra arms?"
"At least it's the weekend," said Nate. "Don't have to leave the house."
Meanwhile, in a laboratory somewhere in the city, a genetics scientist, Dr. Eugene Neuton is on the phone "Thanks for the info Mrs. Billings, don't worry, we're very discreet." "Bruno!" a large man comes in "Yes Dr. Neuton?" He hands him a slip of paper and a syringe. "Mrs. Billings reported that her neighbor, Charles Everstein transformed into a polar bear by the virus, go there and retrieve him for me for study. This is enough tranquilizer to put a bull elephant to sleep so be careful also as a bonus, another virus victim a Kate White ran or should I say flew away from home, she's part fly bring her in if you see her." "Yes Doctor."
Once again I bring in my favorite cartoon characters as a binding agent

Kate had no way of knowing she had landed in front of the getaway cabin of two of Gotham's most notorious criminals Jonathan 'Scarecrow' Crane and Jervis 'Mad Hatter' Tetch, the two Rogue Chums decided they needed a break from Gotham so they came to California for vacation, Jonathan took one step outside saw the giant fly gazing at her own reflection in the pond and quickly went back into the Cabin

"Jervis." Jonathan said quietly "It's one of those infected with the Beast Fever! A giant fly! Who knows how contagious she might be and she's just gazing at her reflection like Narcissus!"

"We knew this would happen." Jervis said "When that Milo obtained those strange microbes from another dimension!"

Milo is the slimy scientist with a bowl cut who appears in the BTAS episodes 'Cat Scratch Fever' and 'Moon of the Wolf'
Nate decided to look of more information about what was going on.
Okay, sense we're doing Batman villains might as well join in the fun.

There was a knock on the door, "Susan, you don't have to go through all the trouble over me, I got plenty of cans of tuna in the pantry.." as he answered the door, he saw a large man. "You're not my neighbor, Susan Billings." "Name's Bruno. Dr. Neuton wants to see you." "Tell Dr. Neuton I'm unable to leave the house, can't you see that I have the virus and the place is quarantined." Bruno holds up the syringe, "The Doctor wants to see you, NOW!" before Bruno took action, a beam hits him encasing him in a block of ice. He sees another figure which he recognized from when he was young. "Victor Fries? Last time I saw you, my father help you getting into Gothcorp when your wife fell ill. My god what happened to you, why are you wearing that suit?" Victor says "I'm called Mr. Freeze now, I had an accident that made my body colder and I can't survive normal temperatures and this suit makes me go through subzero conditions." "Let me guess, you need a Polar Bear as a sidekick." "No, of course not, what I need is a sample of your blood to help cure my wife and as a bonus, I can reverse your virus and turn you back to human."
Tee Hee

Jonathan and Jervis didn't know what to do, they wanted Kate to move but they didn't want to touch for fear she was contagious.

Then the phone rang the caller I.D. was Mr. Freeze
Nate was hearing stories about possible abductions. "Probably should lock my door."
One more surprise, has anyone seen Birds of Prey yet?{/c

Det. Renee Montoya along with Huntress and Black Canary stopped in front of Chuck's house and see the block of ice with Bruno, "This looks like Mr. Freeze's work, careful ladies he's cold hearted like the rest of him. Huntress says "Look, he has a syringe, no doubt he works for one of those scientist that developed the beast fever, as they called it." Renee says "Dinah, see if you can free him out of his frozen prison, I have some questions I like to ask him."
Haven't watched it, heard they changed the name from Birds of Prey to Harely Quinn since it bombed so hard

Just then Kate heard her stomach rumble "Oh mostly dang..." She said "...What do I do?" The only thing she had, had was the bottle of sparkling water.

Jonathan gave Jervis the side-eye

Jervis grabbed a gourmet chocolate bar and Jonathan grabbed a burlap sack, and slowly they approached the Fly Girl

"Would you like some chocolate?" Jervis offered the candy bar to Kate

"You have to think I'm some kind of idiot..." Kate said "...To take candy from..."

She never noticed Jonathan sneaking up behind her until it was too late and he pulled the burlap sack over her
Nate looked at the info. "If this was some kind of crazy story, I'd be stuck with a dog and a rabbit, or something."
At Mr. Freeze's Lab Chuck waits as Mr. Freeze analyzes a tissue sample, "How are you feeling Mr. Everstein?" Mr, Freeze asks "I'm fine, surprisingly the conditions here, normally, I'll be freezing to death. Must be my new Polar Bear physiology." "Not surprising, Polar Bears are adapted to the cold. I have a couple of friends in the forest taking care of another victim, A fly." Cuck sees a woman incased in a cryochamber, "Your wife?" "Nora is suffering from a terminal illness, I'm keeping her frozen until she's cured."
So finally went to the Doctor she told me my cough might be allergies and prescribed a nasal spray I took I year ago, I'm temporarily closing this campfire to work on a story for each 7 days I take the nasal spray

The End!

Well, might as well finally finish this campfire

As Kate squirmed and protested in the sack. Jonathan said "I can't believe Victor Frieze believes this 'Beast Fever' is what will cure his wife."
(Anyone got an idea on how they can all meet?)

Nate wasn't sure about what to do, other than wait.
Hang on, this is your chance BBW.

Mr. Freeze's vehicle stopped in front of a house, Chuck asks "Your place?" "No, it belongs to another victim like you, we're going to pick him up and then see another with two friends,"
Jonathan and Jervis stuffed Kate in the back of their Van
Nate looked out the window. "Strange, that doesn't look like a vehicle from the CDC or anything of the sort." He decided to call 911, to report the odd vehicle, just in case.
Mr. Freeze knocks on the door "Nate Jones, I'm Dr. Victor Fries otherwise known as Mr. Freeze. I came to offer a cure to your condition for a favor in return."
As Jonathan and Jervis' van came down the hill, Kate began pleading "Oh Please, please let me out!"

"Oh pipe down!" Jonathan shouted from the driver's seat "We didn't even want anything to do with you! But an associate of our's thinks your ailment is the key to curing his ill wife!"
Nate touched the Peephole App on his cellphone. He could see the person standing at the door, thanks to a camera. To say that something was off was an understatement.

"I'd like to see some ID," Nate said, talking into a speaker. "Show it before the peephole."

He'd already reported the suspicious vehicle, and now it was a matter of delaying the person, until the police arrived.
As patiently waiting, Chuck could see Mr. Freeze at the door talking to the whoever is at the door. Then he heard sirens coming, he opens the window and yells out, "Victor, we have incoming company, the one's in blue!"
Jonathan and Jervis were still several miles away but Kate had calmed down. "If I promise I won't run away will you let me out of this sack? It's kind of stuffy in here."

"Do you think we should Jonathan?" Jervis asked "She sounds sincere."

"Oh very well!" Jonathan said as he stopped the car so Jervis could get out, open the trunk and release Kate from the sack.

"Thanks." Kate said, Jervis once again offered the chocolate bar

"Thanks again." Said Kate as she took a bite, it was the strangest chocolate she had ever eaten, it had sea salt infused in it, there was caramel in the chocolate, and something else.

"What is this weird perfume flavor?" She asked grimacing as she ate

"It's rose." Said Jervis "Very popular in Europe, not so much in the States."
Nate watched as the "so-called doctor" started to get a bit nervous as the sirens came closer. He wasn't quite sure what would happen, but he knew enough to send the footage he had to the police. If nothing else, they might know who was on the other side of the door.
Mr. Freeze drove away from the house as things got a little too hot, and they rendezvous with Crane an Tetch at a spot under the Highway. "There you are Victor, I have someone for you, the flygirl Kate and who's your Ursine friend?" Chuck says "The name's Charles Everstein but I prefer Chuck." Kate comes out of Crane's car. "You must be the one who's wife is ill." "In a point yes, terminally ill. Johnathin, Jervis, I got a problem. I was about to get one more, but he seems uncooperative, called the police on me." Johnathin says "I'll get him, I have a trick up my sleeve that guarantees that it'll work. Just need the address."
Kate had no idea what Jonathan's 'trick' was
When the police showed up at the door, Nate figured the best thing to do was to simply share the footage he'd gotten.

"Looks like Mr. Freeze is in the area," the officer said. The officer looked at him. "If nothing else, you're playing smart with the other thing as well."

Nate shrugged. "I figure the excitement is bound to wear off in a few days. Probably going to get stares anyways, but at least no one will be screaming their head off."

The officer chuckled. "Good thinking. Been hearing of a few crazy stories. Contact us if something else happens."
As Johnathin Crane gets ready for his mission, Mr. Freeze explains why he wants blood samples, he tells Karen and Chuck about his wife, his experiment at Gothcorp and how he became Mr. Freeze, "So Farris Boyle tried to shut down your experiment for selfish reasons?" asked Chuck, Mr. Freeze says "Yes, for a while, my heart became cold as the rest of my body. Now with Bruce Wayne's help, my wife will get the cure she needs, the virus was supposed to be the formula until something went wrong. I just need blood sample from you two and Nate to synthesize an antidote and the much needed medicine." he turns to Johnathin, "Remember, don't scare Nate too much."
Karen?! Did you forget Kate's name?

Knowing this person was a bit more wary Jonathan went to the classic cartoon standby to get his fear gas in the house's ventilation ducts Dress up like a bush!

I think the problem with BBWolf's character's is they are too smart and always do everything perfectly so in this case the characters can't get near him, it's OK for the character to make a mistake, like I wrote a story few days ago about a kid who gets transformed because they foolishly went Trick or Treating at the house she was specifically told not to go to and gets transformed by some witches
(Well, I do have something of a logic-focused mind, more or less, that always tries to do the correct thing in any given situation. That does tend to get passed onto the characters I make at times.)

Nate noticed the strange bush, and thought nothing of it. His neighbor was always buying a plant of one sort or another. He decided to get supper ready.
Scarecrow crept up to duct where he could insert his fear gas
Nate decided to do up some left-over chicken.
Soon the gas fills the room effecting Nate and what happens next is a real doozy.
Only the next person can describe Nate's fears

Meanwhile Jervis was talking to Kate "Why exactly were you in front of our cabin?"

"I didn't know it was there." Kate said "I was pissed off at my Mom for telling the news I had transformed into a Fly so I...Just wanted to be alone..."

"I can sympathize." Said Jervis
Nate started blinking. Something was seriously wrong. Something in the air.

He went outside, and sat in a chair on the porch. He wondered if there was an issue with the gas line, or something.
Chuck asks "Are you serious? You can synthesize an antidote to the beast virus from my blood sample?" Mr. Freeze says "Yes, but I also needed samples from both Kate and Nate too, sort of my way to say sorry I accidently infected you three and others."
"Seems kind of odd." Kate said "Like did you know we would turn into these exact Animals? Like if the transformation is based around what Animal we last saw like the last animal I saw was a fly buzzing around the house..."

Meanwhile, Scarecrow from his bush disguise fumed 'I think I see why that boy turned into a cat, he's as nervous as one...Maybe what little fear gas he was exposed to was enough,' As he noticed Nate was staring at his own hand strangely
Nate shook his head. "Must be an issue with the gas line," he said, as fresher air entered his nose. "I'll have to call the company up over it. Annoying."

He turned his head, and found himself looking at the strange bush. "I hope that thing is rare or something, because that looks ugly. At least HOA won't complain about plants that are legal."
As he waited, he saw 2 others the one described on TV as Kate White and the person she's with looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. "Hello, you must be Kate White, I'm Chuck Everstein."
Do you remember the Kemono Friends Campfire where your character spent so much time arguing,I think I even had the Army Character break the 4th wall and say 'You have to fight the monsters because you're the main characters and your character still wouldn't stop arguing and then I just gave up and ended with the monsters killing everyone because your character wasted so much time arguing? Well you ask when are our characters gonna get together? And you do everything to resist your character getting together

"Hi." Kate said

It was beginning to get dark, dark cloud overhead indicated there might be a storm soon, Jonathan Crane pulled out his gun that shot a fear toxin filled dart 'Firing a gun is going to alert the whole neighborhood' He warned himself mentally 'But this brat leaves me no choice!' With darkness concealing him he crept in his bush disguise to the corner of the just peeking at the porch, he fired his gun and hit Nate in the side of his stomach
(There is a reason I prefer something along the lines of You All Meet in an Inn, or something similar https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/YouAllMeetInAnInn - as it establishes a common origin point, or set things up where everyone is already in contact with the others so that everyone is heading to the same spot. Makes things seem a bit less contrived.)

Nate didn't feel so good, and passed out.

"Now's my chance," Crane muttered, as he moved quickly. With any luck, he should be able to get the cat into his vehicle and drive off, before the neighbors tried to investigate.
Then Chuck saw a car pull up what looks like it's being driving by a scarecrow, he came out and carried a cat man Mr. Freeze says "Is he...?" Johnathin says "No, just passed out. He won't wake up for a while." Mr. Freeze, quickly put him into the back of my van. Time to go to my lab."
I think this is where the Campfire should end, it was a good little experiment even if it got derailed from what I originally wanted I think the story is kind of solid,

Mr. Freeze extracted what he needed from them to cure his wife

"Is there a cure for us?" Asked Kate

"I am in the process of creating a vaccine." Said Mr. Freeze "It should be ready in a month."

The End!

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