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This example crossword puzzle highlights areas of Writing.Com
This is an example Crossword Puzzle using clues and words common to Writing.Com. Your puzzle's description would go in this area, describing the puzzle's contents to your item's visitors.
 1 Writing.Com currency is based on ______ Points.
 3 Writing.Com has 90 of these "categories".
 4 Dress up your Writing.Com portfolio with these icons!
 8 Blogs, journals, novels and short stories use this item type.
 9 These items can only be changed by their author.
 11 These come to you as feedback from other members.
 16 Earn these through activities of Merit.
 17 The numbers beside a member's handle denote their Community ____________.
 19 The fast moving chat within the IM console is affectionately known as...
 20 A member's pen-name is their ______. (A teapot has one too!)
 2 Messages gallore; post and enter contests within these.
 4 This is our newest item type, and you're using it right now!
 5 You'll find comments about Writing.Com from your fellow members here!
 6 Choose your own adventure within these items!
 7 Writing.Com emails 13 of these each week to those who subscribe.
 10 This item type allows you to work together with other members and be part of various ______.
 12 These messages pop up almost immediately.
 13 The goal of many writers is to someday be ___________.
 14 Fill in the blanks and see what you get.
 15 Store the items and authors you read most in these.
 18 Store your photos in these items.
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