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We're still looking for more people! Two groups of assassins with supernatural gifts.
[Introduction] Two groups must join together or be destroyed by another.

The Blackstone Knights: A group of young men with special gifts, using them to do special assignments (much like assassins, but they also steal, set people up, anything like that) for money.

The Dark Angels: Like the Blackstone Knights, but are female, and focused on killing mostly.

The two groups are often fighting each other, but soon, they will have to team up to fight off a special group of ex-blackstone knights disguised as FBI agents.

But can they push aside their differences?

The Blackstone Knights-
Leader: Chris ((Taken))
Gift(s): Invisibility, Telepathy, Psychometry(Getting knowledge of an object or person through touch/an encounter with them)

Second in command: David
Gift(s): Telekinesis and slight telepathy- not enough to really get through difficult mind blocks.

Other: Brian
Gift(s): Time Travel and empathy

Other: Kyle ((Taken))
Gift(s): Premonitions

Other: Jason
Gift(s): Wind

The Dark Angels-

Leader: Jasmine ((Taken))
Gift(s): Telepathy, Fire, And Clairsentients. (Sensitivity to energy, able to sense things/know things without hearing or seeing them)

Second in command: Jessica ((Taken))
Gift(s): Electricity and Telekinesis

Other: Angie
Gift(s): Water

Other: Carrie ((Taken))
Gift(s): Able to create shields and Heal

Other: Lauren
Gift(s): Clairvoyant

Relationships to build on:

Brian x Lauren
Chris x Jessica
David x Jasmine
Kyle x Carrie
Jason x Angie

The "FBI" (Aka: The Shadows):
Name: Joshua (Josh)
Gift: Water

Name: Jordan-- Currently the FBI leader
Gift: Fire and telepathy

Gift: Wind

Gift: Electricity


Jordan was always facinated by Jasmine's gift and skill as an assassin, and even formed feelings for her.

Josh is Jasmine's ex boyfriend, and always hated David because David thought he was better than he was, and David was often thought to highly of by others(or so he thinks. David is actually quite gifted).

Ben and Brian were Jessica's best friends until Ben had been hired to kill her, and when he attempted it, there was tons of damage done to the relationship.

Brian and Ben were the best of friends until Ben tried to kill Jessica, getting Ben kicked out of the BK, as well as difficulty between Jess and Brian..

Ryan is Brian's brother. Brian was always the favored one, and Ryan couldn't stand it.

Rememeber, they HATE each other at first, but after the threat from the "FBI," they meet with each other to talk about grouping up, and a few start falling for each other then.


~ Jasmine Star Raine
Name: Jasmine Star Raine

Nickname: Angel of Death

Age: 17

Job/Rank: Leader of the Dark Angels; assigns jobs to others, but takes the most difficult ones.

Personality: She's very protective of the Dark Angels, and kind when alone with them, but if there are others around, she's a cold hearted, stubborn, relentless bitch- but only to those she hates or doesn't trust. She's very deadly, and quite skilled as an assassin. Her words could cut right through you like a dagger when she gets even the slightest bit angry. But when you break through the mask, you find a loving, caring, seductive woman, determined to protect those she cares about.

Appearance: Jasmine is very strong despite her thin, feminine frame- 5'6", 113 lbs, long legs and ample bust. She may look the seductive, sexy and weak young woman, but she's quite powerful, and harsh when it comes to fighting. She could easilly beat any man that challenges her. Jasmine is quite beautiful, with gorgeously tanned skin, large, almond shaped green eyes, and long, black hair. She has an unusual type of beauty-- because of her background, but even she doesn't know what that is. She just seems to glow when she smiles, and even when she's angry, there is that dark, smokey type of beauty in her eyes, surrounding her. Jasmine ALWAYS wears black: a pair of black jeans, black combat boots, a black halter, black armbands, and black scarves tied around her left arm, waist, and through the belt hoops of her jeans, representing her feeling of being bound to fate.

Other: Jasmine doesn;t quite remember much about her past; she was adopted by the Dark Angel's leader when she was 7, and learned from them. She's awesome at hand to hadn combat, and an awesome speaker. Jasmine loves to train and fight with others. She's very aggressive.
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Name: Jessica Andrews
Nickname: Jess/ Angel of Twisted Fate/ Fate
Age: 17
Job/Rank: Second in command, second best assassin of the Dark Angels (following their leader), stealth expert.

Personality: Random, kind, caring, loving. Jessica loves to help her friends out in times of trouble, and she knows that they know who they can go to for help. When there's a problem, Jess is always the one who knows how to fix it. In battle, Jessica is very strong, quick, and eager to fight and win, which she usually does. She's funloving and random, but can be very serious in dangerous times. She's always one to worry about others first. Jessica loves challenges, especially when it comes to play fighting, where she can show off her skill as an awesome fighter, as well as videogames. Anyone, anytime, anyplace. Just name it. She will beat them- even if not at first, she will learn quickly. Also, Jessica loves to dance, sing, and party.

Appearance: Jessica is quite beautiful with long dark brown hair and light brown, honey colored eyes. When hanging out with her friends, she'd usually wear a pair of black jeans, and a long sleeved black shirt with the top few buttons undone to expose a star tattoo on her chest, with "Twisted Fate" right bellow it. But when out partying at clubs, she's usually wearing a black skirt, and a black sexily torn top, exposing parts of her arms, stomach, chest, and back, glitter normally covering her.

Other: She tries to have a normal life outside of the Dark Angels, which seems to fail, since she rarely gets to see outside friends(not like she has anymore because of her job) and past boyfriends. But to others, she's just a normal, busy highschool teen. Oh, and she's been in quite a few bands, but ended up quitting because the band members were getting annoyed that she rarely got to see them or go to practice (because of the D.A.). But she's still looking for another one, and also trying to convince the members of the Dark Angels to put one together... Sadly, they keep refusing. Something about killing too many people and having their guitars and drums covered in blood.

“Hey, Jazz.” Jessica smiled at her team leader. “Any job for me?”

“Actually… we need to talk.” Jasmine frowned as she sat down on the dark brown
worn leather couch in the main hall.

The Dark Angel’s headquarters was located at the top of Pedras Road, away from
the many distractions of city life. The headquarters was basically a deserted
house, forgotten by most over the years, of which the Dark Angels fixed up,
creating a home for them. And hey, it was pretty damn good. Secluded, quiet,
perfect for them. Of course, it took a bit of work to fix it up for the
wallpaper had been tearing, falling off the walls slowly, the carpets were
covered with stains, and the wood panels of the porch were rotting. But they
still managed to make it good enough and safe enough for them.

“What’s up?” Jessica sat down beside her.

“I think… we’re being watched.” Jasmine said carefully, crossing her legs and
leaning toward her friend. The last thing she wanted was for her friends to get

“Right now?” An odd look crossed Jess’s face as she looked around cautiously.
“Why? Who?” she asked in an excited whisper.

“I’m not quite sure,” Jasmine sighed. “I just don’t know. I have a few guesses,
but they’re only guesses.”

But she did know someone or something was watching them, and this person/thing
was dangerous. They had to be careful or… God, she didn’t want to think about

“Just be careful... and watchful from now on.” Jasmine crossed her arms,
leaning against the back of the couch.

“Of course,” Jessica nodded. “But only if you do.”

“My main concern is the group. Not myself. I’ll be fine… and even if they did
get me, the group has you to take over. And you are a wonderful leader.”
Jasmine sighed. Would they try to take her down? She WAS the leader of the Dark
Angels… but then again, she was the strongest of the group. So.. they wouldn’t
try to take her down first, right? Unless they were stronger…

“Onto a slightly lighter note,” Jasmine forced a smile, and stood, moving over to her room. She sat down at her desk, turned on her laptop, and went to check the DA’s email. “And, as always, you have a job.”

Jessica walked toward the window, looking out at the soon-to-be-lightened sky. It was nearing five and gorgeous.

“Leann Bennington. Age 37, height 5’7”, weight 150 lbs, 2236 Lexington Avenue. $13,000, Fate. You up for it?” Jasmine gave her a half-smirk, half-smile. As if she knew something Jess didn’t.

“What’s the catch?”

“There’s no catch.” Jasmine smiled with exaggerated innocence. “She’s a black belt.”

“Oh, pssh. I thought it was going to be difficult.” Jessica pouted as she slumped down into a chair.

“And she knows that there’s a bounty on her.” Jasmine grinned. “So, she’s going to put up a fight.”

“Now we’re talking!” Jessica jumped up. “Thanks!”

“Hey, Fate?” Jasmine stood, looking at her friend worriedly. What if whoever was watching them followed Jess to her kill? What is she was the one going to be killed that night… not Leann?

“Yeah?” Jessica looked back at Jasmine, frowning at the tone of her voice.

“Will you need help tonight?” Jasmine watched her friend carefully.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.” Jessica smiled.

Jasmine nodded as she sat down, watching Jessica leave. A knot tied itself in the pit of her stomach, as if she knew something was going to happen. And it was quite possible. But it was also possible that it was just fear.

Then again, when were her feelings every wrong?


Picking up a pen, she clicked the top a few times before jotting down a few notes. After arguing with herself for a good five minutes, she signed back online, pulled up an email page and started typing.

To the leader of the Blackstone Knights,

If you are the lowlife that has ordered many to follow us, then I assure you, if you are looking for a fight, that challenge will be met. I also assure you that I do not accept any of this, and my warriors will take you down. We, the Dark Angels, are no one to mess with, knight. And if you continue, we will be expecting a new headquarters- yours- after we kill each and every last one of your pathetic group of weaklings. And you call yourself a leader… sending kids without a bit of experience to scrutinize the Dark Angels. I suggest your warriors retrogress to your holding, for my warriors are belligerent, powerful women. And we will easily wipe you out.

Angel of Death, Leader of the Dark Angels.

Jasmine’s cursor wavered over the SEND button for the longest time. What if they weren’t the ones? She could quite easily start a war with a letter like that. A war, she was sure, the Dark Angels would win quickly, without any setbacks.

Should she send it? Something screamed at her to do so… but still, what is she was accusing them wrongly?

Before she even realized it, she had pressed the button, grimacing at her carelessness.

“Shit,” she cursed, banging her hand down on the table.

‘Oh well. Nothing you can do about it now,’ she thought. She glanced at the clock on her desk. 5:20. If she wanted any sleep before school, she’d need to now.

Burying her face in her folded arms, she leaned over and fell asleep at her desk.
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Jessica couldn’t stop running. No way in hell was she going to stop and risk getting caught. Her heart pounded, her hands clenched her jogging weights tightly, her breathing speeding up when she saw the shadow flicker across the ground again. It stayed there longer than the others, and the pounding got closer, louder, way too close for comfort. But as soon as she turned around, just like the many times before, the shadow disappeared, and she kept running, a bit faster now, desperate to get away from what was following her.

What am I thinking? No one’s following me… Jazz just spooked me a little. That’s all. I’m just trying to find someone watching me…

A sigh escaped her lips as she slowed to a stop, setting her jogging weights down on a park bench. Once her heart beat slowed, and she caught her breath, she started stretching her arms and legs.

Even if someone was following her, she could easily kick their ass. She had been trained to kill at 11 years old, and over the past 6 years, her skill/expertise had improved greatly.

Sitting down, Jessica took out her cd player from her cd pack around her waist, and quickly changed songs. The soft piano entrance calmed her nerves a bit, and the sudden blare of guitar in her ears made her feel a whole lot stronger. And then came her part, which she hummed along to, eyes closed.

Picking up the hand weights, she lifted them gently and then lowered them. When she got herself together, Jessica stood, getting ready to go back home.

Suddenly, Jessica stopped, furrowing her eyebrows. Something didn’t seem right… she heard footsteps behind her, and she automatically opened her eyes, fear gripping her heart.

A man jogged past, breathing harsh.

Just another jogger.

Jessica laughed at her nervousness. “So stupid,” she muttered, starting on the walk home.

Plans for her kill that night had to be made. The easiest thing to do would be to make it look like a suicide. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it easy. She wanted a fight. A fight she would soon have…

For ten minutes she was actually shadow free. But she knew it had to come back eventually. Which it did. She looked back- no one was there. But when she looked down at the ground, the shadow was still there. And it wasn’t hers.

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest,teeth clenched, hands clenched into fists. There was only one option she had.

Stopping, she stared at the ground, waiting for the shadow to move close enough… Just a little closer…

Jessica spun around, her fists slicing through the air with added force from the hand weights. Right before her eyes, a face exploded, becoming nothing more than pieces of glitter floating in the soft wind. Wait.. wind.

No, no… Not possible. Wind swirled around her harshly, yet the trees across the street were motionless. Jessica’s eyes narrowed. Was it just her imagination? Was she just trying to find something wrong?

“Goddamnit!” Jessica slammed her fist against the wall of some building, and tore her headphones off.

“Stop being so jumpy,” she heard. The voice was so familiar…

Dropping the weights, she started running as fast as she could toward her home. God, she couldn’t go back to base. There was no way she was going to lead her follower there. Unless… they had already found it.

No.. Jazz… Carrie.. Angie.. Lauren..

The shadow followed her, but this time, it moved around and in front of her. The shadow finally revealed itself.

Of course, Jessica ran into him, right into his arms, and he spun her around, catching her by the waist, laughing.

“BRIAN! How DARE you follow me like that?!? I told you, GET OUT OF MY LIFE!” Jessica glared at the boy-man before her. They had once been friends but… then their friend, Ben, tried to kill her- Brian had known Ben was going to try, but he didn’t stop it. Not always a fun situation.

“God, you’re so jittery, Jess.” Brian smirked some, looking her over. “Haven’t changed a bit.”

“What’s to change in three months?” Jessica pushed by him.

“Apparently nothing,” he murmured, following her.

“Stop following me,” Jessica muttered sharply, shooting a glare at him. Small sparks were shooting from her fingertips, a sure tell sign that she was angry as all hell.

And of course, he continued to follow her.

“Brian, I’m warning you,” Jessica spun around, tears actually starting to form in her eyes. The sparking grew now, becoming so noticeable, she had to pull her sleeves down to cover them.

Brian, seeing this, frowning and put his hands on her shoulders. “Calm down, Jess. I just want to talk to you.” In response, he got a shock, but he refused to pull away from her.

“Well you didn’t have to follow me and disappear on me like that! How… did you do that anyway? You can’t go invisible…” Jessica rubbed harshly at her eyes, cursing for letting him see her cry.

He rubbed her back gently. “My leader, Chris, helped. He felt like watching you for a while to see how good you are.”

“And you let him?” Jessica growled and shoved him away. “How—“

“He says you’re very intuitive.” Brian cut in. “He likes how perceptive you are. He said you are very skilled.”

“Brian, does it honestly look like I care?” Jessica crossed her arms over her chest, glaring up at him.

“You SHOULD care.” Brian perked a brow. “He says he’ll spare you when—“

“What?” Jessica flushed, confused and shocked at the same time. Yet another threat to the Dark Angels? Just peachy…

“Well you are the ones that have been following us, right?” Brian watched her carefully for any sign of dishonesty.

Jessica shook her head slowly. “No.. why would we?”

“I don’t know. But someone has been following us… and Chris got an email this morning from Jasmine.”

“About..?” Jessica glanced around hesitantly, wondering if they were being watched. It sure as hell felt like it. The wind started to pick up. Frowning, she sat down on the front steps of an apartment building and motioned for him to sit as well.

“She accused us of following you, which made Chris wonder if you were the ones following us… or… if the Dark Angels are also being followed by the same entity.”

“Besides you… actually… we are. I think. Jasmine said someone was watching her and a few of the others.” Jessica bit her bottom lip. “Maybe… we should…”

Four men appeared before them, eyes glowing, faces expressionless.

“Council. Now. Come on, Brian.” Jessica could only guess from the solid order that this was Chris, the Blackstone Knights leader.

“You just read my mind,” Jessica jumped up and smirked at him, deliberately moving closer to him, getting into his face, just to see the Knight’s reaction. After all, she was a Dark Angel.

“Excuse me?” Chris’s eyes narrowed.

“I think you already know,” she said slowly in a low voice, moving her mouth close to his ear. “Look, Knight… we are both being watched… and we don’t know who it is, or else you wouldn’t have sent Brian after me. So, I propose—“

“No,” Chris stared her down. “I am not stupid, Angel. Getting the groups together is suicide.”

“We won’t kill each other. We need each other to fight this person. Who knows, it can be a whole group.” Jessica’s gaze didn’t waver a bit even as his met hers. “And I don’t want my group to fight someone we don’t even know anything about. If there’s a group, we can’t be sure how many there are. We could—“

“Are you the group leader?” David smirked at her tenacity.

“Second in command,” Jessica straightened up a bit. “My leader respects me, as do the others. I am one to make decisions for the group. And at the moment, you are making my job just slightly difficult.”

“I understand this but what makes you think I care?” Chris had that grin on his face that made her want to slap him. But at the same time, kiss him. It was a taunting, sexy grin.

“You’re the leader, Knight. It’s your job to look after you men. This option is one that you should consider.” Jessica turned away from him, her gaze landing on Brian. “If you do that ever again, you’re dead.”

And with that, she picked her cd played up, put the headphones on and walked away from them.

“She hasn’t changed a bit,” Brian laughed.

“She was always that…” Chris was at a loss of words.

“Smart, pushy… stubborn… Seductive?” Brian offered, nodding with a slight smile. “To get what she wants, she will make you feel bellow her.”

“Then I supposed it’s good I didn’t let her take control of the situation.” Chris shook his head slowly and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“But you did.” Brian smirked.

“Honestly, the Dark Angels and Blackstone Knights grouping together?” Chris shook his head.

“I think it’s best we do.” Kyle moved toward his leader.

“What did you see?” David turned to him.
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Name: Kyle Masters


Age: 19

Job/Rank: Councilor to the The Blackstone Knights

Personality: For being able to see thing that may or may not happen, he is very goofy and tends to goof off, (at least when no one of importance is around) he has a very high belief in justice, and for money. And looks out for his team no matter what they do. He Loves his 30 pound sledge, yet due to what he does, is unable to use it. he believes in the old ways of fighting, up close an personal, and thinks guns are for the weak.

Appearance: One of the taller Knights he stands at 6, 7 with his short curly hair he stands over most of the knights in his black/brownish robe. He wears a thick medevil chest plate, and leather arm gaurds, he has deep brown eyes that see through the ages and he always has a smirk on his face.

Other: He was trained highly in the use of the hammer and the bow, which is why he has both on his parson at all times, but is resourcful and can protect himself with damn near anything.


"There are many trails through the forest of time, i see two out-comes. One filled with honor and peace, the other with nothing but death and suffering." Kyle said his eyes glazed over, trying to keep balence from the weight of the vision.

"What do you mean?" David looked atr kyle with worried eyes, as kyle looked at him

"One path has our comrades defeated, slian with the fury of passed heros, nothing can stop these monsters of darkness, alone." Kyle placed his arm on the back of the park bench." the other, the Knights rise to victory with the help of the Angels, then and only then can this new foe be defeated. The decision is now yours, plow down your hatred and pride and ask for help from the ones we fight the most. 'To the shadows do we fall, if that our brother do not make the call.' "

David reached out and caught Kyle as he fell towards the ground. "Did you get all that? cause i think i got it. Kyle's jumbled as usual"

"Damn, i hate when i do that, what i miss?" Kyle looked up to find himself in David's arms, with him staring at him, "Well hello sweet heart, i didnt know you were that friendly."

"You Zoned out again, with another premonition, apreantly we..." David dropped Kyle on the ground as Chris jabbed him in the back.

"You said who was going to win the game tomorrow night, nothing important" Chris said pulling David of the ground and giving him a stern look. "Now get off the ground and lets get back home."
Jasmine watched Jessica enter Adv English. But the look Jessica gave her made her worry. With a frown, she slowly slid into Jessica's mind, slipping through her thoughts.

And just like that, the information was hers. Jessica never shut Jasmine out- they trusted each other completely.

"Mr. Beck?" Jasmine stood, ignoring the stares of other students.


"I need to speak with Jessica outside, please." Jasmine slid into his mind now, tweaking his answer a bit...

"All right. Hurry."

"Thanks," she muttered, grabbing her friend's hand. "What happened?" she asked as soon as the got into the hall.

"Brian ended up following me through the park this morning with the Blackstone Knights leader..." Jessica sat down against the wall.

Jasmine nodded, pacing the hall now. "Well... Do you think they want to join up... or..."

"They will." Jessica nodded. "They have to."

"All right." Jasmine sighed reluctantly. She didn't want to join up- it was a great risk. But sadly, they needed to... or they'd be screwed by people they don't even know. "Keep me posted. You're pretty much the only link between the two groups until the Knights come over for a little tea party..."

"Jasmine...?" Jessica looked up.

"Yeah?" Jasmine sat down beside her friend and frowned.

"There was a lot of wind..."

"The weather has been odd lately. It's to be expected." Jasmine stood again.

"No. It was just around me... And Brian doesn't control the wind..."

"You think Ben was there?" Jasmine crossed her arms, her eyebrows pinched together. Silence followed. "Could it be a trap?"

"No." Jessica shook her head.

"You think Ben is leading another group... as is going after you again?" Jasmine's eyes widened. "But this time he's after all of us... and the Blackstone Knights."

"It makes sense, Jazz."

"I know it does. He's pissed off with The Knights because they got rid of them... and he wants to get rid of us... because you're an angel... and... we're in the way."

Jasmine shook her head. "That..."

The Blackstone Knights just happened to appear in front of them, staring them down.

They both jumped to their feet.

"Yes?" Jasmine stared at the leader of the Blackstone Knights, looking him over carefully. She could probably handle him.

Chris glanced to his followers. "We're here to accept the girl's offer."

"You are?" Jessica smiled.

"You were..." Chris shook his head, muttering bitterly, "Correct. It's the best thing to do."

"God I love it when I'm right," Jessica smirked at Jasmine.

Jasmine didn't return the smirk. She was actually busy prying through Chris's mind, but he shut her off. And at the same time, David was trying to get inside Jasmine's mind.

Jasmine gave David a glare. "You dare to try and enter my mind?"

David's eyes widened. How the hell did she know he was using his telepathy?

"I am a telepath," Jasmine explained, rolling her eyes as she turned to Chris. "I suggest you teach your Knights some manners."

David smirked. He liked her already.

"Will do," Chris was busy watching Jessica, who was staring at him with an odd look to her eyes, as if she were trying to figure out something about him.

"...." The Blackstone Knights exchanged glances.

"Jessica. Class... Come on." Jasmine looked at the others. "After school, meet us at the abandoned stone building on top of Pedras."
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Jessica sat down in her normal chair at the back, right next to Jasmine, who looked at her questioningly.

//What was that about?//


//Between you and the leader of the Knights...//

/What do you mean?/ Jessica blinked a bit, confused. Had she done something wrong?

//Nevermind.// Jasmine shook her head.

Taking out a piece of paper and a pen, she quickly wrote a song idea down.

'There's so much I need to tell you
But if I do...
Will you leave?
Will I be left alone again?
I guess it doesn't matter anymore
I'm pouring out my heart...
I love you...'

Jasmine, perking a slender brow, picked up the note. "You are not falling for him, Jess." she whispered.

Jessica's eyes widened slightly. What was she talking about? Oh gods, Chris? The leader of the Dark Knights? WAS she falling for him?

Jessica soon found the answer...


Jessica was actually the first one to get to the Dark Angels headquarters. Then again, she HAD left school before her sixth period class just to get to the house on top of Pedras. Why? She didn't even know. It was just one of those feelings.

Jessica headed straight for her room, which was painted a perfect shade of dark blue, with a gorgeous silver crescent moon on the door, stars scattered across the walls.

Sitting down on a bean back in front of the TV, she turned on her PS2, hoping that whatever she had played last was good. Even that she couldn't remember- and she had played yesterday!

Then again, what Jasmine had said about her falling for Chris was still stuck in her head... it never left her. So she was stuck thinking about him.

Smiling at the screen, she was rewarded with one of her favorites- Dynasty Warriors 3. In her opinion, better than the fourth one.

Ever since she was little, Jessica was always one for fun and games- hey, she grew up on SNES. A gamer to the core, plain an simple.

"You play.. videogames..." Chris stood behind her, eyebrows raised.

Jessica spun around, staring up at Chris and Brian.

"Yeah..." Jessica hesitated.

"A chick that plays videogames. You didn't tell me that," Chris glanced at Brian, who shrugged nonchalantly.

"You're early." Standing, she shut the tv and system off.

"I'm not early. I'm on time." Chris crossed his arms. "I'm a senior. I only have five classes. But you, junior, have six. And I know that for a fact. So you're the one who's early."

"...." Jessica shrugged weakly, sitting down on her bed. "Jasmine will be here later."

"I didn't want to talk to Jasmine just yet." Chris's eyes stared deep into hers- but she could tell it was more than just an affectionate gaze. He wanted to see if he could break her guard- make her look away even for a second. That would make him stronger.

"Don't even try," Jessica smirked. "I know what you're doing... And I can stare you down, Knight."

"She can." Brian shook his head. "She's like that... taking challenges and bringing them down."

"I have a question..." Jessica refused to look away from Chris.

"Yeah?" Chris shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Not for you, for Brian." Jessica smirked, shaking her head slowly. "Brian, did you sense a lot of wind this morning?"

"...." That was when Chris broke his gaze, and he turned to Brian. "Wind?"

"...I felt wind. And it was only around me. As far as I know, you two don't control the wind..."

Jessica walked over to her bookcase, taking out a thick, leather bound book with gold writing. It looked old. Really old. As if it were about to fall appart.

"You think Ben was there?" Brian's eyes widened slightly.

"Actually... I do." Jessica admitted, frowning slightly as she took the photo album to the bed. "Look," she took out a few pictures of Brian and herself.

"Isn't that Jordan?" Brian pointed at a figure in the corner of the picture.

"And there's Ben..." Chris's eyes narrowed. "But they weren't there that day."

"How would you know? YOU weren't there that day." Jessica perked a brow at him.

"He can know things about an object or event... or... he can see things... just by touching an object." Brian explained.

"I think we have a bigger problem on our hands.." Chris frowned.

"Great. Just what we need, right?" Jessica sighed.
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*Sorry guys i have an i dea where to take this but last time i tried to move the story along you skipped over my idea and did what you wanted anyway, so i'll sit this turn out*
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Name: Carrie Ford
Age: 17
Nickname: Blood Red
Job/Rank: New to the group

Personality: Kinda bouncy and airheaded but funny as all hell. Carrie's the one usually playing videogames with Jessica. She's really kid-like. She's rarely serious- the only time she is.. is when her friends are in trouble. She loves to help people, and is very kind to others.

Appearance: Long, stick straight red hair, blue-green eyes, tall, pretty. She tends to steal her guy-friend's clothes and wears them at times. Hats.. ties... shoes.. shirts. ANYTHING.

Other: She's one of Jessica's best friends, very bouncy.. and acts like she's seven a lot.
Jasmine frowned at what she saw. Two Blackstone Knights and one of her Dark Angels talking. There was no way in hell this was going to become more than just a business deal.

"Jessica. Get over here." Jasmine turned her back on the others. "We need to talk."

"O...kay." Jessica followed Jasmine out of the room, into Jasmine's office.

"We are Dark Angels, Jess. They are Blackstone Knights. What part of that--"

"Don't I understand?" Jessica smiled. "All of it. But it works. We need them.. why can't we just get along for one week? Seriously..."

"No, Jessica. You're supposed to hate them, Jess. Not love them." Jasmine crossed her arms. "Don't you remember what they did to you before? Don't you remember all the pain they caused?"

Jessica fell silent.

"Don't get too close, or they'll hurt you again. That is an order... so take it that way. You trust them, you die... it's as simple as that. They'll backstab you. They already have... and they will again." Jasmine sat back in her chair. She hated to be this strict, but it was their lives they were risking. And the last thing she wanted was her friends to die.

And she knew Jessica felt the same way.

"All right. I'm sorry.. I just... I don't know." Jessica shrugged. "Maybe I thought we could actually be friends again."

"It's not going to happen, Jessica. You have to understand that."

"All right..."

"Good." Jasmine nodded. "Which means playing videogames with them is off limits."

"WHAT?!" Jessica's eyes bulged. "That's not fair..."

Jasmine smiled. "Carrie can play with you later."

"Yeah but.. she's not competitive.. she's just... hyper."

"Exactly. If things get too competitive with the Blackstone KNights, they get aggressive. That's the last thing we need."
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Jessica knew Jasmine was getting protective of the group. And she supposed it was the right thing to do.. but also, they were partners. They had to be true with one another or they'd both get killed. So why shouldn't they trust the Blackstone Knights?

"Jazz," Jessica frowned slightly. "We are working together... Blackstone Knights and the Dark Angels... which means we're partners. Like you and I are. Partners have to trust each other... Or they'll end up getting hurt."

"Well they can't be trusted." Jasmine glared at her slightly, daring her to test her thoughts.

"...Fine." Jessica stood, quickly leaving the room.

She saw Brian and Chris watch her walk over to her bed and plop down.

"What's wrong?" Brian sat down beside her.

"Nothing," she muttered into her pillow.

"Don't lie to me." Brian poked her in her side, which made her squirm a bit. But it wasn't exactly a playful squirm. It was more of a 'don't you dare touch me' squirm.

Brian looked at Chris pleadingly, who slid into her mind, poking around a bit.

"Oh," Chris rolled his eyes slightly. "Good thing she doesn't trust us... Cause we don't trust her."

"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT?!" Jessica swung herself off her bed and glared at him. "She's looking after us! She is the only one I CAN trust here!"

"..." Chris and Brian gave each other a quick, questioning glance.

"You know what? Just get out! Get out!" Jessica shoved them both out. "Don't you dare touch any of the Angels, or I WILL kill you."
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Kyle was pacing outside the building, furious, Holding the side of his head at what looked like a large bandege with blood stained on it.

"Im not trying to be big headed when i do these things, its not like i can help it i know what will happen if this doesnt work and of course those two PIG-headed freaks just barge in and forget about me im the reasonable one, those two dont have enough common sense to get out of a paper bag." Kyle said adjusting the bandege on his face."their going to mess this up i know it, im going in there like i should have done in the first place. But do they listen to me.NO. of course not.Why would they."

Brian and chris came storming out the door with an Angel right behind shacking her fist. Kyle stood there and with the eye not covered by the bandge glared at the two KNights.

"Let me guess, scred it up, did you forget i can see the future or are you ignoring me again?" Kyle said looking at him from his possition on the pavement in frount of the Angels Headquaters.

"You know what Kyle, Shut up, please you make my head hurt." Brian said as he pushed his way passed Kyle's shoulder.

"Enough meet back at the house its beusness as usual, and Kyle get that healed will you, you look pethetic." Chris said looking over his shoulder at him.
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Carrie's eyes widened when she got the message from Lauren. "Angels AND Knights grouping up? Is Jasmine going NUTS?"

"I don't think it was Jasmine's idea," Lauren shrugged. "My best guess is it was Jessica's. She is irrational at times."

"Who are you calling irrational?" Carrie gave her a skeptical look. "I'M the irrational, randon, witty, talented one." she grinned.

"And cocky," Lauren smirked.

"Hey, what can I say? Jess and I are like sisters. When you blame her, you're blaming me." Carrie slid out of the booth they had been eating at and they both walked outside. It was maybe only a block or two back to the DAs base.

"It's kinda funny... you two are like each other... and Jazz and I are like each other." Lauren hurried across the street.

A few minutes passed in silence as they walked up the hill.

"I'm just wondering..." Carrie trailed off and stared at the Knight that was sitting on the front porch of the DAs house. "...Did Jasmine try to kill you? She tends to do that a lot..."

The Knight looked up, slightly confused, but he stood. "No. The other Knights are being idiots... that's all."

"So... Jazz and Jess decided to kill the others then?"

"No, but I'm sure they would if they had the chance." He walked over.

"Let me help you with that," Carrie walked over, a soft shimmering light surrounding her hand as she reached for him. "I'm a healer."

"I know." He nodded as he let her heal him.

"Lauren, go check on the others, huh?" Carrie gave her a look that told her it was an order.

"So... Where are the other Knights?" Carrie looked up at him, looking him over. He was really cute... she didn't know why she thought that, cause hey, she was a dark angel. Dark Angels werent supposed to mix with the Knights.

"Off screwing up everything we've tried to hard to build." he was definitely pissed off.

"What's your name?"

"Kyle... and you?"

"Carrie," she pulled away from him once she had finished healing him, and shook off some of the extra energy she had summoned.

"Look, it seems I'm the only one of the knights to actually want this grouping... The others are just screwing around, and we'll all be dead if this doesnt work out."

"Well, I don't know the whole story... so.." Carried shrugged helplessly.

So, Kyle explained to her exactly what had been happening.

"I KNEW someone was following me!" Carrie smirked. "I get to kick some more ass, huh?"

Kyle hesitated. "But we need to group up for this to work."

"All right... Well, I'll help in anyway I can." Carrie smiled.

"You trust me so quickly?" Kyle raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah. Well... I need to watch over them. They ARE my sisters after all." Carrie stood. "Let's go inside... we can talk to them about it."

"Jessica didn't seem to happy when I last saw her."

"Ah, don't worry about it." Carrie waved it off. "She'll be fine."
Jasmine knew it couldn't last long, but she had to make sure it did... No matter what. They just couldn't get together with the Blackstone Knights. Ever...

And still, there was that knowing that the Dark Angels would be forever doomed if they did not join the Blackstone Knights. So... what to do... what to do...

She heard a knock at the door, and stiffened. If it was that pathetic leader of the Knights, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

"Come in," Jasmine crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

"Jazz? Can... I talk to you?" Carrie hesitated at the door. "Please?"

Jasmine had never seen her so... serious. It was always fun and games with her. Hyperness to the max. What changed?

"Of course." Jasmine stood. "Is...."

Then she saw him.

"Oh, a Knight..."

"Jasmine, you have to listen to me..." They both started.

"I don't care. I said that.... pathetic excuse of a leader of yours should go home, get away. I don't want my angels in trouble because of YOU." Jasmine glared at the Knight. God, they were acting like cats and dogs.

"Jasmine... I think you should at least listen to what he has to say."
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Jessica had little strength or will to do anything but lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling. Not exactly a fun thing to do, but still...

She willed herself to raise her hand- just to touch a star on the wall, but she couldn't even do that. She was just too drained.

How dare they say that Jasmine wasn't one to be trusted? She was the only one that Jessica could ever trust. They were family.

Jessica fell asleep a few times, but something tried to wake her up multiple times, even after she had willed it away.

After a few times, however, it got forceful, and started prodding her, shaking her. And she couldn't do anything about it.

Slowly, her body went numb- she couldn't feel a thing! Jessica opened her mouth and started screaming, but nothing came out. Not even a bit of a squeak.

Jessica tried her best to force it away, but it wouldn't let up. And she lay there, paralyzed, a heavy weight on her chest, preventing her from breathing.

Oh god.. what's happening? I can't scream! Someone! Help! Please! Someone... anyone...

For a moment, she stopped breathing, the weight becoming too much for her to handle. And she slowly slipped away into the dark abyss that called her.
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Kyle stood there looking at jasmine, more like staring to the fact the she would listen.

"I know whats going to happen, i can soo whats...."Kyle stopped and froze with his eyes clapmed shut, "Jessica, go now she needs us!"

He ran out of the room and ran towards Jessica's room with the other two close behind.

"If this is a trick Knight, you'll have all of us to deal with." Jasmine said running behind him.

Kyle rambed the door and it slammed into the wall on the other side of the room. He didnt know what was quite going on but he tackled the inpression over Jessica, he knew something was there he saw it in his vision.

Jessica gasped and weezed, slowly getting dragged out of the room by the other two angels. Kyle stood up from the floor and was knocked down by what felt like a strong gust of wind.

"Alright, is that you Ben?" Kyle asked as he stood back up, "you know i was always bigger then you, i know you ALWAYS hated that fact. Didnt you?"

"You will never be better then i am!" said a voice, the wind growing stronger, trying to blow Kyle out of the room the heard way.

"Hey Ben!" Jessica said, holding a chair up in the air.

"Huh?" said Ben's voice as Jess put the chair into what looked like nothing and everything stopped and been grabbed his head and staggered to his feet through the broken chair.

"Mybe next time huh babe? Just like old times." ben said and with that he proceded to "blow off" out of the open window.

"Thanks, Prevision cant stop wind, doesnt work out right. How did you know where he was?" Kyle asked looking at the broken chair mess on the floor.

"I did date him after all." Jessica said and collapsed into Kyles arms.

"Dont look at me, i had nothing to do with this." he said looking at the other two as they walked in and gave Kyle a weird look, "i think ill put her back right here and close this window, too windy for my taste."

Jasmine took a few steps closer to the Knight and sighed "Thanks, for being a knight, your not half bad."

"Deosnt matter to me whos in trouble, Angel, Knight, John Paul himself," he said looking up into Carries's as she blushed and then shook it off in the same instant, and anyway we do have to be alive to fight, am i right?"

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"Now will you listen?" Carrie looked at her leader expectedly. "Please?"

"...Fine." Jasmine sighed. "I may not LIKE your friends, but you're okay I guess. If you can figure out a way to prove to me that you guys aren't plotting against us, I'll- MAYBE- believe you."

"Hey, he convinced me, Jazz." Carrie crossed her arms.

"Well that just says a whole heck of a lot, doesn't it?" Jasmine gave hera testing look.

"Hey!" Carrie pouted slightly. "That hurts, Jazz. It really does."

"How did you know it was Ben?" Jessica turned to Kyle, determined to get more proof that this was the real deal and not set up.

"We all know him way too well..." Kyle pursed his lips together.

"Yeah, well, he gives me the creeps." Carrie rubbed her arms a bit. "Hey, Kyle?"


"What did you see exactly?" Carrie frowned slightly. Her friend was unconscious and Kyle was the only one who knew that she was in need of help... which made her feel so much better. There was yet another person she could trust.
"That's what I want to know..." Jasmine stared at him, waiting for an answer, but he got that look again.

"What's going on?" Carrie hesitated, prodding at Kyle a bit. "Kyle?"

As fast as it had started, the look fell from his face.

"What did you see?" Jasmine's voice took on a more worried, concerned tone.

Kyle glanced from Jasmine, to Carrie, to Jessica, who lay limp on the bed.

"We really need to get together fast."

Jasmine could tell he was being serious. There was fear and determination in his voice.And she already knew that he liked Carrie- so he wouldn't want to put her in jeopardy, right?

But Kyle was talking about the Blackstone Knights! The Dark Angels and the blackstone knights have hated each other for years! Why now? After so long?

The fighting wasn't going to stop... so who was he to say that they should join?

"Jasmine?" Carrie touched her arm.

Jasmine stepped away, watched Kyle with regret filled eyes, and left the room.

"Should I take that as a 'Suuuure, let's join up!' or a 'barbeque as all, why don't ya?'" Carrie pouted, watching her leader leave. "Just... peachy..."

There was little Jasmine could do. Jessica was unconscious and had been attacked by an ex-knight... Carrie was falling for a Knight already... and the knights and angels fought like mad.

So what option did she have?

"Kyle, get in here." Jasmine shouted from her room.

Kyle and Carrie both reacted quickly to her demand.

"Ben is an exknight, correct?"


"So Ben was the one following us," Jasmine sighed and collapsed into her chair.

"There's a problem with that," Carrie hesitated.


"The Knights have been followed too. Ben can't be stalking BOTH groups at the same time. He needs followers." Carrie sat down across from her leader.

"Which he may have." Kyle sat down beside her. "Considering we've let go of quite a few knights after Ben tried to kill Jessica."

"...Oh really?" Jasmine leaned forward on her desk. She may not like the Knights, but at least this one was giving her good information... whether it was true or not.

"Yes." Kyle sighed.

"So I have a question. Why do you seriously want us to join together?" Jasmine would finally listen to him- but that didn't mean she'd group the two up.
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Jessica shifted and turned in her bed, pain shooting through her body. And as she lay there, she lie prisoner to her thoughts, dreams and emotions. No longer in control of everything around her, and barely in control of what happened while she was unconscious. She was lost in herself- literally.

It was almost as if she were in a coma. One that someone had forced upon her. But who? She had heard Ben's voice... heard him cal her to join him. But Jessica had not seen him for months.

Jessica moved through the long stone corridor, desperate to find a way out of the maze that now held her mind and soul. To get to her body, she had to break that mental lock placed upon her.

But it was too strong for her to break alone. Even with her telekinesis. But telepathy... she needed a telepath! A strong one... one much stronger than Jasmine, who focused mainly on her fire element.

Yet Jasmine was the only telepath she knew of. If only she could tell the others to find someone... they might be able to, right? But how? She didn't have a way to speak to the others.

They'd realize something happened when they try waking me up... I hope.

Slowly fading into the nothingness that lover to overcome her, she let the darkness cradle her and take her to her destiny.
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"Before this all started i got two visions, one with all of us fighting, together and winning this battle, and the other seperate and defeated." Kyle said looking towards Carrie, looking worried.

"That explains alot, your a prelem. But still, has any of your visions been wrong?" Jasime asked straining her voice.

"Never." Kyle said lowering his head, "trust me at first i didnt believe even my own visions, i knew the two groups wouldnt go for it, but when these Shadows starting following us and now attacking you, i think we cant turn our heads any longer, i mean look at jessica, she's in some kind of trance or something."

Jasmine turning to Jessica, for some reason it didnt click that she never got back up. she knealed at the side of the bed and placed her hands on Jessica's cheeks.

"Your right again, she is locked somehow, It might take a while to figure out how and why but ill do it as quick as i possibly can. why dont you two go and get the Knights back here i may not like it but we may, and i repeat, may need their help."

Kyle looked at carrie and they both ran out the door and towards the street.
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Carrie couldn't help but worry about Jessica and Jasmine.



"What happened to Jess?" Carrie turned the corner, following Kyle closely.

"I don't know exactly... but she's locked within her own mind. Don't know how." Kyle looked back at Carrie, a frown creasing his brow.

"I'm worried... I really am. They're my sisters... I can't let them down." Carrie's heart was racing. She had to find a way to break the lock on Jessica. "And I wanted to play Halo with her!"
Jasmine wasn't ready to trust the Knights, but it was the only way to get Jessica back. If Ben was at work with others, they were in trouble. And the only way to defeat them would be with the Knights...

Staring at Jessica, her heart sunk. How could she help her best friend? She had tried going into Jessica's mind, but it was shut tight, blocked by some kind of shield perhaps. Something that was much too powerful for her to break through.

"DAMN IT!" she cursed loudly, slamming her hand against the wall. How DARE Ben do this to them?

I have to pull myself together, she thought. This was way too dangerous and she was the Dark Angel's leader. She had to be strong for the others.

Was Kyle actually trying to help... or just get to Carrie? What was it that he wanted? What could the Blackstone Knights gain from this grouping... power? They had enough of it.

It actually made sense, to be completely honest, but Jasmine didn't want to admit it to herself. She wouldn't let it come to that. But she had to.

Jasmine sunk into the chair beside Jessica's bed, trying once more to slip by that barrier within her mind. And one again, it didn't work.
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Jessica had always believed she had a purpose in life... until the moment Ben trapped her within herself. How? She wanted to scream.

It had to have been Ben. She felt him- heard him even. And then... she couldn't wake up. Even open her eyes. Many times she had tried... but nothing happened.

When Brian and Chris had followed her that morning, there was wind surrounding her. Yet it wasn't windy at all. It was bright, sunny... gorgeous. She had felt she was being followed... it must have been Ben the whole time! But he didn't have the ability to go invisible.. so who helped him?

Jessica fought to get out of the maze, and many times she got close to finally getting out of her unconscious state... but the maze always shifted, changed on her at the last second. And she was back to square one.

Many times she had given up. What could she do? Nothing. There was little left for her to do. She needed a strong telepath. And a strong telepath she would soon have... one very unexpected.

((Hint hint, nudge nudge, say no more, double hand gesture to Chris. gods, we need someone to be him. Anyone have ideas or friends willing to be the other Knights? Cause we only have one now, right?

Oh! ^-^ I was on the bus yesterday, and on the seat in front of me, "Dark Angels" was written on the very top. Twas awesome. Much love to you all. ~Houshi))
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"So where are we going?" Carrie yelled at Kyle who was running ahead of her.

"Back to the knights lair." Kyle yelled over his shoulder, trying to stop and catch his breath.

"Why?" she asked inbetween breaths,"i didnt think it would be this far cant you teleport or something?"

"No, they wont let me do that kind of thing," he said scrathing his head, "They dont really like me."

"I noticed, why what you do" she sat on the pavement and looked up at him.

"I killed Chris' sister. Ben tricked me into thinking it was a grand mission, it was my first mission so you know going to do it right, kinda thing, so yeah Chris wont let it go. Its not like she was totally innocent she did drugs, Whored herslef out. etc etc, but you know it was his sister, and if i had any family left id let him have one of mine."
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Carrie frowned a bit. God, it was so sad. Touching his arm gently, she gave him a soft smile. "Hey, it's not your fault Ben's a complete ass."

Kyle nodded slightly. "Come on, we gotta get to them before Jessica di--"

"She's not going to die, is she?" Carrie stopped him.

"I don't know. But I don't want to take any risks." Kyle turned onto Venice Road. "Come on. I think I know who can help."

"A knight?" Carrie could have kicked herself. God, she was turning into Jasmine! She had to stop hating the Knights.


"Good. Someone close," Carrie smiled. "Thanks, Kyle."

"Of course..."
It was beginning to rain again.

Chris stood at the window, staring out with blue eyes into the streets, though he saw nothing of reality around him. His own thoughts were running rampant, the decisions and pressures he had to deal with weighing down on him. It felt as if the entire world were pressed upon his shoulders, a myriad of decisions and mistakes just waiting to be made.

He knew what Kyle had said. He understood that his future and the future of his men depended on joining with the Dark Angels.

But his pride held him back. The arrogance and defiance in every word that girl said grated on him.

It took him a moment until he realized he was thinking about Jessica, and his lips pursed with annoyance. She did not help his mood any, and he remembered her challenging gaze, daring him to disagree with her. She was arrogant, stubborn, and a thousand other things that he could not name, as it had him seething in frustration. Yet at the same time, there was something about her that was fascinatingly different.

He was a fool.

With a sigh, he turned his back on the window, running a hand through his dark hair and seating himself on the edge of his bed, staring around a vacant room. He wished for a moment that he could have been normal, wished that he cared more about the band posters that hung on his wall, or could look at the pictures on his nightstand without having the memories swamp and drown him in images he wished he could forget.

For a moment, his fingers wandered over the scars on his arm, and a memory of flames and blood filled his mind before he crushed them closed and threw himself back onto his bed, reaching for his guitar. His fingers wandered mindlessly over the strings, staring at the ceiling and again forcing his mind to the matter at hand.

He knew what he had to do.

But first, they needed a few ground rules.

He tried to organize his thoughts into coherent phrases. He wanted to know exactly what it was he had to say without riling any of the women up, but he knew that half of what he really wanted to say would send them into conniptions. He laughed slightly at the thought, before it faded again. For one, they had to realize that the Blackstone Knights were his to command, and he would not tolerate that bloody Jasmine telling his men what to do.

This was going to be difficult. Especially since he didn’t really want a part of it at all. But Kyle’s words were burned into his head, and though thinking of the man darkened his mood further, he had to face the realities and stop drowning himself in memories. His sister was dead. Jordan, Ben, Josh, and Ryan were all gone, hopefully for good.

Especially Jordan. His scars seemed to burn, even with the thought of the man. His angry words still rang in Chris’s head.

The door burst open the next moment, and Chris sat up, holding the guitar in his hands.

“Chris! I need to talk to you.”

The leader of the Knights blinked, staring at the man who was standing in the doorway, his curly hair wild as if he’d been in a hurry. Chris didn’t move, but his gaze traveled past him to the girl standing behind the other Knight. He could not recall her name, but he recognized her as a Dark Angel, and his eyes narrowed for a moment. Did they have his men running errands for them now? And with an escort, no less.

“What’s the problem, Kyle?” He asked, keeping his voice even. He’d never let his own personal matters interfere with his work, and he didn’t plan to do so now.

“It’s one of the Dark Angels. Jessica. She could really use the help of a telepath or a telekinetic, but we don’t know where David is.”

Chris raised an eyebrow. There was more wry humor in his voice than anger, but a trace of bitterness seeped into the words. “What happened to them not needing the Blackstone Knights?”

The girl behind Kyle frowned, pursing her lips as she pushed herself forward into Chris’s room. “Please,” she burst. “Jessica is in trouble, and she could really use your help. I know we’re not all getting along right now, but she could die and I can’t just sit back and not doing anything. If you can help, than please do something, other wise I don’t think you have any right to call yourself a Blackstone Knight or much of anything.” For a moment, there was a serious expression etched onto her face, and then she glanced around, seeing piles of dirty clothes on the floor and papers strewn haphazardly upon the ground. “By the way, your room’s a mess,” she giggled.

Chris gave her a strange look, before glancing down at the sheet on the floor. It was a song he had written a long time ago.

I’m so tired of being me. It read. But I would not wish this on anyone.

He thought of Jessica for a moment, remembering her face flushed after running that first night, the way she had stood up to him, no fear in her face, even when he was considering declaring all out war on the rest of the Dark Angels. He should have been bitter at the thought, but instead, he felt strangely wistful.

She could die.


He gently set his guitar aside, standing up slowly before he looked at the little Dark Angel staring up at him. “I’ll see what I can do.”
Jasmine left Jessica's room after a while, and went into the living room, still waiting for the others to return.

"Jazz! We found one of the knights that could help her." Carrie came rushing into the house, quite excited. How could she, of all times, be so happy? "He's a telepath," she explained.

"Oh. Good."

Then she saw him. The Blackstone Knights' leader. HE was the telepath? It was Chris, of all the knights, that she didn't trust.

"Don't start," Chris muttered as he went straight into Jessica's room.

Jasmine followed, her friend coming before her duty to be completely, utterly rude to the wretched being in her house. "Hurry."

Chris gave her a 'no really?' look. "What happened?"

"Oh yeah, he wasn't here was he?" Carrie scratched the back of her neck. "Well, Ben got in, and... did something to her."

"Did something to her?" Chris perked a brow, giving them all a questioning look.

"She's locked within her mind. A coma, is my best guess." Jasmine sat beside the bed, giving Chris just enough room to get to Jessica, but not hurt her.

"No problem."

A good five minutes passed before she got a response from Chris. It was really odd... he got so quiet, his eyes narrowed and it seemed as though he were actually speaking to her. Jasmine knew the look, she got it herself sometimes.

Chris looked over to Jasmine, his eyes harsh and cold. God, he looked so angry. "How did Ben get in here?"

"...I..." Jasmine pursed her lips into a thin line. She hated to admit that she had been so careless... and... god, he had to stop looking at her in that condescending way. "I'm not sure," she sighed.

"Well, I tried leading her out of the coma... it didn't work as I expected it to. Apparently she's stuck in some kind of maze... and every time we get to the end... it changes." Jasmine could see that it was bothering him almost as much as it bothered her. Even he felt useless. And he was the only one that could help her.


"But," he interrupted, his gaze traveling back to Jessica. "I think we have a chance of just... pulling her out."

"I don't understand." Jasmine's eyes furrowed and she leaned forward.

"Trust him," Carrie hesitated. "Kyle told me that his feelings, gut reactions, always right... all of them... just... let him do whatever he needs to do."

Chris glanced at her, a confused look crossing his face. "Where is Kyle?"

"He left to go get the others.." Carrie smiled. "We thought we'd need everyone here to start the council."

Jasmine glared at the angel. "Not now. Chris, talk."

"Like i was saying... I think... that I can... force her out, by forcing myself further in, if that makes any sense." Chris looked back to Jessica, and moved forward, sitting on the bed himself. "If I go in farther that I already have... she may be forced back into her body. It's kind of a... astral type of thing. I can't really explain it any better."

"No, I understand. There's no need." Jasmine stared at her friend. God, she looked so helpless. The Dark Angel leader part of her took over then. If she let him see her so weak... as a friend... then that'd just get them into trouble. So, she had to toughen up. "Do whatever you need to. Get her out of that coma. She has work tonight."

Chris's gaze was filled with disgust now. How dare she talk about Jessica's JOB when she could die?

"Hey," Carrie looked to Chris. "Won't that mean you'd be in the coma instead of her?"

"Yes." Chris nodded. "But Ben can't trap me in that. I have telepathy.. I can fight myself out of it."

"Then do it. Now. And that IS an order," Jasmine shouted as she left the room, dragging Carrie with her. Oh, there'd be hell for Carrie to pay.
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Jessica was gasping for air when she was finally brought back. Tears were streaming down her face, and the first person she saw, the only person in the room, was Chris. God, she didn’t like crying in front of a Knight, but he had just saved her. She was back in reality!

Chris, having left her mind already, sat back and watched her carefully.

Jessica pushed away her Dark Angel pride, and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing against his chest.

How many times had she tried to escape the labyrinth that had controlled her? Too many times. Ben.. she had seen Ben!

“Ben,” she wiped at her eyes and pulled away from the Blackstone Knights’ leader. “Where is he?! I swear, I’ll kill him!”

“That’s not your job.”

“You’re absolutely correct. It’s my goddamn right! I’ll tear him to shreds. Oooh, you can count on it!” Jessica stood, but that was a mistake, for she was quite dizzy, and fell into his lap. “Get my gun!”

“You should lay down, Angel.” Chris held her gently. It was really an awkward position. They were supposed to hate each other…. And of course, here they are. Practically cuddling…. Er, they would be if she wasn’t completely furious and ready to kill anything in sight.

“NO!” Jessica gave him a strange look, a laugh escaping her lips. “Right, after what I just went thought? I have to find him!” She stood again, trying her best to ignore the pain that shot through her, jolting her body. It hurt so much! It was like being stabber multiple times- relentless, agonizing pain. And even as she tried her best to push it away, it still overcame her, and she fell back again.

This time, Chris caught her by the waist and held her up. Smirking, he shook his head. “You can do that later. Right now, you sleep.” God, you’re stubborn…

“I can’t,” Jessica pouted slightly as she sat down beside him, an almost depressed look appearing on her face. She didn’t like feeling so weak. She was always strong. Always the strong one of the group… other than Jasmine, and that made her a solid, dependable second in command. But now, the others could see just how weak and vulnerable she was.

“I don’t want to get caught again,” she whispered. Yes, the once fearless warrior was now afraid of herself. Of the dark, shadowy past that lingered within her.

“I won’t let it happen.” Chris stood, and a grim look appeared on his face. Anger. So much anger. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

“I can’t help it.” Jessica went silent, and her gaze fell to the floor. Music. She needed to sing. She needed to release all the angst that was taking over her. What she really needed was a new sense of reality. Being trapped within herself made her think about every single depressing thing in her life.

Her dark blue eyes met his, and she sighed. “Okay… as though I don’t feel pathetic enough, I need your help.” She pouted. “My guitar and sheet music is in my closet… and I can’t get up… C-”

Before she could even ask, he had the items in his hands, ready for her.

“How did y-”

“I’m a telepath, remember? You were thinking about it before you even asked.” Chris handed over both items and a pencil. “And you think loud.”

For the longest moment, they just stared at each other. She looked him over, studied him. Gods, she hoped her thoughts weren’t as obvious as before. Their eyes met, and suddenly it got uncomfortable. The air felt dense, and her heart heavy.

He was a Knight. Herself, an Angel. The two couldn’t mix. Shouldn’t mix. And it was hard… especially after Ben. How could she fall for another Knight? And this was the leader .

{sorry I did not add last time, hope it's okay but I'll be this David guy...:)}

Name: David
Nick Name: Silk
Job: Second in command in the BK

Personality: He's a quiet guy, prefering his own company more than anything else. He is a deep thinker, often falling away from the world. He can seem very distant, cold. It is the one curse of his ablities, when he lets his emotions free they are harder to control, objects fly - literally. Because he feel what others feel he tries to shut off as much as posible. However, he is very determined and knows how to work with people and will do anything for those he is close to. He believes that loyalty is an eternal bond and that fighting is not about destroying but about what is right and wrong.

Appearence: He's tall with blond hair cut long and a lightly tanned skin. His eyes are his most striking feature, a deep ocean blue that seem to swallow you, drown you. He is not that tall for a Knight at only 5'8, however he make up for this with his speed. Usually he only wear black, sometimes branching out into greys and occasionally red but not often. His body is well toned but he has many scar scattered over him, some of these are from his time with the Knights but some of them lie with his past....

Other: His past is only known by Chris, he refuses to tell anyone else (I'll try and get to it later in the story). He loves music, mostly rock (GO QUEEN!!!) plays the keyboard when he gets particularly moody or depressed.
Chris left the room with music still echoing in his ears.

He had sat there quietly and listened to Jessica play for about an hour, occasionally joining in and adding quiet suggestions when he thought of any. He had studiously ignored her eyes, as well as the thoughts that had been so prominent in her mind on occasion. He had avoided touching anything in her room either, because most of the objects were loaded with memories, and he hated feeling as though he were intruding. The part of him that was Blackstone told him that it was best to know as much about the Angels that had been his enemies for so long, but for the moment he was just one guy trying to help.

That was, until he walked out of the room.

“What the Hell were you thinking?!”

Jasmine’s voice was the first thing that hit him, and it was a long moment until he realized the words weren’t even directed at him. They were blasting from an open door down the hall, and he could tell by the sound of her voice that she was unhappy with someone. It almost made him smile, except for the knowledge that he would have to speak to her and she sounded as though she were already in a foul mood. Already the lingering feeling Jessica had left with him was fading, and he let it go with more regret than he wanted.

He couldn’t afford to start caring about her.

“Of all the bloody people you decided to bring, you follow Kyle’s advice and bring Chris! Let’s not even get into that little mess! God! If you two were anymore obvious you’d be married!” Jasmine’s voice had reached a feverish pitch, and Chris had the vague suspicion that she was just getting started.

She was pacing back and forth behind her desk when he reached the door, tossing long black hair over her shoulder. Her face was livid, and she was waving her hands to enunciate each word that she was shouting at the unfortunate girl sitting across from her. Carrie’s back was to him, but he could still see who it was. “I mean honestly! He’s a Blackstone Knight! What were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all? I mean, it’s bad enough that we have to work with these lowlifes, but now you’re hitting on him! For God’s sake Carrie!”

“Am I interrupting?” Chris asked from the hall, leaning against the doorframe.

The vicious look Jasmine shot him held his answer, but he just gave her a cold smile in return, his gaze not wavering.

“Yes, in fact,” she said between grit teeth. “But while you’re still here, I have some things I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Good,” he smirked, a challenge in his gaze. “Because I want to talk to you too. Carrie, would you mind leaving?” He gave her a softer smile than he had shown to Jasmine, and Carrie nodded, gnawing on her lip. She was pushing red hair out of her face as she hurried out of the room, her normally bouncy attitude subdued. Her blue-green eyes were focused on the floor, but she glanced up as she passed Chris giving him a small smile that he read as Thank you.

He closed the door behind him, ignoring her for the moment and taking the time to study her office. For the most part it was plain and undecorated, except for the multitude of weapons on the wall behind her. A laptop sat on her desk, as well as a few papers and assorted pens, but beyond that it was desolate.

“Not much into decoration, are you?” he commented, picking up a pen and fiddling with it.

“I thought you had a point,” she snapped.

“Well I was going to let ladies go first, but apparently that wouldn’t apply here, would it?” Her mouth opened to respond, but he put a hand down on the desk and leaned forward, stopping her before she could speak. “I just want to get a few things straight with you before this little merger goes any further, and please don’t interrupt. When I’m done you can say what you want.” He waited silently for her to respond, unflinching as she glared back.

“Go on,” she finally told him with a nod.

He smirked, settling himself down in the chair previously vacated by Carrie. He would have attempted to put his feet up on the desk, but he gathered from her expression that it probably would get him hit, and he wasn’t out to pick a fight. Not today, at least. “I am the leader of the Blackstone Knights. Period. I give them orders and they follow them. I expect you to respect my men, my authority, and me, in that order, if you must. Even if we are ‘lowlifes,’” he added, smirking somewhat bitterly. “I’m not asking for us to be friends. We both know that’s not likely. But I am asking for some respect.”

She glared at him for a long time, before spitting out the words. “Fine. But I want to make something clear too.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Yes?”

“I don’t like you.”

“Is that all?”

Her eyes narrowed to slits, and he wondered how she could even still see out from between the lids. Her mouth opened to respond, but the words never passed her lips. A blast seemed to shake the building, and for a minute the lights flickered overhead and all Chris could hear was the sound of shattering glass and something crashing. The leader of the Blackstone Knights was on his feet in moments, but the next moment the door was being blasted open by flames, and he was slamming forward against the desk, fire searing his skin.

“Go to Hell, Chris!”

“Jordan! Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

He blinked, vision trying to focus on the dark figure that stood in the door, flames coming from his hands. There was a voice speaking to him, and he wondered distantly if Jasmine was okay, and then he was wondering if Jessica was okay. He shouldn’t have cared. It took a long time for him to realize that he was slumped upon the ground with blood trickling from a cut over his eye. Then his blue eyes rose to the man’s face, and a name escaped his lips in a hiss of air, and he couldn’t tell if he was in the past or the present anymore.

The man smirked. “Hello again Chris.”

Then his gaze rose, focusing on someone behind him. The man’s face seemed to light up for a minute, his breath catching in his throat as he whispered the woman’s name quietly, like a prayer.

"I'm sorry, I don't know you. Good thing too, I may have a slight problem with kicking your ass if I did know you." Jasmine sneered. "Chris, get out of here. I have to fight fire with fire, as they say..."

Carrie and Lauren stood in the hall, jaws dropped, simply staring in awe. How the hell did this idiot get passed them?

"Get Angie!" Jasmine shouted, moving in front of Chris. "Get out of here and go check on Jessica."

Chris looked at her, wondering whether or not she could handle Jordan. And of course, she could. Hopefully.

"Ah, finally I manage to fight you. Not the best of situations for either of us right now, I suppose. But it's better than nothing." He grinned broadly. "..I admire your... how shall i put this... ignorant attempt at saving your angels, but they'll be dead soon."

"NOW, Chris."

He didn't need any more of a command, he left quickly.

"So, what's your name?"

Within seconds, he was behind her, and she hadnt even noticed him move. He was like fire... quick, sharp, deadly. "...Why dont you just... read me?"

Jasmine shuddered as chills crept down her back. "...I'd rather not."

"Why, you think we'll trap you too?"

At that point, her blood was boiling. “If you EVER do anything like that again to ANY of my team, I will personally kill you.”

“We might as well right now!” Angie had a gorgeous snake of water running across her arm, ready for an attack.

Jordan just laughed as he turned to Angie. “Are you serious? I could easily beat you… Both of you, for that matter. In fact, that is why I’m here.”

“…Explain yourself before I let her kill you. Angie is not a patient or forgiving one,” Jasmine muttered. “And neither am I.”

Jordan smiled at her, an odd, creepy smile that just made her want to vomit, as he came toward her. Angie made a step toward him, letting tiny water balls fall at his feet in warning, but she got no reaction from him.

“…the FBI have a special invitation for you, my Angel of Death.” Jordan continued to move toward her slowly, seductively, completely ignoring Angie’s somewhat pathetic warning. “…We are very interested in all of you. And your hatred toward our enemy.”

“…That Blackstone Knights. You’re after them, I understand… and you were following us to make us join you?” Carrie’s eyes were wide as she stood at the door. “…Well, it’s a bit late, buddy. We’ve joined up with them.”

“So I’ve heard.” Jordan muttered sourly. “But I’m still giving you that option. Join us, and we’ll get them out of the picture permanently.”

“Until you kill us too!” Carrie glared at him.

Jasmine held her hand up to the angel. “Quiet yourself.” Focusing her attention on Jordan, she straightened up. “…It is a tempting offer.”

“You can’t be serious!” Carrie’s glare fixed onto Jasmine now. “Jazz!”

“I said quiet!” Jasmine shot her a glare that told Carrie not to test her authority. “Now, Jordan…”

“I love the way you say that.”


“…My name. And the way you… command your women with such… power.” Jordan smirked. “Which makes us think you’d be the perfect leader for our team.”

Lauren finally entered the room, just in time to hear that suggestion. She already knew what was happening, it was entirely too predictable. But… Jasmine, was something that seemed to change in an instant.

Angie, Carrie and Lauren looked to each other, then back to Jasmine.

Jasmine perked a brow and smiled. “Oh?”

When Jordan reached her, he nodded, a hand coming up to touch her cheek. “Of course. And with you as our leader… we can get rid of them. Then, it is up to you what becomes of us.”

“What will happen to the angels and I?”

“…I could never hurt you.” Jordan took her hand. “Come with me.”

And all the angels could do was watch as their leader earned her black wings.
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((I am SO sorry I went MIA on everyone. I'll add a quick post now... forgive me~!))

Jessica had attempted to get up the moment the house started shaking, but the shaking coupled with her inability to walk or stand made her fall to the floor helplessly. Now was SO not a good time to be vulnerable. Cursing, she put her weight on the chair that Chris had been sitting in, pushing herself upright, only succeeding to fall right into the chair. At least she was off the floor.

“Jasmine! Carrie?”

“They’re a little… busy.” Ben’s voice was close- right against her ear. She could feel his breathing against the side of her neck, against her ear. This time he was physical. She felt the cold metal of a blade against the other side of her neck, and she tensed. This wasn’t good.

“Ben.” Her voice shook even as she tried to keep it steady. No one was near her, and if Ben had others with him, no one would even show up. They’d be too busy themselves.

He laughed, kneeling down before her. “You know,” his voice dropped to just above a whisper as he smoothed her hair back. “I didn’t even want to kill you this time. It just turned out this way.” He took the blade and gently pressed the tip against her thigh, pulling it toward him so it tore at her slightly, bright red blood quickly coming up. He was taunting her. Trying to get her fear to control her. That was the only way he’d win. Sure, he had trained hard and become stronger. But with her being so weak emotionally, it was so simple to just let her fear control her so he could be rid of her in a much easier manner. This way she wouldn’t fight back.

“Don’t touch me.”

He gave her a mocking smile, loving every single minute of this. “Look at me.”

She refused to look at him, and instead focused on the book shelf behind him.

“LOOK AT ME!” He grabbed her face, forcing her to look at him.

“Alright, you win.”

Jessica watched as Ben flew backward, crashing into her bookcase. Thankfully her Telekinesis was as strong as ever in her time of need, and she knew just how to use it. Her gaze focused on the bookcase again, and she willed it to fall on top of him, but he quickly stopped her by throwing a torrent of wind her way, making her focus drop.

He didn’t let up. Standing, he took the dagger again and moved to her. “If you hadn’t been so stupid, this wouldn’t have happened. Now all of your friends are going to die because of YOU. This is YOUR fault. You—”

Ben was thrown backward again, and the wind halted. This time it wasn’t her doing.

“Chris!” She whimpered as she pushed herself up again, but Chris quickly picked her up, keeping a careful eye on Ben. “What took you so long?”

“Excuse me?” Chris finally looked at her, eyes wide with shock. Was she really in a position to be so demanding and stubborn and… Jessica like?

“What the hell took you so long? He was getting all stalker creepy on me and I couldn’t move. What did you expect me to do? Hope my glares would turn into Superman laser eyes?” She smiled at him, hugging him tightly. “Thank you. He would have--”

“I know. I couldn’t let that happen or Jasmine would blame that on me too.”
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“I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore,” Carrie murmured. “Jess, there’s a bit of an issue…”

“What?” Both Chris and Jessica looked up at her, somewhat awkwardly as if she were interrupting them.

“Well…” Hesitating, she stepped back a little for fear of a roar coming out of Jessica. “Jazz is gone, Jess.”

“What?” They both asked, completely shocked.

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Chris gave her a look.

“She’s not dead, Carrie… Don’t say that…” Jessica clung to Chris tightly.

“No, she’s… She’s n ot dead, exactly…”

“What do you mean exactly?” Again, Chris was trying to get me to get right to the point. He obviously doesn’t know me very well.

“She went with him.” Carrie whispered quickly, turning around and attempting to rush out of the room. It was just something she did. Maybe acknowledging the bad and running away from it all right AFTER acknowledging it would make it all go away. Like it never happened. It’s kinda like how guys joke something off that they’re uncomfortable with.

“What?!” They both screamed.


“Shoot! Now I REALLY have to take orders from you…” Carrie’s body slumped. “The weird creepy guy was all over her with shiny words and then she went “oooooh!” and went after the shiny man speaking the shiny words. Got it?”

Jessica got a confused look on her face and Carrie could see Chris mouthing ‘weird, creepy shiny guy?’ confusedly behind her. “Basically he said all of these things that made her go with him…”

“Oh god…”

“Yeppers. That’s exactly how it happened.” Carrie nodded forcefully.

“Does she always make this much sense?” She heard Chris whisper to Jessica.

“I heard that!”

It wasn't that he was surprised at what met him. It was that he hadn't realised how ridiculous the situation had become in his absence of just under a week and a half. With a wry smile, the until recently absent Blackstone Knight entered the house, sensing the minds of his companions within the walls. He could feel a sort of fear, an uneasyness that made him curse the fact he was a sensitive and actively pushed the feelings away.

He saw Chris and what he assumed to be a collective of the Knights and Angels, sitting in a sullen silence.

"I leave you for a week and this happens huh?" He said with a grin, Chris looked up at him in amazement.


As second in command he had always been the one that Chris had turned to in his decision making, knowing that two heads were better than one in most scenarios. But honestly, he hadn't thought that they had relied so fully upon one another until he saw that glassy look in his friend's eyes.

"What's happened?"

Chris held out his hand, inviting him to look into his mind and with a little reluctance he took it. Letting the memories spill into him and the emotions flutter through his heart.


"Yeah. Big shit."

Name: Jason Pittman

Nickname: Zephyr / Hurriclone / Dust Devil

Age: A few days short of 18

Job/Rank: The newest (and youngest) member of the Blackstone Knights. Jason is generally given the most menial, boring assignments—such as property damage, intimidation and blackmail.

Personality: Jason’s worldview was highly influenced by people like Darwin and Nietzche; he believes that some people are destined for power and dominance, and it’s their job to embrace that destiny. He strongly dislikes average, unpowered people—seeing them as stupid and boring—and he has something of a cruel streak that makes him well-suited to his job, not unlike a small boy hurting insects. At the same time, he greatly admires his fellow Blackstone Knights (and, begrudgingly, the Dark Angels) and is desperate for their respect and acceptance. He tries to hide any inner pain or turmoil beneath a strong, silent facade, but not always successfully. Jason is bright, imaginative and energetic, making him a good fighter and skilled with his powers. However, he is also very reckless, impulsive, often lets his emotions control him ad easily forgets common sense; these traits make him very bad as a strategist and general decision-maker.

Appearance: Standing at medium height, Jason is thin and not very strong; there’s no denying that in physical combat he falls short of the mark. He has long, curly moplike brown hair, dark green eyes. His favorite colors are green and light grey, and his clothes generally fall along the lines of green T-shirts and grey-blue jeans. For official knight ceremonies, he owns a chain mail shirt, but it rarely ever sees the light of day.

Other: When powers are involved, Jason is fiercely competitive. Being young and inexperienced, he constantly needs to prove to himself that he is a capable fighter, and losing fights--under any circumstances—tends to severely erode his confidence. His long-standing rival in the Dark Angels is Angie; their elemental powers roughly correspond, and they both occupy relatively minor positions in their respective groups. Whenever Jason is fighting a Dark Angel, it’s almost always Angie.

* * * * * *

In the wake of Jasmine’s… departure, the Blackstone Knights and the Dark Angels finally agreed to hold council together. They met in one of the secret meeting-places of the Blackstone Knights (not the most secret room; the Knights didn’t all trust the Angels that much, yet). The Angels reacted unfavorably to this new environment, to say the least.

“Brrrrr,” Jessica rubbed her palms together briskly and glanced around the room. “Don’t the Blackstone Knights believe in central heating? It’s freezing in here!”

None of the Knights said anything in response (they were all feeling kind of cold themselves). Finally, Chris spoke up. “Let’s not get drawn into an argument about housing problems, Jess. Hopefully, we won’t be here for very long, anyway. We need to think—if Jasmine has really joined up with Jordan, then… what will we do?”

Everybody was silent for a minute. Nobody could conceive of any reason why Jasmine might have joined up with him. And yet, she had.

“Do any of you remember exactly what he said to her?” Chris asked.

Carrie shrugged, but Angie had a clearer memory. “He said they had a special plan for her… he mentioned the FBI!”

“The FBI?”

“Wait a minute,” said Jessica. “Did it just get really, really hot in here?”

It had. Nobody was sure what to make of it. As perspiration started running down their faces and necks, people began to suspect they were being ambushed. More than a few of them began powering up and looking around for Jordan—or Jasmine.

David snapped his fingers. “Wait… I know who’s doing this.”

Suddenly the large wooden door opened itself, abruptly and violently, with a BANG! A heavy wall of warm air blew in through the open doorway, followed by a figure who limped into the room as fast as he could with a cry of rage and exasperation. In fact, he was near to tears. The new arrival was a Blackstone Knight, the latest one to join and, apparently, the last one to be missed.

“TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, DIDN’T IT?!” he yelled, directing it towards David, but meaning everyone.

To say that Jason had seen better days was a gross understatement. He was limping, his broken left arm was bound up in a cast and he was only wearing dark glasses so that nobody could see the grotesque swelling of his black eye. Fuming, he glanced from person to person, struck inarticulate to see Dark Angels in one of the Blackstone Knight headquarters.

“You just forgot about me, didn’t you? You sent me off on a mission in Italy to put some politicians in the hospital, and then you just forgot about me? When I disappeared, you didn’t get worried and come looking for me?”

“Jason, we were attacked…”

“Oh, so we were ATTACKED! Well that makes everything all better! How wonderful! An attack, yay! And this whole time, nobody came looking for me? It never occurred to you that maybe I had been attacked, and I might have needed HELP? And what the hell are the Dark Angels doing here?”

Chris stood up and spoke, sternly, in his most officiating tones: “Jason, sit down. We have a truce with the Dark Angels now, and we’re working with them against a common enemy. I won’t allow you to jeopardize that with petty grievances. Now, who attacked you?”

Jason stared at him incredulously. Then, his brow darkened again. “THE DARK ANGELS ATTACKED ME! ANGIE did this to me!” He pointed at her, accusingly, and she met his gaze. “She attacked me when I was flying home! She knocked me out of the sky and tried to drown me in the ocean! She tried to kill me! I almost died! I CANT BELIEVE this! I almost died in the ocean, and you didn’t even notice I was gone? And now you’re friends with them?! With… her? I can’t believe this…”

And then he actually did come to tears. Jason had always known that he was the lowest-ranking member of the Knights, but he expected at least to be remembered. Humiliated to cry in front of everyone, and burning with anger and bitterness, he turned around and headed for the doorway. “To hell with this.”

“Jason, come back here!” demanded Chris.

“GO TO HELL!” Jason whirled around and hurled a gust of wind at his boss. Unfortunately, Chris had sensed this with his telepathic powers, and acted preemptively, confusing Jason and throwing his aim off. The gust went right past Chris and blew a hole in the wall behind him. David then retaliated for him, knocking Jason into the door. Bitterly, Jason got up and slammed the doors behind him as he left. There was silence for a minute.

“I believe you all know Jason,” said Chris. “We selected him to replace Ben.”

More silence.

“Well, we should really get back to that plan,” said Jessica, at last, and sitting back down.

“It happened before our truce,” said Angie suddenly, feeling the need to explain Jason’s accusations. “The Angels and the Knights were still enemies back then. I’ve been fighting him for several months. I—”

“Don’t worry, Angie. It’s not important.”

“Should somebody go get him?” asked Carrie.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be back,” said Chris without looking up.

Name: Angela Vox

Nickname: Angie

Age: 17

Job/Rank: Member of the Dark Angels.

Personality: Angie has always put every effort into her job, and placed every trust in her fellow Dark Angels. However, she keeps herself emotionally distant from most other people; this allows her to work efficiently as an assassin but also prevents her from making friends outside the Dark Angels. She loves animals, however, and enjoys art immensely; often, she can be seen combining these two interests by manipulating water into animal shapes. She is extremely loyal to Jasmine and Jessica, and follows without question all orders they give her.

Appearance: Angie’s hair is streaked blonde and black; she wears it in a ponytail, usually, which reaches down to her shoulders. She has pale blue eyes, and—due to a family problem of myopia—wears designer glasses. Due to the nature of her power, she often has to be prepared to go underwater, so her primary wardrobe consists simply of a wetsuit. Typically, she wears a blue sweater over the wetsuit (she wears a lot of blue) and a blue miniskirt.

Other: In addition to her water powers, Angie carries a folding knife around with her in a hip pocket on her wetsuit. She has no formal fighting instruction, but experience has proven she can at least defend herself. As a rule, she dislikes and distrusts men, and feels that not a one among them can really pass as a sane or intelligent human being.

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