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A story i want help with wirting and i'll aceept anyone
[Introduction] well the newest addition to my archive is taking Ashton Kutcher and having him steadily gowing to however big u want. There will be no shrinking back for a while yet but remember he still needs what every person needs he is not superhuman just gigantic. If he gets larger than the earth well i'll try my best to carry on with u although i guarantee its more difficult than it looks and then is definately time to start shirnking him back.
Finally switch perspectives with him and the teenage guy who made him grow, to be named later.
Ok lets start this new one and see how it turns out.
Firstly can i say that we are not full yet and that if u want to join I erge everyone to email me here on this site.
Do remember to switch perspective.
Finally everyone please when writing be as descriptive as possible, everyone has their own style but the descriptive writing sets scenes a whole lot better.
It was Ashton's 3rd day on the job. He had seen the pathetic advert in the paper and felt a sense of pity. So he'd called this guy, Jason, and asked to lend a hand. The lab was fairly light but all was artificial and provided wall lamps but the weirdest thing was Jason was 15 and often asked him to work on things barefoot as the floors had to be kept spotless.
The machine they worked on was huge but thinned at the ray end to the size of pin, that he had broken with well used but slightly clumsy large fingers.
Ashton loved the control deck with large dails one that looked like a focus on a digital camera, and thats is where Jason had got it but the greater it was turned the large the fractional quotiant was in other words the machine at maximum power could enlarge an item to infinity and this is how Ashton set it when he turned the dail to see how it worked.
He was pulling on his socks to leave when he remembered his wallet and he pulled off his sock and went to the inner circular room where the machine was.

Jason was plugging in the chords into the houses wiring, yet another attempt at completely blowing the national grid. He began activitating the small generator to create a final burst of power and hit the start button.

Ashton just wanted to get home, the lab had no bathroom and he kind of needed it but mostly the lab had no food, dangerous to contaminate the lab.
He found his wallet when the knocked the machine which began steaming, actually a coinsidence that the coolant had flowed through at that second and made it look like he had done it. The needle glowed blue and began sending off sparks. Ashton repositioned the machine and glanced at the wall there was himself on a moniter, that had never been on.
"Ah, cool its a camera," he said.
It was at that moment that the machine fired and the burst blinded Ashton for a moment although the moniter still showed a face smiling with perfectly chisled features.
He walked out of the room and steam poured from within and he pulled on his socks and, for some reason tight, shoes.
He ran home and into his kitchen and put some food in the microwave. He ran to wash his hands and would have used the bathroom but he turned around and saw the microwave was almost done.

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