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Hawaii spring break becomes more than bargained for when our hero hrinks to five inches.
[Introduction] Hawaii on spring break becomes more than he bargained for when our hero hrinks to five inches tall at the beach!

Josh had had a great spring break in Hawaii. Even though he had ended up coming by himself he had no shortage of female companionship at the Waikiki Hilton. He's gotten laid nearly every night so on any level his vacation was a success. And it was cool having his own room. It wasnt supposed to be that way but his three friends had to cancel out even though the hotel room was already paid for, so he had a suite for four all by himself.

He hated the fact that he was only staying one week, but it was all he could afford, and he had classes starting up anyway but he wished he could remain with the rest of the partiers this weekend and next week. As ge packed his bags up and walked out the door he truly wished spring break would never end. He passed the maid just as she was coming in to change the sheets and clean the room. He said hello and left the door open so she could enter.

The desk was crowded with arriving spring breakers just checking in, and after fifteen long minutes the clerk finally had him sign the bill and took his room keycard. Josh was standing out side of the hotel waiting for the airport shuttle bus when he realized he had left his watch in the room. Frantically he left his bags with the doorman and seeing the throng at the front desk decided to head to the room on the chance the maid was still cleaning in there. It was after 12 noon and he knew there would be somebody new checking in anytime after that.

He dashed down the halls and endless corridors to the first floor room. To his relief he was it was still opened, and the elderly maid was just leaving after finishing her cleaning.

"Excuse me ma'am, sorry, I think I left my watch in there. Did you see it?"

"Sorry Mister, I didn't see. But go ahead and look yourself if you want. Just please close the door behind you after you're finished."

"Thank you so much."

"No problem, I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Waikiki Hilton."

Josh quickly dashed into the room, letting the door close behind him. He ran to the nightstand and looked but no watch. The stupid maid probably swiped it. He looked on the dresser and under the bed but the bed was one of those where the bottom was surrounded with polished brass so the part underneath was not open. Still no watch. We walked into the bathroom and stepped in some cleaning fluid the maid had spilled on the floor. Just then he snapped on the light switch and was greeted with a shower of sparks from the wall socked, accompanied with a jolt to his body. He smelled burning chemicals as she stumpled back out of the bathroom and onto the bed. His whole body racked with pain, so much so that he fell off the bed, hit his head on the floor and passed out...

It seemed like hours later when he finally came too. He was standing on a vast plain, covered with some soft but deep surface that made standing up harder than it shoud be. He was next to a gigantic structure that stretched out a good ways to the huge wall. In the distance was other large structures. It all looked familliar, yet horribly alien to him as he surveyed his world. Then it dawned on him that he was in his room, only an impossibly huge version of it. Only too he realized probably it was not the room that was huge, it was HE that was small! The chemicals on the bathroom floor...the shrunk him!

He thought about trying for help but the door, was towering and formidable. No way he could open in. No telling how much time he had been unconsicous. Probably missed his plane flight and everything, shit.

Before he could think any further he heard rustlings outside the door. It sounded like bags being set down. Then to his horror he could hear voices. Giant booming voices. And they sounded distinctly female to boot!

"I can't believe we're finally in Hawaii! This is so freakin awesome!"

"Yeah the plane flight took forever."

"I can't wait to change into my bikini and check out the guys."

"Yeah. I can't wait to see our room. Hurry up with the key card."

"I have to swipe it again, the thing didn't turn green...oh wait there it is."

There is a click and you panic. You can't hide under the bed cause the brass lower part of the bed blocks you from even seeing under the bed. You can either stay and hide in plain sight at the bottom of the bed near the foot of the bed. Or you can quickly try and dash under the dresser or chair or nightstand. Unfortunately the are all made in the Hawaiian wicker style so they dont offer a lot fo protection. Suddenly the door starts to swing open...

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“I can’t believe Oahu is this nice, it’s so warm here.”

“Hence it being Hawaii Stacie, what did you think it was going to snow?”

“Shut up dyke or no sex for you.”

“You’re such a sex Nazi Jess.”

The door burst open and a goddess is standing in the doorway, her golden blonde hair spills around her shoulders as her voice cascades into the room filling it like a bright light into a void, Josh gulped as he was barely taller then her black platform sandals, His eyes climbed her legs like a plane reaching towards the heavens, they traveled up her tanned and toned legs with her every step he could see her muscles flex their power as they supported her seemingly massive frame. His eyes finally hit her tan cargo shorts followed her pierced naval and a light blue baby t-shirt. Josh's eyes finally met her own stare as she headed straight for him. He could see his own minute reflection in her orange tinted sunglasses as she looked at the colossal view I had enjoyed just hours ago. Dust from her steps was kicked up off the carpet and he found himself hacking as she stepped over him, not even aware of his presence. As she walked, her foot skidded along the carpet top. He dove to the ground as the sole of her sandal skidded across his back

“Bless you.”

“What? I didn’t cough I thought it was you.”

He heard the patio door open up and he know that this was his best chance to make it out as she was distracted. Josh turned and smacked into a fleshy wall. He fell backwards onto his ass as a pair of eyes immediately befall onto him. Jess’s Dark raven hair spilled around him looking more like ropes then hair as she bent down with her eyes toying with him like a cat does a mouse as she concentrated fully on him with her deep brown eyes. As he looked at her face he knew she had to be Mexican as her skin was naturally tanned to a flawless stature. She had on a tight black shirt that had 'Spoiled' written across it in small pink lettering and her tight black shorts hugged her ghetto booty. Josh started to back away as best as he could but he found his foot caught in one of the carpet loops. He fought feverishly to free it but her warm hand encompassed Josh.

“Holy shit! Stacie check this out.”

“This view is amazing Jess, aren’t you glad we came a day early. We get to enjoy this wonderful paradise a whole day before Leah and Ellen get here.”

He was surrounded by darkness as he swayed from side to side as she lifted him up, it is like he was in an elevator only her hand is going much faster however, He got the same head rush feeling as she leveled off. In moments the face of original girl is shoved into his field of view to the point that it is all that he could see.

“What is he?”

“I, I, I ahhh don’t know.”

“Please you have to help me.”

“Oh shit it spoke.”

The girls both let out a girlish, overly excited school girl scream that made Josh's ears bleed and he is tossed into the air. It is an odd feeling as he is completely weightless for a moment. He felt so free and unattached he thought this must be what an eagle feels as it stretched out its wings and glided across the sky. Then it ended all at once as he smacked head first into the floor and darkness once again fell over him like the setting sun.

I woke up on a soft surface that caresses my aching and bruised body. At first i thought one of the giant young ladies had put me on her bed, but the surface I was on was gently rising and falling with a gentle rythim. As my eyes fluttered open and I sat up a great rumbling thunder shook all around me and through me. It wounded like giggling, only magnified.

"Oooo he's waking up. You might have hurt him Jess."

"How Stacie? He must be a doll, right? Dolls are made of plastic."

"Well it doesn't feel like a plastic doll on my stomach, Jess. Plus, he talks. He MUST be real, the poor little thing. I wonder what he was doing on our room?"

I looked around and surveyed the slender blond's body I had been placed on. I looked over my shoulder to see her small breasts, only now they were the biggest breasts in the history of breastdom. Her smooth skin was underneath me, framing me in her silky heat. I realized he was now wearing just a white bikini.

"Miss I can explain, I was staying in this room last week and I was checking out and came back in here to look for my watch and there were these chemicals i stepped in and shrunk and couldnt get out. If you would be so kind as take me down off of you and let me outside I can find the proper authorities and try and get returned to normal, ok?"

"What did you say? I can't hear you little thing. You are just so very cute."

I panicked and tried to slid down off of Stacie's torso and on to the bed. No sooner had my feet touched the bed surface when two fingers pinched me at the ankle and swung me upended through the air. I flailed about like a freshly caught fish as Stacie effortlessly lifted me back up to her and set me back down on her upper abdomen, just below her chest. She smiled down at me gently.

"Hey what do you think you are doing? PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN do you hear me? I said put me down this very instant young lady, you have no businees treating me this way. You and your friend here are both in big trouble unless you get me help. At least turn me rightside up ok? Are you listening to me? Help you're friend here is scaring me!"

"Ah ah ah I didn't say you could go anywhere just yet did I dollman? You stay on my chest until I say so. I want to check you out you are so fucking amazing!"

"Lemme go dammit!"

"What's he saying Stacie?"

"I don't know its really hard to hear him, his voice is so high and squeaky, like a little mouse." Stacy smiled at my little figure and gently set me down, this time higher up, between her small breasts. She pushed them gently together until her flesh pressed gently against me from both sides, immobilizing me.

"What do we do with him? Should we call the police, or an ambulance?"

"Should we Jess?"

"Yeah we could, where's the Hotel Directory? Oh there it is, grab it and dial- hey, wait a minute I got a better idea!"


"Leah and Ellen will never fucking believe this; let's keep him here to show them when they arrive tomorrow. We can party tonight with him. It could be fun!"

Suddenly the pretty face of Jess came down just inches from him where he was in Stacie's modest cleavage.

"Don't worry little toy man. We'll take such good care of you won't we Stacie?"

"Yeah. We are going to have so much FUN its SPRING BREAK!!!"

Stacie suddenly sits up and starts dancing around the room with Jess, who is also in her bikini btw. I fell back on to the bed and watched the spectacle of these two towering young hotties getting all excited at being here for spring break and pumped to have fun. Plus now they were doubly excited at finding me.

Then suddely Jess grabs me and both Stacie and her head for the door.

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Jess clenched him tightly between her breasts as both she and Stacie walk down the hall, her tits swagger and shift from side to side as Jess walks towards the elevator. He screamed as loud as he could but his voice was easily muffled by her breasts.

“Stacie, he feels so amazing, we are bringing him home”

“He is gonna be the best souvenir ever.”

“You listen here I am no ones souvenir.”

“What did he say?”

“He said he can’t wait to see our apartment”.

“Aww you’re so adorable.”

Stacie’s finger petted him gently on the back as they enter the elevator. The scent of jess is all around him as the elevator lowered towards the lobby. As each moment passes she caressed him deeper and deeper into her cleavage. At one time he would say there isn’t much there but now she has more then he could handle ever.

“Stacie, we better make sure to get our little man insured when we get home.”

“Yeah, that way if something happens to him, well it just won't.”


“Ooh lets get laid Jess.”

“Look at how big it is.”

“It’s wet too.”

“Aloha, 2 please.”

“Here you are ladies, Mahalo.”

As they walked towards Waikiki beach he felt himself set on something wet. As his eyes began to focus he looked upwards to see the face of Stacie a few feet above him as he is clinging to her lei. As she continued walking he was bounced up against her with every step. He debated whether he should let go or not when they walked into the hard rock café.

“Table for three please.”


The rather cute waitress swept over to their table and Stacie set him down in the chair. The waitress smiled down at him warmly with a curious look on her face. Both girls giggled as they saw him trying to climb the tablecloth. He could hear both girls talking as he was climbing away when he felt the chair below pushed against the table. For the third time in the matter of a day he was falling to the floor. He landed roughly once again on the floor. His leg felt broken and he had trouble moving it. He could feel the floor start to rumble again. He looked up, seeing the waitress from before, her hand started to descend upon him. He let out a scream and tried to run towards Stacie and Jess knowing at the very least they wouldn't hurt him. I heard a few more footsteps and then darkness.

“You are in so much trouble”

He was tossed into a pocket or pouch that is zipped shut. He didn’t even try to get out cause he already knew it was futile. He resigned himself to sitting and waiting. He could still hear the voices of Stacie and Jess so he was praying that it is them who have caught him, and not someone else.

My heart sinks as the voices of Stacie and Jess fade out and I hear the steady footsteps of my captor as we hurriedly leave the restaurant area. I feel the thudding footfalls of whoever is carrying me off as they walk through the hotel. Then I hear a door being opened and shut quickly. Giant fingers suddenly close all around me and I am lifted out of my prison. I look around to see I am in a hotel room, only smaller. There are two beds and dressers and nightstand and desks. I look at my captress and its the cute waitress from the restaurant. She's holding me gingerly in front of her face, her curly brown hair framing her amused face.

"Aren't you cute! I can't believe you're real. I just had to have you. I love dolls. I'm going to keep you for my very own."

"Hey no put me down this is kidnapping."

"No it's not. You're not a kid you're just a little doll. I little dolly for me, that's what you are. Yes, I think so."

The girl sets you on her dresser and takes a step back. You marvel at her lithe, tan figure, the nice firm 34 B cups barely contained in her bikini tip, her waitress order pad tucked in between her fake grass skirt and her stomach.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"Oh poor thing I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Hannah. I'm working here just for the season so I get to stay at the hotel for free. After the season is over I am going back to college at the University of Arizona, and guess who's coming back with me?"

"Please Hannah you've got to get me help!"

"Don't worry doll, I'll help you."

Hanna laughed as I frantically ran from one side of her dresser to the other, desparately trying to find a way down. I stopped at the edge and looked far over the side. I couldn't believe how fucking far down it was to this girl's hotel room floor.

"Don't fall little man, its too far for you."

"Get me down from here."

"Not until I can trust you. I know you can't get down from there so you won't get away from me."

"But its only a dresser! How can this be?"

"How can you be so puny?"

"I got shrunk and...no...wait a second...no...please back off..."

I backpedaled on her dresser top as he outstretched fingers neared me. I kept backing up until i felt something cold against my back. I turned around to look at my own reflection in her table mirror, then i saw her fingers close around me. I was jerked rudely from the dresser top as she yanked me to her amused face.:

"Gotcha! You're mine now little man. I'm going to put you on my roomates Kerri's bed while I go in and shower. You can rest up there but don't try to get away. Your much too small to get down from her bed anyway."

"I'm not going on you're roomates bed! Put me down dammmit! Put me down!"

The girls burshes off your protests with a giggle and sets you on her roomates bed, then she heads to the bathroom for her shower, leaving you prisoner in a hotel room for giants...
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As Josh look down the side of the bed he realized just how small that he is. The length to the floor from the bed is simply mind blowing. The floor is hazy as he looks down hoping that he can someway will myself to the floor but Josh knows its not happening. He finally gives up and walks around on the bed. Josh marveled at how his weight didn't even make a dent in the bed. He resorted to simply sitting and waiting as it was all that he could do.

He heard the handle to the door rustle. His eyes darted around looking for any place for cover. Josh spotted the pillows but they looked miles away. As the door was shoved open a giant was standing in the doorway. He looked very plain looking.

"Hannah, you here? Hannah?"

"I am in the shower hun."

"Oh, alright"

The giant sat down on the bed across me as Josh dove to the floor of the bed. He laid still with his face shoved against the mattress hoping that the giant wouldn't spot me. The giant flipped on the tv but I didn't pay any attention to waht was going on. I remained as still as possible hoping for the love of god he might just leave.

"Hey dear"

"you look amazing"

Josh could easily hear the two kissing as he turned his head to see the hundreds of feet tall duo kissing right infront of him, The wet nude body of Hannah stood before his virgin eyes. They followed her curvy body up the miles upon miles of her body. It was like watching a porno on a jumbo tron. Josh soon found myself reaching towards his swollen member. He began to jack off watching the duo. It was amazing, by the time they stopped kissing he was threw.

Hannah grabbed Josh without a care. He couldnt muster any effort at all, He was limp in her mighty grip as she slung the the hand he was in around the waist of her boyfriend for a quick peck on his cheek and then she bounded over to her dresser. She smiled down at Josh and dropped him into her jewlery box.

"Now i have two men under my control."

She flicked the lid closed and locked the jewelery box. Josh could only lie in darkness as he heard her dressing and talking to her boyfriend.

Josh lay in darkness in the girls jewelery box. He could hear her dressing and talking to her boyfriend for several minutes. Then the sound of the door was open and slammed shut, leaving him in darkness. He tried in vain to push open the box he was enclosed in but he was too weak for that. He gave up and jsut sat there. After several minutes in silence and darkness he gave up trying to think of how he was going to get out of this situation; captive of a stranger thousnads of miles from home in a world where even the smallest person is a giant.

Just then he heard a noise outside of the room, and the sound of the door being opened. Then heavy foot falls sounded in the room.

"Where's your roomate, Kerry?"

"Hannah had a date I think so we can hang out here girlz. I am tired from sunbathing all day and want to chill out for the next hour or so."

"Cool. We should get some beer or something."

"Yeah, maybe later."

"Hey, Kerri, do you think Hannah would mind it if I borrowed her earrings?"

"I don't think she'd mind Jennifer. Her jewelery box is on the dresser."

"Hey Tanya, come here and check these out."

Josh heard them come closer. He dreaded the inevitable. It happened quickly. The box top was opened, flooding his world with light. He looked out to see the room spread out before him. He barely noticed the one girl Kerri spread out on the bed he had been sitting on. She was an a attracitve redheaded girl with a petite figure. Not that he had time to notice with two other young women towering over him. They were standing at the dresser, looking down on his tiny figure in amazement. One was a slender blond girl, the other an atheletic looking brunette. Like Kerri they were all wearing skimpy two piece bikinis as if they had just returned from the beach.

"Tanya do you see what I see?"

"What's that in her jewelery box Jennifer? It looks like a little doll."

"Excuse me Miss, I'm not a doll. I was shrunk accidentally and was taken against my will. I need to get back home can you help me?"

"Shit it talked! It moved!"

"This can't be happening. Dolls don't come to life."

"I told you young lady, I'm a real person, not some doll."



"Hey don't shout! I can hear you find down here. Now if you'll just let me o-"

"Kerry come here you have GOT to see this. Check this out. Hannah had this in her jewelery box?"

"What are you going to borrow the earrings or no-OHMIGOD! How did that thing get in there? What is it, he looks cute?"

Kerry got off the bed and walked over to where her two friends were standing in rapt attention. Josh was suddenly surrounded by three gorgeous young women in skimpy bikinis, all looking down at his cowering form in amazement.

"Uh,ladies,I can explain. Be reasonable here ok?"

The room erupted in feminine laughter as Josh saw three hands reach for him simultaneously, reaching for him slowly...
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Josh ducked and watched the first hand glide past him. He could smell her perfume linger in the air from her already long passed by hand. Josh then leapt onto the second palm and ran across it. As he ran across it he watched the fingers closing in attempt to grab his ankle but he leapt off before she could fully grasp him.

Josh flew threw the air like mighty mouse. The floor was so far away and the girls were so tall. He looked at there behemoth frames wondering he could even hope to escape then and then he landed head first into the floor. One of the girls tanned foot crashed down beside him but followed by the shadow of the other foot looming over him. Josh scampered out from under the shadow and ran towards the door however the gargantuan Kerry stood in his path. She smiled as she knew there was no way by her. She bent down and reached towards Josh her hand took up the entire plane of view. It was like watching a wall jump at you. Her hand became closer and closer with each passing moment until finally Josh changed direction but Kerry crawled on the floor towards him however Josh had ran under her bed towards the wall. The girls quickly rushed around the bed each taking sides.

"I don’t see him."

"Me neither."

Josh was breathing hard as he clung to the roof the bed. The wire frame was chaffing and ripping into his skin as he clung to it hoping they would leave but they kept searching knowing he had run under here. He climbed from rung to rung making sure not to fall into there sight. Hands of all the girls swooshed under him as he climbed across the roof.

Josh finally made it to the end and climbed up the frame of the bed. He could now easily see all the girls looking under the bed, and crawling on there hands and knees searching. Josh could only smirk for a moment though before he reached over to the cord that went to the alarm clock. Easily climbing up the cord, he reached the top of the nightstand. The girls were still searching for him under the bed and now were looking at the rungs on the roof of the underside of the bed Josh knew he didn’t have much time. He ran across the length of night stand and jumped onto the other bed and scampered across it. Just as he was jumping off one of the girls pointed him out. Immediately they darted up and began chasing after him. Josh ran out the door as fast as he could, passing door after door, the girls chasing after him. Josh’s tiny legs were no match for the girls who were gaining on him. Finally knowing it was all lost he saw a door ajar. He ran into the door and shoved it closed. Josh leaned his back up against the door and slumped down to the floor breathing hard.

"OMIGOD look at that little doll Heather."

"It looks so real Robyn."

Josh screamed at the top of his lungs as the two red headed identical red headed twins looked down at him. 'This can't be happening' is all that ran through his mind.

Kerry and her friends pounded against the door demanding to be let in as the two teens descended upon him. All four hands grabbed onto his body as they stood up.

"He is mine Robyn."

"He is not I saw him first."

"You did not I did."

"Stop lying he is mine."

The girls tugged him back and forth again and again. Josh thought his body was gonna break in two with the force that they were pulling on his limbs. He was in tears as they continued to fight.

"You are hurting him Heather let go."

"I am not you are. Put him down."

"I don’t have him; you are the one trying to hog him."

"I am not hogging him miss grabby."

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD"both girls screamed in unison at the top of there lungs. Josh heard the side door which connected another room to this room swing open.

"For the love of might, what the hell is going on? Who ever is pounding against the door, stop. Heather, Robyn, drop the toy and go to your beds."

He felt all four hands let go and he tumbled to the floor.

"Dear what's going on?"

"Andrea, your daughters are acting up again."

"Ugh why are they my daughters when they act up.'

Andrea walked over to him. He never even got a look at her as she scooped him up and tied something around him. In a matter of moments he was suspended in mid air from the ceiling.

"Now when you two can share him, you can take him down."

"Fat chance, he is mine mom, I found him."

"Shut up Heather! He is so mine mom."


"Don't I have rights here? I want to be let go or at least brought to a hospital."

"Face it little man, you are my daughters’. We are going home to Massachusetts tomorrow and you’re coming with us because quite frankly I think you will help them learn to share."

"Oh just think he can come to cheer practice with me."

"And soccer practice with me."


"Lets just pretend to get along and we can work something out at home."

"Alright, no matter what we need to get him home with us."

Their two dazzling faces appeared in front of Josh with content smirks as they poked at him in the air and he swung back and forth like piñata.

"Hehehe look at him swing."

"Yeah, now let’s find out a place to put him that's safe so he can’t get out till we get home."

Josh found myself dropped into something dark followed by a white substance careening down on him. A few seconds later it hardened. he realized all too late it was glue.

"Let me go you can’t do this."

Moments later fifty pounds of clothes were tossed on him and he heard the suitcase zip up.

"Here goes nothing Robyn."



"SHUT UP, both of you just get the hell out of here."

He was left once again in darkness waiting his fate wondering if he would be going home to Mass. with these girls or if he could find a way out. He cringed at the thought of being held by the girls’ soccer team and cheerleaders, being paraded around to parties like a toy. Is that what his life was meant for? He prayed that it wouldn’t, but he somehow knew it would be.
Josh had been out for a long time. He passed out, woke up, passed out and woke up again and again he didn't know how many times. First the suitcase was picked up after hours and hours of inactivity. Then he heard car doors slam, a motor starting.

Then the suitcase was slammed against something and there followed a series of bumps and loud whining noises that droned out everything else for what seemed like hours. As he passed in and out of consciousness he knew what was happening. His ears popped continually from the pressure. He passed out again and was woken by the bumping that started again, and then the swinging as the suitcase was picked up again. Then another car ride and finally he could hear the quiet of the night, only crickets and the family walking.

The glue that encased him sealed his fate. It seemed he was to be the pet of these two twin girls who were still only in high school. He closed his eyes again as the suitcase came to a stop. Then he grimaced as he heard giggling and someone approaching his prison.

It was minutes later that he heard the sound of the suitcase being unzipped. He couldn't see much but felt the relief of the weight that was on him go away. The glue was covering his face with just a small hole to breathe through, so he couldn't really see much. He heard giggling and laughing and then felt himself gripped tightly. A bit of vertigo told him he was being removed from his prison and carried somewhere.

"That was mean of us, he could have suffocated like that the poor little thing. Let’s get that gunk off of him and play with him before we go to sleep."

"Well it was your idea."


"Okay, but I get him first since I found him."

"You do not and you did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Shhhh we'll wake daddy."

"Okay fine but I get him first."

He could hear the sound of running water getting closer and closer, and then it sounded like it was right above him. He felt the casing of Elmer's glue around him get very warm, and it seemed less stiff and hard as it was. He felt pressure around his middle, and then the cool feeling of air as the glue was peeled off him bit by bit.

Robyn had Josh securely in her open palm as he was held under the hot water. Once the glue softened she pulled and delicately picked the glue from his body. Once he was free of the glue he immediately began struggling to get free, so she just closed her fingers around him, trapping his arms at his side. Josh was clenched tightly just inches from the beautiful young twins' face. He looked and saw Heather standing right next to them, her hand poised to snatch him like a boa seizing its prey.

"He's a doll! Let me carry him to my bed." She asserted.

Josh was ripped from Robyn’s' grasp into Heathers'. He saw the vast expanse of the T-Shirt she was wearing to bed get closer and closer. Then he was slammed against the soft vertical wall of her chest as she carried him out of the bathroom, Robyn following behind them.

"Oooof! Help! Put me down! Put me down! You can't do this!"

"Oooo aren't you precious! You really are alive aren't you? I knew it. You're just like a little live man. I can't believe this can you Robyn?"

"Well if anyone should have a teeny man for a pet it should be us."

"Yeah, true."

"I can't believe daddy is making us stay in so early first night home."

"Yeah, He's so mean. We could be having fun. Instead we're stuck home. Let's sneak out and go over to Alyssa's."

"Wait. If daddy finds you we'll get in trouble and he might not let us keep him."

"On the other hand this is better than going out. Look at him."

"Yeah, we can take him over to Alyssa's tomorrow and show him off to her and Jill and maybe some of the other girls. This will be so cool."

"You know, if you want to get technical daddy never said anything about us not having and friends over here tongight."


Both girls sat on either side of Heather's bed as he was down between them. He glanced around the room and immediately saw it was dark outside. He didn’t hear any cars outside the house and through the window he could glimpse trees and an open field. It looked liked they lived in the country or a small town but he really couldn’t be sure. How long had he been in the suitcase? A day? Two days?

The clock on the giant nightstand read 8:45 PM but in which time zone? What day was it? Where was he? He thought he had heard Massachusetts mentioned. Both girls were smiling down at him, laughing as he tried to get his bearings in their giant bedroom.

It seemed that his old life was a dim and hazy memory. All he could hope to do was plead for his freedom and help from these identical pretty young hotties.

"Ladies, please, thank you for um, saving me but I think we need to set some ground rules here. At least tell me before you're going to handle meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeputmedownputmedownputmedown...."

He found himself abruptly hanging over the bed by his ankles, arms hanging downward. He didn't know which twin had him.

"Did you hear him say something about rules Heather?"

"Noooo, i just heard somebody demanding to be put down."

"Yeah. But if its rules he wants then the first rule is little dolls don't get to make big girls rules."

"Okay I'm sorry please."

He was set down again. He stood up brushed himself off and straightened his hair, then looked up at his twin captors. Both were wearing oversized white T-Shirts that hung halfway down their thighs but did little else to hide their cute figures. He shouted up to them, shaking his fist in the air in a masculine show of strength.

"Please girls, just let me go. This is kidnappi-."

Heather reached down and poked him in the stomach, knocking him flat on his back. He looked up at her towering form, her hair hanging straight down all around him like a red weeping willow tree. She was so fucking huge, he thought as she spoke down to him.

"Kidnapping? But you're just a little doll! We can't help it if you're too tiny to avoid getting found by us. Don't worry though. We're going to take such wonderful care of our new little toy doll man."

"Yeah you are ours now." Robyn proclaimed this while reaching down to pin him on his back. He tried to avoid her hand, palm down, fingers spread wide as she trapped him effortlessly against the soft mattress. He sank in from the pressure of her hand.

“Let me up!”

“Not until you surrender!”

“I surrender now let me go you’re hurting me.”

“I am not. Say pretty please.”

“You are so mean Robyn. Let him go you are scaring the poor thing. Look at how frightened he is of you.”

He tried to budge it but she was way to powerful for him. She enjoyed his tiny struggles to get up for a few minutes before releasing him.

Josh got up and tried to run> He ran the length of the bed but stopped at end opposite the girls. He looked down off the edge, but it was way too high for him to jump. He couldn't believe he was suspended only a couple of feet off the ground, yet was powerless to get down by himself. He was trapped on a high school girls bed. He was about to look down again when Heather reached across the bed and snatched him aloft. He kicked and struggled as she brought him back to the head of the bed where her twin and she were seated. Heather held him up to her lips, a mock stern expression on her face that could barely contain her delight.

“Gotcha! And just where do you think you're going? Huh? Didn't you hear her? You belong to me and my sister now."

“Let go of me young lady!”

“Uh-uh-uh. You stay right here on the bed with us.”

She held him up just below her face and looked down at his struggling form. He got a close up view of her smooth neck as she chided him.

"He he he you can't ever get away from us little man. Aren't you listening to us? We told you, you belong to us now. This is so totally cool Robyn, we like, own him!"


"You are just so cute. You’re staying with us, okay? I can't wait to show you off to all our friends, they will love you,"

"Yeah, we'll be even more popular than we already are Heather. I still can't believe this he is so freakin' amazing."

"Stop looking at me! This is embarrassing, PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN GODDAMIT!"

"Okay fine, but watch your mouth pipsqueak, or well flush you down the toilet."

Heather set him back gently down on the bed. No sooner had he regained his balance when he was seized again with lightning quickness. He saw her T-Shirt get closer and closer has she hugged him to her chest. He felt its warm mass give underneath the shirt.

"Hey I said put me down dammit. Heather put me down."

"No I'm not Heather I'm Robyn. She put you down and I picked you up. It was my turn. Heather already got to hug you. Now I want to and I guess you can't stop me cutie, can you? C'mere..."

Josh had no choice as the girl hugged him for several minutes while her sister gently ran a finger tip over his head. He was surrounded by giggling as they fawned and cooed over his tiny helpless form. He struggled in vain, as all that seemed to do is amuse them even further. Josh was totally humbled at this point, being so completely dominated by these girls.

He was passed back and forth between the two for what seemed like an eternity as they examined him in their fingers. Josh was rudely flipped every which way as the girls made a huge fuss over his tiny form. He felt their fingers over every inch if his body and no are was left un-examined, much to his utter humiliation and their unending amusement.

At one point he was dangled upside down by his ankle as he was swung back and forth against one of the girls' breasts and then swung over the short space to the other. He slammed into her breasts repeatedly as she giggled in amusement.

"Dammit stop this nonsense right fucking now! I demand you put me right side up this instant! Robyn do you hear me? Heather tell her to put me down already!"

"No silly, she's Heather; I'm Robyn. Don't worry though; you will have plenty of time to learn the differences between us. As punishment for getting my name wrong you have to spend the next fifteen minutes under my shirt."

"We should call Alyssa and Julie and the others to come over right now and see him."

"Maybe. What do you think, doll. Think you can handle meeting our friends?"

"I'm not a doll I'm-HEY! NO! DON'T! You'll suffocate me in there! Put me down! Put me d-mmmmmmmmmpfft!"

"I'm going to love having him for our very own sis. We'll be the talk of the school."

"Me too. He is just so adorable. I can't believe he is ours to keep."

"Mmmfffffffffffpt! Mrppppppppptf!"

"Yeah, that was the best vacation EVER, and we got the best souvenir EVER!"

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“The other girls can just wait to see our prize”

“I want to brag to them now Robyn”

“You always like being the center of attention don’t you?”

“What else is there to talk about but me? I mean little man who do you think is cuter me or Robyn?”

“That would be Robyn or I”

“Well of course your cuter but between Me and Robyn”

Josh was then upended as Robyn fell backwards in bed clutching him against her chest for only but a moment before she tucked him under her shirt. Josh slid all too easily in between Robyn’s breasts.

“I think I am going to bed”

“You are not Robyn, not with my little man”

“Yours? He is so mine Heather”

“He is not, I found him you didn’t even see him right away, you heard my gasp”

“Stop lying that was my gasp and you turned”

“Did not!”

“You did so stop lying”

“Well then I am telling how moms car got scratched ROBYN”

“Like I was saying, here you go Heather, you can play with him while I sleep.”

Josh was tugged out from under Robyn’s shirt by his ankle. He found himself dangling before Heathers billboard sized face. Her eyes glinted with happiness as she grabbed him from Robyn. Heather carried him out of the room and downstairs all the while with poor josh dangling in front of her face swinging back and forth.

“Where are we going? Put me down!”

“I want to watch a movie with you, now where to put my little man”

Heather stretched out across the sofa laying flat on her back as she set her little man on her stomach. She smiled and cooed as she felt his tiny feet sink into her t-shirt and her skin, with his every step she could feel his slightest movement.

“you just rest there and watch cause there are games to be had after words”

Josh sat on Heather's stomach as she reclined on the couch in front of the TV. Her crane-sized arm pointed the remote control at the VCR and her finger pressed the play button. He was about to slide down the side of her stomach but her fingers dropped over him and trapped him against her.

"Where are you going? I want to watch 'Down to You' with my little man."

"Ugh. Not that movie. I want to watch Baywatch reruns instead."

"Well I am the big person and you are the doll so we are watching Freddie Prinze Jr."

Of all the experiences placed on him over the past couple of days, being forced to watch a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie while trapped against a girls stomach had to be the most cruel of all. Even worse was the fact that Heather held him in place so he couldn't even turn away. He was forced to watch with her and he even started to follow the plot. Sometime during the course of the movie her fingers loosened their grip and he was able to walk around on her a bit. As he looked up at her he saw her eyes closed. She had falled asleep. This was his big chance, he thought. Now he could-.

His thoughts were interrupted by a shadow that stretched across Heather's stomach. He looked up just as the giant fingers closed around him, jerking him aloft with sickening dizzyness.

"HEY! NO! PUT ME DOWN! What is the meaning of this?"

"Shsssss...You'll wake Heather up."

Robyn clutched the little man close. Josh saw she was now fully clothed as if she was going out. She carried him to the back patio door with lightning swiftness and in a split second they were out side, running across the field behind the house toward a cluster of houses a couple of hundred yards away.

"Robyn please! I demand to know where you are taking me. Put me down this instant you hear me?"

"I'm taking you to see my friend Julie and her older sister Lexie, who's a senior. Are they gonna love you!"

"But you told Heather before to wait until tomorrow before telling anybody about me."

"Naaaah...I was just trying to get rid of her; she can be such a pest sometimes. She'll be pissed but she'll get over it. Besides I just gotta tells somebody right away."

"Why you conniving little..."

"Oh of course, we're twins we always do this to each other, You'll see."

"What about your father? Please reconsider."

"Oh, daddy is such a pushover. All i have to do is pout and he'll forgive me. He always does."


"Now hush, we're almost at Julie's."

So saying, Robyn thrust her little man into her coat pocket and walked up to Julie's bedroom window. She could see Julie inside, sprawled on the bed in pajamas with her hair wrapped up in a towel, reading a magazine. Lexie was nowhere in sight.

She knocked on the window softly.

"Robyn? What up girrl?"

"Julie, open up. We just got back from Hawaii and you won't believe what I have to show you! Where's Lexie, she has GOT to see this too!"

"Ok come on in. I'll open up the door for you."

In the darkness of Robyn's coat pocked Josh heard the second female as a door was slid open. Then they walked down a hall and a door opened and shut. He felt Robyn's fingers slip into the pocked and curl around his tiny body.

"So what's up? What do you have to show me?"
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“Where’s Lexie?”

“Oh she is on the phone.”

“Tell her to get off the phone”

“Alright, just a sec”

Josh nervously waited in the pocket for what was inevitable, he knew he would be once again shown to a bunch of new girls who would do god only knows what but the moment wasn’t coming, time only continued to drag along slowly.

“Who were you talking to anyway? You weren’t on the phone before”

“It was no one, what is it that is so important anyway?”

“Well when we were in Hawaii I found the greatest present to take back with me.”


All at once I was pulled out from the pocket and dangled in front of two new faces. The eyes of the new girls bugged out and locked onto me. I nervously dangled in Robyn’s grip praying that she wouldn’t give to them.

“Its phone, you should go get it Julie”

“What? Why me?”

“Cause, you pulled me off of it”


“Well get the damn phone you little brat cause I’m older and I say so”

“Can I hold him Robyn”


Lexie’s hand extended towards Josh as her fingers tingling with anticipation.

“Robyn! PHONE!!!”

“What? Who the hell knows im…Heather..that bitch”

Josh was immediately pulled back towards Robyn as she walked towards the phone. Lexie angerly sat down and glared at Robyn’s back as she walked into the next room to get the phone.

“Yes mom, I know mom, but its just for, Fine I’m coming home”

“Whats up Robyn?”

“Mom is making me go home, its all heathers fault”

“Can you leave the man here” pleads Lexie

“No, I mean not yet, we just got him and all, but I will bring him by tomorrow”

Josh was shoved back into Robyn’s pocket, she quickly zipped the pocket up. Josh could tell Robyn was far from happy from the way her body was moving too and fro.

“you gotta bring him back” whines Julie

“I will try but god heather is such a bitch sometimes she was sleeping and ooooo I hate her, see ya girls”

The trudge back home was far from happy as Robyn shoved the door open to see both parents sitting downstairs.

“Just what were you thinking young lady”

The conversation was fairly one sided as Robyn was forced to listen to the entire painstakingly long speech about responsibility all the while brooding as Josh was forced to sit and wait inside the dank hot coat pocket. A good hour passed before Robyn was able to make it up stairs.

“Hiya Rob”

“You bitch heather you were sleepin and you ratted me out”

“Well you stole him, you were informed of the consequences”

“Whatever, backstabber”

“Shut up and drink your cocoa baby. Look at me I am Robyn, I need hot chocolate every night before bed”

“You know it calms me”

“Where is the little man anyway?”
“I left him in my coat pocket downstairs where you can’t get him. Mom and dad are still there and quite pissed off because of you”

“You’re the one who snuck out”

“Whatever” quips Robyn as she gulps down the hot chocolate

“I am gonna get him”

“Over my dead body you are. If I can’t play with him tonight you can’t either”

“Pfft, I put sleeping pills in your hot chocolate. You aren’t gonna be up much longer anyway. Sweet dreams”

“You biiitttccchhh” slurs Robyn as she passes out.

Heather bounds downstairs grabbing Robyns jacket.

“what are you doing”

“Oh I am going to the basement daddy, Robyn is kinda mad so I thought id use the spare bedroom tonight”

“Oh well fine, just don’t make a lot of racket”

“I am just sleeping, how much noise can I make”

Heather creeps down the stairs with Robyn’s jacket pulled tightly around her. The stairs creek with her every step as she gingerly heads down, the cold air causes Heather to shiver as she walks across the cold bare floor, finally pushing the door open Heather walks into the dark room.

“It’s about time you got here.”

“Well I didn’t plan on Robyn stealing him when I was watching the movie”

Josh was bounced around intensely as Heather fumbled trying to get the pocket open. Finally her hands enveloped him as she pulled him out.

“On three okay”


“one aww fuck it three”

Josh was dumped out onto the floor however he hit a fleshy object. He slowly looked over seeing another tiny man, his eyes slowly moved upwards seeing Lexie grinning down at him.

“Now we got two men, this so cool! How’d you find him Heather? When you called from the plane it was hard to understand.”


"He ran right into our hotel room actually, these girls were chasing him down the hall and we stowed him in a suitcase for the flight home. He's the cutest thing ever, isn't he?"


Josh looked over at the other figure. Well, ran is more like it he was so excited at the prospect of seeing another person his own size he almost forgot where he was. Then the shock and horror of his new reality hit him as he bent over the other man.

"My god, I thought I was the only one like th..."

His voice trailed off as he crouched over the fallen man. He gripped his shoulder and turned him over to see his face. He screamed as he looked at nothing where a face should have been. It was just a wide swatch of fabric. He heard Lexie giggling above his as he was clenched and lifted to he face.

"Silly, that's my old doll from when I was a little girl, I used to call him George. I brought him over 'cause I thought you'd want somebody your own size to hang out with. Did you really think there were other little living dolls like you? Nope. You're the only one, and you're ours. Well, Heather and Robyns' since I'm their friend you're pretty much mine too."

"That wasn't funny pretending to have another little man like that. i say this land of giant women ain't big enough for two of us you're all mine mine mine mine hey put me down, let go of me you. Who do you think you are, treating me this way? Put me down missy! I'm a grown up adult!"

Lexie giggled as she pulled Josh up to her bosom. Then she walked over to the bed in the corner and sst down on the edge. Heather was sitting up against the headboard, sitting indian sty;e on the bed.

"Help! You girls are gonna be in BIG trouble for this."

"Ooooo and what are you going to do? Kick your little legs back and forth? You're right Heather the little thing is absolutely precious. You've got to let me borrow him sometime."

"Hey don't forget about me!"

"Julie! You followed us her you brat!"

"Heather is my friend not yours so there. Let me hold him,"

She immediately fixated her eyes on the little figure held against her sisters breasts. She smiled and walked over to Lexie.

"Let me have him. Can I stay her tonight with you guys and play with your little man?"
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"Julie! just go home"

"I don't see why i have to go home. You should have to go home"

"You aren't suppose to be here though"

"I want to see the little man too!"

"She's fine Lexie"

"I suppose but..."

Meanwhile Josh was being pushed against Lexie's stomach and rubbed up and down her washboard stomach. Josh could feel and every muscle of her stomach as she rubbed him across stomach.

"Let me see him Lexie! I want to see if he is bigger then my tattoo"

"You know he isnt going too and i am way too busy to give him to you."

Josh felt himself being rubbed up the body of Lexie and pressed against her lips. He was then raked across her lips several times covering poor josh in lipstick. This only made the girls laugh as they all saw the red blotches on Joshs body.

"PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN! I dont like this"

Lexie merely shrugged off his attempts and brough josh down the crotch area of the black sweatpants she had on. She rubbed Josh across the crotch area of her sweatpants getting a bit wet herself as she rubbed him deeper and deeper against her sweatpants. Heather who was intently watching Lexie playing with her tiny man could no longer take it. She crawled over the top of Lexie. Lexie looked up to see Heathers midsection in her face as Heather bent down and started licking Josh who was now being rubbed against Lexie’s crotch via Heathers tongue.


“You know she is dead to the world. Those sleeping pills I slipped her wont wear off till morning. Your all mine”

“EWWW that’s my sister heather”

“Well I want to play with the little man too Julie”

“Well its my sister your licking”

“I am not licking your sister, I am licking the little man”

The hijinks continued well into the morning with all 3 girls getting their fair share of poor josh who wound up sleeping in Heathers slipper as both Julie and Lexie snuck out to make it home before there parents woke up. Unfortanately for Josh he woke up at the crack of dawn to the sight or Robyns face beaming down at him.

“You are in so much trouble little man”

Robyn grabbed poor Josh around the midsection, then she quitely walked upstairs with him. She wrapped her fingers around his head so he couldn't cry out. It was still early so her parents were still sleeping. Clutchng the tiny man against the T-Shrit she had slept in she quickly slipped into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Josh felt he chest move away from him as he was set down on a cold,hard surface.

He looked up to see Robyn stepping out of her panties and letting them fall to the bathroom floor. Then she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her firm little breasts to his vies. She dropped the shirt and grabbed Josh.

"Let's shower, little man."

Robyn set Josh down on the soapdish that was about halfway up the shower stall under the shower head. She grabbed a washcloth and began lathering up her torso righ in front of him. Her hands moved over her stomach and breasts as she covered herself in suds.

"Hummmph...I forgot my loofah. You be it little doll."

"Hey wait now please glubbbbbb...."

Plucking him from the soap dish she started messaging him up and down her legs, spreading the soapy water over them. Her soft skin whizzed by him as she moved him over her mons and stomach. His cock got stuck in her belly button as she glided him over it. Her breasts rubbed in his face as ehe used him to soap them up.

"Robyn I can't breath blubbbububub..."

"Almost clean little man. Now for my hair.'

Je was suddendly squirted with a gooey substance that smelled like strawberr. The shampoo covered him from head to toe as she slathered it over him. Then she dropped him on top of her head and began working him into her hair. The piles of red hair covered him completely as she worked him and the shampoo in. Her hair was now soaking wet and was splashing over his body as her fingers worked him in. The shampoo began to sting his eyes but finally she stepped under the shower head, rinsing off her hair, and him. She turned the water off and walked out of the shower clutching him to her breast.

"There. All clean."

"I can't believe you did that to me."

"Well I can't believe you and Heather ditched me like that. Just for that I'm not letting you near her the rest of the day. After we shower I am taking you with me to the morning soccer practice in my gym bag and you better behave or who knows what might happen to you. I'd watch out for some of my teammates, especially our Tri-captains, the Runsfold triplets. If they ever saw you look out. They'd totally be into you. They're really hot too, so you'd probably have a heart attack just looking at them little man."

He tried to protest but he was covered with a giant parachute, which he soon realized with a hand towel. She picked him up still wrapped in the towel and then dropped him. He yelled as he fell a few feet onto something soft. Then he heard a loud zipping noise. For several minutes he heard her getting dressed in the distance as he was trapped prisoner in a gym bag. The bag then started swaying and he heard Robyn yell out;

"Bye mom, bye dad I'm going to soccer practice see you later."

"By dear, be careful."

"K. Bye."

For a long while there was just the sound of Robyn humming as she walked. He could hear sound of the street as she headed off with him. Then after about ten or fifteen minutes he heard other voices and footsteps echoing. Loud feminine voices all around him, and the sound of girls talking and laughing and locker doors being slammed shut and opened. He felt his gym bag prison being set down. Robyn's voice faded into the distance. Then he heard other voices get louder.

"I can't believe soccer practice is cancelled. Coach Brown is sick. We lucked out yay!"

"Let's get out of here."

"Let's get breakfast at Mickey D's"

"Always thinking of food Kacie."

"That's not true Abby, I was on a diet last week. Ask Anna."

"It's true she had diet coke last week."

"Let's just go home and play our aerobics tape instead. I'm not really hungry anyway and I need to work out now."

"Grab our bags and let's go."

Josh felt his gym bag lift and he knew something was terribly wrong. It didn't sound like Robyn's voce at all. Nor did Robyn come to practice with anybody. Nor did Robyn drive to practice. Josh dreaded the inevitable as the he was whisked away to an unknown destination. Then the car came to a stop. His bag was picked up again, and he swung back and fourth gently as steps were climbed. A door was opened and shut.

"Kacie would you please take my sports bra out of my gym bag?"

"Ok Abby but you owe me big time."

Josh was paralyzed with fear as the bag was unzipped, then the bag was turned over, dumping the contents out on a giant bed.


"What is that on the bed? Have you ever seen anythng like that before?"


"Hey this isn't your stuff Abby. You got the wrong bag!"

"It's my bag now."

He looked up at the three identical blond faces, in various states of undress, staring at him on the bed.
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"Oh shit, I am not in kansas anymore"

Six hands all darted towards Josh. He knew it was hopless to run away. A soft fleshy toned hand wrapped around me and I was lifted up seeing flawless face, two deep sea blue eyes staring back at me, long blonde hair tightly pulled back, five warm fingers around me.

"He is so soft and warm."

"Please, Heather and robyn are gonna be worried about me. Can you just return me to them and.."

"So you belong to Deniro girls do ya."

"We shouldnt bring him to school then"

"Yeah, good thinkin abby"

"I know just where we can keep him"

"KEEP? Whats this keep? There is no keep! I have basic human rights! I cannot be held in captivity. I am not ot be forced into slavery"

"Oh hush, while we prepare"

The blonde beauty who was holding josh effortlessly pulled the hair scrunchy out of her hair and wrapped it around my body to the point where josh couldn't move a muscle and my voice was muffled.

"I know, we will put some music on for you"

"Hmm Britney or Jessica Simpson"

"I know this is so fitting. I wanna love you forever by jessica simpson"


"aww I think the little man really wants to hear it"

The next 45 minutes went by painstankingly slow as Josh was in one of these girls's bedroom lying in the middle of a large pink comforter which is elevated some thousand feet in the air by a bed. The door to the girls room opened and closed several times.

"There all done little guy"

They easily pulled the scrunchy off of me and Josh was grabbed by one of the triplets. The room was spinning as everything blurred by him and he was deposited onto a quite soft floor. He ran my hands across it a couple of times and determined that the floor was cassimere, black in color. As Josh looked out he saw light reflecting off clear glass walls that rose what might as well have been millions of feet into the air with a wire screen roof. In the corner sat a bottle top, a large bottle cap the kind youg et off of a bottle of gatorade or powerade that had some food scraps in it, then next to it sat another bottle top that was off of a bottle of sprite that had some water in it. In the corner opposite of that on the same wall sat a white cotton sock laying flat with another white cotton sock bundled up making up the pillow, then on the far end oppsite of this wall was a tiny sofa that looked to be from a doll house, a expensive doll house with pading on the sofa.

"What do you think of your new home? This is where you will be spending your time when we are at school"

"You can't just keep in here like a pet"

"Well we have decided that you wont be leaving this house, and you better not get any ideas of leaving this bedroom without us cause we have a cat and dog that loves eating mice and small animals like you. This is for your own protection. Now I am Kacie and you will be staying in my room, and this is my sister Anna on my left and Abby on my right."

"Well my name is josh"

"Josh? I dont think i like that name do you Anna?"

"Not really, it sounds to casual"

"How about Manfred"

"OOOHHH how adorable"

"Or we could call him Rainbow"

"MANFRED" they all reply in unison

"Don't worry little man, we will be back in about 12 hours. We have class then a game."

"What? 12 hours! I refuse to be in t his cage for 12 hours"

"Its not a cage its your home"

Josh pounded on the glass wall but the trio merely smiled and shut off the lights and closed the door. It was then Josh realized he should have atleast asked for them to pull the blinds open cause it was pitch blackin here. Stumbling his way over to sofa, josh began munching on some cold egg and a ham chunk. Sometime later he made his way over his bed and opend the mouth of the sock and slid his nude body in and fluffed the rolled up sock and quickly drifted off to sleep waiting for the girls to return

Josh slept peacefully in his glass cage for several hours. He was using one of the triplets' socks as a sleeping bag. It was soft and warm, and at least was clean. It was the first real peaceful sleep Josh had had since this whole ordeal began. He was warm and cozy and he dreamt he was back home in his own bed.

He never heard the clack of Heather's shoes as she hurried up the walkway to the Runsfold residence. She carried a gym bag identical to the one her twin had left the house with that morning. She was sooo pissed at Robyn when she found out. A quick examination of the bag's contensts had revealed Abby's student ID card and driver's license. Obviously there had been a mix up. How could she have allowed their prize to fall into the clutches of the Rusnsfolds? Heather insisted on cutting class trying to retrieve him from the triplets home in the hopes he was somehow still there. At the sound of her knock on the front door Heather was greeted by Mrs. Rusfold, a plump woman in her forties.

"Well hello Heather. How are you? How is Robyn?

"Hi Mrs. Rusfold, we're fine thanks, are Kacie, Abby or Anna home?"

Why no they are at school, shouldn't you be also?"

"I was but my sister grabbed one of their gym bags instead of her own and she asked me if I could see if it was here I want to swap. I have Abby's driver's license and student ID."

"I'm not sure if its here or not but you are welcome to check. You know where their rooms are, right?"

"Shure Mrs. Runsfold. I'll just check quickly to see if it's in there."

Heather walked upstairs and headed for the triplets' bedroomss. The first door on the left was Abby's and she was disappointed to see the gym bag nowhere in sight. She was even more disheartend when she Opened Kacie's door and saw her gym bag snd its contents spilled out on the bed. But then she looked around and saw the glass encosure with the wire mesh top, and the five inch man sleeping in a cotton sock. She giggled at the sight and walked over to the bed. She grabbed the contents of her gym bag and stuffed them inside, and then she dumped the contents of Abby's bag out on to the bed in their place. She walked over to the cage and gently lifted off the roof.

Josh had been sleepeing soundly, but he was jerked awake as the huge fingers closed around him as he was still in the sock. He felt himself lifted up, up into the air.


"Here you are, we were worried sick about you, My dumb sister almost lost you forever. But now you are ours again. Cool."

"Get me out of this sock, please!"

"Hush sweetie, lets get you out of here first."

"Wait, NO-"

"In you go. Be quiet now."

Ignoring his struggles still in the sock, she dropped him in the gyb bag that was slung over her shoulder

ZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIPPP! Went the nylon zipper. Josh was again swaying gently back and forth was Heather carried him out of the room and back down the hall.

"Did you find it dear?"

"Yeah Mrs. Runsfold, thanks. Here it is."

"Alright. Say hello to your mother from me."

"Ok, bye."


Josh heard the front door slam as he was once againg a prisoner of the Deniro twins. As she walked down the sidewalk Josh wondered if he was being taken back to school with her. He recalled hearing her say something about cheer practice and a friend named Alyssa but it was all too much to take in. The reality of it was he was going wherever she wanted him to go and there was nothing he could do about it.

So school, cheer practice, her friend their Alyssa,Robyn's soccer game with the Runsfold's and who knows what else was in the mix for him as Heather carried him off into captivity again?

As she walked, he could hear distant voices getting nearer and louder every second...
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Josh tried to climb out of Kacie's sock but he was being jostled about too much to even hope to make it out, that is until the bag was dropped and josh came to final rest in the corner of the bag. Josh crawled out of Kacie's sock and noticed how the smell of sweat lingered in the air as he crawled out, light soon shined down into the bag as he looked up heathers face was beaming down at him.

"I am so glad your okay" bellows heather as she grabs Josh and cuddles im against her left cheek.

"You just dont know how worried i was about my little man. I mean you can't just go galavanting around with Robyn like that. I jsut cant let you out of my sight ever again. You will be with my 24/7 that nasty robyn wont get her grubby paws on you."

"heather it wasn't that bad, they were nice and"

"Those heffers have you brainwashed, dont worry though, i will nurse you back to health"

Heather continued to rub him into her cheek and cuddle him into her cheer sweater covered bosom. Josh soon found himself completly immobilzed by the power of heather.

"Hey heather whatcha got"

"Nothing Stacie"

"Aww come on you can show me"

"No way"

"you are going to anyway"

"Your friends Anna Runsfold! no way"

"Hey, thats not fair, you know i want to be friends with both of you"

"Well that fat hefferizing bitch stole from me and my sister"

"What? What did they steal?"

"My pride and joy, now if you will excuse me"

Heather continued to walk as she clutched Josh against her chest.

"Where are we going? Put me down heather"

"I have friends to visit"

"I dont like the sound of this"

"ALYSSA COME HERE" screams heather across the distance of the hall. Her entire body was swaying faster then I could even comprehend.

"What up Heather"

"Can she be trusted Alyssa?"

"Who? Jen Jen? She was my bestest best friend from back out west. She is staying with me for the week, she actually just got back from camp a month or so ago"

"Well if she's your friend I suppose she can be trusted"

I was soon thrusted out before two perfect faces. I found myself standing at attention before there very eyes


All three girls ran to there study hall.

"MR JOHNSON MR JOHNSON! we have to go!"

"you know you cant leave, sit down girls"

"But its an emergency"

"What kind of emergency involves all of you"

"Well heather has girl stuff."

"Girl stuff?"

"Yeah girl stuff...you know"

"huh? ooohhhhh, umm well i guess i mean alright"

"Thank you so much your the coolest"

The girls ran out of the room and towards Jen Jen's car. As they all entered the car heather and Alyssa told Jen Jen to drive to mickey D's

"can i see him heather?"



As the girls pulled out of the parking lot of the school Josh was handed to Alyssa. Her fingers started to curl around him just as they hit a speed bump in the school parking lot. Josh flew out of Alyssa's hand and out the open car window.

"Hey grab him! Where did he go!"

"Stop the car! Stop the car!"


Just then a used '87 Ford Escort pulled up. Mr Johnson was leaning out the driver's side window yelling through a megaphone.


"Awwww, but Mr. Johnson..."


"Don't listen to him Jen this is your fault."

"Sorry Heather but my parents would kill me if I got expelled."

"Well, I'm going to kill you." Heather said as they pulled into the nearest parking space. They dejectedly got out and began walking back inside the school, scanning the ground in vain. Mr. Johnson followed them closely in his shitbox Escort, making sure they didn't get away.

Josh meanwhile had flew out of the car and fell into a pile of leaves, which broke his fall. He hid in the pile of leaves and watched the girls get busted by Mr. Johnson, and walk back into the high school. He was thankful to be a free man once again but his thanks was short lived as he walked out of the pile of leaves. He walked out and immediately was looking at a pair of giant sketchers. He looked up at two massive legs. The legs looked powerful as his view travelled up to the pleated yellow, black and white skirt and matching sweater with the words "Yellowjackets JV Cheerleader" emblazoned across the front in script. He froze as he met the giant girl's gaze. He could see her shoulder length black hair fall down around her shoulders. Her green eyes sparkled with amazement as her pouty lips opened in a soundless cry.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Josh and I was shrunk and-"

"Ooooo that's a cute little name for a cute little man. I'm Denise."

"Hi Denise its nice to meet you."

"Hey let me pick you up, I've never touched a man as small as you before. Hold still OK?"

"No! Get away from me!"

"But I want too! Come on little thing, you don't have to be scared of me."

Josh didn't answer but tried to turn and run toward back to the parking lot. He didn't get very far as he shoe came down right in his path, blocking his escape.

"Stop. I told you not to be scared."

Josh turned and tried to run the other way but the girl just plucked him off the ground between her thumb and forefinger with almost no effort at all. He rose up several dozen feet in the air until he came face to face with her. He kicked and punched with his limbs, but this amused the girl even further.

"Lemme go! Lemme go dammit!"

"Wow you are so light! Where did you come from this is so cool! Are you a doll? How can you move and talk like this? This is amazing!"

"I'm not a doll dammit put me down!"

"No way. I like you, you're funny." (Giggles)

"if you could just help me get back to-"

"Oh I will help you little man don't worry. Uh-oh, cheerleading practice starts in five minutes we better get going. Lisa will be mad if we are late."

"Hey what's this 'we' stuff? I'm not going with you to some dumb cheerleading practice."

"But you can be our new mascot! I can make you a little uniform and everything and you can cheer for us on the sidelines. Oh, this will be so fun! Hang on..."

"No hey mmmmmmmmmmmmftt!"

Josh could say no more as her clench tightened and he slammed into her chest with alarming force. The girl looked down at her new prize and simled before heading into the school dance studio where the team practiced indoors.

"Awww you're so cute. You belong to me now little doll."

Josh could say nothing as Denise ran to the school entrance as fast as she could. He was buried in her youthful bosom so he could see absoutely nothing but he heard her runnning through the hall as the ninth period bell rang. Then she slowed down as she entered a quieter room. It sounded like they were on a padded surface as Denise came to a stanstill.

"Finally made it Denise. If you are late again I'm kicking you off the team."

"You can't do that, even if you are the JV captain Lisa."

"Yes I can."

"No she can't Denise, don't let her intimidate you."

"Thanks a lot Megan."

"I'm just saying."

"OK, Ok, Denise, here's why I was late; You know how we've been saying we wish we had a cool mascot for our team, well I found him just now. Take a look at this!"

Josh was set down on the padded floor. He looked around him to see 16 legs towering in a circle around him. He looked between them at the door to check his escape but it was closed.

"What the fuck is that?"

"It looks like a doll?"

"I know but he's alive or someting. He walks and talks and everything!"

"Ooooo everything huh?"

"He is sort of cute."

"He is a bug stomp him!"

"You better not Tara or you'll be in deep shit."

"Please ladies you get your teacher right away and get me help."

"WOW he does talk."


"Silly man this is cheerleader practice, our faculty advisor is sick today."

"He is amazing. I say we make him the official 2003 mascot of the JV cheerleading squad."

"Yeah me too. Let's vote."

Lisa indulgently reached down and picked him up. He struggled for a second before the blond istinctively crushed him against her.

"Careful with my little man Lisa."

"YOUR little man? He belongs to the team now. We are sharing him and as captain I get him for the first 48 hours. After that we will go by seniority.

"Wait a second ladies, don't I have a choice here? And put me down will you? This is humiliating!"

"Of course little thing, you have a vote too. All those in favor of making the little doll man our mascot say 'yea'."

"YEA!" Said eight girls.

"All against making the little man our mascot say 'NAY'!"


"Ok then the "Yea' vote wins it by a count of 8-0 with one abstention."

The entire room erupted in a chorus of high pitched squeals and laughter as the girls gathered in a team hug. Josh was surrounded on all sides by cheerleaders as he hung limply against Lisa's chest. He could feel their body heat and mass all around him as they closed in.

"Ok here is the plan; I get him for the first two days, then Denise cause she found him, then Tara and then Meghan cause they are sophs, then Amy, Kimmy, Sandra and Monica you freshmen are after us.

"Lisa don't hurt him. Bring him back safe."
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Lisa cuddled Josh into her sweater as she said her goodbyes and walked out of the locker room cooing down to Josh while he struggled to free himself.

"There is no use struggling little man. You are mine forever cause if you think i am sharing your wrong. You can spend your days in my room as my little trophy."

"mmppfff, Mpffft"

"I know how happy you must be to be with the cutest sexiest girl in this country? I mean my tits are just the size dont you think?"

Lisa then pulled tiny Josh away from her sweater and rubbed him against her cheer sweater covered breasts.

"See how perfect they are little man? Do you see this ass, who has a better ass then this"

Lisa once again pulled Josh away from her cheer sweater and this time lowered him towards her skirt and rubbed him across her ass. Josh tried to fight or squirm his way out of her grip but his attempts where futile as Lisa easily over powered him and continued to massage him into her ass.

"Did you like my panties little man? Wasn't my ass the best you ever felt"

"It was alright."

"what? excuse me? alright? this ass isnt just alright, find a better ass then this in this school"

"Lisa please let me go. I dont like this"

"Hush trophy toy"

Lisa opened up her locker and set josh on the top shelf. Lisa smirked happily as she slammed the door. Hours passed by and Josh could only watch as Lisa would grab a book or something then just close the locker door.

The halls emptied to near dead silence. Josh was nervously looking out through the slits in the locker wondering if maybe lisa forgot however footsteps soon echoed through the halls and light shone in as Lisa opened the locker door. She grabbed josh with relative ease and her backpack in the other.

"Lisa please let me go."

"I have to babysit and you are coming so shut up and be good"

Lisa's grip tightened around josh and he hung limply in her grip as she left school and continued to walk swinging me in her grip as she walked the few blocks to the mathers house.

"Hi Mrs. Mathers"

"Hi lisa, you know where everything is and Rachel is in the back yard."

"Okay, bye Mrs Mathers see you tonight"

"Well little man stay right here on this counter while I go see what Rachel is doing."

"yeah sure...right"

Lisa walked through the kitchen and headed out the back door leaving josh on the counter.

Josh watched Lisa disappear through the back door. Josh nervously walked to the edge of the kitchen counter and looked down. He gluped at the canyon sized distance to the floor below. It was at least 50 feet down if not higher. He sighed and stepped back.

No sooner had he donse so than the someone came into the front entrance of the kitchen. It was a young teen girl, she must have been around 13, her long blond hair done in a ponytail that hung halfway down her back. She was very pretty with and Josh could see her thin athletic build because of the shorts and sleveless T-Shrit she was wearing with the word 'Bitch' on it.

Josh froze and just stood there as she got closer and closer to the counter. Her eyes locked on him instantly and as she got close her arm came up over the counter, her fingers stretching out to pick him up.

"How did this little doll get in here?" Her hand closed around him and lifted him up to her face. He tried holding still but he flinched as he drew near to her face and started shouting.

"Hey! Don't squeeze so hard! Put me down this instant do you hear me miss?"

"Ohmigosh you spoke! What are you, you're so tiny? You can move and talk and everything and you feel so light in my hand this is soo cool!"

"Of course I speak, your babysitter brought me with her now release me at once.'

"What if I don't want to. Did Lisa bring you over for me to play with?"

"Listen I am not to be play-whhhhoooooaaaahhhh! Hey turn me rightside up!"

Rachel giggles as she turned her fist upside down, watching the little man's legs kicking upward wildly as she suspended him over the counter.

"Oooo such spunk you have. I think I am gonna see if I can sneak you away from Lisa."

Rachel grabbed Josh's left ankle with her free hand and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. She plunked him down into a glass bowl. He landed on his rear end and looked up just as the brown plastic bottle was turned over in Rachel's hand. She squeezed the bottle and gallons of Hershey's cholocate came cascading down over and around him, covering him from head to toe. at first he could move freely in the bowl despite the sticky stuff but after a few minutes it got harder and harder to move until the chocolate hardened completely, holding him standing in place, a living statue of chocolate.

"Mmmmmm you look delicious" he heard Rachel say. He could feel himself being lifted up out of the bowl. He felt pressure and heard the chocolate shell covering his middle crack as she gently bit into it. She sucked the pieces of chocolate into her mouth and chewed them up. Bit by bit she ate the chocolate shell off of him, freeing him up little by little, running her lips and tongue over his tiny body as she licked him off.

"Hey help she'a gonna eat me! She's gonna eat me!"

"Oh hush you. I'm just having a snack."

After she had eaten and licked all the chocolate off of him she held him by one ankle under the faucet and rinsed him off with warm water.


"What? I was just checking out your little man Lisa."

"Put him down! Put him down right this instant can't you see the poor thing is terrified?"

"Yeah put me down like she says."

"Little man I don't remember asking you. Put him down Rachel."

"But I wasn't doing anything!"

"I don't care he is mine just put him down."

"Oh fine be that way."

Rachel gave Josh a kiss in the midsection and then set him gently on the counter. He was immediately grabbed by lisa and held against her chest. Just then Lisa's cell phone rang.

"Hello? Oh hi Tim, yeah...when...maybe(giggles)...we'll see...we'll see...hold on, I'll ask...Rachel, would you mind if my boyfriend Tim came over to hang out for a couple hours? You won't tell your mom will you?"

"Can I take the little man to my room while he's here? I won't tell mom if you share your doll man with me."

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"YAY go rachel, go rachel its your birthday!! You wont regret this lisa. Oh little man isnt this awesome you get to spend the whole night with me."

"Be careful with him rachel"

"Oh I will lisa, we will play real nice in my room. OOOHHh LIIITTTLLLLEEEE MAAAANNNNNNN!!!!"

Rachel grabbed me and carried me up stairs. Her room was that of any normal girls her age. She had a poster of Linkin Park and Ben Affleck on her wall, clothes were all over her floor. She looked down eyeing josh as she carried him across her room and set him down on her un made bed.

“aww you look so cute on my bed. It looks so big compared to you. Now you stay here” bellows Rachel in a forceful tone. She turns her back and walks across the room. Josh uses this moment and looks at her unmade and shakes his head. He takes off running and leaps off the side of her bed. Josh falls 60 to 90 feet to the floor. He crashes into a couple of balled up white cotton panties on Rachels floor.

“EWW, eww these must be rachels”

Josh gets up and runs from the cotton panties repulsed as ever. His eyes catch Rachel still standing with her back still turned to him talking on her phone that looks like a shoe. Josh can’t help but laugh at the thought of Rachel losing her phone in this mess and then trying to wear it not knowing it was her phone.

“you will never guess what I have Sakura.”

“It is the coolest thing in the world, it could make me the most popular girl in middle school”

“yeah, tiffany wolters wouldn’t stand a chance if I had this. Too bad its my babysitters. Well I am gonna play with it a little before she leaves. Bye”

Josh ran underneath a baby blue sweater and looked out at the daunting body of Rachel. As she started heading back towards the bed josh nervously laid under baby blue sweater. Josh watched her foot stomp down a few from him. He started to think that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea as her foot rose up once again and stomped down landing on her baby blue sweater josh was hiding under. He now realized that he could easily be crushed by the power of this girl and she would never know until its too late.

“Little man you get out here right now or you are going to be in so much trouble.”

Josh watched Rachel lift up her foot, this time josh tucked his body in so that it was just a little ball and Rachel stomped her foot down on the baby blue sweater just centimeters from Josh’s body. Not wasting anytime Josh ran out from under Rachels baby blue sweater. He looked back for only a moment as he scanned the room looking for some place to go.

“Come on little man, come on out we can be friends. Lisa babysits me 3 or 4 times a week. We should be getting a long cause you are gonna be seeing lots of me”

Josh who wasn’t looking at where he was running only for where he was gonna hide didn’t see rachels fishnet stockings lying on floor. As he ran over them he tripped face planting into the stockings. He began to struggle to quickly get up which cause him to become more entangled in the stockings and soon he found himself hopelessly stuck in rachels fishnet stockings. Rachel got down on her knees and began looking for her little man. She soon spotted him just a little ways ahead of her stuck in her fishnet socks.

“HAHA look at you, stuck in there. How cute”

Rachel takes a few steps and is immediately upon him looking down at lisa’s little man.

“you are in so much trouble little man I think you should spend some time in the isolation chamber”

Lisa grabbed the little man and picked him up still trapped in her fishnet socks she only entangled him more as she carried him over towards her closet. Josh’s mind was running a mile a minute thinking of anyway to get out of this but nothing was coming to mind as Rachel stopped at her closet and began to dig around in a giant box.

“I knew you looked familiar when I saw you. I had a ken doll who looks just like you”

Rachel smiles as she sets the doll down right next to josh. She roughly pulls josh out from her fishnet stockings and he lands right on the floor right next to the doll however be he can run Rachel grabs him and expertly pulls of his clothes while subduing his struggles. She then wraps josh back up in her fishnet stocking making sure he is firmly trapped and then redresses the ken doll wearing josh’s clothes.

“There all done, at a quick glance no one would be the wiser. Now as for you little man, I think a couple days in the isolation chamber will do you good.”

Rachel grabs a empty bottle of powerade. She unscrews the cap revealing the large mouth, with her left hand she grabs josh who looks down at the bottle. There is no way I am gonna fit in through that opening thinks Josh to himself as Rachel the slams his body against the opening. A moment or so later josh looks up at the opening in bewilderment on how he fit through the opening. Rachel screws on the lid and tosses the bottle under her bed. The bottle rolls over again and again as it rolls deeper and deeper into the dark chasm of rachels bed.

Rachel soon hears her mom pull up and grabs the ken doll and runs down stairs.

“Hi mom, Thank you so much for letting me play with your dollie lisa. Iwill put it in your bag for you”

“Thanks rachel”

“See you next week Lisa”

***2 days Later***

Rachel peers under her bed looking for the bottle. As she spots the bottle against one of the bed posts she smiles as she grabs the bottle. Rachel sets the bottle in her lap and grabs some scissors she had set on her bed earlier and cuts off the lid. Josh tumbles onto her lap and Rachel then sets him on the floor next to her.

“Are you ready to be a good little man for Goddess Rachel. Oh I know”

Rachel then gets back down on her hands and knees and peers back under the bed. Josh doesn’t move a muscle as he looks up at the towering form of this middle schooler. He can’t believe the absolute power she has over him and how afraid he is of such a innocent looking girl.

“here we are, I knew I saw it under here when I was grabbing you out from under the bed. This oreo must have fell out from under a month or two ago since that was last time mom bought me oreo’s. I think she is still mad since last time we had them I was carrying the bag across the family room floor and I tripped smushing the entire bag of egg shell white carpet.”

Josh looked up at the old stale oreo. It didn’t sound that appetizing to him but after not having a drop of water or a scrap of food in two days he was quite literally starving to death. He found himself salivating over the old stale oreo.

“Now be a good little man and beg, beg just like a little puppy does for goddess Rachel to break off a piece of this for you”

It was like my body was like josh’s body was moving on voice command. As Rachel ordered him to beg he just did. He begged again and again until Rachel finally broke off a piece of the raunchy old oreo and tossed it down in front of him. Josh devoured the small piece of oreo and looked back up at Rachel who was laughing at the sight.

“That was too funny”

“Hey Sarah, its about time you got in here”

“Well I told you I really I had to go”

“Well I guess you weren’t lying, I hope the bathroom doesn’t stink”


“I am just kidding”

“So is this little man?”

“Watch this, order him to do something”

“Umm alright, like what?”

“anything you want”

“Okay, umm polish my pierced belly button with your tongue”

Josh watched as the giant girl who looked the same age as Rachel laid down on her floor. She had on a pink sweater that stopped just a few inches after her breasts revealing her stomach, and a pair cargo pants and chunky black heeled dark martins. Josh’s weak body strained to climb the side of rachels friend sarah. After several minutes he finally made over to her navel. Josh couldn’t believe that her stomach was this firm, it didn’t even show his presence on her stomach.

“Well start polishing” giggles sarah

As she giggles her stomach bounces up and down sending josh tumbling onto his ass. This causes the girls to start laughing uncontrollably. Josh grabs the navel ring and holds on for dear life as her stomach rises and lowers uncontrollably. Several minutes pass before the turbulent belly calms down. Josh can barely get enough saliva to collect in his mouth to spit so he can polish her navel ring but somehow he manages to get the job done.

“Okay now break off a piece of the oreo and give it to him”

Sarah reaches over grabs a piece of the oreo

“eww its so soggy. This thing is nasty. He is really gonna eat it.”

Josh watches as Rachel holds the piece of food between her French manicured nails. Sarah yells for him to eat it in a more forceful tone than she had used before. Josh crawled up to her fingers and sarah lifted the food out of his reach.

“Now big little man”

Josh had to bite his tongue this time as he was getting more than sick of the treatment he was receiving from these middle schoolers however he knew there was nothing he could do and begged just like he was told too. Sarah finally lowered the piece of food and josh heard his stomach growl. His stomach actually hurt as it growled, it hurt like he was being stabbed, he had never been this hungry in his life. Josh found himself eating the oreo right from between sarah’s two fingers.

“Hey this is pretty cool I want one of these”

“Well he is mine”

“Come on, how bout selling him to me?”

“What I am not some toy that can be bartered and sold. Tell him Rachel”

“Well how much were you talking about?”

“Hmm well I just got my allowance today. Daddy gave me 150 dollars, it could be yours.”

“WOW 150 dollars..and that yellow sweater I like that you got from paris?”

“Well I don’t know…alright, I will give you the sweater at school tomorrow”

“YAY, he is all yours”

Sarah grabbed josh off her stomach and smiled down at him while she handed Rachel the money. They both eyed there respective treasures, Rachel the money and sarah her new little toy.

“I think I am gonna go to the mall. I have never had this much money before”

“yeah I am gonna go home and play with my man some more.”

“Hey wait, you can’t just buy me”

“I just did, your mine now fair n square, not to mention legally. I paid good money for you”

A half hour or so went by and Sarah saw her dad pull up. She smiled down at her little man and tucked him into her purse. She slung her purse over her shoulder and ran out to the car.

“Hi daddy, what took you so long.”

“We do live 30 minutes out of town hun, it takes a while to get here”

“I guess, that’s what you get for moving to the country.”

“Well you did get the horses you wanted”

The rest of the car ride was quiet and boring as josh listened in on the conversation knowing it was the onlything he could do. He learned that sarah’s dad is a day trader and that sarah is an only child who lives with her dad, he doesn’t know where her mom lives but he can tell she doesn’t live with them. The next thing Josh knew he was being pulled from the purse was in sarah’s room with her looking down at him”

“you poor thing, I will take good care of you. I take good care of all my little pets.”

Sarah pulled off the top of a her rabbit cage and dropped josh in along with the rabbits. He looked up at sarah as she smiled down at him.

“its just for a few minutes. I need to find you some clothes, be back in a few minutes, oh I almost forgot.”

Sarah lowers her hand down pins josh against the floor of the cage. Josh feels something leather wrap round his neck and then a clicking noise. As sarah hand moves off of him he sees a studded collar wrapped around his neck with a key lock on the back, dangling off of the color was a tag with Sarah’s full name, address, etc

“Now see you in a few minutes treasure”

“Get this off of me! I am not a pet”

Josh’s cries fell on deaf ears as Sarah left.
Josh sat there in his new cage waiting for his new owner to return. She came back a few minutes later and dropped a bundle of someting into his cage. He walked over and saw it was a little jogging suit just his size.

"I had that left over from one of my dolls, it should fit you. Put it on."

"Thank you." He said to her. At lest he had someting to wear for the first time in a longest time. He put on the jogging suit and was feeling dignified again when the girl simply reached in and plucked him from the cage.

"You look so cute in those."

"Hey please warn me before you pick me up like this. You are so fucking huge."

"Awwww, you'll just have to get used to it. My little man is going to be so well cared for."

Sarah sauntered over to her bed looking down at her new toy. She put Josh down in front of her as she lay down on her side. He surveyed her body as it stretched out over 60 feet in lenght.

He took a step back on the bed away from her and she reached out and poked him in the gut. He toppled over like a bowling pin. Sarah giggled and picked him up again and held him in front of her face and began turning him around every which way, examining him. He kept taunting him by telling him how tiny and adorable he was and how much fun she was gonna have with him.

"You are so amazing. I can't believe I have you for my very own."

Just then the door burst open. Lisa barged in, followed by a tearful Rachel. Lisa walked right over to the bed and grabbed the tiny man from Sarah. She brought his struggling form to her breasts and held him there.

"Hey what the hell are you doing here, and give him back he's mine. I bought him from Rachel fair and square!"

"Well Rachel here had no business selling him to you because he belongs to me not her."

"But its not fair! I paid her $150 for him. I want him for me."

"Well Rachel will just have to give you a refund, right Rachel?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize he was a real little person. I shouldn't have sold him to Sarah like that." Rachel nodded shamefully and handed the money back to Sarah. Sarah grabbed it angrily.

"Well if you two are going to steal my little man from me you can both just take him and leave. Rachel I'm never talking to you again!"

"Well he way MY little man first. Come on Rachel let's go. It's late and we have school tomorrow."

Both girls trudged out and down the stairs to Lisa's car. Lisa, clutching the little man close as they walked out. They both got in and Lisa started the engine.

"Hold the little man for me while I drive Rachel."

Josh was passed over to the younger girl. He winced as he was slammed into her chest. Her hands came up to press him close against her for the whole ride back to Rachel's house. She was absent mindedly stroking him with her fingers as Lisa drove. The two were not talking. Lisa was pretty mad at Rachel for selling the tiny guy.

As she pulled up the drive way to Rachel's house she took Josh from the younger teen.

"I'm really sorry Lisa, I swear I didn't know how important he was. Please bring him over again."

"Well I will have to see about that. You shouldn't have sold him like that he is the mascot of the JV cheerleading squad. Maybe next year you can make the squad and will get to seem him then. I've got to take him over to Denise's house its her turn with him. Later."

Rachel said bye to the little man and got out of the car and dejectedly walked back into her house. Josh was set down on the front passenger seat as Lisa pulled out of the driveway. The seat was still warm from Rachel's rear end. He sat down patiently as Lisa drove a mile or so. She pulled into a driveway and parked the car. Josh saw the clock on the dashboard read 9:45 pm.

"Come on trophy toy, Denise is waiting for her little mascot. Oh look her sister Trish's car is in the driveway. We better keep you away from her, she is a wild one, a senior. There is no telling what she would do with you."

"Awww come on Lisa, just let me go already. I don't want to go with yet another captor. Just put me down please."

Lisa ignores his protests and hugs him close to her sweater to muffle his protests. She knocks on the door and Denise answers it. She immediately spots Josh in Lisa arms. She sweeps him out of Lisa's embrace into her own. She dances around the room with glee holding him out at arms length.

"I have a little man, a little man, a little man, and I'm gonna love him as much as I can!" She chants as she swirls around the room with him.

"HEY! NO STOP THIS! I'm getting dizzy! I'm getting dizzy! PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN DO YOU HEAR?"

"Oooo you are just so adorable. Lisa thanks for bringing him. Do you want to stay?"

"No it's getting late. I will see you tomorrow at school Denise. Have fun with the little doll guy. Bye."

Denise doesn't even bother watching Lisa go. Instead she holds the little man up to her face as she walks down the hall to her room. Josh sees the hallway fly by with sickening speed as the girl carries him off to an unknown destination, probably her room. They pass one room and he hears loud hard rock music blaring inside along with the voice of a girl talking loudly on the phone. As they walk Denise notices his clothes. She pinches his leg between the thumb and forefinger of her free hand.

"This little jogging outfit you have on is adorable. Where did you get it did Lisa buy it for you?"

"It's a long story I-."

"Well I promise to buy you an outfit too when i get my allowance ok?"

He was carried into a bathroom and she set him down on the vanity. He saw her open up a bathroom drawer and he hand darted inside looking for something.

"There's just one thing about that outfit i don't like and its going to have to go now little man."

She pulled her hand out of the drawer. Josh panicked when he saw the clippers. Her had was stretching forward the clippers were opened wide, bearing down on his neck.

"Hold still, this won't hurt a bit."

"NO!" He screamed. She giggled and grabbed him, holding him in place on the vanity. He waited for the blades to shear his head off at the neck as she bore down on him. The cold steel blade of the clippers was up against his jugular, ready to snip his head off any second. He nearly fainted as he heard the snip as the blade cut through.

"There. I don't like my little pets to be too constrained."

He looked down at his feet to see the collar he had been wearing cut in two. He sighed with relief. She was only removing the collar.

Just then the door to the bathroom opened up. A brunette with long curly hair entered wearing a bathrobe carrying a bottle of shampoo. She looked to be taller than Lisa, about 5 foot 8 with a similar athletic slim build that Lisa had. In fact she looked like a slightly older version of Lisa with longer hair.

"Hey Lisa are you done in here? I'm sneaking out tonight and I have to shower and WHAT IS THAT?"

"Hi Trish. Oh, that's our new JV mascot. I found him outside the school today. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen. He's real I swear."

"What do you mean real? That's impossible. He's so small."

"Hey I beg pardon. I am not small and indeed I am real."

"My god it talks!"

"See I told you. Isn't he neat?"

"Wow. May I?"

"Sure sis." (giggles)

Trish smiles down at the man standing on the vanity and moves closer to him. He looks down at the floor and realizes once again it is too high up and there is no escape...

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Trish strokes the tiny mans head making sure to ruffle his hair as she looks at him carefully. Trish eyes him again again then finally she grabs him tightly in her grip.


Trish then tosses Josh up into the air and pulls bathrobe off and moves a few steps towards Josh who is tumbling end over end in the air. Josh she’s trish’s breasts become closer and closer and finally he lands head first in Trish’s amble bust.

“HAHAHA look at your legs kick so wildly”

Trish then grabs Josh out from her chest and smiles at him as she dangles him in front of her face. She extends her tongue and bats at Josh’s face with her tongue. Josh swings back and forth wildly as trish continues to hit at him with her tongue.


Trish then walks back to her room and sits down at her desk. She digs around in her drawer and pulls out a Trojan She rips it open and pulls the latex condom to its fullest and slides Josh head first into the condom. She tightly pulls the condom around his body as much as she can.


Trish closes and locks her door and then walks over to her bed. She spreads her legs open and shoves josh in head first into her. She rams in and out as fast as she can.


Josh can feel trashes muscles pull and squeeze at him as she rams him in and out faster and faster. The acidic juices causes his skin to burn in the places the condom doesn’t cover. As her cum sloshes between his toes josh can help but giggle as he is rammed harder and deeper again again.

“what is going on in there trish”


“I just want my little man and I will”




Trish stands up with josh still inside her pussy. She opens her door tosses one of her sketchers at denise.


TRISH slams her door and locks it. She then finishes herself off. She licks her cum off of the little man who is trapped in a condom.

“you look so cute”

Trish then snaps a few photos of the little man in the condom and in her pussy She then rips the condom off o fhim and smiles at josh who is gasping for air as Trish stares at him with glee and anticipation.

Trish lay back down on her bed, stretching out full length. She set the little man down on her bare breasts. He slid down off her left breast and came to a resting position between them. She gently squeezed them together until he was buried in her soft flesh. Her hand came down to press him deeper into the soft warm skin.

“You did such I good job you may recline on my tits.”

Trish reached over to her nightstand and picked up her small cell phone. She hit the speed dial button and waited for someone to answer.

“Hey Krissy its Trish, forget about going out can you come over here instead? You’ll never guess what my little sister got…no I want it to be a surprise…and call Lori too and have them come over quick you will not believe what I have to show you it’s like the coolest thing ever….ok bye.’

“Please, you can’t show me off to your friends like this, its embarrassing being this small.”

“It’s ok little thing they are gonna love you. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..”

Trish purred as her hand came up to grip him. She hugged him against her breasts as she rolled around in bed, messing the sheets up as she rubbed him all over her body, up and down her stomach and legs and chest and face. She kissed Josh over and over, getting lip prints on his jogging suit. Then she held him suspended above her chest in front of her face as she pulled off the jogging pants and let them fall to the bed.

“Give me my pants back! Those are mine.”

“But Krissy and Lori will want to see your little naked body. On second thought they will probably want to strip you themselves. Here put these back on.”

She dropped the jogging pants in her cleavage and set him down in it. He realized he had no choice so he put them back on. Then Trish had another great idea. She grabbed Josh up again in her fist and got off the bed. She set him down on the floor and ordered him to run. He ran across the floor as fast as he could. Her foot slammed down in his path, almost squashing him. She laughed down at him.

“Careful or you’ll get squished little thing.”

Josh then took off the other way but her foot came down again in front of him. This time he ran right into her ankle. He bounced of it and fell back on the floor.

“Hehehehehe you look so tiny down there. You look like an insect or something. Not a real man.”

Josh got up and ran toward the bed with all his might. He made it underneath but her arm stretched under and grabbed him easily. She pulled him up to her face and stood up.

“HA! I gotcha again my living doll.”

“Stop this! Lemme go! Lemme go!”

Just then there was a knock on her door.

“Who is it?”

“Open up! It’s us!”

She reached over to her bed and she grabbed her terrycloth robe and put it on. Trish gave Josh a quick kiss and then she spoke to him softly:

“Oh cool my friends are here. I can’t wait to show you off. They’ll be so jealous.”

She slipped him back down into her bathrobe pocket, then and opened the door. Standing there were her best friends Lori and Krissy.


“Ok so how come we aren’t going out and what is such a big deal of your sister’s that you had to show us?”

“Close the door and lock it. Then come over to the bed.”

The two girls did as told. They stood by the bed waiting for an explanation.

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“what I have to show you has no words to describe it I mean…well you know what I am feeling tired..maybe I will tell you later.”

“What? Ahh come on shit girl, show us”

“no, I just can’t, not tonight, not like this”

“Well then lets go partying”

“I think I am just going to turn in early”

“whatever, you got crabs or what? Cause you whack tonight. We outtie”

As Lori and krissy left trish locked the door and pulled josh out. She tossed him back don on her bed and pulled off his jogging suit. Josh started to run across the bed but Trish lowered her mouth on top of his body. She curled her tongue around his body and inhaled strongly causing poor josh to be sucked all the way into her mouth so just his feet were showing and then she exhaled so that just his head was in her mouth. She would do this again and again as she lie on her back all the while swirling her tongue around his body. All of Josh’s cries fall on deaf ears as the muffled cries don’t even escape Trish’s mouth, she finally spits him out onto her bed and pick josh up using her toes, she pushes him against her ass using her foot and smiles as she rubs him deeper and deeper into her ass cheeks then she flips him up in the air with her foot and catches him with her hand. She ties some rope around him and rolls the string all around him. She then starts using him like a yo-yo. Josh screams again and again as Trish laughs


“aww shut up, we got fun to be had”

Trish changes into some tight black pants with a matching tight black halter top. She hold josh tightly in her grip as she climbs out her window jumps down, Trish quickly runs across the lawn and down the street to where she parked her car earlier.

“I want you to come dancing with me, Lori is such a drag, I like goin clubbin on my own. Fuck them now be a good boy and just sit there while we go to the next town over where the clubs are at”

"i dont want to go clubbin"

"It doesnt really matter what you want. We are goin and thats that"
Trish wedged Josh in her bra. He was held securely in place between her breasts as she drove to the freeway. She got on and headed east toward New Bedford which was one exit over. Josh was jostled slightly by her breasts as she drove. She had the radio on and she was singing “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera at the top of her lungs. The vibrations from her singing reverberated throughout his body. Josh thought we was gonna throw up. He also tried to get unstuck from her bra but it was no use.

Trish pulled off the freeway and headed down to the strip of clubs by the oceanfront. She headed over to the Beach Club, the trendiest of the spots with the most beautiful people. The club was mostly a hangout for college aged crowd, but Trish had a good fake ID. Lori and Krissy never were able to get in here, only she was. Even so she would probably be the youngest person there. As Trish got out of the car Josh started complaining from inside her bra.

“Trish please don’t do this. It’s dangerous for me to be in a dance club.”

“Oh hush you’ll be fine. You’ll be perfectly safe her with me.”

“But why did you have to take me with you?”

“I just wanted to. It just seemed like a good idea I don’t know. I guess I really don’t need a good reason to do what ever I want with you. Now be quiet here is the bouncer. Don’t say a word or I’ll crush you in my boobies.””

Josh could see nothing but his ears were assaulted by music as she entered the club and headed for the dance floor.

“Come on, let’s dance, little man!”



Trish spent the next hour on the dance floor bumping and grinding to the house beat. Josh was swung back and fourth crazily as she moved to the music. Her breasts started getting damp as she worked up a sweat, and Josh realized the all of a sudden he was slipping out of the iron grip of her breasts!


His screams were totally drowned out by the music as he fell through the bottom of Trish’s bra. He found himself in a forest of legs all pumping up and down furiously. He dodged a pair of ladies high heels then had to dive to avoid some guy’s loafers. He zig zagged his way across the dance floor over to where the martini bar was.

He tried to see where Trish was but she was no where to be seen. Josh huddled under a bar stool as he desperately tried to think of what to do.

He’d either have to find Trish in the middle of this mess or try and get from some one else in this club full of strangers who were college kids from a town miles away from where he was staying. He stood there under the giant barstool trying to plot out his next course of action, Just then he thought he saw Trish above him a few feet away.

He decided to take a chance and get her attention. He didn’t have anything to lose since he couldn’t stay there indefinitely. Besides he was pretty sure it was here.

“Trish! Trish! I’m down here! Look down here!”

He screamed at the top of his lungs. The music was loud but suddenly he could see the massive head turn in his direction. At last he could see her face and know his fate for sure…

"What the?..."

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“Lisa? What the fuck?”

Lisa looked down by instinct alone she could hardly believe what she saw. Her mind raced as she darted her eyes around the room. She bent down and scooped him up. Lisa held him up her face for a moment then stuffed him in her bra.

“hey girls im out”

“cya Courtney”

”Courtney? Who the fuck is Courtney her name is lisa”

Lisa shoved and made her way out of the club and too her car. As she sat down in her car she pulled out the little man.

“Oh my god, look at you, your so small”

”duh, come on lisa”

“Lisa? You mean Lisa Manrake? How do you know my sister?”

“Sister? She is the bitch that got me started with these JV, HIV primped ho’s’

“Excuse me? I am sure she is worried about you”

I was shoved in the glove box as Courtney drove forever. The sound of the engine was deafening as ever as Courtney drove home.

“Hey lisa!”

”what im doing my nails this better be important”

“Check this out! You lose something?”

“Josh! What the hell are you doing here? Where did you get him Courtney”

“I found him at the club, he thought I was you”

“hand him here”

“Baby what happened? What did denise do to you”

“Aww wait no Lisa ahhh”

Lisa shoved me against her stomach and laid back I bed. She massaged me against her cheek and then hugged me against her chest. I found myself being pushed deeper and deeper into her t-shirt as she fell asleep. I struggled profusely but then Lisa begin stir, she turned over and I found myself dropping onto her pink sheets. I looked up just in time to see her on top of me.


I couldn’t budge or move, I was wedged under thousands of pounds of girl. I couldn’t help but be some turned on by the situation as Lisa was cute..and did seem to care for me or else she wouldn’t have hunted me down and saved me from sarah. I pulled myself out from under her and walked along her body. She looked so angelic as she slept. I walked over to her lips and knelt down. I kissed her lips. She didn’t kiss back but it as the best I ever had. I laid next to her on the pillow and drifted off to sleep.
Josh awoke the next morning to the sound of Lisa arguing with someone on the phone.

“So it was your sister? That bitch. I’m so sorry I blamed you for everything Denise. The little man is partly to blame himself. He’s so cute he’s irresistible so everyone’s just gotta have him (giggles)…he just woke up as a matter of fact. Why don’t I bring him to school with me and you can get him then, just keep him away from Trish from now on. I knew she was gonna be trouble for our little doll man. If it were not for my sister finding him in the club, who knows where he might have ended up.”

Lisa had Josh in her fingers as she spoke to Denise on the phone. He was currently suspended upside down over her stomach and she was practicing taking his little jogging suit off and putting it back on him. She could hear his tiny screams of protest and declarations that he could dress himself but she paid that no mind at all and continued to dress and undress him over and over again.

“The girl I baby-sits’ best friend got the cutest little jogging suit for him did you see it Denise? I’ve been practicing dressing and undressing him while talking to you on the phone. I’m getting really good at it. Anyway see you at school in about an hour. I’ll bring the little shrimp with me for you. Bye.”

Lisa hung up the phone and turned your attention back to Josh. She kissed him around his middle, then dropped him on her bed and got up. She grabbed him and walked off to the bathroom. She stripped his jogging suit off, and then placed his naked body in the shower on the floor. She quickly walked in and began showering. Josh was expecting her to pick him up and use him as a wash cloth as others had done, but instead he just was left there at her feet. She giggled down at him and splashed him with soap lather. He got the idea and showered using the water cascading off of her to soap up and rinse off his body until he was clean.

She brought a towel down to enclose him and the towel was lifted up with him in it. She pressed him in the towel gently as she walked back to her room and set him down on her dresser. He was forced to dodge her hand time and time again as she grabbed her various make-ups and lotions and applied them. She insisted on squirting him with her Secret Deodorant...

Lisa then grabbed a scrunchy in one hand and Josh in the other and tied him up in her ponytail for the ride to school. He was furious how she just grabbed him and did it without even saying a sound, to say nothing of asking him first. She just did it like he was nothing more than a little figurine.

“Lisa get me out of here.” He complained as they walked out to her car.

“Don’t worry this is only for the ride to school. Once we get there you can ride against my breasts like before little man.”

“I’m worried, I’m worried. You girls are always so careless with me.”

“We are not. You’re the one always being careless. Take charge of the situation for a change. You are the common denominator not us”


The roar of her car engine ended any further conversation as Lisa headed off to school. She was wearing her cheerleader sweater once again. Josh had spent considerable time against that sweater. He knew the names of all the lint balls on that sweater.

The trip to school was only a couple of blocks and true to her word she removed him from the scrunchy as she walked across the parking lot towards the school. Josh was plucked from her masses of hair and immediately slammed against her chest again. He snuggled in as best he could so as to avoid being seen but Denise was waiting at the school entrance for them.

“There you are little Josh, I was so worried about you. Come here you poor thing…”

“No leave me alone already! You girls call me an ambulance!”

Denise laughed at his suggestion. She grabbed him out of Lisa’s embrace and took him into her own. He struggled a bit but soon calmed down when he realized he was under her complete control.

“Come on little man, we’ve got a busy day ahead of us. Thanks so much for bring him back Lisa. Talk to you later.”

That said, Denise carried the little man into the High School and began her school day…
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You are the common denominator not us rang through his head again and again. Josh didn’t notice the teens whizzing by. The all too familiar faces passing him by, the faces that he already has grown to recognize of strangers he hopes to never meet. The small school of 400 is nothing to him. He is with girls who don’t care about him, the only thing t hat ever matters to them is how much fun can be had. How many girls can grab him before he is lost, oh look he is so cute, look at him, listen to him scream oh he is so cute, he feels so good inside of me. How many ways can I make him scream? All the possible situations have ran across josh’s mind. He turns head and looks up at Denise. Her black hair cascades over her shoulders, josh looks like a marshmallow against her black skin, her dark brown eyes scanning the masses, the curious glares of what she has. The whispers of her peers echoes down the hall like wind whistling through a tunnel. Here it comes josh thinks to himself.

“Hey Tara check him out.”

“he is so adorable I cant wait till its my turn. He is the greatest little mascot.

“I knew it, all to predictable what’s the point I guess this is the part I am suppose to scream put me down put me down aww fuck it” mumbles josh so neither of two can hear him. He looks over at Tara who isn’t fat but it a little plump around the waist, she obviously doesn’t try to keep as good of a figure as the others.

Denise continues to talk with Tara as josh’s mind wanders tuning the girls, tuning out the world tuning out this hell that he has been put through and it has only been a few days. The time he spent in Hawaii relaxing on the beach is a distant memory now it seems like another life. Never have these girls asked about his girlfriend who is waiting for him back home. Never have they asked about his family or even thought about them. If they did they would have found out that his mom is in the hospital with cancer getting treatment they can’t afford or maybe how little sister goes to school and then works full time after school to try to pay for treatment and all the while they both tell him not worry they want him to get a education but does that matter to these girls? No, they act like it doesn’t matter and throw it back in his face with comments like you take control.

“Denise put me the fuck down. I am sick your ebony ass talking about me and holding me. If I wanted you to hold me I would have asked but oh yeah that doesn’t matter to you does it. All you do is parade me around like a toy.”

“yeah I do cause that’s what you are. A little shrimp who is used to amuse us. You have no life, nothing of matter where are you going to go? Some family who thinks your gone or dead? Face it creep you nothing but a mascot to us cheerleaders and that’s all your ever going to be. A little charm for our amusement and when we grow tired of you well you better damn well pray that doesn’t happen cause when you lose usefulness we will probably kill your ass and don’t you forget it. You should be happy we pay you any attention hell why am I even talking to you. “

”Put me down please, put me down! Let me go!”
“Whine away cause I think its time you have a little accident”

Denise begins to squeeze me harder and harder she grits her teeth tightly and glares down at poor little josh. Denise smiles wickedly as she runs down the halls. Denise pushes the gym doors open and enters the girls locker room for athletes. She looks around and spots what she is looking for, the muddy cleats from the soccer team. She presses josh against the cleats. He screams as one of the metal cleats is pressed into his legs breaking the bone in half.

“When they come back, your gonna get it little man, Cock off to me and this is what you get.”

Josh can hear what sounds like stampeding rhino’s scurry about the locker room and shuffle there feet. Water from there wet feet wets the concrete floor of the locker room. Josh nervously waits what he knows that its coming the pressure begins to increase more and more. Josh lets out a scream louder then he could ever produce even if he was full size. All the girls stop dead in there tracks and look around. They call out a few times but it is not until the girl who has her soccer shoes pulls her foot out and knocks the shoe over that Robyn spots Josh.

“Oh my god Josh! There he is!”

“Josh? Josh who? Where?”

“Is he cute?”

“How romantic a boy came back here to see one of us”

“Where is he?”

“there on Aprils shoe”

“JOSH” three all to familiar voices shout.

Josh looks up seeing robyn, Anna, Abby, Kacie and the rest of the team looking down at him. April pulls him off of the cleats and looks at him

“Oh my god he is hurt. Who did this to you little man?”

Josh begins to tell them the whole story, the girls begin to comfort him, Robyn grabs a spare t-shirt keeps in her locker rushes back over to josh. She wraps him up in the t-shirt and gives him a kiss. The kiss covers his whole body leaving a gigantic lip print on him.

“I was so worried..so was heather.”

“We better set his leg, Christine! Get over here”
The face of a young college aged girl appears overhead.

“He is hurt can you help him? I will see what I can do, you girls get to class.”


“do you think he will be alright Abby?”

“I hope so, I mean Christine is just college student studying to be a trainer”

“Yeah, but I think we all know what needs to be done, its 1:30, cheerleaders are getting ready to practice”

All the girls shout yeah in unison head towards the main girls locker room where the cheerleaders change and get ready. The girls shove the door open letting it bang against he wall

“Listen here you little cheerbrats we found little josh and we heard what you did”

“what we did? We haven’t done anything”

“You almost killed him, its payback time”

By this time the varsity squad heard the commotion and headed over, while the JV squad was yelling back how he was there’s not knowing what denise had done while varsity squad began screaming how they had a right to take care of him since everyone else already had. Yelling and chaos breaks loose.

Meanwhile Josh is sitting in the trainer's office. Christine has him taped down to the desk so he won't move his leg. SHe has a piece of tape holding down each wrist and ankle and another fastening his waist to the table. Christine told him it was for his own good, then she left the room to join the arguing group of girls.

Josh is listening to the girls argue over his fate as well. Strangely, his leg no longer throbbing and remarkably, it no longer feels like it was broken. Due to the increase in his metabolism since being shrunk, it is apparent that his body heals at a remarkable rate. Even though lis legs is still sore it no longer throbs.

He would like to get up but he is held securely in place by the first aid tape.

"You girls had no right keeping the little man like that he belongs to Heather and me. We found him in Hawaii and brought him back and he's our little pet, not yours."

"Well Denise found him ans since I am captian of the JV Cheerleading squad I decided he was gonna be our new mascot."

"Well forget it. He is gonna be the Soccer team's mascot if he is gonna be anyone's, right girls?"

There was a chorus of 'Yeahs" in unison.

"Plus Robyn don't forget, as Tri-captains of the Soccer Team my sisters and I get dibs on the little guy as well." Abby said, "He has already been to our house when we took the wrong gym bag so if the JV team got to share him then the soccer team is gonna also. Plus if we each get him for a certain length of time we Runsfold's are gonna pool our time together so he is with us three times as long as he is at anyone else's house."

"Yeah, and Heather and I get him twice as long as anyone else cause there are two of us."

"Yeah but you ho's only count as a half a person each so you only get credit for being one person."

Kacie, that is not very nice."

"Well its true Anna, I'm just saying the truth about the Deniro twins."

"Wait a second nobody is gonna dictate our little man to us. We brought him back here with us from vacation."

"Well we are the Tri Captains, so if you don't want to get kicked off the team you have to share the little man."

"Ok, but we count as two people just like you Runsfold's count as three people."

"Oh, ok."

Just then Christine walked back into the trainers office. She smiled down at the litle man taped to the table.

"Are you alreight little one?"

"Yes I'm much better, let me up!"

Christine gently started pulling the tape off of Josh. She pulled it off his wrists and his waist and his good leg, then his hurt leg. She was shocked as he easily stood up on the once broken leg and walked around on the table in front of her.

"Oh my, little man! Your leg is healed??? How is that possible?"

Christine reached for Josh. She simply seized him off the table like she would a bottle of ketchup. He beat against her with his fists and his newly healed leg was kicking wildly.

"Hey put me down! I didn't give you permission to handle me!"

"He he you're so cute. I can see why all the girls are fighting over you."

"Hey I am not cute dammit I am a grown man with rights and I-"

"You have the right to hold still and let me look at you."

"Put me down this is embarassing! I'm in charge of my own destiny, the master of my fate, the captain of my ship-"

"Oooo you're amazing! So light! And your leg is working fine. Just look at it kicking away." (giggles)

"Please don't let those girls hurt me again."

"Don't worry, the JV team is not gonna get you back. You are just remarkable. I may have to sneak you back to college with me."

Just then the door to the trainer's office burst open. The entire girls' soccer team piled in, headed by Kacie, Abby, Anna and Robyn. They gathered around the struggling figure held by Christine,

Several of the team members were gettign a good look at Josh for the first time and they were ethralled with the prospect of a tiny man they could control. Christine gave them the good news about his leg and set him down on the desk. The girls gatherd areound him, towering around his tiny frame. he heard giggling and then suddenly he was grabbed up by a slender arm and hand.

"Put him in your gym bag,"

"Lucky you are first to get him."

"Well that is because we are the team captains."

"Hey where are you taking me! Noooooo!"

"Awww...he sounds all cute and tiny. Let's get him home."

He was thrust into a gym bag before he could even see. It was zipped up then it started swinging as it was carried off somewhere.

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The bag smelled like sweat from the sweaty soccer attire as it swayed from side to side for seemingly hours or even days before it quit moving all at once with a heavy thud.

“Can you believe those deniro girls calling our little Manfred Theirs?”

Light was shone into the bag. I found myself blinking rapidly as the light hurt my eyes. The face of one of the triplets hovered over smiling down at me. She automatically scooped me up.

“Hey now, stop touching me, set me down:

“Hiya, I am Anna, I haven’t gotten to see you yet. I can’t believe how tiny you are. I just want to cuddle you all up to pieces. What could be more adorable? Don’t worry you will be coming to my room for awhile.”

“Hey wait! Stop I said to set me down. I want to leave and go home”

“Oh you can go home later, its playtime”

Anna’s hand gripped me tightly as she walked over to her room closing her door tightly behind her. I was shoved against her as she fell back onto her bed. I was cuddled into her t-shirt as she fell back. As soon as she hit the mattress I was lifted up and set down on her stomach. I looked up at the magnitude of her body. It seemed to stretch as far as the eye I could see and her breasts, her small dainty breasts rose above me in the distance. I crawled under Anna’s shirt and felt myself sink into tummy. I rested my head on her stomach and relaxed as she inhaled and then exhaled. I rose up along with her stomach and then fell as she exhaled it was as gentle as the rocking see. The scent of Anna was everywhere as I relaxed. I soon found myself crawling up towards her breasts. I couldn’t help myself I wanted to touch them. Anna giggled as I crawled across her stomach towards her breast causing me to slip and slide back losing much of the progress I had made.

I finally made it to her breasts only to find she had a neon green sports bra on. I tried to pull the bra off of her left tit but it was hugging her breast way to tight. I finally stood up and rested my head against her sports bra and started climbing her breasts. As I made it to the top of her breasts I started grabbing and groping her tit like a mad man too the point of where I had to feel her nude breast. I couldn’t take it for another second as she I slid back down started pulling at her sports bra with all my might.

“How cute, you cant even move my bra. You are the sweetest thing. Here let me help you”

Anna’s hand traveled beneath her shirt and pulled me out dangling me above her face. She blew me a kiss as I dangled above her lips and trying to reach for her sensual skin. Anna then rolled over on her side snuggling me against her lips and kissing me repeatedly for a good five or 10 minutes before she grabbed the phone.
“Hey Becca, why don’t you come over tonight, we can have a sleep over, it will be a blast I will have bring the guest of honor. Yeah just us 2 and my guest. Cya then”

Anna hangs up the phone and turns her attention back to Josh. She starts kissing him again he dangles over her chest.

“Oooo…*smack*….you…*smack*…are... *smack*…just…*smack*…the…*smack*…cutest…*smack*…thing…*smack*…ever!”

“I’m not cute! Put me down stop kissing me!”

“I can kiss you if I want to.”

“Yeah but-“

“No no no little doll not buts, I am one of your new owners and I get full kissing rights…*smack*…my friend Becca is gonna flip when she sees you. She probably has already heard all about you already from Heather Deniro since they are both on the varsity Cheerleading squad but now she will have proof you are real. Now let me put you someplace for safekeeping while I clean up my room little doll. Oh, rats, I forgot your cage is still in Kacie’s room. That’s ok I know where to put you.”

“Awww Anna can’t you just put me on the bed?”

“No I don’t trust you. You were so interested in my sports bra before so you can go in there for safekeeping.”

“Hey no way don’t! Mmmmmfpppt!”

Anna tucked the little man down her shirt again, between her breasts. The green lycra sports bra help him securely in her cleavage as Anna began picking up dirty clothes and stuff off the floor and straightening her room. Josh was tilted up and down and at various angles as the girl bent over and stretched out while she was cleaning her room up. This went on for around ten minutes or so until there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Hey Anna It’s me Becca, open up.”

Anna opened the door and let her friend in. Becca was about 5’ 4” with straight shoulder length blond hair and green eyes. She had pale creamy skin and looked to be slender, about 32-22-34. She was wearing her varsity cheerleading outfit that she had worn to school that day. From his hiding place in Anna’s cleavage he could hear her soft voice as she greeted Anna.

“Sp what up girl?”


“Hey have you heard all these rumors about a little man? Heather Deniro and some of the other girls are claiming to have seen it but they are so full of shit I mean who ever heard of a little person how dumb do they think I OHMIGOD!”

Anna had walked over to her bed and reached into her shirt and pulled Josh out. She gave him a kiss to his midsection and set him down on the center of her bed.

“Anna, don’t tell me it’s TRUE!”

She walked over to the bed, crouching down to get a better look at the doll sized man cowering at her advance. He tried to back up but ran into Anna’s palm which was blocking his retreat so he just stood there as Becca towered over him, checking him out.

”It is true. Heather was telling the truth. She and Robyn brought him back from Hawaii, but my sisters and I are making them share with the Soccer team, and since Abby and Kacie and me are the captains we get our turn with him. I just had to show him off, isn’t he neat?”

“Well how come Robyn is sharing with the soccer team but Heather isn’t sharing him with us cheerleaders?”

“Maybe she will. Word is getting out at school so I bet a lot of girls will want to see him, but us and our friends are at the head of the line to see him.’

“He is so cool. Can I touch him?”

“Sure Becca. Watch him for a minute while I go get us some Dorito’s and Coke.”

“Ok, cool.”

“Now you be nice to Becca little man, she is my best friend and I will be right back. Becca please be careful he is very fragile and he breaks so easily.”

Anna then ran out to get snacks from the kitchen. Becca slowly moved closer to the bed. Josh was backed up against the pillow and had nowhere to go as she reached for him. She grabbed him easily and he flew up to her face. She laughed out loud at his struggles to free himself from her clenched fist. He felt so soft and flexible in her hand. She shook him in her hand a little to gauge the play in his arms and legs and delighted as she flopped around helplessly.

“Hey please don’t shake me like that. I’m getting dizzy.”

“Your little jogging suit is adorable. I wonder if Anna will let us strip you?”

“Don’t move your hand around so much. It’s making me sick.”

“Sorry little man, I just can’t get over how cool you are. How did you get so small?”

“I was shrunk in Hawaii. Robyn and Heather caught me and brought me back here. Please I beg you help me get back home. My family needs me. My girlfriend is missing me and I have classes I’m missing. People are looking for me…”

“Awww you poor little thing. Well, I feel bad about that but I can’t let you go. Anna would kill me and besides you have no worries now. You will be fed and clothed and taken care of and as for your girlfriend, well we will be your girlfriends now. You can date me, ok? I think you’re such a little hunk I’d love to go out with you but I the triplets would never let me. They might let me borrow you though and that would be cool too.”

“Borrow? I am not some trinket to be borrowed and returned.”

“No you’re a tiny little doll man to be borrowed and stolen and not returned.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Mmmmmmmhmmmmm…I guess you’re right it wouldn’t be worth giving up my popularity to steal you. I guess I’ll just have to wait my turn cutie.”

Becca then smiled down at Josh as she brought him against her chest. She pressed him between her small breasts, reveling in his tiny struggles. She sat down on the side of Anna’s bed with him and lowered him to her stomach. She then rubbed him back and forth from her tummy to her chest and then against her smooth nick and cheek. She pulled her skirt up slightly and trapped him against her thigh. Just then the door burst open.

“HEY! Put him down right now Becca!”

“You were right Anna he is awesome. I want to borrow him sometime.”

“I’m not Anna I’m Kacie. What are you doing here?”

“Anna said I could sleepover. She wanted to show me her new little man.”

“HER little man? He belongs to all of us.”

Just then Anna came back into the room with some glasses, a two liter diet coke and a bag of Doritos. She set the items down on her desk and walked over to the bed. She took Josh from Becca and hugged him to her breasts.

“Leave my friend alone Kacie. She wasn’t hurting him.”

“Well If you can have a sleepover to show off the little man so can I. I’m calling Stacie up right now.”

Before Anna could get another word in Kacie had pulled out her cell phone and called her friend Stacie.

“Stacie, it’s Kacie. You got to get over here now girl. Bring your overnight bag you will not believe what I have to show you. See you in a few minutes. Bye”

“Fine be that way but the little man is staying here in my room tonight.”

“Fine then we are ALL staying in here cause you have to share him.”

“Oh fine you are such a bitch Kacie.”

“Well he is my little man too Anna.”

“Hey what is everyone doing in here? Hi Becca.”

“Hi Abby. I love your new little man. He is so cute. Anna invited me overnight to play with him, and now Kacie just called Stacie up to sleep over too.”

“Yeah, Kacie is crashing my slumber party just because I have the little men.”

“Well it’s not fair you two should have your friends over and not me. I’m calling Tammy.”

“This might be fun.”

“Yeah we can play all sorts of games with him.”

“Careful Anna you are holding him to your breasts to tight. Look at him struggle to get away.”

“I am not. Here Becca you hold him again.”


Becca then took Josh into her arms. She was hugging him to her chest, smiling down at hm and cooing to him and stroking him with her fingers as he cuddled against her.

“I love this. He feels so cool.”

“Hey there’s the door, It didn’t take look for Stacie to get here.”

“No and Tammie will be here in a minute she only lives a block away.”

“Hi girls.”

“Hi Stacie.”

“What’s up?”

“Show her the man Becca.”

“Ok. Stacie look what they got.”

Becca lifted the little man away from her chest and thrust him out in the direction of Stacie. From across the room Stacie raised her hand to her mouth in a silent scream.


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I screamed in sheer terror as Stacie ran at me, her long curly brown hair flowing in the breeze, her long legs galloping towards me. Becca picked me up and cuddled me towards her blocking my view of any more of Stacie. I felt Becca’s body begin to warm me as she cuddled me into her.

“Let me see him Becca”

“I just got to hold him I don’t want to give him up”

“Well let me see him! Kacie tell her to give him to me”

“Anna you aren’t gonna let your sister boss you around like that are you?”

“Well you could just let me go and…”

“I don’t think so!” they all blurt out in unison

“Hold it girls, lets just all calm down. Now we need to think of a way to consolidate power here”

“Yeah, if he stays here than you guys can see him daily, you are always here anyways”

“Yeah, and maybe robyn and heather will forget about him”

“I know, you could let me go and I will get to see my girlfriend and parents”

“Aww did you hear that becca. He wants you to be his girlfriend”



“isn’t that kind of junior high Kacie”

“this is the new version. Truth or Dare..the josh edition”

“Since it was my idea I will start, Anna Truth or dare”

“hmm that’s a hard one… DARE!”

“Okay I dare you too make out with Becca while sharing Josh in both your mouths”

“Oh hell no! screw you hippies!”

I found myself dropped into Anna’s mouth. Her lips closed around my waist and Becca lowered towards me. My voice muffled as they begin to kiss passionately. There lips locked and mouths began to fight for control of me. There tongues swirled around my body encasing me in there saliva and completely arousing. My dick began to harden as Becca’s tongue kept pushing it around. I finally came to the point where I could no longer take it and I came right there in her mouth.

“Oh my god he just came in my mouth” both Anna and Becca quickly broke the lip lock.

“JOSHUA RUNSFOLD! YOU APOLOGIZE THIS INSTANT!” Yells Abby in a demanding voice.

“It wasn’t my fault. She was rubbing my dick and”

“it is never your fault is it! You apologize this instant to Becca, you practically raped her”

“What! I think you two need a little alone time to deal with this. You can use Kacie’s room”

Becca carried Josh down the hall to Kacie’s room. She hugged him close, looking down at her little prisoner smiling the whole time at his helplessness. The entered Kacie’s room and closed the door behind them.

Josh swore he hadn’t came in her mouth. Becca was holding him up and was smiling at him as he made his excuses.

“I swear I didn’t do anything! I’m wearing this friggin jogging suit how could you know that I, er, IF I did that? Now put me down and stop this nonsense.”

“Well we’ll just see about that.”

Becca had her fingers wrapped around his lower torso. She sat down on Kacie’s bed and pulled his little jogging top off. He struggled to keep it but she was much too powerful for him and it ended up on Kacie’s nightstand.

“Hey give that back Becca!”


Then she shifted her hand to his upper torso and she delicately pulled on his pant leg. The little jogging pants gave instantly as she plucked them off of him.

“Dammit give those back!”

“Just a second.”

She held the pants up to her face and squinted, looking for a tiny stain near the crotch. When she saw it she held him up to her face next to the pants and showed him.

“See? I told you. I’m not really mad though. I just like having you at my whim, You are so small and cute like this. I can’t get over you.”

Becca then set Josh down on Kacie’s bed. Josh looked up to see Becca stretching out her body on the bed. He saw her chest get closer and closer, lowering down on top of him. He tried to get away but she pushed him down with one hand and held him in place. He saw the slight bulge of her small breast center over him as she gently lowered herself to the bed on top of him. She was being careful not to put all her weight on him and crush him, she just couldn’t resist trapping his tiny body with her own petite form. It was so cute the way he tried to struggle against her.

“There now, you can’t get away from me. I’ve got you completely under me now he he he.”

“Mmmmmmphffff! Mmmmmmmpfttttr!”

Josh was held immobile between the bed and her bosom. He could feel the warmth of her breasts underneath her cheerleader sweater. The small mass of breast flesh molded against his tiny figure perfectly. She had centered her nipple over his midsection so the full weight of her breasts wasn’t on his head.

“I love having you like this. You are so totally awesome. I wish I could have you for my very own but my boyfriend wouldn’t like it.”

She then let up the pressure. She brought her hand under and brought him up to her face. She was still lying on her stomach. And she took the opportunity to examine him naked so long as she had peeled the jogging suit off him. She gave him a round of kisses all over his naked body. She giggled as he raised his arms in her clench to ward off the oncoming lips. He was powerless to stop her.

“Hey you don’t have to be so rough, I’m not indestructible you know.”

“SMACK* ”I’m only kissing you, you big baby. My boyfriend loves my kisses…” *SMACK*

“I am not your boyfriend.”

*SMACK* “No you’re just the Runsfold Triplets’ little pet to cuddle and play with but you can still love my kisses…” *SMACK*

Josh was trying in vain to ward off the plush lips of the little blonde cheerleader when the door opened and shut quickly. He couldn’t see but could tell someone had just come into Stacie’s room.

“What took you so long?”

“Well we were giving you time for the little man to make up with you for coming in your mouth. I told them I was coming in to check. I can see you two must have.” (Giggles)

"Yeah well come on over by the bed. He's waiting for you..." (Giggles)
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“Oh look at his cute little home Becca”

“It is not my home.”

“Aww its adorable isn’t it Stacie”

“lets put him in it, I want to see him in there”


“It’s not my home Stacie”

“Kacie it said it was”

“Well la de da. I mean oh my god Kacie said this so it must be law”

I found myself being lowered back into the all to familiar cage. I felt sick as Stacie and Becca crowded there face around the cage looking at me. Stacie was grinning from ear to ear as she saw me looking back at her.

“Please girls let me out”

“Say the magic words, please goddess Stacie let me out”

“Please Stacie let me out”

“Say it like you mean it”

“PLEASE GODDESS STACIE LET ME OUT, you’re the angel of the land and I need your protection and help to get me out of this perilious situation”

“hey what about me? am I suppose to be chop liver? Are you saying I am not cute?”

“No of course not I see how it is”

“Hey who are you calling Becca?”

“Hi Jimmy, Josh said I was ugly”

“I did not! I never said you were ugly”

“Yeah, jimmy *sobs* I am just fat old pig”

“Becca! BECCA stop putting words in my mouth”

“Hmm I think I better go..maybe you don’t have everything worked out yet”

“No wait Stacie pick me up! Put me between your breasts!! Use me a dildo! Tie me up in your hair do anything!! Just get me out of here”

“Wow you really are a horney little weirdo aren’t you”

“No its not what you think its just…”

”later little perve”

“Yeah jimmy I am at Kacie’s here with josh. No I am not doing anything with him..he kissed me but and came in my mouth but its nothing serious. No don’t come over. JIMMY JIMMY!!!”

“Becca what the fuck!”

“Aww hi there little man, you better get ready”

“ready! You put words in my mouth.”

“Well you want to be my little boyfriend and Jimmy is my current boyfriend so you have to fight for me”

“What! No that was anna or Kacie I don’t know who said it but listen I just want to be let out and”

“OH I know you love me little man and you like my cousin Lisa but don’t worry. Once you beat up Jimmy you can stay with me and see lisa lots.”

“Beat up Jimmy?”

“Yeah oh a car is pulling up get ready little man.”

Josh was terrified as he heard not one but four car doors slam. Becca ran over to the window and peered out.

"Ooooo here comes Jimmay and his pals on the football team and boy do they seem pissed. Now you can kick all there asses. Oooo my big boyfriend and my little boyfriend are gonna fight over me. This is soooo cool you guys make me feel like a princess!"

"Hide me, please Becca don't let them see me like this!"

"Well it wouldn't be a fair fight if he is protected by you being in your cage. Here..."

Becca quickly walked to the glass cage that was Josh's home witb the Runsfolds'. She reached in and plucked him from the cage. He struggled against her as she walked across the room with him held close against her.

"Hey where are you taking me! Let me down! I said hide me!"

"Noooo you and Jimmy are gonna fight over me right? That's so cute. I'm putting you down on Kacie's bed. You can kick his ass from there."

"What are you talking about? I can't fight even a stuffed animal at my size."

Becca grabbed his little jogging suit off the nightstand and set both of them down on Kacie's bed. He looked up at her as he quickly pulled on his jogging pants and top. He didn't want a bunch of guys seeing him naked whatever else happened.

"There now you can beat up Jimmy."

"Wait I-"


The door to Kacie's bedroom burst open and Jimmy and four of his friends wearing football letter jackets stormed in, filling the room. Josh ran for cover by the pillows before they saw him but he couln't budge one to hide under.

"Jimmy he didn't mean to come in my mouth it was an accident and..."


"He's ready for you Jimmy he said he's gonna kick your ass!"

"Hey I never said anything of the sort!"


"Josh is on the bed Jimmy. Josh be careful don't hurt them too bad."


"He said he likes me."

"I did not!"


Jimmy's friends all took a step toward the bed, snarling at Josh. They were they were punching their fists in to their open palms as they moved forward. The slapping sound echoed around the bedroom. Clearly they meant business.


"Kick his ass Josh!" Taunted Becca.

"Oh god, this is the end" he said.

The door flew open. Kacie, Abby, Anna, Stacie and Abby's best friend Tammy dashed into Kacie's room.

"HEY! What's going on here? What are you guys doing in my room? Get out of here. NOW!"

"Jimmy got all jealous cause I said Josh came in my mouth and like they were gonna fight over ME. Isn't that sweet?"

Kacie ran to the bed for Josh. She snatched him from the bed with one hand and then wrapped him up tightly in her arms, against her chest.

For Josh it all seemed to happen in slow motion. Josh saw the gigantic females suddenly pile into the room, then one of the gorgeous blond triplets came closer and closer to the bed. She was making a beeline for him.

He could see her immense figure loom menacingly before him as she cut in front of Jimmy and his friends. Her slender figure reminded him of tall tree, her golden hair pulled back in a ponytail swaying side to side like leaves in a breeze.

Then she was so close he couldn't make out her face past the underside of her breasts as they protruded from her T-Shirt. Her massive tan thighs extended from the bottom of the shirt and disappeared below the horizon of the bed.

A new shape came into view, the famillar shape of her arm, tipped by the giant hand and fingers reaching for him. He cried out in the split second it took for her to seize him into her posession.

The force of her fingers wrapping around his body almost knocked him unconsious. His head snapped violently backward as se was hoisted quickly in the air and came to a stop pressed against the bulge of her breasts. Other arm crossed over him as she held him in a defensive posture. Abby and Anna quickly moved in front of Kacie, standing between the guys and Kacie and Josh. They stood there, arms folded across their chests with angry looks on there faces.

"Don't evem think about it. We have black belts."

"LET US AT HIM!" Jimmy bellowed.

Kacie yelled back as she subdued the tiny man struggling to free himself from her iron grip.

"You leave the little thing alone! How dare you guys barge in her like this? You poor thing, did they hurt you?"

"They were going to kill me."

"See little man this is why you need to stay with me and my sisters. You need us to protect you."


"I want you guys out of here. Now!"


"Oh please Jimmy, he's just a little doll. Don't tell me you are jealous of a doll are you? What, is HIS dick bigger than yours too?"

"Oooo good one Abby."

"Thanks, Kacie."

"Now Jimmy, if you and your friends leave nicely we will acknowledge you and your friends existance and allow you to speak with us in the hallways and at luch at school for the rest of the semester. Deal?"

"Well...He better steer clear of Becca. Becca get your coat. I'm not leaving you here with this absurd pint sized casanova."

"Who you calling pint sized, needle dick?"


"Aww...ok. Sorry little man, I like you too but Jimmy is my boyfriend and he is Quarterback of the football team. He is after all big and you're still little. See 'ya around, ok, er, maybe?"

Becca bendt over to Kacie's chest and kissed Josh on the top of his head. Nobody but Josh noticed the tip of her tongue as it brushed his face softly.


"Well of you could satisfy your girlfriend like a real man she wouldn't need to play with our doll."

"Good one Kacie."

Kacie cooed down at the little figure she hugged. Jimmy and his pals sneered, then turned to leave. Jimmy grabbed Becca by her arm and pulled her out with them. She waved to the girls as she was yanked out the door.

A couple of minutes later the sounds of the car doors opening and closing, then the engine rev up and pull out were heard by all.

The triplets and Stacie and Tammy relaxed and sat on the bed and on the floor. Abby's friend Tammy was given Josh to hold for the first time as they discussed the events of the past few minutes.

"Well what to you girls want to do now that the guys and Becca are gone?" Anna asked.

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“Tammy let me go I don’t like you”

“What do you mean you don’t like me”

“Well just how it sounds I don’t like you”

“Kacie your little man is being mean!”

Tammy stands up knocking me to the floor and darts out of the room sobbing. I then see Stacie run after. I pick myself up off the floor only to see 6 eyes peering at me.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me?”

“JOSHUA RUNSFOLD!! What were you thinking! She is our friend and guest. You need to learn some respect mister. You have been such a bad boy. I think you need a time out”

“What you can’t give me a time out I am a grown man and if I don’t want your friends touching me it’s my purgative.”

Abby’s hands wrapped around me like a blanket. I was lifted up off the floor with relative ease. I bit down on Abby’s fingers but it didn’t seem to have any effect. She merely brought her hand around to her back and dropped me into her hood of her grey sweatshirt. I found myself peering out at the world through her golden blonde locks of hair.

“We better go see how Tammy is”

“You better get your apologies ready mister”

“I have nothing to be sorry about and my last name isn’t Runsfold”

“I don’t know if I like your lip”

“Well I don’t like you, just put me down”

“Excuse me, we just saved your life, I think a little greatfulness would be in honor.”

I sat down in Abby’s hood knowing I had no real choice. I could see glimpses of pictures in the hall way and I felt her body lurch as her dog jumped upon her. I was relieved when she pushed it away and kept walking.

“Tammy, hey someone wants to talk to you” Abby reaches back for me and drops me on the sofa next Tammy.

“Stacie, we have something to show you lets go”

“Oh what is it?”

“Its our room come on”

“I will look at it later”

“I think you want to see It now…I got a new sweater”

“I know Kacie, I was with you when you bought it.”

“Oh right, umm well I got a cd too”

“Yeah I gave it to you”

“God damn it get your ass up stairs.”

“Gee you don’t have to be so mean about it”

The 4 girls walked off leaving me downstairs with Tammy. I walked to the far end of the Sofa and sat down not paying her one bit of attention. I could feel Tammy’s eyes looking at me. We both sat there for always. I decided to get up and just walk back to the Kacie’s room and tell her to put me back in my cage so I can atleast get some sleep. I leapt down off the sofa landing on my feet however I didn’t expect it to hurt that much. I cried out in pain and grabbed my knee.

“Oh no, are you okay little man”

I felt the floor rumble and shake as Tammy took a couple steps and hovered over me. Her dark black hair hung down surrounding me as I looked up at her face. I had never really talked to a lot of Asian girls so I was a bit put off by seeing one so close and so huge.

“You look to be in a lot of pain, can you move it”

I felt her tan hands surround me and I was lifted up off floor as she sat back down the sofa. Her eyes befell me and focused on my knee. She gently stroked me as I tried to hold back tears of pain. I grabbed one of the folds in her flannel pajama pants and pulled it over me.

“This must be so horrible for you. I heard you before talking about wanting to go home. Why would you want to go home? Kacie will take good care of you. Anna and Abby might get a little tired of you but I know Kacie will take care of you forever. You have it good here. Aww, how cute you are sleepin already, all cuddled up in my flannel pj’s.”

I awoke sometime later in my cage. It was dark mostly but a bit of morning sunlight was shining through Kacie’s closed blinds. I was tucked into her sock using it like a sleeping bag with the other sock was still balled up and I was using that as a pillow. My knee still hurt but it felt better then it did last night. I started thinking about how nice Tammy was and I began to develop a plan. I figured that if I started playing off of her niceness I might be able to get her to send me back home. I smiled at my brilliance and leapt out of bed and started getting ready for the day that I knew would be quite eventful.

I didn’t have much of a choice but to sit and wait to be let out. The girls were probably up late so who knows when I will get let out. I walked over to a corner and plopped down resting up against the glass wall of the cage. One hour turned into two which turned into four then five. I was starting to go insane and then I heard some stirring and saw Stacie walk into the room. She made a bee line for the cage. She easily pulled the lid off. I knew it was pointless so I didn’t even run plus I needed to be let out to put my plan into action.

“Hey put me down” I yelled feigning resistance so as to not draw attention to myself. Stacie gave me a kiss and set me down on Kacie’s dresser.

“You are so cute, I love holding you. I wish I didn’t have to set you down but I got to pee. You wait here”

I sat down on the corner of Kacie’s dresser and watched Stacie walk out of the room. The second she turned her back I slid down the side of Kacie’s dresser and ran across the floor. I took a lot longer then I thought it would. It took me a good 10 minutes to make it to the door. I was glad girls always took awhile in the bathroom. As I looked down the hall the coast seemed to be clear and I remembered that Abby’s room was next door and Tammy was probably in there. I dashed as fast as my legs could carry me. I heard the bathroom door open up as I ran into the Abby’s room. It had to be fate willing me to do this because her door was open just enough for me to make it through. As I ran in however I saw her cat sleeping on the foot of her bed and Tammy and Abby still asleep. I could see Tammy’s coat in the corner. I looked back and made a dash to her coat. I dove into her pocket and took deep breaths. I smiled as I couldn’t believe I made it without the cat seeing me or any of the girls spotting me.

Time dragged on as I waited and waited. I finally heard the magic words of Abby I have to go from Tammy. I was upended as she put the jacket on. Abby sleepily said goodbye as Tammy scurried out of the house unknowingly carrying me.

I heard Tammy shut the car off and jiggle with some keys. She ran to the door and had fiddled around with some keys again. She had to unlock two doors and then ran up series of stairs and unlocked another door. I guessed that it must have been an apartment her and her family lived in.

“Hey Meghan, what up”


The two chit chatted for awhile and I heard another female voice, an older sounding one say something in Japanese. Meghan, who I assume is Tammy’s sister replies in Japanese followed by Tammy. I can’t help but think how odd this is but then tammy stands up and walks a short distance and shuts her door. She tosses me and her jacket onto something and puts on some J-pop. I wait a few moments and crawl out onto her bed.
Her room looks to be that of any other normal teenage girl only the posters all of Japanese icons. Tammy sits at her desk writing and I decide to kick phase 2 of my operations into action which means I need to hide somewhere as I can’t have Tammy seeing me right away or else she will just bring me right back to the runsfolds house. I need to hide out here for a few days so everyone thinks im missing or ran away then make my connection with Tammy and try to make her send me home. I take a deep breath and start walking deeper into her closet looking for a place to hide.

Josh saw a pair of pink sketchers and he immediately hides in one of them, He could hear the young giantess moving around her room, singing. Josh decided to just nap in one of the tennis shoes he climbs down near the toe and curls up and tries to take a nap. Tammy sat at her desk and worked on her Algebra homework. There was a knock on the door, and Meghan, her 16 year old sister came in.



“What are you doing?”

“My home work. You?”

“I’m annoying you.”

“What do you want Meghan?”

“Umm, can I borrow your Sketchers? My Friend Heather Deniro is here to practice our cheer moves.”

“No way. I just got those you’ll ruin them.”

“Aww come on.’


“MOM! I know who broke the lamp last wee-“

“Ok they’re in the closet you brat.”

“Thanks Tam.”

Josh was sleeping peacefully in the closet when the door opened. He had no time to peek out as the sneaker was lifted in the air, and him right with it. He remained silent as Tammy held the sneaker at the heel by her thumb and forefinger. Josh was so light she didn’t even notice his weight.

He was carried out the door and down the hall to another room; this one was playing some Britney Spears pop music at a loud volume. Tammy set the shoes down on her bed.

“Those are cool. Can I try them on?”

“Sure Heather. They’re my sisters.’”

Josh felt the sneakers grabbed again, he was about to fly out of the shoe exposing himself to one of his original captors but the sneaker was suddenly set down again.

“Hey I got an idea, let’s go over to my house we got more room to move around and do our routines.”


“Bring the sneakers with you. My sister would like ‘em.”

Josh was upended as Meghan placed the sneakers in her gym bag. Josh’s world became dark as he was carried off. Once again he was transported by car. He could hear the girls talking as Meghan drove over to the Deniro residence. Then the gym bag started swinging to and fro as he was carried inside. He decided to get out of the sneaker before they discovered him. He hid under a towel just as the gym bag was set down and opened up. He saw the giant arm lower and pluck the shoes from the bag.

“These are really cute. HEY ROBYN come in here and check these shoes out.”

“I’m taking a nap.”

“Fine be that way.’

Josh saw his chance. She had left the bag opened. The sound of music and cheering told him the girls were practicing their cheers. He crawled out of the bag and immediately saw he was in the hallway outside of the girls’ bedroom. There was boom box on the floor and Heather and Meghan were going through there routines. Josh had intended to hide under the bed in the girls’ bedroom but the door was closed as Robyn napped so he was forced to take refuge behind the boom box as they girls practiced. It went on and on for an hour as Josh watched their firm bodies stretch and jiggle. Meghan in particular seemed to have legs that went on forever and moved with a flexibility that was very sexy. From Josh’s perspective they seemed like two luscious goddesses. He cowered behind the boom box, afraid to be out in the open.


“Sorry daddy.”

“It’s ok pumpkin, just keep it down for daddy.”

“Well maybe I should go. Its almost dinner time anyway.”

“Ok Meghan. I’ll walk you out.”

Heather hit the stop button on the boom box without even noticing Josh hiding behind it. Then both girls turned. Meghan picked up her shoes and her bag and they walked downstairs. He could hear the front door slam shut and Heather's giant footfalls as she walked back upstairs. Josh thought this was his chance so he dashed our from behind the boom box and ran down the hall,

Unfortunately, the doors were all closed, so he made the unwise choice to run back the other way. He had reached the boom box again when the huge shadow fell over him.

“OMG Look at you! You came back to us! Robyn Robyn come quick!”

He stood there motionless, trapped against the hallway wall as she stared down at him triumphantly.

“I think you have some explaining to do little man. Where have you been we were worried sick.”
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I head decided to play things cool I just kept my mouth shut and stood there. I no longer cared what heather or her sister wanted because they had nothing to do with my ideals or my plan. Heather picked me up and cuddled me against her shirt and cooed that she was happy to see me. I felt sick by her antics that I had grown to despise. The novelty of having these girls want me has long since wore off especially since none of them really care.
A few moments later Robyn walked groggily out of her room happy as ever to see that I too had come back. I played along with her that I was happy to see her to and I felt relived to be back here. I couldn’t believe they bought that load of shit.

“girls come down for dinner”

“Alright dad just a second”

Heather carried me into her room and set me down. As she and her sister walked off I could tell they were quite reluctant to leave me but they had no real choice. I waited about five minutes so I could be sure that they were in the kitchen and I headed back into the hallway. This time I knew that I would have at least 25 or 30 minutes to get the hell out of this house however as I walked down the hallway I knew that wouldn’t be enough. So I decided to do something completely illogical. I ran into there parents room. I couldn’t believe how brilliant this was. Who would ever think I would run into the parents bedroom. I then saw my magic ark. Their mom’s purpose, it was a rather large tote bag style purse. I crawled into the bottom of the purse and found a comfortable corner and waited.

I thought I would be waiting till morning but shortly after dinner I felt myself up righted and carried down stairs and right out the door. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. On the downside I was once again in another car.

The trip was short since it was a small town there wasn’t many places to go. As Heather and Robyn’s mom got out of the car I made my way to the top of her tote bag. I was about to jump out when a hand swooped down and caught me.

“Hey what the hell gives”

“What the devil are you?”

“hey just set me down and walk away”

The moms eyes looked intently at me like I was the idiot box and she ran back into the car. She looked around quickly scanning to see if anyone had seen her. She clutched me tighter and tighter as she looked then smiled like she had just robbed a bank and got away with it.

“Look at you…amazing”

She started the car and hit the gas peeling out of the lot. I heard her curse and then slow down a bit. She was breathing heavily and then in one motion she put me in her cup holder and swung the hand she was holding me with onto the wheel. As she drove I was forced to hold onto the rim of the cup holder as she drove just to keep flying off to probably my death. I wasn’t sure where we were going and didn’t know if I would even like it.

The lights of the city began to fade and disappear to the darkness of the country. We turned onto an old road and she stopped the car.

“You are so cute, just look at you”

She grabbed me with her right hand and got out of the car. I saw her looking around and then she dashed into the cornfield and sat down. Robyn’s mom pulled off her blouse top revealing a very ample set hooters, she began to rub me across her nipple back and forth, back and forth. Then she pressed my face against her nipple and I started swirling my tongue around it. I couldn’t help it I just began to suck and bite her nipples as she rubbed my dick into her tit flesh, before I knew it was hard as a rock with my prick sticking well into her breasts. I could hear Heather’s mom moan in pleasure and delight as she laid back and began to finger herself as she rubbed me into her tits.

“Oh god little man, OH GOD”


I didn’t even know her name and I didn’t care, as she rubbed me all over her tits once again I could tell she was getting as aroused as I was she placed the bottom half of my body in her mouth and began sucking my dick and legs like a lollipop. She knew just were to stick her tongue and just how to hit my dick. It was like she had down this before, I came seven or eight times in Robyn’s moms mouth. She then pulled me out and began lowering me to her already wet clit. She smiled at me and then blew me a kiss then rammed me inside her and pulled me out then rammed me back inside her again and again she came but it didn’t matter she kept ramming inside her again and again my dick cried for stop as I had now came so much my dick hurt, She came about four or five more time and I was now dry heaving as her muscles were now pulling me in and out, in and out and heather’s mom was using her hands to massage her tits. I felt like a lollipop for her clit as she came again for the umpteen time. It was then both heard some footsteps.

“mam, mam you alright, This is Officer Dave here”

“Shit” she whispered and stood allowing me to drop to the ground. She quickly pulled her panties and skirt up followed by blouse. I fell in a literal pool of her cum as I sank in the mixture of Cum and mud.

“Officer dave, officer dave where are you?”

I heard her call out and walk around a bit till she finally found him. Their voices were quiet and I was having trouble hearing them. She told Officer Dave some bogus story about how she had to piss and wanted some privacy so she went into the cornfield and got lost.

“Well I will escort you out mam”

“Oh thanks but im sure I can find my own way out”

“don’t be silly, lets go”

They both walked away and I was left in the pool of muddy cum. Some minutes later I heard footsteps again. It was heather and robyns mom calling out to me but it was distant and I knew she had no clue where to go. I heard her yell goodbye and good luck and then just left. I was still breathing raggedly and my dick throbbing and beating faster then my heart rate. I didn’t know what to do or where to go, or where I was. I was lost in a cornfield some 20 minutes outside town and I didn’t even know if the farm house was around here or which direction it was. I just laid in there in the pool of cum wondering what to do but knowing I had just had the best sex of my life.

Josh looked around for his jogging suit. Luckily it had been tossed on a pile of dried leaves, so it was reasonably dry and clean. He saw a small discarded cup that had filled up with rainwater, and he used it to clean himself off. He shivered as he was forced to dry in the night air since he had no towel.

He started walking where he thought was the general direction of the old road the woman had pulled off on. He reached it a good hour later, then started up to too the main four lane road they had come down. When he was reasonably dry he put his jogging suit back on.

As he started up the old road he had an idea. He ran to the side of the road and started gathering up dried vines that had fallen off the trees. Soon he was tying them together in a makeshift rope. He wound it around his shoulder and tied an open slipknot at one end and the other around his waist.

As he neared the four lane road he could hear and see the headlights of oncoming traffic in both directions. The trouble was he couldn't be sure which direction he came from. Oh, well he had only a fifty-fifty chance of being wrong and besides it wasn't like he was anxious to get back to those girls. They didn't seem that willing to help him.

Josh stood at the side of the highway as a car approached. He took the rope and swung it over his head like a lasso. He couldn’t help but be reminded of Woody from Toy Story as he threw it at the passing car hoping to catch the bumper.

"Dammit I Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiised...."

He missed the passing car by inches, unfortunately the rope was still in the air as the Greyhound Bus roared past. The rope caught the edge of the rear fender and Josh was rudely yanked aloft with a nasty jerk. He screamed for help but nobody could hear him above the roar of the bus. He trailed the bus, hanging horizontal in the furious wind flow as the bus roared into the night. The makeshift rope actually held him in place as he began to move forward end over end. It took him ten death defying minutes but finally he grabbed the edger of the rear fender and held on for dear life. He watched the city lights recede in the distance as the bus zoomed in the opposite direction.

Hours and hours passed. The Greyhound headed westward through the pitch black of night, not stopping. Josh could see the 'Welcome to New York, the Empire State' sign. They weren't in Mass. anymore. He closed his eyes and got some sleep balanced on the slim shelf of the fender. When he awoke it was still dark out but he could tell the terrain was different, hillier. He saw another sign that read "Welcome to Pennsylvania, The Keystone State'. It seemed to Josh that they were on Pennsylvania for hours. By the time they crossed into Ohio it was dawn. The bus stopped at a highway rest area to refuel but Josh didn't dare get off in the thirty minutes before starting up again.

Ohio flew by, and so did Indiana, Illinois, and half of Missouri. They were in the middle of the upper part of the state when the bus finally turned off the Interstate. Josh read the exit sign curiously; 'Robinsdale, Missouri, 3 Miles' it read. The bus headed off the interstate ramp toward Robinsdale. About two miles from the interstate the bus pulled down an acces road. Josh wondered where they were going, then saw with horror the sign at the front gates; 'Robinsdale Boarding School for Girls'. Shit not more high school girls, and these without parental supervision he thought. The campus looked like a little college campus, with buildings and dorms clustered around a common green. The bus roared up to the entrance of what was obviously an administration building and stopped. The door opened and all of a sudden there were like several dozen high school age girls in plaid skirts and white blouses milling about. Accompanying them were several 70 year old women dressed in Nun's habits. Josh hunkered down, terrified of being seen.

"Ladies you may take your bags and deposit them in your dorm rooms. You have free time for the rest of the weekend until Sunday mass. Try not to get in trouble or we will have to tell Mother Superior."

"God I swear that was the worst tournament we ever played. If it weren't for the fact we brought girls from the school for our cheering section we would have been booed off the court. I can't believe we finished third Ali."

"Well it was your fault DJ, you double faulted on three straight serves."

"It wasn't really my fault, there was this unbelievably cute guy in the stands and he was making eyes at me."

"I swear that's all you think about since turning 16. Boys boys boys."

"You just wouldn't understand Ali, You're only 15."

"You can be so stuck up sometimes DJ."

"I try. I'm DJ, and I have a reputation to uphold."

"Well I am going back to our dorm room Ali; I want to watch 'Joe Millionaire'."

Josh heard every word of their conversation. He poked his head up to see what they looked like. Ali turned out to be a cute blond girl, very petite around five feet tall with long straight hair. DJ was an olive skinned girl, slender about 5' 6" with green eyes and flowing black hair. She looked like she could have been of Hispanic ancestry. To Josh she looked just like a younger version of Jessica Alba. She had a backpack slung around her shoulder, and as she turned her back to Josh he saw his chance to get off the bus. He jumped, hoping to grab one of the straps of he backpack and use it to lower himself to the ground. He misjudged his leap however and he fell right through the open flap of her backpack. He landed at the bottom, on top of her volleyball jersey.

DJ walked with her roommate Ali into their dorm. It was a three story building, and Josh was bounced violently as the girls bounced upstairs to their third floor room. They unknowingly carried him inside and locked the door behind them. Ali immediately stripped to her bra and panties as she made herself comfortable after the grueling bus ride. DJ plopped the backpack down on her bed and changed into an oversized T-Shirt herself. She grabbed the remote control and clicked on 'Joe Millionaire.'

"Dammit we missed it. Ahhh it was a rerun anyway."

"Yeah but that guy was so cuuute. I could use a guy right about now."

"There you go DJ, talking about boys again."

"Well I can't help it Ali. Boys are so cute."

"What did you do with your 'Seventeen'? Did you leave it on the bus? I wanted to read that article on Colin Farrell."

"No it’s in my backpack under my game shirt. Help yourself."

"I'm not touching your sweaty things DJ."

"Oh fine, I'll get it."

Josh's world of darkness was flooded with light as DJ flipped the flap down on her backpack. He looked up to see the Jessica Alba look-alike staring down at him in amazement.

"Ali come here quick, look at this."

"Hey that's not a magazine."

"No and I'm not Colin Farrell either can one of you too young ladies kindly get me out of here?"


"Nothing, he was just sitting in there!"
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“DJ, you kidnapped and somehow shrunk a cute boy.”

“I did not”

“Oh so the little man just magically appeared and thought I will crawl in your backpack with your stinky clothes”

“Well its possible”

“Tell me how, and tell me why you didn’t shrink me one”

“I didn’t do this”

“Uh huh, I am so believing this”

“Girls, girls I was wondering”

“Oh he can speak, I love how squeaky he sounds…and look at that cute little jogging suit he has on.”

“I love how adorable he looks. I mean just look at him, It’s unbelievable”

I couldn’t believe what was going on, I was staring up at a girl who looked like a young Rachel Leigh Cook. I found myself backing away from this monstrous girls however the Rachel Leigh Cook look alike started reaching towards me, I ducked hoping to somehow avoid being grabbed but her fingers latched onto me.

“He feels so warm DJ. Little man, my name is Ali and this here is my roommate and friend DJ. She is a little boy crazy right now so you better beware.”

“He is so adorable, let me hold him, he was in my bag”

I knew from my last situation that it was futile to try to escape so I thought that I may as well try to make the best of this situation. I started snuggling up against Ali’s warm hands trying get myself comfortable and warm.

“I think he likes me”

“Don’t be silly he likes my best don’t you little man. See he said he likes me best and he wants you to put him down so he can explore me fully”

“He didn’t even move his lips”

“He said he doesn’t like you holding him so tight, he can’t breathe, you are choking him let me hold him before you kill him.”

“Stop putting words in his mouth DJ”

“Well you have held him the whole five minutes I want to touch him”

“DJ stop being so grabby you are scaring him. Don’t worry tiny the big bad DJ won’t hurt you”

Ali brought me up to her face. I saw a all to familiar glimmer in her eyes. I was shoved up against Ali’s lips as she kissed me again and again. I was held away from her body for a moment before she shoved me against her breasts wrapping her arms around me.


“ALI, let me see him”

I felt DJ’s hands wrap around my legs and Ali’s grab my arms, both girls were tugging at me in both directions. I could feel my limbs starting to be pulled apart from my body.



“YOU ARE HOGGING HIM ITS BEEN 7 minutes and 23 seconds and I have yet to hold the little man”

“OH GIRLS!!! Its light out, you know the rules”

“YES MOTHER SUPERIOR” they shout in unison

“now give me the little man Ali”

“I am going to bed so I don’t get in trouble.”

Ali kissed me again and again as she walked over to her bed and slid under the covers smiling down at me. I looked over at DJ was glaring at both me and Ali however Ali merely turned her back to dj and set me down on her pink pillow

“So do you do any tricks? Oh I know what we can play”

DJ walked over to the light switch and snapped the light off. Josh was shrouded in darkness but he could feel the bed being displaced as Ali climbed on the big bed. She grabbed the little man and set him down on her chest. He couldn't really see much but he could hear her giggling in the darkness.

"Ali, leave him alone and go to sleep."

"But he feels so cute the way I got him in my bed. Come here tiny little man, awwww...."

"Stop this, mmmmmmpffffff..."

"Ali stop that you are suffocating him!"

"I am not DJ he ran for my breasts and got caught between them somehow."

"Uh-huh. I doubt if a gnat could get caught in your cleaveage so you must have trapped him in there. Let me hold him already. He was in MY backback."

"DJ you might hurt him you're so much bigger than he is. He is safer with me, right little man?"

Ali had Josh clenched in her fist. In the darkness the softness of her lips made their presence felt over and over again as she started giggling and kissing him again as she rolled over on her side, facing DJ's side of the room.

"Stop this nonesense, put me down!"

"Dammit Ali you're keeping me awake."

Josh suddenly was jerked aloft out of Ali's hand. He kicked and panicked as he was hoisted in the darkeness.


"You had my little doll man long enough. He can spend the night in MY bed. Ooooo you are so cute and tiny and you're so light! I bet you don't weigh more than a few ounces. I'm DJ, your new owner. I'm 16, a B student, and I'm captain of the Volleyball team. I am so lucky to have you I just can't get over this. You feel so small in my hand. Come over to the bed with me..."

"Let me go! I can't see! Help!"

"Now stop that, I told you before you're mine little thing. Get used to it. Ali is my roomate and she can share you too, I guess."

"Hey thanks a lot DJ I found him too. We should share him."

"Listen ladies nobody is sharing me. I'm not some little possesion to be shared understand. I am a full grown man so PUT ME DOWN DAMMIT! DJ ARE YOU LISTENING PUT ME DOWN AND LET ME GO!"

"OK little man." (Giggles)

Josh felt himself set down on a soft surface that was not stationary, but rose and fell at a steady rythim. He ran his hands over the soft surface. He tried to get up but her soft fingers were there, imprisoning him, holding him in place.

"Ali this is so cool I can't believe I put him on my stomach. I can barely feel him. I love this."

"Yeah but I am missing out on the fun now."

"Oh, fine then, come on..."

There was a girlish squeal, then Josh was bounced up and down on DJ's stomach as the bed was displaced.

"I thought you'd never ask DJ. Let's have some real fun with our new little toy...together."

"Careful don't jump on my you'll crush the little thing. Hold him still against my tummy while I get his jogging suit off."

"Cool DJ. Ok little man, are you ready?"

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I felt Ali climb onto DJ’s stomach behind me, her fingers wrapped around my legs and yanked off my jogging suit with ease. I tried to reach for my suit to pull it back up but it was no where to be found, however it could have been 3 feet from me and I would never know.

“Hey give those back, I will catch cold”

“You know body heat is the best way to stay warm”

“you girls are minors I could be in a lot of trouble for this”

“You could, I think your punishment should be LIFE WITH DJ..oh that’s me. I accept the terms of this punishment”

“Hey I don’t agree to this. I refuse to spend the rest of my life with you”

“OH don’t worry little man, I have a nice home in New Jersey GO JETS, J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, its nice 3 story house my daddy just built it with his Christmas bonus.”

“Stop this, I am not spending my life with you”

“I suppose I could go to the police. I mean Ali and I found this little man in our room spying on us while were changing and such. He must have shrunk himself somehow to get off and watching us and seeing us naked.”

“That’s not true and you know it”

“My daddy is a big and powerful man in the new york, new jersey area and since that is one of the world hubs of activity that makes him a powerful man around the world. I am practically a princess and you were spying on me. I think I better just go and have a talk now with daddy and mother superior”

“Hold hold it you win, I don’t want any trouble”

“SO its settled you spend the rest of your life with me, no escaping cause if you do I will say you raped me”

“your so mean DJ, he is just a cute little defenseless little man who needs our love and care to survive in our world. He is probably from another planet and is frightened.”

“That’s why I am his master cause I know what is best for him.”

I could feel Ali shift and move around on the bed so she was lying next to DJ. I knew that DJ had me in a sore spot because I didn’t want my life ruined by this 16 year old brat so I was forced to play along with her games. I found myself crawling between there gigantic bodies with the smell of perfume and sweat all around me. I knew that I had better play with DJ so I could keep her happy as I didn’t want to see her upset I was only left with how and what to do with her?
Josh was on DJ's bed between DJ and her roomate Ali. Dj grabbed a penlight and snapped it on and threw it on the bed. Both girls were naked and lying full length on the bed. It was still dark in the room but he could see a little bit once his eyes had adjusted to the flash light. He started running the length of the bed between them, heading toward the foot of the bed but he didn't get very far before Ali's fingers encircled him and lifted him up.

"Hey don't! Put me down...lemme go."

He flew backwards as she brought him back and set him down on the bed between their chests. They were lying on their sides facing him.

"What did DJ just tell you about trying to escape?"

Josh panicked at being between these two titanic nude teens. He got up and started running back down the bed. He got almost to their knees when this time it was DJ who snatched him easily. Once again he flew backward up the bed and was set down between them.

Josh jumped up again and this time it was Ali who grabbed him and pulled him back. He ran and was grabbed by DJ. The girls giggled in the semi darkness as they took turns grabbing him and dominating him with one hand.

"Oh little man, you are incorrigable."

"Yeah this is so much fun. I love playing with him don't you DJ?"

"Yes but he did disobey me."

"I did not miss, I was just stretching my legs when HEY...NO...what are you doing...aaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Josh screamed as DJ squeezed him tightly and then set him on the bed. He looked up to see Ali laughing at him as DJ raised herself off the bed and rolled over on her stomach. She lowered herself so the little man was trapped underneath her tummy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmpfff! Mpppppppppppffft!"


"DJ! You can't! They'll take away our little man and put him in jail and then we won't be able to play with him."

"True, I forgot about that. Ok little man I won't tell daddy you raped me just yet, but I still can't let you go."


"He's talking back to you Ali!"

"Well he better not be."

"He just called you a lard assed hippo."

"WHAT! There isn't an ounce of lard on this body and you know it!"


"The little man says all the lard is in your head."

"That does it. Let me at him DJ."

DJ picked herself up off the bed so Ali could snake her hand underneath. She grabbed Josh roughly and pulled him out from under her roomie.

"You are in big trouble little doll."

"I didn't say anything put me down dammit!"

Jennifer swung him against her breasts, then fell back on the bed laughing profusely as he struggled between her breasts. She pulled the covers over her, watching the little lump in the covers move and jiggle as he tried to free himself.

"You are just so cute. I want him here with us forever DJ!"

"Oh he is going to be here longer than forever, right little man?"

"My name is Josh dammit. Tell your friend to let me up off her chest this is humiliating. Please let me out of here."

"Ooooo. Josh huh? That's a cute name for a cute doll."

DJ just laughed at him as she reached under the covers and brought the man out from Ali's chest. She transferred him to her own supple chest and Josh felt the covers pulled over his world, blotting all light out. DJ's perfume and soft skin dominated his senses as he lie there motionless for a second before struggling again.

"No don't stop my pet, it feels good to feel you thrash around under the covers."

DJ snapped off the penlight and clutched Josh to her chest tightly. Her arms came up to trap the little man in place.

"Good night Ali."

"Good night DJ."


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