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A crew is lost on a dangerous planet that was just discovered...
[Introduction] It's 4039 and a group of people have been sent to explore a strange planet. They land safely but soon get lost. Their only hope to get back their ship safely is to befriend Tala, a woman who has lived there most of her life and who has an amazing gift with music and animals.

This planet is full of deadly creatures. You can have death, but don't kill any main characters right away, and romance. You can make up your own characters, they don't have to be human.

If you want to join e-mail me.

**Note: I'd like this campfire to move rather quickly, so when it's your turn I'll wait till I'm on the brink of insanity, maybe a little later, and if you still havn't added then I'll skip you.**
Tala finished the song and opened her eyes. She was in a small hut, sitting beside a bed. On, and around, the bed were creatures that looked somewhat like Tala. They had a build like hers, two arms, two legs, five fingers and toes. But they had more hair and walk slupmed over or on all fours, with ape-like faces. On the bed was a female, who had just given birth.

The ape-people, as Tala called them, had asked her to sing a song about healing, physical and emotinal. They did this often, asking her to sing about certian things. She wasn't sure why, she just knew that when one of them was sick and she sang it made them feel better.
I shall name her Tara. The woman who had given birth said.
You don't have to name her after me, Mrie. I didn't do anything, Kochak is the one you should name her after. Tala said, getting up. They spoke mind-to-mind, the ape-people because they couldn't speak Talas language, Tala because it was as noisy as talking the other way.
"You make...easier for me," the big male named Kochak said. Tala was teaching him and a few others how to speak her language.
Magic. The others agreed.
"Alright." Tala had had this arugment before, and she couldn't win, "I've got to get back to the tree house. Got to get ready for the Big Cold." With that she slung her guitar over one shoulder and left the hut.
Watch the sky. Kochak called after her.
Tala frowned at him, what could he be talking about? She climbed one of the gigantic trees that surrounded her with liquid like grace. When she got to the top she looked up. Off near the direction of her tree house was a large...thing. She didn't know what it was, but when the sun hit it, it reflected the light, like the ape-peoples weapons. It had been there for a day or two, getting closer and closer. Tala didn't like it, she didn't like it one bit.
Brad Nurak climbed down the ladder leading to the mess hall. He saw his friends sitting at a table and walked over to them. Tomas, a bright young red head smiled back at him. "Brad, we almost there?" Tomas asked.

"Just a few more hours and we'll be there." Brad replied, sitting down next to Tomas. "Why? Are you anxious?"

"Very anxious." Tomas smiled and then stared down at his plate of food. "Do you know what's in this stuff?" He asked.

Brad chuckled. "Nah, but it's good for you."

Tomas cocked an eyebrow. "Yeah right."

Brad looked at Tomas. They had only been friends for a month, since they started this mission. But already Brad knew that he and Tomas would be best friends even after this mission was over. Brad smiled and then looked down at his own plate. He made a face and said, "God this is gross."

Tomas and Brad broke into laughter.
Tala sat in her swing-branch, playing her guitar and singing. The swing-branch was a branch that had almost broken off. She had worn a groove into it so that she could sit in it. Another branch went across it, Tala could rest her feet on it, and push off in a swinglike manner. That was what she did most of the day, besides gathering food and talking to her friends, and sometimes healing a few as well. When she finished playing Tala woke from the trance-like state she always sliped into when she sang. She brushed her blondeish-brown, shoulder length hair out of her eyes and watched the sky through bright violet eyes.

That...thing was too close for comfort.

Tala glanced to her right just in time to see gigantic shadow pass in the direction of the thing. She looked up and saw a giant creature with wings, a long neck, and large fangs. A dragon. That's what Tala called them anyways, unlike the dragon she had read about, these didn't breath fire.
Wing-Brother! Tala called
The long neck and head turned toward her and the dragon slowed, Wing-Sister? You are no wing-sister. But the dragon did not leave.
"No...I guess I'm not, not really anyway," Tala spoke with her voice now that the dragon had come to hover in front of her, "I'm two-legger on the outside, but I'm Beast-People on the inside. At least that's what everyone else tells me. I was wondering if you could take me to that...thing?"
You mean ride with me in my mind?
"Yes. If it's no trouble."
What do I have to do? Of all the creatures here, except the ape-people, dragons were her favorite, they were always so friendly.
"Nothing. Just relax." Tala sat down on the deck the surrounded her treehouse and focesed on the dragon. She blinked and everything was much sharper then before. She saw things 60 times better then an hawk.
Can we go? the dragon, named RazorWind, asked.
Yes. RazorWind flew off, leaving Talas body behind.

They got to the thing in a few minutes. RazorWind insisted on flying right up next to it.
When they looked into a window, about as big as RazorWind's eye, Tala and the dragon saw two men, one with red hair. The two men saw RazorWind and tried to get out of the room at the same time, after falling over every object in the room. RazorWind drew his upper lip back in a silent laugh.
They look like...me. Tala had never seen another being like her, ever. Something struk RazorWinds back. When he looked they saw something black mounted on top of the thing. Something shot out of it again, it stung RazorWinds back.
RazorWind snarled, That hurt! We didn't do anything to them!
Break it. Tala said. The dragon grabed the black thing and pulled. The black thing came off in his paws, as did a chunck of the roof.
Oops. Dragon and rider said in unision.
A woman flew out of the hole. Grab her! Tala said. RazorWind caught the woman in his front paws.
Take her to my treehouse. I'll be waiting. With that Tala rushed off to her body to get her healing bag.
Brad grabbed the collar of Tomas's shirt as the wind whipped by them. He pulled with everything he had and brought Tomas cloes to him. He wrapped one arm around a beam and the other around Tomas.

Brad's blonde hair whipped his face. He looked up and saw Brianna's legs get sucked up into the hole. Panic and pain rushed through him and he closed his eyes, concentrating on holding on to Tomas.

There was a sudden jolt and Brad and Tomas were thrown from their spot on the floor. Brad was flung a few feet and hit the wall. He struggled to breathe. After a minute, he looked up and saw Tomas fingering a deep gash on his arm.

"Tomas..." Brad was about to being. Tomas looked at him and his eyes went wide. Before Brad could do anything, a chunk of the ceiling that had been hanging loosely fell, hitting Brad square in the back and on the head. White light flashed in front of Brad's eyes and then, everything went dark.
Tala put a hand on the womans chest and lightly puched her back into her bed, which wasn't much more then leafy braches and moss.
"You're in my treehouse. All you need is rest, you're in a lot better condition then most of my friend ever are." Tala saw the womans eyes slowly focus, smiled, and gave a quick wave before walking over to her work table, where she poured water into a clay mug and began adding herbs.
"Really sorry about that," she called over her shoulder, "But you shouldn't have shot at RazorWind in the first place, he was just interested in you."
The woman gave a strangled yell from behind Tala. When she turned the woman was cringing away from a well-muscled, very large, black dog. The dog had three heads, the middle one was looking at the woman with intrest while the other two were looking around Tala's treehouse, keeping a sharp eye and ear out for danger, six legs, and it's ears were just a bit to long, hanging down.
"Oh that's just Sarge, you don't need to worry about him. I told you, you're safe here."
Why is she scared? Sarge asked, turning the head closest to her.
"I guess she's never seen one of you," Tala said. The woman looked at Tala strangely as she brought the mug over. As the woman was about to take it Sarge came closer and sniffed her with his middle head, the woman cringed further away.
"He's just interested, don't you have Serbris where you come from?" Again, Serbris was just what Tala called them.
"The woman stared at Tala, "No. Our dogs have one head and four legs, and I like them that way." Tala shruged. She had to get this woman calmed down if she was going to find out anything from her.
"I'll be right back. Sarge, make sure she stays in bed." With that Tala stood up and walked across the very large treehouse to where a female Serbris was feeding her pups.
After telling Fighter, the female Serbris, what she wanted Tala picked up three of the puppies while Fighter ushered the other five over to the woman.
"This is Fighter and her pups. She got the name after she kept three Wingcats away from the all the pups."
And is not a easy thing to do. Fighter said. Tala nodded, "You're right, not an easy thing at all." Tala noticed a look of...sympathy? In the woman's eyes, it didn't occur to Tala that the woman could only hear one side of the conversation. Tala put the pups down near her, they all ran to hide behind their mother.
Go on. It's safe. Fighter nudged the pups toward the woman. They were still very young and hadn't figured out how to work all six legs yet. Finally they got some courage and walked toward her, sniffing. the woman laughed slightly watching them trying to walk.
Tala frowned, "Sarge, why aren't they going nearer to her?"
She smells of death. Sarge said grimly, Fighter nodded. Tala's face turned grim, "Is it her own sent?"
No. Fighter said, Something else that she has been around. Again the woman was looking at Tala strangely. She ignored it, "I'm Tala."
Brad opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a woman staring down at him. It was Lina. Brad didn't know her well, but he recognized her from people's conversations. They always talked about her powers, Brad always thought of it as a gift, but the others thought it made her to be some sort of demon.

"Can you hear me?" Lina asked gently.

Brad moved a hand to his head. He scrunched his eyes and then nodded. "Yeah." Just then something popped into Brad's thoughts. "Tomas? Where is he?" Brad sat up quickly, and then wished he hadn't. His head started to spin and Lina put a hand on his shoulder.

"He is fine, just shaken." Lina said and pointed to Tomas who sat in a corner hugging his knees. His face was flushed and he was shaking slightly.

Brad had never seen the weak side of Tomas. Tomas was always a very happy strong person. He looked at Lina, and for some reason, he knew that she could sense his thoughts.
"Why are you here?" Tala stared at Brianna as she ate, so did Sarge and Fighter.
"We're here to explore the planet."
"There's a 'we'?"
"Yes. The crew and I."
"Do you have anything can kill?" Brianna stared at Tala for a long moment before slowly nodding, "Let me see it." Tala voice had lost it's friendly tone long ago. Something, apperently, in Tala's eyes made Brianna pull out something that wass hidden at her waist. Tala snatched it away. It was a smaller black thing. she tossed it to Sarge. Kill it, but be careful. All three of Sarges begane growling and tore the black thing open.
"What the hell did you do that for?" Brianna yelled.
"You're being here has messed up life for my friends, I'm not going to let you mess it up even more by killing everything that doesn't look friendly." Memory began bubbling up, filling Tala with rage.
With help from Lina, Brad stood. He nodded towards her and then stumbled over to where Tomas was. Squating in front of him, he put his hands on Tomas's knees.

Tomas looked up at him. His green eyes were glassy and painful. "Tomas, we'll get out of this alive, I promise you that." Brad said.

Tomas licked his lips. "How can you say that? You don't know what's on this planet, no one does. There could be evil beasts that want to eat us alive!" Tomas began trembling again.

Brad leaned forward and put his hands on Tomas's cheeks, making Tomas stare him in the eye. "Tomas, I promise you that I will let nothing happen to you, do you understand me?"

Quivering, Tomas nodded his head. Brad ruffled Tomas's hair and then stood. "First of all, we have to find Brianna. Lina, gather some supplies...preferably hiking supplies. I'll get some weapons. Tomas, you just stay here and relax, okay?"

Tomas nodded.
Tala heard Brianna muttr something about not having weapons, "I grew up here, with just my friends, and I don't need whatever the hell that was."
She walked over to her swing-branch, "Stay in the treehouse, nothing's going to hurt you while you're in here." She grabed her guitar, sat down, and began to play. All the songs she played were either sad ones or angry ones. She couldn't help but remember the War. She herself could remember anything about it, but she had seen it through the eyes of some of the ape-people. It was horrible. Humans against humans and ape-people.

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is stoned to death.

She couldn't help but think of that whenever she thought about the War. She was the last of her 'village'. Kochak had managed to save her, tearing the leg off of one of the 'blindmen', as she called them, before he could kill Tala. He had raised her until she was old enough, then he and a few others helpped her build the treehouse.

Something snapped through Tala, making her stop mid-song. A Wingcat had just died, blow apart.
Who did it? She asked the other Wingcats who had gotten away. Tala saw people that looked like Brianna, two were holding the black things. She quickly got the story. The people-that-look-like-Tala had seen Tamen eating. Tamen had seen them and wanted to get their sent, wanted to make sure they were safe. He flew toward them. The people-that-look-like-Tala started yelling and one of them shot Tamen.
Tala pulled out her dagger, that was more like a short sword. Tamen had been a good friend, and he hadn't done anything to them. He just looked dangerous. She moved toward the edge of the deck.
"Where are you going?" Brianna asked.
"You're friends just saw--and killed--something that looked dangerous." With that Tala jumped to the next tree.
She was going to make it clear that thoses black things weren't needed.
Brad followed Lina. He felt bad about leaving Tomas alone in the wreck, but he knew that if they ran into trouble, Tomas wouldn't be able to handle himself in the state he was in.

Looking at Lina, Brad realized that he hardly knew her. She was pretty, pretty than most girls he knew. Of course, he didn't see many girls with the job that he had, but that was besides the point.

"What if we don't find Brianna?" Brad asked.

Lina didn't turn to him when she answered, "Then we leave her and go back to see if we can hook any of the escape pods to be manueverable."

Brad was impessed. He would have never thought of that. "Okay."

Tomas sat with his knees huddled closely. He kept seeing Brianna getting sucked out of the opening, and the metal hitting Brad. Brad had almost died, his best friend had almost died.

Taking in a deep breath, Tomas thought about his family. His little sister and his mother and father. He thought about the good times they had had together, and then the thought of them getting their heads decapitated from their bodies in the accident flooded Tomas's mind. He had been standing on the sidewalk, watching as his family's car broadsided a semi, cutting off the top of the car and the top of his family along with it.

Tomas shook with the memory. "Brad, where are you?" Tomas cried and hugged his knees tighter.
**Okay I'm adding something, you can add characters, they don't have to be main characters, but you can just mention them**

Tala ran toward the group, it was really easy to find them, they were all the People were talking about. hen she found them, a small group all armed with different types of black things, Tala climbed a tree and broke off a branch. Let them think she was primitive, and to get their attention. One of them, a male with an eyepatch and scars everywhere, turned and shot at Tala.
She eaisly dodged the light and said calmly, "If that's your first recation to everything you're going to have a lot of enemies and no friends."
"Who are you?" another male called, this one had blonde hair.
"I might ask you the same question, after all this is my home--I wouldn't go any further if I were you," she said, stopping a woman with hazel hair who was slowly backing up.
"You're just outside Streak territory." The man with the eye patch picked up a stick and threw it behing the woman, nothing happened, "It seems safe enough to me."
Tala arched her eyebrow and dropped to the ground, "Ya ever wonder why you can't hear any birds around here? Why nothing's scurring around in the bushes?" she let that sink in, "That's because Streaks don't eat wood, they eat meat." This didn't seem to have much affect on anyone, least of all Eye-patch.
"Streaks don't get to eat much anymore 'cause nothing comes into their territory, you should do the same. And thoses black things aren't needed, nothing around here will hurt you unless you give them a reason to, or their really hungry, you've made sure of that." With that Tala begane walking away.
"Wait," someone called.
Brad looked at Lina. "I don't know what Tomas is thinking, but I think we should get back. I don't want to leave him alone for too long."

Lina was about to say something when a creature jumped from the trees above and landed between Lina and Brad. Brad stepped backwards out of fear, but realized too late that that was a mistake. His foot caught on a branch and he fell backwards. The creature turned to him and Brad's eyes widened as he saw the row of sharp teeth.

Tala didn't stop, just walked away.
She soon heard the sounds of a strugle and when to check it out.
Another people-that-look-Tala was wrestling with a Blob.
Tala called them that because...that's they looked like, blobs with very sharp teeth. Another people-that-look-like-Tala had just kicked it in the head.
There would be no reasoning with it, Blobs didn't like her. Tala ran toward the Blob and ran into it, knocking it off the male.
Tala threw it into the Streaks territory, not before it bit into her shoulder.

All Tala saw was a black streak and then it and the Blob were gone. Tala heard the Blob's shriek before it was cut off.

Tala turned to the people-that-look-like-Tala, not noticing she heavily bleeding shoulder.
"Streak's territory, that's all everyone every sees on 'em. 'Cept...maybe the ones that get eaten by 'em." She jerked her head in the direction she had thrown the Blob.
Brad stared at this new girl. The right side of his face was freshly bruised and a small cut on his chest leaked blood down his shirt. Lina crawled over to him. "You okay?" She asked quietly.

Brad nodded, but didn't take his eyes off of the girl. "Who's that? Is she with us?"

"I dunno, but she did save us."

Brad cleared his throat and the girl looked him. He took in a deep breath, and then started talking.
Tala looked at Gable. He was from here?
She quickly recovered and smiled slightly, "Me or them?"
After a moment Gable said, "Both of you."
"I've lived here most of my life live here, whatever it is I've probably talked to it at one point." She could see the confusion pass over Gable's eyes. Why did everyone find it strange that Tala could talk to the animals? Couldn't they?

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