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To win made everything possible in the Matrix, now a full scale war threatens it all.
[Introduction] Neo won against the the Matrix and its Machine programs. He defeated Smith in open battle and destroyed him.

Peace reigned until Neo died of old age and infused his code into every unjacked human to help them in case of defending themselves in the Matrix. This means everyone could do what Neo could do when they were wired into the Matrix allowing them to hold themselves against agents.

But because of the death of Neo, more agents and different agents have came to power. And they aren't happy. They have already initiated a new program that caused the Matrix to go into a post-apocalyptic prototype program simulating the fall of the human age and the rise of the machines. Newer and faster programs came into play and now.. instead of fighting in real life... they will fight in cyber life where even death is possible.

Live free.. you have that always... but to die free.. you are going to have to fight for it.. with your last dying breath.
A form broke into the clearing at a unnamed park. He was clothed in tan pants and blood red t-shirt. He wore a cloak covering the rest of his body with a hood. His long brown ponytail was flowing with the wind because of how fast he was running. He did not like to fly.

Stev broke at a run. He was in old New York City. He looked around him and all he saw was rubble. The machines had destroyed all of the humans and made them into machines to fight against. Whenever they destroyed a machine, they destroyed the human.. or so they thought. They didn't know for sure. The remaining real humans were in concentration camps or hidden but the hidden ones didn't last for long.

He had recently gotten to one of the hiding places and he walked in to see the mangled remains of the two humans hidden there. Blood was everywhere even on the ceiling. Bone and flesh were flung against walls and no bit of furniture was whole.. and there was the remaining tattered remains on it.. in a pile. It was a Hunter's calling card.

He reached a phone both but a hunter reached it before him and was waiting there.

Oh god, here were go again, Stev thought.

Out came two pistols and began firing rapidly at it. The android dodged and returned fire with a sawed-off shotgun. Stev leaped into the air to dodge the pellets. He kept firing but the bullets had no affect upon the Hunter... he had the agent sub-program as part of their core programming. Stev landed and broke off into a run again as the Hunter fired another shot from the sawed off installed into his hand.

"Only way to destroy these things is hand to hand," the operator reported to him through his earpiece.

"Roger" Stev confirmed. He dropped the guns and brought out two camas (minature scythes) and attacked again. The Hunter fired his shotgun again and Stev dodged by jumping. Abilities that Neo had infused into everyone were paying off greatly in this war of survival. Stev lashed out and chopped the shotgun armment away from the Hunter.

"Take that, machine!" The android looked at its hand and the barrel unscrewed itself before falling to the ground. From the arm shot a lashknife (knife on a chain). It slung out its arma and caught one of the kamas and pulled. Stev let go of it and slung the other one at it.

"Oh God, Its an upgrade" the operator said. Stev sighed and jumpkicked it. It didn't dodge fast enough and it was knocked into the wall. It burst from the wall near the telephone both and attacked Stev again with the lashknife. Stev dodged the overhead slash and grabbed the chain, pulling the Hunter to him. Using the Hunter's own momentum, he rolled onto his back with the Hunter over his head then rolled ontop of the Hunter. He grabbed the neck and ripped out the cords there. The Hunter was dead.

"Get me out of here operator!" Stev said. There was two agents down at the end of the street and they both did not look happy... but they never did.
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Lost in the darkness, Daniel looked down onto the city, a large trench coat flocked wildly in the wind, a symbol of large wings were on the back off his coat. Daniel smiled, looked down on the city. He pulled the amazing new force into his body. jumping into the air and flying high into the sky. He loved to fly, fly so high.

Ten minutes later, Daniel landed onto a skyscaper overlooking a crowded street. Suddenly, he turned around. The horrible sight of an 'upgraded' agent standing behind him.

"Hiya fellows!" Daniel laughed as two more appeared from the rubbles of the top floor. As the first pulled his weapon, Daniel doubled back flipped over the side and began to fall to the earth. Half way down, he grabbed a flagpole and smashed into the building.

Into a room with a telephone, which was ringing loudly!
Angeless was just standing in the center of a large abandoned old park. His trench coat sheilded him from the rainfall. His short black spiky hair was darkening as it got wet. But his face was completly dry due to his long heavly gelled white fringe. One of his hands hidden within his trench coat. He was holding a large gattling gun in his hand.

"Come and get me "shouted Angeless.

Only a Hunter came to his call.

"Sup. How you feeling Sparky "smiled Angeless?

"Better than you human "answered the Hunter.

"Hey are you a member of the church. Cos you look like a holy man to me "smiled Angeless pulling out the gattling gun and pointing it at the Hunter.

Angeless fired the Gattling gun and filled the Hunter with lead. It went down but got back up again and fired several shots at Angeless. Angeless avoided them but one shot did clip his trench coat and graze his arm.

"MotherF***er. Are you out of your Damm mind "shouted Angeless dropping the Gattling gun and pulling out a Katana and moving closer to the Hunter.

<Mess that thing up man>

"You're going down "shouted Angeless.

Angeless punched the Hunter a few times and them cut it's head off in one move.

"Get some bears out. I'm coming Home....So lets Party....Yeee-Haaa "shouted Angeless laughing along with the Operater as he put away his Katana.

Angeless ran and then jumped up into the air and flew as fast as he could creating a huge shockwave in his wake. He arrived at a Phone and exited just as the shockwave hit the phone booth.
The agents were drawing their guns as Stev bolted down the streets. The upgraded agents weren't to be trifled with. One they could destroy but two they couldn't. Neo warned them about destroying agents though, he didn't want them to fight another smith ever again.

<down the street to the left> the operator said.

Stev did exactly that and got into the phone booth as they rounded the corners. He saw them shoot and he slowed the bullets long enough to unjack from the matrix.

He awoke to a bald black man standing over him. He wore a simple peasants garb with a necklace of a cross.. the long dead religion of christianity's symbol... on his neck.

"That was close" Fate, the one of the operators, told him.

Stev nodded. "That was close. Did the others survive?"

"They are fixing to unjack ." Fate nodded.

"We've got to defeat the machines.... we can't keep fighting like this day in and day out." Stev sighed.

"Especially since the machines keep learning everything we use against them." Fate mentioned.

Stev looked and saw the others still jacked in to the Matrix.

Godspeed and come home safe, Stev thought.
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The air was damp, it seems that Daniel had yet another mission to do just before he left the Matrix, he walked hastely through a busy street. A sea of heads and nameless souls. Daniel pushed through the opposing crowd. He bumped into people and qucikly thought to himself.

How can these people continue in this life, it just seems wrong!

Slowly, Daniel turned into a small building, he walked into an elevator and pushed the highest button towards the floor 21. After a minute, he reached a long corridor with doors all around him. With a hurried walk, he made his way to a white door, with its number rubbed away. With deep breath. He knocked on it and waited for a voice!
Angeless awoke to see the operator standing over him.

"Hey where's my beer. I wish this lot would hurry up and unjack. I want to get the party started "asked Angeless jumping down from the chair.

"Shut up Angeless. You still need to fix those fuses and the supports back there need fixing. You've been saying you'll fix them for the last two weeks "sighed Fate.

Angeless walked off and went to fix the supports first and then the fuses. He put on some goggles and got a blow torch and started to weld thick rods of metal to the support and then fixing the crack with inch thick steel plates. He was missing something as he worked. He flicked on the switch to a nearby box shaped thing and put a small squar disk and hit it again. Loud music began to fill the ship as he fixed what needed to be fixed where he was.


Stev was not that close to where Angeless was and he could hear Angeless's music pouring into his cabin.

"Well Angeless must have unjacked "sighed Stev.


By the time Angeless was done welding he had been in there for three hours already. He moved onto the fuses. Another tedius job that would ocupie him for a few more hours depending on how much dammage had been caused to them. He pulled out a few and examined them.

"Shit "shouted Angeless as he saw the ones he'd pulled out were beyond a simple maitanance.

He went back up to complain to anyone who was around.

"I'm a screwing pilot for gods sake. I shouldn't be fixing things "muttered Angeless as he carried two of the fuses up to see whoever the first person he met.

Slamming them down on a table he looked at fate.

"Hey How the hell am I meant to fix these. The entire fuse is burnt out. Hell the wiring has bloody melted. I sure as hell won't be doing any piloting anytime soon. These will take time to fix "shouted Angeless.

He grabbed the fuses and stomped off to try and fix them.

I'm a bloody Pilot NOT a Mechanic "shouted Angeless slamming doors open as he headed towards the sound of his music.

Anybody who came to talk to him while he was working on the fuses would generaly resive rude replies an tools being thrown at them.
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*Man, I didnt know it was my turn. sorry guys......... I'm out of ideas. :( I feel so disappointed sorry.*
Everyone began to unjack slowly but Stev was getting impatient.

"Everyone needs to get ready for shore leave!"
Angeless poked his head around the corner of the bulkhead and smiled.

"Did somebody say Shoreleave? "he said rubbing his hands together?

"Sometimes I swear you have a sixth sense for the word shoreleave "sighed Stev.

"Hey...I've been wroking back there for 6 hours. I deserve some credit. This rust bucket is this close to falling apart...again "he sighed scrattching his head and sticking his tounge out.
"Yeah, this rust bucket is falling apart. That is why we need shore leave in Zion. Put down at the docks and let the crews there do the serious repairs while we visit our families. Sounds good?"

Angeless just nodded. He liked the idea. Going over to the PA, he announced it aloud to the whole ship. Cheers were heard throughout.

"Zion full speed ahead!"
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::Earlier that night in the Matrix::

Bree smirked at the upgraded agents that had followed her. They tailed her down a dead end ally. “Well boys,” she said smartly. “Bring it on!”
<What the hell are you doing Bree?> the operator hollered. She ignored him, shoving the phone in her trench coat pocket. She grabbed her guns and came out shooting.

The agents were way ahead of her and they charged. She pushed off the ground and flipped over their heads. Bree landed into a front handspring, back tuck with ease and smirked at the agents. “We’ll finish this later,” she winked. “I got a phone to catch!”

With that she took off into the air. She reached the top of the tall buildings and howled in delight. That had been a close one. She put her guns away in her coat and took out the phone. <Operator> the voice on the line rang.
“Fate my man, where to?”
<Building over on 7th, top floor, room 215>
“Got it.”

Bree put the phone away and enjoyed her flight. It had been awhile since she was able to do that. Her ebony hair was in its normal ponytail but now a few strands blew out. Her deep blue eyes glittered in the moonlight and she sighed.

Bree was the only girl on their ship, the Liegos, sister ship to the Logos. That got her lots of hard times but she tried not to let it bother her. She had earned her right to be there, just like all the others. Of course it was awkward at times.

She was about 5’5” with gentle curves and a farmer’s tan. She was a tomboy, and normally wore her blue jeans, boots and black tank-top like now. Maybe it was her natural fierce nature that made those on the ship reject her.

It was that attitude that got Bree into lots of trouble before she was unplugged. That was when she had been 16, which was a bit old to release a mind. Now she was almost 19 and her hacking skills had grown even better since she was completely free to use them.

Bree turned onto her back as she flew to look up at the sky. She had reached her destination and flipped over to plunge toward the ground. She landed on the fire escape outside room 215 and opened the window. The phone rang loud and clear as she picked it up.

~ * ~ * ~

“Bout time!” Bree heard someone grumble as she was unjacked. It was Stev. She smiled at his antics and walked right past him. “Where were you all this time?”
“Having some fun, more then I can say for you,” she joked.
“Hey I had a very good time thank you,” Angeless spoke, coming up through the bulkhead and sealing it.

“It’s all fixed now I think,” he said. “Where the hell were you to help me?” he asked Bree.
“I’m a hacker… not a mechanic.”
“And I’m a pilot… nobody cares ‘round here,” he countered and they both laughed. Stev shook his head and left to get the ship on course to Zion. He and Angeless were a few of those she had started to bond with since she came on board.

~ * ~ * ~


The Liegos sailed through the bay doors and settled down on its landing pad. The crew burst off happily, glad to finally be home after a whole month. They were greeted by family and friends, all exchanging hugs and passionate kisses with lovers.

Bree sighed, walking past them all. There would be no one here for her, there never was. “Wait up Bree,” someone called behind her. It was Daniel. She let him fall into step beside her. “Don’t you have someone to meet?” he asked when she passed everyone.

“No,” she said simply. “You?” Danny shook his head. Bree studied him. He hadn’t opened up much to her since she came onto the crew. Now she wondered about him. He smiled a lopsided grin.
“You know you’re aight,” he said, patting her back.
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she laughed.

They walked through the levels. Daniel occasional called out to someone he knew but Bree knew no one. She had never let herself bond to anyone or anything. What was wrong with her? Why didn’t anyone want to hang with her? Was it because she acted like a guy? Who knew in this day and age?

“You know there’s a big welcome back party in the caverns tonight,” Daniel said. “Wanna go?” Bree was shocked, why would he ask her to go?
“Okay,” she finally managed. He smiled happily as he walked to an elevator.
“I’ll meet you there,” he waved before the doors shut.

Bree was left there, stunned, and wondering. Why did he want to hang out with her? She shrugged; maybe this dance thing would be good for her. Bree was an excellent dancer anyway and she loved to groove.

She looked down at her torn up old clothes. She didn’t own dresses, skirts, or anything fancy like some of the other girls in Zion. ‘Oh, who cares,’ she thought, heading up to her living quarters. Bree probably only had one thing that wasn’t torn up and looked half descent, she was just a bit worried on wearing it.

She didn’t want to give the wrong impression to her shipmate. Still it would be better then wearing the same battle ridden clothes as always. What the hell was going on with her? Who the hell cared anyway? Bree just let it go as she threw her bag onto the floor of her apartment. Home sweet home.
Stev hid away from the folks that gathered for their return. Many more ships returned but also delivered the news that at least one of its crew had fallen to the agents. Some delivered news of the rescue of people that were linked up as batteries but still Stev knew that the population was dropping unless people started getting better at dealing with the agents.

Stev wandered around the walkways, just aimlessly wandering.
Angeless was sat in his room just laying on his bunk reading a book. A couple hours rest them he'd be heading back up to the docks to try and secure extra supplies for the Liegos. Also he was keen to try and get some of the repair crews to start on their refit.

"Geeze....I'm a pilot and I still end up making sure my ship can haul its ass up off the floor "sighed Angeless putting down his book.

He headed back up to the docks and gazed at his ship.

"Looks like their finaly fixing the three pads I burnt out...Now If only they got me a comfy chair "he thaught to himself.

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