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The continued adventrures of Josh, the shrunken dude from Hawaii 5.0(in)
[Introduction] The continued adventrures of Josh, the shrunken dude from Hawaii 5.0(in). Follow along as he ends up stranded at a Girls Boarding School in Missouri.
[littletoy] Josh looked around for his jogging suit. Luckily it had been tossed on a pile of dried leaves, so it was reasonably dry and clean. He saw a small discarded cup that had filled up with rainwater, and he used it to clean himself off. He shivered as he was forced to dry in the night air since he had no towel.

He started walking where he thought was the general direction of the old road the woman had pulled off on. He reached it a good hour later, then started up to too the main four lane road they had come down. When he was reasonably dry he put his jogging suit back on.

As he started up the old road he had an idea. He ran to the side of the road and started gathering up dried vines that had fallen off the trees. Soon he was tying them together in a makeshift rope. He wound it around his shoulder and tied an open slipknot at one end and the other around his waist.

As he neared the four lane road he could hear and see the headlights of oncoming traffic in both directions. The trouble was he couldn't be sure which direction he came from. Oh, well he had only a fifty-fifty chance of being wrong and besides it wasn't like he was anxious to get back to those girls. They didn't seem that willing to help him.

Josh stood at the side of the highway as a car approached. He took the rope and swung it over his head like a lasso. He couldn’t help but be reminded of Woody from Toy Story as he threw it at the passing car hoping to catch the bumper.

"Dammit I Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiised...."

He missed the passing car by inches, unfortunately the rope was still in the air as the Greyhound Bus roared past. The rope caught the edge of the rear fender and Josh was rudely yanked aloft with a nasty jerk. He screamed for help but nobody could hear him above the roar of the bus. He trailed the bus, hanging horizontal in the furious wind flow as the bus roared into the night. The makeshift rope actually held him in place as he began to move forward end over end. It took him ten death defying minutes but finally he grabbed the edger of the rear fender and held on for dear life. He watched the city lights recede in the distance as the bus zoomed in the opposite direction.

Hours and hours passed. The Greyhound headed westward through the pitch black of night, not stopping. Josh could see the 'Welcome to New York, the Empire State' sign. They weren't in Mass. anymore. He closed his eyes and got some sleep balanced on the slim shelf of the fender. When he awoke it was still dark out but he could tell the terrain was different, hillier. He saw another sign that read "Welcome to Pennsylvania, The Keystone State'. It seemed to Josh that they were on Pennsylvania for hours. By the time they crossed into Ohio it was dawn. The bus stopped at a highway rest area to refuel but Josh didn't dare get off in the thirty minutes before starting up again.

Ohio flew by, and so did Indiana, Illinois, and half of Missouri. They were in the middle of the upper part of the state when the bus finally turned off the Interstate. Josh read the exit sign curiously; 'Robinsdale, Missouri, 3 Miles' it read. The bus headed off the interstate ramp toward Robinsdale. About two miles from the interstate the bus pulled down an acces road. Josh wondered where they were going, then saw with horror the sign at the front gates; 'Robinsdale Boarding School for Girls'. Shit not more high school girls, and these without parental supervision he thought. The campus looked like a little college campus, with buildings and dorms clustered around a common green. The bus roared up to the entrance of what was obviously an administration building and stopped. The door opened and all of a sudden there were like several dozen high school age girls in plaid skirts and white blouses milling about. Accompanying them were several 70 year old women dressed in Nun's habits. Josh hunkered down, terrified of being seen.

"Ladies you may take your bags and deposit them in your dorm rooms. You have free time for the rest of the weekend until Sunday mass. Try not to get in trouble or we will have to tell Mother Superior."

"God I swear that was the worst tournament we ever played. If it weren't for the fact we brought girls from the school for our cheering section we would have been booed off the court. I can't believe we finished third Ali."

"Well it was your fault DJ, you double faulted on three straight serves."

"It wasn't really my fault, there was this unbelievably cute guy in the stands and he was making eyes at me."

"I swear that's all you think about since turning 16. Boys boys boys."

"You just wouldn't understand Ali, You're only 15."

"You can be so stuck up sometimes DJ."

"I try. I'm DJ, and I have a reputation to uphold."

"Well I am going back to our dorm room Ali; I want to watch 'Joe Millionaire'."

Josh heard every word of their conversation. He poked his head up to see what they looked like. Ali turned out to be a cute blond girl, very petite around five feet tall with long straight hair. DJ was an olive skinned girl, slender about 5' 6" with green eyes and flowing black hair. She looked like she could have been of Hispanic ancestry. To Josh she looked just like a younger version of Jessica Alba. She had a backpack slung around her shoulder, and as she turned her back to Josh he saw his chance to get off the bus. He jumped, hoping to grab one of the straps of he backpack and use it to lower himself to the ground. He misjudged his leap however and he fell right through the open flap of her backpack. He landed at the bottom, on top of her volleyball jersey.

DJ walked with her roommate Ali into their dorm. It was a three story building, and Josh was bounced violently as the girls bounced upstairs to their third floor room. They unknowingly carried him inside and locked the door behind them. Ali immediately stripped to her bra and panties as she made herself comfortable after the grueling bus ride. DJ plopped the backpack down on her bed and changed into an oversized T-Shirt herself. She grabbed the remote control and clicked on 'Joe Millionaire.'

"Dammit we missed it. Ahhh it was a rerun anyway."

"Yeah but that guy was so cuuute. I could use a guy right about now."

"There you go DJ, talking about boys again."

"Well I can't help it Ali. Boys are so cute."

"What did you do with your 'Seventeen'? Did you leave it on the bus? I wanted to read that article on Colin Farrell."

"No it’s in my backpack under my game shirt. Help yourself."

"I'm not touching your sweaty things DJ."

"Oh fine, I'll get it."

Josh's world of darkness was flooded with light as DJ flipped the flap down on her backpack. He looked up to see the Jessica Alba look-alike staring down at him in amazement.

"Ali come here quick, look at this."

"Hey that's not a magazine."

"No and I'm not Colin Farrell either can one of you too young ladies kindly get me out of here?"


"Nothing, he was just sitting in there!"

[AsukaFan2001] “DJ, you kidnapped and somehow shrunk a cute boy.”

“I did not”

“Oh so the little man just magically appeared and thought I will crawl in your backpack with your stinky clothes”

“Well its possible”

“Tell me how, and tell me why you didn’t shrink me one”

“I didn’t do this”

“Uh huh, I am so believing this”

“Girls, girls I was wondering”

“Oh he can speak, I love how squeaky he sounds…and look at that cute little jogging suit he has on.”

“I love how adorable he looks. I mean just look at him, It’s unbelievable”

I couldn’t believe what was going on, I was staring up at a girl who looked like a young Rachel Leigh Cook. I found myself backing away from this monstrous girls however the Rachel Leigh Cook look alike started reaching towards me, I ducked hoping to somehow avoid being grabbed but her fingers latched onto me.

“He feels so warm DJ. Little man, my name is Ali and this here is my roommate and friend DJ. She is a little boy crazy right now so you better beware.”

“He is so adorable, let me hold him, he was in my bag”

I knew from my last situation that it was futile to try to escape so I thought that I may as well try to make the best of this situation. I started snuggling up against Ali’s warm hands trying get myself comfortable and warm.

“I think he likes me”

“Don’t be silly he likes my best don’t you little man. See he said he likes me best and he wants you to put him down so he can explore me fully”

“He didn’t even move his lips”

“He said he doesn’t like you holding him so tight, he can’t breathe, you are choking him let me hold him before you kill him.”

“Stop putting words in his mouth DJ”

“Well you have held him the whole five minutes I want to touch him”

“DJ stop being so grabby you are scaring him. Don’t worry tiny the big bad DJ won’t hurt you”

Ali brought me up to her face. I saw a all to familiar glimmer in her eyes. I was shoved up against Ali’s lips as she kissed me again and again. I was held away from her body for a moment before she shoved me against her breasts wrapping her arms around me.


“ALI, let me see him”

I felt DJ’s hands wrap around my legs and Ali’s grab my arms, both girls were tugging at me in both directions. I could feel my limbs starting to be pulled apart from my body.



“YOU ARE HOGGING HIM ITS BEEN 7 minutes and 23 seconds and I have yet to hold the little man”

“OH GIRLS!!! Its light out, you know the rules”

“YES MOTHER SUPERIOR” they shout in unison

“now give me the little man Ali”

“I am going to bed so I don’t get in trouble.”

Ali kissed me again and again as she walked over to her bed and slid under the covers smiling down at me. I looked over at DJ was glaring at both me and Ali however Ali merely turned her back to dj and set me down on her pink pillow

“So do you do any tricks? Oh I know what we can play”

DJ walked over to the light switch and snapped the light off. Josh was shrouded in darkness but he could feel the bed being displaced as Ali climbed on the big bed. She grabbed the little man and set him down on her chest. He couldn't really see much but he could hear her giggling in the darkness.

"Ali, leave him alone and go to sleep."

"But he feels so cute the way I got him in my bed. Come here tiny little man, awwww...."

"Stop this, mmmmmmpffffff..."

"Ali stop that you are suffocating him!"

"I am not DJ he ran for my breasts and got caught between them somehow."

"Uh-huh. I doubt if a gnat could get caught in your cleaveage so you must have trapped him in there. Let me hold him already. He was in MY backback."

"DJ you might hurt him you're so much bigger than he is. He is safer with me, right little man?"

Ali had Josh clenched in her fist. In the darkness the softness of her lips made their presence felt over and over again as she started giggling and kissing him again as she rolled over on her side, facing DJ's side of the room.

"Stop this nonesense, put me down!"

"Dammit Ali you're keeping me awake."

Josh suddenly was jerked aloft out of Ali's hand. He kicked and panicked as he was hoisted in the darkeness.


"You had my little doll man long enough. He can spend the night in MY bed. Ooooo you are so cute and tiny and you're so light! I bet you don't weigh more than a few ounces. I'm DJ, your new owner. I'm 16, a B student, and I'm captain of the Volleyball team. I am so lucky to have you I just can't get over this. You feel so small in my hand. Come over to the bed with me..."

"Let me go! I can't see! Help!"

"Now stop that, I told you before you're mine little thing. Get used to it. Ali is my roomate and she can share you too, I guess."

"Hey thanks a lot DJ I found him too. We should share him."

"Listen ladies nobody is sharing me. I'm not some little possesion to be shared understand. I am a full grown man so PUT ME DOWN DAMMIT! DJ ARE YOU LISTENING PUT ME DOWN AND LET ME GO!"

"OK little man." (Giggles)

Josh felt himself set down on a soft surface that was not stationary, but rose and fell at a steady rythim. He ran his hands over the soft surface. He tried to get up but her soft fingers were there, imprisoning him, holding him in place.

"Ali this is so cool I can't believe I put him on my stomach. I can barely feel him. I love this."

"Yeah but I am missing out on the fun now."

"Oh, fine then, come on..."

There was a girlish squeal, then Josh was bounced up and down on DJ's stomach as the bed was displaced.

"I thought you'd never ask DJ. Let's have some real fun with our new little toy...together."

"Careful don't jump on my you'll crush the little thing. Hold him still against my tummy while I get his jogging suit off."

"Cool DJ. Ok little man, are you ready?"

[AsukaFan2001] I felt Ali climb onto DJ’s stomach behind me, her fingers wrapped around my legs and yanked off my jogging suit with ease. I tried to reach for my suit to pull it back up but it was no where to be found, however it could have been 3 feet from me and I would never know.

“Hey give those back, I will catch cold”

“You know body heat is the best way to stay warm”

“you girls are minors I could be in a lot of trouble for this”

“You could, I think your punishment should be LIFE WITH DJ..oh that’s me. I accept the terms of this punishment”

“Hey I don’t agree to this. I refuse to spend the rest of my life with you”

“OH don’t worry little man, I have a nice home in New Jersey GO JETS, J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, its nice 3 story house my daddy just built it with his Christmas bonus.”

“Stop this, I am not spending my life with you”

“I suppose I could go to the police. I mean Ali and I found this little man in our room spying on us while were changing and such. He must have shrunk himself somehow to get off and watching us and seeing us naked.”

“That’s not true and you know it”

“My daddy is a big and powerful man in the new york, new jersey area and since that is one of the world hubs of activity that makes him a powerful man around the world. I am practically a princess and you were spying on me. I think I better just go and have a talk now with daddy and mother superior”

“Hold hold it you win, I don’t want any trouble”

“SO its settled you spend the rest of your life with me, no escaping cause if you do I will say you raped me”

“You're so mean DJ, he is just a cute little defenseless little man who needs our love and care to survive in our world. He is probably from another planet and is frightened.”

“That’s why I am his master cause I know what is best for him.”

I could feel Ali shift and move around on the bed so she was lying next to DJ. I knew that DJ had me in a sore spot because I didn’t want my life ruined by this 16 year old brat so I was forced to play along with her games. I found myself crawling between there gigantic bodies with the smell of perfume and sweat all around me. I knew that I had better play with DJ so I could keep her happy as I didn’t want to see her upset I was only left with how and what to do with her?

Josh was on DJ's bed between DJ and her roomate Ali. Dj grabbed a penlight and snapped it on and threw it on the bed. Both girls were naked and lying full length on the bed. It was still dark in the room but he could see a little bit once his eyes had adjusted to the flash light. He started running the length of the bed between them, heading toward the foot of the bed but he didn't get very far before Ali's fingers encircled him and lifted him up.

"Hey don't! Put me down...lemme go."

He flew backwards as she brought him back and set him down on the bed between their chests. They were lying on their sides facing him.

"What did DJ just tell you about trying to escape?"

Josh panicked at being between these two titanic nude teens. He got up and started running back down the bed. He got almost to their knees when this time it was DJ who snatched him easily. Once again he flew backward up the bed and was set down between them.

Josh jumped up again and this time it was Ali who grabbed him and pulled him back. He ran and was grabbed by DJ. The girls giggled in the semi darkness as they took turns grabbing him and dominating him with one hand.

"Oh little man, you are incorrigable."

"Yeah this is so much fun. I love playing with him don't you DJ?"

"Yes but he did disobey me."

"I did not miss, I was just stretching my legs when HEY...NO...what are you doing...aaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Josh screamed as DJ squeezed him tightly and then set him on the bed. He looked up to see Ali laughing at him as DJ raised herself off the bed and rolled over on her stomach. She lowered herself so the little man was trapped underneath her tummy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmpfff! Mpppppppppppffft!"


"DJ! You can't! They'll take away our little man and put him in jail and then we won't be able to play with him."

"True, I forgot about that. Ok little man I won't tell daddy you raped me just yet, but I still can't let you go."


"He's talking back to you Ali!"

"Well he better not be."

"He just called you a lard assed hippo."

"WHAT! There isn't an ounce of lard on this body and you know it!"


"The little man says all the lard is in your head."

"That does it. Let me at him DJ."

DJ picked herself up off the bed so Ali could snake her hand underneath. She grabbed Josh roughly and pulled him out from under her roomie.

"You are in big trouble little doll."

"I didn't say anything put me down dammit!"

Ali swung him against her breasts, then fell back on the bed laughing profusely as he struggled between her breasts. She pulled the covers over her, watching the little lump in the covers move and jiggle as he tried to free himself.

"You are just so cute. I want him here with us forever DJ!"

"Oh he is going to be here longer than forever, right little man?"

"My name is Josh dammit. Tell your friend to let me up off her chest this is humiliating. Please let me out of here."

"Ooooo. Josh huh? That's a cute name for a cute doll."

DJ just laughed at him as she reached under the covers and brought the man out from Ali's chest. She transferred him to her own supple chest and Josh felt the covers pulled over his world, blotting all light out. DJ's perfume and soft skin dominated his senses as he lie there motionless for a second before struggling again.

"No don't stop my pet, it feels good to feel you thrash around under the covers."

DJ snapped off the penlight and clutched Josh to her chest tightly. Her arms came up to trap the little man in place.

"Good night Ali."

"Good night DJ."


A Non-Existent User
I awoke lying on a massive plane of field. My body was still sore from when Ali rolled over onto the top of me. As she did this I realized my body was no longer indestructible. My next thought was where were the girls? In my experience these giants don’t leave you alone that much.
Not looking a gift horse in the mouth I started walking towards the edge of the bed. As I walked across the bed I found myself sinking into the bed with my every step. The bed smelled of DJ. I already recognized her scent. It was a unmistakable smell. It wasn’t a bad smell just easily recognizable. I looked off the edge of the bed and I might as well have been looking down from the peaks of Mount Everest.
The door swung open and in walked Ali with a smug grin on her face. She walked right over to me and scooped me up.

“Lemme go, LEMME GO ALI!!”

Ali held me up to her face grinning bigger then ever now. I was shoved against her lips. My head was rammed again and again against her lips. Her lipstick smearing on my face, finally she pulled me away.

“You are so cute, you are gonna love your present tonight. I am having daddy send it up same day delievery.”

“Ali please just let me go. I have a family and a girlfriend to get back too. They are probably worried sick about me.”

“Are they tiny like you? We could mail them here.”

“No they are bigger then you. I wasn’t always this small you know”

“Oh, I thought there was a whole race of little people like you where I could be queen and you could all worship me and tell me how much you love me. I could just see hundreds of little people like you carrying me my shoes everyday and make up.”

I shutter at the thought of being used as slave labor by this giant teen girl gave me a fright however it was more frightening seeing DJ walk into the room completely naked. It was not the fact that she did it but the fact she didn’t care she didn’t. I had already become something normal to these girls.

“AHHHH what the fuck are you doing”

“What?” They both say in unison

“What? Do you mean what? You have DJ walking in naked, you are talking about enslaving me, and now you’re playing Dr. Dre. This is just wrong!”

“But I always walk around naked and Ali always talks about wanting to rule the world and we just like dr. dre.”
“Not as much as Josh Hartnett though”

“MMMMMMMM Josh Hartnett, he would be dreamy as a tiny little man like you”

“Let me hold him for awhile Ali”


“Ali don’t you dare give me to her. I don’t want to be anywhere near her naked body. It’s a crime, I don’t want to go to jail”

In an instant I was shoved against DJ’s nude skin, her young breasts jutting out above me, her chest rising and falling, I was rubbed up and down across her soft sensual skin, her intoxicating scent being rubbed all over me like lotion.

“Well little man, I hope you are up for a new level of fun.”

I could only sigh knowing that it was only 10am and I still had a entire Saturday ahead of me.

DJ delighted at her new pets resistance as he struggled to free himself from her iron grip. Josh beat against her with his free arms until she opened up he clenched fist long enough to trap his arms at his sides. That done, she closed her fingers around him again and continued rubbing him over and around her torso. She loved the feel of his skin against her own. She bumped him playfully agaist the underside of her left breast and he complained at how he was being handled. Ali looked on from her bed in amusement.

"Help! Ali make her put me down!"

"C'mon little guy, isn't my skin soft?"

"DJ, don't be too rough, you could grind him into paste against your body."

"I am not hurting him Ali, just butt out."

"Well he is my little man too."

"But he was in MY backpack."

"So? He is staying in OUR room, so he's mine too."

"Hey girls cut it out. I'm not anyones. I'm a free man."

DJ was looking down at the little man as she squeezed him between her breasts. His tiny neck craned upward as he bargained for his freedom from these towering high schoolers.

"Ok little man, if you are so free then just climb down and leave."

"But I can't DJ! You're holding me too tight."

"See, you're too puny and weak to be on your own, that's why you need Ali and me to take care of you. You're so cute and tiny, you won't be much trouble at all as long as you're a good little man and do everything me and Ali say, right Ali."

"Yeah. And you better be nice to our friends too."


"Shit DJ hide him! What should we do?"

"Where do you want me to hide him? I'm standing naked in..."

"OHMYGOD DJ do not even think about it! Lemme go!"


The door opened up and two more girls barged in. DJ motioned them to close the door, then thrust the little man out arms length, in front of two more curious faces...

A Non-Existent User
“Damn girl get some clothes on”

“hey this is our room I can stride around naked if I want too”

“Well anyway put the doll away and lets go, We want to see the new X-men movie”

“But he isn’t”

“Well tell us later, you promised DJ”

“Well I think I am gonna hang out here girls”

”Aww come on Ali” Shouts Hillary

“hey if I am going your going” yells DJ

“I am not, I have things to do around here”

I watch as Ali plucks me from DJ’s hands and tosses some clothes at her. Ali cuddles me into her breasts as DJ gets dressed angrily. As Hillary pulls DJ out the door I can see her glaring angrily at Ali and I.

“Ali do you think this was a good idea”

“Sure it is..now your all mine for the day”

“I am not yours god damn it”

“Hmmm I got a phone call from my Cousin Kacie, I wonder what she wants”

I can only look on as Ali picks up the phone and begins to dial.

“Hey girl what up…yeah, no way….no way…get out of here…no way…no way…Bobby? Hehehe….no way….nichole did not….”

“HeyAli,canIborrowyourtoothpasssss…….”Whatthehellisthat…it’sadollbutit’saliveI meanOMIGODhowcansomethinglikethatexist” Says Rachel as she pushes the door open

“How can you talk that fast..did you breathe?”


“I was grabbed from Ali’s grip as this new girl sits down on DJ’s bed”


Josh was held securely by this new girl as she examined him on DJ's bed. Josh tried to get away but as usual it was hopeless.

"Ooooolookathislittleworkoutsuitisn'tthatcute! WherecanIgetoneofyouhmmmmIjustgottagetmeoneofthese!""

"Put me down dammit I am not some toy to be passed around!"


"Hey, I didn't say you could show him to Kristen. Let him go."

"Justforafewminutes. Thisissototallycoolsheis goingtogetahugekickoutofthislittle guy. Youareso tinyandadorablelittleman.Ican'tbelieveIgotyoucomeonAlijustforafewminutesI'llbringhimrightbackIpromise."

Rachael held up the little man to her lips and brings him close for a kiss. She smiled at his struggling form, then held him up against her cheek. She cuddled him to her, slipping him down her smooth cheek and neck until he was pinned to her chest.


"HEY bring my little man back her this instant!"

Rachel stood up quickly and started walking out of the room at a brisk pace. Ali starts after her friend but the cell phone rings again.

"Shit its Kacie calling to tell me about Bobby. I gotta get this Rachel."


Josh is pressed close against Rachael as she holds him protectively by the door.

"Hi again...what did he say?...He DID?...When? Cool...Maybe next Friday at the dance...I know...yeah...yeah...that was so totally awesome...hold on a minute...Rachael you better bring him back...If anything bad happens to him you're dead....aorry my friend Rachael came in to borrow something go on with the story..."

Rachel wheels and turns with a speed that makes Josh dizzy. The girl walks out the door and starts walking briskly. Josh is buffeted by the shaking of her body with each step she takes as she carries him off. He looks out and can see they are heading down a long hallway. Gigantic youg females are passing them as she pass, he can smell their perfume as he moves through their air space. Rachael has him partially concealed with her hands so the girls dont really notice him as Rachel is walking so briskly.

Josh can tell that this girl does everything fast; Walking, talking, breathing eating and god knows what else.

"Here we are at my room little man. Kristen is inside."

"Awww can't you just let me down?"

"I promise to let you down once we are in my room, ok? Now hush."

Rachael opens the door and walks into her room. Josh can see a brunette girl lying in bed, her eyes closed. Her straight hair is draped behind her head on the pillow as she sleeps.

"KRISTENWAKEUP!" Rachael bellows while suddenly flinging Josh across the room. He screams as he sails right for the sleeping giantess. Josh falls into the bunched up sheets and blankets and is lost somewhere in the folds near her stomach. Kristen wakes up at Rachaels cry and sits up.

"AAHHHH! What's happening? What's happening? What did you throw at me?"

"Help! Get me out of here! Mfffpppfttt!"

"CheckhimoutKristen. HeisAliandDJ'sisn'theneat?"

"What? What? Hey somethng is moving! Ewwww gross GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME!"


Josh meanwhile is hopelessly tangled in the sheets. He can feel the girl's warm abdomen under the sheets he is wrapped in as he flails around. Kristen finally has calmed down and is now starting at the tiny lump moving under the covers on top of her upper abdomen.

"Ali listen, it sounds like a faint person's voice under there! How is that possible?"

Kristen then gently reaches over and pinches the sheet between her thumb and foregfinger. She lifts up the sheet and tiny Josh tumbled out onto her stomach. He looks up at Kristen as he tries to get to his feet but the girl is too fast for him.

Kristen plucked the tiny man off her stomach without really thinking. Josh flew up toward her face and hung there as she examined him with sparkling eyes.

"Well hello there little one. And what do you think you're doing on my bed?"

"Please miss I've been kidnapped and I-"

"Ooooo caught by DJ and Ali were you? Well don't worry I'm sure they will take good care of you. You are so adorable. Rachael how did he get this way, I mean what is he? I mean, he's real right? But how could he be? I mean, oh well never mind I think he's cute. I'd kidnapp him too if I found him."


"Hey Rachael slow down. I can barely make out what you're saying."

"Sorry, I'm so excited by this. I said let's have a little fun before I take him back to Ali."

Josh was still dangling before Kristen's lips as she continued to kiss and fondle him as he hung suspended in front of her amazed and amused face. Her warm minty breath washed over him as she talked with Rachael about what they were planning to do with him.

"NO please you girls leave me alone. This is humiliating! Let me down. Just take me outside and set me on the ground ok?"

Kristen just gave him another kiss and laughed at him, He turned his head to see Rachael heading over to Kristen's bed, a mischievous smirk on her cute face...

A Non-Existent User

I kicked against Kirsten’s body but it was more like I was flinging myself against a wall.


“Rachel think air!”

“SorryIAmJustReallyReallyExcitedRightNowCauseWeGotABoyInOurRoom. ItIsNotEverydayThatThatHappensKristen”

I was dangled above Kristen’s face as she laid back in bed. I couldn’t I had once again gotten myself in this situation. It was then I saw gigantic ball shoved into my face.

“You can have a lick or two you if you want. It’s cherry”

A gigantic sucker was shoved against face. I tried push it away but Kristen’s strength was much to strong. I pushed and pushed but it was futile. I finally found myself licking her sucker until she pulled it away.

“wasn’t that good?”


It was then the door was pushed open. I heard Kristen and Rachel shout DJ.

“Little Man what do you think your doing out of the room. I can’t believe you took advantage of Rachel and Kristen.”

“What! They kidnapped me and”

“Zip it”


“Zip It, I don’t want to hear your excuses and to think I had daddy send you a present. I can’t believe you pushing yourself upon minors. I might have to call the authorities.”

I was shoved against DJ’s chest as she walked down the hall. I tried to turn my head so I could atleast breathe easier but It was no use she had me shoved against her breasts. As we approached a pay phone I nervously looked up at DJ as she set me on the ledge of the pay phone. I watched her start to cry and then grab the phone.

“Hello police, A Josh Watson raped me. It was horrible! I was walking back to my room after my friends dropped me off her at school. I decided to take the long way back and I was jumped from behind. I never really saw him, I wouldn’t have even gotten his name if his wallet wouldn’t have fell open. Once he saw that I saw it had fell he slammed face against the ground and told me not to move until he said so or else he would shoot me.”

“What! DJ what do you think your doing! You can’t do this”

“Yeah, okay thanks”

“DJ what did you do! Call them back and tell them it’s a joke or something.”

“I told you not to fuck with me little Joshie. You’re my little pet boy and I just wanted to make sure of it. You have no where to run too now. If you ever grow back you will be arrested. Now lets go back and see your surprise huh”

“what? You can’t just go back us being friends like this. Especially after what you just did.”

“Sure we can, you’re my little pet.”

As DJ walked down the hall holding me nonchalantly in her grip I felt devastated. My life was ruined by this giant manipulating teen. How was ever going to explain all this to my family, and the law, I am not gonna spend the rest of my life like this. As soon as we walked into the room I heard Ali squeal.

“GUESS What little man, I have a surprise for you”

“You can’t Ali I have one for him”

“Well mine is better DJ! Plus he likes me more then you”

“HE does not Ali and there is no way your present could be better”

“Well your daddy is just a lawyer! He only makes like 200,000 a year. My daddy is a senator.”

“Well my gift is still better small tits! Your tits are like little goosepimples to even josh”

“Well atleast my ass isn’t the size of texas”

“Here is my present little man! Look I bought you a 100 gallon aquarium to live in. That way when we are at class you can just stay there.”

“That cant be his home. I had daddy make a dollhouse for him”

“I know Ali, we can combine our gifts into a mega gift”

“Okay, well let me put the sod in there and then you can put the house in, Let me get Michaela’s Bonsai trees.”

I was locked in DJ’s basketball bag for a good hour at the very least. It stunk like her sweat and it was dark. I could hear them laughing and I heard a new voice giggling along with them.

“Are you ready for who is gonna live in there Michaela?”

“Yeah, but isn’t this a little extreme for a hamster?”

“Close your eyes!”

“it’s a frickin hamster!”



The light hurt my eyes as I was pulled out of DJ’s bag. I was set down in the massive aquarium. I wiggled my bare toes in the grass and then looked around at the little trees that were to my scale. I didn’t think they were real till I touched them. In the distance I could see a house. I ran into the house and saw that everything was handcrafted and made of wood. This must have cost a fortune I thought to myself, as I went up stairs I noticed the roof was gone. I thought this was strange at first but then it dawned on me that the roof would be the only way I could get out of here. With the roof gone I was trapped until they took me out. I went back down stairs and saw a Altoids tin next to the house. It was divided into two compartments. One had food scraps in it while the other had water. I looked up at DJ and Ali who were smiling down at me. I then noticed the new girl. She had dark black hair, by the tone of her skin and her accent I knew she had to be from spain. She was skinny and had rather large looking breasts. I would say they had to be a C-cup atleast.

“Oh my god, That’s not a hamster! I mean that’s not hamster! How? Where? OH MY GOD”

“Come on, lets goto lunch and we will talk about it”

Ali put the lid on the cage and turned on a lamp that was right above the cage so the light shone right down into here. As they walked out they shut off the lights and locked the door. The room was pitch black except for my cage which was lit by the overhead lamp. I walked back into my house and noticed even at my current size everything was still a little to big. I felt like 6 year old when I was in this house. I went up stairs and laid down on the bed. The only thing I could do was wait for the girls to comeback, and wait I did. It wasn’t until 9 or 10 that night I heard the door unlock and Ali’s voice outside the door.

Josh heard the key turning in the lock and the sounds of hushed giggling and whispering. He scampered down to the front door and walked out of the house. The aquarium was in the corner of the room, on the floor near DJ's bed. He stared through the glass of the huge aquarium as the door opened and the light snapped on. The towering figures of Ali, DJ, the Spanish girl Michaela and another girl he didnt recognize piled in the bedroom. The new girl was a thin blond with blue eyes and straight long hair that came down to her shoulders. She was wearing jeans and a black T-Shirt. She moved with a heavenly grace and balance that made josh immediately think of figure skaters. Josh watched Ali and DJ walk right up to his aquarium. They turned to the others and pointed. Josh didn't bother to run since it would have been useless. The aquarium didnt even come up to the girls' thighs.

"See Wendy, I told you they were telling the truth."

"Wow you were right Michaela."

"Yeah thanks Michaela, you weren't supposed to tell anybody."

"Sorry DJ. It just slipped out when Wendy and I were studying."

"Yeah she said 'Ali and DJ have a little man! Let's go check him out!'"

"Thanks Wendy, you little snitch."

Wendy and the spanish girl pushed their way to the front of the aquarium. They knelt down and peered down at the little man cowering in the tank, cooing to him and tapping on the glass with their fingernails.

"Get the fuck out. It IS a little man! He's a little doll!"

"Yeah, he's adorable and I want to borrow him overnight." Said the spanish girl.

"Awww me too. DJ, Ali can I borrow him too?"

"Sure Wendy. Where is my green sweater you borrowed two weeks ago? I want it back."

"Ok OK DJ you are such a bitch sometimes. I will bring it back I swear let me borrow him."

"Hey me first. I asked first."

"Help me, Miss. I'm a prisoner."

"Oh DJ listen to his squeaky voice, isn't it darling?"

"You haven't heard anything Wendy, wait until you pick him up. He makes the cutest noise when Ali and I play with him doesn't he Ali?"

"Yeah, and he feels so cute when he struggles too. He needs to be properly trained to be a good little pet."

"Cool I want to play hide and seek with him. That might be fun. Come here little pet..."


Wendy reached down into the tank and plucked Josh up. She smiled, admiring his kicking legs as he flew up, up,out of the tank up to her face. She was going to hold him there and look him over when the spanish girl reached out and snatched him with lightning speed. Josh was torn from one grip and quickly buried in the dark folds of Michaela's shirt as she hugged him to her breasts.

"Hey give him back to me!"

"I saw him first. I get to hold him first."

"Ali tell her to give the little man to me."

"Michaela that wasn't very nice. Let her see him."

"No I want to." Michaela got up and walked over to DJ's bed and lie down on hit. She released Josh from her grip and he immediately stood up and started running down her abdomen. He only got a few feet when Michaela plucked him up. She laughed out lout at the sight of his little legs churning as if he were still running.

"Michaela that's mean. Put him down you are scaring him."

"Oh listen to you Wendy you're the one who wants to chase him around the room."

"I do not I said I wanted to play hide and seek with the little man on my bed, that's all."

"Big deal another guy gets lost and ends up in your bed."


"Ok give him to me, you've had him almost two minutes."

Wendy strode over to the bed and lie down next to Michaela. Josh held over Michaela's stomach twisted in her grip as the blonde girl approached. Once again he was rudely snatched from girl to girl. He screamed as Wendy brought him close against her. She smiled as she dropped him down her cleaveage. Josh was held in place by her lace bra between her 34 B cups. Wendy crossed her arms over his struggling form and reveled in the power she felt over this tiny person.

"Wendy! Be careful with my little man. You girls shouldn't handle him so rough you'll break him."

"Sorry DJ, its just that he is so cute and tiny I keep losing myself. Oh please let me keep him overnight sometime."

"Well if you girls don't learn to share you will end up pulling him apart."

"Oh we promise, don't we Michaela."


"Ali and I will have to talk it over before we decide who gets to borrow him. Besides we just found him so he isn't going anywhere just yet."

"Well can we at least play with him befor lights out? We still have an hour."

A Non-Existent User

Michela pushed me over with her pinky finger then easily spread my legs apart. I kicked at her fingers which made her squeal in laughter as my kicks didn’t even phase him. As she did this I caught a glance of DJ looking down at me with an angry face. I knew DJ didn’t like me with other girls but she acted like I had some kind of control over all this. It was then Wendy snatched me up. I looked up at her and then down at the floor then back up at Wendy. Wendy smiled down at me warmly and started petting my head. She cooed softly as stroked my head. Her grip on me loosened allowing me room to move around. I looked behind me seeing the door still slightly ajar. It was hung up on something. I then swung my vision back over towards Wendy.

“he is so cute Micheala. I want one of these little men”

“Like he could handle your pace Wendy, your legs spread apart easier then peanut butter and jelly”


I took this moment of distraction and sunk my teeth into her skin. I bit with all the power my jaw could muster. I sunk my teeth into her finger deeper and deeper. My gums cried out in pain as my teeth were shoved harder and harder against them. Wendy’s grip on me was non existent and I fell to the floor.

“You little shit”

I scurried under DJ’s bed as all the girls dropped to there knees and bent down grabbing for me. Luckily DJ had a big bed and there arms weren’t long enough to make it all the way. I was home free as I ran out the other side of the bed. A foot then crashed down in front of me. I looked up seeing Ali smiling down at me. Her fingers lowered like a net. I could feel the warmth radiating off of her body as I ran closer and closer to her. I somehow made it directly under her and scurried out the other side. I waved back to her as she looked at me run under her bed from between her legs. I could hear DJ and Micheala pounding around the other side to block off my escape so I ran towards the wall. I saw accord against the wall. I started climbing the cord. The cord ran up behind the head board. I climbed faster and faster knowing I didn’t have much time. I could hear the girls surrounding the bed looking for me. I scrambled onto the ledge of the wooden headboard and ran across it. As I came to the edge of the headboard I dove off the side of it. I found myself flying forward. I was waving my arms like a lunatic trying to make sure I missed hitting any of there bodies as I didn’t want my position given away.

I landed head first onto the floor continued to running towards the door however my knee was screaming in pain as I knew I had landed wrong putting all my weight on it. I continued to run somehow making it out the door with my leg begging for mercy but I needed cover. As I ran down the hall I felt a freedom I hadn’t felt in quite awhile. I looked back seeing seeing Wendy and run out into the hallway looking either direction for me. I smiled happily as I realized that I was far enough down the hallway where I couldn’t easily be seen. I then crashed into a boot. I stumbled backwards falling end over end seeing a dark haired looking down at me. Her nose was pierced and she had think soled black boots that stopped just a few inches below her knee. She then had on a yellow and black plaid skirt and black halter top. I could see her navel ring glistening in the light however her nose ring kind of creeped me out. I looked back down the hall seeing DJ and Micheala coming this way. I ran into this girls bedroom as I figured it was the lesser of two evils.

“Hey Jessica, have you seen anything run down the hall” blurts out Micheala

“like what?”

“Umm well, okay it’s a tiny man. He is mine and he ran away. Don’t listen to anything he says he doesn’t really understand us humans as well as you think. He is a rare Mexican Manimal.”


“Yeah, one of my dads clients gave him to him cause she couldn’t afford his services in cash but upon seeing him my dad agreed to do the case in exchange for him and then he gave him to me and now he escaped because Wendy is a ditz”

“Well I could have told you that. She fucks more guys then Mc Donalds sells hamburgers. Well I haven’t seen him but if I do I will let you know.”

“Alright, thanks”

As I ran into this girls room it was literal mess. Shoes laid strewn about everywhere along with several of the school uniforms and various outfits. Under the bed I laid a holy grail. I saw a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I ran towards the box not bothering to look back. I climbed over and under shirts and shoes on my way to the box of doughnuts. As I reached it I sighed as I saw the lid closed. I grabbed the bottom of lid and began to pull. I cringed and gritted my teeth as I pulled with all my might but the lid wouldn’t budge. I kicked at the box and started walking away. I then saw something I could eat. A big of sour cream and onion Pringles, I ran towards the can and to my luck the can still had 1/4th of the Pringles left.

As I crawled into the can I found the walls slick and hard to maneuver down. It took me a good 30 minutes to get to the potato chips but it was well worth it. I then heard the door swing open. I turned my head but I found I found I couldn’t turn my body around. I munched on the chips figuring that whoever was out there wouldn’t see me anyway.

“Damn, does Jess ever clean in this room. Where would she put my homework?”

I continued eating as I had now just about finished one chip. I burped but luckily it was a quiet one. I then felt a heavy thud against the jar. It rolled end over end. It reminded me of when I was younger and I use to ride the tire down a hill. My world was spinning when I saw black Nike slam down in front of the can. I could hear her fingers grasp the can. I knew I was going to be discovered and whisked back to DJ’s room where I would be punished. I could almost hear the gears in her head churning thinking up a punishment for me. However, much to my surprise the lid was snapped onto the can and I was set down upright. I slid back down to the bottom of the can resting on a Pringle. I heard whoever was out there pound around the room looking for something. After awhile she either found it or gave up because I heard the door close tightly. I decided it was time to make my escape so I pushed against the side of the can, to my shock it didn’t move so I pushed again, but still nothing. Just great I thought, I don’t have enough wait to push this over and there isn’t enough room to gain any momentum.

I waited in darkness for quite sometime. Well it felt like a long time I have no idea how long it really was. I heard the door open and close and a loud crash. There were several sounds I didn’t recognize then I heard her stomach growl. I knew she was going to come for the Pringles I just know. I could hear the pop of the top and “OH MY GOD” However, it never came. Slid the box of Krispy Kremes out and started eating a few of those. I started to relax figuring that once she fell asleep I would find away out of this mess but that is when the pop of the top came. I looked up seeing her nose ring sparkling at me. The can tilted and I found myself sliding like I was going down a slide into her awaiting palm. As I hit her hand it was soft much to my surprise.

“What the fuck?”

“Look I can explain everything”

“You’re the manimal! You are DJ’s Manimal!”

“her what? I am a man.”

“Wow, you have to be smarter then a monkey, you can speak, you look so human its hard to believe your not human”

“I am human god damn it”

“She said you would try to deceive me”

“No look, my name Josh Watson, and”

“Oh my god, you’re the raper! I just heard about you on the news. They said you raped a girl around here but they aren’t saying her name. So what happened to you?”

“Listen I didn’t rape anyone”

“Sure you didn’t I think we are going to have some fun tonight. I really didn’t want to come here. My dad forced me come here saying it would be a good experience for me and I couldn’t cause trouble here, it looks like I just found my reason to stay. I haven’t had a good fuck in months and sense you like raping little girls, maybe the shoe should be on the other foot.

“PUT ME DOWN! NO, NO NOT IN THERE!!! THIS IS NOT CJA APPROVED” (You either get or you don’t)

The biggest cunt I had ever seen in my life was before me. It was literally feet wide or atleast it seemed like it. I could tell though this wasn’t this girls first time. She laughed at the sight of my legs kicking. As my legs hit her pussy lips I felt her entire body surge. She then raised me up and then lowered me a bit and my flailing hit her pussy lips again. Her body surged again. She did this again and again several times and then shoved my whole body into her pussy all at once. I continued to kick and flail like a mad man. I refused to let his girl win out over me. The floor looked so far away now as she was still standing up. I saw felt her hand wrap around my body and I was shoved deeper into her and then she pulled me out and shoved me deeper in. My skin was peeling off at first but as she pumped me in and out her juices began to coat me however I found for the first time the inner juices of a pussy to be quiet acidic. My immune system was much smaller and so was my skin molecules which now made them easier to break down. As her juices rubbed against my skin it burned painfully, I screamed for her stop but this only got the giant bitch off more. I was shoved all the way in this time and her juices washed over my face. I thought my tongue and eyes were going to drop out as her juices coated me. The air burned my lungs and I found myself unable to breathe. I kicked and fought with all my might knowing that I could easily die in here, her walls began to close in on me, my body was pushed tighter and tighter against her massive muscular walls. I knew what Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia must have felt in that trash compacter as the walls were squishing me to the point where I could no longer breathe. A rumble was then let loose below me and like a dam just broke a wash of cum hit my feet and geyser of cum erupted from this girl. I was shot out secreted out of her pussy and laying in her well shaven push. I was breathing roughly gasping in air. She looked down at me and smiled.

“god that was the best fuck I had ever had.”

My body ached and I could hardly move. My muscles felt like mush as she poked and prodded me. Her fingers then curled around me and I was dangled in front of her face. Her own juices dripping off of me, they would land on her face but she would just like them off.


I was then set down on her stomach, for the first time realized how muscular she really was. I collapsed on her stomach muscles. I looked up as I felt her reach for something. I saw a spray can appear over me. Body oil shot out of the can and all over stomach and breasts. Once she was coated she shot me a couple times which sent me tumbling end over end but I was still on her stomach but now just above her navel. She then began move her stomach muscles. I was bounced up into the air. I grabbed at anything I could reach but I was in mid air and their was nothing to grab. I landed roughly on her stomach just in time to be bounced back up into the air. Since she was coated so heavily in body oil was at her mercy, she laughed and laughed at my plight knowing I couldn’t resist her. She finally grew bored and I fell roughly on her stomach. I rose and fell a few times with her stomach and then she grabbed me again. I was shoved against her left tit as she began to massage her tits. Since they were so oiled I was rubbed easily into her breasts. I kicked and punched against her breast but I think I just turned her on more then provoked her. She continued to massage me and I felt her body buck and shake. She then lifted me away from her while her body was bucking and I saw her pussy once again, this time head first I screamed for her stop but it was no use. She shoved me in head first, I managed to grab her pussy lips but grip was no match for her strength. My body only slid down deeper and deeper into her. I was to weak to move but its like her body already knew what to do with me. Her muscles grabbed me like I was a toy made just for her pussy. Her juices burned my face and skin. I began to cry as her pussy worked me up and down inside her pleasing her. I found my air running out and I finally passed out.

I awoke to a foul smell. I looked around and saw blackness everywhere. I weakly crawled up towards the light and saw a long shaft extending upwards. Seemingly miles up I saw light shining in. I then remembered the boot I had hit earlier. This had to be it, I was inside it. I laid on the floor of her boot resting but its like she had esp and knew I was awake. I looked up again seeing her face smiling down at me. She grabbed her boot and I was spilled out into her hand.

“You were amazing last night. I had never had a fuck like that in my life”

Her fingers then closed around me and I felt her warm fingers wrap around me like a blanket. I heard her open her door and close it. She was moving quickly down a hall. Then with the hand I was in she knocked on a door. The echo from the door rang in my ears.

“Jess? Umm hi”

“Hey Ali, I think this is yours”

I saw daylight for only but a moment as I was transferred from Jessica’s hands to Ali’s. She squealed something and I was hugged against her. She then hugged Jessica and slammed her door. Ali jumped on her bed and set me down at the foot of her bed and laid down kicking her feet up in the air looking down at me.

“You are in so much trouble little man. What were you thinking?’

“I wanted freedom, I don’t want to live a cage”

“I am sorry but you arejust going to have to get use to it”

“DJ wake up! Jessica found him”

I saw DJ’s face hover over me. I was to weak to even move much more as I laid on Ali’s bed.

“He doesn’t look so good. I think we should let him rest a couple hours before we put up the sign up sheet.”

“What sign up sheet DJ?”

“He needs to realize how good he has it with us. So until he begs me to let him keep him in his cage all day and is willing to be my obedient slave he is going to see how bad the other side is. I put a sign up sheet in the True seniors hall.”

“DJ! That’s mean, they are all pretty rough, true seniors are exclusive who have been here all 12 years of school which means no boys for 12 years.”

“Yeah I know. His first girl is coming by in well just about now” as there is a knock at the door.

“Well little man don’t worry, each session is only two hours then you are brought back here.”

Ali walked over to the door and swung it open. In walked a 5' 6" dirty blond beauty. She immediately walked over to Ali's bed and stared down at the figure in the middle. She bent far over to examine the little man, her firm 36D's hanging down.

"Holy shit you were serious! The other girls sent me over to find out if you were full of shit or what. What is it?"

"He's my living breathing talking doll man. I found him," said DJ, "Isn't he neat?"

"But what was that bullshit on the sign up sheet about him raping you?"


"Hey you weren't supposed to tell him that! He's supposed to be under permanent house arrest", protested DJ as she leaned down over Josh. Her dark hair whipped around his tiny frame as she intimidated him with her huge frame.

"Oops sorry," said the girl, "But who would believe you could have somebody arrested over the phone?"

"Well, he did," giggled Ali as she reached out to pick him up. He struggled again as she hugged him against her neck.

"Hey no I didn't! I knew DJ was full of shit but I had-"

"Hey watch your mouth little shrimp! I don't like your attitude one bit," scolded DJ as she pointed a long finger at the man clutched against he roomate.

"Well anyway I came for my turn DJ, here's the money". The girl pulled out a small wad of cash from her cleavage and flipped it to DJ, who looked over at Ali. Ali in turn suddenly just scooped Josh away from her neck and tossed him across the room in the direction of the brunette.

"Catch him Bridget!"


"Heeeeeeelp!" he screamed. The room erupted in laughter. He held his breath, his arms and legs waving wildly as he plunged to his death, but he was saved by a strong set of fingers quickly clenching him from mid air. He was rapidly slammed into a soft fabric wall and held vertically in place. He chest gave slightly as she held him securely against her and turned and left.

"Remember you have to have him back here in two hours."

"Well the girls might just send their money back so we can keep him longer would that be ok?"

"Hmmmm... I don't know. Then again if they send me the money It might work but you better bring him back by tonight cause thats when the schedule ends for the day. And you better not hurt my little pet either. And little man you better be good for Bridget or you will be in such big trouble."

Before Josh could say anything back they were out the door and walking down the hall. Bridget covertly slipped Josh down her white button down shirt into her white lace bra. Her plaid skirt swished back and forth as she hurried down the hall and out the door. Josh could feel the fresh air rush in to him as he was tucked between her ample breasts. He could hear her shoes on the grass as she hurried over to the Senior's Hall, then the clack of her shoes on the cement as she dashed up the walk and into the three story building. He was nearly crushed by the weight of her breasts pushing together over him as she bounded up first one flight of stairs and then another.

Josh was being held down face first against her soft chest as Bridget made her way down the hall with him. Then he heard the sound of a door knob turning and as a door opened, some loud hard rock music inside. As the door closed the music faded and he heard a voice ring out.

"Bridget did you get it? Was DJ telling the truth or not?"

"Yeah don't keep us in suspense."

"Yeah I really wanna see if she had a man in her room. That brat gets everything."

"Well Amanda, you're just jealous."

"Shut up Sarah."

"You shut up."

"No, you."

"Both of you shut up and check this out." Amanda and Sarah both turned toward the blond girl as she reached into her bra and brought Josh out. She smiled at him as she set him down on the floor.

"Now you be good and stay up while the girls meet you."

Josh looked around the room. It was another girl's dormatory room only larger with four of everything; beds, dressers, nightstands, chairs, closets ect. He was standing halfway between the bed and the door. He looked back and upward to see Bridget towering over him. He looked to the front to see a bunch of girls clustered around the beds and sitting on the floor and chairs. There had to have been about 20 of the girls just hanging out, listening to music, gossiping. At the sight of Bridget setting something down on the floor twenty heads swiveled around to stare at him, and all activity and sound in the room stopped.

"Awwww it is true. Look at him! He's so tiny!"

"I can't believe it. He's moving! Look at him!"

"This is fucking incredible! He is so fucking small!"

"He's just a little doll!"

"Look at him move!"

"He looks freightened."

"I'd be freightened too if I were him."

"Yeah he looks so tiny and helpless. Isn't he the cutest little thing girls?"

"Yeah he's like a toy. I want one of those."

"What are you going to do with him Bridget?"

"I got some ideas."

"Hey he's mine for the next two hours. I decide what we do with him."

"Well can I buy five minutes alone with him from you?"

During this exchange Amanda and Sarah slowly moved closer to Josh until the blong Amanda was close enough to snatch him. He flew upward high in the air as the girl brought him up to her face and examined him.

"Hey wait a second here girls, I'm not a toy or a doll I'm a real person, now if you'll just...hey what are you doing? Let me down! Let me down dammit!"

"Awwww you are so cute. I wonder if DJ would sell you to me. I'd love to have you as my own."

"But I'm not anyones's my name is Josh dammit now put me down!"

"But you're DJ's. You're her little exotic pet. You aren't Josh, you're DJ's and that's what we call you. DJ's pet."

Meanwhile Amanda and Bridget were quickly surrounded by the other girls. They quickly started reaching out to stroke the tiny man's back with their index fingers, all the whole cooing and giggling to each other about their new prisoner-guest.


"He's so adorable."

"He's just a little doll!"

"You already said that."

"I know I can't stop saying it. He is just a little doll, isn't he 'Manda?"

"Yup. I may have to mail him home to my sister for safekeeping."

"Stop teasing him Amanda, you're just jealous because you don't have a little man of your own."

Amanda continued cooing to Josh as she pressed him against her softball jersey, pressing him against her smallish breasts.

"I am not. I can get one anytime I want. He feels soooo cool against me."

"Sure Amanda."

"Ok so maybe not but I got him now."

"Put me down."


"Actually you don't got him. I got him", said Bridget.

Sarah meanwhile had snuck up behind her friend. She reached down from behind her and plucked the tiny man from Amanda's bosom. He yelled as he flew skyward once again, this time into the embrace of a tall thin girl with her black hair done tightly in a ponytail.

"My turn, stopp hogging him Manda."

"Help she's squeezing me too tight! Somebody!"

"Awww you're so tiny and fragile. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to hold you you're so neat."

"Put me down dammit. You girls stop staring at me and tell her to put me down already!"

"She can hold you if she wants to."

"I wanna see him."

"Me too."

"And me."

"I brought the sign up sheet just in case."

"Cool. I'm next."

"No, me."

"No, me."

"No I am!"

Bridget ended the debate. She grabbed josh once again and set him down on the floor again. He looked up at the forest of legs surrounding him.

"Ok I got an idea girls. Lets play hide and seek with the little man. Who ever finds him gets to have him for the next two hour shift. DJ said we could just send her the money for each shift as long as he is back by tonight."

"Yeah good idea."

"Yeah cause when I find him he's going in my bra for field hockey practice."

"No you're not gonna find him cause by then he'll be in my panties for volleyball practice."

"Nope you are both wrong, he is going to take a nap with me. I miss my teddy bear."

Josh was shoved forward by Bridget's foot.

"Ok little man, you have one minute to hide. Girls everyone out of the room for a minute while DJs pet tries to hide from us."

Josh had to scamper as the dozens of feet hearded out of the room. Bridget smiled back at him and closed him in.

"Ok little man, you have one minute before we come back in", he heard her bellow outside the door.

Josh ran around the giant room in panic. Even though it was made to house four of these giant girls it still seemed hard to know where to hide.

"Forty five seconds tiny man."

He ran in the direction of one of the girls beds hoping to hide under some dirty clothes but it was clear underneath.

"Thirty seconds little doll man."

Her ran behind the wastebasket in the corner of the room, but quickly realized he was easily spotted.

"Fifteen seconds tiny."

He ran towards the closet door but it was closed tight. So he ran fast as he could toward another hiding place. He was almost there when he heard the voice and the door begin to open.

"Time's up little man! Ready or not, here we come!"

Josh panicked as the door swung open and twenty girls piled in, then shut the door behind him, trapping him in the big bedroom again...
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Josh screamed in absolute terror. Twenty girls were rushing towards me. I had no where to run their were stomping down on the ground like crazy. I could feel the floor vibrating as they ran towards. I stood cowering where I was. I felt a hand close around me.


"Well i guess there is a first time for everything"

"Shut up Jennifer"

I found myself looking up at an Asian girl but she was clearly an American Asian girl because of how she talked. It was clearly evident she was american through and through.

"Hi little man it looks like you get to spend the next 2 hours with me."


"So DJ's little pet my name is Kelsey"

"I am not DJ's little pet"

"What else would you be but DJ's little pet. I mean DJ owns you, your little and your her pet and see this sign here. It says COME PLAY WITH DJ's LITTLE PET!! so you must be DJ's little pet cause the sign says that you are DJ's little pet."

"Now lets go outside i dont like it in doors"

Before i could argue any further i was swept into her button down top. As she walked she cuddled me into her. As she bounded down the stairs I kept smelling her perfume. It was typical teenager perfume not really anything elegent just something they could afford.

I was soon set down on a giant blanket outside. I looked up at massive picnic basket. Kelsey who was already munching on a sandwhich broke a corner.

"Now sit, sit boy!"


"Does DJ's pet want the food..you gotta sit then"

"I am not some kind of dog you can.."


My stomach growled and I sat down which made Kelsey smile as she looked down at me.

"now Roll over, ROLL OVER BOY"

"I have had just about enough of this nonsense"

I watched as she plopped the corner of her sandwhich into her mouth. I ran towards her and started punching at her knee as it was the only thing i could reach.

"is someone upset? Well I have a way of showing pets who the master is. Lets go meet Lindsey Anderson and Carrie Schalek they will help in your transference to obedient pet. Let the training commence."
Josh was rather sternly grabbed by Kelsey. She held him up to her face and admired his kicking, punching, screaming figure.

“You aren’t taking me anywhere! Put me down this instant!”

“Kicking won’t help. Now be nice or this will be a lot harder on you than it has to be. You’re coming with me.”

So saying she lowered Josh down into the picnic basket and slammed down the lid. He felt the basket being picked up and it started swinging side to side as she carried him away. He was sitting on top of a plastic Tupperware container that shifted back and forth as she carried him. How humiliating to be sealed inside a picnic basket by a high school senior. Even worse was the feeling of helplessness as these girls showed him off to their friends like some kind of circus freak. Now he was stuck at a Private Girls Boarding School with several hundred girls who all knew about him and now apparently wanted to see him up close. He hoped they didn’t accidentally hurt him as the touched him.

Josh could hear Kelsey humming as she carried the basket back into the seniors hall. This time Josh was carried up only two flights of stairs instead of three as they were going somewhere new. He heard a knock on the door then a feminine voice say come in.

“Hi Lindsey, hi Carrie.”

“Hi Kelsey. Is that what I think it is in the basket?”

“Yeah it’s DJ’s little pet, the one we were playing hide and seek with.”

“Cool. Carrie and I pooled our money for a four hour session. How come you’re bringing him to us early? Your time isn’t up for another 90 minutes.”

“Well he was acting up and I really wasn’t in the mood to train him. So I was wondering if you guys wanted to buy the rest of my time from me. I have a biology final to study for anyway so I’ll just sigh up some other day.”

Josh meanwhile was assaulted by light as Carrie grabbed the basket and set it on her lap, opening up the lid and peering in at the tiny man inside. He saw a pretty young women with short brown hair and green eyes. Peering over her shoulder was a tall skinny blond girl. Josh could see both were wearing their game jerseys that said Robinsdale Field Hockey on the front in script and and their number on the back. The jerseys came down to their thighs, but other than that the girls weren’t wearing anything else apparently.

“Wow I can’t get over how tiny he is Lindsey. What an adorable little man. I can’t wait to play with him,”

“Well grab him and bring him out already.”

Josh cringed as Carrie reached in for him. She caught him so quickly and easily he had no time to even try to fend this gigantic young woman off. She clenched him and in a matter of seconds was being held between Carrie and Lindsey as their fingers probed his tiny body.

“Feel his tiny body Carrie, it’s so warm!”

“Careful Lindsey you don’t want to break him.”

“OK Kelsey”, said Carrie, “It’s a deal. There’s money on my dresser. Now we got him for the rest of the day Lindsey, six and a half hours the little doll is all our!”

“Put me down! I’m not anybody’s.”

Lindsey snatched Josh from Carrie. She held him up to her own face for a second so she could examine him. He seemed to weigh nothing as he hung there helplessly. After a minute or so she set him down on Carrie’s bed.

“There. That better?”

“Better would be for you girls to just let me go free.”

“HAHAHA he is so precious Kelsey. He thinks we should let him go.”

“Just remember you have to watch him every minute. He keeps trying to escape everybody. DJ’s little pet needs training and I though you two would have fun doing it since you guys are good with animals being on the Polo team.”

“Good idea Kelsey. We can train him to do all kinds of tricks and everything, this will be so much fun. The other girls will be SO jealous.”

“Cool. Thanks for taking him off my hands. I gotta study my bio now. Bye.”

As Kelsey left the room and closed the door. Josh looked up at terror at the two girls towering over him as he stood on the bed.

“Now please young ladies, be reasonable. I’m not some animal. I’m a person.”

“All the better to train you little pet. Lindsey and I will instruct you how to behave around us big girls. Now come here, its time to have some fun with DJ’s little pet”, said Carrie as she bent over the bed, reaching for him.

“Absolutely not! Get back.”

Lindsey hopped on the bed, nearly displacing him as the bed sagged from her bulk. She giggled, sitting on her knees as Carrie’s shadow loomed over him. He tried to back away but felt the pillow against his back as both the girls bore down on him.
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Carrie grabbed him and deposited josh in the middle of the bed with Lindsey sitting at the foot of the bed. Josh's eyes looked from left to right and sighed as he knew it would be hopeless.

I couldn't believe how big these girls were. I had been this small for awhile now and the fact that they were so big was still as shocking as ever each time i saw them.

"Now lets you see do a somersault."

"I can't possibly do one of those. I haven't done one since i was a boy."

Lindsey's finger poked me in the back sending me tumbling down onto the bed. I looked up to see Carrie place something rubber over my ass then i heard a snap and i yelped in pain. I looked back to see her holding a thick rubber band across my ass and with the tip of her pinky finger she would pull back on the rubber band and release it.

"Now lets see you do a somersault" bellowed Carrie after a few more whacks with the rubber band. My ass was crying out in pain I hadn't been in this much pain since the day my dad spanked me so hard he broke his leather belt over my ass.

"alright, alright"

"Thats a good little man"

I struggled to do even one somersault and after some effort i manged to do one. I felt a since of accomplishment after doing one. It was a great feeling. I looked up at the two girls smiling happily.

"Now lets see you do another." Shouted Lindsey without regard for how loud her voice really was.

"I just did one..no no please you win i will..YOOOUUUCHHHHH" It happened in a flash. My face was pressed down against the comforter and anther slap via a rubberband on my ass. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was for one thing being spanked with a rubberband, secondly it was hurting like a dickens and lastly these were nothing but senior high school girls. I was an adult this kind of thing wasn't suppose to be happening

"Now, do another"

I leapt up rubbing my ass which made the two girls giggle uncontrollably. I forced myself to do somersualts for the next 15 minutes. In this short time I had grown to fear that rubberband. My ass felt like it was going to fall off ass the girls cracked there whip on me without hesitation.

"Now is DJ's little pet gonna escape anymore?"

"No, no of course not" I was pressed against the comforter once again. I was screaming and kicking wildly trying to get away but I was held down by just one of Carries fingers then I felt the painfully slam of the rubber against my ass I coudln't hold back anymore tears welled in my eyes as I looked up at Lindsey.

"Now say it like you mean it. We are experts at lying you arent gonna fool us."

At this point I was willing to do anything just so as not to get hit again. I pleaded for the next 5 minutes for mercy while explaining that i wouldn't try to run away.

They both seemed to accept this as for the next hour i was forced to quite degrading tricks like beg, sit, stand, roll over, play dead, back flips, somersualts, and worst of all was foot massage. Now its not like there feet smelled bad or anything cause they forced me to lotion them down before i could massage them its just that since they were athletes the bottoms of there feet where tough and callased. I could tell that they dont lotion there feet often.

"Well, I'm hungry I think we should go and eat."

"Yeah, me too"

"Should we bring DJ's little pet with us?"

"Why? he can't eat people food we will bring him something back that is more appropriate for his stature."

"Good thinking Lindsey"

In one swift motion I was grabbed and deposited into their sock drawer. I hadn't ever seen so many socks in my life as I looked at them looking down at me. With ease they shut massive 18 ton drawer. Well it was 18 tons to me. It was heavy solid oak dresser that was made of wood completely. There wasn't even gears or rollers you had to pull the drawers open and listen to the wood on wood grinding. I knew their was no way to open this. So i sat in darkness waiting for them to return but my ass was still red and hurting from the instructional teaching as they called it so i sat down oneof the lower piles of socks which provided some much needed comfort as I rested.

I heard the girls return. They pulled the drawer open and set me back down on the bed. They tossed a gigantic brown ball down into my lap.

"Dog food? you are making me eat dog food?"

"Well you are DJ's little pet. So we thought pet food would be the most appropriate now eat cause we want your strength up so we can play with you some more."

I didn't even hesitate cause i knew it would only get me another beating. I had grown to respect the authority of these two girls and what made it worse I actually feared these minors. I lowered my face down and nervously opend my mouth. I took a bite while i was gagging before i ever took a bite. As i took a bite i was shocked...it wasnt dog food at all but a Cocoa puff. As i started chewing i heard them both luaghing up a storm.

"You should ahve seen the look on your face"

"You tricked me"

"It was so easy"

"Hey lets get some soda's and then play with him" we still got 4.5 hours left

They got up and left the room. I watched Carrie pull the door shut but it never latched so the door creeked open. I looked at the long hall way. Freedom was so close but I was a bit nervous to leave. My body was saying no just stay cause it new better but my brain was like a wild animal always wanting freedom.I jumped off the bed and ran for the door. My legs hurt as i think i sprained my ankle when i jumped down from the bed. As I walked into the hallway i heard i voice shout stop. My entire body froze on command. I went from a dead sprint to completly frozen.

"Where do you think you are going"

I looked up seeing Carrie and Lindsey lookign down at me with anger in their eyes.

"Now we have to punish you again and you said you wouldnt try to escape."

I couldnt say anything as Lindsey picked me up and carried me into the room followed by a new girl in tow. Lindsey set me down on her dresser. She tied a string around my waist and tied the other end do a wooden knob that was on the frame of her mirror then she turned on a handheld motorized fan she tied a string around that and positioned it behind me then turned it on. With each swipe of the blade my ass was smacked. Each smack hurt ten time worse then Carrie's rubberband. In a matter of 30 seconds i was blubbering like a baby as all 3 girls were laughing but the new girl looked a bit concerned.

"Whats wrong Casey?"

"Awww the poor little thing, you're hurting him."

Josh gulped as the new girl reached for him. He hated being picked up but he was grateful to be out of the reach of the fan blades. Casey was another blond girl like Lindsey only shorter and bustier. Josh could only estimate her as a 36 C or D. Her long straight blond hair was falling down over her shoulders. Like the other girls she had on only a long T-shirt, one that said New York Jets Football Club on the front.

"So?" protested Carrie, "He tried to escape us. We have to train DJ's little pet properly so we can the most out of him. Besides you're here to study for the Trig exam on monday not to train the little guy."

"I know but he's so cute."

Casey cooed gently to Josh as she untied him, her soft fingers securing his tiny body in her grip.

"Thank you so much miss, now if you'll just set me down outside I can find my way to the authorities and get help."

"I can't do that silly. You're DJ's. Besides I like holding you. You're so light and cute and your little jogging outfit is really adorable."

"I am not cute. I got more manhood than you could ever handle girlie."

"Oh please, I doubt what you got could fill up one of the holes for my ear piercings."

Casey lifted him away from her and pressed him against her ear. The other girls giggled as he struggled against the side of her head.

"Now wait a second th-mmmmmfttpt!"

"It's ok little man I took my earrings out."

Josh couldn't have done much even if he had not been wearing his Jogging pants but he had a hard on and as it poked of he could see with embarrassement that her ear piercing hole was indeed more than wide enought to accept his now tiny penis.

"And you were worried about US hurting him?" laughed Lindsey.

"What? I am helping with your little training session. I'm training him to learn that he is our prescious toy and that he is cute."

"Not cute! Not cute! Mmmmmpfft!"

In seconds she was pressing him into her ample bosom. She hugged him close as she turned away from her friends, shielding him from any further punishment with her body.

"Oooo he feels so neat against me. He is so cute and tiny."

Josh was pushed hard against her chest as she fell back against Carrie's bed. Carried immediately pulled off her shirt, followed by Lindsey. Carries screamed as she pounced on the bed on top of Casie. Josh was squashed between the two girs as Carries smaller boobs came down on top of Casey's larget ones, absorbing much of the impact and keeping him from getting crushed. Carrie looked down at the little figure and grabbed him from between her boobs. He kicked as he was lifted up to her lips.

"You're our little treat, mmmmmmmm..."

Carrie craned her head toward the kicking figure. She turned him in her fingers so his legs were pointed toward her, then she leaned closer and simply snapped up his legs in her mouth. He screamed as she let go of him with her hand, leaving him dangling head down. Then she leaned forward and Josh was dangled over Casey's face. He yelled put me down over and over again as his upper half was lowerd into Casey's waitin mouth. Her soft lips sealed around his midsection, cutting off the outside world as his upper half was in Casey's mouth and his lower half was securely in Carries. Both girls playfully kissed for a few seconds until Lindsey started tickling Carrie. She laughed out loud and as she did so, let go of his upper half and sat back up. This left Lindsey and Casey and Carrie laughing hysterically at the sight of Josh's little legs sticking out of Carrie's mouth, kicking furiously. Lindsey quickly reached out and grasped his lower half, trapping his kicking legs and lifting him from Casey's mouth. As soon as he was back in the outside world he started yelling to be put down but the thin blond girl paid that no mind as she sauntered over to the center of the room with him. She reached up to the pull string of the overhead ceiling fan and tied josh to it. Then she removed her fingers, leaving him dangling there in the center of the room, five feet off the ground. The girls all giggled at his predicament.

"Casey did you bring your Trig book with you?"

"Yeah. We better start on the assignment."

All three girls ignored Josh's please as they sprawled out on the bed and opened their books. The next half hour went by fairly slow as they read chapters and quizzed each other.

"Hey its getting stuffy in here Carrie. Can we turn on the ceiling fan."

"Sure. Lindsey, you're closer. Turn it on."

Josh was suddenly clenched by a girls hand as Lindsey took hold of him, her soft fingers wrapping around his middle. He was expected to be untied from the pull string but instead he was jerked roughly downward until the tension on the string pulled him tightly. He yelled in pain as he heard the click above him. Then he was abruptly let go by her and he cold hear the soft whir of the fan starting up. The breeze caused him to sway gently side to side."

"That feels better, thanks Lindsey."

"No problem."

The girls continued studying until fifteen minutes later Casey spoke again:

"Oh, now its chilly. Turn it off."


This time it was Carrie who gripped him tightly, pretending not to notice him as she yanked him down, turning the fan off. Then she left him swinging there as the girls finished studying. About an hour later they closed their books. Casey got her books and left, stopping to grab Josh into her grip and kiss him on the top of his head, then returning him to his dangling pose under the lamp.

"Thanks for sharing DJ's pet with me. I'm gonna sign up later and I'll share my time with you both. Later."

"Later Casie."

"Ok little man, have you learned your lesson?" said Carrie as the door closed. She walked over to Josh and untied him. He fought against her but she pertended not to notice as she lifted him away from the fan and set him down on Lindsey's dresser. The tall skinny blond walked over to Carrie and the two of them towered over him as he stood among Lindsey's perfumes amd makeups and hairburshes.

Josh looked up at the two towering girls, then down over the side of the blond's dresser. It was so far down, he would surely die were he to fall off. It was like being on the top of a five story building. He couldn't believe it was only a girl's dresser.

"Watch him while I take a shower Lindsey, ok?"

"Of course, Carrie."

Carrie grabbed her bathrobe and headed out the door, letting it close behind her with a loud click. To Josh it way as well have been the sealing of an Egyptian tomb so trapped in the girls room was he. He watched with concern as Lindsey smiled down at him, her slender hand coming to pluck him from the dresser into her clutch again...
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I looked up nervously at Lindsey who was smiling down at me.

“your all mine now..no Carrie to save or hinder my play now. You get Lindsey unplugged”

“Can’t I get Lindsey plugged? Or better yet Lindsey napping?”

Her hand swept around me and squeezed the air out of me. Lindsey then tossed me up into the air and grabbed each of my arms as she turned on some techno music. Lindsey then set me down on her dresser while still holding my arms she started to make me dance on the table. As she pulled my arms and contorted my body I could only cry for mercy as she continued to make me dance. I was soon pulled off the dresser and pushed against lindseys stomach as she started to waltz with me spinning around and around slowly then like a switch was thrown she started freak dancing I was shoved against her breasts and bounced from her left tit to her right back to her left. Her tits treated me like a volleyball bouncing from left to right.


I was then bounced up into the air with her left tit and Lindsey spun around. I slid down her back and and hit her ass at the moment she started shaking her ass like it motor. The entire surface of her ass vibrating at high speed, I was thrown from left cheek to right then back to left then she spun around and grabbed me. She pushed me towards her lips. Her thick full lips engulfed me as she kissed me. I could hardly believe as she pressed me firmly into her lips. It felt like hours were going by but it was only a few seconds until I was pulled away from her lips.

“You dance divinely”

“PUT ME DOWN!!! I want to be no where near you!!! HELP HELP HELP ANYONE!!! AT THIS POINT EVEN DJ!!!! HELP”

There was then a pounding at the door with 3 or 4 voices outside the door.

“LITTLE MAN? Are you okay? Lindsey? Carrie? Whats going on in there”


The door was shoved opened and Lindsey chucked a shoe out the door and the three girls slammed the door shut.

“We can hear the little mans cries all the way down the hall! Whats going on?”

“Britney! I didn’t hear anything till you pushed my head against the door”

“Shut up Christina”

“You damn snoops.”

“Well we get the little man first thing in the morning and we don’t want damaged goods”

“Well I have to return DJ Little Pet anyway”

“OH we will do it for you.”

“I don’t know….”

“OH come on we just want a sample for tomorrow.”


Lindsey tossed me towards a brunette who looked just like Britney spears. She smiled down at me.

“Shut the door mandy”


I looked over at mandy and found that she looked similar to mandy moore as they all poked and prodded me the entire way down the hallway. It wasn’t until Christina grabbed me that I got a good look at her. She had a Christina Aguilera look to her as she spun around tossing me in the air however in mid toss Britney grabbed me cuddled me into her breasts but Mandy started grabbing at Britney as they both tumbled into the freshmen hall. Christina then piled through the two stealing the man.


It was until Christina made it up to the second flight that mandy tripped her and grabbed me. Christina fell flat on her face as mandy ran down the hall cuddling me into her. Britny and Christina both gave chase as Mandy reached DJ’s door. Christina and Britney jumped onto Mandy pressing her into the door as DJ opened it. The 3 girls fell into the DJ and Ali’s bedroom.

“Hi DJ! They shouted in unison

“Get off of me! I thought Carrie and Lindsey had him”

“They did but we offered to return him to check him over for tomorrow morning”

“Well thanks” Said dj as she scooped Josh up and looked at him. You girls can go, you have no allotted time right now.

DJ smiled down at me as she looked over at Ali who was still sleeping.

"Well it looks like we have some free time little man. You know what that mean, dontcha?"

"You're putting me in the dollhouse to rest up?"

"Ummmm, no. I get to play with you for a while."

I don't want you to play with me DJ put me down this instant ok?"

"Nope. Come with me little fella." So saying DJ sauntered over to her dresser and set Josh down on top. He looked over the side as he had become used to doing whenever one of the girls put him in a place he couldn't get down from. As usual it looked rather far down.

"Don't even think about trying to get down from there doll. Its way to high up for you. Face it, you're just a little toy man trapped in a girl's dorm room and you can't do anything about it either. You're mine."

"So I've heard, I'm DJ's."

"Yery good!" DJ was pleased with his tiny pseudo proclamation. She quickly snatched him up and hugged him close.

"Hey be careful! Not so tight! You can set me back down anytime new DJ. DJ? Are you listening? I"m trying to be reasonable here but you aren't cooperating- aw fuck it. PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN! HELP PUT ME DOW-mmmmmmmffffppt!"

"Shhhhhhh you'll wake Ali up' she admonished him, hugging him against her shirt to silence his cries. She giggled at the feeling of his tiny limbs thrashing around against her girl grip. He was so easy to dominate amd he belongs to me, she thought.

Josh was pressed so close to the young dark haired beauty he almost passed out. She lifted him up to her lips and began kissing him playfully on his face. Her huge lips assaulted him, covering his face with their cushy warm softness. A little wetness from the tip of her tongue as it made contact with his neck drove him crazy as she toyed with him.

"Mmmmmmm you taste good pet."

"Don't eat me don't eat me!"

She walked around the room slowly as she teased him in her grip.

"Eat you? But you're so tiny. I'm a growing girl I need more than a little tasty morsel like you to satisfy my appetite."

DJ kissed him again on the midsection, then hugged him to her chest and looked down at him with amusement.

"Stay with Ali while I go out to get some more people signed up. Oh, and your next appointment will be coming by soon so if she does while I'm gone you better give yourself to her. Understand, little man?

Then her fingers constricted around him tightly as she quickly moved him away from her and flung him across the room. Josh saw DJ wave to him and turn to walk out the door as he flew backwards across the room. He landed in a soft mass with a splat. Someting underneath rustled, blocking out the sound of DJ shutting the door behind her. He looked down and could see he was sitting on a vast cloth covered plain but before he got his bearing he heard the loud purring sound as she was swept up by the blond giantess.


"Ali NO don't! Mfffffptptttt!"

Josh flew upward and felt a warm mass against his back. Her hands trapped his arms against his sides as she wrapped her arms around her chest. Josh tried mightly to break free of her crossed arms but she turned on her side, leaving him hanging there ten feet off the bed still hugged like a favorite teddy bear.

His face was against her cleavage so he couldn't even get out a peep. But then suddenly the girl began turning over and as she did so the fingers came around him again and started dragging him over her chest down to her stomach. Josh was buffeted about as she rubbed him up and down her trim figure, still sleeping peacefull unaware of her little bed visitor. His jogging suit got caught on her navel piercing and after two circuits around her abdomen it was lying ont he bed leaving him naked.

He saw her pussy getting close as he was slid down her stomach and past the whispy blond pubic hair down to it. When he realized what was happening he started screaming at the top of his lungs but she plunged him inside her even before one note hit left his mouth. Besides that she was still sleeping. Josh wondered if she was having an erotic dream about fucking a normal sized person or dreaming about fucking him.

Josh was nearly killed as she started rythmically thrusting him in and out of her slow and deliberate but steadily increasing the pace. He could hear barely her moans of pleasure as her muscles gripped him tightly. Her juices choked him and stung his eyes. Her fingers were clamped around his ankles as she diddled him mercilessly in and out as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. She clamped around him tightly with her muscles as the juices gushed over him now. A shudder ripped through his prison.

Josh thought he was out of the woods but it turned out to be the first of a series of earthquakes that shook him with the ferocity of the great San Franciso quake of '06.

He feared he would die between the little blond girl's legs. All of his thrashing about did nothing but heighten the sensation for the sleeping girl, his desperate screaming easily muffled by where he was, and her own moans and purrs of satisfation eminating from deep inside of her. He thought it would never end but she finally sat up after the fourth or fifth time

When she realized she was clenching something against her and that it was moving, she yelled in surprise as she instinctivly raised Josh to her face by his ankles.

"HEY! What the hell is going on in here? How did you get in my bed little man? Was that you? I thougt I was dreaming but I can see it was real! You have some explaining to do little man."

Josh was dangled over her face as she sat up in bed. He struggled but he wasn't going anywhere.

"Please let me down. DJ put me here. Please Ali I couldn't get away and I-"

She suddenly rightsided him and started showering him with kisses;

"Uh huh. Sure she did. Well, I suppose I should be mad but that was the most amazing experience ever. Thank you so much little guy. I will reward you for that. You are just the sweetest little pet a girl ever had."

Ali quickly ran over to her mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of Evian and poured it into a glass, then dunked Josh in, rinsing him off thoroughly. Her fingers gripped his shoulders as she dipped him in the chilly water. He complained about the cold but she ignored him until he was clean.

"There. All clean. You can warm up on my breasts little man."

She set him down on her bed and allowed him to dry off on a tiny corner of her bedsheet, then watched as he quickly pulled on his jogging suit, looking back at her for any sign of disapporval. When he was done she approached and lay back down on the bed and gently scooped him up and cupped Josh against her breast. Josh quickly warmed up as between her fingers and her breast. Even though it wasn't the biggest breast in the world it was far too much for him to handle now. Still he relaxed and hugged it as best he could while she increased the pressure of her hand on his back, pressing him deeper against her.

"Mmmmm that's a good little pet. I can't believe DJ and me really have you."

Just then there was a pounding on the door.

"Hey Ali are you in there? I came to get DJ's little pet man for my two hours. She said he was here let me in ok?"

"It's open come on in Jennifer."

"Cool, I can't wait to see DJ's little pet."
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“Ali, DJ is ripping you off.”

“She is not”

“She is too, who gets all the money”

“Well DJ little man but”

“And what am I called? DJ’s little pet”

“Yeah, why can’t you be called Ali’s little pet”

“Well where is he Ali?”

”Right, here cool here is the cash”

“Well you can’t have him”

“What? I signed up for this slot”

“Well DJ didn’t clear this little arrangement with me and I need him right now”

“I signed up for right now! You will take me money and I will get him I have been looking forward to this all day”

“Well we are busy right little man”

“I don’t see why I can’t just go in my home and rest”

“I think you can see yourself out”

“I am telling DJ!”

“Come on little man we better go”

I was whisked up into the air as Ali tossed some clothes on and rain out the door. I could hear her feet pounding against the cement then the grass but I couldn’t see anything she had me clutched against her as she ran.

“Ali, over here”

“Todd? Where are you?”

“Over here”

“Hey baby”
My screams were muffled as Ali tucked me into her purse. I could hear the two hugging and kissing. As Ali walked her purse slapped against her side causing me to be banged about the inside of her purse. Lipstick, hair brush, wallet, loose change, gum all hit my body as Ali walked to god knows where. I pounded on the side the purse when I could screaming at the top of my lungs but my voice was to weak and easily drown out by the two. I slouched down in the purse wondering why Ali even brought me along if she was just going to go out with her boyfriend.
Time went by slowly and we hadn’t been moving for awhile. I lifted up the flap on Ali’s purse and found that we were at a restaurant of sorts and to my great luck we were on the floor. I slid down onto the floor and I started running in between tables when a large high heel shoe slammed down in front of me. I stumbled back onto my ass. I found myself looking up at long white dress. I gulped as I slowly backed away hoping not to be noticed by this giant. I scurried away as quickly as I could from the giant white gown when I hit a denim wall. The denim wall went up and up and up this girl had some chicken legs and short brown hair. She didn’t even notice me I thought. I then saw her move quickly

“PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN….wait a minute, she wasn’t reaching towards me…what the fuck?”

I walked towards her a little perturbed. I kicked at her shoe and still nothing. I heard her talking with what sounded like a guy but I didn’t really care. I was not to be insulted like this. I began to climb up her shoe. She had long laces so it didn’t matter much to me. As I began to climb up her leg I found that this girl talking to her dad. As I reached her knee I started punching at her knee but her hand then came down on me.

“Put me down!! Heyy what do you think your aaaggggghhhhhhhhhh”

I found myself flying through through air and not in her grip. I fell the length of her body crashed into the low shag carpet below. I couldn’t believe this.


“What do you think your doing little man! I put you in my purse and you hear you fraternizing with other girls”

“I can explain Ali! Just hey what are you doing?”

I found myself stuffed head first into the back pocket of her jeans. She began to walk briskly. As she took a step with her left foot the denim pocket would tighten all around me like a vice grip. Then loosen then tighten around me again. This went on and on for a good hour before I felt myself being pulled but. It was an odd feeling but right away I knew it wasn’t Ali’s fingers pulling me out.

DJ held Josh close to her chest, supressing his movement. Next to her in her dorm room were four police officers and in the back Mother Superior and some of the other Nuns.

"There she is officers. She's the one who stole my rare doll and tried to sell him on the black market. I want to press full charges. My daddy donates a lot of money to this school so he will do what ever I say and I say there is no place for thieves.

Mother Superior spoke: "I'm sorry Ali dear but she is right. May the lord forgive and bless your soul but I'm afraid we must expel you and make an example of you. Robinsdale School turns out finished young ladies, not criminals.

"But what about DJ? She's holding a live man hostage! She's selling time with him to the whole school!"

"That's the most ridiculous story I ever heard young lady. You stole DJ's valuable 19th century vicorian Prince Albert doll. Its quite valuable."

"MMMfffft MMMgggttt!"

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing, just my stomach rumbling."

"DJ dear you should have a piece of fruit or something."

"Yes Mother Superior."

"I'm sorry miss, but you'll have to come with us. You're under arrest for grand theft."

"GRAND THEFT?!? Ooooo DJ you are in going to rot in hell!"

"Well this is what happens to people who fuck with me Ali" said DJ as the officers led her roomate away. Mother superior and the other nuns packed up Ali's stuff up and loaded it up on four wheeler that the janitor trundled away. In an hour all traces of Ali were removed from the room.

"I know it will be a shock living alone but you will have to make the best of things until you get another roomate. But that won't be until next semester."

"Yes Mother Superior." The door closed and DJ finally brought out Josh from her chest. He gasped for air as she held him up to her smiling face.

"Now I have you all for my own and don't have to worry about anybody else messing with my business plans. That damn bitch Ali cost me $20 from Jennifer and you will just have to work overtime to make all the other money her meddling cost me."

"But DJ..."

"Aww are you tired, well you can just rest here" she said as she put me on her dresser once again.

"DJ can't I go in my house at least? Put me in the dollhouse."

DJ moved about the room picking up her dirty clothers and throwing them on the now empty bed once occupied by her now ex-roomate. She seemed to pay no attention to Josh yelling to her from her dresser top.

"No I don't want to. I want you out here with me when my latest moneymaking venture arrives."

"Moneymaking venture?"

"You,silly. Only I have a new business plan. I've decided to offer discount group rates."

"That's a pretty good idea- Hey! What am I some kind of Travel Package? I'm a man dammit! I'm a-"

"You're my living breating talking doll man of course. Now hush already while the group arrives."

"DJ no wait-" DJ laughed as she took a tall glass and lowered it over Josh, trapping him underneath. He held his arms up and pressed against the sides as he tried to budge but the glass was way to heavy for him.

"That should hold you until the JV swim team gets here."

"The WHAT?? DJ no please!"

"The JV swim team. Alyssa and the other girls bought a whole overnight with you for $100. I'm gonna be even richer than my daddy!"

Josh then heard a knock on the door. Throught the glass he could only see hazy shapes as six girls burst in the room. He could hear the giggling and the whispering all around him. Then a huge hand wrapped over the glass and lifted it. He looked up to see a half dozen girls dressed in thermal sweatshirts, like they had just been at swim practice.

Here he is Alyssa isn't he cute. Check him out girls.

"WOW!" they all shouted in unison, then moved over to the dresser. Alyssa, the red headed team captain grabbed him first. She held him up to her face for a minute as she checked him out.

"Hi little doll man. I'm Alyssa."

"Put me down dammit. I don't care who you are."

"Oh you are just so cute and spunky. We are going to have so much fun with you tonight."

"Help get me out of here" he shouted as she dropped him in another girl's hood. The girls were all walking out of the room waving bye to DJ, who didn't bother looking up from the wad of money she was counting happily.

"Were are you girls taking me? You didn't need to come right from swim practice to get me you know. I need rest too."

"Oh no little man" explained Alyssa from behind him in the hood, "We aren't coming FROM swim practice, we're going TO swim practive, and your coming too!"

"Heeeeeeelp I can't swim!" he cried as the giggling girls carried him off to the gym complex where the swimming pool was.
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I found myself looking out from a baby blue hood as we walked down the dark corridor. The girls foot steps rang loudly as they walked down the hallway. I find myself being shaken back and forth, back and forth with every step. I find myself grabbing onto the edge of the hood with my arms and standing up. These causes the girls to laugh as I struggle to maintain balance.

“I love how you have to work so hard just to stand up. Why don’t you just enjoy the ride”

“I told you I don’t like this. Can’t you just let me go, I am a person not a slave”

“You can’t be a person you are DJ’s little pet”

“What do you mean I can’t be a person”

“It says right here, rent out my little pet, see you’re a pet, people aren’t pets.”

“Yeah and people are capable of independent thought buster” smarts short blonde haired girl .

I am left sulking in the hood of these girls as we walk to the pool. There is no way that I can argue their logic. They are just way to sucked into DJ’s ploy.

I don’t even bother looking up over the brim of the hood till I see that we have stopped. I stand up now with ease as there is a lack of motion. I look down to the floor and realize that there is no way to get down from here. I do see some stitching on the hood. I slowly make out the word Brenda.

“Well out you come little man”

Brenda’s hand comes around and nabs me from the hood as she slips off her shoes. I can’t believe how big this pool is. It looks more like a lake or a miniature ocean. What is even more amazing is that these girls are going to swim in it.

“I am just going to set you down in here for a minute while slip out of these clothes okay. Now don’t go anywhere, I just need you to be really brave alright? And I am right here so nothing is gonna happen”

“I am not some kind of stupid animal I am not”

“Shhhhh be good”

I was lowered into her black diesel shoe. I look around for the other girls but each of the girls have gone off into there own little section to change. I then catch a flash of color out of the corner of my eye. I dart head over to see Brenda’s sweatshirt crumpled up into a pile laying a few feet from her. My eyes trail over to Brenda herself and nearly bug out when I see pick and white checkered bikini top hugging her breasts all too tightly. I then watch her khaki shorts fall to the ground revealing a similar patterned bikini bottom.

“Does DJ’s little pet like what he sees?”

Brenda’s hand begins to lower down towards me. As her hand wraps around me I am relieved to be out of her shoe. It didn’t really stink too badly, at least no worse then a normal shoe does but none the less it wasn’t the most exciting place I had been put.

“Now in you go”

I was hurdled through the air like a rocket. I had never been thrown like this before, usually I am tossed but this time I was thrown like. The water getting closer and closer by the moment, I splash head first into the water. I begin to struggle to tread water as I can hardly swim.


My entire body freezes like ice as Brenda’s giant body in mid air curls into a ball and splashes down on top of me”

“MY TURN BRENDA MAKE WAY, lets all splash on in then play tag with the little man”

“NOOO, NOT TAG!!! I hope the game is better then the movie”

My eyes bug out as 6 large shadows befall me.
Josh was treading water, trying to stay afloat as the six girls waded over to me. I was about to be snatched up when a piercing whistle shreiked throughout the pool area.


"Ok Sister Mary Francis. Here Denise, hold DJ's little pet while I change."

"Ok. Send him to me."

Josh saw Brenda's hand sweep through the water, building up a wave that pushed him in the direction of Denise. He watched Brenda wade to the ladder as she got out to change into her competitive lycra swimsuit. Josh looked around to see the other girls all had the blue one piece suits already on. Denise reached out and grabbed the little man from the water.

Josh kicked and struggled in the girls hand as seh held him up and looked at him. She was standing up in the shallow end of the pool, and the water only came up to her waist. Denise tossed her long brown hair back behind her shoulders and laughed at the Josh. He hung there as she examined him with amusement as he struggled against her incredible power.

"Put me down dammit. You can't just grab me like that."

"Awwww but I just did. What a cute little thing you are. I can't believe you, DJ is so lucky. Just look at you. You're like the most adorable thing ever. I can't wait until later tonight when we all play with you together."

"Lemme go I don't want to be played with!"

"Why not?"

"Because you girls could kill me you don't know your own strength. Fercrissake put me down already goddamit!"

"Shhh! Don't let the sisters hear you say that. Its a sin."


"Uh-Oh I better hide you. DJ will be angry if we get you taken away from us. Here you can ride between my boobs while we swim our laps."

"Sorry Sister Mary Francis."

"NO! NO! I'll drown!"

"You better find a better place for him Denise."

"Ok Alyssa. Hmmm yeah you're right. Oh I know where you can stay nice and warm!"

Denise then stuck him down the front of her swimsuit while she began wrapping her hair up in a bun. Josh immediately slid down between her breasts but stopped just below them, held in place by the taught fabric agaist her abdomen. No sooner had he been stationary for more than a minute or two when she reached down her front to pluck him out. She gave him a quick kisss and then pushed him right in the middle of her hair. Josh looked up and screamed as the rubber skull cape came over him and held him against her soft hair.

"There he should be nice and dry during our practice."

"Denise that is so funny."

"What? I'm keeping him warm and dry that's all."

"Hey I'm back where is DJ's little pet?"

"Denise has him under her rubber swim cap."

"Ooooo I was gonna try that."


Josh then was violently upended as he heard splashing and raoaring of the water. Denise swam lap after lap it seemed as the girls practiced the relay. He could hear the coaches whistle as the girls were forced to set and start over and over again. He could breathe a little from between Denise's hair and at least he was dry. He half expected to fall out but the cap held him firmly in place face down against her fragrant browm hair. Jozh wondered what was to become of him at the hands of these girls. They seemed younger and more innocent than either DJ or the seniors when they had him. He knew they were younger cause they were only the JV swim team and he hoped they would treat him gentler than the older girls had. Either way he really had no choice. All he could do is wait for practice to end and for the girls to take him to their bedrooms.

Josh was starting to have trouble breathing by the time practice was finally over. He was all sweaty too from being trapped between the rubber cap and her hair. Then the cap was removed, and Josh saw the outside world again.

"There you go, all done. Come with us to the locker rooms so we can shower and dress little men."

Denise pulled him out from her hair and held him up to her face as she got out of the pool and walked the length of it to the locker room door. Brenda and Alyssa and three other girls were also clustered around Denise, chatting and gossiping and really not even paying Josh much attention as they laughed and talked. Denise absent-mindedly brought him against her damp swimsuit, clutching him against her boobs as they walked. He could smell the strong scent of chlorine as she hugged him close to her slender figure. They walked through the locker room door and Josh was set down on one of the long wooden benches in front of the girls lockers.

"Now you wait here while the big girls shower and dress, ok? We will be back in a minute and then we are all going to get ready for bedtime. And that means playtime for DJ's little pet."

Denise and the other girls just laughed and stripped off their swimsuits. They paraded around naked in front of him like he wasn't even there. not paying him any attention. He found himself staring at one of the girls who's name he didn't yet know. She had shoulder length red hair and pale skin. She saw him staring and tossed her wet swimsuit on top of him. It knocked him over on the bench as she laughed.

"Hey now little thing stop staring at me it isn't polite. Haven't you ever seen a naked girl before? Here this should cool you off."

"Oooof! Mfffpt! Mffftp!"

This caused all the girls to burst out in laughter that rang throughout the shower room. He finally extricated himself from the wet suit after a few minutes only to see the girls all
walking over to the shower room.

"Hey don't leave me like this. Get me down from here."

"Don't worry little man" reassured Alyssa, "It's 8 PM, Sister and Mary Francis is already gone. You should be ok here for a few minutes while we shower. Don't even bother trying to escape even though its only a wooden bench it's way too high up for a little doll like you to get down from anyway."

Josh looked down from the bench and gulped. It was about a 15 foot drop to the floor. Not as high up as the girls dressers when the set him on the top of them but still way too high to get down from. He was trapped. He had no choice to wait there for the girls, out in the open while they showered...
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I could hear the girls showering as I was walking back and forth the length of the bench. I could hardly believe I had gotten myself into this situation yet again. I am beginning to think things would have been better off if I just stayed with Kacie and her sisters. Things were a lot less hectic.

“Kristy I am telling you that your sweater isn’t in here”

“Yes it is”

“It is not Kristy! God damn it why don’t you *pause* you *longer pause* beli *longer pause* believe”

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

“There is a man waving to us on the bench”

“So, haven’t you ever seen a guy before”

“Not like him, he is incredible”

“I don’t even see him”

“On the bench.”

“There is nothing their but a swimsuit and a, a, a, ah, a, ah ma, ma, ma, MAN!! MAN OVER THERE ON THE BENCH MAN!!”

I wasn’t sure what to do. Two large women were walking towards me. One was an Asian girl with long black hair a rather busty chest, a very skinny stomach but she didn’t really look that athletic she had more of a naturally skinny look to her. The other girl was a black girl which had her hair braided into what looked like a thousand strains coming off of her head. She had a more athletic look to her, small breasts which is obviously from a lot of work in the gym.

I found myself just waving dumbly at the two girls as they moved closer and closer to me. They looked over at each other, smiled and then the black girl snatched me. The two girls looked back for only a moment before running out the room.

The fist around me grew tighter and tighter squeezing the air out of me as they ran down the hall. I found my eyes bugging out and my chest hurting , my lungs screamed as she held me. I wanted to pound or flail, scream, anything would be helpful but nothing can come out as they ran. I finally blacked out much to my relief.

I woke up sometime later, it was now pitch black outside. I found myself looking up at a poster of Michael Jordan, the a moment later the face of the black girl was hovering above me.

“Is he a wake Tamika?”

“Yeah he is Kristy”

The Kristy’s Asian face plunges in next to Tamika. I groggily push myself backwards till I reach the pillow and find myself unable to go back and farther.

“What are we going to do with him?”

“Well it’s late, and we have class tomorrow so I am going to bed”

“Well let me play with him then”

“OH just let him be, you already almost killed him Tamika let him rest, you can see him all day tomorrow”

The warm palm of Kristy pressed against me as she slid into bed. I was lifted up into the air and she smiled at me then mashed me against her lips again and again.


I was then pulled away from her lips and slid down her body. She held me against her breasts and rolled onto her side.

“good night little man”


I awoke the next morning hugged into Kristy’s shirt, above me was her blankets and below me was Kristy herself. I could smell her everywhere, on the sheets, her shirt, on me. It was completely over powering.

I looked forward and began to crawl towards Kristy’s face, I began to shimmy upward when my hand touched her warm skin, my hand sunk into her immediately. It was at that moment Kristy began to adjust her body. My entire world was in motion. I grabbed the collar of the shirt as her breasts rubbed against each other just below me. I could feel her breasts pushing against my feet through her shirt then everything reversed itself all at once. I was pressed into the mattress of the bed as Kristy’s breasts bore down on me. I was completely immobilized as she continued to sleep. I could only lay here and wait. Wait is what I did for sometime then their was a loud ringing noise like a school bell. Kristy rolled over and off of me and sat up she stretched a bit as I crawled towards her pillow it was then her hand came down on top of me and I dangled in front of her face.

“UP GIRLS UP UP UP!, get to class now”


“Shouted all the girls from their room, Well little guy, you have quite a day ahead of you. I am sure Tamika is gonna take you to class with her.”

The girls laughed as Tameka walked down the hall with Josh in her fist. They were headed out the door to the classrooms. All around him were girls going to and from their rooms as they went to and returned from classes. They were all wearing the standard plaind skirt and white shirts that was the school uniform.

He was desperate to free himself so he bit down on her hand as hard as he could. He found himself in a free fall and hit the ground hard.

"Ow that hurt! Get back her ya little shit!"

Josh sprinted down the hall as fast as he could, dodging the long legs of the various girls left and right. Feet stamped down nearby almost crushing him to a pulp. He dashed into a doorway as Tameka stomped past and continued down the hall. He was relieved and looked back through the door frame just as he was grabbed from behind.

"Where were you? The girls on the Swim team have been looking all over for you!"

"Uh, DJ, I can explain..."

DJ wasn't listening. Josh was cuddled against her cheek as she fell back on her bed. She held him away at arms length, then cuddled him again against her cheek before kissing him and holding him against her breasts.

"Oh you are just so cute the way you try and escape me all the time. Don't you know there is no escape from me, and you're mine, forever?"

"But I was kidnapped by these two girls and-"

"Well I think there is just too much excitement going on here with you. I'm cancelling all your appointments. I just can't trust you not to try and escape the girls and I guess I can't trust them to watch you so you'll be staying here with me again. You can amuse me and my friends.

Since its Friday and the weekend is coming up, we're stuck here bored with no boys and nowhere to go, but now we got you."

"DJ no please let me go I beg you."

"I know, you can go to my volleyball practice with me after school. You can meet all my teammates and you can cheer us on and be our little mascot. Isn't that great?"

"But I don't want-"

Josh was swiftly lifted as DJ got up off the bed and walked over to the large fish tank where the dollhouse was. She lowered him in, then bent down to peer through the glass at her little prisoner.

"There. Back where you belong. Now be a good little boy and wait right there until after class. I will come for you then to take you to volleyball practice at 4 PM."

"No DJ let me out of here! Please let me go."

DJ just smiled and gave Josh a little giggle, then snapped off the light and shut the door. A second later he heard the click as she locked him in. He stared up at the glass walls that were way out of his reach, then walked dejectedly into his dollhouse and fell asleep in his doll bed, waiting for DJ's return in several hours...
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I awoke to the slamming of the door, followed by the roof the cage being pulled off the cage. The face of DJ smiling down at me appeared above me. her hand reached towards me. I quipped a few replies but she heard none.

"Good news I forgot we have a game today. So you are coming with. Its a long bus trip. We are staying over night and everything."

"Ahhh kacie can't I just stay here"

"Alone in my room? I dont think so. Maybe if we were at my house but not here at campus. There all sorts of weirdos like Ali who would want to grab you."

DJ then held me tighter so that i could barely breathe let alone speak. She ran down the hall with her volleyball bag banging against her.

I couldn't believe how many people were on this bus as DJ walked on. All of the JV members were staring at me in awe as DJ walked to the back to sit with the varsity members.

"hey girls, how are the carlson girls?"

"Great" they reply at the same time.

"DJ they can't be twins, they dont even look like each other."

"They are sisters, just different biological moms. You are so stupid sometimes"

"Ohhh you brought the little man! Let me see"

"I dunno"

"we kick it like dat gurl, If ya not trust'n me u aint trust'n u."

"Alright alright, just dont lose him."

"U da bomb gurl"

"A new set of hands wrapped around me and i was brought to the next seat over. The girl smiled at me and gave me a kiss."

"he is so cute"

"Pass him down Jennifer"

"Oh alright, cant i see him"

"Hey no mooching on my time"

"I will pay you 5 bucks"

"5 bucks huh" a smile spreads across Dj's face.

"Hey now! I'm ya gurl! You ain't gonna turn ya back on ya girl are ya?"

"Its 5 bucks though!"

"Okay 10! your gettin ten from ya girl"

"20!! Blurts out Jennifer"

"50!! Kayla and I got 50 up here"

"Come on girls i am gettin 50 from Kayla and Ami"

"Well Jen and i are going together we got 51.93"

"51.93 by Jen and Carla. Do i hear 55? 55 anyone? Okay 51.93 going once! going Twice so.."

"The JV team has 238.67 for all of today and tommmorrow!"


"I thought you said she was girl?"

"Ya well, bread is her love"

I kicked and screamed as new set of hands grabbed me. I was shoved against this Latina girls face as she kissed me then passed me to th seat ahead of her.

"awww your so cute"

I was rammed against this girls chest as she massaged me into her breasts then blew me a kiss and passed me to the next seat up. I was about ready to cry when i saw tha i still had two seats to go just to make it to the JV team. This time I was once again brought up to the girls face. She blew her hair out of her eyes and gave me a big kiss and then pulled me away and was going to pass me when she gave me another kiss and then started to hug me against her breasts.




As i was past to the last seat before reaching the JV team I was about to be cuddled when a strong set of hands grabbed me and i was pulled into the first JV seat. This girl was huge. She was 6'5, athletically toned to perfection, she had dark black hair, a great tan and green eyes and warm bubble gum breathe.

"aren't you the cutest thing."

"DJ! I am gonna get you for this DDDDDDJJJJAAAAYYYYY"

"wow he really is mad i can hear him squeaking at me all the way back here."

"Not Now Im counting!! Hey wait a minute theres only 64 cents back here."

"we passed back 67 well theres only 64 cents back here give me 3 cents or pass him back here"

"FOR LOVE OF GOD SOMONE GIVE HER 3 CENTS i cant handle this."

The JV team and the varsity erupted into a huge argument as this giant amazon held me in her grip! I finally clampe down on her hand and took off running.


"I heard a clack, clack, clack of someone shoes approaching. I looked up to see a college aged girl with her hair pulled back. I gulped as i relized she must have been the coach.

"No one is getting him until we get back to the school."

"But but our money"

"DJ pass back the money"

"FUCK THAT all sales final"

"Whatever, Now in you go and i better not hear a single word out of you."

I was tossed into her overnight bag.

"shhhh dont worry i just have to look tough infront of the girls." mumbles the coach jsut loud enough for me to hear. I was about to reply but the bag was zipped and closed shut.

"Only 8 more hours till conneticut girls"

Josh was trapped in the older girl's gym bag with now way out. He could hear the girls laughing and yelling and gossiping in the world outside his bag. He sighed and lay down on a terrycloth towel.

"Hey Rebecca, let my little man out. You're not the coach anyway, just some intern and you aren't even gonna be with us for long."

"You may have him after the game and not before. Now sit down and shut up DJ."

"Yeah DJ shut up. After all it was us who paid for him for the day."

"Well you girls just lost your money thanks to Miss Bossy here. Just because she's 20 and in college she thinks she can boss us around."

"Hey no fair we paid for him!"

"Well there are no refunds on little man rentals."

"DJ you are such a bitch sometimes."

"Thank you."

The conversation went around and around for ever, and finally Josh dozed off. He took the time unbothered by these titanic young women to catch up on his sleep. It seemed that the eight hour bus trip only took a few minutes as he woke at the sound of the bus' airbrakes coming to a stop. Then his bag-prison was lifted up voilently as the bag was grabbed by Rebecca.

"Here you are Rebecca. I hope its not too far to your sorority house from here."

"It's not far Sister Mary Francis. I can walk from here."

"Do you have all you're stuff?"

"I sure do. I have my gym bag and my duffel bag right here. Thank you so much for letting me intern with the team the past season. It was awesome, thanks for the opportunity."

Josh listened with horror as the girl carrying the gym bag he was in prepared to exit the bus.

"Rebecca you had better go or we will be late for our tournament. We still have another two hours to go until we get to Hartford."

"Girls say goodbye to Rebecca. She is going back to college now that her internship has finished."

"Hey give me the little man back before you leave!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah give him back to DJ!"

"Yeah! He's supposed to be ours."

"Girls what ever are you talking about?"

"Rebecca stole my little man Sister. She put him in her gym bag and she won't give him back."

"That's just silly DJ. There are no such things as little men."



"But Sister Mary Francis you don't understand, she...OW!"

"That's ten knocks on the knuckles for talking out of line young lady! Rebecca good luck to you and good bye."

"Help DJ help me! I'm being stolen again."

But it was two late. In a second the girl had bounded out the door and the bus roared away, leaving him with a twenty year old girl named Rebecca at the University of Connecticut. Once again a stranger in a strange land. Prisoner to a girl he didn't know. He heard the steady footfalls as she walked with him at a brisk pace.

She stopped and unzipped the bag for a second and peered in. Josh saw the pretty face, her long straight brown hair spilling into the bag and all around him as she held he gym bag close to her breasts as she talked to the tiny man inside.

"That was close. Now I got you for my very own, little man. I can't wait to get you back to the house. You are going to make me so popular with my sorority sisters! This is SO cool!"

"Please Miss, why can't you just let me go?"

"Let you go? Are you crazy? I want to keep you, you're so cute look at you in there with my towels and stuff. You are just adorable. I can't wait to get you in my room so I can look at you better."

"Awww please just set me down and let me go."

"Shhhhh! Were heading up the steps to the Chi Omega house right now. I'm gonna zip the bag up till we get to my room little man."

"No wait miss-ZIIIIIIIIIIIIP!"

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I could feel her running up the steps then stop. I could almost hear the gears in her head working overtime. Rebecca then started moving again. I could feel the cool night air wisp through a whole somewhere in the bag.

I slunk against the bag and slid down knowing there was nothing i could do. I was busy sulking when a loud ringing came througuh bag. the ringing wasn't just a normal ring it was a familar ring ic ouldnt quite place it at first. Then I remembered it was Sk8er boi by avril lavigne. A gigantic hand swept into the bag.

"Hello? who is this"

"I hope you enjoy your little man bitch becuase I am coming."


I heard becky yell angrily and then toss the cellphone back into the bag. She stared down at me and shouted something about this being all my fault then zipped the bag back up.

The rocking motion continued on for sometime as she continued to move. I finally heard the rattling of keys.

"Hey baby"

"Jimmy! I missed you so much"

I was knocked end over end by two bodies collidign against each other then i could hear a bunch of kissing. I was about to yell for help when I started thinking about a giant guy. I cursed to myself as this bitch had outsmarted me knowing all to well i wont run away in a guys apartment. What hope i would have? getting caught by a guy? Shudder.

"Look, princes, queen, goddess, Love, I have to go to work."

"Aww baby! Come on please stay! I jsut got in and I came to see you right away."

"I know, I know look stay here *kiss* and then when i get back I will make it worth your while alright?"


I heard the door open and close then the all too familar rocking returned but there was a zip sound then a bright light shining in everywhere. I closed my eyes as I felt a warm firm object wrap around me.

"Looks like you will be entertaining me till Jimmy comes back."

"Look just let me go, I can find my way back to DJ. She may have been a bitch but atleast she cared on some level for me. You're just a bitch."

"awe, poor baby. You're mine now so just deal with it. I have needs to you know, and you fit all those needs just right."

"needs? wh, what do you mean" i sputter out nervously.

"its simple really. You are the most precious thing i have ever seen and it's not right some brat like DJ has you. I figure you can be my sex slave because incase you didn't know...I am a horney little thing, I like getting fucked more then a guy"


"DJ, look its not that bad. I mean it could be worse."

"What do you mean it could be worse. I lost my little man and i never even got to show him to daddy. DADDY!! I should have thought about this earlier."

Dj grabs her cellphone from her pocket and smiles at the Carlson girls.

"Hi Daddy, do you know the little man i was telling you about. Yeah, i faxed his picture to your office. Yeah that one, well some bitch stole him. Her name is Becky, Becky Gustufson. Yeah, Do your thing, shes going to the university of the conneticut. I want her taken care of and i dont care how. Thanks dad"

"So whats the deal is he gonna do it"

"Of course, In two weeks he will be all mine once again and that bitch will pay, she fucked with the wrong girl. I will have her in the palm of my hand all to soon."

"DJ you are really starting scare us"

"Well, as long as you roll with me you got now worries."

***************meanwhile with becky************
"Okay lets play some games."

I was held down firmly against the coffee table while a piece of plastic rope was tied around me. The second i felt her hand release i knew i bolted up realizing that if i didnt get out of here before Jimmy came back I might not ever get out of here. This girls a freak and I dont want to be included in her games.

I heard a winding noise like the kind of fishing rod makes when you snag a big fish. I continued to running not paying it much attention hoping that i could find something to break this rope before she stopped me.

"I got a big one"

I felt myself being reeled backwards and soon i was being pulled off the ground. I looked up seeing the rope attached to a fishin pole. i was helpless as I dangled infront of the face of the now nude Becky. She spread her legs wide open and began to lower me towards her pussy head first. She stopped when I was just above her pussy lips.


I did as i was told as i didn't want any trouble. I began to lick feverishly as Becky began to moan in pleasure.
Becca was moaning feverishly as she held Josh against her wet pussy. Josh did the best he could to try and please her but it was ridiculous to ever try because she had his arms pinned to his side, then she simply mashed his face against her.

Josh struggle to free him self as she pleasured herself with his tiny body. He kept licking even though she was grinding him aginst her faster and faster. Josh thought she was gonna break his neck but he suddenly lifted him away and dropped him between her boobs. She brought her one forearm down over him, pressing her boobs together over his body while her other hand fingered herself. Josh was literally buried in her flesh was her body rose and fell beneath her as her breathing got more and more excited. The small bedroom echoed with Rebecca's gentle moaning as brought herself off. Not being aquainted with the little men she was careful not to be too rough right away since she wanted to keep him for a long time.

The first order of business for her was keeping DJ from finding little Josh. Unfortunately the only was she could possibly keep him hidded was with the help of her fellow sorority sisters. She hated the idea of having to share him with anybody but she saw no other way to keep him from DJ's clutches.

She reached over to her nightstand, displacing the little man from his prison in her cleavange. He slid down her ribcage and came to rest on her firm stomach. As she dialed her cell phone with her right hand she pinned Josh against her stomach with her left hand. Josh couldn't move. He was held securely in place by this overgrown coed.

"Holly? It's me Rebecca can you come upstairs to my room right away? Hurry I need a favor of you and I don't want Jimmy to find know. Thanks. See you in a few."

Rebecca snatched the little man off her stomach and got off the bed, holding him in her fist. She walked over to the door and grabbed her bathrobe from the hook on the back of the door. She slipped her arm through the sleeve, clutching Josh as she did so. The silk fabric slid over him as she passed him though the sleeve hole and out the side.

"Now you be good little man. I'm going to show you to my friend Holly. She's going to look after you while Jimmy and I see each other."

"Please don't show me to anybody else. Juse let me go."

"Silly I can't do that. Somebody else would end up finding you or a cat would eat you. No you'll do better staying her with me. I'll get my friends to help hide you from DJ since she doesn't know them. Don't worry little dolly man, DJ is never getting you back. No way."

"Dammit this isn't fair!"

"Well it's not my fault you're so tiny. Here you can wait on my desk."

As Josh was set down he looked over the side. Even though it wasn't as tall as her nearby dresser it was still to high up to even think about trying to get down unassisted. It waa moot anyway as the door swung open and an average siZed girl with curly auburn hair and green eyes entered. Josh panicked and hid behind a pencil holder, even though it was too small to conceal him from the giantess who just entered the room.

"Hi Becca, when did you get back?"

"Just before. Listen Holly you've got to do me a huge favor. Are you going out tonight?"

"No. Chrissy and me were going to finish sending out the invitations to the Alumni for 2003 Homecoming Weekend. They need to go out in the next day or so. Why?"

"Well I know you won't believe me but while I was at Robinsdale interning for the Volleyball team on of the girls found this man, only he was tiny like a little doll. Anyway she brought him on the bus ride to the tournament and I swiped him. I want to keep him but this girl is rich and wants him back. Also Jimmy is coming over later so I need you to help me."

"Help with what? What the hell are you talking about little men? What kind of bullshit is this Becca."

"Well look on my desk if you don't believe me."

Rebecca nodded over to her desk where Josh was huddled behind the pencil holder. As Holly slowly approached he crouched down even further to try and and avoid her persistent gaze but it was no use. He scent drifted into his nostrils as she bent over the desk, scanning it with her sparkling eyes. He flinched and she noticed the movement immediately.

"Oh god, what is that?"

"I was telling you. Isn't he amazing?"

"Oh my god." She peered down at the tiny cowering figure, her hair spilling around him, intimidating him with her nearness to him.

"Get the hell away from me."

"My god, it speaks!"

"He sure does. He's my new little pet. He's gonna be our newest house guest. Maybe we should make him the sorority house mascot."

"Ooooo that would be cool. We could all borrow him and play with him and stuff. Can I touch him."

"Yeah but be careful. He's fragile."

"You may NOT touch me young lady. I demand to be...HEY! What do you think you are doing? Put me down! Put me down dammit help!"

"He is so light, and he's soft and warm."

Holly had wasted no time scooping him up in her fist. She held him up to her face and studied him carefully in her hand, turning him around and over as she examined him from every angle.

"Awww...look at you. You're amazing. A little tiny man! I can't believe you are actually alive and I'm holding you with one hand. This is SO cool."

"I'm glad you like him so much because I need you to watch him while Jimmy comes over. Plus I need to hide him from the teen brat if she ever comes to get him back. You can play with him but please don't hurt the little thing. Deal?"


"Cool. I will come by late tonight to get him."

"Don't I have a say in this?"

"Sure you do. You can be quiet and behave while we go to my room. You can help Chrissy and me finish the invitations ok?"

"That sounds boring."


Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Jimmy. He didn't bother waiting for he reply he just walked right in. Holly quickly stuffed little Josh in her bra so he wouldn't be seen.

"Hey what's up skanks?"

"Hi Jimmy."

"Hey Holly, you know what would look good on you? ME!"


"Hey come on Holly, if you aren't doing anything tonight you could hook up with Becca and me. I'd love to bag both of you at once."

"Jimmy that is such a male chauvinist pig thing to say."

"So? I say live by the truth."

"Holly thanks for doing that favor for me. I will see you later."

"Yo Holly if you change your mind we'll keep a spot on the bed for you."

"Drop dead Jimmy. By girlfriend."

Holly left the room and closed the door behind her. She quickly reached into her bra and pulled the tiny man out and held him up to her face.

"Ok little man, my name's Holly, and Rebecca says you're mine for the next few hours. Let's go meet Chrissy so we can finish the alumni invitations. I know, you could help us lick envelopes!"

"I can't lick envelopes! They are bigger than I am. I don't have gallons of saliva. I'm only five inches tall!"

"Excuses, excuses. Let's go."

Josh screamed for just a second before the girl buried him in her chest. She hugged him close as she walked to her room...

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