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This is kind of like Stephen Kings "Rose Red."
[Introduction] 10 kids, from around the world, on a collage trip go to the blood house in France and try to and uncover its mystery. People have been dissapearing since it was built in the 1700's. They try to find out where the people went and how they died.

When you chose your character it cant be anything supernatural. Like no Vampires. (If you want to read about Vampires, read "The Decision, "The Last Vampire, and "Creatures of the Night. Please rate them!) Anyway, you can have powers, like telepathy. Make them between the ages of 17-25. Also make them all from a different country.

If your character dissapears, you can make them be part of the house or trapped behind the walls or anything you can think of. Everybody should write in a different color. Now, let's begin!
NAME: Adam Zypher
HAIR: Brown that was bleached blond, up in spikes
EYE COLOR: Mystifying blue
HEIGHT: 6'1"
POWER: Telekinesis and Telepathy
ORGIN: London
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Leader-like qualities, very kind and helpful, smart, and speaks only when needed.
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NAME: Nathan Alexander
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'9"
POWER: Can control the intensity and direction of light and transform his own body into light
ORIGIN: America
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cynical, sarcastic, intelligent, can take charge when needed
***** I forgot to add that Adam is 19! *****
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******and Nathan is 18******
NAME:Heather Andrews
EYE:Grizzled gray
POWER:Can get information just by touching things
PERSONALITY TRAITS:Quiet, loner, not friendly, can be jumpy at times
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NAME: Malia Clayton
AGE: 18
HAIR: Dark mahogany curls
EYE: Deep intense green
HEIGHT: 5’3"
POWER: Premonitions and healing people
ORIGIN: Ireland
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Outgoing, friendly, smart, sarcastic
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Name: Kiara Mayfield
Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: bright blue
height: 5'9
Power: Can feel pain and happiness of plants and animals.
Origin: B.C. Canada
Personality traits: Kiara is a inquizative, is an animal lover and completely believes that chopping down trees just is just wrong!
Name: Serena Rogan
Age: 27
Eyes: A nice haunting shade of chrome gray, changing colors as her moods do (darkeer for darker emotions, lighter fot lighter--you get the point)
Hair:Deep chestnut, straight, turns up at the ends, bangs framing her face.
Power:Healing through energy control, moving objects with her mind, and makes a spiffy cup of tea. :)
Origin:America's Heartland, where far as the eye can see is corn, corn, corn, and if you don't like that, turn towards the east and there, for your viewing pleasure is...corn. NEBRASKA. :P
Personality traits:Quick temper, especially if talking about short people, animals love her though, motherly to those who she is close to, weary of strangers, loves earl grey tea, hates pizza, will talk your ear off about anything if you ask the right question.
Adam, Nathan, Kenya, Heather, Malia, Taneya, Kiara, Alexia, and Serena were all gathered around the Blood House, located in the outskirts of Paris, France. Adam had read about the house in his school in London. Now that he was just out of high school, he had a perfect opportunity to explore it. Especially when it was government funded. Nobody in France would go near the house, and the government wanted it to be checked out to see if it was safe to turn into a historical museum. Now there were nine people gathered from around the world to do that exact job. There were supposed to be ten, but the tenth person was called away to do a job in Australia.

Adam looked up at the enormous house. It was all a deep red brick and was about fifteen stories tall. It wrapped around itself into the shape of the letter H. The packs on Adams back were getting heavy and he adjusted them slightly.

"Hey guys! Let's go in!" He called taking a key out of his pocket. They all walked nervously up to the door of the house.

"Is it to late to back out?" Heather squeaked.

"You're not afraid of a little old house, are you?" sneered Malia.

"No, it's just... never mind."

Adam looked back to make sure everyone was there, then he unlocked the door. He stepped into a room big enough to fit a full sized football field. The ceiling was probably about five stories tall. The walls were lined with paintings and portraits. Little tables lined the walls, and sculptures sat on them. There were statues and all kinds of other old items.

"Alright, everyone speaks English, am I right?" Adam laughed. "Okay, if I am correct, all of the bedrooms are on the second floor." He pulled out a floor plan of the entire house. "We could settle in there and begin our exploring tomorrow. Is that all right with everyone?" They all nodded except for Nathan. He crossed his arms and looked grim.

"How come you get to be the leader?" Nathan questioned.

"Well for one thing, No one stepped up. And another thing, I got this entire trip together!" Adam explained, rather loudly. "Besides," Adam started walking towards the staircase. The others followed. "we can't get on each other's nerves. We are the only guys with a house full of women."

Nathan smiled. "Yeah, but how bad could that be?" He laughed. "Just don't tell me what to do."


Adam led the group up the winding staircase; Nathan was not to far behind. Adam was the only one in the group who knew anything about the house. And he probably cared the most about it. It was one of his ancestors who built the house, but Adam didn't own it. They turned the corner into a long hallway.

"We've got to go right to get to the bedrooms." Adam explained.

"What's left?" Taneya asked.

"I don't know." Adam admitted.

"I thought you knew everything about this house." Malia accused.

"I'm not a tour guide. I've just studied about the house!" he snapped.

"He's so cute when he's angry!" Kenya whispered to Kiara.

The corners of Adams mouth turned up slightly as he pretended not to hear Kenya. The term "beautiful Kenya" certainly applied to her. To Adam, she was the most beautiful girl in the group. But that Malia girl, she was a little bitch. Adam stopped when he came to a large door. When he tried to open it, it was locked. "Just a little mind power, and poof! The door magically unlocks!" Adam thought.

He walked inside and recognized it immediately. It was the famous three-room bedroom. A short hallway connected the three rooms. "Okay, three people per room. Just being in this house is dangerous, let alone being in a bedroom by yourself. So lets pair up in three's."

"Adam? Can Kiara and I be in your room?" Kenya asked.

Adam grinned. "Okay, I guess we'll take room two." He picked up his things and started towards the middle room, Kiara and Kenya followed him. Malia was in room one with Serena and Heather. Nathan was in room three with Alexia and Taneya.

There were only two beds in the room. Adam claimed one for himself and let the two girls have the other. He was exhausted.

"Tomorrow, we explore." He yawned and fell asleep.
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Nathan wasn't going to wait until tomorrow. With his powers, it would be a simple matter to roam around the house, completely unseen and unfelt. He needed only to transform his molecular structure into light and alter his wavelength so that he was outside the visible spectrum.

That took all of one second...at most. No one even heard him slip out. After all, light isn't exactly noisy.

The one downside to travelling around as light was that, ironically enough, he couldn't see too well. He wasn't blind, but everything he was had a tint of red to it and was somewhat blurry. Once he was outside the bedroom, he solidified but remained invisible.

"What the hell do you kids think you're doing?"

That voice definitely did not belong to any of the others...
Heather couldn't sleep. When she went into her room. There were only two beds, as she walked past them she brushed her hand over the sheets. She quickly pulled her hand back as if the beds had been on fire.
"I'll sleep on the floor," she had muttered.

This house had a great many memories, none of them were good. Millions had been killed on those beds. Taken apart. The blood soaked in.

Heather shivered and tried to get some sleep.
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Kiara looked around the room. She had been awoken by a sharp noise, but she wasn't sure what it was. Adam was still sleeping soundly. She slipped out of the bed onto the cold floors. She shuttered as the cold went straight though her.
The bare skin of her feet made a soft noise against the ground as she walked towards the door. She pulled it open and looked out. Nothing was there. She moved down the corridor and down the stairs. She ran her hand over the wood of the railing. She pain of the oak was burning in her finger tips. She could see the front door, but decided she was probably safer inside. She followed a hallway. A loud noise behind her made her jump, but she was to scared to turn around. She had always been a wimp.
The hallways winded, turned, and bent everywhere. She was definately lost. She pulled a door open to search for clues of where she might be.
The sight was unimaginable. She smiled and moved into the room. IN the middle of the room, where an in door pool had once been there was a huge, ancient tree growing. She couldn't resist the erge to touch it. To know it's feelings; it's fears. The door slammed shut behind her. She screamed and spun around...
Serena ran a finger up the long, beautifully crafted banister. She was rooming with malia and Alexia, but they had gone off to the kitchen, hoping to find dinner. She wanted to explore. She was hoping to find the library, and maybe just get lost in the literature. She loved the feel of this house. Unlike others, who were scared and intimidated, she saw it as a growing experience. A chance to hone her powers. She saw Nathan going off down a hall and nixed the library idea. She figured he would find excitment, and she wanted in on it.
Adam couldn't sleep. He woke up and found everyone gone.

"Well it just figures that they would leave without me."

Adam walked out of his room and shut the door quietly. He opened the doors to the other rooms and looked inside. All of them! They just left him! He walked out of the connecting door to the three rooms and growled. Oh well, if something happens to them its their fault. Adam was closing the big wooden doors when something grabbed him. It had its arm around his neck and was cutting off his air. Adam struggled against it, but it was no use. It was much stronger. Its hands were white and ice cold. This was definatly Not one of his friends playing a trick. The thing started dragging him. Adam was losing consciousness and his body fell limp from loss of oxygen, making it easy for the creature to take him away.
Heather couldn't sleep so she decided to look around, apperently everyone else was doing the same thing. Heather went down the hall found what looked like a library. She went in and looked at the books.
Heather soon found one and took it off the shefl. She got a sudden image, but still wanted to read the book, though her hands were shaking.
She sat down near the book case and began reading.

After she was a few pages into the book the room got suddenly cold. Heather didn't have time to react and a male voice whispered Get out of our house. And the bookcase fell towards her.
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A breeze blew and Kiara shuttered. She spun around, but there was nothing there. She backed up until she was against the tree. She could suddenly feel it's anger and it's pain. She looked up, it's branches had burst through the glass ceiling of the room.
"Kiara!" A voice asked in a whisper. She held the trees bark and whispered, "Please, don't hurt me!"
Serena caught up with Nathan.

"Hey, where ya going?"

Nathan started as if she had hit him.

"Don't....! Sorry. I heard a noise up here, thought I'd look it over."

Serena shrugged and fell instep behind him. Nathan spun on her.

"Look, I don't need someone watching my step."

Just at that point, they heard Kiara's scream. Turning, they both ran down the stairs. In the foyer they ran right into Heather and Kenya.
When Adam awoke, he was in a dungeon and his hands and legs were chained to the walls.

"What the-?"

"Trespasser!" A voice hissed.

"Let me go!" he screamed and yanked on the chains. They held him tight, and everytime he struggled, they seemed to tighten.

"This is my house! And you are my messenger!" A white mist appeared in front of Adam. It unlocked Adams chains, and then it lunged at him. Adam was relieved for a moment that he was free, then he saw the mist. It gathered in front of him, then it dissapeared inside of him. Adam was slammed against the wall. Once the spirit was in him, he felt himself lose control over his body. His body was moving, but he wasn't doing it. He couldn't even move his arms. It was like he was trapped in a deep corner of his mind, watching the spirit use his body.
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Upon hearing the scream, Nathan couldn't wait around for the others. With his ability to transform into light, he could literally get to her at lightspeed.

"Excuse me, folks," he said, as he dematerialized.

He shot over to the sound of Kiara's voice and found the most unearthly tree he had ever lay eyes on.

A branch was thrust through his photonic body...and he actually felt it...and it hurt. This was no normal tree...
**Excuse me, Heather is on the second floor, in a libaray, under a bookcase, just incase someone was confused**

Heather bit back a cry of pain as she tried to move. Her legs felt like they were crushed under the bookcase.

Information from the books and the bookcase raced through her. The pain and the information was to much, Heather passed out.
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Kiara opened her eyes and started at Nathan. She grabbed his arm at the thought of what had happened. She pulled her self into him and wept on his chest. She had never seen anything so terrible in her life. She thought for sure she was going to die of fright, but yet, she was completely intreged by the beauty and light of the figure that had appeared before her.

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