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All will burn...Save fire itself, but what of those who fight? Closed

All those who are not of the Fire religion are hereby heretics, to be brought to the Priesthood for cleansing and afterwards taken to central square and burned so that they may be taught the trueness of our beloved religion.

>Any found to be hiding heretics will join them

>City gates will be closed so that no heretic may leave the city

>Slaves must also be burnt for they too are not of the fire religion but you may use them as you wish for the next three days, then brand them and bring them to us, you will recieve 400 Ingas and your slave will be returned to you in the after-life.

> Hence forth, we will be a pure civilisation.


High Priest

This was the notice that was pinned up all over Ciatryzia. All who are not Fire will be burned, as a Sacrifice to their God, but Onya Liatrach, unwilling to just let her life be snuffed out like that, has sent a message to Rialtoc, the peace loving Earth City, who sent a ship, willing to carry them across the Ocean. Onya wants to save the rest of her people so she plans to kidnap at least five high ranking Fire citizens and use them as hostages. There will be 5+ hostages and 10+ condemned


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Staryl free as a Sparrow

Name: Onya Liatrach

Age: 16

Race: Water

Gender: Female

Type: Condemed

Description: Onya is tall with perfectly straight long silver hair, that seems as if it is always wet, she adorns her hair with small shells. Her limbs are long and slender and her body is streamlined and sleek. She always wears a black leather skirt that does not in any way constrict her movement and a silky blue shawl around her shoulders which can be discarded to see silver clothe wound around her breasts, but her stomach bare. Her arms are covered in tattos of Thetis and Thetia, the Gods of water. Her feet are always bare.

Personality: Onya carries herself like a queen, giving most people the impression that she is haughty and arrogant but she is just very firm and professional, she tries not to let her emotions get in the way of her work. Onya is generous and thoughtful, with a very observant eyes and a fast mind.

Ability: She can send messages using her element and also can see the future in the water.

Weapons: Onya carries a large amount of small knives about her person, and is adept at using a long thin sword.

History: Onya was the son of a Water priest. He, and her mother had been among the first to be taken away and burnt. She heard their last cries to the water God, but could not understand them because they were in the ancient tongue but has sworn to find out what they said. Onya would have been burnt as well but she hid and is now presumed dead by the Fire comunity.

Flex 5th birthday just gone.

Name: Angel Vix

Age: 17

Race: Air/Water

Gender: Female

Type: Condemed

Description: Wavy shoulder length brown hair, glittering blue eyes. slight and thin

personality: Thoughtful and quiet she seems to be in a world of her own. she is silent most of the time as she realises that when she does speak she is listened to. a deadly assasin under a good camoflage she prefers the peace of the air to the busy world below.

ability: Flight and the ability to control the weather.

Dr Matticakes Myra

Name: Cathan Tarcon Mar Alastre

Age: 15

Race: Water:
Thetia : Lady of the Element,
Thetis : Lord of the Element

Gender: Male

Description: Cathan is by no means big, he is small (but not short) and slender (not skinny). His muscles are string from the hard labour he has been put through although he may appear, at first glance, weak. His long midnight black hair falls in a rough cut to his shoulders but naturally dead straight. His hair falls over his eyes most of the time but when you see them they are an intense ocean blue that ever change, the few people who know him say they are so deep they could drown in them. His skin is very pale giving him an almost ethreal quality especially in his fine chiselled face and high cheek bones.Poer eminates off his aura but his uncle Morrain is a cruel man and has often used an aether whip on Cathan. His metal studded ropes cut open wounds in the victims soul and burn mortal flesh, these blows have left terrible scars on his back and other places they have struck.

Personality: As a young child he was taught to worship Thetis and thetia but after the death of his parents he was forced by his Celachrial fanatic uncle to praise the element fire. He has been down trodden and treated as little more than a slave since he was seven. Since then he has lost all faith in himself and trust in others. He can seem cold and aloof when he does not know someone and it takes ages for him to trust anyone as all his life he has been, used, betrayed and lied to. Sadness, pain and fear also reign in his body but so does an unknown power.

Ability: By using the element water he can do anything to do with it, including taking moisture from the air and making a flood or water bursts everywhere. He can also naturally breath in water.


Name: Rhynn
Age: 20
Race: Fire
Gender: Female
Type: hostage

Description: Long, wavy, red/gold hair, green eyes and tan skin. Tall and muscular.

Personality: Disciplined and empethetic towards her own people. She usually appears calm and in command but she often struggles inwardly between duty and honor. Since she is one of the fire people she can get passionately angry. As it is she has her own peculiar code of honor due to her situation.

Ability: Some control over fire, master of unarmed combat and some weapons

Reason: She is the captain of the elite guards, highly skilled and highly trained and very valuable to the fire people.

It was late and the city guards were mostly congregated around the boxing match between two of their number over the last of the watery ale. They should have been on their rounds by now but they knew that no non fire would be stupid enough to try and get out of Ciatryzia. The last attempt had been almost laughable and anyway, the gates were locked tight.

"Better star't on a 'rounds" hicuped one, "we'd be in a bit of a fix with Rhynn or Banol should they come a down 'ere."

"Go' on," slurred his friend,"but I is stay'n put."

"Fine" growled the first, pulling his course brown cape around his shivering shoulders. He got up and shuffled over to the door, grumbling incoherently to himself, and walked out into the dark night. The sky, slightly distorted by the huge bubble of energy protecting the fire city from water, was a red colour, reflecting the last embers from the burning pyres of the day. It was the third since the order had been issued and tomorrow the slaves would be brought. He shuddered as he thought of the cruelty he had seen over the last few days towards them, beating, rape branding, did it never end? A rustle behind him brought him back to earth. His soldiers instincts kicked in, shoving aside the drink that had been befuddling his mind. Slowing down but still moving, he tryed to fathom whether he was being followed or edgy, was it a stray cat? He almost laughed at the thought, what an idiot he was! Suddenly he heard a whistling behind him, followed by a sharp punch to the base of his neck. He had blacked out before he hit the floor.

Onya bent to check his pulse...it was steady,good. She stripped him of his uniform keys and weapons, but left the purse that had been tucked away in his upper pocket, she did not believe in stealing when it wasn't absolutely necassery. Silently she donned the guards uniform over her own meagre clothing, (water didn't easily get cold) careful to cover her tatoed arms and silvery hair, instant give-aways. Clipping the keys to her belt, she stood and headed off towards one of the many city gates. As she neared the massive iron doorway, light from a torch bracket alerted her to the presence of...

"Angel? Is that you?" she whispered tentatively into the night.

"Yeh, I'm here," came back the unmistakable voice of Angel Vix, her part of the plan had obviously gone well, "they're expecting you, you'll be allowed straight through," Angel continued.

Onya nodded, "What about you? Why don't you come with me?" she asked, afraid for her friends safety.

"No, I need to stay here," replied Angel, "you need someone on the inside."

Onya nodded again and straightened, she walked out of the shadows, towards the gate house.

"Open the gates," she commanded, "I am Sila, I take a message to Kisca our neighbouring Fire City, it is urgent, let me through."

Thanks to Angel, the guards had been expecting her and she was past the gates and on the road in no time. Making sure that no wandering eyes were peering at her from the city walls, Onya sprinted to the cover of the trees. Striping her uniform and flinging it into the undergrowth she pushed her way past the vegetation, coming out onto a sandy beach. Looking out over the sea, she wandered why they had built their city so close to their opposite element, tactical advantage? Or maybe Ciatryzia hadn't always been a fir city. Onya padded down to the water's edge, her bare shoulders flexing ready for the cool water. Kneeling down she placed just her index finger in the lapping water, counting the ripples. There. On the 11 ripple a shimmering light was expanding. It was a struggle, Onya could not deny it, her people were a combined one, their strength fading with the death of many.

The water seemed to crackle and an image shuddered into focus. It was Shilac, the captain of the Nautilus, the sword of the ocean, the ship that Rolantoc had sent to try and help them.

"Shilac?" Onya called, "Shilac!"

"Onya?" came back a very worried sounding voice, "Where are you?"

"Beach," she replied, "and you?"

"Just outside the cove,"

"Okay I'm coming." With that Onya withdrew her finger. The water instantly descended into calm once again. Onya waded out into the water, she could breath under it just like any of her race. Diving under it, with no splash. She swam out and away from Ciatryzia, from the red skies and the screaming people, but she knew soon she would have to return.

As the dusk rose in the sky a lone figure slipped out from a glowing dome that lit up and faded then burned brighter and slipped into the dome of night sky protecting the town from the storms. Cathan looked at it with loathing and disgust as he turned down the grassy hill and down to the yellow sands. He was silent, on bare feet and almost invisible in the gloom.

The boy sat on the beach gazing out at the forbidden ocean. It wouold be death if he was caught out here by a Celachrial priest. None the less the voice of the sea came to him as it always did on these clear nights. Whispering, begging him to come into the water. As if in a trance he did as he was asked. Stepping for the first time into the water. It was cool and filled him with joy at its touch.
With out realising what he was doing he waded out deeper into the water. He was so happy, feeling better than he had in years, the ocean lapping around his pale body making the rags he wore cling to him.

"Where are we going Shilac?" The voice of a young girl sliced his innner peice to shreds.

Fear burst through him. What if they saw his sandles on the beach? What if they were priests? What if they saw him? Gods, he would die, burn like all the other heretics.

Unable to do anything he waited for his inevitable doom. At that moment a wave, large and powerful, knocked him over and pushed him towards the shore. Was this another betrayal? Had he done something to offend Thetis or his Lady, Thetia?

Terrified he was washed on to the sands. He could see three forms on the beach, waiting as if for something important. Cathan began to edge himself away from them, towards his sandels. That was when the second wave swamped him. Unknowingly he let out a cry making all faces turn his way.

Cathan lay motionless at the bottom of the tipsy boat. His hands were bound and the fould tasting colth in his mouth gagged him. However he could not have cried out even if he had wanted too, fear was restricting his voice and body. It was as if they had implanted in his mind a burning pyre, the cries of its victim ripping through him. But the ocean... Of sweet Thetis, Lord of the Element, the beauty ensaring its blue water was surely worth it. That was when it hit him. He was still on the water. Yes, maybe he was a prisoner but it was still the sea. Any Celachrial would have returned him to land and placed him in white hot chains like Morrain. Fire loathed the water, feared it. These captors were no priests.

The boy whimpered as callosed hands lifted him upright. His intense blue eyes were dark and stormy with fear. As he was taken onto the strange ship Cathan knew that there was no hope for him. This would be his fate, a mysterious death in his new found love, the sea.

Cruel knives cut through his bonds as he was forced into a black, narrow prison. Tears pricked in his eyes as the door was closed on him, sheer paranoia kicked in. He hated tight spaces and the dark made it even worse. Screaming as if in agony he pounded apon the locked iron door seperating him from freedom. The sides were coming in on him. He could not breath. The darkness, an eternal nightmare amde everything twist into visoions of despair. The memories of his torture made their way into his cries, begging to be let out. Cries that lay unanswered for the rest of that terrible night
*angel is actually half air half water and controls the weather, not the wind*

Angel flew above the shield of the fire priests, where she was invisible to their view. As no non-fire magic could be cast without great difficulty inside the forcefield, it also meant that the priests could not sense magic from the outside when they were inside, unless it was directed at the field.

she Ducked and dived through the air as its haze shimmered around her.Seeking the leat guarded entrance, she hovered, wrapping the white and orange robes of a fire virgin around her. Noone would question her in this disguise, as they were mainly male, and males weren't to even look at a virgin of their beloved god, who would give them a fateworse than death if they even thought about touching one of his 'brides'.

A true high priest would have been able to recognise her, but not one of the pathetic oafs who guarded this outpost. As she finished wrapping them, she began the steep descent, behind a creaking pile of fire wood that was to be blessed. She quickened her pace, and her feet soon touched earth which was dry and barren. She walked around the pile, getting out a curved piece of crystal from a pouch by her sleeve. You see, wherever a virgin walked a trail of fire followed, and as one did not follow her, it would be a dead giveaway. Literally, DEAD.

She lit a patch of dry grass and layed a piece of highly flammable thread beside it, which quickly caught fire. Trailing the thread behind her, she achieved the affect perfectly, and walked past he guard unperterbed.

She was in ciatryzia, its perculiar curved buildings looming over her now. The most obvious building was the grand ziggurat in the centre, which stood out like a sore thumb. she neede to stay as far away from that as possible, yet still get word to Onya of who the next victims were to be. A hard job, unless however you were to merge into the crowd surrounding the procession.


Angel was hidden amongst the crowd, her hair covered by a strawberry blonde coloured wig, and wearing the make uo of a fanatic. Noone would recognise her. She scanned the crowd of heretics hastily, biting back a cry of horror as she saw her cousin Rana, a water worshiper, who was also related to Onya. Not only that, but walking nearby was one of the princesw of earth! How dare they! He was a Diplomat! Coming to offer peace. This was it, She cheered falsely, the cries astuck in her throat, and backed out unnoticably.

She had to get to onya and Shilac, Bustling through the Market that was near the perimiter, she forced her way to the entrance, using the smoke as a screen. She was aiming for the Manta, the type of ship that earth had sent across. Slipping behind an incoming wagon of fire wood she tore off her clothes and wig, running towards the cove and the lost temple. Once safely out of view, she seemed to dive off the cliff, meaning the guards stopped, presuming her dead. Once their voices died away she took off in an ergent flight, scanning the horizon for any signs of the manta.

A dark shadow appeared below her in the water, and she flew infront of it, bringing together the winds and forcing her hands infront of her parting the waters above the manta, which seemed to pause, and then hovered above thesurface, as onya and shilac came to peer out the hatch, opening the sea lock so that she could enter.

Rhynn knelt, knees aching against the cold stone beneath her, elbows placed neatly on the polished wood and her lips moving in silent prayer. Before her, the great sacred flame burned steadily. She came here to find relief and a bit of reassurance, today had been trying. So here she was, basking in the glow of her god.

When she was first raised to her position as Captain of the elite guard, she became special protector of the sacred flame. She had hoped that the nearness to her god would calm her soul. This was not the case. The fire religion she had been taught had undergone changes and now she was stuck. Her job's chief duty was protection of the sacred flame duty to the fire god alone, but which the beauracracy now in place in Ciatryzia she was often made to obey the priests as well.

She stood abruptly, making the sign of fire over her heart and pressing her thumb and forefinger to her lips. Her god of fire was a two faced god, one who destroyed and one who saved. While the fire priests often forgot the second face, Rhynn knew she often forgot the first and so said an extra prayer for honor when carrying out its wishes.

Lander appeared and touched her shoulder. He was part of the small circle she had made especially devoted to the fire god. The normal guards, in her opinion were useless. They didn't respect her and so she had to make them fear her, but that didn't stop them from getting drunk in the local taverns.

"You summond me?"
"Yes," she said. "Come, I want to show you something. Brace yourself, we need to go near the water."

Lander's mouth hardened but he nodded. They gathered torches to keep their element nearby them and went down to the beach where Rhynn squatted and picked up a handful of sand.

"Something is wrong," she said looking at the grains and shells.

Lander crouched down. "I agree...I just can't place what..."

"Well, look at the beach," she pointed across the long stretch of sand. "It's been heavily pounded recently by the waves. Its unusual. In addition these shells are usually found farther out."

Lander raised his eyebrow at her. "And your of the fire religion."

Rhynn glared at him, "Do not doubt my faith."


"Sorry," Rhynn sighed with a shake of her head, "I'm a little distracted...and edgy. Anyway, tis always good to know your enemy. Now look out there, is it just me or does something seem wrong about the water."

Lander looked out, fingers tightening around the handle of his lantern. "Something is...odd. I don't know what, but something is just wrong."

Rhynn straightened and brushed of her hands. "Spread the word amoung the guards. I trust the elites but I'm going to have to review the temple and city guards. They don't understand what it means to guard our religion...our people," she felt her blood beginning to rise. She paused and let it cool for a moment. "I will alert the priests."

Lander grinned. "Aye Captain. Now let's get away from this damn water."

Name: Riha
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Water

Description: Riha has very long raven hair that is curly but flows down her back in an unruly fashion. Her eyes are a dark sea green that has given her the nick name Ocean Eyes with her family. She is very slight with boney arms and sleek strong legs. Her whole body is strong and she sometimes becomes very self concious about her figure as it is not as feminine as some women. Her skin is pale as is most of the water folk and her face is very striking though she does not always see this.

Personality: She does have a history which has lead to her persona. She is to the majority who knew her a happy go lucky, cheerful and interesting person who never had a care in the world. However that was until the decleration and before that the terrible hate filled days when people chased after her family because they worshipped the wrong religion. Now she puts on her outward personality where inside she cries torrents of tears for her lost family and with her fathers old knife she cuts away her pain.

Abilities: She can read peoples emotions and sometimes thoughts but it often leads to intrusion of thought. She is able to scry easily and heal effectively the flesh wounds, her defensive is very strong but she cannot use her ablities to harm.
Name: Rodina Ryel Vinblaze

Age: 16

Race: Fire

Gender: Female

Type: Hostage

Description: Rodina appears as one would expect the daughter of the High Priest the look, dignified and regal. She has long curly fire red hair that brushes her shoulder blade. Her eyes are honey yellow and at times seem to glow. Her sink is tan and she has an even complexion. She has a small build, and is average height. She is by no means muscular, but is extremely lithe.

Personality: Rodina is cocky and lets her father’s position go to her head. She is a spiteful and extremely jealous girl who likes to get her own way all the time. She is quick tempered and it doesn’t take long for her to loss her cool. She is not very trusting, arrogant and possesses all the worst qualities of the fire people. She also enjoys using others as a stepping-stone in her quest for power and prestige.

Ability: She can control and summon fire; however, she can only summon fire for a period of time.
"You need to be more careful!" Onya told Angel shakily, "What if you'd been caught? I couldn't take losing another of the people dear to me."

"I'm afraid it's too late for that," replied Angel wearily, "I saw Rana today, she was with the Earthen Prince, they're scheduled to be burnt tommorrow," she could not stop the shudder creeping into her voice.

"That's it then," Shilac said forcefully, "we've got to go in tonight."

Onya looked at him incredulously, they had been planning for no more than a day, how were they going to pull this off? They had discussed who they were going to try and rescue, as well as who they would try to kidnap as hostages. Rana and Riha, Rodrina and Rhynn. Onya almost smiled to herself at the number of R's in their names.

Riha would be much easier than the others, Rhynn and Rodrina would be very heavily guarded, but nearly as much so as Riha and the earth prince. Onya sighed as she contemplated the task. Another problem was Angel, Onya didn't blame her for leaving, after all every second she stayed in the city she was in more and more danger.

Onya let her thoughts stray to the boy they had found on the beach. Who was he? What had he been doing on the beach and why was he dressed in the clothes of a important house of fire if he had been in the water? Onya rose from her place, leaving the other two to debate about the city. She wanted to know more about this Fire boy who dared to contaminate the waters of Thetis and Thetia. Onya stopped herself, she was thinking like a fanatic Ciatryzian, the sea was for everyone.

"Thetis forgive me," she whispered turning the key in the door of the room in which they had locked the boy.

Cathan hated tight spaces, he sat curled into the corner like a catapillar int cocoon of darkness. His heart was fluttering to a terrified beat, his eyes sqeezed shut. His mind was full of tiny chests with slicing knives and flaming walls enclosing him. A small whimper escaped his lips. This was not fair, he could not stand this... Cold fear was numbing his body as he trembled.

-I can't take this... someone... please...-

<Why are you so afraid?> a voice was pulsing in his head, distant and yet so close...

Images again flashed through his mind, sounds of screams as fire burned through flesh and knife sliced through skin. Moving about him in a tight circle. Then darkness, utter darkness and sweltering heat burst over him. Memories so vivid that he let out a small sob.

-Let me out... Thetis! Why aren't you there?!-

<I am here.> The voice was so soft now if was almost a whisper. <Just follow the threaded ocean.>

Ripping through the tortured memory came a blue line, glowing and cooling his mind. With a small shudder he traced it through. An orb hoevered at the base of the thread, past the blackness of his thoughts to the subconcious level of power. Slowly he reached out or it, touching its fringes and something burst.

Silvery domes of water speared through the door of his cell and he scrambled to escape. Water dripped off the ceiling where it had hit, the wall on the far side had a dent and rivulets of liquid trickling down in memory of what he had done. Air; pure, bright air leaked into his lungs as he gasped at it, drinking it in. His sodden form knelt weakly on the floor... he was free.
Footsteps sounded in the distance. They could not put him back in there... He wouldn't let them! As the feet rounded the corner he pulled a small circle of water into his hand. He had no idea how he was doing it but it hovered like a bowl as the girl rounded the corneer.

"What in Thetia's name!" She shouted. Her eyes locked onto his tired, frightened eyes.

"Please don't put me back in there..."
angel hurried to where the pandemonium was, and eyed the scene with amusment. Onya stood there, soaked to the skin, and the boy, who had clearly just used water magic, just stood stood clearly frightened. She used a breeze to sweep the water to the side, and looked at onya imploringly, telling her with her eyes to <turn that water into vapour already>.

for the first time in years as she looked right into onya's eyes and saw... a smile. She certainly wasn't showing it on her face as she reprimanded the boy for flooding the deck, and angel swept in front of the boy, pulling him to her cabin. Onya stared at her questioningly for a second then followed, understanding. They sat down, and a tense silence filled the room. finally, angel broke it.

"y-your heretics." he stuttered.

"sure are, and you appear to be a heretic too..albeit one of fire-papal descent," she said in a quiet and friendly voice, "who are you, why do you wear clothes of the papal family, and why can you manipulate water."

Onya thought for aa moment, and added her own question, "and why were you speaking to thetia our lady and her lord, thetis?"

He began to talk, a little shyly at first, but with more confidence as he recalled the horrors of his uncle, cousin, the aether whip, and the death of his parents.
"What are you doing?" The command in Rhynn's voice snapped over the sound of the dice and made the guards straighten and scramble to their feet.

She shook her head and sighed inwardly. These guards were young, of course so was she, but they lacked the dedication. Did they not feel the pressure, duty, the great honor and great joy to guard their holy God? No, it wasn't that. They were soft by a lifetime of prowess and peace for the members of Fire. To them there was no threat and would never be. If there was a threat they could always burn it as the priests were doing now.

"What are you doing? Playing at dice? You must be ready, always ready! How dare you forsake your duty," she spat. "If I catch you at this again I will not be lienent in my punishment."

She didn't wait for a response but paced in front of the men, letting the anger show plainly in her eyes. "Something is coming. I want everyone alert and at their posts at all times!" She narrowed her eyes and speared each one with a gaze of fire. "Now get back to your posts!"

They scattered, kicking the dice into the corner as they moved and growling under their breath.

"I don't have to be like, I have to be obeyed," Rhynn mumbled to herself as she watched them go.

"Where have you been? My father has been looking for you?"

Rhynn closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, the priests tried her angry as did the priests children, especially the daugher of the High Priest. But...this was the way things were...

She turned on her heel and bowed to the young woman before her. "And I need to speak to him..."

"Well you had better hurry, you do not want to keep my father waiting."

"He will have a wait a bit longer, I need to pray." Without waiting for a response Rhynn turned on her heel again and headed away from Rodina and the idea of her father. It was selfish of her, escaping to her God just to keep the high priest waiting longer, but the attitudes of Rodina and her father tried her nerves. She did not like to feel as if she were some dog to be fetched as needed.

But what if something happens? She froze at the thought. It would be on her head if something happened to the sacred flame if she had negleted her duty and let her own selfish ideas and desires get in the way. If something happened she would never forgive herself. So, she turned down a back hallway and went to inform the High Priest of her suspicions.

Swarms of Fire Guards swarmed over the beach. They seemed wary but they w ere searching for something.... someone?

"I'm sorry my girl... I'm sorry I can do no more for you...." A hoarse voice panted from behind her.

"Oh no Alex you've done so much.... simply by freeing me from that...." the cloacked girl shuddered, her voice held a tremour, "Prison. It's not like this is over yet is it?" she tried to sound optimistic.

Alex was an old man now, his bent head was white and shaggy and his wrinkled face looked haggard in the gloom. They had been in the same cell in the local lock up and she had been due to burn within the week. He had been told he could stay alive in the cells because they knew that for him, living was almost a worse punishment, his pride was strong.

"It is my girl." He croaked, looking out over the beach. he had been the one that had heard of the ship beneath the surface, that could take them to salvation.

"No it's not! you've done so much for me and you've worked so hard to get us here I can't believe you would give up when we're inches from freedom!" Her whispered horror sparked something in his eyes, "All we need is a distraction."

A distraction. What would work? Her mind raced and something whispered in her ear that there was nothing. But she refused to believe it.

"I have one for you. I am an old man girl...." his words were only just caught as he ran into view of the Fire.


But he was already causing a disturbance. She knew in her heart that this was how he wanted to die. Fighting for someone else. Protecting his neice from the same fate as the rest of the family. Choking back sobs she sent a weave of unnotice around her and gather her cloak started along the comotion to the sea. As her feet touched it she dropped the cloak. her face turned and she saw a sword come down on her uncles neck. Tear streamed down her face and she dived beneath the surface. Swimming away from everything she could see. The ship had to be somewhere near here....
She watched as Rhynn walked off in the direction of the temple. When Rhynn was out of sight, Rodina went to tell her father.

The High Priest Char did not motion from his seat at the table when he saw is daughter entering the room. Around the table sat other priest.

“Did you find her,” he asked his voice echoing through the large room, silencing the voice of the others.

“Yes father,” Rodina bowed respectfully, “Captain Rhynn shall be here at any moment.”

As if on cue Rhynn burst through the door, Rodina smiled to herself. Seems she knew better than to keep my father waiting.

“It is about time Rhynn,” Char said as he motioned her forward, “we have much to talk about.”

“I wish to speak to you as well,” she said in response, and then she eyed Rodina, “Is her presence necessary?”

“The captain is right child, anyway you have lessons to attend at this moment,” Char smiled as Rodina made her way out the door.

“As you wish father,” She replied as she shoot dirty looks to Rhynn.

The door closed heavily behind her as she made her way down the hall. She headed for the courtyard where Malik would be waiting for her. One day a shall be more that just the daughter of the high priest and then these fools will show me the respect I deserve. She waved off the greetings of the guards along the way as she entered the courtyard.

There Malik who had been teaching her to control fire since she was a little child stood smiling. With his help, her control of fire was now one of the strongest in Ciatryzia.

“What do you want of me now,” Rodina asked cockily, “I can do anything you ask of me and more.”

“True, your skill of control is strong,” Malik replied his face now stern, “But your skill of summoning leaves something to be desired.”

“Control is all that matters. I shall always have fire, I need not have to summon it,” Rodina replied with a smug smirk. Why did Malik have to anger her so, he should know as well as her that fire was everything. Their god was the purest and truest, and nothing anyone could say was going to change her mind.

Malik shook his head in disappoint; he pitied the arrogance of the child but hope that she would soon learn. Being of the elite guard, he felt the same way as Rhynn and he too could tell something was coming.
Onya listened quietly to the boy's tale not interupting once. When he had finished she got up and walked out of the room. She wondered up to the observation room, made enitely of glass at the heart of the ship. They were stationary at the moment and resting on the bottom of the sea. Onya sighed and leaned her face against the cool glass letting her thoughts calm down. She was so far away that she jumped as Angel placed a hand on her shoulder,

"He's been through a lot,"

"yes," answered Onya

"Onya... I've got something to tell you, it's about the city,"

She sighed and turned to face Angel, "What? What new horror have they thought up?"

Angel quickly relayed what she had seen in the square, about the Earth Prince and their joint cousin Rana. Onya was horrified as the halfelement in front of her told her of the atrocities happening in the city.


"Don't swear"

"Can you blame me?"


"I need to be alone," with that Onya turned and walked up to the water hatch, a small room that could be filled with water and opened, allowing the person inside to swim out into the sea. Onya felt the change in her lungs as she became able to breathe in water. It was all water born's gift to be able to breathe in this way, some,like Onya herself had extra gifts related to her element as well but every water person had the basics.

This counted for the other elements as well. All fire could stand up to extremely high temperatures, earth could talk with the animals and all air could fly. Some people were halfelements, like Angel. They usually inherited one or the other of these gifts, sometimes both but that was very rare. Onya smiled to herself as she remebered the story she had been told as an infant;

In days to come and days long gone
An eternal being
A chosen one
With gifts from air, fire earth and water
Will bring balance to our land
And end the slaughter.

And end the slaughter, now would be a good time for this 'chosen one' to appear, Onya thought bitterly to herself.

Swimming through the clear water, Onya's thoughts were elsewhere, on the boy Cathan, when she saw the limp figure on the sea bed. Turning over and kicking hard she pushed down to find a girl. Slim and with raven hair, she looked exhauted, but she had to be of the water elemtn as she was still breathing. Onya cradled the girl in her arms and kicked off back towards the Manta

{Sorry it took so long to add but I want to keep this camp-fire going now pls. And just incase you were wondering, the 'chosen one is Cathan but we won't know that for quite some time yet}

Cathan saw Onya and the girl as they climbed on board again. After telling his story he felt lighter, stronger but vunerable. No one except his uncle knew so much about him... Yet he had told them and now here was a girl, someone he recognised vaguely from the House of Darango. Riha? Was that her name? Hurrying to help the bedraggled pair, he found himself wondering what had happened. Why was Riha here? Onya's eyes met his.

"She passed out under water. I don't recognise her but she must be water. She's still breathing and..."

"Only just." Angel whispered. Fluttering in from no where. She was worried, "I saw you out of the bridge. We need to find some of those healing stone things...."

Nodding Cathan studied the fatigued features of the young girl. Raven hair falling a bout her face in ringlets. She was exactly a s he remembered her. Like an older sister...

"I'll take her up to the medi - unit. Angel go to the emergancy room and tell Shilac to bring the Salt Sea gem's to m. Cathan," she paused, flickering her sharp gaze over him, "Go to the steam pipe. Bring a casket of it. Hurry."

Onya was used to giving orders, he could tell. He would do it though, he shook his head and watched as the others dispersed. It w as then he realised he did not have a clue where the steam pipe was.

"Onya!" he shouted. But she was gone. He would have to go after her. -Or you can try and find it...-

Find it?

Of course! You could do it. Just follow your senses...

It sounded like Angel, her voice light and carefully pronounced. Her laughter echoing in his head.

"Find it... I could try..." He spoke aloud. Looking around for some sort of sign, some form of guidence.

It came after a few minutes. A pang of heat in his head. Water was cool all around him, he could tell the exact temperature, he could feel it... It was everywhere about him so surely if he could sense that then... Following his senses he could... this was ridiculous. He could not feel the water. It was all in his head. He just wanted to be like Onya and Angel... But he was not... He was just a pathetic little servant boy....

Just follow your bloody sense Cathan and get your ass down to the Steam pipe. That was definately Angel he though and he started towards the heated spark in his head.
Angel was annoyed. pissed off really. Onya was ordering her around and babying her, has if she had simply forgotten that angel had just risked her life to bring news of the condemned. She suddenly stopped in her tracks as she realised that cathan wouldn't have an idea on alaskia where the pipes were. D'arvit!

She searched for his mind, sneaking past onya, who was thinking of the hostages, and let the tendrils of her thoughts go, brushing against Cathans mind. She was in. The funny thing was, his conciousness took the form of a stream!
//he's telling the truth, most fire worshippers get a big ball of fire!//

memories flitted past her as she found her footing, careful not to pass the gate into his deeper thought. Angel peered into the water's dappled reflection, and saw cathan telling himself to find the pipes! perfect! all he would need was a nudge in the right direction.

// You can do it. Just follow your senses...// she paused, //Just follow your bloody sense Cathan and get your arse down to the Steam pipe.//

watching as her thoughts took the form of a silvery fish, and dived into the rushing torrents, colours reflecting up in a miasma of glittering swirls Angel laughed and dissapeared, back into her own mind. The boy would work it out....eventually!

she let an orb of water appear in her hands and swirled it around with the air, glittering like splintered shards of gemstones as it formed a little cloud. It hovered for a bit and then bounced into her, almost as if it were angry. a rumble sounded from it and it darkened, sending miniature bolts of lightning to her foot from its pint sized body of swirling water.

"now, now," she scolded, "i just want you to be annoying and rain on cathan until he can use you to help, and works out where the pipes are!" It was a bit comical and over the top, but it would work! Angel smirked, and pushed the cloud away.

Turning tail, angel swivelled arourd and paced down the corridor, its polished floors glimmering lazily in the half light. Shilac was a grumpy, annoying man, who hated her for being a halfling, and being as good, or better at the arts than himself. He was an earth but did not have any special talents in the area apart from the obvious one of being able to speak to animals. She, on the other hand could fly from the air element in her and control the weather, which was a bit from both of her parents, air and water. These rivalries were not enough to cause difficulty, but enough to create a tension when they were alone.

Onya appeared to have forgotten this as well. she must really have something on her mind.
As the door shut behind Rodina, the high priest turned his eyes on the captain of the guard.

"Are you sherking your duty captain?"

Rhynn stiffened and felt anger begin to buzz beneath her cheek bones.

"I don't know what you mean, your holiness?" she responded, trying to keep her voice level. He had directly assulted her honor, her duty, something very precious to her and she hoped he had good reason.

"Someone pretended to be a so called 'fire virgin' and snuck onto the grounds while you were playing by the water. We do not know where they are now or if they are even here. Is this religion getting to boring for you Rhynn or would you rather..."

"Do not insult my faith." The words came out hard and angry. "They made it past the guards because the guards on the walls are lazy, softened by years of elitism and their heads have only grown bigger since you pump them full of your own ego. They are the ones whose faith you should be questioning. They are the ones who do not seem to care that they guard something so special..." she trailed off, perferring to keep the priest out of her spiritual life.

It was odd, she thought, as she had thought so many times before, how much she hated the high priests. She had just come to the city, from her homeland on the edge of the desert when the elections were held. She had been told tales as a child of how the fire god was present during a ceremony and selected His messenger. When she got to the city, however, she saw the money changing hands and the politics that were played. This priest, she did not believe, was true.

She shook herself, realizing that she was keeping the high priest waiting. "As for the water, well, something is out there."

"Isn't it always," Char said idly, picking something out from beneath his nail.

"This time it is different. For reasons of my own I believe that we need to keep a watch on that side. I also think we should delay the burnings for the rest of the night. I'd rather have those locked beneath where we have more control then out in the open." The priest looked agitated but Rhynn continued smoothly. "If something happens during a burning the people might start to question your power as a priest, and our god Himself." That was enough for Char and he nodded in approval.

"Then that's something else I want to talk to you about," the priest said. "There is a particular trouble maker, an earthen creature, who has been speaking falsities against our God. He has been even trying to coerce our people into leaving our religion! He must be one of the first to be burnt tomorrow. I want a special guard on him, one strong in the faith so he does not try to corrupt others."

Rhynn nodded and sighed, "I'll take care of it."
She bowed to the priest and left. The burnings were something else which burdened her soul. The first face of her God was cruel, very cruel. She had seen it many times. However she did not believe it could be as cruel as the priests had ordered. Where was that second face? Was she wrong or were the priests...But her God had not done anything to stop the burnings, she reminded herself so she must do its will...

...but still... She swallowed and said a prayer to her God to forgive her doubt. Now she felt off centered and unbalanced and now was not the time to feel that way.

She caught one of the elites as they passed her in the hall. "I want to double the guard on the southern wall, and we need to move the heretics in."
Name: Abeez Mahl
Age: 37
Race: Earth
Gender: Male
Type: Condemned

Description: Whereas many ofthose born of Earth gain the powers, instead Abbez has the physicality from his Earth heritage. He stands at 7'8 feet tall and about 340 lbs. of muscle. Abeez is a flippin' giant. He is so bulky that he has troubles going through doors and down hallways. He has thick, brown hair and beard tied in a ponytail taht reaches his chest and shoulders. His has dark, ruddy skin, but his eyes are a very serene blue. Often wears various shades of brown tunics.

Personality: Abeez is known by many as the "Gentle Giant." Abeez after witnessing the cruelty in the world (and being involved in some accidents which should remain unsaid), he made a pact with himself to never harm a living being ever again. He is polite and kind to every person he meets. He believes taht violence will never be the answer to anything, and prefers to resolve problems diplomatically.

Ability: He has the giant size that few of the Earth ancestors ever had, but doesn't possess the abilites that the common Earthens do.

Weapons: Doesn't carry weapons, but with a strong body, who needs weapons?
Rodina was bored to death with Malik at this point, and she paid attention to barely anything he said.

“Enough for now,” she sighed, fighting of the boredom that had come over her.

“As you wish,” Malik replied, knowing nothing he could do would change the child’s mind. “Allow me to escort you back to your room.

Rodina was insulted, “That’s not necessary you. I actually had a nice little walk in mind…” her face hardened at Malik’s reaction, “…ALONE.”

Malik was a little reluctant to agree and did his best to try to shay her choice, “Please reconsider, it is not the wisest diction you would make if you do go Rodina.”

“You question my intelligence!” Rodina had had enough. “First you try to tell me what and should or should not do, now you dear tell me in am not wise in my decisions. I warn you only this time Malik, I don’t talk kindly to insolence and I’m sure my FATHER will see it my way.”

Malik pursued the matter no further. “If you insist,” he replied ruefully. “But…” he added more sternly as she was about to walk off, “…don’t stay out to long.”

A little chuckle escaped Rodina’s mouth as she went on her way; she was certainly not a child and would no longer tolerate being treated as one.
Name: Wildfire

Age: 18

Race: Fire/air

Gender: Male

Type: Condemned

Description: Tall thin with long limbs and smoldering red eyes. His clothing looks like smoldering paper in a fire and his hair looks like strings of fire, he has lots of hair and wears no shoes. He also has the pendant of winds that he got from his mum before she died.

Personality: He is reserved, but emotional and a good leader, he has a fast mined and is a thrill seeker. He hates the fire religion and most fire people; even his dad (a fire priest). Wildfire has an unbreakable free spirit.

Ability: He is a very good fighter, has incredibly good eyes he is swift like the wind. And Wildfire can blast out extremely hot air and he can jump super high.

Weapons: Wildfire has a two-handed wind sword (The sword is light and moves swiftly like the wind, and he got it from the wind elementals.) and a red hot barded dirk.

History: His father is a fire priest and his mother was of the water (His mother died when he was five for some “un-known” reason). He was brought up by water elementals and then they died from the fire priests. Now he is on the run, he is glade to help save the condemned and he is out to revenge the death of his mother and the family of
Onya watched as the trained healer administered the salt sea gems in the form of steam, holding the casket so Riha could inhale it. The girl was lying on the bed pallet, her long raven hair curled about her face. Her breathing was returning to normal slowly and Onya's glance was rewarded with the healer's nodd, the girl was safe. Onya left quietly, shutting the glass door without a sound. She knew that Shilac and Angel must be in the observation room, she could hear their raised voices, those two fought like cats and dogs! She was about to go and join them when some unknown sense stopped her, Onya let herself be steered by it and to her surprise it led her to the kitchens. A large bowl of water was resting on the marble surface, ready for the cook's assistant to start the washing up. Onya knew now what she was being told to do, she reached her index finger forward and touched the still surface, the ripples expanding slowly, bringing her closer to the knowledge that she knew she must have, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, there. The image sifted very slowly into focus, sending a throbbing headache immediatley up to plague Onya's senses. It was getting harder and harder every time she did it...

Peering into the water Onya was able to make out a girl, her long firey red hair falling in graceful curls about her face. Her eyes, a honey colour where full of imperious cockiness which Onya instantly related to the fire religion. She peered closer to the shifting picture and saw that the girl seemed to be alone, she was wandering in the temple's courtyard and looked as if she were heading for the burning grounds. The girl kept throwing cautious glances over her shoulder, as if slightly scared she would be followed. Onya racked her memory as to where she had seen this fire before, then it clicked. This was Rodina, the daughter of the High Priest. The significance of what she was seeing seeped into Onya's throbbing head, if this was Rodina, walking on her own to the burning compound, then this was a perfect oportunity to snatch her and throw some of the condemned into the bargain as well. Onya bent low over the basin of water, trying to memorise every detail of what she was seeing and she didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind her.

"What are you doing?" asked the cook's assistant, making Onya jump, her finger left contact with the water and the image swam out of focus.

"Dar'vit!" She swore loudly at the unsuspecting boy, "Dar'vit, Dar'vit, DAR'VIT!!!" she yelled as she stormed out of the kitchen, making her way quickly to the observation deck still fuming.

She met Cathan on the way and he looked a bit shocked at her angry face.

"Whats the matter?" he asked hesitantly

"Bloody assistant," Onya replied, making no sense at all, "I saw Rodina, she's in the burning compound," she added moodily, still making very little sense. Before Cathan could question her further they came to the observation room and heard Shilac and Angel's raised voices, obviously they were still arguing.

"Out of BLOODY order! How dare you even suggest such a thing!" came Shilac's angry voice

"Well maybe if you bloody LISTENED then you'd BLOODY know!" shouted Angel back.

Onya and Cathan walked in looking rather scared and both Angel and Shilac turned around with angry red eyes.

"Onya, this... thing ," shouted Shilac, but Angel interupted him.

"Why are you treating me like such a baby? I don't like being ordered around you know, not after I risked my neck for you!" she shouted at Onya who looked at her with a startled expression which slowly turned angry.

"How dare you!" she whispered in low voice ringing with anger, "How can you possibly be so childish? People in Ciatryzia are DIEING angel, and all you can worry about is how I asked you to go and fetch something when Riha's LIFE was in danger! I would never have thought it of you Angel. Now, if we want our mission to succeed, we MUST stop fighting amongst ourselves, we must STOP being childish, we must STOP being selfish, we have to work together and any who thinks himself, or herself above that then they may leave NOW. Contrary to what some might think, SHILAC is the captain of this ship and I am in charge of the rescue mission, this responsibility I share with Angel... but ONLY if you don't get like this Angel, whats got into you?"

Onya stared hard into her friends eyes. Angel looked as if she were about to respond, she opened her mouth then closed it again and nodded.

"Right, lets put this behind us, okay?"

"Okay," whispered Angel and Onya hugged her, holding the confused half-ling to her.

"Now, " she continued after releasing Angel, "I have something to tell you all, I have just seen, in...in some water, with my gift that Rodina is wandering in the burning compound...alone. I don't think I need to highlight the opotunities here, ones that I don't think we should pass up."
Angel sighed as she shut her mouth, she knew what was bothering her but she couldn't tell anyone else, how could she tell Onya that one of the fire people whom had been sympathetic and kind to angel when they were kids, who was cathan's half cousin and therefore the highest priest morrain's neice, had turned fanatic. She was called Erin and Angel cared for her even though she may now try and burn angel on the spot, angel's memories of her were all good, and it somehow hurt that it had to be that way. It was confusing, and had made her thoughts muddled and aggressive. as she felt her face tingle with a deep sadness the sky seemed to dim, drizzling water over the choppy seas.


angel had snapped at onya, and onya was worried that her normally cool and reserved friend, who remained unemotionless, was letting something get to her. she seemed stressed, snappy and argumentitive, as opposed to her normal thoughtful silence. it was worrying, on top of all the other things that were knawing at her mind. they had made a plan to kidnap rodina, and angel had appeared sullen. They would have to talk later.


Angel went over the map again, muttering the intricate details to herself,There were only a few of them so the idea that Onya had proposed was risky. The plan involved cathan, who would try and lure Rodina away from the light where she could be seen and away to where Onya and Angel would be waiting with Shilac. The girl they had found would as of yet stay on the ship but Angel knew that if she woke up and asked to help no-one would refuse her, they needed all the help they could get. There were so many things that could go wrong with this plan butit was all they had.
She strode quietly down the stairs to the prisons, feeling fatigue in every fiber of her being. Turning a corner she stifled a yawn. She was not in the best condition and she knew it but now was not the time for sleep. 'I can do anything I have to,' was her mantra and she murmured it to herself as she looked for the 'earthen creature.'

She had taken Char's words more to heart than she had thought because she was surprised when she saw him. He was huge. And he didn't seem to be making trouble but rather sitting back in an apparant doze.

"You look tired."

His rumbling voice was kind and startled Rhynn a bit as she took a chair.

So he is awake. He fooled me. My Gods, I am tired. "Yes," she replied with a smile in return, "but that's the life of a soldier. And while we're on it, you look tired too."

The earth man shrugged. "That's the life of a heretic."

Rhynn grinned at that and sat back in her chair. Leveling her eyes at him she said conversationally, "You know, they sent me down here because they said you were converting everyone in sight. Now, I'm in your line of sight and yet I am not converted. I am sorry to tell you that I think you are losing your touch."

He grinned at that. "Yes'm. Horribly."

A rattle of metal on metal followed by scrapings and shufflings followed as the elites brought the condemned in and placed them in their proper cells.

"Some of 'em are here, and the priests got some of 'em somewhere else," Sedric said as he turned a key in its lock.

"What?" Rhynn said, partly rising from her chair. What was the high priest doing? Was the man a complete fool? No, she chided herself, he just loved his power...it was what he understood. She sat down again and rubbed her temples.

"Okay, I'll stay here. You see if you can find out where Char's put some of the others and keep an eye on 'em. We don't want to ruffle his feathers. I already may have ruffled them a bit during our one-on-one and the man has tired me out enough for one evening."

"And if a priest tells me otherwise...?"

"You report to me," Rhynn said coldly. "Not Char. He is already coming close to overstepping by assigning us to the guarding of these heretics."

"Right-o," Sed replied, and disappeared into the depths of the temple.
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"Now remember, Rodina is our only target, don't try and get anywhere near the prison cells, they'll be very heavily guarded, we haven't got a chance of getting to anyone in there unless some miracle occurs. We cannot help anyone if we are caught ourselves, the plan is to get Rodina and get out, agreed?"

"Agreed," they chorused back but Onya could hear a lot of hesitation.

They were sitting in the observation area with the few other members of Shilac's ship, the cooks and the cabin boys, the deck hands and the healer. None of them could help with the rescue mission because they were either to young or too inexperienced. It was up to them.

"If you happen to come across an alotment of heretic prisoners or fugitives who can be easily picked up then do what you can for them and try and get them here. If it looks like you'll be placing yourself in any risk then don't do it." Even as she said the words she knew that once they were out there they would all be forgotten as the atrocities that were happening in the city were made clear.

Angel had begun to fidget again and Cathan was looking decidedly green. It would be hard for him to go back and try and explain his absence but with any luck no-one but Rodina would see him. It had only been one night since they had picked Cathan up and about twenty minutes ago Onya had seen the vision in the water.

"We leave in about five minutes, Riha will not be accompanying us, she is too weak and still upstairs in the healing quarters.

"Nah, I'm fine," came a voice from the other side of the room, making them all jump.

"I want to come too, my uncle died to save me, I must do my part to help those still in the city."

Without a word the healer got up and hurried over to Riha, placing her index finger on her fore head. After a few seconds she pulled away again and nodded, obviously satisfied.

"She's okay, I wouldn't have thought it but she's made a full recovery."

"Let me come," pleaded Riha, "I must do my part to help and you cannot deny that you need more people to help you. I am very thankful to you for choosing to help me, let me pay you back now."

Onya thought for a moment but quickly came to decision. She nodded.

"We leave in five minutes," she said, "some of us will fly, others will swim. It will not be a problem getting into Ciatryzia, we will mingle with merchants going into the 'never sleeping market.' It'll be getting out again that's the problem but we are planning to use the cliffs that jut out over the sea, it is technically inside Ciatryzia but the ruins of the old temple are not guarded so if we can get there we should be able to break a section of the magic bubble because it's so weak there and escape over the cliffs and back to the sea. There are a huge number of flaws in this plan but we haven't time to lose, Rodina is our main target and we'll lose her if we do not go NOW."
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Name: Tom Holland

Age: 14

Race: Earth/Water

Gender: Male

Type: Condemed

Description: Short brown hair which matches nicely with his brown eyes. He is tall and skinny but that does not mean that he doesn't have strength as he possesses plenty of that.

personality: Patient and understanding. The kind of guy that is a mediator in discussions and seems to have a calm air about him. But when he goes wild and has fun he really makes everyone laugh. He can be extremely harsh with people that are cruel to others and doesn't like the fire religion much because of the burnings.

ability: Ability to talk with animals, plants and other living creatures both above and below water.

Tom had no idea what he was to do next. He had been found as a heretic by the fire religion but had somehow managed to escape. Now he was running..where to he didn't have a clue..he just knew he had to get out of there and FAST!
Name:Lucien Hallifer
appearance- tall , lanky, but strong. white blond hair that he keeps cropped short, pale grey eyes. mainly delicate features except for his craggy hook of a nose. it;s been broken once or twice, so the bridge is slightly crooked.
personality-Lucian is rather moody. he sits and broods alot, mostly because he is a deep thinker.when he is deeply involved emotionally, he sometimes acts impulsively and forgets to think, but most of the time he consideres a problem from every angle before making a decision. he also has a very vivid imagination.
ability-can scry with fire.
Other- has a major crush on rodina. his father, Cyrus Hallifer, is in charge of the accounts and affairs of the fire priests, and works closely with Rodina's father.

Lucien had been watching her in the fire again, hands on his knees, chin resting on his palms. "her hair looks heavenly in the flames." he said to himself. She had told off her tutor, and then headed out for a walk in the gardens. She walked so regally, so gracefully...she stepped into a shadow, her firey hair dimming. Suddenly Lucien's eyes snapped into focus as hands reached out in the darkness and grabbed her. He sprung up from his seat, his chair falling backwards. "Rodina!" he whispered, "oh fires, Rodina!" he grabbed at his coat, put a quick hand to his belt, making sure his rapier was there in its sheath, and ran out the door towards the gardens.
As Onya had predicted getting into Ciatryzia had not been a problem at all. They had all met at the beach Onya had first swum from and Angel - who had flown handed out the cloaks she had brought with her. Carefully they had made their way up to the main road and joined the stream of merchants as they moved into Ciatryzia, heading for the market that never slept.

Once inside the city the party slipped away from the crowd, darting into an dark alley where they could regroup.

"Right," whispered Onya, "the palace gardens are only about ten minutes from here. We have to move fast if we're going to catch Rodina but don't for heavens sake get yourselves seen. Most of us, myself included are very noticable without the cloaks so keep them on, they are our only disguise.

"How are we going to snatch Rodina when we do find her?" asked Cathan

"I was hoping you'd help with that Cathan, you know her. Could you prehaps go and greet her? Pull her attention towards you so that one of us can sneak up behind her and knock her out. Once we have her we should get out of here and FAST."

Cathan had gone a bit white but he nodded,

"sure," he said, his voice shaky, "I...I can do that."

"Good, right everyone, lets go."

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Cathan was uncertain what he was doing. He did not trust these people, not entirely... but they were the only people who had ever accepted him.. Waves of emotion were pumping through his body, though carefully masked. He felt afraid but safe, guilty but free and most of all confused. He desperately wanted to stay with Amy and Angel and even Shilac, he deffinatly did not want to go back to Morrain but as he began to move he knew that was exactly what he had put himself up for.

Rodina would be in the Paradise Gardens, he was sure of that. More than once when he had been performing errands he had crossed through the House of Mlayya and found her wandering through it's entoxicating warmth.

If he ran into anyone of senior status n the temple such as his uncle his position would be compromised. Unless he kept to foxtrot unnecerssary notice would be attracted. Neither of which were good options; he had to be quick but he could only go at labour pace. His breathing shook....

The Great House was deserted as his crossed the court yard and slunk into the side of the luminescent walls. Fire flies buzzed within each of the glass bricks, making them pulse with light.

Slinking along the side, head down, he willed attention away from himself, if anyone passed him his life may be over if they recognised him. Afterall he would count as a runaway, someone liable for excecution...


Suddenly SMACK. something soft but solid spluttered into his shoulder on top of him.

"Cathan! You bloody fool!" Rodina was screeching, muddling herself up in her own clothes and struggling to rise back to her feet. hHe spluttered for a second. Talk about luck.

"Rodina... I was sent to come and get you... There's been an accident involving your father and...." he rolled out from underneath as she managed to find her knees.


Thank Thetis he could lie with ease... "There was an attack. Your father lead the defence but he was caught in a crossfire between water and earth... He's badly hurt but still breathing. I wa told to come and take you to him."

Her face was pale. A slight guilt tunneled into his stomach. "My daddy's hurt? Take me to him at once!"

He nodded rapidly, feigning a fearful look as her eyes burned due to the lack of speed at which he started to move away, "Follow me. Hurry."

Angel and Shilac were waiting by the Du'uken Gate, Riha and Onya not far away hidden down the Sha Nu Path that lead to the public roads outside the Paradise Gardens. They should be about here... he thought unhappily.... where are they?????

Cathan hurried faster. His eyes focused enitrely on the way ahead. There was so litttle time. What if...

"Cathan!" Rodina cried from behind him, spinning he saw her looking baffled between two people he instantly recognised. Riha, a bright bllue sword in hand stood in an agressive stance containing Rodina, with Onya's throbbing power syphonning off the energies from the fire girl. Cathan did not know what to do. She creid out to him and he stood still, until she called out instead to Marik.

-Knock her out already!- He begged as his legs finally regained their ability to move. Sprinting towards them, finally the girl slid to the ground, there came a thunderous bellow. Three men, Marik beside them, burst from no where.

Cathan turned back and hurtled towards them, shouting at the others to escape. Shilac and Angel were no where to be seen and Onya and Riha tugged Rodina under a cloak. He did not know what he was diong but white began to ebb and flow around him. The Earth trembled and groaned, the Wind turned into a frenzy of motion, the bricks of fire flies began to explode everywhere and rain clouds gathered over head.

As if in a dream Cathan saw his body splinter into three more mirror images of himself. He had never really seen himself before, but he knew that there was something different about all of them as they attacked, giving his companions time to escape.

-what about you?- a little voice whispered in his head. Smiling, he realised he knew what to do and with that he vanished. Three men of fire lay cowering in an empty garden that was as still and quiet as a frozen pond.
"You let them kidnap my daughter!" Char practically screeched at her.

"My duty is to the scared flame, to our god, not your spoiled brat of a child!" Rhynn shouted back. Inside, she was fumingly angry with herself. They broke in here...on my watch. While I was guarding his damned heretics. What if they had broken into...? This bastard.

The high priest seemed to swell. "I should strip you of your rank, Captain!" He spat the last word as if it were a rotten piece of meat.

"But you do not have that authority do you Char," Rhynn hissed back, feeling the warm buzz of anger under her cheekbones.

"But you report to me, Captain, and whether you like it or not, I hold you responsible for what happened here."

Rhynn closed her mouth and stood, straight back, fingers trembling from anger and guilt. I do blame myself and he will take advantage of it if I let him know.

"I will question your man, who was there when my daughter was taken and see as to why he did not stop whoever did it. You will get my daughter back, Captain, or else I will make your life a living hell. No, I will not hear any more of your words. Dismissed."

She left the room and slammed her fist into the wall. Blood spattered over stone and she put her wounded knuckled to her lips and tasted the metallic blood. This was not the face of their god that destroyed. There god had played no role in this. Why? something in the back of her mind asked. Why? But who am I to fathom our god. I am a lowly guard who failed her duty. She would question Malik later, herself, to hear whatever it was she knew he would not tell Char. Or at least whatever Char would refuse to hear. She knew her elites and she knew that it would take a lot for something to get by one of them.

She stopped by the chamber of flame and sank to her knees by its soft glow. I need to be strong for this. My duty is to you but I walk a fine line here. Help me be strong.

"I swear," Malik said, nursing a headwound, "he split into three and then disappeared! I swear I'm not mad."

Rhynn sat back. Had she not known better she would have questioned Malik's sanity, especially with that head wound. But she knew Malik, and she knew he was calm and steady. To take his news lightly would be foolish.

"What did Char say."

"The high priest thinks I'm mad. He is trying to keep this underwraps, but if this gets out he will claim it was because there weren't enough sacrifices. The god was unhappy."

"He is fool," Rhynn said, slowly closing her eyes. "That man is such a bloody fool." She opened her eyes again and clapped Malik on the shoulder. "I believe you. I don't like it but I believe you. Char wants us to get back his daughter, even though that is not our responsibility. I want guards scouring that garden for any hint of anything that will lead us in the right direction. I will be spending my time in the library, trying to find some answers there. After I review our palace guards...again. Maybe an actual attack will remind them of their duty. As for the rest of you, I'll have to double up on your shifts."

They nodded and dispersed.
Lucien Sprinted along the paths toward Rodina's Garden. He never knew how long of a time lapse there was between what he scryed in the fire and the actual event, so even though his lungs were burning he didn't allow himself to slow down. He arrived just in time to see Two women carrying off an unconcious Rodina, while three dark haired boys fought against three fire soldiers. Ignoring the boy, he snuck quickly after the two women, following silently as they sped down dark alleys. they came to the beach, where there was a row boat waiting and the large sillhouette of a ship lay a hundred or so meters from shore. The first woman climbed into the rowboat, while the second began to push it forward into the crashing waves. "this is your chance!" Lucien's brain screamed. In two seconds he was beside the woman who was pushing the boat, his rapier pressed lightly to her neck. "Let Rodina go." he said calmly. "Or-"
His thought was never finished. Angel stood smiling slightly, gazing down at the fire boy she had just bashed over the head. "Hello Riha, Onya. Looks like you had a cur follow you back home. I'll take care of him for you. A knife seemed to appear out of nowhere, and yanking the boys head up she went to slit his throat.
"WAIT!!" cried Onya. "I know this boy. His Father is the Head of Affairs in the Fire temple. Maybe not as influential a hostage as Rodina, but still too valuble to kill. We'll take him along."
Dragging Lucien's unconcious body into the boat, they started out for the dark ship out on the water.

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