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The future of sayians isntt so peacefull. Its a new time, RETURN OF THE KINGODOM.
[Introduction] Its a new time those before, "GOKU AND THE OTHER Z WARRIOR" are no more and are nothing but ancient stories. Since the GRAND TOUR, the sayian race had slowly began rebuilding. The Sayian Kabia who was claimed to be a decendant of the prince Vegeta, wanted to return his people to the once powerful race they had been before becuase the Sayian blood was begining to dissapear. He made this happen with the dragon balls. After, he destroyed them. This was the worst thing he could of done. Kabia started with only a small group of 50 Sayians during the Sayian Revolt against Frieza's remaining Armys. The sayians suffered few casualties, since more than half were able to transform from the wish.

With the destruction of the dragonballs he unleashed something dark a race so old it was said that the Sayians even feared them as lengends and myths. The effect went unnoticed and life went on. There are more than 7,000 Sayians on earth and it has been over 400 years since Kabia 700 since Goku.

The new sayian race was strong and most thought of themselves as Earth's Guardians. They became politically involved, and some dedicated thier life to training and learning the Sayian hiertage. S.E.P(Sayian Earth Protection)was started for elite training to defend Earth.

Twenty years later they came. Called them selves Meganians or (MEGAS). They took Earth by storm. S.E.P was not prepared for their strength, even those who were able to reach SS4 could not stop their force. In one week 3/4 of the Sayian population was gone. The Meganians did not attempt to destroy Earth, but make it their kingdom and inslave all humans. The remaining Sayians started a resistance against them. This resistance slowly depleted in numbers during the years and is almost gone.


NAME: Yoko Sabio
AGE: 23
GENDER: male
RACE: Sayian part cyborg
ELEMENT: Lightning

APPEARANCE: (Think of broly when he was normal)5'9 195LBS. Yoko is very built, he has carmel skin and brown twists that go down slightly passed to his shoulders. Under his left eye is a scar and all over his body.His left arm is Cybonetic and so is his chest and shoulder. He wears a pear of black baggy jeans with Tims and a long black Tony Montana T-shirt when he is off of battle, but most of the time wears a SWAT stlyed military gear with a lil sayian twist.

PERSONALITY: Yoko is highly confident in his abilities, but he never underestimates his opponents. He likes to listen to music when he fights especially rap. He is seen as a wierd sayian becuase he has an attitude like one but also acts more human at times.

HISTORY: Yoko was born into S.E.P his great ansestor was a Sayian by the name of Sabio who was said to be an altered clone of Broly. He was brought up as an S.E.P ELITE. He doesnt transform unless neccesary. When the war broke loose he and his team faught in the front lines, he was the only one who survived, but suffered the lost of his left arm and survir damage to his shoulder and chest. It was replaced by a cybornetic one. Like his ancestors he has great power within him.

NAME: Angeless 'Vegito'

AGE: 23


RACE: Half Saiyan half Human.


APPEARANCE: 6'5. Black eyes. Very pale skin. Black hair *just think Android
17's hair*. He wears a pair of loose black weighted trousers. A short sleeved
white vest. Very powerful build. Wears a pair of tight black boots with steel
wieghts in the heels.

PERSONALITY: He is very confident. Doesn't mind people in general. Meditates
alot. His will is unbreakable. He is not angered easily. Unlike most Saiyans he
is not compelled to fight. He seeks an oponent worthy of going Super Saiyan

HISTORY: He chooses not to transform in battle as he see's it a easy win. While
he does not transform that only means he is stronger in his normal form than
other Saiyans. He believes there is a way to surpass all other Saiyan forms in
power. He is infamous amung the Saiyan order for his refusal to transform in
battle, aswell as his abilitys. He can use many energy jet attacks inlcuding
the legendary 'Kamehameha' and 'Big Bang attack'. Is profisent in all forms of
CQC (close quarters combat) and many other forms of Martial arts


NAME: Kaiya Storm
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
RACE: Half Saiyan / Half Human
APPEARANCE: Kaiya is 5’7, with slightly tan skin. She has long blue hair that
is so dark it at times appears black and piercing grey eyes. Her body is trim
and tone, although at first glance you couldn’t tell she is a fighter. Mostly
she is in a tank top of some kind with jeans and boots. Her outfit does change
depending on the occasion however.

PERSONALITY: Kaiya has a pleasant disposition, but she can be shy. The shyness,
however, passes after she gets to know you. She loves helping others, and is not
a personal believer in fighting, however when the need to fight arises she is
more than up to the challenge.

HISTORY: Since she was younger, Kaiya had always been a strong child. Growing
up her strength surpassed some of her male saiyan friends and almost all of the
female ones. She had the ability to transform and her parents wanted her to be a
part of S.E.P. However, after an ill-fated accident, Kaiya lost all interest in
fighting and tried her best to live as a normal human. Times are stating to
change however and she is finding it hard to continue the charade.

The night sky was filled with the smell of blood. The constant chaos and fighting echoed through the winds. The once great cities now ruined and barren.The enemy came fast overwhelming all who opposed.

"Dam this is ridiculus!" Yoko said tring to hold back his anger.

"Sir are you ready?" A sayian soldier asked.

They were preparing a final battle for Tarion City. Yoko and 15 others.

"Lets get this goin..." He replied. The city was ruined, but it was home for them and they did not want to loose it.

Just as they took off into the sky a monsterous energy blast came flying at them.

The after shock created a crator the size if a large lake and nearly blinded all of them.

"PATHETIC MONKEYS.." One meganian warrior hovered over them luaghing.His hair was red and black with red and black battle armor. He was of average hieght and medium build.

"Die you bastard!"

All of the sayians transformed wit ease and charged at the one soldier.Yoko stood back he knew his elites could take one of them. They went at it, the maganian managed to keep up with each and every blow they threw at him. He didnt even break a sweat nor charge up.

"FOOLS..." the meganian smirked still blocking every punch. He gave out a loud cry and his energy surged outward knocking into all of the sayians either killing or knocking them unconcious. His power grew tremendously.

"Dam it!" Yoko was inraged he was about to get in the fight, when the mega appeared right in his face smashing his fists into his jaw nearly snapping it.
Yoko flew to the ground with the speed of a bullet crashing through several buildings on the way. The maga was just toying with them. Soon as yoko impacted he jumped back up and speeded towards the mega and while tunrning SS2. He kicked him into the street and clenched his hands.

"FINAL!!! BLAST!!!" a surge of energy echoed through yoko like no other it landed in point blank range and and kept goin tearing up the ground as it grew deeper, A blast like that no one could survive.

A second later Yoko heard a voice in his ear

Angeless had been watching the scene from a ridge above the city. The Power of the 'Megas' was incredible. Cracking his fists he pushed off from the ridge. He flew towards them and landed ontop of a building close to them. He was going to intervene before any more Saiyans got killed.

"MEGAS "He shouted taking up a fighting stance.

The Megas dropped the other Saiyan and smirked at the newcomer.

"Another rat to the fire "laughed the Megas sending a blast of energy at the building.

The building blew up and there was no sign of him. The Megas was laughing. The ground was begining to shake and crack. The ground close to the rubble of the building began to peel back as the pressure of energy began to pick at it. The remaining rubble exploded and Angeless stood there unharmed. His head was bowed down and his eyes were closed. He was charging up to his full power. He was bathed in a bright red flare and he showed no other signs of his intent.

"What a prity light show....What? How can this be? His...his power levels they've trippled "stuttered the Megas as he felt the brunt of this Saiyans enraged power.


Angeless charged at the Megas and disappeared. He reappeared behind the Megas.

"I'm over here "he whispered with his back still to the Megas.

The megas turned and punched into him with everything he had. He stopped when he saw it wasn't doing anything.

"How about this "Shouted Angeless elbowing it in the gut.

He took up a stance and formed two balls of glowing red energy in his hands.

"10x's Ka...me...ha...me...haaa! "shouted Angeless sending a giant beam of energy into the Megas.

The Beam impacted into the Megas's chest and went through it. The Beam stopped and Still the Megas was standing.

"How? How is this possible? "said Angeless under his breath.

His own levels were dropping quickly unable to sustain their levels after such a powerful assult.

"Blaster shell "shouted the foul beast sending a beam of vivid green energy into his qaury.

The beam toar through Angeless and clipped the other Saiyan in the shoulder. Angeless collapsed knowing he couldn't survive another attack. He near death and his powers were not a match for the beast. The Megas turned and flew away thinking both of them dead.

"There....there it is...The Megas are the one's worthy of this Saiyans True power...they think they've seen what a Super Saiyan can do...well they've just met their match....after a near death battle....a Saiyan always comes back stronger! "He laughed to himself as he got up.

Despite the gaping whole in his chest Angeless picked up the other Saiyans and pilled them up so they were all touching. He used his instant transmission skill to get them back to somewhere they could be treated. He collapsed into unconsiuosness just after they reapeared.
Saiyan doctors began to work quickly on the ones that had just materialized out of nowhere. Kaiya looked on from afar, as they took all of them, especially to one with the hole in his chest, behind the metal doors.

When they disappeared form sight Kaiya let her mind wonder. That was like the fourth batch these few hours. Those Megas certainly aren’t playing around. She rubbed the bump on her head that was just one of the many bruises that she, herself, had received not more than an hour ago.

She had finally escaped her enslavement, and was free now. She could have escaped any old time but something had compelled her to do it now. No matter how human she wanted to be she would always be half saiyan. The sooner she accepted it the better things for her would be.

As she looked around more injured Saiyans where being brought in: so much so she lost count. With a glance at her watch, she sighed as she sank into her seat. She had to wait for something but she did not know what.
NAME: Nozomu Sadame (to wish for destiny)

AGE: 19

GENDER: Female

RACE: half Saiyan half Human.


APPEARANCE: Wavy black hair that comes down to about 3 inches below her
shoulders usualy up in a ponytail. Thin build. Light blue eyes. 5'9. A old
scare on her shoulder from a energy beam. Wears an entirely white fuku with tall white boots. However, there is a silver bow in the back with really long ends. It looks kind of like a butterfly.

PERSONALITY: Smart and kind of bubbly. Gets depressed easily, but bounces back quickly. Listens well. Kind and loving, but has a bit of a confidence problem.

HISTORY: She is one of the very few girls with Saiyan blood that can go super
Saiyan. She can hold SS2 for very long periods of time. Her attacks may look
simple and elegant but they are very strong. She is capabe of causing alot of
damage if she gets the chance. She uses her speed to her advantage. What she
lacks in physical streangth she makes up for with her fierce speed
Angeless awoke after a brief stay in a regen pod. Shaking off the Medics hands as they tried to stop him. His eyes glowed and sparked with red energy.

"You really don't want to do that "he said lightly as he left the med wing.

All that was left of his wound was a burn mark on his front and back. He was eger to get out and fight once more but he was also eger to find out if there had been any word on his son.

"I'm sorry to say it but....Vegitos is dead...we found him about an hour ago "said the scout Angeless had tasked with the job.

Any other Saiyan would have been thrown into a infinite rage at the news but Angeless mearly supressed it deep down.

"Thank you....I must go and train "he sighed heading to his room.

He changed into his heavly weighted clothes and put his special double weights on his wrists and ankles. The weights weighed 50 tons each. And the clothes added atleast another 5 tons. So he was carrying around 405 tons. He set about punching and kicking into air. He always lowered his levels when he trained to make it even harder.

"Aosi, Vegitos....even you Yago. I failed to protect you all.... "he sighed as he fell to his knees.
"He is in critical condition will he make it sir?" One the doctors asked examining Yoko, Who floated in a pod.

"I dont think he will..." the doctor felt ashamed "Yoko was one of our best and like a son to me..."

"Its not to late doctor Bido...ZERO..."

"No! Project ZERO was just a theory it couldnt possible work..."

"Its all weve got sir."

DR.BIDO turned to the man and looked back at Yoko. "Do it."

"DAMN!!!!!" Makora yelled out crashing into several buildings, then stopping himself in mid air.

"You wanna a fight!! Ill give you one!!! AH!!" He fired a massive blast through the buildings into a small figure.

"Pathetic... Im here monkey dont you have any aim.." The Mega began luaghing.

"This is ridiculous!!!" Makora turned around in fear and shock. "These guys are unreal!!!!"
His heart was thumping so hard he clutched at his chest. He concentrated on calming himself as he found it harder to draw breath. The pain subsided and he caught his breath. He stood up slowly and sat down on his bed. Reaching into the draws he pulled out a container of red pills. It was set up to dispence a dose of meds every 4 hours.

"...no wonder...I've missed 4 med-times "he sighed swallowing one of the pills.

The pain in his chest subsided and he took a deep breath. He smiled slightly as he thaught of the stupididty of how long he'd kept it a secret. Especialy in the last few years. The reason why he didn't transform. His father was one of the only people who knew about it and the medic who was there when he was born.

"You're back...I heard some of the medics saying you got blasted again "laughed a girls voice coming from his door.

He hastly stuffed the container back into the draw but didn't shut it.

"Speak of the devil...come on in Nozomu "he sighed as he felt his heart slow to a soft thud.

She gave him a look and then came in. He knew she'd seen the pill container. As fast as he was he knew she'd have seen it.

"what are those? "she asked inquisitivly?

"Nothing important "he lied.

The pills were not nothing...they effectivly were what let him fight. They kept his heart in order stopped him from having a heart attack or something to that extent.

"well we'll see "she said snatching the container from the open draw.

He didn't stop her from reading the lable. Didn't matter much now...if he was ever going to tell her he'd might as well do it now.

"It's my meds...keep me in fighting condition amoung other things "he sighed.

"But this is Calotrex...its a incredibly powerfull...heart Medication "she said looking at him.

"You can't tell anybody about this...but I have a congenital heart defect...had it since I was born...thats my big secret. Thats why I can't transform...if I did it would kill me...not imediatly but it would still kill me "he sighed.

"But it would have shown up on your bio Tracker...the regen pods would have alerted people to the medics "she asked?

"I haven't worn one in nearly 16 years...and as for the regen pods they can be fooled "he smiled.

She was looking at him like he was nuts.

"Don't be surprised...Why do you think I'm so strong outside of SS. You think I'm something now...you'd love to see what I'm really capable of...I could light up the whole city...or atleast whats left of it "he sighed as he thaught about things.

He had always known he would have to go SS in a fight he just never thaught about what would happen to him. She was just looking at him.

"Comon I owe you a drink or two "she sighed grabbing his arm.
She sat there with Angeless, him drinking and her staring at him. Just how he could drink so much, she would never know. "I said one or two, not the whole bar." She laughed slightly.

"I've only had four.." He said, giving her a look.

"Well, I guess thats a lot for little miss sober over here.." She sighed, looking up at the ceiling. He was a little bit drunk though. She got up and went to get some more soda..she didn't have to tell him there was anything in it. When she came back she heard something that made her pretty angry. He was talking to himself about going SS..even after he told her what it could do to him. She walked up to him and grabbed his arm. "Could you come over here for a second.." She said, dragging him outside.

"What??" He asked as she slapped him really hard.

"Are you insane? You can't do that..It will kill you!" She screamed at him. He only looked away and she slapped him again. She then punched him, and he still wasn't doing anything.

"I have to...I've failed to protect anyone without doing it." Was all he said. She kept hitting him for a few minutes, with no attempt from him to stop her when she gave up.

She looked up at him, now with a black eye and a slightly out of place nose and stopped. "You can't do it..you'll die..you can't.." She said, finally losing it and bursting into tears, something she very rarely did. "Angeless..." She whimpered slightly before she collapsed into his chest, crying. She gave one last half hearted hit to his shoulder before he did anything.
It finally happened and Kaiya knew it. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there waiting, but her wait was now over. Before she became aware of it, she had already taken flight, flying at high speeds through the air.

She didn’t know how long she had been flying or how far, when she finally arrived at her designation. She landed on a nearby cliff. Below her was a badly beaten little girl, about ten, running from a Megas, who it appeared, was just toying with the child. She was running helplessly as the Megas purposely let his blast nearly miss her. Kaiya was appalled by what she saw, but she knew the Meganians were always a cruel race.

The child finally tripped and it seemed the Megas had tried of the game. If she didn’t help, the child was as sure as dead. However, Kaiya found herself frozen in place. She had not fought so for long, she couldn’t bring herself to do it again.

“Come on, you can do this,” she told herself, but she still couldn’t move.

The Megas was preparing his final attack, now smirking in the process. The blast left his hand, and there was a big cloud of dust upon impact. When the smoke cleared, there was a huge creator and not a trace of the girl. The Megas stood admiring his work for a moment.

Kaiya stood on the top of the cliff with the girl in her arms; she had used her instant transmission to get the girl out of harms way in time. She looked down at the child for a moment deciding what to do next, the girl had fainted but seemed alright. Resting her slowly on the ground Kaiya did something she would have never done.

“Hey you ugly,” She shouted as she hovered above the Megas,” Yeah you idiot, you’re the only ugly thing around here. Saw what you did, have to let you know I wasn’t impress… Care to challenge something that actually fights back.”

“And that would be you,” The Megas laughed, “I’m gonna enjoy killing you.”

In a flash, he was in front of Kaiya, and planted his fist in her face.

Kaiya didn’t move, “and that was supposed to hurt,” she replied drolly and countered with a punch to his stomach.

They continued with an exchange of punches and kicks, some missing others not, for a few minutes before the Megas threw the first energy blast which Kaiya blocked.

She smiled inside, she was lucky to be facing a fairly weak Megas, otherwise she probably would have been dead by now.

It seemed the Megas had had enough, and began to power up, but his levels still could not compare with most of the others of his kind. Kaiya was overjoyed, she didn’t have to transform for this one. She tried an energy blast of her own, but it didn’t come out quite right.

“Damn, still a bit rusty,” she whispered to herself as she dodged another one of the Megas’s attacks.

A couple minutes later Kaiya decided to end the fight, “This is it, Loser,” she winked as she began to power up, she seen other Saiyans use this move, hopefully she could remember how, “Ka..me..Ha..he..Haaaa.” The blast left her hand and made a direct impact into the Megas. Kaiya didn’t stick around to see if the Megas was dead or not she had more important things on he mind.

This was what she had been waiting for; a time when she could put her fear aside and fight again. She flew and got the girl who still hadn’t waken yet. Kaiya figured the child had Saiyan blood like her but chances were it was far less than half. The kid was very banged up and the same could be said about Kaiya. “Nothing some time in a regen pod couldn’t cure,” Kaiya smiled.
"Dam! Why doesnt any of my attacks work?" Makora said to himself being pushed back by his last attack on the mega.

He had never fuaght anyone with this much durency. Every blow did not even leave a mark.

"Just give this up Monkey... Your power level is nothing to mine!" The meganian continued dodgeing Makoras countless barage of blasts.

he mega greww closer with every blast Makora could not keep this up for very long. Eventually, he gaveway it was too late to retreat the mega was already in his face. He tried to flip back, but was grabed by the neck and smashed to the ground.

"Nice...one..." Makora said barley able to speak still choked on the collapsed ground.
He let out a great cry and his energy rose tremendously, a blinding flash of light pushed the Mega back releasing Makora from his grip.
Makora had changed His dark brown hair was now a yellow orange. His transformation hightend his power.

"You under estimate us Sayians...!" Makora spoke picking himself up from the ground.

"Hmmm... This seems like a good challenge, You think im afraid monkey HA you make me luagh." The mega said getting ready.

"Im not like the others i have my honor my name is Darius Reven."

"Makora Sabio..."

It was a stand off like an old western two waiting for the first move to strike. a Moment later their bodies went transparent not visable to the naked they were moving at extreme speeds. Even though they were moving their image never changed.

They continued blow for blow equally matched; a stailmate. The two kept this up for a while butYou could tell they were weaking every time they went at it.

"You would of made a fine Meganian... But you are not Makora now its time to end this pathetic fued." Darius began charging for one last blast.

"Lets get it poppin!!!" Makora said gettin ready.

"SHIN-TO CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"MA-SEN-KO... HAAA!!!!!!!"

"I never told you this but...the reason why I turned that posistion down at the acedemy was because...of the man who murdered my father. A Megas...Vedrin...He's the one I really want "sighed Angeless admiting he was out for the biggest fight in history.

He had been offered the job of Lv.6 combat teacher at Wraith, the best S.E.P academy on the planet. A prestiges apointment for a young man fresh out of the Academy himself.

"So that's it...he hurt you and now you want to hurt him back "she asked slightly shocked.

"In the absence of light darkness prevales...there are things that go bump in the night...and I intend to show them all...that this is one fight their going to regret brining here "he sighed supressing his anger deep down to use when he needed.

He walked away from her slightly bruised and battered. The pain was good kept him focused. He teleported out of the base and up onto the edge of a cliff. he sat down with his legs hanging over the side.

"Vedrin...you want me come and get me...there is still one Vegito that still draws breath "he sighed as energy sparked around him briefly.
Kaiya’s time in the pod was a short one and she was released in no time. The girl Kaiya soon learned was named Cada, had to stay in a bit longer. Kaiya decided to wait for her.

"Kaiya Storm is that you,” a familiar voice replied behind her.

She turned around to see Dr. Bido standing behind her, “Hello doctor.”

“Long time, no see Kaiya, just out the pod,” the doctor asked.

“Yeah had a run in with a Megas who was torturing that little girl,” Kaiya replied.

“Still a fighter I see, that’s good to know,” Dr. Bido continued, “Hopes are still high for you Kaiya, among others.”

Kaiya half smiled, she had never planned to fight again, but now she saw she had to if it meant she could help others.
The smoke cleared and the hellzone had past all that was left standing was Makora Sabio, Yoko's older brother. He glanced over at the cimering corpse a few feet in front. The Mega did not know who he was messing with a true Sajin never fails and if they do theyll just get stronger either way. He turned to the sky to take off back to HQ. As soon as he lifted from the ground, a beam of energy cuaght his right arm incinerating it. Makora had never felt such pain in his life he could barley keep concious as he tumbled to the floor like a stone, cracking the surface upon impact.

He managed to lift his head to see the Mega slowly rising up with his body badly burned and nearly unreconizable.

"But..." He struggled to speak, as blood gushed from his wound and cuaghing up more from a collapsed lung. "But...how...impossible."

"Fool you dont have a clue of who my people are do you?" The Mega smirked still twiching still in pain from Makora's last offence.

"Allow me to give you a brief history lesson before you bleed to death." He sat down on a piece of rubble dusting himself off.

"Millions of years ago before your pathetic race even existed. We were once like you run by our pride and dominence. We thirsted for power it was in our blood since birth. You see... me and you, our speicies that is, we are related. The Meganians Spread across the galaxies like a cancer conquering all in our path. Eventually we broke off into two factions and a civil had begun that nearly destroyed everything. The Megas and the Sayians. The Sayians wanted just to control one Galaxy which proteted them from the wrath of the Kai's who banished my people to the outlands. I guess over time you all had goten weak and soft, Pathetic monkeys ha ha ha."

Makora fell unconcious.
He had already decided that he was going to call in a favor tied directly into his blood. It was supposed to be renewed with each generation but since he was now the last of his blood line...

He had often disapeared into the wilds of the north like this. It was his last refuge the only place he could summon forth his strength. He marked the ground with his finger. molded his energy into the rune shaped he needed. Finay taking his place in the center of the circle.

"Hear me guardian of the stars. I Angeless of the Vegito...seek your council and wisdom! "he spoke as he set in motion the rings of energy he had surrounded himself in.

It was blasphemus to use this ancient bond. He knew that there were many dragon gods in creation. The celestial dragon was tied to their blood. Each member of his bloodline was allowed to use the oath twice...2 times in one lifetime.

The sky blackend and thunder clouds grew so quickly and dense that almost all light was extinguished.

"You have summoned me...and I have come. Last you the blood....we shall meet only once more when I have departed "spoke a bodyless voice as stars began to twinkle all around him.

"I Need you to grant me the power to destroy and dishearten my enemies. I ask you to bestow upon me a portion of you ifinite power...as part of the blood tie to my line "Pleaded Angeless.

"I will do so...invoke my name and I will come when needed...bewere....such power has never been given to a mortal being. It will consume you and you will walk in the dark places...no man living or dead will you meet...the power of a god is such as that "spoke the dragon as the stars flowed through him.

He felt more defiant than he could ever remember
feeling his whole life.

"Death won't stop a Saiyan. I'll find my way to the light I always do....besides power like yours...always leaves an imprint "sighed Angeless honoring his pact.

The light returned and the stars faded and the clouds broke up.

"A piece of my power is already in you...you will come to the Heart of the matter soon enough "sighed the dragon sensing the fealty of the saiyan's heart.

Angeless pondered for a moment. He had suspected his father of invoking the dragons protection long ago. But what did the dragon mean? Heart of the matter? was his heart as much a part of the dragon as he was to his fathers blood?

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