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The males of Smash Bros somehow become gum/food for the females.
[Introduction] Welcome to Super Sweet Smash Bros! In this campfire interactive, the males of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will somehow be transformed into gum or food for the unaware (or aware) females, then eaten and digested into sentient fat.

The following characters will not be present, and thus are unaffected by the transformation:

Ice Climbers
Pokemon Trainer
Duck Hunt
Piranha Plant
Banjo & Kazooie

Any other playable character in Ultimate is allowed. If you want to add an Assist Trophy or Spirit character, please run them by me for approval first.

The rules may change at any time if any revisions are needed.
It was a fine summer evening at the Super Smash Bros apartment complex. Mario, Kirby, and several other male fighters of Ultimate were partying in the main building’s lounge - brawling, dancing, and drinking Falcon Punch. (I need help with my pun problem...)

Around sundown, the doorbell rang, and Kirby answered the door only to find a mysterious package on the steps. Without even bothering to notice the suspicious lack of a return address on the box, the pink puffball opened the package, only for him and the other guys to be blinded and knocked out cold by a blinding light...

Not long later, Kirby slowly awoke to find his surroundings larger than they were before. Or was he just smaller? He tried to look around, but couldn’t move his body at all! However, he did smell something faintly sweet around him...what did that package do, exactly?

Just then, the door opened again to reveal a familiar figure, somehow unaffected by the weird package. Kirby could tell it was a female entering the building, but who?
Princess Peach stared down at the mysterious package lying abandoned on the floor. It looked like someone had already opened it, but there wasn't a soul in sight! The only thing out of place was the pale pink stick of chewing gum lying on top of the opened package.

Picking up the box, Peach looked around. Yep, there wasn't anybody else other than her in the entry foyer to the Smash Apartment Complex. Huh, maybe somebody had opened up the package here and gone to look for something? Peach wasn't sure if taking it with her to her apartment was the right idea... Maybe somebody would come looking for it?

But the stick of gum on the box was just that, a stick of gum. Nobody would miss one little stick of chewing gum, right?

Shifting the box onto one arm, Peach used her free hand to place the stick of chewing gum into a pocket sewn into the side of her dress. She'd have fun chewing it up and blowing bubbles later.

She wasn't in any particular hurry, but she didn't want to just stand here waiting for someone else to come by. Oh well, she was sure it would work itself out. Putting the box back on the floor, Peach headed off to her apartment with the stick of gum along for ride.
Still unable to move his limbs (and failing to realize that he no longer had any limbs to move), Kirby could only watch helplessly as Princess Peach plucked his new form with a dainty gloved hand and placed him in her dress pocket. It wasn’t until the princess reached her apartment that Kirby was able to connect the dots - judging from her mention of having a sweet treat to herself, the former puffball realized he was now a piece of gum!

Arriving at her elegant (perhaps even overdone) apartment, Peach sat upon her bed and plucked the gum out from her dress pocket. As the blonde princess unwrapped her treat, she noticed that it was a somewhat familiar pink color...not unlike one of her fellow fighters. Shrugging, Peach parted her lips and popped the piece of gum into her warm, wet mouth to begin chewing the flavor out of it.

Poor Kirby couldn’t fight back as Princess Peach’s pearly-white teeth crushed his gummified body repeatedly, her mighty tongue coating him in slick saliva. Even if he was able to resist, it was too dark inside Peach’s maw for Kirby to do much. It only got worse from there...

Peach proceeded to blow her gum into a steadily-growing bubble, completely unaware that the gum was actually a transmogrified friend of hers. Kirby felt himself gradually inflating as the princess blew more air into him, until...POP! The puffball-turned-gum burst into a small splatter, only to be completely licked back into his oblivious captress’s mouth for another round of chewing. Kirby prayed that he’d be spat out soon, but unfortunately Peach wasn’t one to let a delicious snack go to waste...
Peach knew that normally you weren't supposed to chew gum, but she was going to make an exception in this case. Chewing gum wasn't normally this delicious, either. Continuing to mash up the wad of gum in her mouth, Peach mulled over the idea of blowing it up again but decided against it. She did have a dinner to get to with all of her Smash friends, and she didn't want to be seen chewing gum while someone was trying to make conversation with her.

Never one to let things go to waste, Peach rolled the chewed up gum over with her tongue one last time before it was sent to her stomach with a powerful *Gulp*!


Not used to being the one swallowed, Kirby flailed his stubby arms (or at least he would have, if they existed) in panic as his mashed up gum-form was swept down the super-sized princess's throat. A more mindful person would've expected the wad of gum to get lodged somewhere in Peach's throat or gullet, but it seemed to travel down effortlessly, and Kirby's fall came to an end with a fain *splash* as his motionless form landed in Peach's stomach.
Somehow able to faintly see within the depths of Peach’s stomach, the masticated wad of gum known as Kirby flailed frantically as the digestive acids slowly ate away at his sweet form. It didn’t take very long for him to tire out and lose consciousness...

Princess Peach rubbed her dress-covered belly, feeling it gurgle slightly as her gum started to digest. Strange, gum wasn’t supposed to dissolve in stomach acid...the blonde’s focus shifted abruptly. “Oh, right! Gotta meet my friends for dinner!” Peach said to nobody in particular before hurrying out of her apartment and towards the cafeteria building.

Kirby groggily awoke to the startling sight of pink fabric in front of him, confused as to how he could survive having been eaten. Then again, his Inhale move didn’t seem to kill off his opponents at all (although it was still rather frightening). He tried to move but failed as a gurgle rattled him from behind. The former puffball quickly realized that he was now a sentient part of Princess Peach’s abdominal muscles! Attempting to squirm and get Peach’s attention, Kirby was only able to cause tiny goosebumps in the flesh of her tummy.

Who would be devoured next? And whose meal would they be?
Zelda frowned as she looked at the unassuming box on the floor. She wasn't sure who had left it here, but whoever it was should've known better than to just leave packages out where people could trip over them! She couldn't tell if anyone had been into the entryway other than whoever it was had abandoned their package, but it was up to her to make sure that it was stored in a safe place.

Picking up the box, Zelda was surprised to find that it was fairly heavy despite its smallish dimensions. The roughly 1-foot cube-shaped package had been opened by someone previously, and while Zelda was curious to see what was inside she knew better than to just peek at someone else's belongings. Princesses had standards, after all. Leaving the entry hall with the box in tow, Zelda made her way to a small closet near the lounge where the majority of the Smashers were partying. It wouldn't be too hard for whoever owned the package to find, so this was a good spot for it. Zelda just hoped that people were mindful enough to respect other people's property and not look at whatever was inside...

A faintly sweet scent flowed from the strange package into Zelda’s nostrils, awakening her curiosity. As much as the princess wanted to avoid disrespecting whoever was the recipient, the delicious odor eventually won out. Zelda reached into the box and scooped up one of its contents...

Marth felt the weirdest type of headache as he awoke in the Hylian princess’s hand. He couldn’t move an inch of his body, or even tilt his head to look around! The Altean royal was utterly perplexed.

“Blueberry gum...” Zelda mused. “I don’t believe I’ve sampled this flavor before. What’s the harm?”

If Marth still had a face, it would’ve turned pale as he realized what was happening: he was now a piece of gum! The transformed Hero-King watched in horror as Zelda’s lips parted and she tossed his delectable form in her hot, wet mouth...

As she started to chew the gum she’d found, Zelda squealed in delight. Evidently it tasted wonderful! Continuing to mash her morsel between her perfect teeth, the princess decided to take this box with her on her way to meet her gal pals for dinner.

If only she knew she was chewing one of her fellow fighters...

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