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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2215700
A zoo where all the animals are former humans

This story was inspired by the 'New Zoo' series of TF stories by Deviantart member Wallace111 can be seen here
Which was in turn inspired the art of someone called 'Aranias' which can be found here
Anyway the premise is a group of evil witches run a zoo and they turn unsuspecting humans, sometimes zoo visitors, sometimes people who sign up to work at the zoo into the animals in both body and mind, can the these poor souls ever become human again?
For a change my character is gonna be male...And a prepubescent child...This because this is based on the protagonist I made for the short story I wrote on lined paper trying to figure out how someone COULD be rescued from the zoo

Name: Mike
Sex: Male
Age: 8 years old
Ethnicity: African American (Another first for me)
Animal he's been transformed into: Mongrel Dog: Mix of Terrier and Retriever, mostly brown with cream underside
Bio: Mike is one of the few modern day people who has a for real fairy godmother, he has one because his late Dad a scientist/explorer experimenting with a portal to other dimensions, did a favor for a very important Fairy and thus earned his child a fairy godmother, his Dad is presumed dead he disappeared through his portal and no one has seen him since so his Mom works as a nurse, anyway because of his Godmother Mike is sensitive to the ways of magic and immediately sensed upon entering the New Zoo during a field trip, he broke away from his class to do some snooping and was caught by the witches he protested "You can't do this I have a fairy godmother" Witches envy fairies, witches being mortal women who have learned magic but still mortal and doomed to die, while fairies are nature spirits and not entirely bound to the mortal coil, when they can, evil witches like to drain fairies of their magic and add it to their own. So instead of transforming Mike into an animal they would display, they instead transformed him into a common domestic dog they would keep into the zoo employee lounge as bait, suspecting the fairy would come at night after the zoo had closed the witches took turns staying up to wait for the fairy, been nearly a month, no fairy so they are beginning to suspect he made it up even if it is an odd thing for an eight year old boy to say
Name: John
Sex: Male
Age: 26 years old
Ethnicity: White
Animal transformed into: Black Leopard (panther)
Bio: John was a cop investigating disappearances in the area around the zoo. On the plus side, he figured out what happened. On the other side, he found out what had happened. Now he's trying to figure a way out.
In the stories most of the victims become animals in mind as well as body an no longer remember anything about their human lives, (Mike has at the current moment) John might have something special about him if he remembers

Mike had become a dog in mind as well as in body, he no longer had any memory of his human life, instead he was quite content living in the zoo lounge, getting walks and being fed scraps from the witches' table, it had been nearly a month and no fairy had shown up, the witches were becoming weary of taking turns staying up to watch for the fairy, they were ready to call it quits and write the claim off as something the kid just made up.

It was actually because his Fairy Godmother Cecelia, simply didn't know, she was a very important Fairy in Fairy Land, and Mike's Mom hadn't informed her yet because she wasn't sure just yet, she had to do some digging and she had found that after an entire school bus of gifted children had vanished, and one by one each of those children's families went to the zoo to look for their children also vanished, Mike's Mom knew what she was dealing with and called Cecelia with the special Fairy Phone that connected the Human World to the Fairy Dimension
John had trouble sleeping. His dreams had visions about him being a two-legger, with him communicating with other two-leggers. He saw himself looking around some place. He could see himself running. After that, nothing made sense.

John opened his eyes. What did those strange visions mean?
Fortunately for Mike's Mom Cecelia was home when she called "There's been an emergency..." And as quickly as she could explained the situation.

At exactly midnight, long after the zoo had closed for the night, Cecelia flew over the zoo in her intangible form, a shower of pink sparkles, Fairy Godparents have the unique ability to sense when their human godchildren are near and home in on them, she had no idea who any of the unfortunate transformed souls were, she could only see her godson through his animal disguise, she found him in the zoo lounge, since her intangible form was well...Intangible...She could slip right through the walls, and reformed in the kitchen where Mike was sleeping under the table. The witches had since given up on capturing a fairy so that night all the witches were in bed.

"Mike!" Cecelia exclaimed trying to keep her voice down in spite of the great emotion "Oh my Mike! What have those charlatans done to you?!"

The Pup awoke and cocked his head at this strange person, he felt a strange sense of familiarity...Something about her scent seemed familiar...She smelled like powdered sugar.
Once again, John looked around. From what he could see, there was possibly one way out of here - through the door that the keeper came in through.
In the zoo lounge, two of the witches heard something and quickly jumped out of bed and came running, one was a redhead, the other was blonde they both wore large glasses.

Most witches' magic is inferior to fairy magic and they could only capture a fairy like Cecelia if they caught her by surprise.

But instead because they were sleepy and discoordinated, and Cecelia was quick with the wand she instead transformed the witches into marble statues. But more might be on the way, so she wrapped Mike in her pink cloak and recited a spell, a whirlwind of pink swirls surrounded them and when they faded they were in the living room of Mike's house, it was 1 AM, Mike's Mom was asleep, Cecelia didn't want to disturb her and didn't want her to see her son like this.

So she placed the tip of her wand between Mike's eyes and recited a spell that reverses the transformations done by other fairies. As she said the last word of the spell, she opened her eyes, Mike was still a dog, but then Mike blinked and when he opened his eyes again, his eyes were no longer the dark eyes of an animal but instead his familiar brown eyes with white sclera, Mike smacked his mouth dryly and yawned in his human voice again. "What happened?" He said sleepily "Last thing I remember was I was on a field trip to the zoo and I was caught by these witches and they said they'd turn me into..." Then he realized and turned his head down to see his hands were still paws...
John looked at the door that the handler used to bring food in. He had to figure out how the handler got passed it. He didn't know what, but he knew that he had to escape.
Mike screamed when he saw he was still a Dog, his Mom came downstairs and saw her son was a dog

"Calm down! Calm down!" Said Cecelia "I'll soon have Mike back to human form I'll simply recite a stronger spell!"

She placed the tip of the wand between Mike's eyes again and recited a spell the fairies have to repel the spells of dark magic.

As Mike felt the magic flow through him, he began to stand on his hind legs and his front paws turned into furry hands with opposable thumbs and a claw on the end of each finger.

Cecelia's brow furrowed as continued reciting the spell, something was resisting her magic until it finally repelled her and she was thrown into the wall

Mike was left in some kind of half human/ half dog form he could walk upright and had hands but he appeared to be a Dog walking on its hind legs.

"I couldn't complete the spell..." Cecelia said as she shook herself "Something resisted the spell..." The she realized what this meant

"The Witch Queen!" She exclaimed "Those zoo witches are working for the Witch Queen!"
John looked at the door. Maybe he could lift it high enough to slip out.
Meanwhile, as Cecelia and Mike's Mom paced back and forth trying to think of what they could do for Mike.

"I think we should tell the authorities." Said Mike's Mom "Since Mike can talk and is half dog they won't be able to dismiss that!"

"The Witch Queen is nearly immortal from having absorbed many fairies' essence and as she has existed so long she doesn't want anyone disturbance to her evil work." Said Cecelia "She has the ability to control weak minded humans, so simply taking Mike to the local police station may result in her instructing them to take Mike to the local vivisection lab! We need humans of exceptional character and indomitable will! Someone like..."

"The Rescue Heroes?" Mike asked, he had turned on the TV to soothe his mind and what instantly came on was a news report of the Rescue Heroes rescuing an entire train full of people after a rock slide in Spain caused a bridge to collapse.

(See this episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTm8H9_IKDg)

As Cecelia watched her fairies eyes began to glimmer as she analyzed the Rescue Heroes

"I think you may be on to something Mike..." She said
Meanwhile, Jake Justice was on the computer, looking up some things.

"What are you up to?" Billy asked, coming over to him.

"Seems one of my friends from the police academy I went to has been missing for a few days," said Jake. "I was just trying to see if I could find some sort of lead."

"A little out of the way from what we normally deal with," said Billy. "Missing people. How good of a friend was he?"

"John, he'd be the first to admit that he didn't like to work on a team, but he knew how to cooperate and help out," said Jake. "Sharp mind and quick on his feet. There was a cadet with us who passed out during a training session - John jumped in, and as if he'd done it before, grabbed a bottle of soda, soaked a bandanna one of the others had, and applied it to the cadet's lips. Seems that the cadet had a low blood sugar count but didn't realize it until it was almost too late. John was praised for his quick thinking."

"So, he knew what to do if someone had Type 1 Diabetes," said Billy.

"He told me later that he'd seen it before, with one of his uncles," said Jake. "Told me that this uncle always kept some sort of sugary treat, or soda, on hand, for just such an occasion. Guy had a low blood sugar count during a hiking trip with him, got very weak, and was unable to walk, or move, but was able to instruct him on what to do. Saved his uncle's life then, just like he saved that cadet."

"Think he'd want to join if we find him?" Billy asked.

"Probably not," said Jake. "Besides - seems he was trying to track down other missing people. There's more than a few from the area who have vanished."
For the sake of narrowing things down let's say the area where the Transforming Zoo and Mike and John's area is is Cleveland Ohio

They dressed Mike in winter clothes including a ski mask and winter hat to cover his canine features, since Mike had a short tail it wasn't too much of a pain to keep it tucked under his clothes.

Cecelia wrapped Mike up in her pink gossamer cloak recited the transportation spell and they were just outside Rescue Heroes HR in...Canada I think (Rescue Heroes is a Canadian Series and Billy Blazes is from Quebec)

They asked if they could come in and...Greeting them at the door Rocky instantly noticed Mike's attire and said "Dressed a little warm for Spring aren't ya?"

"Mike and I have some information we think you might need to hear." Cecelia said

"And you are..." Asked Wendy

"I am his Godmother Cecelia Le Vent." (French for the The Wind as Cecelia was a Fairy under the Air Domain)

Once they were in the Lounge Mike said "The new zoo in Cleveland is turning humans into animals!" He took off his hat and mask revealing his canine face "And I'm the proof!"

The Rescue Heroes gasped in horror!
"Strange," said Jake. "Got a friend on the police department there who has been missing a few days, along with other missing people."

"Do you think that there's a connection?" Billy asked.

"Ask the magic lady," said Jake. "But I'd say it seems possible."
Parents coming back from vacation gonna temporarily extinguish until they go back on vacation next week

The End!

"So what are you?" Rocky asked semi-sarcastically "A fairy godmother?"

Cecelia bit her lip. Ideally they weren't supposed to let anyone other than their chosen family know about the existence of fairies

"Oh my gosh!" Rocky exclaimed "I was just joking but..."

"Mike has an ability in his current form." Cecelia said "Since he is currently trapped between the world's of animal and human, he can see the humans inside each of the zoo animals."
"Let's at least check it out," said Jake. "I know a few of the police officers there, and even Animal Control. Might help."
"The witches will be suspicious." Cecelia warned "When retrieving Mike I turned two of them into marble statues."

"I'm assuming that was in self defense." Jake said

"Yes." Said Cecelia "The Witches are very crafty, I believe they have hypnotic abilities...They approach a mortal and ask if they would like to see a new animal being released into its habitat...They then turn the unfortunate mortal into that animal! I would recommend you change into your plain clothes for this initial visit to avoid suspicion. I can change my form..."

A whirl of pink sparkles flooded over her, and she changed from an average build woman with short brown hair and medium complexion, to a morbidly obese, pasty pale woman with short blonde hair.

"Mike can put back on his ski mask and hat and I'll claim to the ticket taker he has a skin condition, and we'll search for your friend."

"Rocky, Ariel." Said Billy "You think you can accompany Jake for this...Undercover mission?"
"Always something going on," said Jake.
So the three Rescue Heroes changed into plain clothes and accompanied Cecelia and Mike back to Cleveland Ohio, where the transformed Cecelia passed herself off as a mere babysitter taking her charge to the zoo. the Rescue Heroes payed for their own tickets separately.

As they passed under the stone arches Ariel the animal lover of the rescue heroes marvels at the sheer luxury of this zoo! All the Animal habitats were so large and luxurious! They seemed like pieces of the wild carved out of the wilderness and placed in the zoo.

"The Animals here appear so happy!" Exclaimed Ariel "How can a place like this be evil?"

"The Animals are happy because they no longer have any memory of being human." Cecelia said darkly "The are transformed in both body and mind, Mike didn't remember me until after I restored his human mind...But if John is anything like you Mr. Justice...There may be some hope he is stronger willed than the rest of these poor souls and might not be completely gone..."

They passed by the elephants and the giraffes, Mike didn't see John in them (Along the way Jake showed Mike a photo of John so Mike knew what to search for) They passed by the troop of Gorillas, John wasn't among them, John wasn't in any of the Animals of the petting zoo...Nor was he in any of the rather large collection of marine mammals."

"Man!" Rocky complained rubbing his stomach "I'm famished!" He noticed a cafe by the aquarium, where the water breathing animals were held...Mike felt a shiver down his spine for reasons he wasn't sure but he wanted to be as far away from the aquarium as possible!

"We're approaching the Carnivore section." Said Cecelia "Maybe John will be there."

The first thing they came across in the Carnivore Section was a Black Panther pacing restlessly back and forth.

"That's him!" Mike exclaimed "John is the Panther!"

Jake leaned the railing and squinted in an attempt to see whatever the boy could see, for a moment Jake locked eyes with the Panther and for a brief moment Jake saw John's face behind the Panther's dark eyes.

"Oh my gosh!" Jake exclaimed "It is John! John what have they done to you?!"
John looked at the man making sounds at him. He seemed, familiar.
Jake was about to hop over the fence but Cecelia pulled him back "No! No!" She hissed "We're not supposed to draw attention to ourselves! We're supposed to be ordinary zoo visitors! I'll come back for him tonight after the zoo is closed, in my natural fairy form I have a calming effect on animals so I should be able to calm him enough to let me perform the spell to at least halfway human..."

She took another glance at the large formidable Panther "I am so grateful they didn't turn him into a pachyderm." She said quietly "I have just enough cloak to transport a Panther, transporting anything larger would be much more difficult."
"This is going to be annoying," said Jake.
Do you want to stop this campfire? You don't seem to be liking it

Cecelia left Mike at Rescue Heroes HQ, it was Midnight when she left, Mike was thinking about all the things that could go awry, so instead of sleeping he watched PBS on the HQ TV, there was some Wood craving show on at the moment.

Meanwhile Cecelia once again to her intangible form to fly over the zoo, she landed in John's habitat, initially the Panther snarled at the intruder but after a quick whiff of her scent he immediately calmed down...
Seems the other person isn't feeling enthusiastic about the campfire maybe I'll try again later

The End!

"So...Grateful they didn't turn you into a pachyderm..." Cecelia said as she wrapped her pink cloak around the Panther...Suddenly the sound of an alarm began to blare but already the whirlwind of pink sparkles was transporting Cecelia and John and in a few moments they were in Rescue Heroes HQ Mike still on the sofa watching TV.

"Stay back!" Cecelia said to the gathering Rescue Heroes, "He's calm around me, but not necessarily any other Humans!" She placed the tip of her wand between John's eyes "I'll see if I can at least restore his mind to that of a Human..."
John collapsed to the floor.

"Is he alright?" Jake asked.

"A moment," Cecilia said.

John groaned, and managed to stand up. "What hit me?"
"He's speaking again!" Jake exclaimed

John's eyes had returned to his normal human eyes complete with white sclera. However he was still a normal Panther in every other way, he had no hands with opposable thumbs and no bipedal stance.

"You think you can at least get him to where I'm at?" Mike asked his Godmother

Cecelia mopped some sweat off her brow "I can try..." She said "The Witch Queen might try to block me from even doing that, I noticed as I was teleporting away with John and alarm was beginning to go off."
"Must of been something in that fruit punch I had," said John.
"Hoo boy..." Cecelia said "...Either you spent too much time as an Animal or something went horribly awry in your transformation...Please hold still." She said as she placed the tip of her wand between his eyes again I'm gonna see if I can give you opposable thumbs and bipedal stance at the very least."
John groaned again, his front paws becoming more like hands, and he managed to stand on his back legs. "What's going on?"
"John!" Jake said coming forward "It's me, Jake Justice, you remember me from the Police Academy don't you? You were investigating a series of disappearances around that new zoo in Cleveland..."
John put a hand to his head. "None of it makes any sense. I think that they put something in the fruit punch." That was when he caught a reflection of himself in a mirror. "Yep! Definitely something in the fruit punch."
Jake turned to Cecelia "What's going on?"

"I don't know..." Cecelia said "...Either he really doesn't remember...Or he's in serious denial..."
John walked up to his reflection, and that was when things came back to him.

"So, you think that you can just sneak in, like some kind of cat," the woman said. "Let's see how much you like being one!"

John shuddered, and looked himself over. He then looked over at the others, and saw Jake. "Tell me that you have a pair of pants and a shirt in my size?" he asked. "I'm already going to be in enough trouble for failing to report in for work for at least a few days, if not more, to say nothing about any other additional issues."
"Oh I have spare clothes." Said Jake "But I think you might listen to this lady, Cecelia...Le Vent was it? She has info on what's going on."

"I was alerted to what these Witches are doing in Cleveland, when my Godson, Mike..." She gestured to the Puppy-Boy who was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa "Vanished after a school field trip to that zoo, before calling me, his Mom did some digging and among those who disappeared was a bus full of gifted school children and their teacher, and when each of their families went to the zoo to search for them, they all vanished as well, that's when his Mom knew it was time to call me...For I am a Fairy..." She revealed her translucent pink wings, "...and normally Fairy Magic beats Witch Magic...Normally if a Witch catches a Fairy by surprise and knocks her out...A Witch can drain the Fairy's magic to increase her own abilities, that is why they turned Mike into a common dog, he was to be bait for a trap for me...They kept him in the Zoo Lounge, knowing I would come after the zoo had closed and hoped to catch me and drain my magic...Fortunately I turned two of them into marble statues but I feel there has to be at least one other..."
"Well, I don't know about the whole using magic to transform people, but I do know that holding people against their will is against the law," said John. "Now, some clothes, please?"
"Here..." Jake tossed John some spare Police clothes "Do you need a hole cut for your um...Tail?"
John turned his head, and saw the appendage. "Tell me someone knows how to use a sewing machine."
"I do." Said Cecelia "Of course I can also magically alter the pants but I spent so much magical energy getting you in-between animal and human that at this moment it would be easier to do things the mortal way...Anyone here have a sewing machine?"

Chief Equipment Designer of the Rescue Heroes Pat Pending had one so as Cecelia worked on the pants she said to John and the Rescue Heroes

"When I couldn't get Mike to full human state, in fact I was thrown against the wall for trying...I suspected that these Zoo Witches are being backed by the Witch Queen...An ancient Witch who has consumed the magic of many Fairies so she almost completely immortal..."
"Don't tell me - it's in a magical world where the magic is such that unless you were born there, it would cause issues to mere mortals," said John. "And the only way someone like us could do anything there is if you created a puppet body that existed in that world."

Cecelia looked at him. "What made you think of that?"

"Read about it in a book," said John. "Although in that case, the other world was part of a 'game world' but the players didn't realize it was real until some freaky things began to occur, such as when they felt the injuries that their puppets took when an NPC grabbed a hold of some powerful object that could affect both worlds."

"You humans always come up with crazy stories," said Cecelia. "Let me guess, the game used a d20 system?"

"Something like that," said John. "Reminded me of D&D."
Cecelia held up the newly adjusted pants "I think these should accommodate your body for the time being..." She said as she handed them back to John

"John," Jake said "Do you remember anything just before you were transformed?"
"There was this woman," said John. "Didn't get her name."
"I saw two of the women I transformed into statues..." Said Cecelia "...They seemed almost like twins right down to similar short haircuts, only difference was one was a redhead and one was blonde..."
"I think this one had dark hair," said John. "I'm not sure though."
Meanwhile on the sofa, Mike was having uneasy dreams about how he got transformed.

Mike had followed the 'scent' of magic into some secret room, where he saw lots of TV Screens playing all the Transformations on replay, as he stared in horror, he felt a strong and yet dainty hand grab him roughly

"What do we have here..." Said a lady with short red hair and large glasses with frames that matched her hair

"What have you found Charlotte?" Asked the Blonde Haired Witch

"A snooping little kid." Said Charlotte "Seems we've found another attraction..."

"You can't do this!" Mike yelled "I have a Fairy Godmother!"

The two witches eyes bulged

"We better bring him to Rebecca." Said the Blonde Witch
"So, any ideas on how to get me back to normal?" John asked.
Cecelia squirmed "We may have to confront the Witch Queen herself to do that." She said "It is very dangerous, no Fairy has successfully bested her..."
"Then it won't be a fairy that does the job," said John. "I think that the station has some prototype net guns, to say nothing about pepper balls, if we want to take her alive. Then, there's the old standbys."
Cecelia sighed "I nearly immortal witch is much more dangerous to Humans than to Fairies, she could easily all the police officers in the world into piles of ash if she wanted to...I suspect her backing of the zoo witches is part of a larger plot,"
"Sounds like you need a simple solution to the problem," said John. "What is a witch's weakness?"
"If we knew we would have put that Witch down ages ago!" Cecelia said exasperated!

Just then they heard Mike scream from the lounge.

"Mike! Mike!" Cecelia exclaimed "What is it?!"

"Oh!" Mike said "I was just dreaming about when those Witches turned me into a Dog...It got to the part where Rebecca raised her wand..."

"Rebecca?!" Exclaimed Cecelia

"Yeah..." Said Mike "...The Head Witch was named Rebecca..."

"Did she have dark hair?" Asked Cecelia

"I think so..." Said Mike

"Because I didn't turn to stone a dark haired witch."
"Would turning this witch to stone work?" John asked.
"It would prevent them from transforming anymore innocent people into Animals, but I don't know if it would transform anyone back."

"What we need..." Said Jake Justice "...Is to prove Rebecca's crimes so we can get a warrant, otherwise we'd come off as arresting an innocent zookeeper."
"Well kidnapping is certainly a crime," said John.
"Wait!" Cecelia said "She will surely vanish if we do that...I have a different idea..."

Out of her sleeve Cecelia pulled out a small vial of some clear liquid.

"This..." She said "...Is the Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Potion, it is odorless, tasteless and can be added to any food or drink to put someone in a deep enchanted sleep for several hours, if I can get Rebecca to ingest this I can magically bind her while she's sleeping and bring her here where we can grill her!"

"So you'll slip her a Mickey," Said John

Jake folded his arms "Fighting kidnapping with kidnapping?" He said cocking his head

"In this case..." Said Billy Blazes "...With the situation this severe I'd say this is one of those times you have to bend the rules to prevent further harm."

"Billy's right." Said Wendy Waters "I mean they're turning people into animals for Pete's sake! And if Cecelia is right and this part of a larger plan than who knows what else is at risk?"

Jake sighed he knew they were right.

"Fortunately..." Said Cecelia "...While the alarms went off as I was retrieving John, all they know will be a Fairy in a pink dress, their security equipment is still pure mortal based and unable to detect the same being in a different form, otherwise they would have noticed me when I was disguised as a fat blonde woman..."

With a whirl of pink sparkles Cecelia transformed herself into a flea

"And they'll never be suspecting a tiny insignificant flea!" She chuckled and transported herself to the zoo lounge.

"Let's see..." She said as she scanned the room for food or drink likely to be consumed, then she noticed a bag of Lindor's milk chocolate truffles, it was even half empty implying someone had been eating a lot of them!

"Perfect." Cecelia said to herself "Chocolate is exactly what a stressed out zookeeper would turn to!"

She hopped into the bag and since she was currently in the form of a Flea she pulled out the vial from hammer space (Since she's a fae she probably actually has a pocket dimension where she stores things.)

She pulled the cork from the vial and the liquid turned to sparkles as it flowed into her hands, she then waved her hands so the potion slipped under the wrappers of the first layer of chocolates so it was inside the candy without unwrapping them of giving away any signal they had been tampered with!

Cecelia heard footsteps, quick as she could she hopped out of the bag and hid in a crack in the kitchen wall...

(Linder's milk chocolate Truffles? Um, need to check on my stash.)

John looked at his reflection in the mirror. "This will be an odd one to explain."
Not sure what I did, are they not called truffles?

"Keep your chin up," Jake said "Maybe we'll be able to get you back to normal in the next 24 hours..."

From her crack in the wall, Cecelia watched Rebecca storm into the lounge, her dark hair frazzled and dripping with sweaty, she was complaining about how much work to after 'Those two were petrified' Cecelia grinned thinking about the other two witches she had turned to stone.

Rebecca sighed, mopped her brow with her sleeve and reached for a chocolate truffle.

Rebecca never suspected a thing as she unwrapped the candy, popped it in her mouth, as soon as it went down her gullet, Rebecca's eyes glazed over and she collapsed on the floor.

'Yes!' Cecelia thought to herself as she resumed fairy form and bound Rebecca in enchanted pink fairy chains that would prevent her from teleporting herself away or casting any spells on anyone else, the chains also had the same function as her cloak so there was no need to wrap her in the cloak to transport her back to Rescue Heroes HQ.
(Bought some the other day.)

John looked. "Well, this will be interesting."
Oh that ^_^

"We may have to wait a few hours before she wakes up." Said Cecelia, Mike had fallen asleep after all the excitement, it had been a long night and it was almost dawn already...Which was probably why Rebecca was so stressed out, she was the sole manager left and so there was no one to help her with opening the zoo for a new day.
"So, what about everyone else at the place?" John asked. "At some point, they'll need food."
Cecelia gulped she hadn't thought of that

Folks coming back today

The End!

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