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by Twiga
Rated: ASR · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2224626
Young People wake up finding themselves slowly transforming into Animals
This is just meant to be a fairly fun and goofy story, sort of like the Beast Fever story only instead of a sudden complete change into an Anthro after several days of sleeping, instead you wake up to kind one part of you is slowly turning animal like, could be your feet are turning into hooves or your face is sprouting a muzzle. Anyway this illness is real but is known to 'certain kinds of specialists' unfortunately there is no known cure and the transformations continue until the unfortunate patient resembles an Bipedal 'Funny' Animal.

I know I tend to utilize the Ninja Turtles/Batman characters a lot...But I haven't made a campfire for a while and I'm making this campfire as a kind of 'comfort food' story because of seem things that have happened in RL
Name: Imogene Mythril
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Animal She turns into: Common Raven ( Corvus corax)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Fantasy, Theater, Chocolate and the season of Autumn
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud Noises, Heights (Ironic since she turns into a flying bird), Bitter Vegetables and the season of Summer
Bio: Imogene is a member of her school's Drama Club, she is a Stage Hand, through she loves the Theater she would never dream of actually acting because of her massive shyness and stage fright, she hates to be noticed which is why she hates this 'Beast Disease' because she knows a five foot Anthro Raven is bound to be noticed, she woke up with her feet transforming into large black bird feet, she quickly put on the largest pair of shoes she could find and went to the clinic. Was voted 'Most likely to play an ingenue' by her fellow Drama Club members which she did not appreciate at all, though she often dreams of romance she's paralyzed with shyness around boys
Name: Maximilian (Max) Rodriguez
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Animal turning into - Cougar (Puma concolor)
Hair - Blondish
Eyes - blue-green
Likes - Doing his job
Dislikes - Crime
Bio: Maximilian is a police officer, and recently applied for further training in more specialized capacities. One thing he's noticed is an increase in appetite and agility and somewhat improved hearing.
Fortunately for Imogene, her physician knew what was happening to her! (I mean...Turning into a Bird? Imogene had pinched herself multiple times to ensure she wasn't dreaming)

"I only know of this malady because of a trip to Tibet, I took in my adolescence..." The physician said grimly "...No one knows what causes it."

All hopes Imogene had just went down animal waste evacuation facility.

"But it seems every couple of centuries, give or take a few decades, random metamorphosis into Anthropomorphic Animals occurs. These have been the basic for legends of various werebeasts across the world...We in the modern world dismiss the reports as 'superstitious claptrap' but the Tibetans had several preserved mummies of transformed humans hidden in a secret location."

"What can I do?!" Imogene pleaded "How can I be a freak for the rest of my life?!"

"I don't know." The Physician said reaching into the candy bowl and offering her a piece "Sucker?"
Max was driving the car when the voice of the Dispatcher came over the radio, causing him to wince.

"Car 37, Calling Car 37."

That was when his partner, Stacy, grabbed the radio. "This is Car 37 Dispatch. What do you got?"

"Reports of loud voices on 7th and Pine Alley. Possible Domestic Dispute."

"We're on it," said Stacy. She put up the radio. She then looked at Max. "You alright?"

"Been having some minor ear issues," said Max. "Nothing to worry about."

"Ringing in the ear?" Stacy asked.

"More like things are slightly louder," said Max. "Not sure why."

"I've also noticed that you've been eating more lately," said Stacy. "I mean, you had three triple-cheeseburgers for lunch today."

"Been hungry lately," said Max. "Probably should talk to my doctor about that one."
Imogene walked awkwardly home, her bird feet were getting larger and beginning to strain against the shoes. She had no idea what she would do other than languish in her room until she died...

She caught a glimpse of her talons poking through the shoes...She quickly ducked into an alley, pulled the shoes from her feet and tossed them in a dumpster...
Max and Stacy pulled up at the site of the reported disturbance. Even in the car, Sam could hear raised voices.

"Well, something is clearly going on," said Max "I'm not sure what though."

"You can hear them talking from here?" Stacy asked.

"Bound to get louder once we step out of the car," said Max.
Imogene was grateful that this day she had chosen to wear a long dress that covered her feet so no one would notice her bird feet, she noticed the transformation was spreading...Her legs proceeding to become more scaly...

Just then...The manhole cover she was standing on began shuddering under her feet, Probably some sewer worker...She quickly skittered off the manhole cover...The lid lifted slightly, and a green, scaly purple masked face peeked out at her for one moment...The eyes widened and quickly shut the lid.

Ironically for someone who was usually so shy Imogene was relived, believing she had inadvertently found another poor soul who had been transformed like her.

She lifted the lid...It was heavy...And she called to whoever it was "Hey I saw you! I know I did! I saw you were like me!"

Immediately the green creature climbed back up the ladder, Revealing himself to be a Turtle, far more along in his transformation than her's indeed his entire body had been transformed "What do you mean I'm like you?"

"We're both transforming into animals!" Imogene said lifting her dress to reveal her Raven feet

The Turtle's eyes popped and said "Um...I hate to break it to you...But I'm not a human who transformed into a Turtle, I was born an ordinary turtle who Mutated into humanoid form."

Imogene turned very pale...

"But please come with me..." The Turtle said "...I can't leave you out here like this...I know certain people might try to capture you...I'm Don by the way..."
Max was about to open his door, when he saw something that made him grab Stacy, and pull her back inside the car. A moment later, something impacted the car door on her side, slamming it shut.

"What just happened?" Stacy asked.

"I think that was a shotgun slug," Max said. "Noticed the firearm peaking out from the curtain."

Stacy then looked at Max. "Um, what color are your eyes normally?"

"Blue-Green," Max said. "Why?"

"They've become yellow, and remind me like those of a cat," said Stacy.

"Worry later," said Max. He grabbed the radio. "Dispatch. Send back-up, and make sure that they are ready for a fire-fight. There's at least one armed, presumably dangerous, individual inside the residence at any rate."
Don led Imogene through the sewers to the lair where he introduced his three brothers and Splinter who was a Mutant Rat.

"Whoa!" Mikey exclaimed when he saw her feet "You're turning into a bird?"

"Mikey please." Don said "Can't you see see she's stressed enough about the situation already? I'm gonna take her to my lab and preliminary tests on her."
The longer they waited, the more Stacy noticed things changing on Max's face.

"And now, your ears look like that of an elf," she said.

Max looked in the mirror. By now, he looked very cat-like. "This is getting annoying."

Yet another slug hit the car, specifically, the front window, causing it to spider-web.

He grabbed the radio. "ETA on that back-up?"

"Five minutes," said Dispatch. "There's construction on a few bridges."

"Right," said Max, as he hung up the radio.
Don took a hypodermic needle and drew some blood from Imogene's legs.

"Gonna run this through the scanner..." He said "...What exactly did your physician say again?"

"He said he learned about these transformations from a trip to Tibet, that they had mummies of transformed humans and that these transformations were the basis for the legends of werebeasts."
Max looked out a clear spot in the ruined window. "Chief's going to chew me out for this one, but I'm going to have to break a few rules."

"Which ones?" Stacy asked, as she watched Max grab a tactical helmet from under his seat, as well as the assault rifle between them.

"The one about waiting for backup, and the one against going alone," Max said, as he put the helmet over his head. "Wish me luck." He quickly opened the door, jumped out, and closed the door, before dashing up to the house.

"This is the police!" he shouted. "Put your gun down, and stick your hands in the air!"

"You're not going to take me alive, alien scum!" yelled a male voice.

"Let's see if there's another entrance," Max muttered, as he went around the house.
It was then Imogene noticed she was beginning to sprout black feathers along her arm, her scream was a hoarse "Caw! Caw!"
Max managed to get to the back door. He threw it open, rushed in, and tackled the guy before he had a chance to turn around.

"Get off me, alien scum!" the man shouted.

Max took out his handcuffs and snapped them onto the man's wrists. "Shooting a police car is against the law, so you're being charged for that. Then there's discharging a firearm inside of the city, which is a crime as well. And there's also the matter of Public Disturbance."

He pulled the man up. "Let's go." As he started to march the man out, he caught sight of a woman. On her face was something that looked like the scales of a snake, or a lizard, plus what looked like bruises. "Explains a few things," he muttered, shoving the man out the door. "Be adding Assault and Battery to the charges as well."

"She's a freak!" the man yelled out. "She has no rights! You can't arrest me!"

"You still shot at me and my partner," said Max. "Shooting police officers is certainly against the law."

Max watched as Stacy got out of the car.

"I see you got him," she said.

"You'd better talk to his wife, or whomever she is," Max said. "Looks like she could do with a cup of coffee or something." He then forced the man to sit in the lawn. "Now, don't even move."

Stacy looked at the man as she walked past. "Kind of guy who deserves to arrested," she muttered, as she walked past Max.
Name: Frank Harrison
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Animal turning into - Red Fox(Canis vulpes Linnaeus)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Likes: Movies, Video games and cooking.
Dislikes: Bad reviews for his recipes.
Frank is a short order cook for Granny Good's diner and has been for the past two years and so far received no complaints from the customers..
The transformation was accelerating. As the black feathers continued to spread over her body Imogene began to feet very hot, she could no longer wear any clothes she removed her dress, the Turtles and Splinter proceeded to turn away, her transformation continued
About this time, a couple more police cars showed up, and officers came out in full-tactical gear, instead of the usual vest and helmet.

"Looks like you got him yourselves," the one said.

"I was just getting annoyed of being shot at, Tom," said Max.

"Shooting cops is a big step up for you, Marvin," Tom said, as he looked the kneeling, and handcuffed, man. "Guess you weren't content with just slapping your wife around."

"You know him?" Max asked.

"Run into him a few times," said Tom. "Wife never has the courage to press charges though."

"She's nothing but alien scum," Marvin growled out. "Just like you."

"Well, at least we have something to pin on him then," said Max. He pointed at the car, and its damaged windows. "At least it's rated against shotgun slugs."

"Shooting cop cars is against the law," Tom said, as he pointed to a couple of others. "Get him in a car, and book him."

The other cops grabbed Marvin, and practically dragged him to a car. They then drove away.

"What was that comment about alien scum for?" Tom asked.

Max took his tactical helmet off.

Tom's eyes widened. "Nice haircut, and obviously, very good beard grower."

Max chuckled. "Just another day at the office. Hopefully, things don't get too crazy."

At this, Stacy came out with the wife, who had more scales on her face by this time.

"Makes one wonder if there's any truth to that conspiracy theory about some folks being reptilians from another planet," said Tom.

"Still people either way you look at it," said Max. "Although, we might have to clarify the laws a bit, in case this thing is widespread."

"Throw it under the list of things that people can't be discriminated for, I guess," said Tom. "Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Nationality, and now, Beastial Features."
Frank is working at the diner cooking Granny Good's signature dish, Granny's homemade meatloaf as he fishes he put it on the display window rang the bell and shouted "Order up!" The waitress smiles as picks up the plate and serves it to the customer. Few minutes later the waitress shouted "Mabel(the diner manager), we have a situation brewing!" Frank dashed out and saw three members of the Purple Dragon street gang harassing one of the customers. "It's time to pay up old man." One of them said, Mable says "Frank, call the police while I'll deal with these three." Frank nodded and slipped back into the kitchen as he took out his cell phone.
As her transformation finished Imogene noticed her breasts had completely vanished and she had the flat chest of a bird...
That was when the radio blared. "Assault in progress at Granny Good's Diner. Repeat. Assault in progress at Granny Good's Diner."

"Another day at the office," Max said. "Stacy! Let's get going!" He then looked at Tom. "Since you're in the area, could you help by giving us a lift?"

"Might as well," said Tom. "I like eating there." He went to his car. "We're on our way. Oh, and send a tow to pick up Max and Stacy's car - they need some new windows."
Frank hung up after reporting the assult to the police, he slowly snuck out where the waitress asked, "Are the police coming?" Frank said "They're on their way. Hopefully we'll see blue and red light flashing outside in the next few minutes."

The both watched as Mabel talk to the 3 Purple Dragons, "I run a clean establishment, so I'll ask you three to leave!" One of the gang members says "This is none of your business so you better back off grandma." Soon sirens are heard outside "Someone called the cops," One of the other members said, the 3rd, one says "Hun isn't going to like it if we are locked up."
The Turtles and Splinter were amazed by Imogene's transformation! This wasn't anything like the people the Foot and transformed into monsters, she seemed very pretty as a bird
The Purple Dragons ran off as the police cars pulled up.

Max watched as Tom pulled over, and stopped his car, and several more sped off after the gang members.

"Can't run forever," Tom said. "Still, we wouldn't have room for them."

"Could strap them to the roof," Max said.

Tom chuckled. "I think their lawyers might complain about that method of transportation." He and his partner got out of the car, and then opened Max and Stacy's doors.

"At least we can ask questions," Max said, as he put his helmet back on. If nothing else, the helmet helped cover up any obvious changes, between the face mask and protective goggles.
The Police enter the diner, Mabel says "Thank goodness you showed up, did you get them?" Tom said, "I'm afraid they got away, now why were they here in the first place?" "I can answer that." The customer said, "I'm Dr. Thomas Fullbright, assistant researcher at the Kranston research lab, Purple Dragon leader, Hun, has been blackmailing me for one of our experaments named project Darwin, a research to help preserve endangered animals."

Frank asked, "Why would the Purple Dragons want your research?"

Dr. Fullbright says, "Before I answer that, you have something on your face."

The waitress pulls out a pocket mirror and shows it to Frank, as he looks into it, he sees that he now sports a canine-like muzzle. "My god, what's happening to me?"
"How are you feeling?" Don asked Imogene

"I feel...Strange..." She said "I don't know how to feel."
Max watched. Guess what's happening to me and that lady is happening to more people, he thought. I wonder how widespread this is.

Stacy gave him a look, before looking at Dr. Fullbright. "Is there a reversal?"
Dr. Fullbright says "I'm afraid this isn't part of project Darwin, so I have no reversal to this. We need to analyze Mr. Harrison and find out why he's slowly changing." He looks up at Frank which he now has fox ears. The waitress asks "Frank, did you encounter a tube of green liquid marked TCRI?" Frank says "No, I don't know why this is happening to me, but I'll gladly come with you Dr. Fullbright, maybe if I can give you a blood sample, you can help reverse this."
Imogene examined herself some more she had long wing feathers on her arms that ended in scaly hands with long talons on the end of each finger...
Max looked at Stacy. "Better call someone at the station for pickup."
Sorry Hertz have to delete that last post for writing Casey wildly out of character

That was when April and Casey walked in.

"Oh my..." April said "...Another one."

"What do you mean another one?" Raph asked

"This morning..." April said "...Our neighbor upstairs...He woke up screaming...He was transforming into an Animal-Like creature similar to you guys...However he couldn't handle the stress even though we tried to calm him down and...He through himself out the five story window..."

"Did you see what kind of animal he was turning into?" Don asked

"He seemed to have a dog's muzzle." April said "But we couldn't be sure."

"How do you know I'm a transformed human and not a transformed animal like these guys?" Imogene asked

"You....Feel different." Casey said "Don't know how else to describe it."
Soon enough, Max and Stacy were back at the station.

The Chief was looking at Max's face. "Reminds me of a mountain lion. Besides your hearing, any other issues?"

"I seem to be a bit quicker," said Max. "That, and a bit more hungrier than usual."
Dr. Fullbright took Frank into a truck retrofitted to a research clinic. "Another one?" said a volunteer worker wearing protective clothing, rubber gloves and a doctor's mask. "This is starting to become an Outbreak." Inside there we three more, a man turning into a wolf, another man turning into a tiger and a lady turning into a monkey. Dr, Fullbright says, "This is getting out of hand, we need to find a source to all this," The volunteer says "It get's worse, a man in Hell's Kitchen got turned into a dog this morning, unfortunately he made a 5 story suicide dive right from his window." "Get me blood samples from each of this 4 patients. Hopefully that would yield some results."
In the Turtle's Lair Don checked the readings of the blood...That when things got really strange...The blood started to give off...Pink sparkles..."

"This is getting freaky..." Mikey said

"Depends how you define...Freaky..." Said a feminine voice that seemed to come from above.

Someone materialized, a woman with jet black hair, bright blue eyes and ivory complexion, she wore a white linen dress trimmed with gold in her hand she held a slender gold scepter with the tip shaped like...An acorn.

"I am Fauna...Goddess of Animals...And Mother of the Pooka."

"Pooka?" Mikey says "Sounds like a cousin of the Furby."

"The Pooka are Animal Fairies." Fauna said "In ancient times they could switch between complete animal and humanoid forms...When a species of animal becomes extinct so too does the Pooka that represents that species...Unfortunately when the industrial revolution began and the Fae retreated from the mortal world...I had to imprison my adoptive children and seal the Pooka away to prevent them from waging war on Humanity because even though it hurt there were lessons humanity had to learn on their own...I promised them they would be released when the time was right."

"Why do I have a feeling this has something to do with me." Imogene said

"You are a Changeling." Fauna said "A fairy soul reborn in a human body...You are a Raven Pooka Changeling."
"Well, you might not be the only one," said the Chief, as he looked at Max.

"Noticed," said Max. "Waiter from the diner, and then there's the lady from the domestic dispute."

"Also got a jumper," the Chief said. "Dead though. A five story fall."
Dr. Fullbright examined each of the blood samples, "Hmm, odd. Each of these blood samples have what appears to be pink blotches." "Pink blood?" Asked the volunteer. The doctor says "Here, have a look," The volunteer looks through the microscope. "That is strange, what could they be exposed to for something like this?" "Stay here, I'm heading to the reservoir to take a water sample,"
"So..." Said Imogene "...What am I supposed to do?"

"As a Pooka your duty is the guard the environment and the animal kingdom." Said Fauna
A little while later, Max and Stacy were busy writing their reports on what had happened.

"Was it six or seventeen shots?" Stacy asked. "Can't remember how many times he fired at us."

"Given the craziness, I lost count myself," said Max. "Put down as many as you can remember."

"Just what made you pull me back into the car anyways?" Stacy asked.

"Must of caught the shotgun barrel out of the corner of my eye," said Max.
As Dr. Fullbright stepped off the truck a pink-haired woman stood there, "Dr, Fullbright?" He says "Yes Ma'am?" "I'm here for Frank Harrison, Tony Howell, Boris Stratov and Mary Gretchin." "I'm still studying them, have to get a water sample." "Their transformation isn't the result of drugged water, they are Pookas."
Pookas? Wait a minute, who are you?" "I'm Flora, sister of the Animal goddess Fauna." "Great," Dr, Fullbright says to himself, "A nutjob."
"I was told about the Mummies in Tibet." Imogene said "Were those Pookas too?"

"Indeed." Fauna said "In places not affected by Abrahamic Regions the Pooka are more often recognized for what they are as Guardians of Nature and are revered as such, places like Europe however view them as werebeasts and tend to kill them their fairy souls get sent back to the spirit world until it is the next time to be reborn."
Stacy and Max soon finish their reports.

"Last t crossed and i dotted," Max said.

"I'm sort of curious about how your changes have affected your abilities," Stacy said. "Might be good to know. There is the target range and workout rooms."

"Probably a good idea," said Max. "Kind of wonder what's going on."
Flora explained everything, Frank said "Pookas eh? What are Pookas and how did we became Pookas." Flora says "Pookas are guardians of animals and the environment and how is simple, you were born with it, Each of your transformation was triggered by a certain emotion, come. My sister wants to see each of you, but first I need to see one more Pooka."
Well guys it's been fun but I've run out of ideas for this one, maybe I'll return to it, but mainly this was for stress relief, I've regained my mojo for certain other stories I'm working on

The End!

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