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A spin-off
Marquis Cheney Therus would be flexing his clawed right hand in deep contemplation as he thought about what to do next.
In the year 3021, deep within the palace of the Rajak Isles, the Marquis works...

The ancient Marquis of the Rajak Isles would be deep in thought as he thought about his newest invention for Christmas Day, His long silvery white hair glints in the moonlight as the immortal thought about how he usually makes cyborgs, but this is the first time he had ever made a multifunctional machine that acts as thrice a combiner (fusion machine), versatile x-ray machine and a teleportation device. Never before had he invented such a machine, but it was worth the effort.

Cheney had escaped from that police officer of the year 3008 (and escaped high security prisons as well), sure it took a lot of string pulling and fake ID cards, but he was finally free of those boundaries and teleported right back to the palace of the Rajak Isles. And now all he had to do was test the machine. And the first candidate was...

Stephanie Tsunade walks up, uncertain of the Marquis's invention, "What do you have here, Cheney?" she asks. The Marquis grinned slowly. Let the chaos begin...
"I'll ask again. Where has Mr. Therus run off to?" asked one of the men in the black jackets and garbs, hoping that this odd half-man, half-robot mutant would cough up some information.

"Dont.. know..." the cyborg mutant coughed in exhaustion, "...dont...care...."

"Aw c'mon, you know something!" the interrogator feigned sounding sympathetic to the mutant's plight, "I mean it's not like you owe this fore-eyed sociopath any loyalties. I mean look what he done to you! He took EVERYTHING from you! Your old body... your old life..."
"I was an..." the cyborg mutant gasped, "...unknown junkie... before him... I had nothing to begin with!"

"I really dont think he wants to cooperate," one of the other garbed black jacket quips to the interrogator, "maybe we should just put him out of his misery."
But the garbed interrogator shook his head, "I'm not about to give up on him." He then turned his attention to the mutant, "Look, I'm sure whatever he done to you, you wouldnt want done to anyone else. If he's not stopped, who knows who that freak's gonna torture next? We wanna put a stop to this once and for all. Now we can do this easily, you can cooperate with us, and we can sort this episode out... or you can be stubborn and I get creative."

The mutant cyborg hissed, but said nothing. And as sympathic as the interrogator sounded, he wasnt very patient. Not while HE was out there doing godknowswhat with yet another innocent victim! Seconds counted and this cyborg abomination was wasting them.

"Alright," the interrogator sounded as he put on a pair of gloves, "Goro, you got the battery, ready?"
"Up and running, sir!" hollered the other garbed man as he brought out a pair of jumper cables. The interrogator grabbed the cables and pinched both of them on the part of the cyborg mutant where the mechanical shoulders meant the human neck! The mutant paled at the thought of what was coming next! But no matter how much he struggled, not even his newly enhanced super strength could break through the restraints.

"I'll ask again!" the interrogator repeated, "where in the bloody hell is Mr. Therus?!"

Despite his fears and nerves tensing up, the mutant says nothing. It was then he learned just how patient his captures were.

"Give 'em a jump!" the interrogator ordered.


"GRRRRAAAAGGGHH!!" the cyborg growled in agony as a thunderous jolt of electricity coursed through his body! It only lasted a few seconds, but after the jolt stopped, it took over a minute for him to stop convulsing. Finally, by the time the smoke cleared, the interrogator continued.

"You ready to talk now?!"


" 'Grraaa' is not an answer! Give 'em another jump!"


Yet another electronic jolt coursed through the mutant, causing him to growl and squeal in tremendous agony! Fortunately for him and everybody else, two was that all that was needed for him to finally comply.

"You gonna talk now?! Or you wanna go for #3?"


"What?! Speak up!"


"Who? 'Tsunade'? Is that a name?"

"Ste...phanie...." the mutant gasped, "Tsu...na...de...."

"Stephanie Tsunade?" the name sparked one of the garbed men's interest, "who's that?"

The cyborg gasped the answer, "...New.....vic....tim....."
Net know he will regret ever spilling the beans about his boss's latest plan; the men's electrical torture on him is nothing compared to what Cheney will do to him once he failed him. He didn't have much of a choice working for that deranged creature of incredible power. He first though that he would help him have a much better life which was pretty awesome at first, until it slowly become more and more agonizing as many years have passed once he discovered his place in the cyborg army. Because he is one of his more powerful soldiers, he has to constantly endure many of Cheney's painful requests such as trying to act like his delivery boy for spare parts of his inventions, going through exhausting trainings, being forced to act like the man's living shield during desperate situations, and many other things that are too horrifying to even think about. It hit him that he was nothing more than his personal servant who is tasked to do all the work for him.

Despite this, it was still alot better than how Net was living in the past. Back then, he was a good-looking man with a loving family and a dream being a famous poet. He have a great time writing those poetry and spend so much of his time practicing the flow of his writing. Sadly no matter how much he tried, his works always keep falling into obscurity due to others presenting much better works. He worked for so many years and yet, he still couldn't join the rank of masters that have all been given life of luxury. It got worse when his wife left him for one of those better poets and he ended up losing everything in life. Since then, he's been living in the streets, eating nothing but garbage and bugs until he met Cheney and give him a happier life...only for him to finally know the truth about his reasoning for hiring him in the first place.

Going back to the present, Net struggled to recover himself from the shocks his attacker gave him as they abandoned him in search of his boss. Knowing for what's to come, he tried to find a place to lay low; he couldn't stand having more of Cheney's punishment for his failure.
Cheney Therus walked to the teleportation booth and inputted a rarely redirected co-ordinate with his silver-taloned right claw as it clanked rustily, "Now, if my calculations are correct, this booth will be able to strand anyone in dimensions beyond the third dimension, and to every possible dimension conceivable to the known mind," He was muttering to himself again as he stared wistfully at his cyborg army, "Now all we need is an extra guinea-pig or two," The Marquis stroked his goatee thoughtfully.

A loud clank as a wearied cyborg soldier approached him with a pet carrier full of (actual) guinea-pigs, "Your guinea-pigs as requested, your honor," the cyborg said to Cheney...

"Not what I was thinking of, but it'll have to do." Cheney said as he placed the pet-carrier into the teleportation booth and pressed a red lever, nothing happened at first, but then there would be a whirling of strobe-lights and wonderful disco music as the pet-carrier whirled in mid-air... Faster and faster it twirled until there would be a loud crack-boom of lightning and the pet-carrier exploded into dazzling light and dust particles.

"It worked!" Cheney crowed with happiness as he seemed most exuberant, "Cyborg, track down those guinea-pigs, where did they disappear to?"

"They had vanished to the 3EQ quadrant of the N-sector dimension," the cyborg confirmed.

"Wonderful," Cheney replied, "And now to test it on a willing volunteer..."
"Was it really a good idea to just leave that thing behind?" one of the interrogators questioned his captain, "I mean, what if he wants revenge or blabs about us to his boss?"

"He wont do any of those things, Reece" the head interrogator told one of his lackies, "he'll be too busy finding a place to hide. That creepy sonovabitch has zero tolerance for snitches."

"You think Therus mighta already been tipped off about us?'" questioned one of the other lackies.

"Like I said, snitches get stitches," answered the head guy, "besides, the creep's got a one-track mind. If he's found a victim, the victim's ALL he's gonna care about."
"Say boss?" Reece spoke up, "you know you never told us about your history with that creep."
"He's an asshole, he needs to be hunted down, nobody else wants to hunt him down, I'M hunting him down! You already know the story."
"No, no no," Reece corrected himself, "I mean your personal story with him. Tailor said you were former colleagues a while back?"
The boss turned his head to Reece and gave him a very harsh cold stare, "...TAILOR told you, huh?"
"H-h-h-he didnt say much! He didnt say much!" Reece emphasized, getting understandably nervous from his boss's stare of death, "something about you and him... uh... working together a while back?"

The boss kept his cold glare going as he tapped the table a bit impatiently. Though he remained dead silence, Reece could tell that was not only something his boss didnt wanna talk about, but he may have inadvertently opened up an old wound simply bringing it up!

"Boss, I'm sorry I didnt mean to-"

"Two things," he finally spoke up, "one: you tell Tailor that if he ever mutters another word about affairs he shouldnt be meddling in, I'm gonna cut out his tongue and sew a copperhead to the root. Two: whatever Therus and I had back then… or whatever you THINK Therus and I, know this: we don’t have it now. And that is all you need to know.”

Reece silently nodded, not daring to question such trivial matters any further. His boss had secrets to hide, but he kept them secret for good reasons. Besides, it must be pretty painful to bring up whatever horrifying personal memories he had of that lunatic. For all Reece knew, maybe his boss used to be an old friend of Therus BEFORE he transformed into a lunatic!

“You boys ready to order?” suddenly, the waitress appeared almost out of nowhere to address the three men sitting at the table.

“Nothing for me, I’m good,” answered the leader.
“You sure, sir?” his other lackie questioned, “you havent eaten anything all day.”
“I said I’m good, Clyde,” the boss responds. He had already lost his appetite.

“Ok, fine. Uh, let me get this bacon double-cheeseburger here,” answered Clyde, “with everything, cooked medium-well, and served with house fries.”
“Got it,” the waitress jots the order down, “and what about you?”
“Could you get a full-rack of the baby-back ribs?” Reece suggests.
“I’m not paying for that,” his boss stared unapprovingly.
“Um… half-rack, then?”
The boss sighed, “Get him a half-rack.”
“Half rack it is!” the waitress jots it down, “while youre waiting on your meals, would you boys like anything to drink?”

“Water,” answered the boss.
“Ice tea, if you got some,” said Clyde.
“7up,” for Reece.

“Ya’ll got it! I’ll bring ‘em right down!” and away went the waitress, leaving the three men back to their plotting. During the little time that waitress was gone, the boss was getting a little anxious. Very impatient. He had one thing on his mind and he was literally counting each individual second until he achieved his goal.

“Cruz?” he finally talked into his earpiece, “getting a little anxious. You found anything on this Stephanie Tsunade girl?”
“Sorry, not much, Mr. Black,” answered the voice on the earpiece, “found her address, but it looks like her folks already reported her missing.”
“The cops get any leads?”
“I overheard them talking about a tracking down a few warehouses, but theyre all like on opposite ends of the city.”
“Which warehouse is closest to us?”
“Eh, I think the one down by Neveready Docks.”
“Can we send a guy over to scout?”
“Everybody’s out on patrol, Mr. Black. Sorry.”

“Fuck it all!” Mr. Black grumbles under his breath, “girl’s gonna be another test subject by the time we get to her, I just know it!” He then gets up out of his chair, "I need to step outside."
"I'll be back," he assures his crew and he heads off, "I just need some fresh air."
One moment Mr Black swore that he had exited out of a building, the next he swore that the building that he exited out of was suddenly covered with living and organic surreal landscape, most similar to a biopunk novel... As he wondered what on Earth had happened there would be an announcement by Therus's teleportation booth...

"Teleportation defragmentation error #48607: Unable to relocate guinea-pig test subjects in time, emergency protocol initiated to render 3D environment into last known subject to touch the machine booth, subject has been spliced with environment to create the landscape, now called Stephscape. Subject Tsunade's whereabouts are currently unknown, but lifesigns are still visible." the machine booth intoned cheerfully to Mr Black. "Planet Earth is now partially spliced to extradimensional origins #58759. If you wish to reverse the process, please find Miss Tsunade in time."
Meanwhile, in a series of long forgotten tunnels under the city, the cyborg mutant walked slowly through the dimly lit maze, scowling at his current situation. "Those damn fools do not understand!" Angry, he huffed. "If only they knew the whole horrible truth behind Mr. Therus!"

The mutant cyborg remembered; he was once the unknown threat to this wretched city, the evil that kept the bravest of hearts awake at night trembling near their weapons and badges. He would grin at the dying screams of his victims before they became mindless zombies at his command. The plan was to unleash the horde upon the city then, when the citizens were at their most desperate moment, become the hero by miraculously finding the cure. The entire horde would be sent to their deaths with the antidote, eliminating all traces and witnesses to his crime.

The plan was going well until he met who he believed would be his his last victim before unleashing his terror upon the world. He was a young man, insane on a whole new level. The 'unknown threat' saw potential in the madman and took him under his wing rather than adding him to the horde. That turned out to be an epic miscalculation. The man, whom he learned was named Mr Therus learned quickly as the unknown threat taught him everything about his trade in changing the world to his vision. Soon took over the operation by attacking the unknown threat when he felt the most invulnerable. He stabbed him in the back with the very toxin he was using to turn his victims into mindless zombies. The unknown threat had a high tolerance to the toxin while developing it but it was a mute point.

Mr Therus transformed him into the cyborg mutant he now was before he then gave the entire horde the antidote, killing everyone save him. It was a fate worse than death as now he no longer possessed the brilliance he once had and was an unknown to the world. Mr Therus had taken his throne, his empire, even his criminal name! He even had the guile to takek credit for the deaths of all his victims, him the title he had earned!....

"The knowledge that I created that monster is a greater punishment that anything anyone can do to me." Angry, the cyborg grumbled. "However, if my latest attempt is successful, Mr Therus will very quickly learn what an unknown threat truly is!"

He then began to chuckle which turned into laughter before becoming a maniacal laughter that echoed through the forgotten darkened tunnels that were once known as the sub-way....

"How do I find Miss Tsunade?!" 'Black' questioned the irritably cheerful machine. To his dismay, it wasnt gonna be that easy.

"Teleportation defragmentation error #21111," the machine happily replied, "any and all personal information related to any and all primary subjects have been classified by order of the administrator. If you wish to learn more, please contact the administrator immediately."

"How do I contact the administrator?" he questioned the machine. Again, not that easy.

"Teleportation defragmentation error #21112: any and all personal information related to administrator access have been classified by order of the administrator. If you wish to learn more, please contact the administrator immediately."

"Ergh, piece of junk," he grunted under his breath. He shouldnt be all that surprised. Therus was always a very very VERY special case. It took a very special peculiar mindset to put up with his bullshit on a regular basis. Fortunately, 'Black' happened to be one of those gifted suckers with a peculiar mindset.

"Ithaca, you wouldnt happen to have an extra cigarette on you, would you?"

"Of course not," spoke the voice of the rather large towering grizzly form in a thick black cloak that materialized just behind him, "you had made the promise to give up smoking. I trusted you to be held to it."
"Well, today is a very special exception," 'Black' turned around and gazed up at the grizzly clocked figure, "this creep's now fucking with us even more than he normally does!"
"I had the opportunity to twist his head off," the form remarked, "you refused and told me to stand down."
"Because he wasnt considered a threat THEN!" 'Black' exclaimed, "if you killed him then, it'd have been considered cold blooded murder."
"Yet we would have saved countless lives."
"And had the entire royal family on our asses demanding our heads! That wouldve been like killing Hitler BEFORE he became infamous! SURE lives wouldve been saved... but who would have known? History wouldnt have. History would just see you as a murderer who killed an aspiring artist in cold blood."
The grizzly figure Ithaca let out a chuckle, "Your own instincts were well aware that Therus was destined to commit horrible atrocities... yet you let him commit them because youre worried how HISTORY would see you? Such naivete that could only come from humanity!"

'Black' could only turn away, cross his arms and shrug, "Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. Youre damned if you do and youre damned if you dont. Speaking of which, looks like we got ourselves trapped in one of his little enigma puzzles."

Ithaca raised his head and glanced around at the surreal landscape.

"This place," he comments, "despite the outlandish appearance, it still retains the shape and form of the previous world we were in."

"Yeah, it looks like someone just whipped out the edlrich-abomination colored paint and got to town everywhere," 'Black' states in agreement, "there's our car... now gathered in rust and moss, there's the highway patrol sign, now in a weird archaic language, see that up in the sky with dangly tentacles and two mouths? Is that supposed to be the moon?"

Ithaca glanced over at the large living mechancial complex covered in giant human eyes glancing back, "And perhaps that abomination is the diner you have stepped out of?"
"Curious," 'Black' looks that direction, "cant help but wonder if my comrades are there... or 'variations' of them. You know what? Since I'm stuck here, I might as well find out."
"Do you wish me to hide myself again?" Ithaca asked.
"No," he shook his head, "let them see you. If these locals aint friendly, we might as well give them incentive not to mess with us."
Stephanie Tsunade was here, there and everywhere at once, all of her individual atoms, particles and individual organs all scattered throughout Earth's landscape and reconceptionalised as seperate buildings, inhabitants and other miscellanious item, so to say that Stephanie was still under the administrator Ira's control was... complicated to say the least...

Black would enter the strange roadside diner that seemed to have melded with a gastric-coloured 'swimming pool' by the looks of it. The ichor of the slimy walls would be evident as the waitresses seemed to be modelled after different cells and amobeas there, nearby a wall there was a rubbish chute where the waitresses deposited different plates and other scraps into the greedy bottomless abyss.

Nearby laughing patrons would be swimming around the swimming pool as it seemed clogged with green seaweed, instant noodles and other waylaid seafaring gear... The walls were a sickly pink colour and smelt of antiseptic and other materials not worth mentioning! What a bizzarre diner indeed

"Ahaha! A new inhabitant arrives! Welcome!" calls a voice within the strange diner to Black, "And do take care to take a dip in the nearby pool!"
'Black' glanced over at the pool near him filled with odd colored (and possibly dirty) water filled with several little oddities that werent fish he ever heard of swimming in it.
"We uh, pass on the dip, thank you," he politely turned down the offer as he stepped toward what looked like a table. Or at least a figure depicting the shape of a table that wasnt pulsating or have teeth, or even looked alive. Just to be safe, he poked the pink vine-sprouting, coral covered chair he thought about sitting in. It wobbled, but it didnt flinch back or anything of the sort, so he figured it'd be safe enough to sit on. So he did.

As he waited for a waiter or waitress to come by so he could interrogate them, he figured he'd try to get in contact with any of his other comrades.
"Cruz?" he attempted to communicate through his earpiece, "Cruz, do you copy? ...Cruz?" No reply. No signal either. He glanced around for any sign of his other comrades. Sadly, none of the aquatic beasts lingering in this abominable establishment fit the role. Looks like he was the only one sent here.

At the very least, he glanced around the diner getting a better view of the strangely aquatic inhabitants inside. For the most part, the patrons looked human...ish. Safe for gills. Or tendrils. Maybe some tentacles. Extra limbs and eyes. Ok, they looked pretty damn far from human for comfort.
The most humanish beings in the diner were the mermaids dancing about in one of the swimming pools at the very end of the potential living complex. And even these mermaids had major oddities. Beside the obvious fish-tails, they had very pale skin, had webbed hands with long sharp claw-like nails, had long glowing antennae-like lures sprouting out of their long wavy hair, big yellow glowing pupiless eyes, and extremely large jagged teeth sprouting out of the lipstick-coated mouths! And even in the off chance one would still find their womanly figures attractive, their seashell bras had actual crustaceans clamping onto their breasts, and even one mermaid who had her back turned to 'Black' swinging her hips two and fro the music playing on the speakers had a tiny fishy creature that looked to be permanently latched onto her back being forced along for the ride!

"It appears that one is already taken," Ithaca commented, noticing his comrade's intrigued stare.
"Shut up," 'Black' muttered.
Tap...clink...tap-tap... Clink went the white walking cane as miss Pascha entered the seedy side of town and entered the diner with her amobea-coloured 'guide dog', it had six tendrils as it warbled curiously at everything... Pascha had a youthful appearance, but she seemed much more middle aged nowadays

Mistress Pascha had bright pink coloured hair in an elegant Grecian up-do, and milky white eyes that she also covered with black sunglasses. Instead of humanoid feet, she had suction cups that probed the ground for any irregularities, and some snow-white fur lightly covering her arms. She entered the diner, sensing that someone needed her assistance and help... She was wearing a mauve jacket.

A new patron turned up at the diner that evening...

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"Ah! The Omnipragon arrives!" a waitress said excitedly to the other customers as Pascha Whirl seats herself right next to Mr Black. Pascha Whirl was currently 42 years old.

"I am Omnipragon, the priestess of planet Mars." Pascha introduced herself as her amobea pet skittered off to find some scraps; "I sense you have questions about everything, Mr Black, so do ask away for I see all... The cosmos sees all." She awaited Mr Black's questions
Black wasnt in the mood to shoot the breeze with this odd woman that apparently all the odd people in this odd restaurant in the middle of this odd world were admiring. He wanted to get straight to the point.

"Where is Stephanie Tsunade?" he questions.

Pascha stared silently at him for a few seconds as if trying to come up with the right words to say. She then let out a 'Hm' and tapped a finger on the table.
"Well, the answer to that question..." she tries to find the right words, "...it's rather complicated."

"What do you mean 'complicated'?" Black asks her suspiciously, "it's a simple straight-forward question!"
"Perhaps," Pascha agreed, "but the answer is not. I'm sorry, but I dont know to tell you it in such a simple easy to understand manner." Black got a bit angry. Was this frog-lady insulting his intelligence or something? Either she's fucking around with him or she's practically saying he's too stupid to understand her 'intellectual' jargon!

"Then give us the complicated answer," Ithaca spoke up before his comrade could, "no matter how puzzling it is for my simple summoner to understand."
"Ithaca, you fucking-"

"Very well," Pascha agrees telepathically, "the truth is this landscape IS the entirety of Stephanie Tsunade's body... You have summoned me to explain this information to you." She sounded mystical at this point in time.

"What is?" he asks cluelessly... Pascha's serene voice psychically echoed in his head as she drew some eldritch diagrams with her mind.

"All of this," she extends her arms, emphasizing the whole of this restaurant, "everything here that you see is Stephanie Tsunade."

He glances all around with a suspicious stare, "What? Youre saying she's the whole restaurant?"

No, she's EVERYTHING including the restaurant," she continues, "If you look up in the sky, you are looking at Stephanie Tsunade. If you glance down to the ground, you are glancing down at Stephanie Tsunade. If you take a bite out of your meal, you are taking a bite out of Stephanie Tsunade... I am but a seer of Mars, of course."

Black stares mystified by her complicated answer. Just as she said, it was anything but simple and straight-forward. Pascha finishes her psychically enhanced diagram, which seemed to consist of steampunk imagery and buildings with biopunk material embedded every which way. She handed it to Black for him to look at...

"Perhaps you can say that this world you find yourself in is but an image conjured by the depths of her mind," her explanation gets more specific, "and you are currently finding yourselves as invited guests deep within it."
Black was speechless for a few minutes, but it seemed that Pascha had finished telepathically talking for now, cryptic as her sentences may be. It took awhile for Black to process the information, but finally he found the words to speak as he looked around the diner, "And whereabouts are we right now?" He asked Pascha...

There was a hole in the ground nearby, which looked almost normal save for fangs surrounding the entrance of the hole, and it seemed to lead elsewhere...
Black would look around the fanged hole, which seemed to be a deep depression in the ground itself, it seemed to have been activated by a solitary button that was located in a control panel on the wall, but when Black pressed the button the hole closed once more. Black was intrigued and pressed the button a few more times...


As if in sync, a chrome platform rose up from the hole, big enough for five beings to fit on, it seemed to be an escalator of sorts, but where it went no-one else knew.

Pascha quirked an eyebrow before speaking once more, <I know that the humans often say "ladies first", but for this I make an exception, after you Mister Black.> she speaks rather graciously, the words underpinning in Black's mind. <As for where this elevator goes, only fate itself may know...> Pascha trails off...
Black stared into the opening of the living breathing organic elevator that had actual beating hearts used as lights to light the otherwise dark and gloomy chamber. Black glanced over at the tall grizzly familiar who merely shrugged his shoulders and stepped inside. As he and Ithica stepped in, he noticed Pascha was still outside of it.

"Youre not coming?" he asked.

Pascha just smiled, "I'm afraid this is not MY journey. But I'm sure we will meet each other again soon." Shortly after she said that, Black overheard the sound of gears grinding as if the elevator was starting up on it's own once more. "Although I would be lying if I told you we were on the same side, I sincerely wish you luck in finding what you are looking for." And before Black could utter a single word questioning what she meant, the jagged toothed doors slammed shut, trapping him inside and he could feel the living machine descending.

"We should have interrogated her," Ithaca warned, "she just admitted to working with our enemy."

"Oh come on, that was a super vague euphemism she just spouted," his caster remarked, "just some more mystical gypsy bullshit."

"Gypsy bullshit or not, I do not find it wise we humored her," Ithaca complains, "how do you even know this elevator will take us where we need to go? How do you not know you've been deceived?"
"If we've been dec-"
"YOUVE been deceived," Ithaca corrected him.
Black groans and shakes his head, "Fine, wiseass. If I'VE been deceived, we'll simply find a way to get out of it like we always do. If this elevator intends to eat us, youre more than welcome to tear it open another butthole! ...Er, if this thing even has a butthole to begin with."'
Fortunately for him, it didnt seem like the elevator had that intention. Despite hearing it breathe, seeing it's bightly lit hearts beating, and several of it's eyes sprouting from the walls glancing back at him and blinking, it worked like a regular elevator. It even played some jazzy elevator music bumping from it's speakers... which looked more like gills than speakers.

Regardless of the abominable oddities, the elevator ride was boring. The trip down seemed to go on longer than expected. It was unknown how much time he spent in the elevator cuz the elevator's clock was displaying numbers in unfamiliar text, but it seemed like at least an hour or so.

But just before he was gonna start pressing what he though were the buttons (he assumed it was the eyeballs blinking back at him), the elevator came to brief stop and the jagged toothed doors swung open. Unfortunately it wasnt to let Black out. It was to let others in. Black sighed and backed into the corner to let the group of strangers inside.
There would be some mismia when the other occupants entered the lift, strangely they appeared to be different shapes and sizes, some of them were globular, and others were fully formed humanoids yet incomplete in some manner, but some were fixating their eyes upon Ithaca and his accomplice...
There would be a quiet wriggle as a preteen girl with a red balloon appeared next to Ithaca, along with Rayne, a sinister gangster and Goethe, a masked figurine all decked in red...

"So, slow day ain't it," chuckled Rayne, whereas Goethe said nothing at first. The preteen girl fixated her eyes on Ithaca, curious as to his origins for now... Suddenly the elevator dinged once or twice and the occupants were sliding out into a new location...

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