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A girl walks into a room,knife in her body,apologizes and walks out. What's going on?
It is quiet, but not peaceful. The air is filled with tension, the silence awkward and unnerving. Suddenly, a terrified scream penetrates the thick air, and a girl runs in, her face covered in her blood. In her stomoch is a knife, buried into her small body. Only the handle is visible. She sees the crowd of adults in the room, and straightens up abruptly.
“So – sorry to disturb you”, she stammers, and runs out again. As she exits the room, a man walks in. Like the other occupants of the room, he appears to be shocked. He begins to speak hesitantly, unwilling to break the layer of shock and denial they have spread over themselves.
“Was – was that Mary?”, he ventures, almost whispering. The others in the room snap back to attention, back into reality. No one answers him.
They rush into the kitchen, into where the girl had run, to find her sitting in a corner of the room, crying and clutching her stomach, which still bled profusely.
"What's wrong, honey?", the man who had gone into the lounge room after her asks kindly, sitting on the floor next to her.
She sobs harder and moves away from him. He shrugs nonchalantly and stands up again.
A woman on the other side of the room throws him a dirty look, and walks over to her. As she passes another man, she whispers to him, "call the ambulance, man! Don't just stand there!"
She continues on her way over to the door, and in a gentle, soft voice, coaxed the child to allow her to administer to her wound.
She was shocked at what she saw.
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"hello Lisa, my name is Mrs. Lewis but you can call me Jennie." The lady said trying to keep the girl from falling into a sleep she would never awaken from. "hello Mrs. Lewis." the small girl said faintly than abruply slide down the door frame and into a heap on the floor. Mrs. Lewis pulled lisa back up."Lisa!" When there was no response she turned abruply to stare at the man "Goddamnit! Whats wrong with you man?call an ambulance!"
He started violently, as though he had only just realised where he was.
"Um...yes, of course..um.."he reached clumsily behind him for the phone.
Mrs. Lewis realised he was useless to the girl in his current state. She sprinkled some water onto Lisa's face, relieved to see her open her eyes. With her free hand, she reached for the cordless phone sitting on the benchtop and dialed the number for the ambulance.
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"the phone up there is out to." The elderly gentleman that had gone upstairs said. "does anyone have a cell phone?" Mrs. Lewis asked begining to get upset. She looked around at the guests, all shaking there heads.
The rest of the small group turned around to face her. She felt the cold stares of seven pairs of eyes on her. Mrs. Lewis' eyes almost glowed with fury.
"You think this is funny, do you? This girl is in serious trouble here!"
"No, I'm sorry, it's just - ", gasped Callisto through her sobs of laughter. Mrs. Lewis rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to Lisa.
"Well, there's no alternative. We'll have to take her to a hospital", she said. One of the men stepped forward to pick up the girl and walked to the front door. Suddenly he froze.
"What are you doing?", Mrs. Lewis cried.
"I can't move", he replied, confused. Sure enough, none of them could move further than the top of the stairs leading to the door. Mrs. Lewis looked at the others in the group.
"There's something really, really weird going on here", she said slowly. They nodded.

In the background, they heard the faint sound of laughter coming from the kitchen..
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"1-2-3!" Mrs Lewis yelled the last word and they all began to scream. A laugh echoed in the background "You don't have to yell, it's all been done before." Callisto said giggling "No one will come." She added as she looked at the dying girl.
Trenitty Chalmers was one of the group. She was standing in the back, scared. She didn't want to get in trouble. She definetely didn't want any cops around. She had had enough of people interrogating her and acting as if she were just a kid.

She took a breath and took the initiative. Something had to be done, and if it had to be her, she would buck up and do it.

"Why don't we just break a window?" She said from behind everyone.

Everyone seemed to jump out of their skin. She pushed to the front.
And they would not rest until someone had.
Callisto raised herself unsteadily from the chair. "Well, that was - productive", she laughed. THe rest of the group looked at her, unable to understand what she was saying or doing.
Trenitty stared at her, a stare that did not go unnoticed by Callisto.
Trenitty was scared of something - what, she'd have to find out. For now, it was enough to know she was scared. But she was also smart. If anyone knew how to get them out of this mess - if anyone would see her reasoning - it would be this girl.
She pulled her aside, an action accompanied by curious looks from the remainder of the group. "We're just going to the bathroom", Callisto explained, dragging Trenitty away. Once they were out of hearing range of the others, she began to talk.
"We've got to get out of here", she said. Trenitty nodded.
"And the only way to do that", she continued, "Is to kill the girl". Trenitty gasped, shocked. They stood in silence for a few minutes.
"Okay", she said finally. "Let's do it".
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Trenitty staired at her in shock. "They didn't stop last time!" Callisto murmured a bittersweet smile on her face, a tear began to form in her eye as she remembered when thy had- but nevermind that, she had to deal with what was happening now. "I know how it is Callisto, I just forgot how bloodthisty they were." Trennitty wispered "I just wish this was all a dream and that I could suddenly be awake, away from THEM!" She added in a sob
And after losing that much blood, it would take one hell of a fighter to stay alive. This girl was being kept alive by someone - or something. Something that knew that so long as the darker forces could not kill the weaker, they could not kill the stronger. They were unwritten rules, codes of practice, the way sport players would not attack while an opponent was injured. But would the Dark Ones conform to the rules? They had followed for so long - who knew when they would tire of them, and break free?
But for now, they were safe. They could not be killed. But neither could they leave...
Callisto, she and Trenitty having rejoined the main group, remained silent. She wasn't about to let everyone else know her true thoughts...her overwhelming desire for control.
No one spoke. Callisto looked around at them, waiting for someone else to speak up. No one did. Suddenly, she realised they couldn't speak - they couldn't do anything. No one could move until she answered. But she couldn't. She couldn't let them know the truth about herself, or they would kill her. What was she going to do?
Callisto nodded reluctantly, almost as though they were in control of her movements. And in a way, they were....

"Okay", she said. "What do you want?"

(Sorry it's so short - I've got exams coming up this week, but I'll write more next time!)
Callisto thought, before realising how clear the answer was.
"Trenity", she replied.
The look of horror on the face of her half-sister was almost enough to convince her to recant, take back her words..
"Okay", replied the voice. "We're on".
The others were unfrozen immediately. As Callisto turned around, she was suddenly aware of a sharp pain in her abdomen. She looked down to see a knife in her stomach. She turned to face the dying girl behind her, who now wore a look so evil it made her shiver with horror.
As Callisto's knees gave way beneath her, and she collapsed, dead, on the ground, Mary rose.
"Well", she said, ignoring the astonished looks of those around her, "who's up for some dinner?"

The End!

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