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The werewolves have taken over and Kheti must find the rest of her kind to stop them.
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My clan has been dead for over five hundred years. I am one of the few who remain. I am searching for others, others like me. Who hunt in the night and drink the blood of the world as she gives it. My clan was destroyed by the wolves that were once our protectors. My mission: find the others and destroy the wolves that destroyed my family, my life… unlife. My name is Khti’katala Daconulia, Kheti for short. I am vampyr, immortal in my lies and powerful in my seduction. I will find the one who is to save our people from the wolves, I will avenge those who were lost and no one will stand in my way.


Kheti sat on the roof of the desolate buildings of New York; old in its former glory the ages dampened the steel buildings, now worn and no longer the gleaming empire it once was. The year was 2989 and the Revelations had indeed come to pass, but not as the Christians had thought, the world had fallen, not by the supposed ‘Antichrist’ but by the wolves-were as they fought against the vampyr for the kingdom. They destroyed everything as one-third of the mortals on Earth had disappeared. Old Earth was not destroyed, but left to destroy itself as the creatures of the darkness and blood, the servants of their ‘god’ Memnoch, Satan, Lucifer, and dragon of the Garden. The world had fallen to chaos and the mortals that were left were mere pets to the wolves. Green things grew, but only if the right cares were taken and all the precautions made. If you grew the green things, chances were, it was going to get stolen. Green was like gold, men and were-beasts alike fought for them, magic was the only way to get certain things to grow, oak trees were the main source of oxygen on the planet, that and, of course, the oceans. New Earth was, no doubt, living in green and sweet things; lap of luxury and all that comes with being chosen of God.

Name: Khti'katala Daconulia (Kheti)

Age: 1000

Birthday: 12/23/1989

Deathday(if any): 12/23/2011

Description: Tall. 5' 6" with black wavy hair that comes down to mid-back. Glittering green eyes that glow in the dark, as is customary with the vampyr, cat-slitted when she 'vamps out' (fangs elongate, pupils go to cat slits, nails extend slightly and harden, ears rise up slightly to catch any noise, nose opens wider and aquires more scent receptors) Wears trademark leather corset, pants, and duster, combat boots and a dragon necklace that her father gave her before he was killed by the were-creatures.

Personality: Cold and hard. Not one to take crap from even the scariest of people. Sharp scathing tongue and doesn't trust anyone. Hates anyone who can't keep up, weak people hold no place around her. Very good at hiding, she's had to do it since the were-creatures took over.

Scars(if any): Three. She has one that goes from her collarbone on the right, all the way down and across her chest, ending just below her left butt-cheek. A bite mark on her neck from when she was accepted as a member of vampiric society. And one she carved into the back of her hand in the shape of a pentagram.

Carries: Daggers to the max. A whip of black leather, tipped with a silver point and a sword that was her sire/father's.

Motto: Why be good when you can be great, why be great when you can be the best, why be the best when you can be the greatest there ever was? and Failure is never an option.

Other: NA
Kheti dropped easily from the building, landing on her feet like a cat. "Where, oh, where has my little dog gone, oh where oh where can he be...?" She sang sofly to herself, looking around cautiously. 'Curfew' was in effect now, anyone out was killed by the WereWolves. Not just werewolves, but The WereWolves. The single most powerful force that existed, except for her, of course, but she was another matter entirely. She was one of the last existing vampyr on the face of the planet, she just might be the *last* vampyr for all she knew, then again, she hadn't left New York, in over a good fifty years, that might be part of her problem.

"Hey, you! Your past curfew." A voice behind her called.

She sniffed the air, WereWolf. She smirked and spun on her heel, her lower lip jutted out in a pout, "Am I? I had no idea officer, maybe you can show me the way to a safehouse?" Idiot, she thought, these guys'll do anything for a good lay.

"Well," He chuckled low in his throat, "I guess I could." He advanced on her, his footsteps long and well paced.

"So, you a Wolf?" she asked, better to be safe than kill a potential meal.

"Yes." He puffed his chest out proudly.

"Good, just the guy I was lookin' for." Her eyes flashed and she let her body adjust for the night.

He sensed the change and looked at her alarmed, "What the hell..."

"Baby you think this is hell, you ain't never met me." She hissed, her fangs gleaming in the light as she leapt on the WereWolf, shredding his shirt with a swipe of her nails. "You killed my kind, I'll kill yours." She snarled, twisting his neck and easily snapping it with an almost sickening crack. She snorted, "Too easy, you guys have got to get in shape." She walked off, her hips swaying as she left the crumpled body of the Were, lying in the street for some eager human to pick off. "Girl, it's time to move on."
Name: Murasame Lestaton



Deathday(if any):born a vampyr

Description:5"4',105lbs,long fiery red hair to her hips, jade green eyes with silver flecks through them that glow, when vamps out her eyes turn catish like a pair of tiger's eyes, her nails become long and sharp like dragon tallons, her eye sight and perception (hearing) heightens.
Wearing black leather pants with a white sleeveless belly shirt so her tatt can be seen, over it she wears a black leather vest that has star holders on it, loves her custom black knee high combat boots that hold a knife in the left one. Wearing a necklace that has a jewel incrested cresent moon with a star that dangles from it's bottom point.

Personality: Hateful and untrustworthy, she has never been able to trust anyone since her clan was killed off by the backstabbing werewolves. She was just a little girl then, well look at her now. She has taken most of her time from searching for other vampyr to strengthen herself since childhood she has coursed herself over a varity of killing tactics and martial arts. She now is drawn onward by a powerful vengence that she feels will soon be met.
Scars(if any): has a scar on the bottom half of her right side of her chin that curves around to the back of her neck. A scarred in tatto that a friend of hers did before they died that reads I am your setting sun across her lower back.

Carries: carries a wide varity of different sized ninja stars on her vest, her favorite dagger that is the little brother to her sword which is called the sword of darkness which was aquired from her grandfather. Also carries several other daggers and knives but none mean has much to her has those.

Motto: It's called mother nature eveyrthing eventually dies but for now better you than me.
Prepare for it I am your setting sun and I've come to take thee.

Other: None


It was the first time she had ever ventured out of her own state in hundreds of years. She glanced at the poorly drawn map she had found in her father's remaining things in the closet. It was of no use it was far too old. She let it slide down form her hand has she finally glanced up at a street sign.

"Chardon Boulevard." She shrugged to herself and begin to head down the lonely street.

It had been thus far a queit night with no bother of the werewolves. She was beginning to think they were too afraid to come out and play with her or they thought they had better things to do then mess with one measly vampyr. She kicked the mud off her boot and wiped the strands of her hair from her eyes.

"Okay, it is official I am a blind bat flying into trees." She sighed over being lost.

"What have we here?"

She turned to see a pair of men standing in the alley beside her.

"A pair of queers? Shoot you can't tell the straight from the rest anymore."

"Why I ought to."

"Eww. ya you ought to buy yourself some breathmints!" Murasame waved her hand before her noise.

The guy on the right cupped his mouth and noise and blew air into it breathing it in through his noise then shrugged.

"Just a pair of queer bums." Murasame shook her head.

"I'll show you a bum bitch." The guy nearly whipped his out to pee on her.

Murasame rolled her eyes at the incompetance before her and grapped his zipper causing the guy on the left to yelp in pain.

"I insist you guys leave this helpless lady before you alone...or things might get ugly."

The guy on the right went to take a swing at her face. Murasame let it connect then smiled at him licking the blood off her fangs with her tongue as she vamped out.

"I wasn't planning on having an early dinner, but since have a guests I think I can change my arrangements." She hissed.

Kheti dragged her fingernails across the stone wall, it was day and the sun was beginning to irritate her eyes again and it was only noon. She opted to oust the day and huddle indoors, the sun was brutal to anyone and she was strongly tempted to hunt, but she had a stronger desire to hide. She ducked into the nearest building, the Emipire State Building, now crumbling and all the windows shattered. She settled comfortably in the darkest corner she could find and slipped into slumber.


She was startled awake close to dusk, as far as she could tell, by a dark were-leopard, glaring down at her as if she was some sort of scum on his boots. *God don't they ever got away?* She thought, "What?"

"You got a license to be sleepin' here?"

"No." She sneered, getting to her feet gracefully and glaring at him, "You gonna make somethin' of it, kitty?"

He narrowed his eyes and slapped her, "Show respect to your betters." He growled.

She straightened, "I would if I was in the prescence of one, but seeing as I only see a pussy-cat talking nonsense, I don't see any reason to." She shoved him aside, walking out into the quickly disappearing sunlight.

"I'm not done talking to you, human!"

She snorted, was she really that convincing? "Human? Please, I'm a thousand times better than any pitiful mortal." She turned to him, "You should show respect to your betters." She ran off, ignoring the shouts of the angry leopard as he tried to follow.

She lost him quickly and reached New York limits to Pennsylvania and sat, she had been in NY for a long time, too long, some would say. She ran until she reached a small town that seemed deserted, some peace, at least for awile.
Murasame took the man's face in her hands squeezing to his facial structure cracked and blood begin to slowly drip from his ears and mouth. She glanced at the guy on the ground who was attempting to undo his zipper and picked him up by his throat.

"You didn't think you could escape did you?"

The man's dark eyes went wide with horror as he stared at her mouth. His body trembeled under her grip she pulled him close and kissed his cheek.

"Lucky you." She let go of his neck and he bent down nearly kissing her feet.

"I never said I was going to let you live honey."

"But you said." The man sputtered from his mouth tyring to stumble away.

"It's called mother nature eveyrything eventually dies but for now better you than me.
Prepare for it I am your setting sun and I've come to take thee. You lucky I don't leave you to the were." She smiled and grabbed his face sinking her nails into the skin jerking her back toawrds her she brought him close in an embrace.

"What is your name dear?"


"Your name?"

"What do you want to know that for if your to?" He gulped and nodded his head to his friend.

"No matter I don't care one way or another. Your has good as dead in my eyes." Without a moments reconning she snapped his neck and let his body slip to the ground. She gave it a kick and checked each corpses pockets. She muffled through their wallets taking out the cash then placed their i.d.'s on their forehead and walked off leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind.

Name: Opal-Lynn Angelis

Age: 103

Birthday: 11/13/2886

Deathday: Born a vampyr

Description: Opal is a little over 5’8 with raven hair that reaches about her shoulder blades. Her luminescent grey eyes seem to possess a life of their own. When she vamps out her eyes turn cat like, all her senses are heightened, her nails become longer and razor sharp, and her fangs become visible. She is usually in something black or red, preferably her burgundy leather corset, black leather pants and trench coat and black boots. She also wares a necklace with a pendant of opal.

Personality: young and headstrong, she has a preconceived notion that she is the stronger than everyone, a belief that has mostly sprung from her youth and the fact she has not yet meet any others of her kind. Whenever she sets her mind at something, she usually does it no turning back, a naive quality perhaps but she is far more intelligent than she lets on.

Scars: two scars about an inch in length symmetrical on each cheek and one scar running dwon her left forearm

Carries: numerous daggers some hidden others not, her most special one is a dagger with a blade made of sliver and a handle etched with intricate designs, a sword and a few throwing knives.

Motto: In this world, it’s survival of the fittest, and I just happen to be in better shape than you are. You don’t deserve my mercy.

Other: Opal has acquired the ability to shape shift, a skill that has greatly contributed to her survival thus far.


Footsteps echoed through an empty and decrepit building. In Opal’s opinion any moment now, it would collapse, as with everything else in this forsaken little town. The little life the town had possessed was altogether destroyed by the werewolves. She exited and walked the empty streets.

“Hey you,” a gruff voiced called from behind her. She turned to see a werewolf standing a few paces behind her.

“What’s do you want,” she arrogantly replied eyeing him condescendingly.

“You see a female vamp running around here,” he growled back, “Some of the others spotted one not to long ago, she couldn’t of gotten to far.”

Opal laughed wildly inside but only grinned when she gave her answer, “Haven’t seen anything move in this place since I got here but you.”

She walked away and he turned his attention to searching a nearby building. “The fool actually fell for it,” she whispered to herself, though she was well aware he would not be the first. In his eyes, she was only a fellow werewolf and not the very vamp he was searching for.

In her years of living, Opal had concluded that the safest place to hide from your enemies was amongst them. For some time she had traveled with the werewolves killing one at a time when they least suspected it. However now she was getting a little tired of it.

She turned to see that the werewolf from before had not left yet. maybe one more couldn’t hurt.

“Hey, found anything,” she asked as she walked up beside him.

“Not a trace.”

“Where are the other were-friends?”

“I hunted the vamp his far alone, the others are miles away.

Opal let a huge smile come across her face. “Pity, I have a secret I think you should know.”


She shifted back to normal and vamped out. “Well you found me, so what are you gonna do with me.”

Opal didn’t give him a chance to answer. With a quick slash of her sword, his head rolled beside her feet and his body collapsed back into the open door. She looked down and the now severed head, “Unexpected wasn’t it?” she joke as she kicked it into the room as well. She walked over to the nearest wall and gave it a good shove seconds later the building came tumbling down.

The cool night air brushed her body as she continued walking the down the streets again, till something caught her sights off in the distance. Coming towards her was a woman, she hadn’t seen Opal yet, that was to be sure, but Opal saw her. She jerked herself off the road and hid so she could observe the woman better.
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Name: Aver Drekth'Turok

Age: 568

Birthday: 4/8/2491

Deathday(if any): 7/4/2509

Description: The first thing anyone notices about Aver is his spiked, foot-long hair. He stands over six feet tall and is quite muscular. Aver wears a leather, black trench coat, baggy black jeans, and a tight red shirt. In addition to his spiked hair, there are actual metal spikes on his shoulders, his fists, his back, and the heel of his boots. He has an eerily dark, attractive face.

Personality: Aver has a nearly unmatched hatred for all werebeasts and most humans, but a great respect for his vampyr kin. His personality is dark, serious, and pessimistic most of the time, but occasionally he can be funny and quite cheerful, which is quite unusual for vampyrs.

Scars(if any): He has scars from a whip all across his back from when he was tortured in a Were Wolf prison for three years.

Carries: A cruelly serrated axe and a saw-like short sword.

Motto: You've never lived until you've felt the cold embrace of death.

Other: With the combination of his vampyr speed, his spiked coat, and his twin melee weapons, Aver is a very formidable opponent as close quarters.
Name: Calls himself Virgil

Age: ? See himself as somewhere between twenty five and thirty.

Birthday: ?

Deathday: Didn't die

Description: Virgil stands at just under six feet tall and weighs somewhere between 160 and 180 pounds. He has unruly black hair that comes down to his shoulders and dark brown eyes. He is almost always covered in grime, but tries to keep himself clean. He has no clothing at all, just his own fur when in wolf form and an electroshock collar.

Personality: Virgil is a broken an empty shell of what was once a person. He is depressed and dead inside. His personality is... well, he really hasn't had a chance to form one. The only people he is ever around are either people he kills, or people who cause him pain.

Scars: More emotional than physical.

Carries: Owns nothing

Motto: None

Other: He is a WereWolf himself, but for as long as he can remember he has been imprisoned by his own kind. He is being tortured and trained through horrible acts to become a blood thirsty beast. The Wolves plan to use him to kill the vampyrs. Virgil sees the Wolves as his enemies. He possesses extremely heightened senses that give him borderline precognition.


Virgil sat placidly in the dark corner of his cell. They called it a room, but it was most certainly a cell. The floor was hard cement with a seven by four foot piece of carpet to one side for sleeping on. There were no lights in the cell, but Virgil could see fine. He could see the water dripping down the far side of the wall, following a sticky, slimy path. He could see a small bug crawl under the single, metal door and then leave just as fast.

Virgil knew that, just as easily as he could see the bug crawling or the water dripping, they could see him. They were the ones he hated. They were the ones who hurt him, tortured him, scared him.

He could feel them coming closer. He always knew when they were approaching, he could feel it in his heart. Its beating changed and fluttered ever so slightly and he could tell that they were coming. There was someone with them who was not a Were. Definitely a vampyr. It was time for him to eat.

The door slowly opened and in entered two Weres. Between them was a small vampyr girl whom looked to be no older than five or six. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was blindfolded. Virgil could feel the blood pumping through her veins; hear her heart. True, she was technically dead, but her body still went through the motions of living.

“Dinner,” one of the men laughed. The girl stiffened and tried to back away. She was held still as her bindings were removed and blindfold slipped off. She was pushed into the room, and the door was shut behind her. The vampyr child stumbled around the room with her arms outstretched, trying not to fall into anything. She could feel him. She knew Virgil was there. Truthfully, he really didn’t want to…. He didn’t want to eat her. But he was so hungry.

There was a soft scratching noise as Virgil ran his nails across the wall, and the girl turned toward the noise. All it took was for her to turn and see his eyes before she was screaming, and just as soon, dead.
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Name: Christine O'Brien

Age: 1500

Birthday: 8/26/1489

Deathday(if any): 2/7/1508 (turn into a vampyer)

Description:Chris's hair is a bright red and ends at the middle of her back. Her skin was already pale from being Irish so it hadn't changed mush since the transformatin. Her eyes use to be a pale green but know are a black as the night.

Personality: She is very stand offish and perfers to be a loner.

Scars(if any): There is a three inch scar on her stomach where a vampyer slayer tired to use a normal kitchen knife to kill her. Needless to say that the slayer is dead.

Carries: A vampyer slayer's sword and her father bow and arrow she took once she was reborn.

Motto: fuck everyone, I work alone!

Other: Chris had a daughter about three hunrder years ago but the baby boy was taken from her. She is always on the look out for her son.
The WereWolfs were getting stricter on the rules in the town. Ireland had become a hell hole compared to it's once beautiful state.

Chris watched on as a WereWolf grgabbed a vampyer and broke her in half. The sound of the bones and oregans braking echoed through the air.

She tried not to think about what she was about to do. She was going to break the rules and make a break for the ship that would be siling to the Americas.

She had to get out of the town. Her sone wasn't on the island or in Eroupe. The last place to look was the Americas. Her son would be there and when she found him she would be able to sigh a sigh of releif.

She waited for the perfect moment then made a run for it. She knew when she got caught because she heard a growl behind her. She tried not to look back but failed.

The werewolf that had attacked her fellow vampyer was know chasing after her. She ran with all her super human strength she gained from being turned.

She saw the ship sailing away. Taking a leap of faith she dove off the dock and into the water swimming to the boat. A rope was lowered down to her and she easily climbed up it.

As she plopped herself onto the deck she thought of Marcius.
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Name: Flay Talon

Age: 250

Birthday: 10/7/2739

Deathday: Born a vampyr

Description: 5”7’, 120lbs, slightly less than shoulder length black hair, ocean blue eyes with a small glowing ring of gold encircling the pupil. Flay has a lithe, muscular body with a slight tan despite her lack of exposure to sun light and has a way of carrying herself that accentuates the contours of her body. Her less than vampyr-like appearance often catches her victims off guard. She vamps out the same way most vampyrs do. Wears tight black leather pants, a loose fitting red corset, light but very sturdy shoes, an amulet, and a signet ring given to her by her dying clan leader of the Northern Blood Rite.

Personality: When hunting, she is friendly and gives off an aura of naiveté due to her often care free mood, however, deep down she is cold and much more mature than most vampyrs perceive her to be. She also often surprises people with her cruel and cut throat battle tactics. She lives for the thrill of the hunt. Vamps or were-creatures. It makes no difference to Flay.

Scars: Two. One goes from her right shoulder blade down her back ending at her last left rib. The other goes from the top of her right thigh to her knee. These are the only two scars that haven’t disappeared over the centuries.

Carries: An iron staff with two retractable foot long blades that extend from either end of the staff when a section of the staff is twisted. Also carries half a dozen throwing daggers.

Motto: My mother never taught me not to play with my food.

Other: As a seventh generation vampire of natural birth she has developed a small telekinetic ability that allows her to manipulate small objects such as stones which can be used to create distractions.


Flay ran down the New York street toying with two werewolves by keeping just out of reach. She darted into an alley and vaulted to the top of a three story building, curious to see if the two werewolves could match her agility. A look of disappointment appeared on Flay’s face as she heard a thump which she assumed to be a not so agile werewolf jumping into the side of the building. The second werewolf attempted to leap to the top of the building, but only managed to grab hold the roof with one claw.

Flay smiled and just as the werewolf lost grip of the roof, she grabbed hold of the werewolf’s claw and threw him onto the roof as if he were as light as a sheet of paper.

“Damn, Flay. You didn’t have to be so ruff,” grunted the werewolf as he managed to get back up on his feet.

“Just because I hunt my own kind doesn’t mean I like werewolves, besides, I thought we agreed you’d come alone,” Flay replied as she walked over to the opposite ledge and sat down, obviously annoyed, “I presume you have some business you need me to take care of.”

The werewolf paused looking as if he was trying to decide if he should go ahead with this. After all, were wolves who dealt with vampires usually ended up dead.

Noting the pause, Flay asked, “A little scared perhaps?” taking obvious pleasure in the wolf’s discomfort.

Ignoring Flay’s comment the wolf said, “Intel reports two vamps in a small town just south of the border. One’s a shape shifter and the other one killed the Alpha Male’s brother.”

“Ah, so it’s personal. I love it when it’s personal.” With that last comment Flay leapt off the ledge towards the werewolf, crushing his wind pipe with her staff. Maybe New York won’t be as boring as I thought.

Leaving the werewolf to die, she headed south towards the border.
Name: Eli (Elizabeth) Miranda Ravenwood

Age: 1195 (She was only 19 when changed.)

Birthday: December 25th, 1794

Deathday: November 1st, 1813

Description: 5’5 with blonde hair that reaches the small of her back. Her small face is mainly taken up by large midnight blue eyes, her eye lashes are long. Her long nails are hardened from the centuries of use. She wears a long flowing dark blue gown with a black cloak. She also wears a cross around her neck and a wedding ring from her long dead husband Cardual. She does not change, she is of the old order of which only she and a few others remain.

Personality: For as innocent as she looks and acts, she is very smart and mature. She stays out of people’s way unless she needs to intervene. She is vampyr lore and many do not believe she still exists. She hates everything about her self and is always repenting for her sins. She still has kindness for those who hunt her kin and herself.

Scars: Her two bite marks on her chest wear Cardual made her into a vampyr. She also has a sign of repent on her neck which is a cross.

Carries: She only uses a rapier, a sign of the old vampyrs.

Motto: Courage is not the lack of fear. it is acting in spite of it. Mark Twain.

Other: Eli is not seen unless she wants you to see her.

Eli watched on as the young vampyr toyed with the werewolf. When the young vampyr had left, she stepped out of the shadow and slit the dying creature’s throat. She could not stand his wailing or the pain she saw in his eyes. She took the cross from her neck and held it over the corps and whispered a prayer for the creature’s soul.

Then she too made her way to the boarder, there were others there and plus the werewolves seemed interested in them. She made good time and arrived right after the young vampyr did. She kept out of sight and was sure no one had seen her. That was one thing she had become pretty good at over the years.

She watched the town for any movement, before leaving her shadow. For once she wanted to be seen. She was not sure by whom she would be seen by and held a tight grip on her rapier. She could sense both werewolf blood and vampyrs. She stood still inviting someone to come fourth.

Kheti froze, her knees locked in a tight position, there was a strange scent in the air, one she hadn't smelled for a long time. The vampyr. She could have jumped for joy, some still existed, but her powerful self-control made her refrain. They could just as easily be enemies, she had heard of old ledgends that told of vampyr hunting their own kind and she supposed that those would be useful to the were-creatures, were that ever to happen. She glanced around, no obvious signs of them, but there wouldn't be, not if they could avoid it. She hummed a few bars of an old musical, Phantom of the Opera, a personal favorite of hers. She stopped as she scented two more vampyr and a were-creature. This confused her, more than one in a practical ghost town? She was not a strong believer in fate, but maybe, just once she could believe. Mustering up her courage, she spoke, "Hello?" She called, her green eyes scouring the empty-ish lot, finally catching a rustle of movement off the side of the road. She scented the air, finally giving up and vamping out to smell better. The closest vampyr was considerably younger than she was, probably barely a century, the other, probably male, was only a little bit younger than her and the last one was... older than her, but only by a century or two. And either very stupid or very confidant if she kept broadcasting like that. She sighed, going over closer to the youngest one, but in a way that it didn't look like she was, venturing to the house that was close to her. "Alright, whoever you are, come out, I know you're there and if you intend on attacking, can we just get this over with quickly, please?"

"Who are you?" The vampyr's voice asked, probably apprehensive if she had to take a guess.

"Come out where I can see you and then I'll tell you." Kheti looked over impatiently at the girl that stepped from behind the scrub-brush on the side of the road. Black-hair, grey eyes, taller than she was by a good few inches, *but*, Kheti thought with a hint of pride, *probably hasn't had alot of experience fighting the dangerous ones out there.* "Name?" Kheti asked, her eyes seeing where all her weapons were hidden.

"Opal-Lynn Angelis." The girl replied, her eyes narrowed at the close inspection of her attire. "Yours?"

"Khti'katala Daconulia, but you can call me Kheti. Opal... pretty name. Angelis... a realtively well-know name in the old days."

"Huh?" Opal looked mildly miffed.

"Nevermind. Come on, I sensed others." Kheti paused, "Are you going to try to hurt, maim, injure, skewer, shishkabob, or in any other way that I failed to mention, hurt me?"

"No." Opal said, a furrow between her brow.

"Alrighty then, now we're getting somewhere." Kheti stalked off in the direction of the broadcasting vampyr with Opal trailing behind.


They came across her shortly after their meeting, walking up to, yet another, black-haired woman, a rapier held tightly in her grasp. "Stop." The woman said, "State your names."

"Will you give us yours?" Kheti said, getting an itchy feeling from the slightly smaller woman.

"Perhaps. State yours and I will."

Kheti looked at Opal who looked right back, "What have we got to lose?"

"Our lives?" Opal replied tartly, "The only thing that we mostly strive to keep."

Kheti frowned, "Not if we just give names." She said, "I am Khti'katala Daconulia and this is..."

"Opal-Lynn Angelis." Opal cut in.

"I am Elizabeth Miranda Ravenwood..."

"An ancient! My father said you were all dead!" Kheti called.

"No, I am not, I don't know of my fellows. You may call me Eli, do ou have a shorter version?"



"Alright, Kheti and Opal there are others..."

"We know." Kheti said, "And the other one is in the company of a were-lepoard. Let's go and see, or are we still not allowed any closer?"

"No, it's alright." Eli said, venturing in the direction of the signals.

Kheti unstrapped her whip and help it close to her side, by far it was her favorite weapon. She glanced over at Opal who was pulling out a very pretty dagger that reminded her very much of her fathers, but the designs were different. They set out at a reasonable pace, a light jog that took them quickly to the two's house. "Werelepoard." Kheti murmured to Eli and Opal, "And vampire, the lepoard is pacing, most likely guarding the vampyr."
((Murasame means Autumn Rain in english, I may call her that))

The sound of steps at her heel made Murasame whip around flinging her hand back hitting the persons face. She heard a low groan it was obvious it was a male. She peered into his face and heaved a sigh.

"Why are you following me?" She crossed her arms before her chest.

"Aren't you out past your bedtime?" The male transformed into werewolf before her eyes to his surprise she didn't startle just stared at him coldly.

"I don't sleep at night." She hissed pulling her sword from it's sling on her back she placed it inbetween the two of them.

"Brave for a human." The werewolf snickered.

"Wrong again." She swung the sword at his face sending the leftside flying into the air as his body slumped hitting the ground she took her word and pinned his heart.

"And that dear friend is the reason why you kill first and ask questions later." She laughed dryly before pulling her sword free from his chest and moving on she slowed her pace at teh sound of voices around the bend. The voices sounded of warning and the footsteps quickened as did their tracker. Murasame rounded the bend her sword stil drawn stepping inbetween the three woman and whatever their preditor was.

"Four to one, not a smart choice." She clentched her teeth.

Her two companions intrigued Opal. They were not only the first vamps she had ever met, but also much to her surprise, they were alive before the Betrayal. She watched them in silent admiration as they peered through the window of the house. "…and vampyr, the leopard is pacing, most likely guarding the vampyr,” Kheti had just finished saying.

“So should we help him?” slipped out of Opal’s mouth before she was able to stop them.

“I’ll go.” The words came from Eli, who had her rapier in hand. She took a step forward before she completely disappeared from sight.

Eli traveled through the shadows entering the room unnoticed and observed the vampyr and wereleopard before her, there was something about them that made her hold back.

Outside Kheti and Opal waited patiently, well mostly Kheti. Opal on the other hand paced around edgily not to far from the window, trying to keep herself under control. For a long time now, her urges to kill where getting stronger and she was finding herself powerless to stop it. I won’t do it, I won’t do it The words repeated over and over in her head, but it was a battle she was destined to lose, she was far to young to be as controlled as the others.

“Would you clam down,” Kheti said in a quiet yet stern voice that made Opal stop in her tracks.

“I can take it anymore, I not use to just standing by and watching,” Opal replied tensing her grip on the dagger before she vamped out, “I promise I’ll make I quick.”

Kheti put her hands on Opal’s shoulder stopping her from advancing further, “Wait, the leopard knows we’re here.”
From atop his perch on a small apartment-like building, Aver looked upon two WereWolves harassing a human woman. Even though Aver had no love for either race, he felt disgusted when the wolves pushed the woman down, holding her fast. Their manner revealed the darkest of intentions, and Aver could stand no more. All the offenders heard was a swoop and a soft thud as Aver jumped to the ground. Before they knew it, they were both dead, hacked into pieces. The woman was about to thank her unlikely savior, but then his teeth pierced her neck and drained her.

The woman's sweet blood made Aver hungry for more, and it teased him as the red drop rolled down his chin. The vampyr heard some footsteps coming down the street, and turned to see a patrol of five werecreatures, four in man-form, and the other a bear. When they saw the vampyr standing over the mutilated bodies of their kin, the werecreatures growled and, without words, prepared for combat. One shifted into a wolf, and another into a massive rat. The other two remained as men, and drew their weapons. One with two daggers, and the other a large sword and a shield.

Aver looked at his foes and smiled as they advanced on him. He held his axe and sword reassuringly, and swiftly vanished into the night. Surprised, the werecreatures looked around nervously as the vampyr crept in the shadows. Aver dropped in between the five of them, hacking off the head of the rat and shoving a spike through the wolf's head. He lept on top of the bear, dodging the weremen's attacks, and tore off its head.

He threw the head, knocking one of his opponents off balance as he hacked apart the other. Aver shoved several spikes through his last victim before heading off from the scene. His weapons were stained with blood from years of fighting, and they'd be further stained before the night was through. With that, the vampyr sought human blood for his appetite.
"Wake up!" Virgil felt the kick before he heard the words. He bolted up and held his ribs at the place he had been assaulted. He was confused for a moment in his sleepy haze, then realized what was happening. There were three men in his cell, all of them heavily armed.

"Stand up," one of the men ordered. Virgil bared his teeth and growled at the man. The three intruders merely laughed. The one who has kicked him held up a small, black remote, and Virgil recoiled in submission, knowing exactly what it would feel like if the man had pressed the button on the sinister device. He could feel the red scars around his neck from past punishments, the metal collar further rubbing them raw.

Virgil did as he was told and stood. The men escorted him, still naked, out of his cell. It was very rare that he was ever brought out, and he had to shield his eyes from the lights in the hall. Light was so foreign to him, that even though the lights had been dimmed to barely a glow for his sake, they still left a feeling like someone pressing their fingers into his eyes.

As they moved down the long cement hall, the lights slowly brightened until he was finally used to them. Virgil could sense the man in front of him tense his and could tell that he was about to stop.

They led him next through a blue door marked "Showers" and into a white tiled room.

"Stand there," said a guard who had yet to speak, pointing to the center of the room, "and don't move." Again, Virgil did as he was told. The three men exited the room and before he knew it the showers all around the room were turned on, hitting him from all angles. The water was cold. Very cold. The downpour stopped for a moment and a cloud of powdered soap fell from the ceiling, and the water started again.

One hour later Virgil had been dried and provided with a guard's uniform and left to sit in a small waiting room, still surrounded by his captors. Some of the powdered soap had collected under his metal collar and had not been washed away. It was itching like hell now, but he couldn't quite get to it.

"Stop fidgeting!" A guard ordered, pawing the remote like he just couldn't wait to use it. Virgil flinched and pulled his hands away from his neck. He was scared out of his mind. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he knew it wasn’t going to be something he’d like.

The door in the room, opposite the one he had entered, swung open suddenly. In marched several other men. Like his current guards, all of them were wolves.

“It is time,” the most important of the men said, staring directly at Virgil, “for us to put you to use.” Virgil and this man had previously met. The scar across the man’s face was proof of this. “There are,” the man continued, “a host of vampires running loose in this city, and as long as I am in charge here, I will not stand for it.”

Virgil was forced to his feet. He almost lashed out at the hands upon his body, but held himself back, remembering what his punishment would be. “You will, in one hour’s time, be sent out into the city. You will find these vampire scum, and you will destroy them. You will tear them apart. You will leave no trace of them ever being here in the city.” The man took a step toward Virgil so that they were face to face. “If you don’t do exactly what I have told you, I will take this remote and I will shock you for hours and hours and hours, until you are nothing but a pile of charred flesh. Do you understand?”

Virgil nodded solemnly and bit his bottom lip until he could taste the warm blood flow into his mouth. He would have to do as they said, there was no way around it. If he was lucky, he would be killed quickly in battle, because there was no way he was going to let himself be electrocuted to death.
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Chris watched as New York came into veiw. The trip had been fast, not taking more then a week with the technology that the group had high jacked to propel the ship.

The moon was full. She watched as a whale came up to breath and a couple fish were jumping in the air trying to catch the fireflys.

"Chris this is your stop. Are you sure you want to stop here? There laws are stricter than back at home," a vampyer named Sean said a hint of french in his voice.

"Ya, I have a feeling Marcius is here. I don't know how to explain it."

"Okay then." Sean stepped back and watched as Chris jumped off of the ship and began to swim to the shore.

With her speed, the three mile swim only took about two minutes.

Her first thought of New York was, "What a dump." Body parts littered the ground, garbage was thrown into the street.

She began to walk down the street, their were no lights and virtually no human life. She could smell blood that had been spilled just a couple minuets ago.

She was a werelepord walk down the street and notice her.

"Where did you come from!" The gaurd screamed as he turned into a large wolf and ran at Chris.


Chris unsleathed her sword and in a matter of seconds, the bloody corpse of the gaurd laid at her feet.

Chris walked over the body as if it was nothing. But in her mind the creature wasn't anything. Just the creature that had tried to make her kind extict. The thought that they had failed miserably made Chris smirk.

She knew in New York she would find her son.
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Flay kept to the roofs of the buildings on the outskirts of the small town, choosing to observe this growing camaraderie of vampyrs before she made any hasty decisions.

There were far more vampyrs than she expected, but that just meant a more thrilling hunt to her. Hmm…this calls for something special, she thought as she placed a tiny device on the roof. The device emits a low frequency sound wave just outside of vampyr hearing, even when vamped out, but just inside of were-creature hearing. This thing will draw every were-creature in a 30 mile radius right here, Flay mentally laughed. And now it's time for me to make my debut.

She jumped off the roof and walked towards where a few of the other vampyrs had congregated. She made sure not to try and conceal herself so as not to catch the two vampyrs out in the open off guard. The older one, perhaps an ancient, sensed her first. Many of the older vampyrs had developed a type of sixth sense over the centuries. As a seventh generation vampyr of natural birth Flay had been born with this sixth sense. She could sense that the older vampyr was around 1000 years old and that the fledgling had barely broken a century. She also sensed two other vamps, one an ancient, and a were-creature in a nearby building. Ahh…so the ancient was who I couldn’t see, but sensed following me here. Flay silently applauded the ancient’s skill.

As Flay walked within ten meters of the vampyrs the oldest said, “Your name.”

“Flay. Flay Talon,” she replied, “and you are?”

“Kheti,” replied the oldest, “and this is Opal.” She motioned towards the younger vampyr. “What brings you here?”

“Information. I was just told that a task force is heading our way. They’ll probably be here in half an hour,” Flay lied. The were-creatures would probably be here in ten minutes. After all, were-creatures are known to rival vampyrs in speed.

“And you know this how?” asked Kheti a little suspicious of the information’s origin.

“A were-wolf told me,” Flay lied.

“And you actually expect me to believe you.”

“Don’t you know how much were-wolf will tell you if you promise him a good lay?”

“Yeah, I know the type pretty well.”

“They only know about the two of you, so I’m guessing there shouldn’t be more than 15,” Flay lied again. The emitter would lure at least 30 or 40 were-creatures to this village. “Nothing five vamps and a were-leopard can’t handle, right?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re planning on staying, you can go take watch on the edge of town,” ordered Kheti.

Following Kheti’s instructions, Flay jogged back to her previous position on the building where she had placed the emitter.

As she walked over to the edge of the roof, contemplating how long it would be until the were-creatures arrived, the first of at least 30 were-creatures jumped up to the roof startling Flay. “Oh shit!” That emitter worked faster than I expected. Flay quickly took time to destroy the tiny emitter before she jumped off the roof and sprinted toward the other vampyrs, not because she wanted to help them, but because the greatest pleasure in life to Flay is gaining someone’s trust and then seeing the startled look of betrayal in their eyes as she slowly plunges her dagger into their heart.
Eli watched on as the leopard paced, not taking notice of the third creature in the room. Something was odd about the two, she could not understand why the leopard did not kill it's victim, no he was gaurding him.

Eli went to move closer, but stopped. She could smell the young vampyr. She hated her, no one deserved her kindness that left creatures for dead.

She moved quickly from the room and made her way back to Opal and Kheti. She made sure not to be seen. She could see them off in the distance. There was a small battle going on. She drew her rapier and ran to the pair, ready to help.
Kheti smelled the were-creatures before she saw them, she was startled at the mass of them, probably about 30 or 40, unusual for them to travel in such large packs, she slung up her whip as the first appeared over on the far end of the street, "Opal!" She called, drawing her attention away from the leopard.

Autumn took no hesitation before grabbing the first to run apon her by the throat and digging her long nails into it's flesh slamming it down head first into the ground shattering it's skull as a warning to her other three pursuers.

The other three were-wolves onwacthed her warning as one started towards her after there decision of who would be next she ran up drawing her blade and sliced it's throat then watched it's body fall to the ground, she glared at the other to with a smile apon her face.

"And to think I havn't even vamped out yet, you guys must be up there in age?" She grinned going at them her blade swung up high over her head she brought it down in a whipping motion sending one's head flying into the other and she stood over it's body apon it's fall withher swords tip to it's throat.

"I'll send you back has a warning to your leader. The vampyr are back and we shall have our revenge." She stabbed close to it's heart and pulled her sword free has the were groaned in agony.

"There you won't live to see my face again and your leaders shall be the last you ever see now go or die now." She onwatched the were-wolf take off and replaced her sword into the sling.

"I've got to get me some better company than these idiots, sure their fun for awhile till there live ends."

Kheti’s call was enough to bring Opal back to the fight at hand. As she stood the number of werewolves had increases drastically. Opal regained her composure and joined in on the fight, all the while putting things into perspective.

In her hundred or so years of living she had never meet another Vampire, no here before her where like four others including the vamp that had just appeared.

“Forty werewolves shouldn’t be so bad,” she shouted aloud to Kheti, who nodded in agreement. Opal smiled as she held her dagger as she sheathed her dagger. “I’ll be back.”

Kheti and Eli continued their fighting but wonder where Opal had gone.”

“You don’t think the child left us,” Eli asked as her rapier came down on the werewolf that was before her.

“She had better not,” Kheti replied as her whip spun around catching on of the wolves in the neck.

Opal hid behind a building and when she was sure she was out of sight, she shifted into a one of the werewolves. She felt more comfortable fighting this many in disguise and being attacked by one of their own might confuse the other wolves. Opal just hoped that other vamps would kill her in the process.
Only a few blocks away from the clash between Weres and vamps, Aver continued his aimless wandering through the streets. He'd found, killed, and drained several humans who had been outside at a bad time. Aver had even climbed through and open window and silently slain the house's three occupants. His thirst for blood had been temporarily quenched. The spikey vampyr knew that he'd need to drink more blood before the night was through, but he was content for the moment.

In the distance, Aver heard the sounds of a conflict. Curious, he turned and began heading in the direction of the fighting.
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Chris had smelled the were-wolfs before she saw them. They were heading towards her about four or five of them.

She had her sword out again and began to run to try to get away from them. She may be an ancient but she knew what a were-wolf could do to her kind. She didnt' get to far before she ran into more were-wolfs and vampyers.

She stopped in her tracks and stared. She hadn't seen so many of her kind since, well she couln't quite remeber the last time she saw more then two at the same time.

She heard the were-wolfs come up behind her. Spinning on her heel she swung the sword straight through the abdomin of one of her attackers.

She let out a grunt as she kept swinging and killing were-wolfs.

How are there so many fucking were-wolfs in one place, she scremed to herself in her mind. She kept glancing over at the other vampyers. She knew that one was an ancient like herself and another barly a century old, still a baby in her mind.

A were-wolf caught Chris straight in the jaw with a punch dazing her. Chris didn't have much time before the were-wolf knocked her down.

"Bastard!" She screamed as she brought her lag up and using the toe of her boot to kick the were-wolf in the back of the head.

The creature howled in pain and rolled off of her. Taking her sword she drove it straight threw the were-wolf heart.
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The small band of vampyrs had begun to dispatch the were-creatures with a rather surprising ease that impressed Flay greatly. She noticed one more vampyr and a friendly were-leopard emerging from a dwelling close by to join in the carnage while she broke a werewolf’s back with her staff.

Surrounded on all sides, Flay swung her staff in a round house motion only to have the butt of her staff caught in the palm of a were-creature. Flay simply laughed and twisted both ends of her staff triggering the mechanism that forced blades out of both ends of her staff and straight through the were-creatures hand. She then swung her staff upward and out of the were-creature’s hand, slitting his throat in the same motion. With a series of feints and attacks she managed to kill or maim several other were-creatures. But eventually under the shear number of attackers, Flay’s movements became less and less precise, allowing a were-bear to maul her in the torso, throwing her to the ground.

The were-bear lifted its paw in preparation for the killing stroke…

No it can’t end like this!

…but the blow never came.

Flay looked up and saw a rapier protruding from the bear’s chest.

The last thing she saw before losing consciousness was a pair of midnight blue eyes and a crucifix.

But the crucifix didn’t vanish. It remained, burning itself into Flay’s memory.
Eli grabbed Flay up and moved her into one of the many abandoned buildings on the outskirts of the battle. She cecked Flay's wounds and made sure she was alright, the wounds were healed within seconds. She smiled, a place deep inside Eli was happy. She had seen, too many of her kind killed by the werewolves and did not want to see another.

She grabbed her sword and licked the blood off of it, one thing she had learned from Cardual was how to control her thirst. She hated the taste of the werewolf's blood.

Eli left Flay to recover and went outside. The dust had picked up and she could only see shadows of the figures. Eli stuck her sword and the ground, she prayed holding her cross in her small hand. Little blood red tears fell from her eyes, she quickly wiped them away before anyone stumbled upon her.

Name: Anita Quicksilver

Age: 20

Birthday: 1/13/2969

Description: Anita is a half vampire. She has both human and vampire blood running through her veins. The only physical appearance that gives away her lineage is her inhumanly bright sapphire eyes. She has beautifully blonde hair that flows midway down her back. She wears black leather pants and a black tank top with a black leather jacket and black combat boots.

Personality: She is very clever and courageous. She will never take no for an answer. She is a born fighter.

Carries: She carries an ancient dagger that her adopted father had given to her before he died and a 9-mm gun with silver bullets.

Motto: Don’t ask questions

Other: Her mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant with Anita. Not long after giving birth to Anita she was killed by the werewolves. Anita was adopted and raised by a human family. A family who had known Anita’s mother. They never told her the truth about the blood that ran through her veins. It wasn’t until she ran into an ancient vampire when she was sixteen did she learn the truth. That was the day when Anita decided to take a stand against the werewolves.


Anita tossed and turned in her sleep. She kept seeing the same faces over and over, faces of vampires. A word kept whispering itself in her mind, Kheti. She did not know what it meant but it was searing its way through her brain.

Anita’s eyes opened. Her body trembled from her dream. She was having it more often now, always the same vampires, the same word. The old vampire had told her that she harbored the talent of foresight, but never before had it been so strong, or so alarming.

Anita got out of her bed and opened her window. The cool night air rushed in, tousling her blonde hair. Something was different about tonight. There was something different about the smell, the feel of it. Anita grabbed her jacket and headed outside. Something big was coming her way.
Kheti disengaged a weretiger from the end of her whip, snapping its neck easily. She backed up against Opal, "Is that all? Fourty or fifty were creatures is nothing for a formidable force of vamps." Kheti said, smiling faintly.

Opal smiled, "It's nice knowing that you're not alone." she slipped her knife into a pocket and walked over to Eli who was bent over Flay. "What happened?"

"Is she alright?" Kheti asked, concerned.

"Hey!" Another vampire and a wereleopard came from another small fight with other were creatures.

Kheti raised her whip in warning, "Name and purpose."

The vampire stepped forward, "I'm Jerin and this is my sister Arilyn."

"The Vatha's, right, I heard something about that awile ago." Everyone turned toward Flay, who had regained conciousness and was sitting on her elbows. "An awkward encounter with a werewolf." She explained.

"You gonna be okay?" Eli asked.

Flay held up a hand, "Fine." SHe got to her feet, "They're gone."

"Yeah, we got rid of them." Kheti said, licking a splotch of blood from her arm and wrinkling her nose at the cut she found, "Mine, yuck." Her nose caught another scent and she turned, catching sight of a flash of red hair duck into a house at the end of the street. Another vampyr, "Eli, Opal, Flay, c'mon. There's someone down there."

Autumn stood with her back up againest a brick building starring up at the sky. She kicked her foot againest it and pushed off to standing as she headed left up the street.

"Blood red moon..." She thought to herself somewhat still staring upward, "I wonder if it means any significance."

She sighed moving onward in her journey as she rounded the corner she fell onto her ass starring up at a tall muscular man in a black trench coat with spiked hair she looked at him wide eyed in shock that she hadn't heard his approach. She opened her mouth to speak but he caught her off guard holding a serrated axe in between them. She tilted her head to the side with a cocky grin and laughed.

"Is that anyway to treat a lady?" She took a finger and pushed it away from her face standing up. The man still held it before the two.

"Woman I have no patience for you pathetic race." His words were pure hatred.

She shook her head dusting herself off as he swung his axe her way awaiting his next meal, she ducked and it grazed her arm she looked at him seriously now. She took a finger catching the trail of blood that began to flow and licked it from her finger and hissed at him baring her fangs.

"Someone has an eago issue." She muttered still starring into his face.
Opal hung back a bit, leaving the others to the task of communication. The fight had left her mind filled with thoughts. Why were the werewolves there in the first place?
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"Well it seems that not all vampyers are loyal to there kind." Chris said as she raised her sword. She may have been exhausted but she didn't plan on being killed by a worthless wereleopard.
"Stop." A simple order made the newcomers lower their weapons. Kheti's eyes flashed, "They helped, they're the Vatha siblings and I'll have no tolerance against them."

Eli nodded, "Aye, they helped us dispatch of our attackers."

Chris spat in disgust, "It is a were-creature, they are all evil!"

"Hey!" Arilyn protested, but was silenced by Eli's raised hand.

"Not all are evil, it is just a part of their nature, inbred with hatred for our kind, but some sypathize with us and help." Eli replied evenly, and Kheti had to smile, if only fractionally, Eli really was deserving of her Ancient title.

"Put your weapons away, they are of no use right now, the enemy has been dispatched and there will be none to stop us for awhile. You said your name was Chris and Dray?" At their nod Kheti continued, "And you are both vampyr?" Another nod, "Strange..."

"What?" Opal inquired.

"You have all travelled as I have? Alone for many years." Her sharp green eyes caught Dray's and the other woman nodded slowly, "Isn't it unusual, us, all relatively alone, secluded, unaware of the existence of others like us, all showing up in one place, to gather in a rather large group, a formidable force, perhaps even one to... possibly, combat the were-creatures? Why? Why are we here like this, now, here, why not sooner, why not when we were being overrun?"

"The Fates will have had a hand in this." Dray said softly.

Kheti snorted, "I don't believe in..."

"Don't you dare say it, you may almost be Ancient, but that should give you even more reason to believe it!" The firey vampyr snapped and Kheti bared her fangs, sensing a challenge.

"Don't you put me in my place, I am twice as old as you and five times more intelligent to know whether or not someone is far more powerful." Kheti growled lowly.

"But perhaps the girl is right, this cannot be a coincidence." Eli, ever the peace-keeper said softly, laying a hand on Kheti's shoulder.

Kheti shrugged it off with a huff, "Perhaps, the Fates were never kind to me then." She turned to Opal, a little sheepish, one was supposed to set an example for the younger vampyrs. "Sorry, I used to be famous for my temper."

Opal shrugged, "Whatever, it doesn't matter to me, just makes you less god-like and easier to relate to."

"Christine, good to see you again." Eli nodded respectfully to the other Ancient vampire that had managed to come up.

"Indeed Elizabeth." Chris' eyes lit on Eli and the both of them relaxed a tad more, reassured by the prescence of the other.

Kheti sighed, the abilities of the group here ranged quite widely, the two ancient were always a plus, and Opal, great potential lie within the younger vampyr, whether she knew it or not, she had never met the Vatha pair before, but they seemed to like to stay out of the way of more powerful night-walkers, she didn't really know what to think about Flay, she had fought by their side, but... and Drayana, she just pissed her off, she was frutrating and far too mystical-oriented, but was definitely an asset, and then there was herself, at least she knew what to expect from her own body, if nothing else. She sighed again and glanced at the horizon, "Well, unless anyone else is a daywalker, I suggest that we hunker down for the day, we'll move on tomorrow, I have plans about heading to the were-creature Capital, the City Formerly Known As Los Angeles. Don't know about you all, but it'd be nice to have some back up."

"I'll go." Opal said quickly, a small smile in place.

"As am I." Eli said neutrally, but weariness hinted at the corners of her eyes.

The rest nodded and shrugged like they had nothing better to do, which they probably didn't, Kheti thought wryly, and slowly let a smile quirk at the corners of her mouth, "Well then, there's a small home over there with running water and facilities for the little leopard there." She walked off in the direction with the others following after her, some of them talking amongst themselves as she held the door open and then allowing it to shut with a bang, shutting out the rays of the sun as it peaked over the horizon.
Eli sat still, sleep was useless, in fact she had not slept since the night Cardual had died. Memories floated through her mind. Then angry came quickly to her mind, he had led her into a trap and she was stupid enough to follow.

Eli got to her feet and stepped toward the door. The sun was softly fading below the horizon. She loved these moments, she had read somewhere in a novel that heaven was closer to your spirit.

"Δεν είμαι ποτέ βέβαιος τι να πει σε αυτές τις στιγμές. Μερικές φορές δεν είμαι ακόμα και βέβαιος τι προσεύχομαι για ή εάν με ακούτε ακόμη και. Σας ευχαριστώ για να παρουσιάσει με εδώ." She whispered in greek.

She smiled slightly and got to her feet. A lot had been lifted from her, but the battle still played in her mind. She had almost allowed Flay to be killed, she could not let any of them die.

Eli did not completely trust Flay, but the girl was still young. She had been a lot like her as a young girl, doing what she wanted, never thinking of others and trying to look brave when she felt scared. She got up off the ground and dusted off her cloak and went back into the darkened room.
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Chris laid on her back, one eye opened to make sure that no one decided to attack her. The events of the day kept playing in her mind. How had she come so far off her course? Would she be able to find Marcius?

The noise from the other room woke her completly. Knowing sleep is useless she sat up and walked around the vamyer called Flay.

Chris saw Elizabeth go and lay down on a small cot in the corner. The thought of having another ancient in teh group eased the sense of forbidding. There were days that it seemed her age had caught up with her and she seemed so tired but other days that she felt as giddy as a newly born vampyer.

Chris carefully walked to the porch that she saw Eli get off of and sighed. She didn't feel comfortable in a large group of vampyers. They weren't exactly known for their trust. But Chris knew that of all the vampyers in the world she could trust Eli. And that senses of trust was making it hard for her to leave the pack.
"Your a vampire." The spikey haired male vampire looked at her. He lowered his serrated axe till the tip touched the ground.

"Thanks for the tease of dinner." Murasame took her finger trailing the blood on her arm and wiped in then licked her hand clean.

"Apologies. Your name." Something gave her the impression that he was warry of her.

"Murasame Lestaton and you are?" Murasame took in his appearance if she wasn't a vampire as well she might be intimidated.

"Aver Drekth'Turok." He lifted his head hers followed with her eyes to the coming sounds direction.

"Maybe we can chat again later." Murasame muttered stepping aside him.

"There is at least three or four of them." Aver gripped his axe tighter. Murasame nodded pulling her sword from it's sheath.

"I must tell you I don't trust you, but I trust you more than them." Murasame pushed off his side flipping over a werewolves head she grabbed it around it neck then shoved her sword's blade through the top of it's head. The one behind it caught her off guard and threw her onto the concrete she could taste the dirt and blood within her mouth she made haste standing up going after it she stopped short an inch shy of Aver's serrated axe that came down cracking it's scull and spliting it in two blood splattered her face and clothes.

"Thanks." Murasame looked up at him then to their left at the other two. One had decided to retreat the other stood trembeling.

Aver stomped his boot onto the concrete and sent the other turning on his heels running Murasame grinned and nodded her head to his axe.

"Well, I was going to ...." Aver shrugged and threw his axe sending it spiraling to it struck the werewolves backbone paralyzing it.
"Awe what the hell."

"Might as well pick up your axe before he bleeds to death all over it." Murasame smirked.

Opal counted the amount of footsteps for no reason in particular. She had never been one that sleep came naturally to, which was a good thing, considering how important it was to be on her guard. However, this time, it was anticipation that kept her awake, the anticipation of things to come.

She knew she should be a little worried but then again she was never one to worry either. She grinned to her herself when she thought about it. Disregarding fear and doing what she wanted was who she was.

Glancing at the others for a quick moment, she realized that for now doing what she wanted would have to be postponed. This was an opportunity to learn from others of her kind, ancients especially.

The footsteps stopped and once again, all was still. Opal soon lost track of time and before she knew it, Kheti was announcing it was time for them to move on.

“Onward to this place called Los Angeles then,” Opal said aloud receiving a few nods and a few shakes mostly disapproving of her perk.
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Sitting on one of the buildings overlooking the decrepit town square, Flay stared at the blood red moon.

It had risen early tonight.

She was an early riser among vampires. Often enough, the moon was not even in the night sky when Flay rose from her sleep.

Something about the air, the night, the moon triggered something in Flay.

Her mind was reeling from painful, long forgotten and repressed memories.

Flay rose from her coffin as she usually did, before most vampires. But something was different. There was blood splatter on her face.
She looked down to find a dead werewolf and a dead vampire.

Her father and mother then walked in the door.

"Hurry Flay, the werewolves are killing everyone. You've got to get out of here."

Kheti's voice brought Flay back from her revelation, "It's time to go Flay, it won't be long until more werescum get here."
Kheti stood in the open door, the moonlight bathing her skin in an eerie glow as she stared out at the wounded town, "Is everyone ready?" She asked, turning to the group behind her. They all nodded, glancing around at one another then back up at Kheti who had taken up her weapons, "Tonight is the first step we take in reclaiming what was once ours, returning to the top where we belong. It's time to rise again." She turned suddenly and strode out, her boots crunching on the dirt, her duster swirling around her, the footsteps of the others close behind. She turned as Opal came up on her right and Eli on her left, "Yes?"

Opal shrugged and turned her attention to the road in front of them, while Eli's gaze sought hers, "We have all been through a great ordeal in the days since the Betrayal, many of us lost lovers, hopes, kingdoms, and the possiblitiy of something greater. You have returned that to us, given us a goal, other than merely surviving, it's a blessing, if anything. Thank you." She said softly.

Kheti was taken aback, "You're... You're welcome." She replied, looking down. If she could have blushed she probably would have, instead though her eyes shot up and her scarred hand went to her weapons, "Eli, there's someone..."


Chris came up beside Eli, her sword out and at the ready, "There's something up there." She said.

"Aye," Dray had come up on the other side of Opal whilst the Vatha's had split up on opposite ends.

Kheti moved forward first, her whip out and her eyes searching the dark, "Come out, come out, where ever you are." She said softly to herself. Her eyes caught on another red-head and someone wo looked like a human porcupine... perhaps not as human as she originally thought, they were both vampyrs. "Hail!" She called and they turned towards her. The red-head's gaze fixed on hers as the spikey one's travelled to her companions.

"Vampyrs." The spiked one said, "In a pack?"

Kheti ventured closer, her eyes still on the red-heads, she looked familiar, very familiar... "Murasame?"

"Kheti? My, gods, Kheti is that you?" Murasame looked shocked, and thrilled at finding a familiar face in these wastelands.

"Yes, who's your friend?"

"Aver." He replied, "Aver Drekth'Turok."

"I'm Khti'katala Daconulia, call me Kheti. That's Opal-Lynn Angelis, Opal for short; Eli Miranda Ravenwood, just Eli; Drayana Calor, Dray; Christine, Chris, O'Brian, Arilyn and Jarin Vatha, and Flay Talon." Kheti said, glancing back at the group, "Care to join us?"

"What're you doing?" Aver asked, his grey eyes flicking to Flay.

"We're going to Los Angeles, err... The City Formerly Known As Los Angeles, it's called Wolfwood now."

"Why, it's the were-creature stronghold." Murasame spoke up.

"That's the reason right there, we're gathering forces, and we're going to take the world back." Chris said from behind Kheti, making her jump, she hadn't heard her come up.

"This is madness." Aver said with a raised eyebrow, "You can't possibly think that you with your little army of eight is going to take on thousands of were-bastards on *their* turf, do you?"

"We'll have ten if you guys join." Opal said helpfully.

Aver threw up his hands, "Ten! Nine measly little vampyrs, and one wereleopard! You're all insane!"

"Perhaps... what if we left signs for others to follow?" Eli had come up now, "What if we left out family crests were others will see them? The were-creatures won't recognize them, even if they do, it's just more grafitti on ancient buildings."

Kheti's eyes lit, "Brilliant! If there are other vampyrs out there, they'll recognise them! Every vampyr knows family crests, even as young as Opal, they've all see their Sire's and all crest, though they are different, inherently look the same, base, creatures, motto. If they saw that, and beneath it, we LA... most were-creatures and humands don't know what LA was, but vampyrs, as old as we are, do." Kheti paused for breath, "Who's crest do we use, though?"

"The clan that had the most members, logically." Aver spoke with a sigh, "The Daconulian's the largest and oldest clan. Makes sense, most of us recognize it as a sign of power."

"Are you sure?" Kheti asked, double checking to see if everyone agreed.

They all nodded, "Well then," Kheti pulled out one of her daggers and carved into the side of a building, the four divided crest a gryphon rampant in the centre and the ribbon with the family motto: Egomet solemniter iuro Egomet sum tenus non compenso. Kheti grinned, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." She repeated in english, drawing the blade across the pad on her thumb and tracing the outline in blood. "Onward and outward." She said turning and nodding to the others as they began their trek across the country.

Eli took something from her bag, something she had not even thought about in a long time. A tiny vial filled with dark red blood. "They will come, Cardual, they will," she said in barely more then a whisper.

"Whose is that?" Opal said, knowing the moment she said it that she should not have asked.

"It is my late Husband's," Eli answered looking straight into Opal's eyes. "I took it the night I killed him. He is my dead and my life."

Eli put the half empty vial back into her cloth bag and walked off alone. She had dreams of that night, nightmares. It always started off the same, at dark, rainy London evening. Eli had been searching for Cardual for centuries and finally he watched her say her prayer over the body of a dead convict.

His eyes burned into her skin. The blood that filled her mouth tasted tainted. A first the rain came in large droplets then it fell hard.

"You have become better then I ever dreamed, my wife." He smiled, a crooked smile and walked toward he, "Killing convicts is beneath you."

"What else should I feed on, innocents. Have you no shame, Cardual."

"No, your the shame to the entire race of vampyr," he said reaching for the cross.

The dream ended with her rapier covered in blood. The another came once she had left her wedding ring behind, and a hundred years later she found it in the pocket of one of the convicts she had killed.

All of a sudden she was brought back to the present, when a hand touched her shoulder,

"You dropped this," Chris said handing her the ring. "We are moving out."

(Sorry it might be a little thrown together, but my mind is going faster then I am able to type.)
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Chris gave back the ring and began to walked away. It seemed everone was busy reminising on how they became what they are.

Chris distanced herself from the group. The night was peaceful, well as peaceful as it could be for her. She looked up at the moon; it's face stared back at her, casting it's glow over the group.

The group reminded her of a puzzle. Your never quite sure how that one peice fits where it does till the end.

Chris smiled, she wasn't use to using metaphors or similes, she could never tell the difference, when she was thinking.

Walking with the group, Chris decided that this was going to be fun. And maybe she could find the one person she has been looking for.
They travelled for days on end, the group not often wearying as weeks passed them on their way to Wolfwood. Trekking through what was left of Arizona was their worst week, the heat almost unbearable, no one had crossed this desert in close to as long as Kheti had been alive, the Sonoran Desert was not a force of nature to be taken lightly. It was gruelling, taxing the vampires to their very limits and Arilyn's body the most, her fur when she shifted making her swelter and her skin burning, even on the coolest of nights. They made it well into the second month of their travels, the city displayed before them like a feast for eyes.

Kheti was the first to speak, "Do as you will, but keep killing to a minimum. We don't want to be detected just yet."
Eli was not interested in feeding, she had never been. In the beganing she only fed on convicts and criminals. Now, she only drank blood from a jar. Her bag was full of little viles of it.

She took up refuge in an abandoned building, sleep was all she desired. Her body was tired. It had been a long time since she had made a journey like this. She laughed at her own thoughts, then slowly drifted off into a light sleep.
Aver blinked a few times as he woke in the middle of the night. He looked around at the other vampyrs he was travelling with on this insane quest. Well, whatever, it might be fun, and Aver had to admit, he didn't mind the company of Murasame at all. If it wasn't for her he probably would have just left, all the others seemed wierd, something he couldn't quite explain.

Now they were at Los Angeles, or Wolfwood, whatever it was called. All Aver knew was that these irritating Werewolves probably wouldn't be too friendly. There were some humans in the city too, protected from the thirst of vampyrs by the Werewolves, but forced to work, almost as slaves. The ones that found themselves walking alone in the north part of the city were a relief for the vampyrs who'd just arrived.

But the real killing would, surely, soon begin.
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(sorry it's really short have to go study for a final)

Chris thought of the death that laid before her. It brought a smile to her face. Death laid before them and she waited with anticipation.
Kheti sighed, her feet dangling over the edge of the cliff that overlooked the city of Wolfwood. Her green gaze swept the glittering lights as she stood swiftly, her nose flaring for the scent of her companions. She met up with Murasame and Aver at the base of a decrapit building, humans milled about seemingly uncaring of the predators within their midst, or just unaware. She herself had made her kills earlier, while the sun was still in the sky and beating down rather unforgivingly, "Where are the others?" She asked, skirting a vicious-looking mud puddle.

"Dunno, they disappeared not long after we got here, so they're probably still on the hunt." Murasame said, looking up at the building, her hands crossed behind her head, "They'll be here... eventually."

Aver nodded his agreement, "We've fed, and you?"

"Yeah," Kheti replied, "It's hard having to cover up your tracks though, the people here would slaughter you if they knew what we were, humans nowadays are brought up believing we are myths, legends, stories to tell to keep them in their beds at night." She chuckled darkly, "But now, the were's will fear us once more and we shall regain our status."

Aver raised an eyebrow, "Quite the speech there, Almost-Ancient, do you really think that the nine of us can do it?"

"Almost-Ancient?" Kheti wrinkled her nose, "I don't know what to think of that. But yes, we can definitely do it... or do you have no faith in your own race?"

"I have my faith!" Aver replied hotly, "And it rests with my race, but even you must see how many odds are against us! Nine vampires against a city of were-creatures! There is no possible way of killing them all!"

"Enough!" Everyone turned at the voice and Chris stepped from the shadows a scowl marring her features, "Arguing will do us no good! You," She pointed an accusing finger at Kheti, "Of all people should know better! Did your father teach you nothing, or is he so long gone that you have forgotten his teachings!?"

Kheti looked away, ashamed, "No."

"Then why have you let your arrogance cloud your intelligence?" Chris demanded, glaring at her.

"Sorry, you're right." Kheti sighed, her face taking on a contemplative look, "There are things that we should take into consideration, the were's have a leader, and several back-ups if anything were to happen to him..."

"Start at the bottom." Aver said, "Take out the least important and work your way up until there is no one left to take the place of the pack leader."

"Indeed." Chris said, folding her arms in front of her, "Very good, also take into consideration that you are few and you are all vastly outnumbered, keep your wits about you when you attack anything and be sure to make it look either like an accident or like it was done by something other than what you are."
Eli sat in a dark corner watching Chris. Chris had always been calm, cool and decisive. Now, here she was doing it again. Chris was a leader to say the least.

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