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After saving Humanity, the Tales of Raising the First Generation of Mutants
I thought Back the 'Furture' would be a one shot but I got so much curiosity about the Turtles and the Three Rogues working together to raise little baby Mutant Animals and in my original plan Joker was supposed to die but since that ended up not happening both Joker and Bishop are out there with their own reasons to want to foil the Mutant Intergration Plan, my character will be an entirely new character, because they haven't begun work on Mutating Bugs mostly because of Raph (They plan on having a Bug Division when they have a bit more help) But for those who want to play the ancestors of the characters they made in the first campfire that's perfectly fine
Speciman Name: Amethyst (Most call her Amy for short)
Age: 8 Human Years
Sex: Female
Species: Domestic Cat (Felis catus) Breed: Black Domestic Shorthair
Disposition: Bubbly, enthusiastic, extremely intelligent though sometimes suffers bouts of anxiety due to past (See Bio)
Bio: Shortly after beginning the Mutant Nurserey, while strolling through a Suburban Neighborhood at night, Don found someone rather heartlessly leaving a little black kitten out in the rain all because they were superstious about black cats, Don knew the Nursrey wanted only animals from distingushed breeders and well kept zoos so the young animals in question would not have any truamas assoiated with humans, and he knew in the other timeline it was a female black cat named Jynx who caused everyone's doom, but Jynx was an adult cat from a city alley right? This was a kitten from the suburbs, besides Mikey rescued Klunk and Klunk turned out fine, as such Donatello is the one Amy is closest to frequently she slips up and calls him 'Dad'
Likes: Tuna sandwiches, vanilla milkshakes, music (She has a ton of CDs and cassettes) dancing and time alone with '
Turtle Dad'
Dislikes: Rain, Thunder and Lightning, Halloween (Has some tramatic experiences related to Halloween) Green Vegetables

Amy awoke to the sound of her alarm clock, it was a Monday same as any other Monday that meant school, here school was slightly different from what humans experienced, here school was at the place they lived, a massive complext of buildings and was partly underground but also had yards of New England Contryside so the Young Mutants could run around outside and get some sun.

It was the former Mad Hatter Jervis Tetch who went from room to room making sure the Children would be ready for class "Come, come!" He said "You know how Professor Crane hates tardiness!"
Specimen Name: William
Age: 15 years
Sex: Male
Species: Alaskan Malamute (Canis familiaris) / Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) Hybrid
Disposition: Social, outgoing, loves long walks in the woods. Likes fishing.
Bio: The offspring of an Alaskan Malamute named Nickola and an escaped zoo Grey Wolf named Rex, William was exposed to the mutagen at a young age. He is being taken care of primarily by Casey and April Jones, who have had a son named Cody, that he sees as a brother.
Likes: Being out in the woods, spending time with others.
Dislikes: Loud noises, and chocolate.

William woke up, listening to the birds chirping. He liked being out on the farm. His Guardians were currently on vacation there, visiting Grandma. Grandma was nice enough to make sure to make treats that didn't have chocolate.
Amy knew of William he had visited many times, but as a pet of the Turtles' human friends he lived with them and not at the 'Institution' which gave Amy and several other of the Cubs some bouts of envy from time to time.

After getting dressed, Amy and the Other Cubs made their way to the cafeteria for brekfast, Amy had her usual fried eggs and bacon and a glass of milk to wash it down with.

There were two dozen mutant children at the school she was part of the first dozen who were now in their upper elementery school years and the later dozen were currently in their kindergarten years, after that everyone was like 'Let's take a break adding new Mutant Children two dozen is all we can handle at the moment'

(Actually that first dozen was actually a 'Baker's Dozen' when Amy was unexpectedly added making her the thirteenth which she resented because she knew thirteen was an unlucky number, and the whole fact that she had been left out in the cold in the first place is because of the belief that black cats are bad luck made superstitions a subject of paranoa with her)

Most of the Cubs were mammals and birds, in addition to no Bugs yet because of Raph's hatred of bugs there were also no venmous animals because nobody felt ready yet to handle them, though there was an accidental exception with mutant mole and shrew, people simply forgot these mammals had venmous salvia but fortunatly because it was venom meant for insects when these Mutants bit it was more like a big bee sting the bitten area became swollen and purple but not fatal.

That led to another thing while it was known large animals seemed to hold onto more of their 'feral' instincts than small animals the same was true of animals that are small but ferocious predators like musteliads and insectivores like shrews and moles, seems it wasn't just size but also 'docility' and how easily a creature could be 'domesticated' and seemed turtles and rats were just in that perfect sweet spot
William was walking in the woods with Cody.

"A couple more days, and we'll have to go back to school," said Cody. "Most of the children at yours are younger than you."

"I think it was because I was an accident, and not planned," said William. "Most everyone else was selected."
There was a TV in the Cafeteria, mostly it just played the morning news for the Adults' to watch Amy idly watched it as she ate, but then something caught her eye, an ad for one of her favorite rock bands Limozeen were coming for a concert!

"Limozeen?!" Amy squeaked "Here?!" She jumped on the table so she could have a better look.

"Amethyst!" Jervis said "How many times have we told you no jumping on the tables?"

The Rogues were actually quite the lifesavers, in being the helping hands so the Turtles didn't have to do all the raising themselves, someone who could be in charge while they were in their lair in New York instead of Northhampton.

Jervis was of course the most eager to be aquainted with the little cubs, he liked reading them stories and having tea parties with them, Jonathan Crane and Edward Nygma both were more comfortable once the Cubs got a bit older a bit more of their intelligence was apparent
William looked at Cody. "So, have you managed to talk to that girl you got a crush on?"

Cody blushed. "Not yet."
So after Breakfast, they went to Jonathan Crane's History Class there Jonathan taught them about human history.

"Today our lesson shall be about the Space Race, as it was go glibly called..."

But all Amy could think about was that concert and how much she wanted to go to it...As a Cat she had an unfortunate habit of falling asleep in class and all of sudden Jonathan's lecture was interupted by the sound of Amy's head hitting the desk followed by her snoring...
Soon enough, William and Cody were back at the farm.

"Have a nice walk boys?" Grandma asked.

"We did, grandma," said William.

"Must of walked five miles," said Cody.

"Did that in blizzards, walking to school, uphill both ways," said Grandma.
Jonathan cleared his throat "Amethyst...." He said

Amy immediatly snapped her eyes open and sat up "I'm awake!" She said

"Have you been not getting enough sleep at night?" Jonathan asked "Have hyou been secretly staying up either watching television or playing on your computer?"

Amy felt the other cubs snickering "No Professor Crane..." She said "...I just haven't been sleeping period...I just lie in bed trying to sleep but my eyes won't stay closed."

"And why is that?" Jonathan asked folding his arms

"I just can't stop thinking about stuff." Amy sighed

Jonathan realized this may be Amy's anxiety acting up, in addition to teaching normal stuff he was also school psychologist, this might be serious.

"See me after class." He said
"I got some good steaks and chicken all done up," said Grandma. "Along with everything else two boys need."

"Thanks grandma," the boys said, as they ran into the dinning room.

"I'm glad you don't mind William calling you a grandma," said April.

"Depending on how one sees dogs, I'd be like his great-grandma, or something," the older woman said. "So, I'm not complaining."

"I'm still wondering about what we learned," said April. "About the future and all that."

"That it's like something out of Mad Max combined with Planet of the Apes?" Grandma asked. "Try growing up with the threat of nuclear war over your head. That will shape you a bit. Still, if you're ever worried about it, I know of folks that teach Prepping, as in what to do in the event of an apocalypse."

"Hopefully they aren't like those HATE guys or folks like them," said April.

"Funny enough, a few tried to do that sort of stuff," said Mrs. Jones. "I asked them where they were during this invasion or that invasion, and then I told them what you, Casey, and those boys had been doing - trying to save folk, while those fellas huddled in their basements wetting their pants. Whole class laughed at them."
After school, Jonathan sat Amy down in his therapy office.

"Now..." Jonathan said "...You know you can trust me My Dear, why have you been having such trouble sleeping? Have you been having nightmares again?"

"I don't know..." Amy sighed "...I haven't been remembering my dreams much lately...I've just been thinking...They keep saying we'll be intergrated into society soon, we've been taken on field trips and introduced to different groups of humans, but when will it be enough? When will it be time we can just walk among the humans without fear?"

Jonathan sighed "We're still doing the diplomatic paperwork 'dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's' and all that unplesantness there are still many people who have reservations about intelligent animals walking among them."
William watched the TV as he and Cody ate their dinner. One of those talk shows were on. They were trying to figure out folks opinions on those Pro and Against the Integration of mutant animals and the like into society.
As the session closed, Jonathan sighed "Perhaps you should talk to your 'Father' about your concerns when he comes over tomorrow."

Amy sighed she knew Don and all the other Mutants didn't like for any of the Mutant Children to refer to them as 'Father' they tried to maintain some distance from these Mutants who were not their biological children the Cubs could call them 'Sensei' or 'Master' and they didn't want any of the Cubs to get a feeling a favoritism, it was just so hard with Amy because Don personally rescued her she felt closer to him despite Mikey's attempts to spoil her indulging her love of music by getting her CDs and Casettes
One off the issues talked about was the social status of the mutant animals. One of the folks talking stated that such animal folk ought to be Slaves, or Pets.

William frowned as he heard this.

That was when a familiar voice came over the television saying, "That last grass wipe doesn't know a thing. I've enjoyed the one that my family adopted. As far as I'm concerned, they are my grandson! Anyone who doesn't understand that, shouldn't become a parent, or even own a pet!"

He looked, and saw Grandma Jones on the phone, saying what was being said by the television.
The Turtles in their sewer lair were of course watching the same show and couldn't help but chuckle when Mrs. Jones gave her two cents.

The Turtles had had a growth spurt seems 20 is the magic number when Mutant Red Earred Sliders reach their adult form they were now as tall as Casey...Their bodies being larger and heavy meant doing the acrobatic ninja thing wasn't as easy as it once was,

The other Turtles noticed Mikey packing candy and small toys into a bag "You spoil those kids too much Mikey..." Leo said
"Well, we ought to start planning for the holidays coming up," said Micky. "I mean, there's Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and a few others. Kiddos need to learn about them. I mean, do you really want them to be sad during this time of the year?"

Raph cracked a rare smile. "For once Micky, you got a point."
The next day the Turtles went to the Northhampton Countryside to visit the Mutant Children of the Facility.

All the Cubs cheered and ran over the the Turtles they idolized and Amy ran up to Don as usual.

"You ready for martial arts training?" Don asked

The Turtles realized martial arts was manditory not only so the Mutants knew self defense that wasn't just depending on their wild animal instincts but also the the learning of finesse that came with learning martial arts would help the Mutant Children learn to control their strengh so they didn't accidentily rip a human's arm off particurally when they became adults
After supper, Casey called the boys over for their MMA lessons.

"Just remember boys, First Rule is to never fight unless someone else starts, even if it means running away, if possible. Second Rule is to stick with your Friends and Family, as that means you have allies that can help to watch your back. Third Rule, when all else fails, it's time to kick butt, and you do what you need to do to protect not only yourself but those you care about."

"The way mom tells it, you always skipped to the third part," said Cody.

"I'll admit, I was a hothead when I was younger," said Casey. "Got me a lot of broken bones and scars, and now I'm paying for them. When you're young, you think that you can keep pushing your body. Problem is, at some point, something has to give."

The boys were silent at this.

"Now, the first thing we're going to do is warm up with a few laps around the farm," said Casey. "It doesn't need to be fast, but it needs to be steady."
After their martial arts lesson where they practiced their katas, Amy and Don went outside to the Yard,

"You've been really antsy today..." Don said chuckling "...What is it you want to talk about?"

"Well," Amy said "On TV I saw my favorite band is coming to town..."

And Don's demeanor instantly changed

"No!" He said "Absolutely not! You're not going to a concert!"

"Oh please..." Amy began to beg

"I'm sorry," Don said "But it is way to dangerous right now someone's been stirring up anti-mutant sentiment..."

Raph came over. "Is something going on?"

"Amethyst wants to go see a concert," said Don.

Raph looked at the cat girl. "What's the name of the band?"

"Limozeen, they're a rock band," said Amy.

"Rock music - I can get behind that," said Raph. "Let me and Don, and the others listen to some of their music, and we'll decide if you and the others might be able to go, or not. Now, go play."

Amy ran off to join the others.

"What are you doing?" Don asked.

"I think it's called playing Devil's Advocate," said Raph. "If the music is too mature for a child her age, she's not going. If it's family friendly, she might be going, unless you give me a very good reason as to why she shouldn't socialize with others her age. How else is she to learn how to control herself around humans, unless she learns how to act around humans?"

"I'm just worried about those anti-mutant groups and such," said Don.

Raph placed his hand upon his brother's shoulder. "Then go with her. That's the job of a father after all, to look after their children. Besides, it might not be as bad as you fear."

"You have a point," Don said, with a sigh. "It's strange when you're the voice of reason."

Raph chuckled. "We all have our moments when our roles change up."
It had been Jonathan who gave Amy her name, the three Rogues actually came up with most of the names for the Cubs, as the Turtles weren't sure how to pick names their own Father had chosen them from a battered art book.

After the Kitten was doused with Mutagen and it would only be a matter of time before the changes took place, as the Kitten wandered about the nursrey it was all agreed upon not to name this kitten 'Jynx' or anything remotely similar...Then Scarecrow noticed the kitten stopping in front of the box full of things for the children to play dress up, drangling from the box was a necklace of purple plastic jewels she batted at it.

"How about we name her after a Jewel?" Jonathan said "How about Amethyst?"

Mikey's face brightened "We can call her Amy for short!"

It was some time later Donatello and Jonathan were playing a game of chess, Don appriciated having someone other than Leo to play chess with and all three of the rogues were pretty skilled players.

"What is your fear of letting Amethyst go to the concert?" Jonathan asked as he moved one of his pawns in his opening move.

"I don't know..." Don sighed "...Things seemed to be going so well, now just as we're moving to the final stages all this anti-mutant sentiment starts up!"

Jonathan said "Have you given any consideration to the Joker..."

"Oh c'mon!" Don said "That guy's been rotting in his high tech prison cell for the past 15 years?"

"Your reptile mind blinds you to the fact age effect humans different..." Jonathan said "Though my hair is graying at the roots and mores lines of time have appeared in my face, if I still wanted to I could reek some havoc, same for Jervis and Edward, Edward is still only just middle aged not approaching seinor age like Jervis and myself..."
Meanwhile, in Gotham, a teenager was driving a stolen motorcycle, being pursued by a gang called The Jokerz. They were somewhere on the outskirts. There was a mansion with a fence around it.

"Come on," he said. "Don't quit now."

Inside the mansion, an aging Bruce Wayne was looking at some photos provided to him by an equally aging Amanda Waller.

"So, what does this boy have to do with me?" he asked.

"Can't tell?" Amanda asked, with a smirk.

"I don't play games, and you know it," said Bruce.

"I'll admit that there have been times that you and I don't get along, but I've always respected you," said Amanda. "However, like all men, you've gotten old, as have I. At some point, you will die. At the time, I thought that would mean that Batman would also die. So I made a project - Batman Beyond. Your DNA was easy to find - EMT bandages and such. Mr. McGinnis thought that it was a flu shot - did a little more than that. I didn't know about Damian Wayne's connection to you until afterwards."

"So, are you telling me that this Terry McGinnis is my son?" Bruce asked.

"Biologically, yes," said Amanda. "There was even plans that you'd end up raising and training him, although, luckily, that part hit quite the snag."

"What are you saying?" Bruce asked.

"His path was to mirror yours - folks killed after they left a theater, him watching," said Amanda. "The assassin had more of a conscience than I did. Said that we had to do it the right way. She had a point, I'll give her that."

"She?" Bruce asked.

"Phantasm, or Andrea Beaumont, as you also know her by," said Amanda. "She recalled you rather fondly, and told me that she wasn't going to just kill a couple in front of the kid, just to get the next Batman. She was right."

"I thought that she was dead," said Bruce.

"We're all dead, in a way," said Amanda. "Anyways, Terry's father works at Wayne-Powers Enterprises. Seems he's found something. I can't do anything official, but you might."

That was when Ace ran out of the house, barking.

"Security cameras," said Bruce.

There, approaching the house on a motorcycle, followed by a street gang, was the young man they'd been talking about.

"Speak of the devil," said Amanda.

"You slip out the back, and I'll provide him with what help I can," said Bruce.

"You be careful, Bruce," said Amanda. "He'll need you to guide him."
Someone requested to be part of this story at first I was wxcited but then I looked them up, their entire portfolio is full of random gibberish! Like seriously they make items and just title and fill them with random gibberish! No attempt to make a story at all! Well after that I deleated them post haste!

After listening to Limozeen's songs it was determined they were completly harmless they were really more like a paroday of hair metal and still made really good songs!

Still Don couldn't shake the feeling that none of the cubs should be let out at this particular time, he had no idea why he just felt some feeling danger was nearby...
(I wonder who?)

By this time, Bruce had made it to his front gate, just as Terry crashed his bike.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, but - Look out!"

Bruce ducked as a pipe flew over him.

"Shouldn't you be in bed, old man?" the leader of the gang asked.

"Just leave me be," said Bruce.

"Don't you know where we are?" the leader asked. "We're the Jokerz!"

Bruce chuckled. "Sure you are."

"Don't think we're the real deal? Take him!"

Two guys rushed him. Bruce knocked them off their bikes with his cane, a smile coming to his face. "Still got it."

Another came from another direction, only for Terry to jump him, knocking him off his bike. "I hope you don't mind me watching your back."

"Not really kid," said Bruce. "Hopefully these guys leave soon - my supper is getting cold, and I'll need to take my nighttime pills."
As they finished their chess game Jonathan said "Sometimes Donatello, I fear that your efforts to not make the same mistakes that created that horrific future you may be making other mistakes."

"What do you mean?" Don asked

"I mean I know you've wanted to keep your emotional distance from the cubs, not wanting any of them to call you 'Father' but perhaps you could have made some exceptions, you don't know what personality is being unleashed by the mutagen and the fact is some children are simply more sensitive than other and should be more coddled, look at Jervis and the mess he became!"
"So, you're saying that I should ease up a bit?" Don asked.

"More or less," said Johnathan. "You don't need to shower the kid with every gift that they want, but acting like a Marine Drill Sargent isn't the way to go either.
"At the very least perhaps you can make an exception and let her call you Father..." Jonathan said

Meanwhile, Amy was sleeping in her bed, she was having a dream unlike any she had ever experienced before!

In her dream, she saw a pipe pouring out some green liquid that seemed to be poisonous causing the wildlife in the river to go belly up, Amy was like a spirit floating above this toxic river as the amount of bodies piled up,

Then a Black Cat Head that was not her own floated toward her saying "I'm coming for you!"

And with that Amy woke up in a cold sweat!
By this point in time, Bruce was back in his living room with Terry. The Jokerz had left when they figured out that the two weren't going to go down easily. Annoyingly, that was when Bruce's heart decided to cause him some issues. Thankfully, Terry had gotten him inside, and got his pills.

"Feeling better, sir?" Terry asked.

"I've been worse," said Bruce.

"You seem to know what you were doing in that scrap out there," said Terry. "Pretty good, for an older gentleman."

Bruce chuckled. "I've faced my share of brawls in my younger days. Some were trickier than others."

"Do you think that you could teach me some tricks?" Terry asked.

"Depends," said Bruce. He looked towards the window, and saw Ace out and about, as Amanda quietly left. "Ace seems to be a little worked up over the excitement, and might not be too inclined to let you leave. I got a spare bedroom though - my butler, Alfred, used it before-" the old man feel silent. It had been a few years since that one constant companion since his parents' deaths had passed away - closest thing he had to a father.

Terry seemed to pick up on some of the unspoken words. "I'll try to not mess it up too much. Good friends are more valuable than money."

Bruce nodded. "Good choice of words."
Don and Mikey came into the room "Amy!" Mikey said "We heard screaming, you OK?"

"I...Had a nightmare..." Amy sighed

"Care to tell us what it was about?" Don asked

Amy told them about the contaminated river and when she got to 'a black cat face that was not her own' saying 'I'm coming for you!' She noticed Don's face get very, very pale, they had all agreed to never to tell any of the cubs about the horrific future in hopes not to 'jynx' it...But with this dream, Don realized he needed to contact Renet to see if ghosts from a future that was eliminated could somehow still exist, caught in a kind of 'flux'
(We'll assume that things between Bruce and Terry go similar enough to the canon Batman Beyond cartoons)

Meanwhile, April and Casey were talking.

"What are you thinking about?" Casey asked, as he looked at April.

"I'm worried a little bit about what we were told could happen," said April. "The whole one day William's descendants will enslave ours."

"Those two had a good relationship from what we could see," said Casey. "Our boys have a good relationship. Hopefully that will be enough."
After Don ran out of the room as it seemed he was about to hyperventalate, Amy immediatly picked up on it, Mikey tried to smooth things down,

"Hey! Hey!" He said "I'm sure it was nothing! Look on the bright side Tomorrow Cousin Willy is coming back to the school! You always like to play with him the most right?"
William lay awake. He looked over at Cody. "Are you still up?"

"I am," said Cody. "Can't sleep. I keep having this weird dream where I'm in some post-apocalyptic place, naked, save for a caveman's loincloth, and a dog collar around my neck, with you holding a leash connected to said collar."

"If it makes you feel better Cody, I keep having the same sort of dream, only I'm wearing the loincloth and collar, and you holding the leash," said William.

Cody chuckled. "Okay, that makes me feel better."

"Try to get some sleep, little brother," said William. "No more sneaking in Planet of the Apes and Mad Max for us." He frowned as he looked up at the ceiling. What he'd said, had been a lie - his dream was exactly as Cody had described, his brother wearing a loincloth and collar, as he held the leash. He didn't know what it was about, but he promised himself that he'd look after his brother, regardless of what was going to happen.
After that Don couldn't bring himself to face Amy or really any of the other students the net day, instead he spent the whole day trying to find a way to contact Renet, he had to ask her questions...

Meanwhile William came back to the school as a bonafide teenager instead of a little kid, all the Cubs idoloized him thought he was the coolest thing since James Dean
However, William was worried about what he'd told Cody, and felt guilty for it. He found Jonathan alone.

"Does lying about something make one a bad person?" he asked.

"Depends on the nature of the lie," said Jonathan. "Mind telling me?"

"Last night, I had this weird dream, looked like something out of Mad Max mixed with Planet of the Apes," said William. "Cody was there, dressed in a loincloth with a collar around his neck, and I was holding the leash connected to it."

"Alright," said Jonathan. "What happened?"

"Well, I woke up, asked Cody if he was awake - he'd had the same dream, with him wearing the loincloth and collar and me holding the leash," said William. "So I told him that I had the opposite dream - me wearing the loincloth and collar, him holding the leash. Since then, I'm not sure how to look at him without feeling guilty."

Jonathan smiled. "You were trying to protect him. Wait a few days, and during the night, wake up, and while chuckling, wake him up, tell him that he gave you his crazy dream. Maybe he'll tell you that you gave him yours."

"Thanks Jonathan." William walked away.
"Hey! Willy!" Amy said throwing an arm around his neck "How's my favorite Cousin?"

"All right..." William chuckled "What do you want Amy? I know when a Cat is being this friendly to a Dog something is up."

"I need to talk to you in secret." Amy said "Meet me under the jungle gym."

Under the the snow covered jungle gym, Amy said "I want, no I NEED to get to the Limozeen Concert this Saturday and I need your help, the Turtles told me I couldn't go because it's too dangerous, I need your help cuz you've been in the outside world more, you know the terrian, also, since you're older and stronger, you can smuggle me out! As a Cat I'm a pretty good contorntionist I can fit in something the size of Don's Duffel Bag no prob!"
"Listen, Amy, while I'm willing to go with you, I don't think that just sneaking out is the answer," said William. "Besides, Random Bed Checks do happen on occasion."
Amy sighed, she thought William would be willing to help her with her plan, but f not she might just have to go it completly alone.

Meanwhile Don was contacted by an Astral Projection of Renet's Master Lord Simultatius.

The Time Lord's are still doing reserch on the changes to the Time Stream," The Time Lord said "We let the changes be made because the future that had been created was so objectivly worse that any change was better however this is the first time we have ever allowed such change."

"What have you found?" Don asked then he realized this wasn't a conversation this was a prerecorded message and this wasn't an Astral Projection but a hologram
"To be honest, we're not sure what will happen," said the Time Lord. "However, here's some advice, from one misguided father that had to learn the hard way, to another who needs to learn - your children will grow up better if they see you as a father that's willing to have fun with them on occasion, than if you are always a stern taskmaster. While some need discipline, others need love."

Don wondered what that meant.

"In short, take Amy to that concert she's telling you about," said the Time Lord. "Now, if you don't mind, my son has discovered this interesting video game where the objective is to kill the members of the other team. I plan to let him win six times out of eleven initially, until he gets better, then he'll have to earn the wins."
Meanwhile, Bishop having done something that could not be ingnored, being willing to kill all of Humanity so he and his super soldiers could escape to have revenge on the the Alien Races of the universe, was bing held in a 'Tai Lung' situatuion since it was discovered the changes made to his body and while he had earned the death penalty many times over with his crimes, no one was sure if he could be killed by anything, so he was in a specially built prison keeping his body immobilized
He heard a tapping sound, like that of a wooden cane tapping on the floor. He looked to see the one known as Splinter enter his cell.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Splinter sat down on a chair that showed up. "Got to admire the technology that the Green Lantern Core has access too, among others. A nice chair is good on the bones."

"Like I care," said Bishop.

Splinter chuckled. "Bishop, you're smart - you've already figured out how to escape from this place, and could do so easily. However, your problem is, everyone knows that you don't give a rat's tail for humanity, and thus people on Earth would shun you on sight. Probably more so than my sons and I, to say nothing about the young ones - we've done Humanity no harm, and have helped it many times over, in spite of those anti-mutant speakers. Most of the aliens we've encountered have been willing to help as well, in their own ways."

"What is this about?" Bishop asked.

The rat began to cough. A guard looked into the cell, concerned, for one reason or another.

"It's alright," said Splinter, as he got out a cloth, coughing into it, coating it in blood where he placed his mouth over it.

Bishop's eyes widened as he saw the blood. "Lung cancer?"

"Well, living in a sewer didn't help, same with all those fights over the years," said Splinter. "Still, I have no regrets when my time comes - I've raised my boys fairly well, some learning how to be fathers themselves, more or less. Society is slowly accepting mutants and others."

"So, what does that have to do with me?" Bishop asked.

"I'm on an interesting quest of sorts," said Splinter. "One that you might be able to help me on."

Bishop chuckled. "And how would I be able to help you on it?"

"By earning the forgiveness of those you've wronged, including myself," said Splinter. "I want to help you redeem yourself. What happened to you wasn't right, but you shouldn't unleash your anger upon those that were innocent. With the resources available to the JLU, among others, I've found out a lot about you. Your wife died before your escape, and you never managed to find what happened to your son."

For the first time in along time, tears came to Bishop's eyes. "Savanah and John Jr.," he said. "They were everything to me. I don't know if I'd of survived the war, but the Greys took that chance from me."

Splinter nodded. "I too know what it's like to lose those I care about. Sadly, you never located your son, thus, you know nothing about him."

"Don't you know what it's like to spend almost two centuries not knowing what happened to your loved ones?" Bishop asked. "Even with my resources, I found nothing!"

"You didn't have access to the ones I've found," said Splinter. "I found out that your son, John Bishop Junior, became a Green Lantern member, shortly before you escaped the Greys."

"What?" Bishop asked.

Splinter nodded. "He also had a family, with a fellow Green Core member. They had plenty of descendants, many becoming Green Lantern Core members. Some would like to meet you. In fact, your son actually left a message for you, just in case something happened to him, before you met with him again."

"A message? For me?" Bishop asked.

"I listened to it," said Splinter. "Your son spoke fondly of you - said that you were the bravest person he knew, willing to protect the country, even if it cost you your life. In fact, he found information about you, and was going to rescue you. Sadly, while on his way to do so, he had to save some folk in need of immediate help - he managed to save them, but the effort was too much for him. He died saving others, while trying to save you. Keep that in mind. The message can be brought here, if you want to listen to it. I'd suggest that you do - I'm willing to act as your parole officer, as it were, if you do so."

"What?" Bishop asked.

"Call it a Conditional Release," said Splinter. "You'd be tracked at all times, but you'd be free to go where you want."

"Why?" Bishop asked.

"Because you could be forever known as the traitor that would abandon Humanity in their darkest hour, or you could be the one that sheds some light during it," said Splinter. "While I hope that the future is bright, with humans, mutants, and aliens living side-by-side in harmony, it would pay to have a contingency plan to try an prevent the worst future from coming true."
Meanwhile, Don came to Amy and said "All right, I changed my mind, I'll take you to that concert."

Amy was amazed by how quickly that turned around "And they say Cats are fickle..."

Don rubbed the back of his head "I got some more advice," He said "And I'm going to keep close watch on you the entire time..."

Meanwhile back of the Jones place, Cody coughed a little more harshly than usual

"Got a cold Cody?" April asked

"I don't think so..." Cody said "...I was fine yesterday..."

I have a plan with Cody's illness it was inspired by something I read in an RPG book I would appriciate not messing with it until I reveal what it is
Bishop decided to watch his son's message. There was his son, a man, looking at him, across the decades.

"Father, if you're watching this, it means that I failed to rescue you, and was either killed during the attempt, or something equally important happened that prevented me from doing so, which probably cost me my life," said the one calling themselves John Bishop Jr. "Some scars I had at the time I last saw you was from when that raccoon bit me in the hand, and let's not forget the time that baby snapping turtle bit me in the butt. You said, 'At least it wasn't his pa pa. He would have taken the whole cheek.'"

A chuckle came from Bishop's throat. "I remember."

"Father, I followed in your footsteps, and became a soldier, fighting for the United States of America," said John Jr.. "I saw some pretty country. Seen some more after I found this green ring. I met up with a good woman, fell in love with her, and well, we made a family. We've had several children together. Hopefully you'll meet them. I think you'd like Mau."

At this, a black-furred cat-like woman stepped next to Bishop's son.

"Speaks her mind, and has no problems arguing with me if I'm wrong or being a fool," said John Jr. "Her sort live for a long time, centuries even. It's kind of funny - a woman that can live for over five hundred years willing to settle for a man that would be lucky to even see eighty years. Still, she loves me, and I love her. Maybe you'll meet some day."
I'm assuming the Cat-Woman is some kind of Alien not a Earth Animal Mutant

Don told Amy he would take her tonight, he had his Shell Cycle ready and she could sit in the sidecar.

Driving into Northhamptom, they stopped at a Small Pizzaria with a friendly owner who knew what they were.

"Hey Don," The Owner said "Just you tonight?"

"I'm on what you would call a 'special mission' this week." Don chuckled "Two personal pizzas."

As the two took off their helmets and sat down at a table Amy said "So how are things going with all the 'politics' I keep hearing about?"

"Everyone we've talked to seems to be OK with Mutants." Don sighed "A lot of them say 'We're OK with the Justice League who are far more powerful so we should be OK with you guys' so we don't know where this Anti-Mutant sentiment is coming from like it seems to just be coming out of nowhere..."
(She's an alien cat - maybe distantly related to the cat-like Egyptian Gods that looked cat-like.)

"Might just be the same sorts of folk that have issues with black folk," said a voice near them.

Don looked, and saw a black man wearing the uniform of a police officer, waiting for their meal.

"I get the hate from several directions," the man said. "Hated for being a cop, hated for being black, hated for being Muslim, and sometimes, I'm hated because I'm a male, and also because I like to barbeque while my neighbor is a white, holier-than-thou Christian, Vegan, woman, who hates cops. Of course, she hates me for having a husband that loves me for all my own quirks, while she can't get a date."

"Sounds like you have a lot of tolerance," said Don.

"My husband has his own quirks too," said the officer. "He's one of those, um, Adult Dancers, and they do more than just dance around a pole. Makes more money than I do, and with our bills, I'm not going to complain too much."
Meanwhile, at the School William was happy the situation with Don and Amy got itself sorted out, now if only he could get away and didn't have to take lessons at this school.

Just then one of the younger children, a Pink Piglet came up to William "Willy..." The Piglet said "...Could you read me a bedtime story?"

William smiled "Sure Pete, I can read to you."

The Piglet held up the book, it was titled 'Familars' and underneith that word was the sentence 'The RPG of Magical Pets'
(See this for reference https://www.ganeshagames.net/product_info.php?products_id=22) The cover illistration was a lovely image a tall willowy woman surrounded by a varity of animals and if one looked cloesly a small vauguely Humanoid doll that was a Homunculus)

'Uh oh' William thought to himself 'Looks like the adults weren't careful while looking through the donations and at passing glance assumed this was a storybook' He flipped through mostly just describing the player species options, various monsters you could encounter and one adventure at the end but nothing too un-child friendly

"Sure Pete." William said "I can read this to you at bedtime."
He then rechecked it, and smiled. "Actually, this one seems to be the sort of story where the listeners get to act out certain parts. Maybe if a few of the others are up to it, I can tell it to a whole bunch of you. That being said, let me read it first so I know how to do my parts. I'll also need some other things so that the group can act out their parts."
He checked the species list, unfortunatly no Pigs amoung the species options, he did see certain species were going to be in the expandion pack/sequesl Foxfire, but then he checked the very back of the book, seemed Foxfire was supposed to have debeauted several years ago when he cheked online sources the Familars RPG never got its sequeal seems there just wasn't enough support of the Familars RPG for Ganesha Games to make the sequel

But then as he looked through the descriptions of the Monsters, one particular caught his attention, the Googan, a subspecies of Goblin, small and covered with black hair, it will inhabit a house secretly and must be appeased with either a few drops of milk or a piece of dry bread left on a plate, if it is not appeased it will start sitting on the human's chest every night and steal his or her breath away while sleeping the human will suffer nightmares while sleeping and be weak and lethargic during the day, the human will die within a fornight, also Googans are terrified of both cats and rabbits and will not inhabit a house where these animals are kept as pets.

Now what no one was able to know was that Joker, in his prison cell was in secret contact with Evil Fae, the Unseelie as they were called as Opposed to the Good but still Dangerous Seelie the Unseelie were impressed with Joker and they offered him a deal, if he helped them get into the human world they would help him shed his human form and become a Fae himself!
"I wonder if there are other RPGs that would be safe for the younger ones," William muttered. "Of course, I could make up a safe-ish scenario."
That night Don and Amy checked into a motel to stay the night.

"Good night Don." Amy said from her bed

"Good night Amy." Don said "Try to actually sleep tonight."

"Right now..." Amy said "...I can barely keep my eyes open..."

Meanwhile at the Jones, house as Cody went to sleep, out from under his bed came a small black, very ugly creature, he hopped onto Cody's bed, sat on his chest and throughout the night stole his breath away while Cody suffered through the same nightmare
As he slept, William once again found himself holding a leash, connected to a collar around Cody's neck.

Cody was looking at him, fear in his eyes.

"Cody, I don't know if this is just a bad dream brought on by sneaking peaks of Mad Max and Planet of the Apes, or a vision of something else, just know this," he said. "I am your bother, and I'll never harm you." He then undid the collar, and held his brother close to him. "I hope that you're having a better dream than this - like a walk through Grandma's woods, as she readies cookies and such for us."
Meanwhile Don was having an entirely different nightmare...He dreamed he was on a barren planet looking almost more like Mars than Earth under a bleak yellow sky, the bones of both humans and Mutant Animals were everywhere.

"You can't change the future!" A Melodious Voice taunted him "Any attempt to do so will only make things worse and worse!"

"All right show yourself!" Don shouted beginning to realize this clearly was no ordinary nightmare "If this is the Foot Mystics again I swear..."

"The Mystics?!" The Voice Laughed "Those odious little lickspittles?! No Donatello I am the Spirit of Time itself...I am the Future you Created because deep down you want this to be the future..."

"That's a lie!!!" Don shouted "This is the oposite of what I want to happen!"

A figure matelized it was a Black Cat Woman much more slender than Amy with larger ears and a more angular face (SInce Don ended up never creating Jynx he realized he never found out what she looked like) but most disturbing was she was wearing a dress made entirely out of bones!

"Don't you feel the humans deserve it?" The Cat-Woman asked as she belly danced seductivly "After all they put us Animals through?"
William held onto the dream version of Cody, hoping that this was just a bad dream.

"William, is this you?" asked Cody.

William's eyes widened, yet he didn't wake up. "Yes, Cody. It's actually me."

"I'm scared," said Cody.

That was when William heard something, galloping horses.

"We need to hide," he said.
Don didn't realize he ended up talking in his sleep and Amy woke up and listened in the middle of the night.

The next morning Amy was unusually quiet, Don suspected something was up.

"How about we go for a walk in the woods?" He asked "Just you and me."

As the two of them walked in the nearest wilderness area, both hesitant to be the first one to talk, finally Amy was the one who could bare it no longer and asked "Why is...Jynx?"

Don felt his heart skip a beat

"Where did you hear that?"

"You were talking in your sleep last night..." Don knew about Amy's paranoia about superstisions

"All right..." Don feeling his back was up against the wall with all these dreams and ill omens "...I'll tell..."

And he told her the tale of the horrible future they learned of years ago and that they were told by a Beetle a Wolfdog and a Panther of a world where there was a War between the Humans and the Mutants the humans lost and the Mutants kept them as pets and slaves, and it was all started by the Mutants Don decided to create because he was lonely in particular they were told a female black cat named Jynx led a rebellion against him and became the Founder of Animal Society..."

He hadn't even finished telling the story when he noticed the horrified expression on Amy's face and she began to run away

"Amy! Wait!" Don yelled as he ran after her,

Amy saw an old abadoned facory up ahead there was a hole in the wall, she dived through it, Don followed suit.

But lo and behold the hole that was just right for the small kitten was too small of a bulky Mutant Turtle particurally not after his growth spurt, Don was trapped his front half was in the factory but his back half was trapped outside also his Duffel bag was trapped outside.

Seeing this, Amy jumped up a pile of wooden crates out a broken window and saw Don's butt and furiously kicking legs with a wicked grin, Amy decided to give Don a kick in the butt though it actually more scratching hus butt with her foot claws, Don winced and she left two sets of wounds on both his butt cheeks

"Amy that hurt!" Don cried both shocked and hurt that Amy would attack him like this

"All my life I've felt like I've had a curse over my head!" Amy cried out "Now I know why! Now I know why you've kept your distance from me and sometimes had this weird look when you look at me! Well I'm through! I'm going my own way!"

"Amy! Get back here!" Don yelled

"You're not my Dad!" Amy called as she walked away "You've been telling me that all my life!"

"Amy!" Don yelled trying to sound like a Dad "When I get out of here I'm gonna tan your hide..." Then he realized she probobly could no longer hear, "What have I done?" He sighed
Somehow, William woke up, as he and Cody dove behind a large boulder. William looked around. The sun was shining. "I hope he woke up too." On a whim, he dialed his brother's cellphone.
"The first thing he heard was a cough..."

"Hey William..." Cody said through his coughs "...I think I caight a cold..."

"Oh..." William said "...I'm feeling just fine."

"You have fur." Cody said dryly

Willaim suddenly had a burst of intuion

"I know they say dairy makes you feel more stuffed up..." Willaim said "...But I have a feeling maybe some milk will make you feel better..."

"Milk?" Cody said "I haven't drunk milk in years,"

"Yeah you practically live on energy drinks," Willaim said "Despite how much Mom says you shouldn't just take my advice and ask for milk, OK?"

Meanwhile Splinter suddenly had a feeling one of his Sons was in trouble and couldn't ask for help
Splinter pulled out his shellphone. "How do you work the voice-call thing on this?"

"Who do you want to call?" the phone asked.

Acting on instinct, Splinter said, "Donatello."

"Calling Donatello."
Don fortunatly kept his shell cell in his belt not his Duffel so with much wriggling he was able to get it out from under him and answer.

"Donatello where are you?" Splinter asked

Don knew this would be incredibly embarresing however it was beginning to snow and a part of his body that had open wounds was exposed "I"m stuck in the hole of the wall of an abadoned factory in the Northhampton Woods." Don said

"Care to explain how you got in such a postion?" Splinter asked

"Can that be for later?" Don asked blushing "Currently the lower half of my body is exposed to the cold and that part of my body currently has open bleeding wounds..."
Splinter sighed. "I'll be there right soon."

There was a sound behind Don, and he found himself hauled out of the hole, onto his back, looking up to see Master Splinter, and a black cat woman.

"Thanks for the help Mau," said Splinter.

"You helped my family locate my father-in-law, for what it's worth," the cat woman said, as she helped Don to his feet. "Although how a man so filled with hate could have produced a man so full of care is beyond me."

"There's two kinds of family I've been privileged to deal with - the one you're born to, and the one you make," said Splinter. "Besides, maybe he'll come around, once he learns that there are indeed those that care for his well-being."

"Who are you talking about?" Don asked.

"Bishop," said Splinter. "I'm seeing about recruiting him for a long-term project - either a contingency plan in case Jynx does show up, or how to keep the peace between humans, mutants, and aliens. Now, what happened?"

Don let out a sigh of his own. "I told Amy about Jynx."

"Looks like she didn't take it well," said Splinter. "Mau, send me to her, while you look after my son."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Mau asked. "That last trip seemed to have taken a bit out of you."

"I'm fine," said Splinter. "This is family - that's more important."

"Understood," said Mau. She pointed at the rat, causing him to vanish. She then looked at Don. "Let's see what I can do. I've worked with some Reptilian sorts."

Splinter found himself near a park. He could see the kitten's tracks. "Amy!" he called out. "It's Grandpa Splinter! It's alright. I want to talk to my grandchild."
"I'm no Grandchild of your's..." Amy said "...The Turtles told us over and over again we're not they're children..."

"Sometimes what the mouth says and what the heart wants are two different things..." Splinter said

Any still didn't stop walking

"Amy slow down!" Splinter said "Where are you going?"

"I want to meet Limozeen before the concert," Amy said "I want to audition this could be my chance to get into the music bizz."

A hand gently placed itself upon Amy's shoulder. She looked, to see that Splinter was beside her.

"Then let's go together," the elderly rat said. "I would like to hear my granddaughter sing."

"How did you catch up so fast?" Amy asked.

Splinter chuckled, then turned, coughing into his cloth. "Some things one learns with age," he said as he put the cloth away.

Amy noticed the blood. "Are you sick?"

Splinter nodded. "The doctors don't know how long I have, not even those with access to alien medical technology. I was old before I was mutated."

"I'm sorry about what I said just now," said Amy.

"Someone once said that Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift, which is why it is called the Present," said Splinter.

"Sounds like you stole that from a movie," said Amy.

Splinter chuckled. "You're not wrong. A good ninja steals information from any place they can." He carefully held Amy's hand. "Now, let's go see this concert. Your father will catch up in a moment, after a friend of mine helps him heal up those scratches you left him."

"I should apologize to him," said Amy, as they started walking again. "I just lost my temper when he told me that stuff."

"You should," said Splinter. "Just remember, right or wrong, the reason he didn't tell you this information before is because he loves you. He's like me there - I didn't tell him or his brothers about our connection to the Shredder because I didn't want them to go after him out of a misguided attempt for revenge in a fight that they had no part in, until it came to us anyways."

"Has a fight we're trying to avoid come to us?" Amy asked.

"Here's another stolen piece of advice," said Splinter. "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best."
I just want to take a brief break from this campfire as I figure out what to do next also I really want WolfKingdom to be part of this campfire so I'm giving him a chance to fix his tech problems on a side note, I know this Cody isn't eactly the same as Fast Forward Cody but as you know I hate Cody so I''m relishing the chance to torment him having him be the victim of a goblin

The End!

So while Amy and Splinter waited for Don to be healed and catch up with them, April and Mrs Jones heard Cody's request for a glass of milk.

"William suggested that eh?" Mrs Jones said "Well seems like he's developing some common sense, when you're sick you should have real food not junk that's mostly sugar and whatever chemicals."

"Could it be cold milk?" Cody said "Warm milk is just too cloying for me."

They brought him a tall glass of milk

"That can be your glass." Mrs. Jones said as she left the glass on the nightstand "Don't need anyone else getting sick." and with that they left his room

Cody lay down to rest, as he fell asleep the Googan crawled out from under the bed and licked out the dreggs of milk that remained in the glas
(Hey ya'll, I'M BACK! Tech situation is clear, and now, it's time to catch up and really get the ball rolling on this campfire!)

Species Name: Owler
Age: 7 human years
Sex: Male
Species: White Barn Owl
Disposition: Playful, understanding, confident, and creative
Bio: Sent from the future, Martin ends up stuck in the past sometime before Jynx appears. Knows how to defend, fly and a few judo moves.
Parents: Unknown
Likes: Music, flying, gardening, and putting on comedy shows
Dislikes: Crashing, feathers being plucked, and bullies

         As Amy and Splinter made there way to the concert, a temporal wormhole opened infront of them.
         Fearing it may be Jynxx, Splinter pulled Amy behind him as a safety precaution.
         Unfortunately, what they didn't anticipate was a young owl flying out past them and into a tree.
         "Oh, Martin crashes in..."
         Falling to the ground, he watched as the time portal closed behind him.
         Fearing the intruder might be hurt, Splinter and Amy checked him out.
Meanwhile, William was looking up some more TTRPGs, and figuring out how they worked, and what might fit the kids best. There was even advice on how to make thins more child-friendly for those under the usual age of 12 years old.
Um...WolfKingdom is your character named Owler or Marton you're kind of giving conflicting information also is he a child or adult? Your information is kind of ambiguous

Meanwhile Joker was still in communication with the Unseelie

'We have begun to penitrate the Human World...' They said to his mind '...Feeding on the fears of both humans and mutants have given us more power, but we still need more!'

Don and Mau finally got up, Don was still rubbing his rear end from the risidual pain

"What's going on?" Don asked

"An Owl came out of nowhere!" Amy exclaimed
         Walking up behind Splinter, the dubbed owl had a bit of fear.
         "Um, hi. I'm Owler, a barn owl."
         Scratching his chin, Splinter looked to Owler in a bit of confusion.
         "Then why did you say Marton earlier?"
         Scratching the back of his head, Owler felt a bit embarressed.
         "Because I was thrown into a strange portol by my friend Marton. He was a beaver, saved me from being killed by some guy named... Flynxx... no thats not it... Stinxs..."
         Furrowing his browSplinter knew who he was talking of.
William wondered how Cody was doing. He wanted to know if his own counterpart of him had freed him of the collar and leash, and then hugged him, before the pair had been forced to hide. He wondered what the dream meant. Was it a look at the future, or something else?
Don heard what was said but by now he had learned his lesson, he wasn't going to fly off the handle instead he was going to calmly try to figure out what was going on.

"OK Owler..." Don said "...What exactly happened to you before you arrived?"

"Me and my friend Martin were just playing, you know tossing a ball around in the yard, when this crazy black cat wearing clothes made out of bones came out of nowhere!"

"Came out of nowhere..." Don rubbed his chin "...So I presume she wasn't there before?"

"No!" Owler said "I lived in this nice little mixed species neighborhood in Northhampton!"

Now Don had been wondering about ghosts of people and things that got elimenated when a timeline got erased becoming ghosts in a state of Flux but now that he thought about his nightmare where Jyn appeared the more he realized it didn't make sense, the horrible future timeline he was told about, Jynx did what he did to protect her fellow Mutants, she rebelled against him because she thought he wasn't doing enough, the Jynx in his nightmare just wanted indiscriminant death and destruction...

"Sensei..." Don said "...I've been thinking, if not the Mystics I think someone is doing all this to mess with our heads..."
         Scratching his chin, Splinter couldn't deny the logic.
         "Tell me young Owler, what else to you remember?"
         Thinking, Owler began to try remember what he could.
         "Well, I do remember her holding a strange looking weapon."
         Blinking, they patiently waited for anymore information that could be useful.
         "Yeah, it was kinda weird though. Everytime she slashed it, it opened one of those portal things and sucks us in. Guess it spits us out here or something."
"It could be a parallel world thing," Mau suggested. "I've seen that sort of stuff before. I know of one where my counterpart's husband survived, but his father didn't - he's still alive in that version even. Me and him occasionally meet up at times - seems my counterpart didn't make it."

"But, didn't we stop Jynxx from showing up because we stopped the widescale spread of the tainted mutagen?" Don asked.

"There are plenty of theories as to how parallel worlds occur," said Mau. "Imagine you were placed at a set of crossroads that go North, South, East, and West - in one world, you went North, another went South, another East, another West, and every other point of the compass, and one stayed still. This repeats for every set of crossroads that you and your counterparts encounter. One world, you are the one you know quite well. In another, you are a lawyer, in another you are a soldier, a cowboy in another, a truck driver in the next, and so on. There's even a version of you that's a Green Lantern even, or some other Lantern Corp member. There's even versions of you that are so ruthless, they would make your version of the Shredder shake in his skin."

"Really?" Don asked.

"Seen it before, and my one counterpart scares me, especially the aspects of us that are still the same," said Mau.
"Ugh..." Don sighed as he rubbed his temples "...This is making my head hurt, this is why I don't like thinking about Quantum Physics..."

And then he remembered what Jonathan had said to him, to consider the Joker...

It didn't seem like the Clown Prince of Crime could do anything from his High Tech Prison Cell...But maybe he didn't have to leave, maybe he was giving orders to someone from his Prison Cell.

"I got to call my Bros and the everyone else at the school..." Don said "...Warn them the Joker might be up to something, while we're at it let's get out of the snow and into somewhere warm."
         As everyone made there way through the woods.
         "So, where am I anyway?"
"Planet Earth, unless you want to want more specifics," said Mau. The cat-like alien looked at the rest. "Was there someplace more specific you want to be?" she asked. "Teleportation is one of my abilities."
"He said he was from Northhampton," Don said "So that's where you still are just back in time..." He got out his Shell Cell to Dial Leo

"Yeah?" Leo said

"Some freaky stuff has been happening." Don said "I think you should check on Joker, he may be doing stuff from his cell."

"What kind of freaky stuff?" Leo asked causing William's ears to perk up
         "Try possible inter-dimmenssional, possibly time travel. A little owl came through a portal, discribed Jynxx weilding a weapon that sends anythine it slashes to another dimmension."
         'Wow, okay. I'll see if I can find anything out on my end. Anything else?"
         "Not at the moment, but I'll keep ya posted if I find anything else out."
         'Okay, I'll let the others know whats going on, got a feeling we could use all the help we can get.'
         Nodding, Don said his goodbye and hung up.
"Now, let's head to this concert my granddaughter has been mentioning," said Splinter. "Sounds like a lot of fun. We all could use some of that."
I thought Owler was just sent back in time from this Planet's future not from another dimension entirely

"That Concert won't be till Saturday." Amy said "I was headed there so I could audtion before the concert...Also we really should get out of the cold now, I think the cold is causing Dad's brain to mess up."

"Huh?" Don said

"You said the Owl was from another dimension or something along those lines..." Amy said "...Seems he's just from this Plnaet's future."

She pointed to the T-Shirt Owler was wearing "I can see he's wearing an Alice Cooper T-Shirt."

"Oh that's just a hand me down." Owler said "Belonged to my Dad when he was an Owlet before he gave it to me."
(Sorry, brain hurting between the kids, severe thunder/tornado warnings going on now, and trying to keep up with ya'll.)
         Realizing his mistake, Don smacked himself in the face.
         "Note to self, take a few me days."

~Few minutes later~

         Entering the concert hall, Amy went on to sign up to audition as everyone began to warm-up from being out in the cold.
Mau leaned against a wall, looking at Splinter. There were in an area where not a whole lot of people were nearby. "Mind filling me in on who this Jynxx character is supposed to be?"

"Long story short, a female black cat mutant that's supposed to take over leadership of the mutants during a war, go against more peaceful teachings, and turn humans into Slaves and Pets, if the human is lucky enough to get that under her rule," said Splinter.

"And if the humans are unlucky?" Mau asked.

"Those not under her rule, or those of her successors, become more tribal, Ferals as the time travelers said," said Splinter. "The really unlucky ones, they are treated like livestock."

"Hmm, I can see where that would be an issue, especially for those on the side of humans," said Mau. "And Bishop would of abandoned humanity to this fate?"

"Yes," said Splinter. "The one known as Joker recorded him basically saying his plan."

"John spoke rather highly of him, citing his bravery and such," said Mau. "Hard to believe that the man he spoke of would decide to run away without trying to fight first."

"I hope we can bring him around," said Splinter. "Like I told him - I hope for peace between humans, mutants, and aliens, but if this dark future comes, he might be one of the few who could light the way for humanity during it."

"Maybe my sons and daughters will convince him to come around," said Mau. "I'm sure he's watched John's message by now."

By this point, tears were falling from Bishop's eyes, as he learned everything that his son had done, not only on Earth, but beyond it. A mixture of joy, sadness, and a bit of anger filled him. His own son, died a hero, and had died trying to save him. A sense of shame came over him. He'd been willing to abandon the Earth to it's fate, while his son risked his life for those he didn't even know.

The door opened, and the helmeted guard came in. "Do you want me to turn it off before it starts replaying?" they asked.

Bishop nodded, unable to speak, his throat filled with grief, as he looked down at the ground.

The guard walked over to the message, as it started over. "You have no idea how often I've watched this, learning about you," they said. "You were the sort of person I wanted to be, just like dad wanted to be."

Bishop jerked his head up at this. "What do you mean?"

"Mother gave me the name of Felis," the guard said. "My father though, named me after him, and his father before him." He removed his hemlet, revealing a face that, aside from the whisker, the ears, exposed canines, and a slight elongation of the nose and jaw, looked a lot like that belonging to Bishop and John Jr. "John Bishop the Third."

Bishop's eyes widened in shock. "You're my grandson?"

The guard nodded. "I am, grandfather. It's not every day that one finds out that they have to watch over a relative of theirs. Most aren't allowed to do so, for understandable reasons. To be honest, when I first saw you when I was transferred here, I thought that the resemblance was a coincidence. However, a genetics test proved otherwise - you're my grandsire alright. Didn't know what to say, other than to contact the rest of the family - inform them that we'd found you. After that, mother had to go through a lot of old memories, especially since she was trying to find that message for you. You have quite the record, and the rest of the family has one, for producing or becoming heroes. Hard to believe that the one many of us idolized was a coward who would of abandoned humanity - more than a few of the family died trying to protect the Earth - my own daughter was one."

"What about you?" Bishop asked.

"A ring never picked me to wield it, and I won't complain," said the guard. "I contented myself with looking after the wayward ones that were brought in. Like I said, I was surprised to see you brought here."
Most of them sat around a table, Amy had sung for Limozeen, it seemed she had given an OK performance, Limozeen just wasn't sure about letting a little kid join their band.

Roadie Teeg Dougland brought a Jumbo sized Pizza for them to share as everyone took a slice Don said

"The Black Cat I saw in my nightmare didn't look like you, she had much larger ears and more angular face..."

Amy nibbled on her meat lover's pizza her face was completly nuetrel she had no thoughts or feelings one way or the other.

         Thinking, Owler thought of something he read once.
         "Maybe what you saw was something another you, in another dimmenssion saw, and the memory ended up with you. Could of been a warning that more then one plan is in play."
         Looking ad Owler, Don had to had to agree with his theory.
         "Say Owler, how did you come up with yhat?"
         "A Jet Li movie called 'One.' Basically, it was based on the dimmenssion theory we talked about earlier, only there were two of him. One good, the other evil. The evil one killed all the other's in the rest of the dimmensions, and with each one he killed, the memories and strength get divided up into the rest of the dimmensions."
"Storytellers and their imagination," said Mau. "Some things are just crazy - the non-fiction is really crazy."
Back at the School Jonathan had had a dream and realized he anf the other Rogues should check on Joker
         Owler tilted his head a bit from all the talk on Joker and thought of how different he is here compared from where he's from.
         "So, whats your Joker like? He sounds like he's real bad news."
Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Bruce had made Terry McGinnis his new protégée, and thus set him up to be the next Batman.

"I'm sorry about your loss, Terry," the old man said. "Still, hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I once did."

"I just hope that my father will be proud of what I'm going to do," said Terry, as he officially put the cowl on over his head.

"As long as you don't dishonor your family name, you should be fine," said Bruce. "Trust me on that one. Batman is merely a figure that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. Terry McGinnis is a young man that has a kid brother and a mom to look after, schoolwork, a job looking after some old coot, and other things."

"I'm just glad that you told my mother that I helped you out when the Jokerz attacked instead of the other way around," said Terry.

Bruce chuckled. "Not the first lie I've had to tell. Hopefully getting back into the game won't be as difficult - might be able to get ahold of some allies to help train you as well."

"Such as?"

"Let's just say I know of a group of turtles," said Bruce. "I wonder if their number hasn't changed."
Jonathan Edward and Jervis went up to the high tech prison the Joker was now being held in "I'm sorry." Said the Gaurd but the Joker can't have any visitors..."

"I know he's being visited by someone..." Jonathan said he knew this look in the gaurd's eye it was similar to one who he had poisoned with his fear gas back when he was a criminal...

         Inside his cell, the Joker's grin grew, feeling something change.
         It was as if the air around him was telling him something was coming.
         "Well, well, well. The winds have finally changed. Time to give this world a wedgie again.
         Smiling, he leaned his head back.
         "Hahaha, Bats, the turtles, and anyone else that stands in my way will know the wrath of the Joker."
         Leaning his head back, he filled the night with his maniacal laugh!
William was learning about the Arcane Trickster Rogue, which could gain access to certain Wizard Class spells when a sudden shudder went down his spine. On a whim, he called up his brother.

"Hey William," said Cody, over the phone.

"How are you doing, little brother?" William asked.

"Oh, I'm doing just fine," said Cody. "I seem to be getting over this chest cold thing."

"How are the dreams?" William asked.

"Still spooky, with you holding a leash connected to a collar around my neck, only this time, you took the leash off, someone on a group of horses came, and we had to hide," said Cody. "Not much after that."

"Cody, I need to tell you something - I've been having the same dream, from the opposite point of view," said William.

There was silence on the other end. "What do you mean?" Cody asked.

"Cody, I don't know what's going on, but know this, I'll look after you, no matter what," said William.
The Three Rogues intimidated the Guard into letting them in, Joker could feel them coming, while his Unseelie Friends didn't yet have the power to make him a fairy they could give him a pair of 'Spirt Wings'

"Hey Johnny-Boy!" Joker called from his cell "Got Hat-Boy and the Quizmaster with ya?"

"Joker!" Jonathan said "We're not in the mood for games! We know you're up to something!"

Joker seemed disgusted "So you've all turned into boy scouts huh?" He said "Well no matter, when we're through the world will become a permenant carnival of chaos!"

"Who's we?" Riddler asked

Joker didn't answer instead he grinned wickedly and two purple wings that seemed to be made of light sprouted from his shoulders.

But then an Icy Fairy Made sprang from a portal and screamed "Wait!" And Joker flew toward the former Rogues

A Goldren Trident blocked them, golding the Trident was an Elven Warrior

"Those two redheads..." Said Ice Fairy (She meant Jonathan and Edward) "...They're Seelie/Human Hybrids"
Um...Wolfkingdom the Seelie are the Good Fairies as opposed to the evil Unseelie Fairies Joker is working with the Seelie came in and stopped Joker from attacking Scarecrow, Riddler and Mad Hatter because Scarecrow and Riddler turned out to be Seelie desendants
😅My bad, think ya can delete that part? I'm still rereading the past campfire this is based off
"William, what do you think is going on?" Cody asked over the phone.

"I don't know," said William. "Maybe you can ask mom and dad about it. I'll see about asking one of the turtles."
In the Prison the Seelie Elf glared at the Unseelie Ice Fairy they were at a stalemate, the Unseelie and the Seelie couldn't do anything more because of all the iron in the human prison,

Then the Elf turned to the three Reformed Rogues and whispered "Run! Warn the others!"

Jonathan, Edward and Jervis ran out of the prison "What the hell was that?" Edward asked

"I think..." Jervis said pointing at Jonathan and Edward "...That you to have a little Fairy Blood in you..."
         Walking up to Splinter, Owler looked at him as he seemed to be a bit pale.
         "Um, escuse me, are you unwell?"
         Seeing him, Splinter nodded yes.
         Seeing this, he pulled out a brown pouch bage and untied it.
         Reaching in, he pulled out what looked to be a ordinary bean.
         "Here, take this. Where I'm from, this cured even the most uncurable diseases."
         Sensing no ill-intent, Splinter took the bean and ate it.
         Feeling no change, Splinter smiled before patting his head.
         "Thank you young owl, but I'm afraid-"
         Before he could continue, he started to regain color to his fur and skin, he gained strength to stand straight, he even felt like he had more energy, as if he felt young again.
         Looking to the boy, he had wonder of what he was given.
         "Tell me, what kind of been was that?"
         Laughing lightly, he held one out for all to see.
         "There called Sensu Beans. It's bassically a miracle cure for all ail-ments and even restores youth, stamina, and recovers strength after a fight too."
"Hmm, interesting," said Splinter. "Probably rare, and not to be offered lightly. In that case, thank you. Should make enjoying the concert much better, and I'll be able to clap all the louder for my granddaughter."
OK WolfKingdom I realize you're trying to be nice in saving Splinter but I know you couldn't have known this because I haven't said anything but restoring YOUTH?! As I've been developing my personal philosophy I've been feeling more and more and making it a point in my stories that trying to find immortality is one big honking metaphysical no-no as one YouTuber pointed out if you solve the problem of death you must also solve the problem of birth nobody can have anymore children less the planet become a giant carpet of meat

Secretly though Splinter was disturbed by this development the Young Owl was probobly too young to understand the implications. but if someone was trying to find the secret to immortality that could spell eco-logical disaster for the planet, this might be something else they need to solve for the future...
         "Your welcome sir, here." Handing Splinter the bag, the youn owl grew serious.
         "Please, keep them safe, and use them when you feel it's neccassary. Being the wisest, you should hold them."
(It could be that the beans are very rare, hard to get/grow, and not handed out lightly, normally. But, I digress. I have some of my own issues with the human pet/livestock thing, especially if humans are the main meat for Predators to eat, as the math on the birth/growth rate makes that tricky for me to do, hence why I prefer that humans be more of a once-in-a-while treat with most Predators eating feral animals - cattle, sheep, goat, pig, fowl, fish, deer, and so on - especially if it's set on "our" Earth. Now, if it's an entirely other world and/or there's some Science/Fantasy BS that makes it possible, I'm more okay with it.)

Splinter placed the beans into one of his pockets. "So, what is your time like, normally?" he asked. "We're trying to avoid a timeline where humans are reduced to things like slaves, pets, and livestock, and are trying to steer more towards one where humans, mutants, and aliens live in harmony."
Fair point I'm just saying this thing as a risk to a basic fact of life is potentially way more dangerous than predators also in the 2003 TMNT Show one of Utrom Shredder's goals is complete immortality so this isn't without precident in the show's canon Also this year I've just been suffering some bad winter depression/anxiety the cold weather seems to prompt uncomfortable thoughts about life and death in me and while sapient predators are this moment just a fantasy death itself is a very real thing and I've just not struggling with thoughts giving me the Heebie-Jeebies right now

"My neighborhood is in Northhampton." Owler said "There's both Mutant Animals and Humans living there, some of my relatives work with the developers of the beans, say that at night they sing a special song to the seeds."

"Sing a special song?" Splinter asked that sounded very much like casting a spell, and that these developers were full on wizards

         "Yeah, it's a bit of a tradition for growing them. It's more of a checklist to help make sure each bean has the full effects they have. If it's alright, I'd like to grow a couple of bean plants, for emergencies only of course."
         Hearing the young owls request, and feeling the effects himself, he figured it might come in handy.
         "I'll talk to my son about it, see what he thinks of the idea. But for now, I thank you."
(Talking to a guy that lost a cousin within the last 6 months - motorcycle accident, and has a family that has had its share of questionable deaths, like if Grandfather's train ride was merely due to his mental state or suicide, to say nothing about the possibility that my father may have pulled the plug on his grandfather in order to honor his wishes about dying with dignity when the nurses wouldn't do it. Then, there's the eerie coincidence that my mother works on Register 6 at the local Tops, much like another cashier once did at their own Tops in Buffalo, back in April - sends a chill down my spine.)

William managed to locate Raphael. "I've been having some bad dreams lately, and I was wondering if you could help me with them."

The turtle was doing some pull ups. "Okay. Tell me about them."

"They involve me in Cody in a Mad Max/Planet of the Apes type of landscape, with Cody having a collar on his nech, and I'm holding a leash connected to him, as if he was a pet dog or something," said William. "Cody's been having the same dream, from their point of view, as if I was their owner or something."

Raph's hands began to sweet, but not from exertion. "Um, that's a crazy dream. You get into the soda or something after bedtime."

"If it as just me, I'd buy that excuse," said William. "But this involves my little brother. You've been hiding something - all of you."
Just then all the Turtles' phones rang, even Donatello's where he was.

It was Jonathan "We've just barely escaped with our lives from Joker's prison, seems he's been in contact with the Fae..."

"The what?" Raph asked

Jonathan sighed "He's been in contact with Fairies."

Raph scoffed "What some cute little pixies do to us?"

"Clearly your knowledge of fairies only comes from sanitized Disney movies, in the original folklore fairies were more sociopaths with magic even the 'Good' ones were still dangerous to humans because of their alien mindsets. And I think I know now the source of all these Nightmares, they Fae are trying to mess with our heads! Trying to break us with our worst fears! A tactic I know all too well."
         Scratching his chin, Leo began to put the pieces together.
         "The more we thought our dreams were reality, the more we would believe it, and start questioning everything."
         It was then Mikey chimed in.
         "Okay, then all we gotta do is face the fear, kick it's butt, and we have one less problem to worry about."
         At that, everyone heard Raph slap himself.
         "Mikey, I swear if you-"
         "He's right."
         With confussion, Raph did a double take.
         "Say what now?"
         Clearing his throught, Jonathan continued.
         "Wise man once said: Fear is a illussion. In order to beat the illussion, you must face it with another. Only then, will your fear vanish."
"I guess I'm good with the butt-kicking," said Raph.

"So, what does that mean for me and Cody?" William asked.

"I'm guessing that the next time you take a shared dream, you fight whoever's after you," said Raph.
"Really to defeat the Fae it will need more than violence." Jonathan said "Fairies' source of power is people's belief in them there is a reason that in the original novel version of Peter Pan everytime someone says 'I don't believe in fairies a fairy dies, however the remaining Fae are far tougher than that now, they've learned to survive in more vague belief in the supernatural, the belief in things that go bump in the night, even something as vague as the belief 'The truth is out there' they are probobly the ones who have been stoking Humanity's fears about Mutants before they began attacking us, they want to sow absolute chaos!"

"So what do we do?" Don asked

"We need a way to soothe the fears of the public..." Jonathan said "...Perhaps the concert...Mutants showing their best side on National Televison will show people they have nothing to be afraid of..."
         Looking to Amy, Don felt that what Jonathan said hit home.
         "I think I know somebody that can help."
"Cats are seen as cuter than rats," said Splinter, with a chuckle. "Most of the time at any rate. There's quite a few out there that actually like rats."
Remember the concert is not till Saturday, it's currently Tuesday so we got some build up

"Amy..." Don said whispering "...I've got a little plan and I'd like you to be in on it..."

He whispered in Amy's ear, Amy smiled "One thing though, could you bring Cousin Willy over here before Saturday, I want him to be my backup singer."
         "I'll see what I can do."
         Putting his phone back to his ear, he started telling the others the plan.
When William heard the news, he was like, "Okay, but let's have Cody in on it - a human-mutant act might show that we can get along."
"OK..." Amy said hesitantly "...I just wanted you for the song I have planned, I wanted your deep manly howl for the backup singing."
         Blinking, William blushed a bit from Amy's words.
         "You think my howl... is manly?"
         Smirking, Raph put the phone on speaker.
         "Okay then, me, William, and Cody will be there in a couple of days. Need anything else?"
"How could she think my voice sounds manly?" William asked.

"She's eight years old, so a fifteen year old might sound manly to her," said Raph. "Sounds like a crush thing."
"OK." William said "But first I want to go back to my home to...Get some things..." Really he mostly just wanted to check on Cody because of the dreams and because of the cough he had.

Since the Concert was gonna be in Northhampton isn't wasn't too much for everyone to go over to the Jones' farmhouse

When Amy entered Cody's room there was a shrill screech and something came out from under Cody's bed a small black furred goblin!

William remembered the words he read in the RPG book that Googans are terrified of cats and rabbits, it was Amy that drove the Googan out
         Patting Amy on the head, Don smiled at her achievement.
         "Good work Amy, you really helped out."
"Strange," said Splinter. "How did that end up here?"

"What was that?" Cody asked. "A Goblin?"

"Googan," said William. "Might of been what was causing our bad dreams."
"I read in a book that they're terrified of cats and rabbits..." William sighed "...Not scared of me even though I'm a Wolfdog who could have easily snapped its head off..."

"Cats and Rabbits have long been assoiated with magic..." Splinter said "...The Googan may have a weakness related to that."
         Cracking his knuckles, Raph looked ready for a fight.
         "Well, if he ever shows up around here again, he better have insurance."
         Looking to Cody, Owler waved as if saying hello.
"Is that a new mutant for the school?" Cody asked.

William looked at the owl. "I think so."
"Wait! Wait!" Owler said "I'm from the Future! I came here by accident and I mostly want to get home."

"We'll see about that.." Don said "Oh! Here come the Teachers!"

Jonathan, Edward and Jervis all came up panting

"Oh..." Jervis groaned "...I'm not as young as I once was."

"Realized we should have told you something we learned in the prison..." Jonathan panted "...Edward and I are apparently hybrids of Humans and Seelie or 'Good Fae' I think this also means Edward and I are also distant cousins."

"OK." Mikey said "What's the difference between Good Fairies and Evil Fairies?"

"While both see humans as fair game for pranks and tricks..." Jonathan said "...Seelie Pranks are relativly harmless by comparison, seems the fairy diet is comprised mostly of sugar and alchohal and seem to admire humans for their ability to make desserts and liquor."

"Well, can't blame them for that!" Mikey chuckled as he had recently bought a cannister of whipped cream not to put on anything but to shoot directly into his mouth!

"Unseelie aren't content with just stealing sweets," Jonathan said "Since they can't create they steal artists and musicians to entertain them, they steal human children to be their toys..."
         Scratching his head, Splinter was both scared, yet angery if something would happen to the young ones.
         "Best keep a stern lookout for them then."
"Let's just hope that nothing too crazy happens," said William.
As for the Three Rogues they feared that Joker would complete his plan and shed his human form and become a true fae they knew they couldn't let this happen as they knew as an ordinary human at the very least he would eventually die and then the world would finally be free from fear of the Joker but if he became a creature of Magic...Could he die or be killed in anyway shape or form?
         Taking a seat, and the little ones carefully getting to know Cody, the adults talk about weather the kids could sing, play a instrument, or just perform as dancers.
         It was getting late and the kids were all tucked away.
         And with that, Leo decided to ask the question that was on everyones mind.
         "So, who's gonna call and tell Bats about whats going on? He might be able to help out in finding Joker, magic or not."
That was when a ring came over Don's shellphone.

Don pulled it out, and saw a number he'd only seen a few times. He opened it, only to see the image of an older man.

"I'm glad your number hasn't changed," the old man said.

"Batman?" Don asked.

"Kind of," the old man said. "Call me Bruce - I'm a friend of Batman."

"So, what's the occasion?" Don asked.

"There's a new Batperson that could use some training," said Bruce.

The image panned over to a batsuit that was very high tech compared to the one Batman used to use.

"Well old man, you weren't kidding about the turtles," they said, in the voice of a young adult or older teenager.

"Understandably, I can't send you any information on them, just in case of eavesdroppers," said Bruce, as the image panned back to the old man. "Even showing my face and telling you my first name might be risking things. But I'm sure you'll be able to figure out who they are when they meet up with you."

"Understood," said Don. "As it is, seems that we might have a Joker issue."

Bruce's face became harder. "What kind?"

"Difficult to say, and it involves magic or something like that," said Don.

"Be very careful," said Bruce. "That's all I'll say here. As it is, tell your friends that run the mutant school to expect a couple of volunteers - one willing to fill the role of a grandfather, and another willing to fill the role of an older sibling. Of course, if there's any changes in the school's itinerary, let me know."
Now of the Cubs of the School it was decided that only the older batch the 8 to 9 years olds should participate in the Concert Plan as it was unreasonable to ask the Kindergartners to stay up way past their bedtime, also the Younger Dozen was when they started introducing the 'Big Game' Species amoung them was an Elephant Girl and a Hippo Girl were were still learning to control their large cumbersome bodies also was when they introduced some large predators there was a Tiger Boy and an Aligator Girl (As opposed to Leatherhead who was a crocodile there are extinct species more closely related to him than Aligators were)

By contrast the species of the First Dozen were mostly small woodland creatures (Foxes, Rabbits, a Wild Goose) or livestock (Cattle, Pigs, Horses) The most exotic creature among the first dozen was the Emu Girl
         Looking around, Owler almost felt out of place. Keeping a cool head, he just leaned against a nearby wall and relaxed.
"So, you're a time traveler," said William. "Sounds cool."

"I guess," said Owler. "Why do you call those two adult humans your parents, and the human teenager about your age your brother?"

"My biological parents were an Alaskan Malamute that the Jones' owned and a wolf that escaped from the Broz Zoo during transportation," said William. "Shortly after I was born, I was exposed to a source of mutagen that had been near the Jones farm. At around the same time, April, my step-mother, through Casey, my step-father, had become pregnant with child, my step-brother Cody. Cody was born a few months after me."
Jonathan took Edward and Jervis aside, it seemed Joker had forced their hand, Joker had to die now before he became a Fae and potentially became unkillable!
         "You know William, gotta admit, weather your his half sibling or not, you make a great brother for him. Never forget it."

         Smiling, William chuckled a bit.

         "Thanks. Say, if your from the future, can ya tell me what he's like in the future?"

         Nodding no, Owler chuckled himself.

         "I would, but that'll spoil it for everyone. If I even told just a small bit of it to you, it could drastically change or alter the outcome that was suppose to happen."
"Alright," said William. "So, let's get ready for the concert."
"You do realize..." Edward said to Jonathan "Batman would never let us kill the Joker."

"Seems Batman is no longer up to snuff anymore," Jonathan said folding his arms "He hasn't been sighted in a few years now."
         It was then they heard what sounded like a jet landing just outside.
         As the adults piled out, they come to see a black pod like vehicle idling in mid air.
         It was then the hatch opened up.
The former rogues had to do a double take as they looked at the figure that came out of the jet, along with some sort of cloud.

"It can't be," said Johnathan.

"He doesn't look half-dead to me," said Edward.

"How does he get to get younger?" Jervis asked.

That was when the figure started coughing, as the wind blew. "Old man, I don't think that I should of brought those smoke pellets. The things exploded on me when I opened the hatch."

There was what sounded like a faint voice over a cellphone.

"You could of mentioned that the things might not have been any good, after siting in your suit for a decade," the person said, as the cloud dissipated, revealing a batsuit that seemed to have quite a great deal of tech behind it, with the person sounding like someone between the ages of 18 to 25.

"Did one of the Robins become the new Batman?" Jervis asked.

"Doesn't sound anything like them," said Johnathan. "I've run into Nightwing a few times, and he has to be in like his forties - the others would be in their thirties at any rate. This one is new."

The figure came forward. "I'm Batman."

"And I'm Calendar Man," said Johnathan.

There was a pause. "Actually, you're Johnathan Crane, also known as Scarecrow," said the one calling himself Batman.

"Hey, to the Real Batman - I know you're listening," said Johnathan. "Have the kid put you on speaker."

There was a pause, and the New Batman pressed something on the side of his head.

"What do you want?"

The voice caused a slight smile come to the faces of the former rogues.

"Good to hear that voice again," said Johnathan. "Aged, but you know what they say, with age comes wisdom and experience, and that spells danger for the young, foolish and inexperienced."

"Go on," said the voice of the old Batman.

"Mind if we test your replacement?" Johnathan asked. "My friends and I still have some of our old toys - he wins, you call the shots on dealing with Joker, we win, we call the shots. Of course, since you and the Robins tended to work together, you can pass on what you know to him. But, be warned, we've figured out some new tricks too."
"You really think I'll be able to do this...Dad..." Amy had wanted to call Don Dad for the longest time but it still felt strange to do it.

"I know you've been studying music all your life..." Don said "...I'm sure you'll be more confident on stage than I could ever be..."

"Sometimes..."Amy sighed "...I wondered if you would love me more if I was in science and technology instead of music."

"Hey..." Don soothed "...I want you to be whoever you will be."
         Taking out a disk like item from his pocket, Owler turned it on by pressing the center before it projected a picture of his parents.
         His mother was a barn owl wearing glasses while, surprisingly, his dad was a woodpecker.
         Wiping a tear away, he grew a serious look.
         "Don't worry mom and dad. I'll be home soon."
"Those your folks?" William asked.
The net dat was Wednseday all the Cubs who were participating woke up early to practice their routines
         Owler was reading a book as everyone who was participating in the concert was practicing.
         Thinking he can help out some how, he went over to Don with a few blue-prints that he had in his pockets.
         After explaining he wanted to program a few holographic projectors, Don was immidiately onboard.
This was also when an older man named Bruce Wayne showed up, along with a younger one called Terry McGinnis.
I'm sorry evrerone something really upsetting happened to me today I need a break before I can finish this campfire I will finish it promise

The End!

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