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[Introduction] The year is 1768. Only only one land exists after the violent destruction of tidal waves the rest sunk into the abyss turning itself into the deadworld. Adavascar stands alone, but will the only world learn to live in peace with the so-called mutants that plague the last remains of Earth?
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Name: Sa'Leea MacKintyre
Nickname: Ash
Age: 18
Deathday: none
Race: elemental kijo (witch)
birthday: March 20, 1750
Description: Long black straight black hair to her hips, jade green eyes, light tan, 5'6", 115 lbs, wearing a pair of black leather pants and a purple tank top, combat boots.
scars: none
tattoos: one of a water dragon on her lower backbone
abilities: She can create volcanic eruptions in different forms/ fire elemental.
other: carries wide variety of weapons.


She stood in the bushes onlooking the situation ahead of her. Alittle girl who bore the mark many of the so-called mutants bore was being held captive by a pair of humans. She watched has one pulled a ragged knife from his belt and put it to the trembling girls neck slicing her throat the girl gasped for air before hitting the ground dead. She gritted her teeth her hands forming to fists at the side of her. To do something in revenge in the open would be sure death, but sad for them she would not forget their faces and they would meet their fate.
She would wait till nightfall then they would have their reward. Has the two men walked from the body the murder weapon lay at the child's feet. She went over a lonely tear trickled down her cheek as she picked of the weapon and placed it in her sachel. She would use the same weapon to kill them. She picked up the body glancing around and headed to the woods to give it a proper buryal.

This was common these days in the town of Jo'lin; it disgusted her. If they were such a nusance has the humans claimed then why were they not using their powers againest them to harm them? Why bother trying for peace at all?
She shook her head as she laid the girls body down she had no shovel to dig a hole but she decided it was better than being left in town to be spat on by the commoners. She picked some flowers and laid them on the girl before leaving.
Name: Marius Ceriam
Nickname: none
Age: 19
Death day: none
Race: Human
Birthday: February 25, 1749
Description: medium-length brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’3, tan completion, slightly muscular build. Wares clothes depending on the occasion
Scars: none
Tattoos: none
Abilities: none
Other: Marius has a profound hatred for the mutants especially his sister who he at on time tried to kill. He is skilled with most weapons and is a very self-righteous person

Name: Aeolione Ceriam
Nickname: Aeo, (however she is called Undine as an insult)
Age: 16
Death day: none
Race: Unknown
Birthday: November 13, 1752
Description: Her long hair is a variety of oceanic colors: a harmonious mixture of black, dark green through pale green, turquoise, blue, white, and silver; grey eyes; trim and toned figure, 5’7. Wares tattered clothes most of the time, unless she is able to find clothes in better condition.
Scars: Two on either sides of her neck obtained when someone tried to slit her throat and one on each wrist she also obtained from a murder attempt
Tattoos: one of a dolphin on her deltoid
Abilities: She has the ability to breathe under water/ water elemental
Other: Was wrongfully accused of a crime she didn’t commit at the age of 8. That incident turned her family against her, forcing her to run away when she was 12. Aeo is a skilled swimmer. She tries to avoid fighting when she came but does have a few weapons on her person when it’s needed.


Aeo stood at the cliff’s edge. She could hear the waves crashing forcefully on the rocks below. She didn’t want to look down. It must have been a 20 foot drop by Marius’s estimation, but as far as he was concerned the higher the better.

He had cornered Aeolione after four years of searching for her. “Time to die Undine.”

Aeo stared at Marius. How could it have come to this she thought, why couldn’t they understand. She had assumed she was free of them, but somehow Marius had found her. Now he planed to finish what he started all those years ago.

“If I die,” Aeo spat, “It wouldn’t be by your hand.”

“And what’s to stop me,” Marius smirked as he edged closer to her.

Aeo moved closer to the edge of the cliff and taking a deep breath, closed her eyes and fell backwards. “Goodbye Marius, hope to never see you again.”

He rushed to the edge. “How could I have let her escape,’ he cursed under his breathe. He knew she wasn’t dead, far from it. Nevertheless, he would find her, even it was the last thing he would ever do, he was going to find her.

Some time later Aeo emerged at the opposite shore. The light of day was quickly fading and soon it would be night. She made camp letting herself dry off before she bedded down for the night. For now, she was safe.
Name: Adas Andronar
Nickname: Ade
Age: 18
Death day (if any): none
Race: Satyr
Birthday: April 27, 1750
Description: Ade is almost covered in dirty black fur, and the hairless parts of him include his feet and face (just like any satyr). He has dark eyes, stands just under six feet, and has long horns, each about a foot long. Ade doesn't really wear clothes except for a dark, hooded cloak and tattered pants.
Scars (if any): none visible
Tattoos (if any): none
Abilities (limit of two, if any need not apply if your c is human): The ability to vanish into the shadows, becoming virtually invisible.
Other: Uses twin daggers as weapons.
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Name: Carrie Johnson

Nickname: Night

Age: 17

Death day (if any):

Race: mutant (witch)

Birthday: January 4, 1751

Description: Her hair is a black as the night, eyes that are a dark brown that sometimes seem to match her hair. She is naturally tan and has a petite body.

Scars (if any): none

Tattoos (if any): A small faery on her right sholder blade. A fellow mutant did the tattoo.

Abilities: She can vanish in thin air to where ever she can think of as long as she is able to see it in her mind or has a general idea of where she wants to go. She is also able to cause temporary blindness to her attackers so that she is able to rin. Thus the name Night.

Other: She carries a sword that a dead friend use to carry. She has vowed to kill his attackers in his name. But the problem is she can't remeber what their names were or what they look like. He minds just refuses to let her see them i her mind.
Name: Monelle Kyra
Nickname: Rane
Age: 17
Deathday: None
Race: Elf-Human
Birthday: Feb. 21, 1751
Description: Has unusually dark skin for an elf, caused by her mother who was dark. Her hair is dyed blue, but is naturally light brown. Her eyes are a deep green, with hints of purple. She is 6'1'' and weighs 130lbs,slihtly muscular.gorgeous figure. Wears a beige tunic with complicated designs and tights leggings that are dark green. Cloak that has a dragon stitched into the back, and a hair barette taht looks amazingly like a dragon scale.
Scars: One very thin line on the back of her calve,or calf, or however you spell it.
Tattoos: Dragon on her lower back.
Abilities: good with the arrow, can summon rain, agile, and is starngley good with a mace.
Other: Wants revenge on the creatures that killed her mother.
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Name: Twilight Haze

Nickname: Once and a while her best friend, Roman, will call her Til

Age: 19

Death day (if any): August 16th, 1767

Race: Spector (Previously human)

Birthday: August 16th

Description: As a human, she had short dark brown hair reaching just past her ears and light brown eyes. As a spector, her hair turned dark purple and slightly transparent, while her eyes turned a dark violet color. Her height is 5' 2", as it has always been, and her body is skinny and curvy, although she thinks she's stocky, which she isn't. Usually she's transparent, but she can make herself solid.

Scars (if any): She has one on her eyebrow, which she got when she was in the supermarket and ran into a grocery cart.

Tattoos (if any): None

Abilities (limit of two, if any need not apply if your c is human): She can turn invisible and imitate other people.

Other: She died on her birthday of fever.

Name: Roman Rose

Nickname: Twilight calls him Rommie to annoy him sometimes

Age: 19

Death day (if any): None

Race: Mostly human, although he does have one strange power and his hair changed

Birthday: February 13th

Description: His hair used to be black, but after the tidal wave, it turned into a dark blue. His eyes stayed dark brown, and he stands at 6 feet. His body is lean and slightly muscled.

Scars (if any): None

Tattoos (if any): None

Abilities (limit of two, if any need not apply if your c is human): He can turn invisible.

Other: None

She stood again onlooking this time she didn't think the person was human but rather much like herself. She awaited her judgement not wanting to be wrong she followed the woman onward till the woman stopped abruptly and glared into her eyes.

"Why are you following me?" Her voice was harsh and cold.

"Calm yourself, I am not following for a fight."

"Well, I particulary don't like to be followed."

"But, if your looking for a fight, I will warn you that you have no idea what your up againest."

The womans fists unclentched as she looked into the others face.

"Really, what do we have here?"

"I'd say by your aura your a fellow witch?"

“I’ll have another,” a man said as he pushed his empty glass aside.

“Looks like you had a rough day,” the burly bartender replied as he poured the man another drink.

“I don’t want to talk about it, just pour the drink and shut up.”

The bartender did as the man had said and went to tend to another costumer.

“Have any clue what up with that guy.”

“Hear his name is Marius Ceriam, from a pretty good family too come to think of it,” the next man replied as he took a sip of his drink.

“So what’s his problem?”

“The way I hear it he’s been hunting this mutant for some years now, and he finally found her but she got away. Threw herself off the cliff.”

“Must be a better way to die,” the bartender joked.

“She’s not dead,” Marius interrupted glancing at the two through the corner of his eye, “She’s alive but I guess fools like you won’t understand it. Here’s what I owe you and keep the change.” He threw the money on the counter and headed for the stables where his horse was being kept.


Aeolione certainly didn’t like to be followed. She stared at the girl who now stood before her and relaxed a bit.

"I'd say by your aura you’re a fellow witch?"

“I’m not sure what I am,” Aeo replied truthfully. She had never had a chance to find out with her family and all. Her past was actually a sordid one and she did her best to forget as much of it as she could, even if it meant forgetting who and what she was. Nevertheless, she still had a name, she had managed to keep that much.

“Then who are you,” the girl replied.

“Aeolione,” Aeo replied choosing not to mention her last name. From now on, she would do without it.

“Well then Aeolione, I’m Sa'Leea MacKintyre, but you can call me Ash.”

“If that is the case, you can call me Aeo,” She smiled, something she hadn’t done in a long time.
Ade sat on a rock amidst a dark, foggy swamp several miles west of the town of Jo'lin. He disturbed the still waters of the grimy pool with his hooved foot. He slouched back against a dead tree that lay across the swamp, and sighed. He was an exile from civilization, born a satyr -- a half-goat mutant. He'd been forced away from humanity, forced to live alone with only his speed, stealth, and his daggers.

But Ade had survived eighteen years. He knew that his first nine were lucky, as an elderly witch had taken care of him until she passed on. Without her, Ade was sure he'd be dead. In the last nine years, however, the satyr had only seen four other humanoids. Two of them were normal humans. One had tried to kill Ade, and the other had ran in fear. The other two were mutants. One of them had three legs, and he had simply passed the satyr in silence. The other had been some sort of massive abomination, mutated beyond belief from its once-human self. The first time Ade saw this creature he ran from it. The second time, it was dead. A tree had fallen and crushed its spine.

Just as Ade was thinking about these things, he heard a distant splash. Silently he crawled across the log and onto solid ground. He walked without a sound to the source of the sound. Additional splashes every so often helped him find his way through the mist and fog. Within a couple minutes, Ade saw what had produced the sound. An amazingly beautiful woman sat on a log, tossing pebbles into the swamp. Her hair was nearly black, and she was the most gorgeous thing Ade had ever seen. His heart jumped into his throat and his stomach flipped over. Not knowing what else to do, he turned and ran as fast as he could across the swamp, until he could run no further. He lay down in a patch of dark moss, and wept. "Why couldn't I have been born normal?" he asked himself. "Why does life torture me with illusions? Why?"

After a minute or so he pulled himself together, gripped the daggers at his sides, and began to look for some food, a look of grim determination set on his face.
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She had seen the Satyr. Swinging her legs while she sat on the log she was thinking of where she could go. Her family had found out that she wasn't quite human so they had called the town sheriff to take her in.

Of course, she had fought and used her power to escape.

Why had the Satyr run? The question kept bugging her. Carrie got off the log and began to walk. She didn't know where she was going, all she knew was that she had to find a place to stay. She didn't feel to safe in the swamp alone.

Carrie made sure to watch where she was walking. She could see the swamp life scurry away from her. A snake slithered toward her and she let out a small screech.

"Gross," she said silently to herself. She held up her skirt to keep it from dragging through the mud. She hadn't walked far before she sensed something staring at her.

Walking as fast as she could in the murky swamp Carrie tried to find a way out. The ground began to harden and soon the swamp turned into the forest. She wanted to dance with joy but stopped when she saw the Satyr from earlier.

He was hunched down in pounce mode. A deer was calmly knawing on a small patch of grass. In one swift move the Satyr attacked and instantly killed the animal. A primal sound escaped him as she began to inspect his meal.

"Hello?" Carrie asked. She surprised herself that a) she wasn'e repulsed by the kill or b) she actually said hello to a mutant like herself.

The Satyr spun and looked at the girl.
"i'll never forget you" were the last words Monelle Kyra ever heard from her mother. Living on her own she excelled in wildlife an dcreating peace between the animals. Her commonly used name, Rane, was the only one she ever repsonded to, for monelle was ginvin to her by her father, who she hated.

She was at an inn right now, and a paticularly odd in for her to be in at the moment. She was in the inn where her father was staying, and for a quick stay only. She needed answers...about her mother. She knew that someone had killed her mother for a horrible reason. She just wanted to free her mothers spirit from haunting her memory all the time.

Rane looked up, she saw her father standing only about 3 feet away from her...holding a candle in the darkness.
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Twilight paused with her hand on the door, trying to calm herself. He would understand - she knew he would understand. He had to understand.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked in. It was unnessecary for her to walk through the door, but she didn't want to startle him by just walking through a wall.

"Roman?" she called out cautiously when she saw that he wasn't in that room.

When she received no answer, she walked toward the narrow hallway at the back of the room and called his name again.

"Roman, are you there?"

A grunt, acknoledging his prescence, was heard through the door next to her. She turned to the door and knocked.

"Roman? Uh - can I come in?"

"Who are you?" was returned.

"It's, uh..." Twilight bit her lip. She had to let him see for himself. "Just, please, let me in."

"The door's unlocked," he replied.

Twilight nodded to herself, took another deep breath, and opened the door. Roman was laying with his back against his bed, staring up at the ceiling. When she entered, he turned and sat up.

"Who..." he trailed off and squinted at her. "Twilight...?"

Before she could not, he shook his head. "Sorry. You just look like someone I know. But she's...gone. And your hair and eyes are different."

"Roman," Twilight began. "There's a reason why I look so much like her."

"What, are you related?" he asked. "Twilight had no family. She lived here with me."

She nodded. "Yes, I know. Roman - "

He cut her off. "How do you know my name?"

She suppressed the urge to groan. "That's what I'm getting to. Look, I know your name, and I look so much like Twilight, because I am Twilight."

He stared at her and shook his head in disbelief, even though his face had drained of all color. He gave a shaky laugh. "No, you can't be. Twilight died. She's dead. And you're - "

"Dead," she finished for him. "Roman, I'm a spector. My hair and eyes changed because...well, I guess they change to whatever color they're supposed to be as a spector."

He shook his head again. "Spectors don't exist."

"Look at the people around you, Roman," she told him. "Can you honestly say that it's impossible for spectors to exist?"

"Spectors can't suddenly exist just because of the tidal wave," he said in reply.

Twilight nodded, agreeing. "Yes. Spectors have always existed. People just could never see us. Most didn't have the mind capacity to see us. And we hid ourselves to the few who could. But now I guess it's easier for most people to believe in us."

Roman swallowed shakily. "But...where have you been, Twilight?"

"I've been...everwhere," she answered. "All over the world. "I had to get used to being dead, being a spector."

"So you let me think that you were dead?"

Twilight bit her lip. "Listen, Roman, I had to get used to being a spector before I could see you. And then I thought that you'd...I don't know, be scared, or think I was dangerous, or something like that. Look at how the mutants are being treated."

Roman nodded. "Are you...solid?"

"I can make myself solid," she said, wondering why he was asking her that.

"Do it," he said.

Twilight nodded, closed her eyes briefly, and opened them, newly solid.

Roman closed the space between them and threw his arms around her.

"I thought I'd never see you again," he said. "Never leave me like that again, Twilight, please."

She nodded, hugging him back.

Ash smiled too, she had long awaited the day she find another alike herself.

"It's been awhile." Ash sighed heavily gazing around.

Aeoline nodded solemnly.

"I'd tell you about myself, but all I can remember is a blazing fire and everything within it including my past was lost. Except for my name and what I am." Ash frowned a moment before asking.

"What about you? It's been a long time I think since I could trust anyone." Ash stared at the woman.
“I haven’t trusted anyone in some time either,” Aeolione admitted, she certainly had a lot in common with this girl. “But I do feel I could trust you.” Aeo smiled again before she continued, “I’m not as lucky as you to have forgotten my past, I remember it well. Actually everything was ok till I turned eight.”

“What happened then,” Ash asked, she actually seemed interested.

“I killed someone, well allegedly killed someone anyway. Nevertheless, as far as my family and everyone else were concerned I was as guilt as charged. Even though I was found innocent, the fact that I was…well I was…what I am got out and only made things worst. So I ran away, hoping that I would be free of them, but a man by the name of Marius Ceriam is out to kill me.”

Aeo couldn’t bring herself to confess that Marius was her brother.

“My apologies,” Ash replied.

“You don’t need to apologized, it’s not your fault humans as cruel and stupid,” Aeo half smiled, fitting back a few tears.

“Well there is safety in number, feel free to travel with me as long as you see necessary.”

“Are you serious, if Marius finds you with me, he’ll kill you too.”

“I doesn’t matter, none of us mutants are safe in this place anyway,” Ash replied remembering the murder girl from earlier.


Marius stated at an Inn for only a sort time getting a few hours rest before he set out on his quest again. He’d never be able to find Aeolione on his own, he had to find others.

Laying back on his bed he came to a realization, “I have to kill them all,” he whispered, “that’s what I’ll do, I’ll kill the Undine and whatever mutants I find along the way, and after that I’ll rid Adavascar of the rest of them.

This he knew for certain he could not do alone, but he knew how to solve that problem, there where may in Adavascar that hated mutants as much as he. Those he couldn’t find with the drive to kill, he could pay. If he succeeded in no time, he would have a fighting fore to be reckoned with.

He closed his eyes and had pleasant dreams.
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Carrie didn't flinch when the Satyr turned around. She thought she would be scared.

The Satyr stared at her and spun around back to his dinner. "Do you wish for some?" The creature asked Carrie.

Slowly Carrie walked closer. She didn't want to make the Satyr uneasy. "No thank you." The Satyr turned back to his meal and continued eating. Carrie sat on a nearby rock. She wasn't sure why but she felt compelled to just sit there and wait for the man to finish eating.

Maybe she actually found someone to talk to. She hadn't been able to talk to anyone for quite some time with out scaring someone.

Maybe times are getting better, she hoped to herself.
Monelle looked straight into her fathers eyes peircing them with hatred. He tried to avert them but couldn't.
"What are you doing herE? I thought you-"

"Died?" She asked. "You thoght that when you left mom and heard of her death I died too? You just assumed that you would never see me again? You just LEFT ME?" Her voice was waking others in there rooms.

A tear slid from her fathers eye. "Co-Come in, " He opened his door and she flew bye. "I got news that you had died too...I-"

"You're lying! No one even knew i was with her! What did you do to her? Why did she die?" Monelle was sobbing loudly, and her fathers effort to lie was not helping.

At the time she did not know that the killer wasn't indeed her father, but a very wanted felon.

Her father slowly got up and went to a chest in the corner. He said something in a language she had never heard and the lock clicked open. She stared at her father, he was tall, elegant, and handsome for an old man. He seemed kind to the eye, but to her she had never seen anything more digusting. He waled back holding a letter.

"YOu're mother, she...she wouldve wanted you to read this."
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Name: Sara Emmasdotter

Race: Mutant

Age: 9

Birth Day: Oct 10

Description: Sara is an albino as well as a mutant. As a result of this she has completely white skin and hair, red eyes, two horn nubs growing from her forehead, and teeth that are slightly sharper than normal. Her fingernails are also tougher and grow sharper than most humans, but she keeps them filed down so they look normal. Because of her looks she wears heavy robes and a cloak that’s too big for her. This serves both to hide her looks and protect her highly sensitive skin from the sun.

Abilities: She has a magic that directly interferes with life. She can cause injuries to appear on people, weakness, sickness and even death. She cannot control it very well, because she sees it as a curse and so tries to have nothing to do with it. She often prays for her magic to be stripped from her, for she doesn’t desire anyone harm, even if she is in danger.

Other: Sara spent all of her life in a temple. She is a quiet girl, shy and often removed, but intensely curious about everything. Chapel visited her in the temple yearly, and they grew close. She also developed a passion for art, and carries a bottle of ink, brush and a few strips of cheap parchment with her.

Name: Chapel Zytoka

Age: 33

Race: human

Birthday: April 6

Description: Chapel is a very tall man, almost seven feet, as well as thickly muscled. He wears his thick black hair back in a ponytail. He has a wild look about him, as if he could go off at any moment. He carries a scimitar and a dagger at his side. He also has a very heavy crossbow, too heavy for all but the strongest men to wield, and very powerful, as well as a large war hammer with a huge iron head, designed to be used with two hands. Chapel can effectively wield it with one.

Scars: A lot, too many to list. Thickly scarred from head to toe. See “other” for more details.

Abilities: He is a skilled and strong fighter in direct combat, but he can also be subtle. He can hide very well and move silently when he wants to.

Other: Chapel used to be the best assassin anywhere. He never failed an assignment, and he got many. His one defect as an assassin was he tended to be a little sadistic with his victims, which was unprofessional and counterproductive to the mission, but gave Chapel a certain amount of pleasure. One day, though, he changed forever. Every wound he ever inflicted on someone else came back and appeared on him. He should have died, for many cuts pierced his heart, but some mysterious force kept him alive. Now he is a wretched creature, scarred from head to toe, and yet he has lost none of his talent. Now whenever he hurts someone he gets an identical wound on his own body, though it is never quite enough to kill him. He can only die by another’s hand. It is, however, extremely painful, and it adds to the continuous pain he is already in. This has turned him into a near pacifist, in stark contrast to what he used to be. There is another side to him, however, almost another personality. This part is utterly evil, and loves pain, his own and others’. Chapel tries to suppress this side of him the best he can.

It was raining hard. So hard, in fact, that even those used to such weather dared not venture out. Those who had seen such weather before knew that much would be destroyed this night, and would have to be rebuilt. One man struggled through it, though. His world had already been torn asunder this night. Death would be a release.

He did not choose death, though, as he might have ordinarily, for the bundle in his arms held the whole of everything he held dear, and he would protect it even if it meant living.

The man staggered to a temple, a place that he knew well, for he had been there often during the pregnancy. He was known there too, though what was known wasn’t flattering. He was known as a dangerous rouge at best, and was only tolerated because of the company he kept. He looked up at the priestess on watch, not caring that he was letting the elements into this holy place. “Go get the head priestess now,” he snapped at her. She said nothing, just kept on watching the entrance. “Did you hear what I said, you stupid girl?” His eyes were red, and tears had started welling up again. “Go find Kamira and bring her here!”

The man’s voice had become hysterical as he shouted orders to the priestess. Suddenly he had found himself surrounded by women bearing halberds and swords. His cries had attracted the temple guard. With a shout the man reached for his dagger, and he held it in front of him, slashing wildly. “CHAPEL,” shouted a voice from above. The high priestess Kamira had appeared on the stairway that dominated the entryway. The old woman looked very displeased. Her shout had stopped the man in his tracks. “You, come with me,” she ordered one priestess, “the rest of you, leave us. You try my patience Chapel, but if you come I will listen. Unless you are a complete fool I know you came here with a good reason.” It was clear from her face and mannerisms that Kamira thought Chapel was a complete fool, but would listen anyways.

They arrived in Kamira’s private quarters, Chapel still a sopping mess, except for his bundle, which he somehow managed to keep dry. “She died during labor,” he said, “you must take the child. I love her, but I could not take care of her, even if it was mine to take care of.”

If Kamira was disturbed by the news she did not show it. “I will take the child, but for her sake, and her mother’s sake, not yours,” she said. The younger priestess went to take the child, but recoiled with a shriek. She started babbling incoherently, though “devil” and “demon” could be made out. The priestess started to reach for her sword, but stopped when she felt Kamira’s hand on her shoulder. The old woman peered at the child. “Listen,” Kamira said to the priestess, “You will leave now. You will tell no one what you have seen. Trust that I will see to it that the right thing is done.”

The priestess bowed and left the room, shutting the door behind her. Kamira took the child in her arms. The sleeping infant had not awoken despite all that had happened. “Listen,” said Chapel, “I know how she looks, but…” He stopped when Kamira put up her hand.

“This is not unknown to me. It is not a mark of some demon or a sign of evil. I once knew one other like this, from far north of here, back when I was young and had the energy to seek out such lands. His people called him an albino, and it is a condition, not a curse. Her other unusual features are not her fault. She should be pitied. She will hardly be able to glimpse the sun, and we will have to keep her hidden. The superstitions of the masses will put her in danger. I will allow her to stay here and train with us when she comes of age. As you know, the uniforms of our children leave much to the imagination, and I can place her with the true devotees, who veil their faces and spend their lives only in worship.

For the first time all evening the priestess’ face softened. “She did love you, I know this. Her love for this child’s father was something she regretted ever since he left. She told me she wished that the child was yours. She would want you to go on, to know this child and guide her. You must live for the sake of this child, Chapel Zytoka.”

Nine years later… Chapel managed to get through the mob and enter the temple. Though he had been grievously scarred since his last visit six months ago the priestesses guarding the temple recognized him. He ran upstairs into the high priestess’ quarters, a room he had become quite familiar with over the years.

“It happened again?” he asked Kamira, who was as old and stern as ever.

“It was worse this time. There has been a death,” Kamira replied with a cold look on her face.

Chapel had nothing to say to this. All the arguments that had been running through his head seemed suddenly useless.

“I’m at my wit’s end,” Kamira said, “I know Sara doesn’t mean to. She is gentle, she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, ever. But she is growing dangerous to me and my order. The wounds and the sicknesses she caused could be explained away, and never traced back to her. Death however is much more serious. You’ve seen the people out there. They think we’re a curse, and some of my order are starting to agree! Even worse, I must release her into your care. She has been a joy to know, and I have grown to love her, but I cannot keep her in my temple.”

“I understand,” Chapel said, his head bowed, “You’ve given too much already.”

Without any more talk he was lead to Sara’s room, a small space with just room enough for a dresser and a bed. It was small and ragged, but she loved it, for it was hers, and it was the only place where she dared remove her veil. Sara’s face brightened up when she saw Chapel. The mass of scars on his face didn't seem to disturb her in the slightest. “You’re back early,” she said, and ran up to hug him, tears welling up in her eyes, “It’s because of what I did, isn’t it? Will you stay with me longer this time?”

“Yes,” Chapel said, comforting the child in his arms, “I’ll stay with you for as long as you need.”
Name: Will Foster

Nickname: None

Age: 19

Death day (if any):

Race: Human

Birthday: November 1st 1749

Description: Will, has long golden blonde hair that falls down to her waist. She has large Dark Blue eyes, that seem to give you the idea that your are staring into the night sky. Will is built small, she is thin with few curves.

Scars (if any): Will has a scar on her collar bone, from where she broke it. She also has one on her palm.

Tattoos (if any): Will has a blue star on the back of her neck.

Abilities: Will is one of the best sword fighters in Adavascar and is well known for it.

Other: Will carriers a long sword with a dark blue hilt with a star engraved in it.
"David, I am scared," said in a small female voice.

"I know I won't let anythings happen to you," another voice said.

The sound of rushing water could be heard, then Will awoke with a frightened jump. Tears, started falling down her cheeks and laid back down. She tried to go back to sleep, but it was useless.


Ash came to an abrupt stop before Aeolione starring forward at at Marius unknown to Ash.

Aeolione took up a defensive position while Ash turned to look at her friend then back to the man.

"Umm, I take it this is a former ex of yours?" Ash tried to make lite of the situation.

"That's no ex of mine." Aeo spoke distastefully.

"I knew I'd run into you again eventually." Marius smiled taking out a long serraded dagger.

Ash's eyes widened at the sight and she pulled free a sword from it's sling holding it out before them.

"Is this him?" Ash looked back over her shoulder at Aeo who nodded solemnly.

"What kind of brother are you to try and kill your own sister? Your one of them aren't you?" Ash winked back at Aeo playing it cool.

"One of what? A mutant? Silly girl don't you know what you are traveling with?" Marius huffed.

"I know enought to know that she is my friend and she is no mutant I have never seen her do anything out of the ordinary." Ash replied.

"Yes, well you must not know her all to well." Marius laughed.

"You know if you weren't so hateful I might say you were quite a catch, but since you intend to kill us perhaps you'd like to attempt the first kill on me?" Ash smiled.

"You are but a mere human alike myself therefore why waste my time with you instead of her first?"

"How do you not know that I won't kill you after you attempt to strike her?" Ash looked at him in his eyes.

"Yeah, it's two againest Marius and she's quite the fighter." Aeo tried to buy them some time to come up with a tactic.

"A woman after my own heart if I didn't have to cut out hers." Marius looked at Aeo with a smile.

"So, I've heard her side of the story what is yours?" Ash looked over back at Aeo and winked and lipped for her to play along.

"She's a mutant alike all the others she must be gotten rid of."

"A mutant, hey?" Ash turned holding her sword toward Aeo has she walked closer to her. She spoke so only they could hear eachother.

"This is what I want you to do. There is a cliff with a hidden cave to your right. I am going to slash at you act hurt and dive off grab the branch and swing in. You'll be safe. Wait for me while I take care of him. If he doesn't know what I am then perhaps I can get to him as he sleeps." Ash smiled and slashed her sword two inches shy of Aeo's gut.

Aeo turned her body and staggered towards the cliff flailing her arms she fell over it screaming. Ash turned back to Marius with a smile.

"You look like better company anyway." Ash wiped her own blood from her sword before falling down to her knees.

Marius seemed angered for not being able to kill his sister hiself but glad to be rid of the disturbance. He bent down aside her and looked at her neck.

"It's going to need stitched." Marius tore abit of clothing from his shirt and covered it.

"I'm sorry I don't believe I know you all to well." Ash went to stand and fell back into his arms.

"Marius Ceriam, and you?"

"Sa'Leea Mackintire." Ash shook her head trying to remain clearheaded. She knew the cut wasn't too bad but she figured why not play it off.
This girl seemed strange to Marius as he helped her properly tend to her wound. Anyone who would travel with his fitly…sister…was not worth his time, however his mind tried to rationalize, she did assist him in getting rid of her. All his thoughts bleared and for the first time he couldn’t find a definite answer, now all he could do was trust appearances.

“You know she might not be dead,” Marius spoke aloud.

“Really,” Ash replied doing well to conceal her surprise in his statement. However, his tone caused her no real alarm, revealing no hint of him suspecting her. “Why would you say that?”

“I’ve tried to kill her many times before, each time has failed,” he replied with a bit of irritation in his voice.

“And what makes you think this time won’t be different?”

“Because she fell into the water,” He replied more in a conversational manner.

“If that’s all that’s bothering you, rest assured she was dead before she got anyway near it,” Ash grinned, hoping her words would lay rest to his speculations. It appeared to have worked.

They talked for a bit longer about the plans he had for the mutant world and there was even an offer for Ash to join him.

“Some others will be meeting me in a short time,” he added, “them we shall camp here and leave at first light.

Ash cursed her luck, it would have been so more simple if Marius was alone.


Aeo found a place to sit in the cave. It was cold and drafty, but it was better than being up there with Marius. She had finally found a friend, anyone who would do what Ash just did for her was worth any possible thing Aeo could do to help them in return.

She did have a pang of gilt and remorse for the faith of her brother, but she would wait her until Ashes return. Whether it brought good or bad.
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Carrie waited and watched as questions ran through her mind. Could she trust the Satyr? Though her mind said no her instinct told her yes.

Carrie could feel the dark coming on and knew that she had to get inside unless she wanted the man to know what she was. When the night came, something happened to her, she wasn't able to explain it. A strange feeling came over her and her vision began to highten.

Damn, she thought to herself, she was to late.

While the Satyr had his back to her she began to feel her body leaving her seat.
A strange sound caused the Satyr to turn around and what he saw asstounded him. The girl, who for some reason was waiting for him, began to vanish in a blackcloud.

"What is happening?" The satyr said.

"I don't know," And that was the truth, she didn't really know. All she knew was that most nights she ended up somewhere where the sun is shining.

"I'll be back in the morning," Carrie said as she disappeared.
Guys i am SO sorry but i can't continue this, i have so much work on my hands. I will chack in as oftea as i can, and i actually have to be somewhere right now so i am making this quick. Can someone either kill my character or keep her going? i really liked her and would appriciate it if someone would take her. Thank you! I iwll miss this...
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[I’ll take Toby’s char. I had talked to her a bit about this idea for Rane’s back story anyways. Although anyone else is welcome to write for her]

Rane’s eyes started to well up again. The night had been too emotional for her, confronting her father, and now this. She put the note down so her tears wouldn’t smudge it.

“Monelle…” her father started.

“DON’T! Don’t you even say it,” Rane shouted at him. She was growing hysterical, her tears flowing freely. She started to sob. “You left me and you left her!”

“Please, listen,” her father said, reaching out to Rane. She slapped his hand away.

“You keep away! What gives you the right? YOU LEFT ME!” Her father opened his mouth to speak. “No,” Rane said. Tears still streamed down her face, but a cold firmness had entered her voice, “You have no right. I’m going to get him, me, not you. He will pay, and he will die by my hand, and then she will be able to rest. If you really cared about her, and if you weren’t such a coward, you would have done so yourself.” Rane grabbed her mother’s note and stowed it somewhere safe. She then turned and stormed out the room.

Rane’s father suddenly regained his composure. “Wait Monelle!” he shouted, running after her, “Don’t! He’ll kill you!”

Rane kept on walking, not looking back and oblivious to her father’s cries. She would get him. She had to. Rane had cared deeply about her mother, and this man had killed her. She felt the note in her pocket, all she had left of her mother. She felt the mace at her side. She would need it soon. She would kill the bastard who killed her mother. Her mother wrote about him in her letter. The man… no, a man could never be capable of such cruelty… the monster, the demon who killed her mother. The assassin, Chapel…


Chapel moved through the crowd, Sara at his side. She wore heavy robes, and a hood hid her face from the glare of the sunlight and the gaze of the crowds. She felt Chapel’s massive hand pressed against her shoulder, keeping her close to him. He was alert as ever, but this was different. This time he had someone else to worry about.

Many of the people in the crowd stared at him wide eyed. He loomed over most of them, which was intimidating in itself, but his face was truly shocking. It was riddled with scars, so many that it looked like he should be dead. He pushed through the crowds, wanting to be out of the city as soon as he could. It was too easy to kill someone by surprise in the city. He should know.

The pair finally found their way out of the city’s walls and onto the road. They met few travelers, for the area was mostly bare land, unworkable and unsuitable for grazing. The sun beat down on both of them. Sara had been silent since she left the temple. She was usually a very quiet person, but even this was unusual. She seemed preoccupied with something. Chapel was unused to conversation anyways, so the two remained silent. Even though the conditions were grim Chapel found that he was glad that Sara was with him. She reminded him of her mother in so many ways.

Once the sun was directly ahead Chapel decided that they should stop and rest for a while. Sara’s skin was well protected, but there was no use taking chances, and besides, the clothes she had to wear were unseasonably hot. Chapel picked out a shadowed spot between a tall rock and a group of trees. It would stay in shadow all throughout the day.

Sara noticeably changed once she shed her cloak and robes. Chapel’s heart melted to see her, she was so beautiful. She hummed to herself as they took their meal and she seemed considerably more animated. She took joy in feeling the cool air on her skin, her dress long but bare armed. Her time spent in the temple’s practices had left her small and lean, a sharp contrast to Chapel’s muscled bulk. He simply watched her, taking in her joy as his own. The constant pain he felt from his eternal wounds seemed lessened around her. Sara was glad to be out of the temple, to be free.

Suddenly Chapel looked up. He heard the sounds of horses riding towards them. “Hide,” he hissed at Sara and stood up, alert and ready for action. Sara ducked down behind a rock and stayed perfectly still and quiet. She knew her… deformities caused people to fear and hate her. She knew how much she could potentially loose.

Six men on horseback rode up. They were well armed and moved in tandem, like a well disciplined military group. They were also well dressed, as only the rich could afford. Chapel guessed they were members of a noble’s personal guard or a highly successful mercenary group. The leader dismounted and greeted Chapel. He seemed undaunted by Chapel’s size and scars. “Greetings, friend,” he said, “what brings you alone to this place?”

“I am a mere traveler trying to make a living. I have no business,” Chapel responded.

“Then perhaps you would be interested in joining us,” the man said, “You look like a capable man, and if my guess is not far off you have seen battle. Perhaps you would be interested in joining us and sharing in the glory which we seek. We will need as many sword arms as possible, for it is a dangerous venture, but it is a worthy cause for any with a stout heart and a fair soul.”

“I’m listening,” Chapel said, slightly bemused at the man’s flowery speech.

“We seek a man called Marius, for we have heard he is on a worthy quest to aid all of humanity. He seeks to destroy the vile mutant threat that we may wipe their impure blood from all Adavascar. Those who choose to fight with us will die gloriously in battle or revel in victory over the mutant threat. What say you friend? Are you with us?”

“I’m afraid, gentlemen, I must pass. Worthy as your cause is, I have prior responsibilities I must tend to. It is a matter of honor.” Training in speech and diplomacy, Chapel found, was often advantageous to an assassin. He could easily speak as well as any of the university nobles.

“Very well, then I will not press you further. We must…” The man’s gaze rested on Sara’s robe. “Who else is here with you?”

Chapel’s heart leapt into his throat. He showed no sign of it, though, for he was very good at hiding his emotions. “No one. These were here when I found them. They must have been left here.”

“Indeed.” The man started to walk around the camp, circling closer to Sara’s rock. Chapel’s hand edged toward his weapon. The man suddenly turned around and walked back to his horse. “Farewell friend,” he said, “If you have a change of heart you know where to find us.” The group rode away, rounding the bend and plunging into the forest.

Sara came out of hiding and ran to Chapel. “Did you hear what they said? They’re hunting mutants. Me.”

“Don’t worry,” Chapel answered her, “I’ll…” He turned suddenly and pushed Sara behind him. The men had returned. Apparently they had sensed something was wrong and circled back.

“Well, well. I knew you were hiding something.” Their leader had a sneer on his face. He drew his sword and dismounted. His men had their weapons drawn as well, one of them with a long, jagged lance. “You’re hiding that piece of trash as if she meant something. We’ll kill the little bitch slowly after we take care of you!” He spat and ran at Chapel, sword drawn. His men went into action immediately, urging their horses into action, hoping to surround Chapel.

Chapel pushed Sara down and stepped so he was standing over her. She crouched on the ground in fear, knowing what the men would do to her if she was captured. Though she was young her life had been anything but sheltered. She had heard many of the stories about what happened to mutants from members of the temple. They were a very superstitious lot for the most part, and they had no qualms against telling the students of the sins of being born a “freak.”

Chapel threw his great cloak back just as the man was on him. He drew his massive scimitar from his scabbard and, in one smooth motion, slashed the man’s sword arm off. The man fell back in shock, but Chapel screamed in pain. Sara saw his arm sever for a split second and then reattach. There was a new scar on Chapel’s arm at the exact place where his opponent’s arm severed. One of the men circling on horseback aimed a crossbow at chapel. Chapel quickly drew his giant crossbow from beneath his cloak. He supported it on his sword arm, took aim, and fired. The giant bolt hit the man in the chest and took him clean off his horse. Chapel staggered back and clutched at his chest, shouting in pain. Another temporary wound had appeared near his heart.

The man with the lance charged toward Chapel, as did two others, both with swords drawn. Chapel stood his ground, and at the last second gripped the man’s lanced and hauled on it, pulling the man from his horse and spilling him headfirst on the ground. He spun the lance in his hands and threw it like a dart at the last rider. The lance went through the man’s chest. He slumped on his horse, the lance sticking out his back. Chapel groaned again as an identical wound opened and instantly closed in his chest and back.

The other two men closed in on him, swords drawn, their horses’ hooves thundering. Chapel jumped clear, rolling and catching up Sara in his arms. The men turned their horses and rode back toward him, trying to get him from either side. Chapel moved with an agility that belied his size. Still with Sara in one arm he dodged, reached up, and grabbed one of the men by his collar. He threw the man against a tree almost casually, as if the man weighed nothing. Chapel grunted as a cut opened up on his forehead and instantly healed. The last man tried to attack Chapel when he was distracted, but Chapel jumped straight into the air and kicked the man in the head, spilling him onto the ground and knocking him unconscious. Chapel panted, surveying the scene. The new scars in his chest and arm burned as they always did when they were fresh, much sharper than the dull pain of his other scars. He sheathed his sword and picked up Sara’s cloak and robes.

“Come, we must leave, now,” he said. She nodded, her eyes wide. The two set off, Chapel carrying her and setting a brisk pace. He could run fast and well, having trained himself to do so. As he ran thoughts ran through his head. If this Marius fellow was trying to raise a band of hunters it might not bode well for him and Sara. He would have to be extra cautious. These men were only so easy because they had been surprised by his strength. He hadn’t killed all of them, and the survivors would doubtless tell the tale.

I should have killed them, Chapel thought, now things are worse. But Chapel knew he couldn’t kill in cold blood anymore, though he had made a profession of it. It was different when Sara was threatened in the heat of battle, but to strike down a defenseless man now seemed repulsive. Every second he felt the weight of his own sins, the deaths he caused. He knew that his scarring was a form of penance he had to serve, having to feel all the pain and death he had caused. It did not kill him, of course. One death wouldn’t be nearly enough to pay for what he had done, so he had to experience every wound, every death, he had ever caused. The pain was always with him.

Whatever had caused this knew what it was doing too. Sara still gave him reason to live where he previously had none. As much as his pain made him want to take his own life, Chapel knew he would do his best to survive as long as Sara lived. She was a joy to be with, but he cursed at his luck. He desperately wanted to die, but he had to take care of her. He didn’t trust anyone else to do it, it had to be him. All he desired now was Sara’s safety and the sweet release, the peace and silence, of death.

Chapel supposed some good had come out of it. He now understood why killing should be avoided, and not just because of his personal comfort. He now understood the… wrongness of it. A single tear ran down his cheek as he thought this. He hugged Sara tighter and kept on running, the midday sun beating down on him. Sweat ran down his face, and he ran. He ran as if trying to outrun his own pain and fear.
The idea of sitting still was not one Will liked. She walked around the large library, not even looking at the books. She stopped infront of a crowd of men. One had an arm missing, another had a large cut down his face. They were talking about the last battle they had been in. The one they had been given their wounds in.

They talked of the mutants,

"They came upon as a night," he started as if it were some heroic battle. "We were all asleep in the camp. I first awoke when I heard a shout. I grabbed my sword, but it was, too, late. One was on top of me, I had to fight him with my bare hands."

Will, started laughing and the men looked at her. The group looked very angry, but she did not mind. The men without the arm was telling the story like it was out of a novel and she could not stand it.

"What are you laughing at, woman."

"I beg your pardon, but you make it sound like one of these novels. Not a real battle."

"I guess you have not seen a real battle with the mutants. They are godless creatures."
Ash watched Marius like a hawk and out of nerves she felt as if in a pit with snakes all around her awaiting to strike. It had seemed he was gathering people. She took the notion to ask him about things.

"Marius?" Ash looked at him across the tent.
He had been talking and looking over a map from what she was overhearing it looked like she would not see Aeo for some time.

"Yes?" Marius turned his head walking towards her.

"Where exactly are we going in the morning?" Ash looked at him.

"We are heading to the next town to gather more people. You will come with us won't you?"

"Umm. Yes but what about the matters at hand here?" Ash cursed her luck this was going to be tougher than she had hoped.
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Carrie looked around her surroundings and sighed. Every time night time came she vanished onto this peacful tropical part of Adavascar. Yes, she had to admit that the senary was beautiful, but she missed looking at the stars and moon.

She turned to face the ocean, gazing off into the distance. She began to think of her former life before she found out about her gifts. She could see her parents in the kitchen laughing and embracing each other. She could see her little sister through the window playing with the family dog.

Slowly the world around Carrie began to bleed and in a matter of seconds she was standing in her old home.

She looked around and saw the the beauty that once was. The wood was rotted and the paint on the walls gone.

This had been her home. But when the tidal waves came she lost all that she loved.

Like hitting a wall a thought accurd to Carrie. She wasn't in the tropical place that she goes to at night. She was home, looking at the stars that she had wished to gaze upon once more.
Will awoke sweat pour down her brow. The dreams had been happening every night for a week. The dream was more violent tonight then it had been the passed couple of nights.

One thing was clear, she needed to see the mutants for herself. There was terrible things coming and Will could not wait for them to happen. She needed to stop it.

Lifting herself from her bed, she walked over to the window. She pushed it open, a rush of cold air made her shiver. This great force seemed to be pulling Will out of her home and off on some great adventure.

Will dressed quickly, buttoning the cloak around her neck and grabbing her sword. Then she left, in search of her greatest fears and adventure.
Name:Zane Gardina


Age: 278 looks 19

Death day (if any):none


Birthday:August 25

Description:He is 6'2 and 160 pounds.He has a fair complexion. Sense he is veela all his wounds heal at rapid spead and leave no scars. With his veela blood he is pretty much immortal. He has Purple hair with long bangs and short side so he tilts it over one eye and it never changes. He has blood red eyes. He can control his angrey fom and can sprought the scaley wings and beak on command.He wears baggy pants and A tight silk shirt to show off his lean perfect body. He wears a sleevlish robe and below the waist it is in stripes.

Scars (if any): no

Tattoos (if any): A dragon on his forearm

Abilities (limit of two, if any need not apply if your c is human): He has all the veela stuff and he can control fire

Other: None
Ash knew she couldn't leave Aeo in the cave without giving her word of the situation she had at hand. This seemed to Ash to be getting more difficult at each minute. When she shifted her eyes she noticed Marius starring at her.

"Yes, I will join you, but I really need to get some of my things from my home." Ash hoped to use this as a way to get money, provisions and anything Aeo might need to her. She would also give her the route to her house as well as the key. Anything had to be better than a cold, damp cave that reaked like mildo. She bit her lip watching Mariu's face she was slightly relieved when he nodded.

"Tonight you shall rest. Tomorrow we shall go and get your things. You may take the bedroll I will sleep on the floor." Marius stood and gave her kiss on the forehead as he took a blanket and laid it down across the ground allowing her the bedroll.

Ash starred in utter confusion at him as he laid the kiss on her forhead. She didn't understand what was going on, but from what she could tell he was not going to let her out of his sights. Which was going to make it difficult for her to sneak out. But, she did have a slight advantage he would be in the same tent with her.

"What was that for?" Ash near whispered. Marius lifted his head off the blanket and sat up so he could see her.

"To thank you for earliar and perhaps because I wanted to." Marius watched her facial expression.

Ash bit her lip having no idea how to reply to this gesture. She was alone with him in his tent and he had no idea she was one of the mutants he hated and wanted to rid Adavascar of. Perhaps though she should act as though she rather enjoyed his company till she could kill him at least. Otherwise if she left him alive he would find her and Aeo when she could get away. Her lips curved into a soft smile as she looked at him.

"Oh, really?"

“Yes, Is that hard to believe,” Marius replied smiling as well.

“Just wondering,” Ash shrugged, still smiling as soft and sweetly as before.

Marius could fell himself blushing, “Let’s discuss it no further tonight. Sleep will do us all some good now.”

As the last light was blown out Marius lay thinking. Everything was coming together better than he planned. He closed his eyes and let sleep take him. Today had been a good day and Marius felt tomorrow would only get better.


Aeo stood at the caves edge looking out at the sea below. Waves crashed roughly against the side. The moon and stars lit up the sky. It was a beautiful sight an Aeo was content to watch it the whole might. She sighed to herself as her mind drifted back the Marius, but she didn’t let that change her good mood.

The cold sea breeze was a pleasant feeling and it seemed to be saying ‘Ash will come tomorrow’. When Aeo decided it was time for her to rest, the sound of the waves sang her to sleep.

[285 days since last edit and it's my turn? Oops. Well, maybe there's still interest in this campfire, so I might as well try to start it up again. I hope no one minds that I took some liberty forwarding almost every character's story a bit, but the campfire wasn't going anyway so I hope it's okay. It's been a while, so, if you have a bit of time, I recommend you read the whole story again.]


Ade simply stood there after the girl disappeared in a black cloud, not knowing what had happened. She had vanished, leaving him with nothing but a promise that she would return in the morning. He remembered back to a few minutes ago, when she had found him again. She'd stayed! And she'd watched him eating too. Ade had looked over a couple of times at her, and seen a look he'd never seen before. It was... Friendly, caring -- not the looks of fear, hate, and anger that were all he knew.

And then she had vanished, torturing Ade's soul with illusions it seemed. Was she even real, or was Ade started to see things that weren't there? Even if she was just an illusion, that illusion was better than the agony-filled reality he knew, and he would definitely be awaiting her return here in the morning. He couldn't get over the caring in her eyes when she'd looked at him, and Ade knew that he felt the same way about her.

Night had fallen, but the satyr knew there was no way he could sleep. He was full of a feeling so foreign and so wonderful that he felt like screaming aloud. And he did. He threw his head back, and at the top of his lungs, with tears in his eyes, yelled something from the bottom of his heart: "I LOVE HER!!!"

Love? Ade hadn't expected to say that; he didn't even know what love is, so who was he to determine whether or not he loved the mysterious girl? But that's the way it had come out, and perhaps... Perhaps it was true.

Ade shook his head and brought himself back to the present. The girl would need food in the morning, for she would probably be hungry, and she didn't seem to like the idea of a raw deer. Ade hadn't cooked food in ages, but he knew how, and he went off in search of firewood after placing a few rocks in the clearing so he would know where to come back to.


Chapel had run for so long that it seemed like his aching legs were so used to it they couldn't stop. He was tired and he was hurting, and he had no idea where he would be able to stop to lay his head down. It was nighttime, and Chapel found himself tearing through a path in the forest. He'd lost where he was going, but he didn't care anymore. Sara had somehow fallen asleep in the vigorous rocking of Chapel's flight, and her gentle breath had calmed his fear. She was what was important, and she was safe. That was what mattered.

Then, all of a sudden, Chapel heard someone yell off in the distance, deep in the forest. He couldn't make out what the voice had said, but for some reason it called out to him. He slowed his running down to a walk, and then went cautiously into the forest. Perhaps this voice was friendly... Chapel could only hope.


Even though Marius was sound asleep, Ash found it impossible to fall asleep herself. Conflicting emotions flooded in her brain. On one hand, she knew that Aeo was still out in that cave alone, and she wanted to seek her out and tell her about the situation that was upon them. On the other hand, if she got up and left to find her, there was a very good chance she would wake Marius. She'd also a couple of Marius' friends camp nearby, and for all she knew they could be awake, keeping watch.

Also, thoughts of killing Marius to protect Aeo filled her mind. She knew that if she silently killed him now and crept away, there was a good chance that Aeo would be safe for a long while. But if she did, would the men Marius knew presume it was a mutant and start a massive crusade against them? She wanted peace, and doing this was just reinforcing the problem of violence and killing between mutants and humans. Also, he was Aeo's brother, and maybe that could somehow help him to become an assistance to mutants one day. There was a chance... In addition, she had to admit that the little kiss he'd given had stirred up something peculiar inside her.

But then, the thoughts started to turn into ideas, and a plan began to formulate in Ash's head. It was a long shot, but it could work. She looked over at the sleeping man and shrugged. Her plan might not work, but it was definitely better than any other option. She rolled over to lie beside Marius, and put her hand on his arm. He stirred a bit as she began to whisper in his ear.

"Marius, wake up," she whispered. "Marius?"

He grunted, blinking his eyes sleepily.

"Marius, I... I don't really know how to say this," Ash began. "I just... Well, after you kissed me on the forehead, I, well, haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I... I don't know how to say it."

"How to say what?" Marius asked, less sleepy now.

"I haven't felt like this before..." Ash trailed off.

"Felt what?" Marius said, shifting his position to look into her eyes. He subtly caressed her arm with his hand as he did.

"I... I..." Ash stuttered as they both leaned in towards each other. Before she could finish what she was trying to say, her lips has met Marius' and they were locked in a deep kiss.

Emotions surged through both of them, and they continued to kiss. After a minute, Marius rolled onto Ash and things started to heat up a bit. Then, Ash backed off suddenly. "Wait!" she said.

"What?" Marius was surprised. "What's wrong?"

"Some of your friends are camped near here right?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, they're here. A good dozen or so. Why do you ask?"

"Well... What if they walked in on us?"

"Oh, I'm sure they wouldn't care."

"Well, I would... I'd feel a lot more comfortable if they weren't around, or if we were somewhere else without them." Ash had a disappointed look in her eyes.

"Well, maybe we could go somewhere nearby. I'm sure there's a tree or something we can... lie under." Marius smiled hopefully.

"I'd like that," Ash smiled. Her plan, so far, was working perfectly.

Marius grabbed a bed roll and they snuck out of the tent, heading out towards the forest. Ash kept looking over at Marius, partially to make him think that she was really thinking about him a lot, and partially to keep an eye on him. Soon enough, the two got to the edge of the forest, and Marius laid the bedroll down beside a big oak. They both smiled and started kissing again, embracing in a tight, passionate hug.

Ash pulled back for a moment to say, "I never thought my first time would be like this, or with someone so good-looking for that matter."

Marius raised his eyebrows. "First time?"

"Er... ya..." Ash looked nervously at Marius. "Look, can you hold on a sec, I just wanna quickly relieve myself before we do this. I'll be back really quick okay?"

Still a bit stunned, Marius complied with a nod. Ash kissed him quickly, and went to some nearby bushes. She looked back and waited till Marius turned away before she snuck off into the night, heading towards the cave Aeo was in. As she was sneaking off, she couldn't help but feel a bit of sadness, as she hadn't lied about anything until she said she was going to relieve herself. She was falling for a man who hated her kind.


As the minutes ticked by, Marius realized that it had all been a ploy to escape. He didn't know why the girl – what was her name? Sa’Leea or something? – would want to escape. She had seemed so convincing when she had seduced him; Marius knew well when people were lying to him. Either she was an expert, or something else weird was going on with her. “She must be a mutant too,” Marius thought. He hoped that he would see the girl again soon, perhaps to find out the truth, and perhaps because he, too, felt something for her too.

Marius returned to his tent, but he couldn’t fall back to sleep. His hatred for every mutant fueled a bloodlust in him that he knew he would have to satiate soon. All the mutants in Adavascar would have to die before he could ever be at peace, and before humanity could ever be at peace. Or so he thought. It wasn’t long before he drifted off into sleep again.


After Roman and Twilight embraced, they’d laid down on his bed together to catch up on the past. After a while, Twilight had drifted off to sleep, and she assumed that Roman had fallen asleep afterwards. But now she had stirred back awake, and she heard footsteps faintly off in the distance. She realized she’d turned back into a normal spector (not solid) while she was sleeping, and so she got up as the footsteps got closer.

Then there was a loud knock on the door, and she saw Roman stir. It was still dark out, why would someone be knocking this late at night? “Open up in there!” came a loud shout from a man with a deep voice.

More knocking, as Twilight remained unmoving, not knowing what to do. “Open up in there! This is Magistrate Blackscar, so open the bloody door!”

Blackscar! Twilight had heard that name before, perhaps in her travels of the world. She didn’t know, but she had a feeling he didn’t mean well. Roman was awake now, and sitting up. “What’s going on?” he whispered.

“I don’t know,” Twilight replied, as the knocking continued, getting louder.

“Open up in there or we’re gonna knock the door down!” Blackscar’s voice sounded cruel and threatening.

“Who’s that?” Roman looked a bit fearful.

“It’s the Magistrate. Maybe they found out that you’re a bit of a mutant...” Twilight frowned nervously.

“We need to get out of here!” Roman said, quickly throwing some clothes on.

Suddenly, there was a massive thump, followed by another one. Then there were sounds of the breaking of wood as the door broke down and Blackscar and however many men he had with him stormed into the house. “Turn invisible!” Twilight whispered, doing so herself.

Roman did the same, and they both backed up into a corner, looking for a way to get out. There was a window nearby, but it was closed. Two men stormed into the room, and threw the bed sheets everywhere, looking everywhere for, presumably, Roman. There was yelling and some crashing sounds coming from elsewhere in the house as the soldiers stormed the place. It eventually quieted down, as no one could find the mutant they were looking for.

Then a man dressed all in black with a mask over half his face entered the room, and the two men who’d been searching it instantly stopped what they were doing. Twilight and Roman knew it was Magistrate Blackscar. He paused for a moment, listening, and sniffing the air. “He’s in the room,” he said in a threatening voice. “He must be invisible, so feel every part of the room. He could be anywhere.”

The two men started feeling around the room cautiously, and Blackscar started walking towards the corner that Twilight and Roman were in. With every step the sound of his hard boots hitting the floor sent a shaft of fear into Roman’s heart. The man stopped a couple feet away to listen again, and then suddenly reached out in front of him, grabbing Roman by his shirt and throwing him to the floor. Roman was so shocked that he became visible again, and soon he was surrounded by Blackscar and the other two men.

Twilight’s eyes were wide, as she had no idea what to do.


Ade had gathered plenty of firewood and returned back to the clearing from which the girl had vanished. He set about rubbing sticks together over some kindling, hoping that the friction would soon be enough to make a fire. There was indeed a hefty stack of dead wood that the satyr had found nearby, and it would be enough to make the fire last all night and well into the next day.

Diligently, Ade kept rubbing the two sticks together as hard as he could. Soon, a little fire appeared for a brief moment, though it was gone as quickly as it had begun. Ade kept trying, however, determined not to give up, and soon enough the kindling was alight. Ade placed more sticks on the fire, progressively using larger and larger ones, and before long he had a sizable fire going.

Ade was very proud of his work, and he checked the fire once more before going to the deer he’d killed earlier and cutting off some small pieces to cook for the girl when she returned in the morning as she’d promised. Ade had seen a glimpse of a life he’d never known, and now all he wanted was to do everything he could to hold onto it.


After several minutes of walking through the forest, Chapel was really starting to feel the fatigue and the pain set in, and he was contemplating just stopped where he was and hoping that it was good enough for the night. Something, however, kept pulling him onwards. He didn’t know what it was, but somehow he knew that he’d find a better place if he just kept going a little further. Sure enough, within ten more minutes, Chapel saw a faint light off in the distance of the forest, and he slowed his pace, silently stalking towards it.

Chapel could soon see the clearing fairly well, and he saw a peculiar figure standing over the fire in the center of the clearing. The man – or whatever it was – was most likely alone, from what it appeared, and so Chapel went closer and closer to the clearing, walking very slowly and cautiously. Suddenly, Sara began to stir in his arms, and let out a small yawn. The figure in the clearing obviously heard it, and leapt away, disappearing completely from Chapel’s view.

Chapel gulped, not knowing if a trap awaited him, and stepped into the clearing. “Hello?” he said, warily.

There was no response, and Chapel set Sara gently down. He stood over her with a hand on his scimitar and spoke out to the figure again. “Look, I don’t want to fight. This is my... daughter, and she needs somewhere warm to stay for the night. I don’t mean any harm at all...”

“Who are you?” came the shy voice of a man.

“My name is Chapel, and my daughter’s name is Sara.” Chapel didn’t know what else to call Sara other than his daughter, and though it was unusual to say, it seemed to work.

“I’m...” the voice paused. “I’m waiting for someone here. You won’t hurt her when she comes back?”

Chapel didn’t know who the voice was talking about, maybe he was just a bit crazy or something. “No, of course not. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Chapel heard a bit of a rustle and then the figure appeared before him. It was a satyr! They were sometimes known for their trickery and cruelty, but this one seemed different. He seemed shy, and lonely, and Chapel figured that he could be trusted. “Food?” the satyr asked, gesturing towards the remains of a deer nearby. Presumably he’d killed it earlier.

Chapel felt his stomach rumble a bit in answer, and so he replied, “Sure, I’d love some.”

The satyr jumped a bit at Chapel’s reply, but then headed towards the deer, repeating what Chapel had said under his breath. He began to carve off some of the meat as Chapel sat down, removing some of his weapons and placing them nearby, keeping his dagger just in case. It was silent as the satyr cooked the meat over the fire, and Chapel thanked the creature before eating.

“I’ll keep watch, you can sleep,” the satyr said, sitting down on a log beside the fire.

Chapel nodded and then laid down beside Sara. He didn’t trust the satyr completely, however, so he wouldn’t go to sleep. But he knew Sara was safe, and that’s what was important.


Rane pushed on into the night. She had no idea where she would find the man who killed her mother, but she knew that she had to try. Killing him was the one thing, and the only thing, that mattered now. And if anyone stood in her way, then, well, they would be practice.

Rane was an elf, and she knew that her darker skin and peculiar features would give her away in the daytime, and the human’s nowadays were not tolerant of mutants or other races such as herself. If she wasn’t careful, she’d probably wind up dead or worse. She was a skilled fighter, but she knew full well that she wasn’t invincible. She would need to find some information about Chapel somehow, and she had no idea how to do that.

As she walked through the rainy streets of the town, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to see three drunk men closing in on her. They must’ve just emerged from the shadows. Silently she chastised herself for being so careless, but perhaps this was a good opportunity.

“Hey baby, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out all alone at this time of night,” one man said, brandishing a knife.

“Ya, a girl like you could get hurt or taken advantage of,” another said, bringing drunken chuckles from the third.

“Not likely,” Rane said, pulling out her mace. She smashed the first man’s head in before he could react, and quickly beat the third one unconscious. Before the last man could turn and run, he was on the ground, with the half-elf pinning him down, a knife to his throat. “Move and I’ll slit your throat,” she said.

“Ack, what do you want?” the man said, slurring a bit.

“Have you ever heard of a man named Chapel?” Rane pushed her knee into the man’s stomach.

“Bah, yeah, sure I have. He’s an assassin or something like that. I dunno where he is though!”

“Do you know anyone who would?”

“Uh, well, I heard he goes to the temple sometimes. You could try there.” The man squirmed a bit. “Okay I told you what you wanna know now lemme... hic... go!”

“Thanks,” Rane said before clubbing him over the head, knocking him out instantly.

With that information, Rane headed towards the town’s temple, hoping that she might find another clue on the path to finding her mother’s murderer.


It didn’t take Ash long to get to the cave that Aeo was hiding in, and she found her asleep. She decided that explanations could wait till morning, and she realized that she was really quite tired and needed sleep badly. With that, Ash lay down beside her new friend, and, after shifting her position a few times to get comfortable, went to sleep. The day was long over, and the night was like a bridge, that, once crossed, led to a new day full of excitement, trials, surprises, and, surely, some suffering as well.

Tons laid in store for Ash and Aeo, and the rest of Adavascar as well.


[Anyway, that’s my addition, and I hope that everyone in this campfire wants to restart it as much as I do. It seems like it could be really exciting, and I hope you’ll all start adding again! Cheers!]
Ash awoke to Aeo speaking to her.

"How did you get away?" Aeo's voice rang into her ears.

"Long story, but for now I just need you to trust me. I've got a plan, but it is going to take sometime to hatch. I've got to go quickly or the plan will fail. But, I came mainly to check on you. This place is not known of and is has safe as it gets. Here is some money for provisions, but be scarce around the merchant areas." Ash gave Aeo a light hug as she bit her lip. This whole plan was a shot in the dark, but they had nothing else to aide them so, it had to work.


Ash knew she had been gone too long and Marius was sure to wonder. So, she decided at best a plan to trick him out of thinking she was a mutant. She trudged through the small stream that was about the area her and Marius were the other night; her clothes becoming soaked. She looked at her wound and pulled out a small knife tearing it back open. She winced from the pain and threw the knife. Blood began to seep and splatter her clothing as she laid he head back againest a tree feeling lightheaded.

She awoke in a daze to a slight tap on her check.
She blinked a few times trying to get rid of the blur before her eyes.

"Marius?" Ash asked with uncertainty.

"Better take her to Marius." A man said has he slowly gather the woman up in his arms.

Ash laid her head on his shoulder trying to regain her normal state. She could feel the man lay her down and could hear talking in the distance. Till all at once she felt a sting shoot up through her wound. She groaned at someone pulling the wound together to inclose the small gap.

"That should do it. I would let her rest before trying to figure out what happened to her." Another man sighed aside her.

"Indeed." Ash knew that voice. It was Marius she was back in his tent.


**************The Next Day***********************

As Ash awoke again she could feel someone standing over her. This time when she opened her eyes it was clear.

"I was beginning to think you had ran off." Marius's voice flooded into her ears.

"No, just wasn't expecting to be attacked from behind. I didn't even hear them coming." Ash looked so distraught and confused and Marius she could tell was buying right into it.

"Your safe now." Marius took his hand and brushed her cheek giving her lips a soft kiss.

"Marius, I don't know if I feel safe as long as those things are running around out there." Ash looked into his eyes as he brought her close holding her. Ash could not believe what she was doing, but if it aided her and Aeo she had no choice.

"Your safe with me." Marius hugged her.

Ash decided to see where things stood she either had him where she wanted him or she didn't. She intended to know now. She smiled softly at him and brought her lips up to his kissing them passionately as they fell back together onto the bedroll.

"You don't have to worry about anyone coming in as it is late." Marius assured her as he slowly etched her tank top off.

Ash's head flooded with so many emotions at once it was hard to just pick one. She fought past being uncomfortable and decided to just let herself have fun with the moment. She pulled at his pants and let him finish undressing her till they both laid their naked aside eachother.

Ash had no idea what she was doing, but she decided if she was going to get this plan to work she had better do something to convince him not to think otherwise about her. She kissed his lips hard letting her tongue slip past his and into his mouth as she pulled him atop her. As things once again grew heated she could feel Marius begin his entrance he started slow then picked up the pace.


Has Marius tried to fight his urge to release he moaned not able to control it any longer he released it as he lowered his lips to hers and then laid his head on her chest.

Ash laid there entangled with him. Thoughts of Aeo ran through her mind. What would Aeo say to this? This was a high price to save her kind.

"We should rest. Tomorrow we have a big day." Marius carressed her hair as he grabbed his clothes up and began to get dressed.

Ash just nodded silently in her thoughts as she slowly gathered her clothes.

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