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5 heroes come together to have the greatest adventure ever created.
[Introduction] There will be four other slots open for anyone else who wants to join. You can be anything you want knight, archer, devil, a fish etc. When it is your first time posting something follow the basic headlines saying what your character name is etc.

N.B. Everyone will have four days to post or they will be skipped!!

Name: Joe
Character: Archer
Abilities: Extremely fast, good with bows and throwing objects darts, spears etc.He also knows how to use magic ( He doesn't know this is yet.)
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, brown skin, traditional linclon green archer suit and cap.

After leaving the royal circle of archers in Canterburry Joe looks around for some adventure. He was the top archer in the King's army and now that all of the dragons and the mage's were destroyed he looked for some form of adventure. He had all of his favourite arows with him, so he was not worried about being hurt by anyone or anything.

He knew that he was in a forest, but he didn't exactly know where he was. " I knew i should have taken a right when i was at Shimasura." he muttered to himself. He was lost and he had no idea what to do next. Sitting down on a nearby rock he considered what to do next.

The End!

Joe then got up and looked around. "Maybe i'm not lost..." he thought to himself, but after looking around again he muttered to himself"Looks like i have some exploring to do." With that he took up his bow and his arrows and proceeded deeper into the woods
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Name: Fernanda
Character: Fairy
Abilities: Able to fly. Practices magecraft, very experienced with handling magic. Hates using weapons.
Appearance: Jet-black wavy hair hanging below shoulder blades, eyes that change color according to mood.
Home: Lives in a little cottage (on Earth).


Fernanda crouched low, watching the archer boy walking through the forest. As he trekked through the forest, he suddenly crouched and immediately fell silent. Something else was near. Fern quickly climbed the tree next to her and jumped to the tree across, finally, she was overtop of the archer boy. Drifting her eyes, to where he was looking, she saw a dwarf, he was also crouched low and he carried a axe in his hand. The two just waited in their stance, for what seemed like an eternity.

Fern giggled, and they both looked up. The dwarf, preparing to hurtle his axe to her and the archer aiming for the kill. Just in case they decided to let their weapons go, Fern put up her shield and smiled.

"Hi," she called down.
Name: Project 567801: DNA (prefers to be called Jana)
Character: Was an Experiment, but ran away from the place when she was nine, six years ago. Looks like a cross between an elf and a faerie
Abilities: Can fly, has better-than-average vision and hearing, and an expert at fire magics,but doesn't know the first thing about weapons.
Appearance: Gold hair with pink streaks that fall below her shoulders, Bright blue eyes that turn silver when upset, lightly tanned skin, about five feet five inches tall, with a plain brown shirt and pants, with slits in the back of the shirt for her wings, which she can hide in her shirt.
Home: Nowhere, she goes from place to place, staying there for short times. Always running away fromt he people who made her.

Was an Experiment from an unknown company to make the perfect fighters. There were three others like her, but only she has escaped. She doesn't trust people, making it hard for her to find friends or family.

Jana wiggled her toes in the water, laughing in delight at the tadpoles that were swimming in the pond. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders and listened . She heard someone that sounded like a fairy greeting someone....but who? Jana shook her head, she didn't want to find out. She picked her feet out of the water and dried them on the grass. She shook out her wings and stretched them out before she returned them to their hidden pouches, and she started walking away. She heard something curious though. Laughter. She turned back towards where she had heard the fairy greet someone. They were laughing over something. Curiosity burned through her and she smiled as she began to walk towards the fairy's voice, dying to find out what was so funny.
The fairy in the tree was giggling excitedly. The first thing that came to Joe's mind was 'She looks kinda cute...', but then he saw something glint in the grass. It was an axe. Standing up he peered across and saw that the weilder of the axe was a dwarf.

Joe could sense that none of them were hostile, so he shouted " Come out everyone and let's talk." The fairy still giggling jumped down from the tree with ease. The dwarf putting away his axe walked up to Joe and greeted him. While the dwarf was telling Joe something he heard footsteps, without telling the others he pulled out an arrow. It was an arrow that had a powder rubbed on it to put to stun whatever it struck. Joe held it in his hands tensely. If whatever was behind him did not show themselves, he would be forced to use it on them
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Fern's eyes swirled a furious black, a big difference from the happy pink a minute ago. The dwarf still hung in mid-air. Raising her hand, Fern placed the dwarf on the branch she had been sitting on earlier and the axe on another branch across from him.

"There," she said, the happy colors returning to her eyes.

"Now," she continued turning around to look at the creature nearing them.

It turned out to be a cross between an elf and a fairy. Seeing the wings, Fern smiled happily and waved. Another fellow fairy! She glanced sharply at the archer but he had put his arrow down. Looking up, she saw the dwarf scowling down at her.

"Are you going to leave me up here for eternity?" He growled.

Laughing, Fern brought him back down and even retrieved his axe for him. Apologizing quietly with her eyes, Fern turned back to the other two.

"Let's talk, and god bless, put your weapons down!"
Jana glanced warily at the group before her, "Hi."

The fairy smiled and grinned at her, "Hello youngling! Where have you come from?"

"And what are you doing here," the human asked her.

The dwarf was sulking on a tree stump. "I was hoping I could fight you."

Jana smiled tentatively, "I came from the north, I am traveling, and I came here, because....um, well. I wanted to?" The last part sounded more like a question than an answer. Jana looked at the human's strange wooden contraption and her face squinched as she asked, "what's that?"

The others glanced around, "What's what?"

Jana pointed at the bow and arrows, "What're those wooden thingy's?"

The archer looked at his bow and arrows and bellowed a hearty laugh, "These are my bow and arrows. Weapons."

Jana narrowed her eyes and flew up slightly, in her ready-to-flee position. "weapons?"

The other fairy fluttered down to her, placing a protective hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure he means you no harm."

Jana shook her head, "Who are you all?"

The archer smiled at her broadly, "My name's Joe. What's yours?"

Jana smiled back, "My name is Proj.... Jana. My name's Jana.

The dwarf huffed and grinned at her, "Nice to meet you Projjana, my name is Oldar."

Jana laughed lightly, "My name isn't Projjana, it's just Jana."

"And I'm Fernanda," the fairy put in, smiling and landing on the ground, gently pulling Jana with her.

Jana looked at them, "You all seem nice enough. Would it be okay if I camped with you tonight?"

The others glanced at eachother. Joe smiled slightly, "slight problem. We all just met."
Joe was happy that he found company to be with, but the only problem was he had no idea what they were all here for. He didn't say anything to the others at first because he noticed they were all enjoying each others company. Oldar was showing off his axe to Fern and telling her about some of his past experiences, while Jana sat on a rock listening intently to the two.

' Umm.. everyone may i ask you all something?' he began,' Why are we all here?'
At this point everyone stopped chatting and looked at him. ' Something's not right here. Don't you think it's just weird that we all just happened to find each other. I mean how often does an archer meet up with two fairies and a dwarf. I think someone or something meant for this to happen.' Joe shrugged his shoulders at them and smiled, 'I could be wrong you know, maybe we were destined to find each other. See how good we get along with each other. I'm not sure what to think. I guess in time we'll know the answer...'
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Fern smiled faintly, Oldar's words stirring up disturbing memories.

"This is my home," she whispered.

They all looked at her curiously and she suddenly felt cornered. They were waiting for her to say more. They were waiting for her to explain to them something she could not even explain to herself.

"My mother and father are the King and Queen of the Fairies of Coleam Forest..." Fern hesitated.

Should she tell them? She didn't exactly know, herself. After fighting a battle in her mind, her more stubborn side took over. She will not tell them, not out of conceit, but because she did not with them to think of her as the poor child without a father or a mother. Everybody else whom she had told about her father and mother had mistaken them for dead. They had expressed their symphathies with great discomfort and she had been left seething in rage.

"... And I live in this forest." Fern ended, noticing their expectant faces.

Their frowns protested and her eyes flared black for a second before she shook her head and calmed herself down.

Before they could say anything, Fern pointed to the other fairy indicating her turn and excused herself.
Jana bit her lip and folded her wings behind her, hiding them from view, as she turned to the two men, "Um....I'm here because....well..." she didn't know how much to say. Could she trust these people? She looked at them, and decided on her orphan story.

"My parents are dead. I never knew them. I'm running away from my foster parents. I hate them, they suck, end of story. Next?" She turned to the man named Joe expectantly.

"Wait up,"Joe said and looked at her questioningly, "Shouldn't you go back to them?"

Jana folded her arms, "And who is going to make me?"

"Us." Oldar and Joe said at the same time.

Jana flitted out her wings, "Don't even think about it. I can fly, you can't. I have a heighth advantage. You can't make me do anything.

Joe looked at Oldar, "She's got a point."

Oldar frumped as he sat down angrily, "All right. Joe, your turn."
Joe knew that Jana and Fern were hiding something. Their stories sounded too simple. Oldar, he knew wasn't afraid to talk about his past. Smiling to himself he decided to play along with them, until he decided to tell them the truth.
"Well..'He began."I'm just a simple archer from a small village. I was the best there, but i'm trying to be the number one archer in the land. So to better my skills i decided to wander around in the forest."

'The only thing is I am the best archer in the land.' Joe began thinking to himself.'The king himself told me this,but i guess half of my story is true because i want to better my skills. Working for a king can be boring sometimes..'

Looking around to see if there was anyone else Joe asked, 'So what now?'
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Fern couldn't sleep. Even flying up into the trees didn't help her uneasyness. She knew that the archer was lying. She had seen his face change when she and Jana had failed to say the truth. No matter, it was fair enough. Her wings fluttered gently and she jumped when she heard a soft voice calling up. Her heart pounding, Fern peered down from her perch. The archer boy waved.

Fern gently flew down and landed beside him.

"Hi," he said.


There was an uncomfortable silence and then a Jana sat up. She blinked sleepily.

"What's going on?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.
"Nothing," Joe answered boredly. He was playing with his bow, twisting it around his wrist and aiming with it into the thing air, "Me and Fern were just talking."

"I heard something," Jana answered stubbornly, pulling her knees to her chest and clinging to them with her skinny arms, her wings spreading out angrily behind her.

"I didn't hear a thing," Fern murmured.

Oldar sat up from his place on the ground his face angry, "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?!?!?!? SOME beings around here WOULD LIKE TO SLEEP!!!!"

The others blanched and muttered, "Sorry."

Oldar frowned and grunted something that sounded like, "You'd better be," before he lay back on the ground and began to snore merrily.

Jana stood up and whispered urgently to the others, "I heard something, and I didn't like it."

Joe was about to answer something rude, Fern was sure, but she stopped him by humoring the girl and asking, "What did you hear?"

Jana closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side and listened closely. She opened them and shook her head, "I don't hear anything now, but when I was waking up, I heard somebody calling Master! Master!....."

Joe raised his eyebrow in suspicion. He didn't hear anything and he was walking around for awhile. Watching Jana sternly he asked, 'Are you sure?'

Jana obviously getting frustrated shouted,'What do you think!!'

Oldar got up from his sleeping position and began to shout angrily at Jana, 'I WANT SOME SLEEP! BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE YOUR BIG MOUTH IS ONLY YAPPING! DO I HAVE TO START SWINGING MY AXE TO GET SOME QUIET?'

Fern watching everything silently began to drift away. Joe enjoying the argument looked over at Fern to see what her reaction would be. He heard her murmur something, 'I can hear them...'

Joe shushing Oldar walked over to Fern and asked, 'What are you hearing?'

'I hear them...'she said in a shushed tone. At that point Jana began to listen. In the same shushed tone she said, 'I hear them too...'

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"I'm going to go for a walk," Fern suggested as the others settled down into their slumber.

Making sure that they were asleep, Fern sneaked out into the depths of the forest and flew up the highest tree. She sat on the very upper most branch, that teetered and threatened to fall. She kept herself up with a little bit of magic and a flutter of her wings. She sat on the tree overlooking the whole forest... And what lay beyond it. A great castle covered in black moss and covered by a dark cloud. No moonlight reached the castle and it stood, almost menacingly. Fern saw black crows with shiny black claws and beaks circling the great castle. She heard it again, distinctively. A great sigh of whispers washed through the forest and reached Fern's ears.

The wanderers have arrived...

The voices were echoed by unseen creatures of the night. Some in glee and some in remorse. One voice, a sad one vibrated through Fern.

Here comes the doom for all of us... Here comes the start of darkness and the end of joy...
Joe had a hard time sleeping, at one point he even thought he saw Fern slinking away, but he wasn't sure. When he finally fell asleep he had a deep long dream

He was in a pasture and he saw Oldar, Fern and Jana with him towards his right. To his left he saw another person, he sensed it was a friend, but the person didn't have a face. Off in the distance Joe saw a platform with five spaces for people to be. Oldar, Fern, Jana and the unknown person filled four of the spaces. Joe reluctantly filled the fifth spot. Suddenly without warning, a storm began to brew casting a gloomy look onto the field. It emitted a heavy rain which destroyed all of the greenery leaving nothing but upchurned earth and wreackage. A voice was then heard,

'The forces of darkness has come, but the forces of good are present also...'

At that point Joe awoke in a cold sweat. Wiping his face he pondered the meaning of the dream.
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tired (sorry)
Jana grumbled and turned over in her sleep.....
She looked around the landscape she was in, fluttering her wings behind her pausingly. This place seemed familiar....but not quite. She was all alone, and then she remembered. This was the place she had last been when she was practicing her powers for the people funding her project. She shivered in fear and anger. She saw a figure aproach, and she backed away. She would never perform like a trained monkey again. Never. The woman revealed her face....it was someone she remembered all to well. Her main creator.

Do it! The woman ordered her. Jana shook her head no and backed away even further. Don't disobey me girl. I created you and I can UNcreate you as well! The woman raised a threatening hand at her. Jana held up her hands to protect herself, but before the woman's blow landed, there were others there with her. Protecting her, helping her, defending her.

She gazed at them in awe, "Who are you?"

They turned to her and she recognized three of them, "Oldar?" She asked incredulously, "Joe, Fern? What are you doing here?" They wouldn't answer her, they just smiled. Then she felt a pull. something pulling her away from them, away from the dream.

And with a wrench in her gut, and a jump she awoke. She turned around, and then she heard something, a voice, but not the one from before. This one seemed to be answering that voice... We must be careful, they must never know their true purpose? Jana shivered and drew her arms around her knees, wishing she could go back to the safety of her dreams where her new friends loved and protected her. But she was left with the harsh reality of a rising sun, and a grumpy dwarf.
The sun was warm, but Joe still felt a chill inside of him. That dream had really shaken him up. Standing up and looking around he saw that Jana was now arising. Oldar was tucked in a ball. Sighing to himself, he walked up to Oldar and poked him with an arrow. The dwarf started muttering something, but Joe decided to ignore him.
"Where's Fern?" he heard Jana ask from behind him. Whirling around he saw that she wasn't anywhere around.

"Maybe we should look for her.." Jana began to say, but Joe just shushed her and said,
" I don't think we have to. Fern should be able to handle herself. Or at least i hope so."

" I'm sure you don't have to worry about her. She'll probaly use some sort of witchery if something tries to attack her." Oldar said. Jana smiling when she heard Oldar's remark shook her head in agreement.

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Jana looked in the woods for the face of her new found Fairy friend. She missed the feel of a female contact. If Jana imagined for long enough, she could almost picture her mother by looking at Fern. They must have been something alike, they were both faeries.

"I'm hungry!" Oldar complained, as his stomach growled it's complaint.

Jana sighed and flicked her wings impatiently, as Joe retorted, "Oldar, I'd gladly stop and eat, but we don't have anything."

"Then let's hunt for something!" Oldar demanded, stomping his foot, "I'm hungry!"

Jana's stomach rumbled softly, and she blushed, "He does have a point."

Joe sighed in exasperation and nodded his agreement, and stringed his bow. He grinned at Oldar and Jana, "How about a competition? The one that brings back the most amount of food gets first dibs on whatever we bring back?"

Jana smiled wickedly, flittering off the ground, "Deal!"

Oldar roared in delighted laughter, "You got yourself a bargain!"

And then the three raced off in different directions to find food.
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Name: Orim
Character: Sorcerer
Abilities: Can use most forms of Magic, doesn't trust alot of people, is very serious, also has the ability to sense the spiritual as well as physical. He says very few words but always says what he means.
Appearance: Race: Calder, Short white hair, black eyes, tall and built, His skin is very dark, Clothes: a white tunic and black slacks.
Home: Lives no where, he goes where he feels he needs to.

...They must never know...

Orim's eyes darted around the forest, Why was he here? He heard the voices calling...
His head jolted in the direction he heard a twig snap. Backing up against the tree he blended to it-so as not to be seen. A human male walked into the clearing, his bow poised. He looked around searching the area, his back turned to Orim. Orim stepped away from the tree, reaching his hand out he sent a jolt of blue in the humans direction, binding him.
"What the--?" The human tried to move from his grasp. Orim turned him around with a flick of his wrist. "What do you think your doing?!" the human exclaimed.
"Who are you?" Orim calmly inquired.
The human was anything but calm, he looked at Orim bewildered as he tried to struggle free from his hold. "Let me go!"
Orim raised his hand and the human rised two feet in the air, still bound.
"Let's try this again, who are you?" Orim gazed at the human who was glaring at him.
"I'm Joe, now who the heck are you?" Joe demanded.
"I'm Orim. Why am I here?" Joe looked at the dark sorcerer, remembering his dream...

...The forces of darkness has come...

Joe gulped, is this what his dream was about? "Look, Orim, I have no idea why you are here, but if you put me down I will leave you alone."
"No." Orim set Joe down, "You cannot leave."
Joe, still bound, stared at Orim. "It's not like I have a choice." Orim swiped his hand across the air, Joe came unbound and fell to his knees, carefully standing up he watched as Orim walked around him, looking at him with a cautious eye. Joe had never seen anything before like this sorcerer, he didn't reconize his race. "What are you?"
"I am a Calder." Orim continued making circles around Joe.
'Calder?!?!' Joe thought, then asked; "Where are you from?"
"No where, my race goes where they are needed, so why am I here?" Joe was about to speak when Orim's head snapped upwards, he eyes grew wide as they searched the tops of the trees. Then back down to Joe, "Someone is up there, I feel them."
"You feel them?" Joe raised his eyebrows.
"Yes, they are not of your kind, they are of the Fairies"
"Fern? Jana?" Joe looked up too.
"How many beings are in this forest that you know?"

...the wanderers...

Orim closed his eyes, why were they calling?
"Three others, besides me."
"Where are they?" Orim opened his eyes, Joe was looking at him curiosly.
"Searching for food." At that moment Joe's stomach growled.
"Here is food," Suddenly a boar entered into the clearing, by habit, Joe poised his Bow and arrow and swiftly shot it. He looked back at Orim, confusion crossed his face.
"You did that?"
"Yes, now lead me to the others."

Joe's head was spinning from all the events that had happened. Out of nowhere this sorcerer came and took complete control of him. Not being able to control the situation bothered Joe, but he had no choice in this matter. Glancing back Orim's appearance intimidated Joe. It reminded him of the sorcerer's back at the King's palace.

After a few minutes of walking they were nearing the clearing they agreed to meet back at. Joe could hear Oldar shouting . Fern had returned. Walking a little closer Joe saw Oldar was arguing with her.

"What do you mean you can't cook it!!" he was screaming at her from across the fire. From where Joe was he could see that Fern was getting angry. Jana was walking around idly watching the area. Orim ,who was standing behind him, didn't waste any time. He sent a spell which cast a bright flash.

Oldar reacted first with his axe, but Orim used his power to stop him, as he did with Joe. Jana was next. She had her finger poised at Orim, but Orim using his power had Jana under his control. Fern seeing all that was happening flew into the air and began to utter some words. Without warning the ground underneath Orim began to rumble and he was overthrown by it. Oldar, Joe and Jana was now free from his grasp because his concentration had been broken.

"Stop! I come in peace!" Orim shouted, but he wasn't sure the others were listening
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(so what the heck do we have to do? Thanks alot, leaving me to think about it!) :)

Fern glared at Oldar from her perch, never taking eyes off him, never giving him the chance to attack again. She knew that the white rage of her eyes will not change for quite a while. She barely heard when that sorcerer... Orim? Said that he knew what she was here for. Fern finally looked up from Oldar, meeting Orim's eyes. She recognized him as one of the unknowns. His kind of sorcerer was known as powerful, but nobody knew about them. She wondered if her magic compared to his.

"Sh!" Orim suddenly whispered, turning his head and listening intently.

Fern listened too, as she heard it faintly. Crows. A while flock of them far up East. Crows usually meant evil. Evil creatures took in crows as servants and pets because crows go for powerful sorcerers. Crows like to have something or somebody to hide behind. Crows are reliable because they had come to know the ancient tongue of the creatures. Most crows were used as spies. Fern suddenly looked up and snapped her fingers.

"That's right! I saw a castle with crows and no light reaching it..."

Orim nodded.

"Yes, I think... We have all met to defeat some sorcerer. I don't know how powerful she is. All I know is this voice... It keeps telling me," he said.

Jana looked up suddenly.

"I hear something too. Something coming closer!"

Fern touched her arm gently.

"What is it Jana?"

Jana's face suddenly blanched and then filled with fear.

"I... I think it's crows! A whole flock of them flying this way! Really fast."

Suddenly, Fern heard it too. The screeching, the flapping of the wings. She even smelt the dank evil of the crows. She felt the magic surrounding them and she knew that these were not ordinary crows. These crows were dangerous, and they would be arriving any moment now.
(greaaatttt....crows...hmm...this might take a while...)

Jana shuddered,and realizing Orim had dropped his hold on her,flitted out her wings and took to the air. She looked back down at the earthbound beings, "Run you idiots!" That seemed to get them out of their thoughts, and Orim seemed to run in the shadows, while Oldar had some trouble, but Joe was helping him. Jana and Fern raced in the airs, at one point, Jana looked behind her.....unfortunately. Jana's heart froze. The crows were like a solid wall of black. Nothing good could come out of that. Jana stopped for a moment. She couldn't move, fear had seized her heart.

"Jana!" She heard Fern cry out beside her, as she flew past.

"Hurry it up!" Joe called up at her, making an excellent amount of speed below her.

" *gasp*y-y-y*pant*eah!" Oldar cried out below her, as he then stumbled. Orim appeared beside him, and picking up the dwarf, disappeared back into the shadows, but what Jana could see of them, Orim had Oldar on his back. Jana started to leave,and then stopped. She couldn't run from her past any longer. She turned to face the oncoming wall cloud of crows.

"Jana!" Fern called out impatiently.

Jana turned to Fern quickly, "Get out of here! I'll try an hold em off! Get going! you guys don't need me!"

"Jana! we're not leaving you here!" Joe barked up at her, starting to slow down in his running.

"I'm not giving you a choice," She snapped at him. She turned back to the faeries, calling over her shoulder, "I know these guys, the people who made me made them as well." She got a sardonic smile on her face, "Kind of ironic that we'll be destroying eachother, isn't it?" She held up a flat palm towards the threat to her life, and a fireball started, "Now hurry up! Or become part of the barbecue!"
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The Dwarf on Orim's back was heavy has he dodged through the trees. Orim quickly dropped the bellowing dwarf in a cave and headed back in the direction he came.
"YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE! I'LL CHOP YOU UP--THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO--COME BA--" Orim ignored the dwarf's cries.
Orim swiftly ran through the forest, he saw the great wall of crows, black and meanecing(sp?).
"Stop!" He yelled to Jana. She glared at him, her fireball growing bigger. "That will only faze them!" He yelled.
"Then at least the rest of you guys will be safe! GO! RUN!"
"NO! Grab my hand!" Orim held out his hand to her. The crows were getting closer, and the sound louder.
"Our powers combined can defeat them, they're not regular crows! Their Queen could basically give them enough power to kill every creature in the forest if she wanted to, you know that! She created you too, now GRAB MY HAND!" The crows were yards ahead of them, Jana quickly grasped his hand--her fireball flying towards the crows--and as Orim said it only fazed them. A few crows fell to the ground but others stayed on their path--towards them.
( Whoa!!This thing with the crows is pretty crazy. Nevertheless, the story must go on..)

With Jana behind him powering up a fireball, Joe decided not to leave her. Even though it might mean being burned to death, he couldn't leave his new friend. Taking out an arrow with a flame head tip, he crouched in a nearby bush poised ready to help Jana if necessary.

Out of nowhere Joe saw Orim run up to Jana and shout something at her. Orim then grabbed Jana's hand and they both started to concentrate. Jana sent out a firball, but that only stopped a few of the many crows towards them. Orim shouted something else at her and they both started to concentrate again. Joe did not know whether to run out and help or if to wait. Using his better judgement he waited to see what would happen.

A gigantic red blast filled the area. Joe was thrown back by the force of it. Jumping up, Joe ran towards where he had last seen Jana and Orim. They were both unharmed, but another flock of crows were arriving.

"What are we going to do now?" Joe asked Jana.

"I'm not sure.." Jan replied in a defeated voice.

"I could probaly use my magic, but it would not be enough, I need the girl's magic again to assist me." Orim said.
Joe looked at Jana and saw that she was exhausted from using all that much energy. Pulling out 40 flame tipped arrows from his pack, Joe aimed towards the crows and said, " These probaly won't help, but it's the most i can do."

As Joe was going to fire the arrows, he heard a familiar voice charging from behind him.
"Strength and Honour!!!" it was Oldar and he was back ready to fight.
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(arg! Okay, here I go... Sorry if it's a bit in-direntoluted, you all left me in the most uncomfortable spot! p.s. Don't ask what in-direntoluted means because I don't even know.)

Fern blinked. The man seemed to glintz once, and then disappeared and she was back at the forest clearing. No sign of the battle could be seen except for a single black feather. Oldar, Jana, Joe, and Orim looked around curiously. They seemed to have had the same dream-like visions. Or was it visions? Samuel... She could swear she had heard that somewhere.

"We should move on before more of those crows come and kill us all," Orim said.

Everybody stood up and checked themselves over. It was like there had been no crows at all. All's cuts and bruises were gone, healed. Jana seemed as energetic as ever and even Joe's arrows were back. Oldar checked over his axe, cleaning off the dried blood from it. Seeing it, Fern turned around quickly. It was gruesome.

With Orim in the lead, the company trekked through the forest, uncertain of their directions. Fern flew above their heads, checking ahead occasionally.

(I know it's a bit. Neh 'n Meh but hey, I'm cold!)
Jana fluttered a little bit off the ground, and flew on her back, gazing up at the sunlight as she glided on the airwaves. Fern looked down at her and laughed. Jana grinned up at her and waved, calling, "How's the weather up there?"

Fern waved back and called, "Fine, how's the weather down there?"

Jana beckoned her down, "Come see for yourself!"

Fern shook her head, "Maybe next time!" And flew on ahead. Jana sighed and turned back towards the ground. For some reason she was in an extremely good mood. Like a huge load was lifted off her shoulders. She grinned and flew up ahead to Oldar.
"Hey, Oldar!" She called as she flew up right next to him.

"What do you want?" He asked gruffly.

"Oh, nothing," She answered sweetly, before pulling on his beard and flying away, laughing maniacally.

"Get back here, you, you, you....HOODLUM!" Oldar yelled at her, shaking his fists, and gently combing his beard.

"I love you, Oldar!" Jana cried down from her place in the air. Oldar turned very red. "Are you blushing," She taunted him.

"Jana! Stop that, now! this is no time to joke!" Orim called up to her.

Jana sighed and flew down next to him, flitting her wings, causing a slight disturbance in the air as she stopped right in front of him, "Why are you in such a bad mood?"

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Orim sighed and rubbed his forhead....

...They're comming...

That voice! It's getting stronger. He looked up and Jana was glaring at him, her hands on her hips. "What'd you say?" She rolled her eyes.
Slowly, she said; "Why are you in such a bad mood?"
"Oh," he tightly closed his eyes like he was in pain, "I'm hearing the voices again." Jana quickly stopped glaring at him.
"Voices?" Jana looked at him curiously and so did Oldar and Joe, Fern flew overhead.
"What do you mean voices, Orim?" Joe asked him.
"They say that Someone's comming...I don't know who's saying it tho or who's comming." Orim shook his head. Suddenly he snapped up his head. "Go Towards the mountains..." The others stared at him curiously. He started to tremble and then fell to the ground.
"What the--?" Joe said, Jana tried to reach out to Orim but Joe stopped her arm. "Don't, give him air." They all took back a step, and stared at him. He felt a great pain go through his body...

...The mountains, mountains, Go to the mountains...

The voice repeated in his head, getting louder...Orim bellowed and sent a bolt of red through the air. "GET OUT!!!"
Joe wasn't sure what was going on with Orim, but one thing was clear. They had to go to the mountains.
"Does anyone know which mountain exactly we are going to?" Fern asked.
" Holy Shrine Mountain. All we have to do is keep on going in this direction and we'll be there." Joe replied

Orim who was now regaining his strength , stood up and said to everyone,
"We need to move now! Whatever it is coming and it's coming fast."
Oldar who obviously didn't like taking orders, stamped his foot on the ground and shouted angrily,
" Why do we have to go to the stupid mountains!! Whatever is coming I'm sure I can stop it with my axe!"

Jana opened out her wings again and flew into the air. Fern did the same and the two began to fly in the direction of the mountain leaving Oldar shouting at Orim. Without warning Orim disappeared leaving Joe and Oldar. Joe knew where they were all heading.
" Oldar go straight to the mountain. That's where everyone is going. I'll see you there"
With that Joe began running towards the mountain with his bow in hand in case of a battle.
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Fern kept Jana in sight as she scanned the area. She could see no danger, yet she could sense it. An arrow shot out from the ground and Fern lept back pulling Jana with her and the arrow flew by narrowly missing them. Fern looked down, her eyes glinting a fierce red. A shadowy form disappeared into the shadows.

"We're not safe, we're exposed." Fern whispered to Jana.

Jana nodded and pointed down to a clump of trees. They were high sturdy trees that would conceal them nicely. They could make their way to the top of the mountain across the tree tops. Fern and Jana hastily flew down as another arrow shot by them, missing them by a hair's width. There was a scurry of leaves as Fern and Jana plunged into the safety of the branches. They sat quietly for a moment catching their breath before they set off again, jumping swiftly from tree to tree. Little did they know, they were being followed closely behind by a shadowy figure.

Jana looked behind her uneasily.

"Something's coming," she whispered as she landed next to Fern on a branch.

Fern nodded, "I know."

"What should we do?"

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Orim walked behind Oldar, the dwarfs stiff motions were obvious--he didn't want to go to the mountains.
"Hey Oldar, what's at the moun--" Stopping in mid sentence he turned around, one palm facing out. Suddenly the arrow that was careening towards the dwarfs body stopped and fell silently to the ground.
"COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS YOU COWARD!" yelled Oldar. "I COULD TAKE YOU AND YOUR--" Orim quickly covered Oldar's loud mouth and 'shh'd' him.
"Hide Oldar."
"What? I'm not gonna hide when I can fight. I've been waiting for something good to beat since those crows!" Oldar glared at Orim.
"I dont care, hide!" Orim quickly blend into the tree behind him, and Oldar--unwillingly, climbs behind a rock.
The bushes in front of them stirred and a dark figure emerged from them. The figure was cloaked in a black hood and cape, covering it's face. Orim sensed evil with every hair on his body. What ever this was, it ws reaking with the dark side.

Joe increased his speed in order to reach up with Fern and Jana. He hoped that nothing happened to Oldar. Joe didn't bother to think of Orim because he was an experienced magician . The mountain was drawing closer with each step Joe took. Without warning two arrows went wizzing by his head. Drawing an arrow that was rubbed with a sulphorous tip he fired it in the direction the other two arrows came from.
What Joe had hoped for succeeded. The arrow released a harmful brown gas where he sent it. Looking around for some signs of movement, Joe saw a shadow run in the direction of the mountain. Digging in his pack, he pulled out some darts that were used to paralyse the person who was hit. Hopeing they would hit, Joe aimed throught the smoke and sent them with all of his might. Hoping they hit the intruder, Joe ran towards where he last saw the figure, but to his surprise he was at the foot of the mountain, but no one was in sight. Thinking that the person had gotten away Joe sat down to wait for the others, but he then realised that none of the darts he had threw was around.

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Fern protected Jana's body the best she could as a thousand arrows shot towards them. One of the most accurate arrows shot straight at Fern's heart and the moment it seemed to connect, it burst apart, its little pieces littering the ground. She glared out from under her dark lashes, her usually happy eyes now a deep ruby red, flashing with anger.

"How... How dare you.. you.. you stupid little man!" She shrieked with outrage, putting up her hand and blasting out heat from it.

Suddenly, all cries of battle disappeared, and the black shadowy forms were gone. Everything was back to normal. Even the blasted remains of the arrow were gone. Almost like nothing had ever happened, like a bad dream. Joe came running up, brandishing his bow and arrows and shouting up to Jana and Fern. Jana and Fern descended, touching down lightly onto the ground.

"Are you all right?" Joe asked Jana.

Jana nodded and gave an attempt of a weak smile.

"And y--." Before he could finish his sentence Fern nodded and looked away.
Jana was shaking all over. Fern had just saved her life. No one had ever done that optionally before. She looked at Joe, and asked weakly, "Where's Oldar and Orim?"

Joe shrugged, "I don't know, I haven't seen them for a while."

Jana nodded, and turned to Fern, smiling weakly, "Um....Thanks."

Fern nodded towards her, "It's all right."

Jana looked at the ground uncomfortably for a moment and then heaved a sigh as she flew up into a tree, to think.

Joe turned to Fern, "What's going on?"

Fern looked at him, surprised, "You think I know?"

"but," Joe began, "You have to know something!"

"Apparently," Fern began impatiently, "I don't."

"Joe! Fern!" Oldar roared as he and Orim appeared out of nowhere, "Where's Jana?"

Joe pointed up, "She's in the tree, why?"

Orim calmly folded his hands, "We have to talk."
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(great... i have to think of something good now so bare with me)

"Jana, come on down, Orim needs to talk." Jana gracefully glided down and tucked her wings into her tunic.
"What is it?" She asked.
Orim took a deep breath and began his story. "As you know, I am a Calder. There is a prophesy among my people that says that in the time of war there will be one who will rise above the dark side. He will cause great distruction upon the races with evil among wings. His folowers, cloaked in black, shall cause destruction among the leaves. But, there will be five champions who will save the Land of ( i don't know if anyone already has a name for the land... sorry if you do) Almont from the Dark Lord. Since I was young my father trained me in the strongest sorcery he knew, it has been everyone's dream to be called to be one of the chosen. Everyone's but mine. When I was 10 my father was taken by the Dark Lord and made one of his servents, I have been afraid ever since that I would be taken too if I got too close." Orim looked up to the top of the trees, a single tear rolled down his cheek. "But I was chosen, and so were you. We have been brought here by the Hydju's, who are the protecters of the Land, to defeat the Dark Lord. And they wouldn't have chosen us, if they didn't think we could do it. I didn't want to believe it at first, that i was chosen, that's why I did not share this with you earlier."
Orim took a deep breath and continued on through the tree's towards the mountains.
(what am i supposed to do here........)

While Orim and Jana were talking, Joe decided to walk around and observe their surroundings. In the distance he was seeing a castle. On closer observation he noticed that there was total darkness surrounding it, even though it was morning. Thinking it was nothing more than a natural phenomenom, he got up from his position and went over to talk to Fern.

"Fern?" Joe called out cautiously. Fern was looking pretty angry last time he saw her, so he didn't want to anger her more.

" Over here." a voice called from behind him. Turning around, he saw Fern sitting on a rock staring into the distance. He noticed her eyes were not red anymore.

" How you feeling?" Joe asked.

" A lot better actually." Fern replied with a smile on her face.

" That's good to hear because i heard you took some blows straight to the chest for Jana." Joe looked at Fern and realised that most of her injuries had been healed, but there was still some open wounds remaining.

" Well what are friends for? We have to all look out for one another." Fern then got up and opened out her wings. She wiggled them up and down and then giggled. Joe feeling mischievous ran up silently behind Fern and grabbed her from behind. Fern taking by surprise, wriggled out his grip and flew away from his grasp. Suddenly Joe saw something moving behind Fern. He couldn't see it properly, but it was coming up behind Fern. Taking out two poison darts, he held them between his fingers ready to hurl them, but as the person drew nearer he saw it was only Oldar.

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"Oldar!" Joe exclaimed in surprise.

"Joe! Fern! C'mon! There's a fight!" The dwarf roared and turned back into the brush.

Joe and Fern exchanged glances and then ran into the brush after the dwarf.

Jana and Orim stood side by side, looking at the threat before them carefully. Jana thought he looked familiar, but she couldn't quite tell, for the male was wearing a cloak.

"Just give up now, Project 567801, and we'll let all your little...friends go," The male informed her.

Jana shook her head furiously, "No!"

Orim nodded his head at her outburst, "We won't give up, you can tell you're master that!"

"You have no chance against me," The male told them simply.

"Who do you think you are?" Jana asked furiously.

The male held up a hand and shot a furious stream of water at them. Jana was just able to hold up her hand and cancel out the stream of water with her fire just in time. Jana's face went pale and she clutched Orim's arm tightly as recognition passed over her eyes, "I know who he is."

Orim glanced at her for a second, "who is he?"

Jana gulped and clutched his arm tighter, "Project 567802."

The male laughed and clapped for her lightly, "Correct. And here's your prize." He flung down the hood of his cloak, showing his bright, aqua colored hair which fell over his slightly scaly ears and his sapphire colored eyes as he then took off the cloak, and his gloves. His cold eyes never left them as he flexed his scale covered hands. Orim tightened his hold on Jana's hand. This was a cross between a human and a merperson. The scales covering most of his body was like a built in armor. This was going to be one heck of a fight.

"Orim! I brought them!" Oldar yelled as he entered the clearing. HE swung his axe at the merman before them, "Prepare to die, guppy!"

Fern and Joe crashed into the clearing together. Joe's mouth fell open slightly when he saw the merman, but it snapped shut quickly. Fern simply fluttered off the ground and studied him, looking for a weakness. The Merman smiled at them, and then turned back to Jana, "You brought your pets, Project 567801?"
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(sorry i made it difficult last time fig--i'll try not to get too into it)

"PETS?!!?" Oldar charged at the merman, but Joe held him back.

"Your mortal weapon can do no harm on that thing," Joe told him. "Fern, you Jana and Orim can use magic, this fight is up to you guys."

Orim glared at the sea creature. 'What in thunder is that thing?' he thought to himself. Project 567802's strong point was obviously water, Orim thought about the elements... earth, wind, fire, water--what goes against water?


Orim took a hold of Jana's hand, "We need to put our powers together again." Jana nodded, then looked back at Fern, who took her other hand. "Lightning" Orim said out loud. Jana and fern both took deep breaths and concentrated.

"A lightning bolt doesn't scare me, Calder. These fairies can do nothing to bring me down." The project laughed. Raising his hand he sent a blast of water at Fern, breaking her concentration. The bolt that was forming shot out in the wrong direction.

"Consentrate!" Orim yelled. Again they closed their eyes and consentrated on the bolt. "Keep him distracted, Oldar--Joe."

They nodded, Joe shot poison arrows at the merman, and Oldar chopped at his scales. Roaring, the Project, shot jets of water at them.

A large ball of electricity started forming in front of the three mages. Orim glared at the sea creature, "Lets do this!"

Joe's mind was racing. He knew that he and Oldar had to distract whatever it was attacking Orim, Fern and Jana. He saw a large bolt of electricity growing in front of everyone. He knew that he and Oldar would serve no purpose in this battle.

" Oldar! Forget him and come over here!!" Joe shouted, hoping Oldar would hear him. Unfortunately the dwarf continued attacking. Not wanting to stop him in his rage of fury, Joe got into position to continue his attack. Selecting a fire arrow he sent ten into the air.

The ball of electricity was growing with every arrow Joe shot. He could see that Orim and the others were busy trying to concentrate an attack. Oldar wasn't paying attention to the energy cackling behind him.
" Oldar get out of there!!" Joe shouted at the top of his lungs.
" I can take him Joe!! Remeber Strength and Honour."
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Fern could sense her powers weakening, her energy growing in the cackling ball in front of her. She began to tire, but still kept pushing everything she had into that ball. The ball vibrated and shot out sparks, each one deadly to the mortal mind and power. Finally, it overtook what little control they had in it and it shot out with incredible speed towards the merman. The ball hit and with a hiss, sank into the merman's skin. The merman opened its gaping mouth in a silent scream, forever echoing in Fern's ears. He crumpled, laying motionless on the ground. After a while, a mist rose up from the body until there was no body and parted, like little particles drifting away.

Joe and Oldar peeked out from behind the protection of the rock. Fern fluttered her wings, lifting a feet off the ground before touching delicately back down onto the ground and staggering against a tree. Orim slowly sat down and seemed to be out of breath. Jana stood, her chest heaving up and down. She had her eyes closed and tears slid down her face.
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Orim took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
"We did it..." He whispered to no one in particular. Fern looked at him and nodded then glanced at Jana, tears streaked her face as she studied where the merman once was.

Joe came up behind Fern and put a comforting arm on her shoulder and Orim did the same for Jana. Jana turned and looked up at him, she bit her bottom lip--trying to hold back more tears. Suddenly--her body realizing the loss of energy after the adrenaline(sp?) faded--she collapsed, falling almost to her knees before Orim caught her.

"Here take this," Orim took a red root out of his pocket and handed it to Jana, "Chew on it, it will help you regain strength. You too Fern." He held one out to her. He looked at both Oldar and Joe, both shook their heads--declining the root.

"Are you alright Jana?" Fern asked. Jana nodded and stood up, refusing Orim's help. Orim looked back at Joe and Oldar, realizing they were both quiet.

"We need to move on--to the mountains," she stated. Throwing back her shoulders and standing tall; she stalked off, fluttering her wings as she went.
Jana not wanting to leave her friend alone ran up to meet her. Oldar and Joe still quiet after all that had happened started to walk in the direction of the mountain. Orim walked behind them at a steady pace.

During the walk, Joe turned to Orim and asked,
" Orim, what's going on? That person or whatever he was suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked us and is it just me or did i hear he and Jana are realated?"

Orim simply replied,
" Yes they are related." With that he continued to walk. Joe wanting some more information pressed on with the questions,
" Don't you know anything more?"

" No i don't. I would advise that you drop the subject. Now is not the time for these questions to be asked." Orim answered in a cold voice.

Oldar obviously not liking Orim's response gripped his axe and shouted to him,
" What kinda stupid response is that?! The man asked you a question and you better answer it or else you and my axe are going to have a little talk!!"

Stopping in his tracks, Orim began to concentrate. Suddenly Oldar's axe flew out of his hand and it was turned on him. Talking in a low voice he said,
" Like i said before, drop the subject." Letting the axe drop, Orim disappeared and reappeared in front of Fern and Jana.

Gritting his teeth, Oldar picked up his axe and continued on to the mountain. Joe silently slipped away and looked around. Something was wrong. It was too quiet. Jumping in a tree, he looked around the area. Nothing was going on. Staying hidden in the trees, jumped from each one warily in case of an attack.

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Fern shivered slightly, the coldness of the mountain seeping deep into her skin. Her hands were icy and her eyes showed a cool blue. The evil dankness slowly ebbed away their powers and their energy, unnoticed. As they climbed higher into the mountain, the colder and darker it got. Finally, it got so dark they couldn't see each other.

Fern reached out for someone's hand... And found nothing.
"Joe? Jana? Orim? Oldar?" Fern whispered quietly.

She could no longer hear the other's footsteps. She heard the whispers. Coming closer and closer, until she could finally make out the words.
Letsss ssee how alll can managge withhhouttt your little friendsss, an echoing voice whispered.

Fern gritted her teeth. This voice was strangely familiar. But like a forgotten memory, she could not remember. The voice whispered once more.
Letss ssee how sssmart you are, shhall we? It said, mockery dripping in it's voice.

Fern braced herself for an attack. Millions of mournful voices, all speaking in different tongues, but made to understand filled her ears.

All alone,
No more friends,
What's your fears?
You will find in the bends.

Do no cry,
Utter no sound,
Or you will be trapped,
'Neath the ground.

The voices drifted away, leaving one last not of regret and misery. What did the song mean?
Jana whirled around in the dark, "Joe? Orim? Oldar?" She shivered, and pulled her wings close to her as her eyes quivered, trying to adjust to the dark, "Fern?"

Littlles one.... a voice echoed through her mind.

"Who's there?" Jana demanded, her spine shivering as her eyes begin to extinguish shadows on top of shadows.

jusstssss mee.... and don't worry, we be ssspendingss loooong timessess togetherssss... the voice whispered inside her mind.

Jana distinguished someone moving and chased after it, "What are you talking about?"

listensssss.... the voice hissed and began in a singsongy voice...

near or far,
far or near,
all you fear,
you'll find in here,

do not scream,
do not cry,
if you do,
you'll surely die,

down in here,
with all the rest,
just like you,
they were the best,

so come little child,
to see your test,
if you pass, you will be allowed to live,
if you fail, you will forever rest.

down below,
is where you must go,
down below,
where all fears grow....

Jana shivered, this didn't sound good. "What are you talking about," She demanded following the shadow winding through the caverns. But the voice didn't answer. She stopped, she didn't know where she was going, "Smooth move, genius."

She bit her lip and looked around, and then covered her eyes as she saw some light up ahead. She shook her head and her eyes quickly recovered as she walked towards the light. She walked towards the light, "Is this the way out?" She asked herself, although inside she knew it couldn't be. She walked forward anyway, and entered through a small hole in the cavern.

and now the nightmareses beginsss.. The reptillian voice informed her. She whirled around in time to see the hole close, and hear that all too familiar voice beckon her, "Project 567801: DNA, step forward."
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(I like your little poems guys... now lets see if i can do it *puh* :P)

Orim shivered, the darkness creeped across his skin. The silence was so strong around him it was deafening. It echoed through his mind like a forgotten dream. Holding his breath, he dared to step forward into the shadows.

Gooo aaheeadd, soorrrcerrer. Yooouuuur mmmaagiic caaannoot saavee yoou noow.

Orim looked around, "Who are you? Show your face!"

I haave noo faacee, foor I aamm maanny thiinnngss...

The voice pulsed through Orim's mind.

many shapes
many faces
come our fears
in many places

close to home
or far away
come our fears
out to play

take this test
and you shall see
what your fears
turn out to be

Orim shuddered, he thought about the words that kept echoing through his mind. This can't be anything good, he thought.

He squinted through the darkness, through the shadow's he could make out a dark shape comming towards him. The shadows wailed as the figure walked through them, then they parted--the darkness fading. Orim looked at the figure, his features looked familiar. The being was a Calder just like him, then it spoke:

"Hello, son."

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Name:Lansford McLowans III
Character: Android
Abilities: Superhuman strength, can process information in 4.3 seconds, invulnerable to any handheld weapon, programed with the collective knowledge of over 3,000 martial arts techniques
Favorite weapon: Bo staff
Appearance: Pale skin, brown hair, yellow eyes, wears a yellow jumpsuit with a insignia(will later be determined what it is)
Home: Earth

As his comrades were being frightened out of their minds. Lansford stared at them very curiourisly until the shadowry creature turned his attention onto him.

Heeeeeeellllooo Lansford

IIIIII waaant yooou to join meeeee

"If your intent is to frighten me, then your reasoning is flawed. Because I am an android who is incapable of showing emotion." he replied intently.

However the voice continued to speak within his mind. Buuuutttt yoooouuu arrrreeee affffraid oooff me

But the shadowry figures endless rants still did not have an affect on Lansford. Though that did not stop him from trying.

Lansford then scanned the interior of the mountain with his eyes trying to find out where the voice could be coming from. For a couple of minutes he continued dillengently to search. Until suddenly he stopped and began to star intently to the far side of the room within the mountain.

He spied a small compartment with an individual inside.

( Oh no!! Poems.... my worst nightmare has come true.)

Still staying alert in case of anything Joe ventured further and further into the cave. Looking around for his short friend, Joe realised he had lost track of him.
" Oldar!! Olllddaaarr!!!" he shouted into the caverns. As a reply he heard his echo five or six times. Sighing to himself he took out a flame arrow and lighted it.
" This will serve as a light for now..." he thought to himself. Suddenly the arrow was blown out by a gust of wind. Shrugging to himself Joe lit another one. The gust of wind blew it out again. Sensing something wrong Joe carefully lit another arrow. The gust of wind blew it out almost instantaneously (sp??)

Foolish archer can't you see? The one blowing out the wind is me!

" Whoever this is show yourself! I will face you head on if i have to." Joe shouted into the darknes.

afraid of the dark
my little archer
what is in store
will be much darker

what can i do
what do i see
many things with you
a lot of fun for me

a test for you
will it be sad
will it be bad
no it's going to be hard

try your best
my little archer
your friends will do theirs
so don't die like Arthur...

Joe was immediately spooked by what he had just happened. Someone or something in this cave knew about his friend Arthur. He remembered how Arthur had to go on an expedition in a cave and he never returned. After Arthur disappeared the King never told anyone where he went and banned everyone from ever speaking about it.
"Have me and my friends stumbled upon the same cave Arthur died in?' Joe thought to himself in a panic. ' If we have then we're in trouble because Arhtur was better than me and now he's dead.." Holding his bow in one hand and a dagger, specially given to him from the King himself, in the other he walked deeper into the cave.
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Jana's body froze as she heard the woman demand again, "Turn now, Project: DNA!" Jana turned slowly, her eyes slightly tearful as she faced the woman who was responsible for her existence. The woman smiled thoughtfully at her, "You've gotten out of shape. You need....TESTING!" The last word was shouted and Jana shrunk at the word. Two burly men came up and grabbed her arms and began drag her away. Jana's eyes began to water as she slumped down. This was what she had always hated and feared the most...the testing. SHe remembered all the tests she and the others went through: personality tests, endurance tests, fitness tests, blood tests. All types of tests, and all of them thoroughly grotesque. She shivered and a tear fell down her cheek. She was horrified, but her throat refused to scream. She thought of being alone in that tight, dark room for hours on end, and something inside of her snapped. She pulled one of her arms away from the guard, her eyes blazing. She set the other one on fire. She turned to the woman, "I don't think I need tests."
The woman stood primly, gazing at her gravely, "You have just proven you need extreme testing."
Jana clenched her fists together, "You don't know
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Orim glared at the figure before him. he tried to keep calm, but his body tempature was rising. He took a staggering breath.

This was the man who killed his mother when he was young.

This was the man who destroyed his home.

This was the man who struck fear through many Calder's hearts.

This was his father....

Orim closed his eyes and willed his body to stay calm. The screams of his mother echoed through his mind, the smell of burning flesh and hair stung his nostrils.

"That's right son, keep thinking those thoughts. It will make what I'm about to do easier." His lips curled in a sickening smile. The Calder raised his hand and aimed it at Orim, a large fireball escaped from it. Shaking the horrid thoughts out of his mind, Orim quickly retaliated(sp?). Raising his hand, A blast of ice escaped from his fingers. The two elements collided, one pushing against the other and vis-versa.

A soft voice in Orim's mind spoke, Keep hold of it, Orim, put your strength in it. All of the anger and hurt this man has caused you, put it into your magic. Taking the words to heart, Orim thought about all the hurtful things his father has done to him, all of the anger he felt towards him he shoved it into his magic. The ice which was comming out of his hand suddenly had something else join it, Orim wasn't sure what, but it was stronger. His father roared and also pu this strength into his magic, the fire fought back. Again Orim thought of everything his father has done for him, he showed him love:

...Memory sequence...

'That's it Orim,' his father laughed, 'Try it one more time.' Orim, as a young boy, giggled. Small droplets of water came out of his fingers, as he tried to fill a small cup with water. 'Keep it up, son.' Finally the cup was filled, Orim's father took him up in a big hug, and kissed the top of his head. 'I'm proud of you, son.'

That's it! Orim remembered! This man wasn't the father he wanted to remember. This was the man who was over taken by the dark side--not the father he once loved.

Orim suddenly knew what he had to do. He didn't have to kill his father.

He just had to make him remember who he really was.
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Name:Alexander Whiteworth III
Character: Androld
Abilities: has knowledge of 10,000 different martial art moves, large storage capacity, strength of 10,000 men, has some magical ability such as summoning fireballs, causing things to hover, teleportation, summoning up large bursts of energy
Favorite weapon: Bo staff
Appearance: brown hair, pale skin, yellow eyes, clothed in a black robe
Home: Earth (of the future)

As the battle erupted, there was a mysterious onlooker who was crouched in the trees watching with an circumspectful eye as the battle ensued.

"Oh! How magnificent these creatures fight. I can just sense their life energy just raging within them." the figure replied to himself.

The mysterious stranger while the fight is going on is deeply interested in the two combatants but more so with Orim. It was like he could sense some sort of kindred spirit with him. (If you could say artificial lifeforms had a spirt or soul for that matter.)

...Memory Sequence...
"Thank the heavens! I have finally completed my life's work. A fully functional with actually human emotions artificial lifeform." an elderly man with a blue robe on said.

The elderly man caressed the figure directly in front of him very affectionately. With each and every stroke he muttered out loud. "Absolute Perfection! Absolute Perfection!" Then he pondered intently within himself at what he was going to name his creation.

"Ah Ha! I will call him Alexander Whiteworth III. Because he is the exclusive bearer of my families crest. After me it will be on his shoulders to carry my name." he said. Then with one flick of his hand he activated his creation.

...End of Memory Sequence...

As the battle continued Alexander watched with all dilligence it go on.
" Think quick!" a familiar female voice behind Joe shouted.
Dodging to his right, Joe saw a fireball fly past him. Whirling around he came face to face to one of his greastest enemies. The person's name was Anirila.
Anirila was a demon sorceress who attempted to murder the king, but it was up to Joe to stop her. Going up against Anirila wasn't easy, it was one of the hardest things he had to do in his life. She had control over fire, ice and wind. Joe had to perform his best, but it almost wasn't enough to stop her. He had to use an arrow which was filled completely with gunpowder and exploded on impact. Joe was caught in most of the blast and had to be hospitalised for months.
Shaking off the bad memory Joe pulled out an ice arrow and fired at Anirila. Using her magic to stop it, she countered it with her own ice spell. Reacting quickly, Joe rolled out of the way and fired 3 fire arrows in her direction. The arrows hit her square in her chest and Anirila screamed in anger, but it did not stop her from hitting Joe with 3 lightning bolts. Using her power she raised Joe off the ground ad sent him flying into the wall.
" You'll never defeat me. Time for you to die." Anirila said in a shrill voice.
Looking around for something to use against Anirila, Joe noticed something gleaming next to him. It was underneath a pile of bones. Digging through it he saw a sword. On the handle had the inscription Arthur on it. Picking up the sword carefully, he saw it had the king's seal on it. Joe couldn't believe it. He had found where Arthur had died.
Screaming out in pain, Joe looked at his shoulder to see a sai in it. He could hear Anirila laughing at him. Pulling out the sai, Joe quickly planned his next attack. Moving swiftly Joe dropped his bow and grabbed the sword. Using all of his strength Joe slashed Anirila across her chest. She screamed as she the blow hit her. Along with the blow that came with the sword, lightning struck her and she disentigrated. Breathing heavily Joe walked back over to his bow and slung it over his shoulder. Taking out his dagger, Joe put it amongst the bones and took the sheath for the sword and walked off hoping that he would be able to master the power the sword held.
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Jana clenched her fists together at her side, turned her head down, letting her hair cover her face as she spoke through clenched teeth, "You don't know. You have never known. You will NEVER KNOW what I know." Jana turned her head up, her eyes ablaze with an inner fire as she raised up her fists and shot a blast at the woman who had created her that had the fiery power of a volcano erupting. As soon as the fire touched her, the woman disappeared. Jana screamed at the top of her lungs in fury and proceeded to tear through the room, all those hateful machines. She clawed at the different objects, smashed them, burned them, until she had utterly destroyed everything. Then she turned to the wall she had entered from, and, gathering up her wings behind her, ran as fast as she could at it, and smashed through. Jana shook off the dust covering her body, and using a small flame on her finger, lit her way to try and find her friends. She was silent as she scoured the passageway, but even she couldn't hear the creature running to tell it's master what had happened.
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Please, let this work. Orim pleaded silently. He held out his hand palm towards his father. Instead of fire or lightning comming out of finger tips, a purplish smoke emerged through them--memories.

Orim concentrated on his fathers bright smile and a little boy giggling as he tickled him...

Orim getting lessons on how to use his magic with his father...

His father giving Orim mother a kiss before he left...

As the memories reached inside the mans head he started to breathe heavily, his hands went to the side of his head as he willed the memories to leave his mind. He roared and charged at Orim, but Orim kept the memories comming. Suddenly the man fell to his knees, he screamed as a dark, meanicing shadow rised up out of his body and escaped through the mist. The Calder collapsed and Orim quickly raced to his body. He put his fathers head in his lap and willed him to live.

The man opened his eyes, his chest shuddered from his raspy breaths, but he still spoke:

"You have overcome the fear of darkness, and embraced and used l-love to save me from it. I-I am ashamed of myself, having gone t-to the d-dark side." He closed his eyes from the pain of speaking.

"No, father, don't say that. The real you was in those memories, and those are the only ones I will carry with me for as long as I shall live. I will treasure them." Orim felt his face go hot and his eyes water as he watched his father die.

"My greatest fear is death, and I have overcome that. But now, I must welcome it." And he passed away.
Staggering through the cave, Joe sat down against a rock. He had no idea where he was going or what he was looking for. All he knew was that the rest of his friends were trapped in here. Taking out another fire arrow he lit it. Surprisingly it didn't out this time. He knew he didn't have time to waste sitting down. He had to help the others. Taking a little pouch from his belt, Joe pulled out a single tablet and popped it into his mouth. They were healing pills that healed minor wounds and regained a person's stamina.
Feeling a little refreshed Joe got up and continued into the cave. Suddenly he heard the clawing of metal and an angry scream. He then saw Jana's face walking towards him.
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Jana almost staggered to the ground, but remained up, as her eyes searched the darkness by the small light of the flame. Her eyes lit up as she saw Joe. She dropped her flame and ran to him, her wings inadvertantly lifting her into the air as her joy overtook at seeing one of her new friends again, "Joe!" She flung her arms around himm merrily! "JoeJoeJoeJoe!" Doubt suddenly filled her, and she threw herself off of him, using her wings to draw her eye to eye with him, "Is that really you?"
Joe rubbed his neck and smiled at her, "Yeah, good to see you to!"
Jana's eyes watered slightly as she threw her arms around his neck once again and squeezed slightly, "Oh Joe! You don't know what happened! it's so good to see you again!"
Joe pried her off of him, and began to gasp for air, "I do need to breathe..."
Jana blushed slightly and answered, "Oh yeah....sorry."
Joe shrugged, "It's okay, you going to tell me what happened?"
Jana thought for a moment and then shrugged as she set her finger alight once more, "I'll tell you when we find everyone else."
Joe nodded, "that sounds cool."
Jana suddenly froze in front of him, "Jana?"
Jana made a silence motion as her ears perked forward. Her eyebrows furrowed themselves as she listened to a fluttering of wings far away. She turned to Joe, her face determined, "C'mon......be ready, we might have to fight." She turned towards the noise and prepared to find the winged person. Joe groaned slightly, and then followed her down the path, an arrow drawn.
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Orim had left his fathers body in the emptiness of the cave. He had to find the others and make sure they were alright, there was nothing more he could do for his father except forgive him.
He saw a strange light up ahead and quickly jogged towards it. The opening of the cave appeared before him and he stepped out into the afternoon light. It must have been days since they came to the caves, or so it felt like it to him. He walked along a narrow ledge to another enterance in the mountain side. He peeked over the ledge and realized how high up he was. The original entrance was at least a hundred or so feet below him and he couldn't even taking a step forward except to the cave opening. He sighed and ran his fingers through his white hair, a soft breeze caught at his tunic and it wrapped it'self around him. He breathed in the sweet freshness of the mountain air and closed his eyes remembering everything about his life, from his first memory of setting his fathers pants on fire by accident to meeting the same, but different, man almost 20 years later.

Taking a deep breath Orim entered into another opening of the cave and instantly he heard a shuffle of feet and soft whispers. A shallow light was in the distance and he heard someone gasp. Orim stealthily made his way towards the light to confront possible another fear which hid in the deep mountain.
The pills hadn't worked as well as Joe thought. Falling to one knee, he said to Jana,
" Give me a minute to recover." She had a concerened look on her face, but he flashed her a smile and she turned away. Grimacing in pain Joe hoped it would go away.
Jana flittered impatiently over the ground, and as she turned away from Joe, she felt someone clasp a hand over her mouth and drag her away. She tried to shriek and fight the person off, but he whispered in her ear reassuringly,"I mean you no harm....but I need to talk to you alone..." Jana let her body go lax, all the while concentrating a huge amount of firepower behind her blow, waiting for this, this....guy to let her go. Far away, as the boy flew upwards, she heard Joe call out, "Jana? Jana?!?! Where are you?"
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"Joe? Is that you?" Orim heard Joe calling for Jana and he sprinted towards his voice. "Joe?"

"Orim!Ack--" Joe cried out in pain and Orim say his figure kneeling on the ground, holding himself in pain.

"Joe!" Orim rushed to his body and quickly checked him for any major wounds. There was none. Orim reached into his tunic pocket and pulled out some numbing herbs which he always kept there; along with a few poisons. "Eat this." He held a leaf to Joe's mouth and Joe gladly took the herb. "You should be fine in a few moments. Where's Jana?"

Already feeling the leaf numb the pain, Joe tried standing up, but had to lean on Orim for support. "I don't know. I wasn't paying any attention and all of a sudden, she was gone." Joe shrugged worriedly, he looked all around the dark cave, not seeing Jana anywhere.

"What about Fern?"

"Probably stuck in her fear..."Joe trailed off and jerked his head to the cave roof.

"Wha--" Joe held up his hand and Orim stopped talking.

"Shhh...Do you hear that?" Joe looked at Orim who was looking at him curiously, but then complied and strained to hear anything in the cave. Then he heard it; a soft flapping of wings in the distance.

"I hear it, come on, lets follow it." Orim motioned Joe to follow him and they both set out into the darkness of the cave.
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Straing his ears to hear, Joe followed the sound to where he heard the wings flapping. Orim followed closely behind Joe, ready for anything that may attack them. Bursting into a sprint Joe began to run. He was hearing voices talking. One of them was Jana's.
" Don't attack them." Orim warned. " We don't know what we're up against. I also think Jana can handle herself."
" I won't." Joe said, but he took out his bow and aimed a stun arrow in the direction of the voices. Upon careful staring Joe saw that it was Jana, but someone else was with her. The person reminded him of Jana.
" Orim, do they both look similar to you?" Joe asked.
" Yes, they do. I think they may be related." Orim replied. " Maybe we should try to get in closer on the conversation."
" Can you cast a spell to camouflage us or something?" Joe asked while putting away his bow.
" I may be able to cast something like that.." Orim replied before bending down on one knee and starting to chant.

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Within a few seconds both Orim and Joe were invisible. Orim reached out to find Joe's shoulder and he lead him to the side of the cave. "Stay here until they think it's safe enough to come back down. We don't want Jana hurt, so don't make any sudden moves or rash decisions." Orim could feel Joe nod and they both say down, waiting for whoever was up there with Jana to come down.

They waited for what seemed like hours, tho it was only a few minutes, and finally their patience paid off. They heard a fluttering of wings and saw Jana with a boy that looked very similar to her, but for some reason he was wearing some sort of armor. Orim let out a deep breath and strained his ears, trying to hear everyword that that boy said to Jana...
" Damn we can't hear!" Joe said in a hushed voice to Orim. " Let's try to go closer..."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Cut!!" yelled the director from his chair.
"What is going on here! Everything is going all wrong!!!"

Joe stood up and looked at the director with a look on his face that said ' i want to kill you.'

Orim also got up and folded his arms in frustration.

Jana pushed off Sable's arm and walked over by a cooler to get some water. " So bloody hot and can't even get some H2O into me system..." she grumbled to herself.

Sable obviously not concerned about anything walked off the set and into the arms of his waiting girlfriend.

Fern and Oldar were playing a game of 'All Fours' quietly and looked at everyone questioningly.

" So what DO you want us to do!" Shouted Joe at the director.

" Yeah, we worked out butts off and you just wanna shout CUT at us. What gratitude." Jana chimed in from the cooler.

" This thing was screwed up from the start." Orim began to say. " Who wrote this script anyway!"

" O.K. O.K.!!" the director said throwing his hands into the air. " Here's what we'll do. We are gonna start over."

A deadly silence filled the air.

" Hell no!" Jana shouted in a fit of anger throwing her cup to the ground.

" No way i'm going to do that script over." Fern said from by the card table.

" Me too." Oldar said.

" No but's about it everyone. We are doing this thing over." the director said in a very stern voice.

Kicking the card table down in anger, Oldar began to stomp across the room shouting, " I ain't doing no stinking script again!."

Fern ran behind Oldar to calm him down.

Alexander who had been quiet for this whole ordeal said to the director, " I think that is a great idea."

Pulling out his bow and aiming an arrow at Alexander's head, Joe said in a very quiet tone, "Take that back man."

Sable who was cuddling with his girlfriend, whispered something in her ear and she nodded in approval. " I have to announce my withdrawal from this. I am fed up. Goodbye." With that, he put his arm around his girl and they left.

A single tear rolled down Fern's eye and she said, " I'm going to leave too."

Oldar turned around and walked over to Fern and embraced her. " I'm not sure what i'm doing." he said.

" Anyone else leaving!" the director asked in an annoyed voice.

Everyone else fell quiet. Joe even put down his bow.

" We will start fresh. Straight from the top. The name of it will be, A brand new Quest." the director continued.

Putting his face into his hands, Joe knew that he would be the first person to start off:

A brand new Quest.

The End!

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