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So you think you know all about Canada, eh?
It's where I live.
It's where David Suzuki hangs out.
It's where Amanda Marshall puts her feet up.
It's the home of Laura Secord Chocolates.
It's where Oscar Peterson was born.
It's where the beaver sets up housekeeping.
...Otherwise known as

*Snow2**Snow3* CANADA *Snow3**Snow2*

This crossword is kinda easy but a little bit difficult. Test your knowledge to see how much you really know about the "land of ice and snow"...yes, that goes for all you crazy Canucks too. *Bigsmile*

Hint:: All 10 provinces and all 3 territories are part of the answers, but only once.

*Snow3* If you get really stuck on any of these email me and I'll give you a hint. *Snow3*

 1 Canada’s oldest department store (3 words)
 8 Canada’s newest territory
 11 This U.S. tv game show has a Canadian host with initials A.T. (name the show)
 12 Largest province in terms of land mass
 13 L.M.Montgomery is the Author of Anne of Green ______
 14 Abbreviation for Canada’s most densely populated province
 15 Canada and the USA share the world’s longest _______ border
 16 Canadian songstress Murray won the most Juno awards
 17 CBC stands for Canadian ________ Corporation
 21 Oldest national park in Canada
 22 Abbreviation for the area which stretches north of Saskatchewan to B.C. toward the Arctic Ocean
 23 Largest province in terms of population
 24 This covers most of the country in the winter
 25 This province is known as Canada's Ocean Playground (2 words)
 28 Gasoline is sold here not by the gallon but by the ______. (U.S.spelling)
 30 This street in Toronto is the longest street in the world
 2 89% of Canadian land is _______ due to extreme climate
 3 The only province that does not advance its clocks by one hour to mark daylight saving time
 4 The largest of Canada's three Maritime provinces (2 words)
 5 Our westernmost province (2 words)
 6 The Klondike Gold Rush took place in this territory
 7 This provinces’ name means "where the spirit lives" in the languages of its aboriginal population
 9 The red ____ leaf is recognized around the world as a symbol of Canada
 10 The Juno is a Canadian ______ award
 18 This province is located where the Rocky Mountains meet the prairie
 19 Nickname for Canadians; also the name of a hockey team
 20 The only province which does not have an Indian reserve
 26 Canada’s national capitol
 27 This term refers to the people who live in the Canadian Arctic
 29 We drive on this side of the street
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