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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2220635
The Obese Older Brother wants revenge by shrink his younger brother down to size.
Damien Fitzpatrick is 16 years of age, and is the fattest human being in the world, weighing at 1,500lbs! He loved being huge in such a way, but the one thing that annoyed him the most is his 10 year old brother, named Jake. He would get teased and pranked by the youngster, even slapping his fat butt, which he has a bottom heavy frame in him. So he wanted to have an idea, and so he bought a ray device and desperate to get his revenge by shrinking Jake down to size, so he can have all the fun whatever he feels like it.

Just a couple of things in mind, that there’s no sex, nudity, and scat by any means. I want a proper chapter length so that I can work it out better, and don’t want the story to end.

I hope you would join me, and see what we can do with it as such. Thanks!
The story starts with a 16 year old boy, named Damien Fitzpatrick, who has a very extraordinary size in all. From the start of things, he was used to be slim like everyone else, but one day, he wanted to experiment to see how fat he can be. And so he used the device, and makes himself fatter, making him weigh at a massive 1,500lbs, which he’s simply the fattest boy in the world by any means.

He loves being so fat in general, but his main issue he had to face, was his 10 year old brother named Jake, who after seeing how massive the older brother had grown, decided to make fun on him, and even taking a slap on Damien’s butt, which that and his meaty thighs are the biggest feature, since he has a bottom heavy-shaped body. It had been go on for a couple of weeks, but when his parents are away for a week long business trip, he knew he needed to get revenge, and he knows a plan.

During at this time, he had made a device that is able to change people’s sizes dramatically, and Damien is hopeful that he can able to shrink Jake down to size, and wanted to mess with him in return. His smirk on his face says it all, and he couldn’t wait to try it out.

“Hehe! Time to see who’s gonna be laughing, when I can shrink that little runt down to size for sure.” Damien snickered, before he sets out by waddling away from the basement, and looking to find his brother around the house.

Eventually though, he finds Jake sitting in his bedroom, playing some video games on the floor, which looked like an easy target to make it happen. So Damien would sneak by hiding behind the door, and use the ray device, before saying in whisper.

“Time to get shrunk, little bro!”

That’s when he begin to pull the trigger, and the beam hits at his younger brother, before he can only watch and see the result from this impact.

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