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In the future the gladiatorial game is medieval warfare. A fantasy campfire.
[Introduction] ***This campfire will go rather fast. If you do not make an addition in about 1-2 days, I may skip your turn. Sorry.***

In 2235, gladiatorial games are played out inside computer programs (sort of like the matrix). They last for months or years at a time.

These games can be from any time period. This game will be middle ages though. The
IGL, International Gladiatorial League, is sort
of like the olympics; only war is the sport.

The players set their appearance the first time
they step into the game. The IGL will not allow
ridiculous characters such as: giants, shapeshifters, or tiny people.

When someone dies inside the game, they are taken out and must watch the game from the outside. (Do not worry, you won't be killed unless you want to be.)

The games are not won by killing the other team. The computer generates two random kingdoms (They can be split into smaller states though) That are at war. Three teams will be for one side, three for the other. The objective is to defeat the other kingdom. This gives it a larger scale of war.

You will choose to be on a team. Each team has its own color and tattoo design, the tattoo will be on the right hand of the team member. Each team represents the seperate branches of military.

You must choose between the following teams (They are allied against 3 other teams):

Team Wolf: Silver team; Silver wolf head- Footsoldiers

Team Lion: Golden team; A golden lion
rearing on its hind legs- Cavalry- all players in this team must have a lance

Team Cobra: Red team; A coiled cobra- Archers (there are sniper like archers)-all players in this team must have a bow

This will have a medieval theme to it. There will be NO magic. These are HUMAN players. And keep the language down, in fact do not use any cuss words. Make up your own if you have to, but don't tell us what they mean.

Create a character as follows:



Nickname: (Or just prefered name)

Skin Color: (any color at all)


Age: (15 & up)

Sex: (M/F)

Dress: (What they wear when not in armor)

Armor: (no plate armor, use stuff like chainmail or something. If you want a visual, use a search engine and look up medieval armor pictures)


Facial features: (Is there any celebrity they
look like? This is simply so that the rest of us can visualize your character.)



Qualifications: (High school Gladiator team, etc.)

Weapons: (Medieval weapons)


Extra info:

The program can create its own characters (that means you guys can create villagers and stuff) to interact with the players.

Here is my character . He will be the team captain for Team Lion. Captains will be the color of their team, because they are the leaders. If you want to be one of the captains please e-mail me. I will choose two other people to be leaders.

CLAIMED BY Pax will not be on here!
Team: Lions
Name: Leo Barbara
Nickname: Barbarian (That is what Barbara means in Italian)
Skin Color: Golden
Nationality: Italian
Age: 24
Sex: male
Dress: Light blue pants that fit tight.
A golden silk shirt that fits tightly.

Armor: Basic chainmail over his chest and shoulders(Blue). Studded leather for his limbs(Golden).

Build: Thin & Muscular

Facial features: He looks like Al Pacino in Godfather part 1.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 175

Qualifications: 5 years of European Gladiator school. Three years with the Mediterranean Pre-renaissance War Association, a professional gladiator league.

Weapons: Gladius(blue hilt, the color of his pants, golden blade) strapped across his back. A diamond tipped lance. And a short bow.

Skills: Superb cavalryman. Has trained on virtually all terrain types. Is nearly of blademaster rank.

Extra info: Born and raised on the island of Sicily, Leo did not have his gladiatorial debut until the age of eighteen, at Parke University. He did not play in high school. Has shown great skill at fencing and in the use of medieval weapons as well as pre-medieval weapons. He rides a large golden war horse named Guerriero Durato(Golden Warrior). He is fascinated with Roman warfare and culture, that is why he carries a Gladius.
Stepping into his Player suit, Leo submerged himself in the blue liquid. The cord plugged into the back of his head began to hum softly, vibrating his brain. He closed his eyes.

This was it, his shot at the big one. The IGL had finally accepted him. And not only were they letting him join, but they were making him Captain too. All his hard work had payed off. He was Italian, and the stereo-type was that Italians were weak and stupid, they were the world's scum. Boy had he proved them wrong. He had been only five years in the gladiator arena, and already he was in the big leagues.

The cord suddenly stopped dead, and he was there. The world he looked upon was gray. What was this? Oh, yeah. In the IGL, unlike the MPWA, there was briefing room. This was Team Lion's, the cavalry team, room. He looked across at the men he would be in command of. They looked excited.

A deep, bass voice spoke loudly.

"Mission objective stated in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

In the center of the group of men, a screen materialized.

The deep voice spoke again,"This is Azaleon, your opponent. You are to help Anjoria defeat them. The two nations have been warring for over three hundred years. This is a large war, covering an area the size of Canada. Azaleon, in the West, is gaining the upper hand, you must use your skill to defeat them. There are three other elite teams facing you, they are supporting Azaleon. Your second objective is to seek and destroy Team Bull, Team Tiger, and Team Spider. You will be placed near the cavalry grounds inside the border of Anjoria. Find the King of Anjoria, and kneel to him. When this is done, you will be free to battle as you wish, but keep in mind, the politics there are real. The people are real to you. A large mountain range seperates the East from the West. There are five passes between them. If you can find and control these passes, you will gain a large advantage, not to mention a 1000 points for each pass you hold at the end of the game. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen. Game will start in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

The voice faded away and the ground shifted. Suddenly Leo found himself, in full armor, astride his warhorse-Guerriero Durato.

Looking down in amazement, he touched his golden skin.

He looked at his men. "Let's ride!"
Team: Lions
Name: Amy Wright
Nickname: Tiger
Nationality: Korean, but she's from the USA
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Dress: tunic
Build: small but has hidden muscle
Facial Features: Black hair, dark eyes (kind of looks like the ice skater Michelle Kwan)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Qualifications: She played in High school and college, this is her first year pro
Weapons: Sword and daggers, a lance
Skills: She's quick and small, making her able to get through others attacks better
Extra Info: Amy has played in the gladitoral games almost all her life, she took after her father who was a ledgend in IGL. This has been her dream all her life to go pro. She doesn't like people treating her like they should be nicer to her because of her father, she made it into IGL by herself on her own terms.


Amy looked up, she couldn't believe she was finally here. She had dreamed of playing in the IGL since she was a little child. Most girls played with their dolls, dreaming of getting married, not Amy, she loved the rush of playing hard, feeling like there was no end to the adrenaline as it rushed through her body. This was it. Everyone thought she needed to go home, get a real dream, but Amy didn't give up, and finally she was here. She wasn't captain as she had heard rumors that the captain of her team also had his first time today, but she was determined to show everyone that she could play just as hard. She was going to give it her all, no matter what.

As the rules were finished being explained she heard someone crack something, "Go back to playing with your dolls!"
She turned around, "Excuse me?"
"You heard what I said." The voice taunted.
Amy decided to ignor it. She knew what she was getting into when she joined. Very few girls seemed to take up this sport but that didn't mean there weren't girls that played.
She took a deep breath as the captain took his place on his horse. "Let's go, Men! Time to ride!"
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Team: Lions

Name: Catalina Mondego

Nickname: Cat or Lina

Skin Color: Dark olive

Nationality: Spanish/British

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Dress: Navy dress with conceled weapons in her pockets

Armor: Chainmail under black leather

Build: Athletic; has lean muscles

Facial features: Looks like a hispanic Elizabeth Taylor

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125

Qualifications: Is educated, has been to college; went to Toledo's Gladiators Guild for about seven years.

Weapons: Sword (called Pierde), daggers, bow and arrows, metal boomarangs, Lance

Skills: Is agile and very strong. Clever, is like a cat in when fighting.

Extra info: Born in Madrid, Spain, Catalina's older brothers have inspired her to become a gladiator. One of her older brothers was murdered after a gladiator match, and Catalina has sought revenge ever since. It was rumored that her brother's murderer will be in the IGL, and Catalina has some plans on her own. Revenge never tasted so sweet.

         Catalina got off of her horse. This is it, she thought. My chance to shine.

         She went into the stables and tied her horse up. She then looked around at the place.

         Hmm...where is everyone? she thought, looking around and out the window. The place looked deserted. Maybe they are all eating, she thought.

         Suddenly, a little man popped out of the bale of hay. "Who are you?" he barked.

         "Who are you?" Catalina shouted back.

         "None of your flaming business," said the gruff man, pulling out a knife. "If you don't scream, I won't hurt you. You're far too pretty to mess up."

         Catalina concluded in her mind that the man was some kind of criminal. She backed away from him, her hands reaching inside of her pocket for a dagger.

         The man took a couple of steps forward. "Don't be afraid, babe," he said. "I ain't gonna hurt you."

         Suddenly, he lunged forward and Catalina instinctly threw a dagger at him. It impaled him near his collarbone and blood squirted out. She kicked the knife out of his hand, and spin-kicked him at his head. He fell down on a pitchfork, stabbing him into his stomach.

         Catalina took a deep breath and looked around. No one had saw her and probably wouldn't have cared. It didn't matter if she was from a nice family; it was because she was female.

         Females usually do not participate in gladiator games, but Catalina did not care. "Absolute rubbish," she would say. "If you like what you do, then do it. Even if everyone expatriated you.

         Grabbing her horse's reins, she took him outside. She needed to notify the team captain, Leo Barbara, that she was here. She never knew what he looked like, but she did know who he was. Maybe, she thought, he can help me achieve my goal. Find my brother's murderer. And then I can take my act of justice. Oh, Edmond, dear brother, I will avenge your death! And with that she walked with her horse down the cobblestone street.
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*~*Name: Jamal Jenson
*~*Nickname: Jax
*~*Skin Color: Black
*~*Nationality: African/American
*~*Dress: Anything w/ dark blue, green, or black
*~*Armor:Sometimes he wears gold armor, but ost of the time, he wears none.
*~*Build:Body Builder; six pack, great, big muscles.
*~*Facial Features: He has a normal face, but has a slight gap in his teeth.
*~*Hight: 6'2"
*~*wieght: 220 lbs.
*~*Qualifacations: His dad was a gladiator, he went to the gladiators guild for 4 years in addition to his father teaching him how to battle since he was old enough to hold up a weapon.
*~*Weapons: His fathers Excalibar sword. Lance
*~*Extra Info: Seems to never sleep, people say that he calls upon the Heaven for power. Calls himself "Soldier", and "Vetran",since he has never come close to losing a battle.
*~*Skills: Very agile for his size. Skilled rider.

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Team: Cobra

Name: Holbytla Wood

Nickname: Holly

Skin Color: Tan with forest green tiger stripes over her cheeks, limbs and body.

Nationality: New Zealand

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Dress: Soft leather boots, indigo knee-length tunic, with a white under-dress with has sleeves to her mid forearm and skirt to mid calf. She also wears light green tights.

Armor: Only a soft leather jerkin, helm and gloves. Her game is to shoot and not be seen.

Build: lean and agile.

Facial features: Sorta like Christina Ricci, but with shoulder-length red hair and dark blue eyes.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 53kg

Qualifications: has been playing to some extent since she knew how, getting very good at sniper games. Was captain of her school Gladiator club, and has been working her way up ever since. She's the best in her country.

Weapons: Adept at any bow, superb aim, but best with Long bow, which she carries. She also has daggers carried on her person. Also adept at staff fighting and carries a staff called Varyar.

Skills: tracking and shooting. Also quite a good artist.

Extra info: She has a great sense of humour, and is very stubborn and patient. She's optimistic and quick to laugh, but equally quick at getting angry. Not a gal to mess with!


Holly glanced up from her hiding place, and hurried forward. She knew Team Lion was not far away, and was eager to find them quickly. Team Cobra needed to be notified to their allies' position, and a small band of sniper-scouts had been sent out to find them. Holly was one of them. She jogged across the easy ground, eyes and ears open to anything. Then, up ahead, she catches a glint of gold in the sun.

"That must be them," she thinks, and hurries on, noiseless as a cat.

Team: Team Wolf

Name: Terram Librassoon

Nickname: Terram

Skin Color: White, slightly tanned

Nationality: English

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Dress: Black. Black trousers, loose white shirt, black trench coat, black calf-length boots

Armor: Chain mail over his shirt. No other.

Build: Medium, lithe.

Facial features: Hair is black, shoulder length and tied back; Sea-blue-green eyes; tattoo of unknown origin on his left cheek that is like a crossed 7 with a circle under one of the 7’s arms.

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 182lbs

Qualifications: No known, multiple entrances in the games.

Weapons: Light long sword

Skills: cooking, sowing, healing, climbing, fighting, navigating, team driving, riding, swimming, one man missions, a cold calculated fighter, quick temper.

Extra info: Has been competing for several years, never finished below the top ten, never won or came second. Two years ago he was injured in a stasis tube accident that was never explained. Disappears between IGLs, presumably to train. Doesn’t trust anyone.

----- ----- ------ ----- ----- ----- ----- ------ ----- ----- ------ -----

Terram walked through the stasis hall, glancing other competitors. Then he stopped. A plaque on one of the blue tubes was engraved with the number 42. He checked his slip of paper: ‘13’. Tossing the crumpled ball of parchment aside he approached the stasis tube. His hand rested lightly on the glass. Then he began the preparations for entering the IGL.

As the rules finished and the count down passed he found himself in a bustling city. Terram looked around, questioned a CGI local on his current location, then set out towards the border of Anjoria. Why the IGL hadn’t deposited him in the correct infantry location, he did not know. Neither did he care. He knew where the headquarters were likely to be and he could get there quickly with a horse. He reached for the automatically donated Anjorian currency. Terram swore. When they’d repaired tube 42 they obviously hadn’t checked that it was connected to the IGL properly. It looked like he was going to have to walk.

Name: Jetta Curtter

Nickname: (Or just preferred name) jet

Skin Color: (any color at all) Silver

Nationality: African-American

Age: (15 & up) 25

Sex: (M/F) f

Dress: (What they wear when not in armor) a long shirt and a pair of tight black pants
Armor: she prefers only to wean a Chainmail shirt and helmet, leather pants she also carries a shield
Build: she is small and petite but looks are deceiving for she is strong and more than capable to do her job

Facial features: (Is there any celebrity they
look like? This is simply so that the rest of us can visualize your character.) ashanti

Height: 5’0

Weight: 100

Qualifications: (High school Gladiator team, etc.) Private training since the time she could walk. Been pro for the last 5 yrs.

Weapons: (Medieval weapons) Sword (named "Petite") bow and arrow; and throwing knives

Skills: she is one of the best archers and knife throwers in the league. Her sword skills are light years ahead of her with time she will be consider one of the greatest.

Extra info: Born and raised in the States. Family has been part of the IGL since inception. Has trained both in the Calvary unit as well as Archers but has choose to be a foot soldier to learn all aspect of the game and be the ultimate player.


This is it kiddo Jet said to her self as she slip in to the tube of blue liquid. This was her moment to prove that she had made it on her own that her father and her brothers had nothing to do with it. "No Matter what they say to you Jetta, just remember you earned this. You fought for it. It's yours" her mother told her just before she left for the arena. This was it her moment, her team.
She waited for the old familiar bass voice to come through. She listened as she was been briefed on the mission. But she was ready she had studied the maps, played the game over and over in her head she knew the outcomes of each situation before it happens. She was good and she knew it. She just hoped that the rest of her team realized it.
5,4,3,2,1 . . .
Before she realized it she was in the middle of Anjoria. Beautiful she said as she sat atop her horse. "Hey fella" she said as she petted him. She knew this would be one of the few times that she would be riding him this time around. She was a foot solider. She looked over the men she would be leading and realized that one was missing. Terrean she looked back over her the men one more time to confirm her suspicion. But he wasn't anywhere around. She knew that he hadn't been in the game a while but she had never heard of him being late.
Jetta realized that she didn't have time to wait on him she had to meet up with the Lions and Cobras as well as the King in order to start the game. "let's ride people we don't have all night" she yelled
Team: Wolf

Name: Lyret Kabbaton

Nickname: Running Wolf<---Her tribe name

Skin Color: Deep copper

Nationality: Lenape Indian

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Dress: Loose fitting, long sleeved white shirts with shell and bead necklaces around her neck. Either long, tan color skirts or blue jeans with sandals. Her hair is usually left in a long braid.

Armor: A chainmail coif(the headpiece) and hauberk(the shirt). She also has leather wrist cuffs and a shield in the style of King Richard the Lionheart.

Build: She has worked all of her life, so her body is hard and muscular. She has a medium build and calloused hands, but one can still tell that she is a woman.

Facial features: A slender face with high cheekbones that aren't so sharp that her cheeks are hallow. A straight nose and soft slips, with dark eyes that sparkle with a defiant gleam in her eye. High, arched eyebrows, a pointed chin and a noble forehead. She looks a lot like the woman in this picture... http://community.webshots.com/photo/30961167/34661561qkUIGe

Height: 5'11

Weight: 155lbs

Qualifications: She grew up on a reservation, where she learned to see things that others cannot see, learn things from the earth, and understand the signs that the animals give. In college, she joined a Gladiator team and was always assigned as a spy or a tracker because of her skills. Almost immediately after college(during which she majored in Medieval Europe and American History and minored in Creative Writing, just to tell you), the IGL took her in.

Weapons: A sword called 'Warrioress'- It has a Grecian style with a carbon steel leaf shaped blade, a pommel and guard each hand poured of solid brass and it comes to a length of 32"; it's carried in a leather sheath. She also has a swordbreaker dagger(picture- http://store3.yimg.com/I/ssrglobal2_1730_6257138), and a Scottish dirk. The handsome weapon has a Crown design pommel, traditional nailhead studded grip, engraved 11-1/2" long steel blade and fancy sheath with crested silver-tone castings. Overall length of 17" and a weight of less than a pound.

Skills: Her knowledge of Medieval Warfare, weapons, and of course her skills as a tracker make her best used as a footsoldier. She can also tell you what the other side is planning to do by studying the formation, and study the signs of the earth to tell you where the enemy is. She is also good for finding food if it ever runs out and keeping soldiers in line. Running Wolf is also a very good runner and her mannerisms are very wolf-like, which is a good thing. She's also a pretty good flute player, so the fires at night won't be boring.

Extra info: She was born in Pennsylvania, near Bethlehem, and grew up on a Lenape reservation there. Now in the IGL for a year, she is really well known amongst those who have fought Medieval warfare Gladiator games before.


Lyret walked into the room just as Jet gave the command to ride. Behind her came in Terram, whom she had gone out to find a little while before. He didn't appear happy to have had Running Wolf find him, but didn't say anything about it. He was too good an IGL fighter to get started on his teammates this early into the game.

"Before we leave, Jet, let it be known that the enemy has amassed along the borders of this land. They are not going to waste any time when it comes to this. We need to get together with the other teams soon, instead of going off like spirits freed from their circles."

"What? That made no sense," another teammate spoke up.

"It made perfect sense," Jet said, turning on that soldier. "She's saying that we need to get with our teammates instead of fighting on our own."
"Captain Barbara," a women's voice called to Leo. He turned in his saddle to see who it was. what did they want now? Surely they did not want to rest already. They had only been riding for what, ten minutes, and the Anjoria capital and military grounds were just up ahead. He raised his fist, calling for a halt, "What is it?"

"Team Cobra has found Catalina Mondego, sir."

This was good news. It had seemed as if the computer had not place her properly or that she was not place in at all. Now he knew that it was the former rather than the latter.

"Where is she?"

"I am right here, captain."

A beautiful girl with a pleasant tan walked toward him.

"It seems I have no currency. And I regret to inform you that I have killed one of the CC, or computer civilians. What is the punishment for this?" She asked.

"Was there any way to avoid death? If not than there is no punishment. Mount your steed and we shall ride again." He looked over at the Team Cobra messenger, a pretty New Zealander. "You shall ride with me, climb on behind."

She had been the first to contact them, and had been sending messages form Team Cobra via arrows. She was a good runner. Of course he had not had the team proceed at more than a trot. He had yet to hear from Team Wolf. Everything would be fine, once they reached Huyteb- the Capitol of Anjoria. The great castle, inhabited by the king, was in sight. He could hardly contain himself, he wanted so badly to get some type of action.

The girl, Holly, climbed on and Leo gave the order to ride on.

After about two minutes, a column of soldiers rode out of the woods to their left. They did not look very easy in the saddle. This must be Team Wolf Leo thought.

"Ho there! Are you Team Wolf?" he called. The question was not necessary for he saw that the leader of the column had silver skin. She seemed one of only a few who sat comfortable on their mounts.

"Yes, and you are Team Lions? I presume that you are Captain Barbara, known as Barbarian." the beautiful women with silver epidermis called back.

"Yes, Team Cobra is already on Capitol grounds. We can discuss matters there. We must hurry, come."

With that they rode on, the castle looming ahead.

As we came to the edge of the city John the captain of team cobra was there to greet us. We rode in to the city as one large group. As I looked around I noticed that the capital was in good standing. Mean this would be the perfect place for a base camp. I looked back over my team to make sure that we had all mange to stay together on our little journey.

“Running Wolf” I called from my horse. She came faster than I expected. “Please pick one other person and do a parameter sweep” I asked her as I dismounted from my horse. She nodded her head and went off. “John, Leo I guess we all need to talk and set up a game plan,” I said as I faced the two. Once gain I found my self being the smallest person in the group. I also wondered how they would receive me. I know when the read the captain list and saw a Curtter on the list they were expecting one of my brothers.

They both agreed and we walked over to the local tavern to talk as the men rested and some took post. “The Capital in good standing so I think base camp should be here among the villagers keeping us hidden until we need to strike.” I said as we sat down and order I drink. I decide to get all my ideas out first, I had been in enough matches to know that I might not be well accepted being a woman as a captain. Cause quite frankly girls aren’t suppose to be gladiators. I sat and waited for both there opinions

Amy looked around, nothing, she had been picked to help do a parameter sweap. "I don't see anything." She called to Running Wolf, the other girl that was picked to do this.
"Okay, we'll report back then."
They walked over to where the captians were talking. Amy stood up straight. "No sign of danger, Sir."
"Good." The leader of Team Wolf replied.
Sorry, I'm at a loss, I couldn't think of anything. :(
Holly swung down off the back of Leo's horse to greet her Team Leader with a short bow. Then she turned to look up at Leo.
"Thank you for the ride, Captain," she said with a quick smile. Leo nodded back in anknowledgement. Holly turned away, hiding a grin. That guy is VERY fine, she thought. But, of course, she's not here to pick up guys. She's here to fight. But if opportunities arise, well, you know, you don't fight opportunities. That's plain stupid.

"What are the orders now, Captain?" Holly asked John, curious to know.
Terram passed the bay a sugar cube and walked off. It felt awkward to be back in the games. Having missed last year and withdrawing the year before after that accident…
But Terram wasn’t going to give up and he sure as flames wasn’t going to let a little off time ruin his game. If it was going to be awkward then Terram was going to be awkward right back. After this morning’s malfunction and utter lack of any standard equipment he was not in the mood for playing games with computer games. This was the IGL and Terram was burned if a couple of glitches were going to throw him off now. He owed it Achim and Kia this time. He wouldn’t fail.
“You’re Terram, right?” The Englishman turned and looked into the eyes of a keen youngster. The kind who’d always wanted to compete in the IGL since he was a kid. He watched them every year, made notes, had a favourite player, knew everything about everything, but was utterly clueless at the same time. Terram looked away again.
“So you’re back in the games? I have to say, I when I read what happened in stasis hall two years ago I got worried for you. I was really glad I found you were okay. I thought you might’ve quit, but I should’ve known better. You’d never quit.”
“You can say that again.”
“I expect it changed you though, it’d change anybody, something like that would.”
“I used to be a drunk who was only sober for the IGL.”
“And now?” The kid asked expectantly.
“Now I’m a drunk who’s only sober for the IGL and who’s being bugged by newbie.” The kid shut up and walked off.
Running Wolf stood by the horse and spoke to it for a moment, using soothing tones and kind words. The brave horse would be going into war- game or no game. It deserved attention as much as the next IGL competitor. She payed attention, however, to the conversation between Terram and the younger boy and laughed when Terram snapped at the kid.

"Terram, be as the reed in the winds," she said, patting the bay's neck and turning to the man.

"What?" he asked, his eyes narrowing in confusion.

"Bend. It will keep you from breaking," she explained.

"Running Wolf!" called Jet. The Lenape looked up at her captain in response. "Come! The captains need to speak to you."

Lyret nodded and was at Jet's side in a moment of seconds. "What do you need to know?"

"Where the enemy is."

"They are at the border. Judging from their formation, they won't be attacking until some time around mid-day tomorrow."
Leo looked at her in surprise,"How did you know that? The border is 35 mile from here."

Running Wolf smiled, an intelligent gleam in her eye,"I have created a telescope," she pulled out a leathery tube with lenses inside,"and I was on the tower earlier today. Does that answer your question?"

Leo nodded, this woman was crafty.

John Altasion spoke up,"I think we must hurry to the King, for we need to setup our campaign plan. Come, let us go to him."

They journeyed through the military grounds, into the royal section of the citadel. A guard stopped the three outside of a large, iron gate.

"What's'it you be a'wantin?" the burly guard said, waving his halberd.

Leo gave him a level stare,"We must converse with the King, and pledge our alliance to him."

The guard's eyes shifted,"So you want to pledge alliance to King Yulri do yee. Well not many do these days, he is nothing like his father. If you are to see him, than you must leave all metal here," he indicated an area directly in front of himself.

They nodded and stripped themselves of all armor and weapons. After the guard, Juqiy as he was called, was satisfied that they no longer carried any weapons, it seemed that he took just a little longer searching Jetta, he permitted them to enter the royal chambers.

Inside, nothing was made of ordinary metal or ordinary wood. It was either of gold or ivory. On a large golden throne, covered in precious stones, sat a small boy. He was skinny with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He seemed to cower as the three entered the room.

"Who are you?" he asked in tones that came from the nose.

Leo looked at the other Captains, and shook his head in contempt of this man. Looking back up at the king he said,"We are here to turn the tide of your war with Azaleon. We Pledge our alliance to you, King Yulri." Leo knelt on one knee, and pulled out his sword, offering to Yulri. The King touched the hilt timidly.

"For your pledge of alliance, You will be knighted. Boy! Boy!" he snapped his fingers as he called for his servant. "Bring me the sword of my father."

When the procession was completed he said,"Rise Sir Leo, Sir John, and Lady Jetta. From this moment forth you shall be held in my highest esteem."
I've been felt up by an AI idiot, knighted by a child the only thing that could make this game any worse is to find out that one or all my brothers were captains of the opposing team.
"Okay Gents, since the game has offical begun i think we should be heading out." i said as i turned to look at the others capations i made sure that my favorite little digger was sacure. "You went in there armed? Leo asked in surprised as he watched me. I nodded as i refastend the belt to my inner thigh. "I never walked round unarmed even when asked" i told him.

"Well i guess we should set up camp?" I said as i started toward my team. I wanted to send a few people out to do a little more scouting. I had feeling that our competion may have been closer than we think plus i wanted to make sure that my brothers were not the captains of the other teams.

***sorry so short coudn't think of anyting***

Hey guys, this is Pax. I just wanna tell y'all to please write in 3rd person, and we are not about to go fight the other teams. We are fighting mostly against AI. Pax to y'all.
(Sorry my additions are so short, as for being just a character mine doesn't do much, so to me it's not that important. :x Sorry for taking so long too with my addition. I guess I feel my character is just "there".)

Amy looked up as she saw the 3 team leaders emerge from the huge castle-like building. The stone of the castle was almost so old that it was chiping but nonetheless was very beautiful. It was almost more pretty than any castle in a movie she had ever seen. The rode led to the castle, it was lined with amazing flowers of every color. The hills in the backround made for a perfect scene.
Amy breathed in deep as she took it in. Even though it was just a game it seemed almost real.
The leaders signaled to keep moving. Amy gently hit the side of her horse. She found herself in line with everyone but somehow falling near the end of the crowd.
For some reason she felt as if everyone thought she couldn't do it alone, that the only reason she was there was because of her father. She shook it, deep down inside her she knew that was just her own fear. She had to prove not only to her family and friends back home that she could do it, but also to herself.
<Give me strength, Lord.>
(I tried to make it interesting, didn't do a good job of it. *Frown* )
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         Catalina watched as the three leaders walked out of the beautiful castle and headed back to their camp.

         I wondered how'd it went in there, she thought, putting down her bow and arrow. She had been practicing an her archery for over an hour, since she was so bored. She still hadn't made any friends yet, and the only person who had spoken to her was Leo. She didn't really care anyway; it was like that all the time.

          As the captains entered the camp, the rest of the teams crowded around them and burst out many questions. Catalina stood back and watched.

          She heard that the captains were knighted and they had promised the king (who was in fact, a mere boy) that they would destroy the his enemy. The teams cheered and boast who would destroy the most minions, and such. Catalina smiled, in a few days she would be in battle.

          Catalina instintively looked at the castle. She thought she saw a tall shadow looking out through a window. She shook her head and it disappeared. Hmm, she thought, how odd. She had a bad feeling, and could not shake it.

          She saw Leo depart from the crowd. Catalina had an idea to go through with this war, and wanted to tell her captain, but she wasn't sure she should tell him. Then there were the dreams she had been having in the previous nights. A young man, spitting out Italian, surroundered by blood and fire, while a monsterous creature was about to kill him. There were other symbolic things in her dream, like her sword, a ring, a flute....what did it all mean? And now she just witnessed a shadowy figure spying on them. What was to happen?

          Leo was about to walk by her. Should she tell him or not? Finally she came to a decision.

         Catalina straightened her posture, took a deep breath, and said, "Sir, may I have a word with you for a minute?"
   Terram looked up from checking his equipment as the captains returned from their meeting with the king.  He gathered up the stores again ready for what ever orders he’d be receiving soon.  He glanced irritably at the sword.  Either they’d changed regulation weapons or he was rusty.  The sword felt too light, and was too short for him.  It could be easily rectified by ‘borrowing’ a cavalry weapon, but had 42 been working his specifications from the entry forms would’ve given him an appropriate equipment lot.  As it was, he was short two knives, half his rations and completely lacking the usual medical supply.  He would just have to ask his captain about it, there was really nothing else he could do about it.  Jetta Curtter, wasn’t it?  Why were there so many newbie captains this year?  Well, it didn’t matter.  If she was a Curtter, she was tough, and probably trouble too.
   The Englishman stood up and slung the pack over his shoulder.  Then there was that Running Wolf.  She was strange one, nosy too, and oddly familiar.  He hadn’t quite worked it out yet, but there was something about her that he wanted to avoid…
Running Wolf sat beside the fire, for night had settled upon the land, and played her flute. It was a haunting melody that was vaguely familiar to all who heard it, although most had never heard the song before. Everyone, from all three teams, stopped to listen and felt their worries and anxieties leave their bones. The captains felt themselves able to think more clearly and those who were tired could sink into a peaceful sleep. The song was her favorite, taught to her by the Tribe Elder, White Eagle, and it was the best for that time.

"Will you stop playing?" Terram said, coming up to the fire and glaring at Running Wolf, who ignored him and continued to play. Only someone who truly wanted to be happy would like the song. "Stop!" he bellowed again, reaching forward to take the flute from Lyret's hand.

"I warn you, Terram, I am not always a peaceful person. There is a reason I am a wolf," she whispered, her voice a growl in her throat. Terram did not give the flute back. "Big mistake." Without any preamble, she reached forward and grabbed the wrist with the flute. Her foot came forward into his stomach and her other arm grabbed his other arms. Then, she trapped his legs with her own. Terram hadn't been in the IGL in a while- he didn't really know much about Running Wolf.

"Let go," he said, twisting to get free. Running Wolf gave him an arm, but twisted him around and elbowed, causing him to let go of the flute. Lyret kicked it up into her hand and then sat down by the fire to continue her song.
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          "And that is it, sir," said Catalina, taking a deep breath.

          "Do all of your dreams and predictions come true?" asked Leo, with an arched eyebrow.

          "Yes...sometimes. But I always consider it a coincedence. But there were too many..."

          "I see," said Leo, standing up, and began to pace. "And you are very worried? You have a bad feeling that something evil will happen? And to me?"

          "Yes sir," answered Catalina.

          Leo stopped and began to think. "You shall be my right hand man...er...woman. I might not know much about you, but I fully trust you, and you'll tend to my every command. You were at the top of your gladiator school, were you not?"

          "Yes sir, number one in fact."

          "Good. Now gather up your things; your tent will be next to mine, so don't worry about guarding my tent."

          "Yes, thank you, sir," said Catalina, standing up. She looked at Leo and bowed. "I'll try not to let you down." She then smiled and looked into Leo's intense eyes. Boy, he sure is handsome, thought Catalina. She broke out her trance and shook hands with him. Then she walked back to get her things.

          She was ready to face any evil and to protect her capatin through anything.

Amy glanced at Running Wolf and Terram, did they have to fight? She sighed. Things had been so hard lately, everyone was on edge. And the flute did soothe her nerves just a bit. She looked up at the sky. What were they doing here? Why didn't they move on? She stood up and looked at everyone. Something told her this wasn't gonna be easy, everyone seemed to be in their own little world and didn't care about anyone else. Something had to be done.
<Here goes everything. God, give me strength. I've never been the one to do something like this.>
"Hello." Amy said to the nearest person. "I'm Amy Wright. I'm from team Lions. And you are?"
*I'm extending an olive branch, if anyone here thinks that we need to start talking to one another, like I do, then PLEASE extend your olive branch too. No one knows each other which makes it really hard to do anything with. If not I don't know if I'm gonna keep posting. Sorry, Josh, but if we have no relationships here then it's worthless. Don't take my offer unless your willing for Amy to be your character's friend. Thanks.*
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(... would u mind if the leader of this campfire please remove me from the campfire. Im sorry but i cant get onto writing.com alot. )
"I'm Holbytla Wood," said Holly, turning to Amy and smiling. "Holly. Team Cobra. How dyou do?" She shook hands with Amy, smiling. "I haven't been in a big game like this before, you?"
Amy shook her head.
"No, but I've played heaps of smaller games."
"Same here," Holly replied. "I never thought I ever play out of New Zealand, you know? But here I am!" Amy laughed and nodded.
"I wonder what we'll be doing tomorrow," Amy mused.
"Getting some action, hopefully," replied Holly, grinning. Amy nodded in agreement. "I wonder what our enemy is like."
"Dunno." Both fell silent and stared into the flames of the fire, ran out of things to say just now, but glad they'd spoken to someone.
   Terram paused for a moment, he'd been leaning against a cart for a while and it had suddenly occured to him what it was that made Lyret so irritating.  It was Kia.  They looked completely different, he had no idea what Running Wolf was actually like other than annoying, but she still reminded him of his friend's fiancee, well, widow now.
   Achim had been so good at the games.  It felt strange to be here without that sickening terminal optimism.  He wouldn't have objected to Kia being here, even if she did go on at him about 'talking' to people.  She couldn't walk anymore, but she was still the same old Kia.  And Terram wasn't.  It was like the newbie had said, the surving victims of that accident had all changed, no matter what they wanted to believe.
Running Wolf ran around for a bit, feeling the wind coursing through her hair and hearing the sounds of the city around her. Her bright eyes were careful to watch everything around her, however, to make sure that nothing was going on. They darkened a bit as they glanced over Terram and her hand tightened around her flute. How dare he try and take her flute? It was her property and no one had the right to take it from her hands unless she offered it. Terram obviously didn't know the rules of civility.

"Running Wolf!" Jet called. Lyret looked up and ran over as the woman beckened for her to come. Out of the corner of her eye, Lyret noticed Terram watching her, a bit of a grimace on his face. Running Wolf ignored it, however, and nodded to Jet.

"Yes?" she asked. Jet surprised her by tossing her a bow.

"How well can you shoot?" she asked.

"I would assume quite well, ma'am," Lyret replied. "Since I have grown up on a reservation."

"Well then, see that circle on that tree over there? We had that drawn on the tree. Shoot that entire quiver, there are only five arrows in there now, into that circle. We shall tell you why we had you do this when you're done."

Running Wolf nodded and knocked an arrow. Gauging the distance and the circumference of the circle, Lyret shot. Without even looking to see where the arrow had landed, she quickly shot the other four arrows. Finally, throwing the arrow on her shoulder, she surveyed her handy work. All five arrows were in the center of the circle.

"Good job, Running Wolf," Jet said, nodding. Lyret nodded.

"Thank you, ma'am. Now, why would the leaders of the teams need me to shoot five arrows into a tree?"
"How did she do that?" Leo and John asked at the same time. "It's a girl thang yu wouldn't understand" Jetta laughed as she grab a bow and arrow and make the same shot. Leo and John laughed. "Thanks, Running Wolf, you can go back with the others" Jetta said as she placed her bow and arrow up.

"I think we should all go different routes to get to the same city. This will give us the chance to cover and secure more routes in to the city without us all getting captured at one time." she said as she sat down at the table. "True, but than what happens if one of us get caught" John asked. "If a teams are not at the meeting spot at the designated time than the others teams will go looking for them if we are able. If we can't than well leave a message or a member of our teams behind to wait for you or go after you" she said as she streatched. "Good ideat that'll give us a chance to get more points" Leo said. "Then it's agreed" Jetta asked Leo and John nodded.

Jetta stood and looked back at the other two captians. "We'll go ahead and leave. i think it should take us take us about three days to reach Helios" she said. "Which way are you going?" leo asked. She pointed to the mountian to the north "Well go throught the Ama mountain pass I've study the terraian maps that's going to be the friendliest for us footsoilders not to much climbin and mostly even terrain" she said as she walked off.

Wolves, 10 minutes and we move out she shouted

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