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Shop Setup Help Wanted
Posted: 11-03-18 @ 12:09pm
Please email me if you're interested and we can talk about COMPENSATION: (1). I need HELP setting up a shop for my C-Notes. This shop will have several elements users can buy, which I will then use to make a custom signature or c-note card for them. I think I do want to get this setup soon for the holidays, and I will be doing the image uploading, I just need some consultation to do so. Or a small shop setup for me that I can then expand on myself {e:bigsmile} I am aiming for November 28th for YOUR PART to be done, and your compensation received. Consultation can then also be added, if needed and agreed upon. ~Whata

    Email Contact:   whata
    Web Address:   http://whata.Writing.Com/
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