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by Twiga
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Adopt your own Anthro Animal Pet!
Somewhere in a random neighborhood somewhere in America the newest fad are the Anthropomorphic Animals from the Adopt-A-Freak Foundation the perfect intelligent pets.

You don't have to feed them, they can feed themselves (Many can become five-star chefs)
You don't need to housebreak them they use the same lavatory as you
Best all they make perfect entertainment for children with their singing, dancing and acrobatic feats, some families have their Pet perform in Show Business to make themselves wealthy.

These are the stories of three Pets who lived in the same neighborhood
Name: Betsy
Sex: Female
Species: Bombardier Beetle
Personality: Quiet and Introverted, unusual for the Anthro Pets who are usually super extroverted and friendly
Bio: Betsy is a new Pet in a neighborhood where many of the kids have Anthro Pets the reason for this is her Betsy's Kid one Timmy Johnson has a Mom who is terrified of Animals because when she was a child she was attacked by a Dog, so Timmy has never had a pet before, when calling Adopt-A-Freak Foundation Mrs. Johnson wanted an Anthro that could protect her son but she said "I don't want any Dogs, in fact I don't want anything with sharp teeth or claws' So what they got was a Beetle who could spray mace out her...Butt...Other than that she can cook, clean and do most things her Fellow Pets can do
Name: Bounder
Sex: Male
Species: Snowshoe hair
Personality: Very outgoing
Bio: Bounder is the sort of person who would show up to any party he heard about. Then again, his owners like to party a lot.
Name: Belfry
Sex: Male
Species: Brown Bat
Bio: Belfry maybe scary looking but he's very friendly, loves to eat bugs and for a good reason, his master wants to save money on pest control. He also likes to dance to scratch music on party nights.
When Betsy arrived Timmy was super excited, he didn't know what kind of Animal he was gonna get!

A truck pulled in front of the house with a cage in the back securely fastened by ropes, some burly men opened the cage and out stepped...An Anthro Beetle with a black carapace with orange spots.

"Hi." She said "I'm Betsy."

Timmy's Mom went to the driver of the truck "Is this the best you could do?"

"What are you talking about?"

"A giant insect?!" Said Timmy's Mom "This is horrific!"

"Lady, you said you wanted an Animal that could protect your son, but you didn't want anything that had sharp teeth or claws, so we gave you a beetle with no teeth or claws but can blast enemies with a spray that comes out of its butt."

"Well it isn't what I expected..." Said Mom

"What did you expect?" Said the Driver

Timmy's Mom froze "Well...Um..."

The Driver immediately knew what was up "You don't like animals do you Lady?"
There was a party going on, that much Bounder was certain. That, or a truck backfiring, which sometimes sounded similar.

Bounder looked out the window, and saw a woman talking to a truck driver.

"Not a party," he said.

"Should be one tonight," his owner, Bobby, said. "Rich has a Stag party going on. You up for it?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" Bounder asked.
The Truck arrives at Maurice Thomas' place and he was currently hosting a party complete with Scratch DJ in his back yard, The truck driver pulls out a large package and opens it in front of Maurice , and out flew a large bat and landed in front of Maurice "Hello, you must be my owner Maurice, call me Belfry." He heard scratch music. "Oh, what wonderful noises, a kind for me to dance to." Before he danced he heard more slaps then scratches, Maurice says "Oh bummer, the insect repellant lamps shorted out again." Belfry flew, "Mmm, mosquitos. Don't worry, I'll take care of them." The Driver says "You got lucky, Belfry loves to eat insects."
Timmy went up to Betsy and whispered in her...Um...Ear "Sorry about my Mom, she got bit by a stray dog when she was five years old."

One of the worker's gave Timmy's Dad a set of instructions on how to care for their new pet "Betsy is a Bombardier Beetle which is a carnivorous species, she can prepare her own food but you have to make sure some portion of your meat is for her meals."
Parties were always fun, was Bounder's opinion on the matter. You got to meet new people.
In the backyard, the party guests are overwhelmed by the mosquito swarm, Maurice's brother Theodore which threw the party says "Sorry guys, the lamp which supposed to repel these pests shorted out, I told Maurice to have it fixed." Suddenly Belfry flew in and a guest got nervous, "First mosquitos and now a giant bat." That's when Belfry started chowing down on mosquitos left and right. Theodore says "I guess my brother's package arrived, that's one of those Adopt-A-Freak I heard so much about." Maurice came in watching Belfry work. "Bro," Theodore says, "You saved the party, so tell me does your batty friend have a name?" Maurice smiles and says "His name is Belfry, and once he's finished, I'll show you what else he can do once DJ Mac scratches again."
Timmy was asking Betsy some questions "So...What do you like to do?"

"Anything my owner wishes me to do." Said Betsy quietly

"You don't seem very excited to say that." Timmy said "What do you REALLY like to do?"

Betsy became quiet, as an Insect Pet she was very rare she had been created specifically because of Timmy's Mom's request for an Animal that could protect without teeth or claws (Hooves were classified as a specialized claw) As such shortly after being 'born' the vertebrate animals at the factory didn't want to hang out or play with her.
Soon enough, Bobby and Bounder showed up at the party.

"Say, anyone seen Rich yet?" Bobby asked.
Pretty soon, Belfry ate the entire swarm and he landed on the dance stage, "There you go everyone, now that I had my dinner could we continue this little party?" Maurice says "You heard him DJ Mac, let's continue." Soon the DJ was scratching records and making other music sound and Belfry was dancing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. A guest commented "Ooh, that bat have quite some moves." Soon other guest danced with him.
The amount of Anthro Pets in the neighborhood was really a strain on Mrs. Johnson's nerves every time she left the house she was peeking over her shoulder to make sure no Anthro Animals were sneaking up on her.
"Lady over there needs to liven up a bit," said Bounder. "A dance or a drink, or something at any rate."
Later on when the guests left, DJ Mac is packing up his equipment. Theodore says, "Wow, Belfry was the hit of the party, even DJ Mac there was impressed. Where did you find him?" Maurice says found a website called Adopt-A-Freak Foundation." Theodore says "I hope Mrs. Johnson from two blocks over doesn't encounter him, she hates animals."
Timmy meanwhile was trying to get Betsy to open up

"Why you so quiet Betsy?" Timmy asked "The other Adopt-A-Freak Pets in this neighborhood are...Well...Party Animals!"

"Well." Betsy said "When I was first made none of the other pets at the factory would be my friend, because I was a gross insect..."
Bounder looked, and that was when he noticed the insect pet. "Interesting."
When Maurice, Theodore and Belfry entered the house they sat down for a talk. Maurice says "You are certainly a hit of the party, are there any other anthros party animals like you, Belfry answers, "Well not all, there this one insect-type, a Bombardier Beetle calling herself Betsy just keeps to herself." Theodore ask "Did you try..." Belfry interrupted "Eating her, of course not. Although Bombardier Beetles have a defense, they are beneficial bugs like honey bees. Like me, they eat other insect pests."
"You mean..." Said Timmy "...None of the other pets even tried to be your friend?"

"After a few dozen insults about how creepy and gross I was I got the hint I wasn't welcome among the Animals with internal skeletons." Said Betsy "So I simply did my training on cooking, cleaning and all the other things I could do for my human family."
"I suppose I could talk to them the next time they come out," said Bounder.
Maurice and Belfry entered Maurice's bedroom, Maurice says "Well besides eating bugs and dancing, what else can you do?" Belfry says "Unlike my full animal kind, I'm house broken which means I can do anything a human can and with my bat sonar, I can see in the dark so do speak which means if I want to go to the bathroom I don't need to turn on the lights and yes, I'm toilet trained. Like bats I can sleep like this." He hangs upside down from a beam on a ceiling.
To cheer Betsy up Timmy went to the kitchen, got out the gallon of chocolate ice cream put some in a bowl and went back to the living room.

"Oh no." Betsy said "We were told we should avoid human junk foods they can cause obesity..." However she dipped a finger in the ice cream to try it
"I should talk to those others next chance I can," said Bounders. "They seem new."
The next morning, Theodore was making waffles with Maurice sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Belfry came in the kitchen, "Morning Belfry, Theodore is making waffles and there's coffee." Belfry says "No thanks, I'm not allowed to eat human food, and besides, those mosquitos I ate last night will last me for five days. Bugs are easier to digest and don't make me fat."
Timmy decided to take Betsy for a walk
Bounder was out in the yard, working on the garden, when he saw the large bug. He decided to wave, and be friendly.
Note to BBW, Bounder is a Snowshoe hare, not hair. Big difference.

After breakfast, Maurice decided to take a walk and Belfry joined him, halfway they spotted a large snowshoe hare talking to a large bombardier beetle. "I know them," Belfry says, "Let's take a rest to greet them."
"So...Um..." Betsy said to Bounder awkwardly as she was not really the best at conversations "When were you decanted?"

Decanted is when the Anthro Pet has been completely Mutated into his or her Anthro Form and emerges from his or her 'EGG' (Embryo Genome Generator kind of like an artificial womb)
How long do these guys live?)

"About six years back at any rate," said Bounder. "Bobby was going through a rabbit phase. Place his folks went to didn't have a rabbit, but they had me, and they decided that I was close enough. Bobby didn't seem to mind at any rate. These days, he likes to party."
A voice behind Betsy says "Did someone say Party?" Betsy turned around and saw a large bat along with his owner. "My name is Belfry and this is my owner Maurice."
Gonna take a break as I try to figure out where the plot should go next

The End!

To answer the question of how long they live, most live as long as the average human at 80 years (The company realized it could be potentially traumatizing to children if their intelligent pet dies in only a few years, though some insects can only manage to live 40 years if their natural lifespan is less than a year like a Housefly, Beetles are actually long lived for insects both Dung Beetles and Bombardier Beetles can live for two to three years

"So...Uh..." Timmy said "Does anyone want to play at the park?"
"I know of a good one," said Bounder. "Don't even need the owner to go there if he doesn't feel like going to it. Also, they have things set up for adult humans who don't like going to the gym, or want to have fun playing with their children, so someone like us will have no issues using it."
I was informed Hertz caught Coronavirus and is in the hospital from someone he let answer from his account, I feel it wouldn't be fair to continue the story without him so I might make a separate story in his absence

The End!

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