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Rated: E · Crossword Puzzle · Sci-fi · #1082513
On 17th March 2006, Sci-Fi gets a new hero... but do you know enough about the Time Lord?
In March 2005 the BBC saw the return of an intepeid Time Traveller and his all new companion, Rose Tyler. Now the 17th of March sees him appear on American screens on the Sci-Fi Channel. Here's your chance after the two back-to-back episodes to see if you've been paying attention, plus perhaps some Basic Classic Who Knowledge to boot. Have fun!
 3 Which Incarnation is this Doctor in?
 4 Tom Baker eccentric Doctor always used to offer these things to lighten the mood.
 7 The Doctor's Home Planet.
 8 Jabe becomes a friend of the Doctor in Episode 2... but what Species is she?
 9 The Original Doctor was played by whom from 1963-66?
 10 Rose worked in this shop before she met the Doctor.
 13 These silvery giants are due to face David Tennant in the BBC 2006 Season of Doctor Who.
 15 After seeing Earth explode, this is all Rose wants.
 17 This famous English Landmark is used in a plan to conquer Earth.
 18 The Daleks chilling warcry.
 19 The Name of the Doctor Fanatic who contacts Rose on the Internet.
 20 The Doctor handy gadget which always gets him out of trouble
 24 This Blonde Pop Singer has a song played to pay respect for the impending death of the Earth.
 25 The Doctor uses this to defeat the Nestene Consciousness in Episode 1.
 28 This is the name given to the creatures controlled by the Nestene Consciousness.
 29 The Doctor sailed on this doomed ship once. Maybe twice.
 1 The Doctor's latest quirky catchphase.
 2 The Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton, had this as his trademark.
 4 What is the Name of Rose's Mother?
 5 The Face of What is seen on Platform One?
 6 Rose: 'Where 'm I gonna go? ----------?"
 11 Who rule the world in 12,005, according to the Doctor?
 12 The Daleks are the Doctor's most deadly enemy... but where do they come from?
 14 Rose's Boyfriend's full Name.
 16 The Doctor TARDIS, his time travel machine looks like a what?
 21 The 'Last Human'.
 22 The Name of the Blue-Skined Plumber who coverses with Rose.
 23 Roses's Boyfriend is captured by the Nestene Consciousness via a what?
 26 Chrisopher Eccleston left the role of the Doctor because of fear of what?
 27 The Doctor and Rose are due to meet this famous Victorian Novelist in Episode 3.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1082513