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by Twiga
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A Lunatic is trying change history, only a specially trained team of Mutants can stop him!
I realize Sharpe's Rifles doesn't take place during the Civil War but here's the story the Dim Thoughts Center has been doing certain research into 4th dimensional mapping of certain quantum physics problems it was by accident that Louis 'Beauregard' Evans, a Civil War Buff discovered a method for traveling through time, First a temporal gate was constructed when it was demonstrated to work, Dim Thoughts' budget was tripled and the result was a portable time machine.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to stop Evans from attempting to change history by helping the South win by bringing modern weapons to their side, Who are you? You are one of many strange creatures brought together by a kindly and mysterious figure who claims to have a 'soft spot for stray animals' weather you were born by an accidental exposure to strange mutagens or forged by experimentation you are an Anthro Animal living in 20th Century America trained by your benefactor as specialists to help the helpless and solve 'specialty cases'
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Gonna do something different and make my character male

Name: Darien Brown
Age: 16 Years Old
Species: Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis)
Sex: Male
Bio: An escaped laboratory animal, in an attempt to create the perfect subject for time travel, Darien was bio-engineered in the form of a Naga, with a snake's head and lower body but with a human like chest and arms, he was specifically raised and educated as a time traveler, finally for revenge of years of mistreatment Darien stole away with one of their precious time machines!
Likes: Peace and quiet, Reading, Chicken Soup, Sunbathing and oddly enough watching the Home Shopping Network
Dislikes: Loud noises, Crowds, Green Vegetables, Scary Humans
Got No power at my place. Be on when I can.

Name: Fidelis Liberty
Age: 20 Years old
Species: Bald Eagle
Sex: Male
Bio: Source of mutation is unknown. Fidelis was found near a US Marine base in Alaska, as an injured fledgling. Being understandably patriotic, the Marine Base Commander, upon talking to a buddy from Fish and Wildlife, took it upon himself to take care of the injured bird, as the base's mascot. However, something was different about Fidelis Liberty, least of which him growing much bigger than the typical bald eagle. Then there was when he started saying words. Due to the base's location, Fidelis's existence has been kept quiet.
Like: Learning about military history, learning about weapons, doing military drills.
Dislikes: Flashing lights.
Name: Victoria Viscane (AKA Vicky)
Age: 18 Physically
Species: Red Fox
Sex: Female
Bio: Vicky used to be a normal forest critter, though she remembers little of her old life. She was captured by a genetics lab crew and mutated to be more human like, including human level intelligence. Unfortunately for her, this particular company made it's money by selling the mutant animals it creates to the highest bidder as secret slaves, forced to do whatever was commanded of them by their masters. Vicky managed to escape the facility, and has been on the run ever since.
Likes: Solitude, good food and sweets.
Dislikes: Understandably has a sort of distrust of humans. Also, she doesn't like to be touched.
It was a brand new day at the secret clubhouse for 'Unusual Creatures' Darien, Fidelis and Victoria weren't the only inhabitants of the Clubhouse but they were among the most prominent residents, everyone else admired them.

It was Saturday morning, seemed the Chief didn't have any missions for anyone to do so everyone was free to do whatever they wished.

Darien being a reptile was having his early morning bask when he saw Fidelis grabbing a new book.

"What's that you're reading?" Darien asked

"Just a book on the civil war I've been meaning to...' Fidelis said
"Well, It's just something I've been meaning to read," said Fidelis. He took a look. "Odd one compared to some, from what I've heard. Some say it's made up to be honest."
"What do you mean made up?" Said Darien

"See for yourself." Said Fidelis, handing Darien the book.
Darien turned to a random page in the book, then almost without him noticing, a strange kind of shiver passed through the room, as everyone searched for the source of the strange feeling all eyes came to rest on Darien.

Darien turned his eyes back to the book, the passage he was reading seemed different then before, it was written Captain John Fawkes Dulles dated August 18th

What it currently said was 'Higgens and the other scouts returned in a panic, Sawyer had been badly wounded in the leg and Arrows was bleeding slightly, Higgens reported receiving he called 'the god damn volley of shot I ever heard or tell of it like there were a hundred rifles firing in precession time there couldn't have been more than eight or nine rebs in the whole forest!, an hour later they brought the bullet from Sawyer's leg and it was quite unlike anything I've seen before, perhaps 20 caliber, yet his leg looked like it had taken a musket ball at short range."

"This section wasn't in the book before..." Darien said "...Just a few minutes ago all the Captain had reported was routine scouting expeditions with no enemy contact."
Fidelis looked at the passage. "Like I said. This book is an odd one. Except for a few sci-fi books involving time travel, I haven't heard of the like."
You're positive this is a history book?" Asked Darien "Who wrote it, anyway?"
"Fidelis...I'm not sure you understand..." Darien said "...That strange shiver we all just felt plus the fact the text in the book changed...As someone who was trained to be a time traveler I was trained to recognize the signs of changes in the time-space continuum."
Fidelis groaned. "No wonder I'm getting a headache. Let me guess, we need to figure out when and where things started to change?"
"Exactly." Said Darien "Otherwise, who knows how the present could be altered?"
"Fortunately...I have one of my creator's time machines..." Said Darien "Finally I have a purpose for it..."
"I just hope we're not inspiration for some sci-fi book," said Fidelis.
About ten minutes later, Darien, Fidelis and Victoria were all set to be sent into the past. "Why do you guys even need me to come along?" Asked Victoria "You're part of the team." Replied Darien "Teams need to stick together."
What had happened when Darien went to the Clubhouse's Garage to get his portable time machine, he found something was on it, a pink envelope the scent of geraniums from the scented paper within, the calling card of their mysterious benefactor, the Chief!

The message read
'If you're reading this message I'm hoping you've already figured out someone is altering the time-space continuum, I am calling upon Darien Fidelis and Victoria, our cleverest members for this mission.

You must find Captain John Fawkes Dulles of the Detroit Infantry Company, he is a reasonable man, Dulles has experienced too much of the horrors of war, to go off halfcocked about anything even weird animals, since you have read Dulles' journal it should be fairly easy to convince you're time travelers.

Signing off
The Chief'

Author's Note while we still haven't established who or what the Mysterious Benefactor is I totally imagined that note being read in the voice of The Chief from the 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego game show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-J21Og1YN0&list=PLEEC10AB6D9832C64&index=1&t=45...
Funny - used to watch the cartoon version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGufyFt6zQc

"Well, that's going to be interesting," said Fidelis. "Let's hope we don't get shot - I don't have much practical experience with Civil War era weaponry."

"Let's see about locating the Modern weaponry first before worrying about single-shot firearms," said Darien.

"Enough of them will still ruin our day," said Fidelis.
The three mutants gathered in a circle, holding hands. "Alright, now once we're in the timestream, whatever you do, do not let go. If you do, there's no telling what time period you could end up in." Said Darien "For all we know, you might end up being sent back to before the Big Bang." At this, Darien felt his companions hands tighten their grasp around his. "Ready?" The other two nodded. "Okay, here we go."
I watched the Cartoon a few times as a kid I think I watched the game show version more probably because it was on PBS and one of the shows before Kratts Creatures

They found themselves in a bright green forest, Darien flickered his forked tongue in and out

"There were Humans here recently..." Darien said, his eyes narrowing "Trouble is were they Union or Confederate?"
"How about we just keep somewhat hidden for now before we actually make contact with anyone," said Fidelis. He looked up at the sky. "If I fly high enough, I might be able to figure out who is who without anyone noticing anything odd."
Well, this campfire was meant to be a week long celebration of my time by myself, now the week is over my parents are coming back so this campfire is over

The End!

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