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A list of things three people want to do before they die...
[Introduction] I was sitting at my desk staring out of the window a couple of months ago and wondering about the future.

What would it hold for me?

How could I get done what I wanted to?

You know... the usual!

Then I realised that, appart from finishing University and getting a degree in Nursing (which would lead to a job) I really wasnt sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life...

Now some people might think that a lifelong carear prospect is plenty to be getting on with, but those who know me well know that I'm forever on the go and am not happy unless I push back the limits of common sense and time useage to new levels...

So I put my head together with two of the best friends I could ever have, and we came up with a list of 100 things (some funny, some even serious) that we wanted to do...
1. Write a list of 100 things to do before you die
A Non-Existent User
3. Meet, in person, friends I've become close to on the internet that live far away.
4. Learn to play a musical instument
A Non-Existent User
6. Take a picture of the Mona Lisa, in person... in the Louvre... in Paris... right after I climbed all 1671 steps of the Eiffel Tower.
7. Save a life
A Non-Existent User
9. Shake the hand of Elton John... the best performer in the world.
10. Crowd surf (not necessarily at an Elton John concert)
A Non-Existent User
12. Parasail from white sandy beaches over the warm, beautiful blue waters of Mexico.
13. Learn to fly a plane
A Non-Existent User
15. Finish writing a book that I can be proud of, whether or not it gets published.
16. Perform a handbrake turn in a car
A Non-Existent User
18. Learn another language or two, fluently, maybe French and Swedish.
19. Become a wizard (or for those of the other gender *Wink* a witch)
A Non-Existent User
21. Learn to draw.
Face down a charging bull
A Non-Existent User
24. Learn how to fix my own computer and not rely on others.
25. Go dancing in the pouring rain
A Non-Existent User
27. Be content with myself.
28. Drive a convertible down route 66 with freinds by my side.
A Non-Existent User
30. Learn to snow ski (and I'll throw water ski in there, just for the heck of it *Wink*).
31. Dazzle a crowd of people on the dance floor
A Non-Existent User
33. Run a 10k
34. Own a longsword (and know how to use it!)
A Non-Existent User
36. Learn to play the piano.
37. Go windsurfing
A Non-Existent User
39. Develope a talent for photography.
40. Become a member of the government
A Non-Existent User
42. Travel and see more of my country...
43. Obtain a lifetime membership of Writing.com
A Non-Existent User
45. Run for political office.
46. Own my own island
A Non-Existent User
48. Go to Disney World.
49. Read all 7 Harry Potter books cover to cover, back to back, one after the other with no interuptions!
A Non-Existent User
51. Stand up for myself.
52. Invent or discover something that changes the world for the better.
A Non-Existent User
54. Become debt free!
55. Appear in a walk on role in a popular TV show
A Non-Existent User
Take a cruise to Alaska.
58. Stand atop Buckingham Palace and play 'God Save the Queen' on an electric guitar
A Non-Existent User
Dance - without being self-conscious...
61. Write a film script
A Non-Existent User
Wish FM - 1 Writer to rule them all a happy birthday IN PERSON! *Wink*
64. Deliver a letter by Owl post (a la Harry Potter)
A Non-Existent User
66. Learn about egyption history and visit the pyramids.
67. Go on a spending spree in Harrods
A Non-Existent User
Go cliff diving in Acapulco... (okay, maybe just go to watch *Wink*)
70. Actually be able to make my computer, laptop, palmtop and mobile phone work together like they should do according to the sales people.
A Non-Existent User
72. Work as a school guidance counselor.
73. Be able to go driving without getting stuck at traffic jams or traffic lights every five minutes!
A Non-Existent User
75. Go on a long hike in the mountains, without getting lost.
76. Have a star named after me.
A Non-Existent User
Be pulled behind a boat on a big giant innertube, really really fast.
79. Stop a war from happening.
A Non-Existent User
81. Learn to take criticism gracefully.
82. Be able to make that someone special go weak at the knees with just a look *Heart*
A Non-Existent User
Make sure I tell my freinds and family how much I love them so that when I DO die... they won't wonder and I'll be at peace.
85. Work out how to bend the laws of physics enough to cram as much as I want into my room and not worry about it collapsing in on itself black 'hole style' due to excessive mass occupying a small space.
A Non-Existent User
See "The Nutcracker" on stage in NYC.
88. Have a crowd burst into song and dance 'Grease style'.
A Non-Existent User
90. Go club hopping and dance dance dance.
91. Work my way through the massive pile of lecture notes on my desk, turning them into a computer database which I then sell for loads of £££ to students all over the world!!!
A Non-Existent User
93. Surf the waves in Hawaii
94. To actually have more than 94 things I want to do in life *Wink*
A Non-Existent User
96. Stop worrying about the things that I can do nothing about and start doing things about the things I can.
97. Remember that a smart and sarcastic response is not called for in every situation!
A Non-Existent User
99. Learn how to deal with my "funks"...
100. FINISH a list of 100 things to do before you die *Wink*
Well there it is... a list of 100 things to do before you die...

Now all we need to do is... well... dothem!

The End!

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