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A fun crossword that encourages you to read and review other writers' works!
A fun puzzle based on something that apparently no longer exists. Well, it's a puzzle that makes you look up the answers in other people's stories.

Of course, I'm going to use items that I especially like. If you have something you'd like me to read and consider for this puzzle...which will change every so often...when I get around to it...please email me.

Hope you have fun. Please take the time to r&r the items that you find your answers in. Thanks!

 2 What is CactuarJoe 's sister's name?
 3 What color is Tim's convertible in"Invalid Item ?
 4 What did the ex-wife wield? "A Really Lousy Poem [13+]
 6 Who is Hugh's secretary? "Hugh Dunnit [13+]
 9 Who did Belle have an affair with? "Not So Happily Ever After [13+]
 13 What was SHERRI GIBSON at heart?
 14 What was the man in the bowler hat carrying in "The Identity Crisis [13+] ?
 17 What color is Eisa's flipper in "Penguins...in SPACE! [13+]?
 19 How many items are in johnykr's port?
 20 What is my daughter's name?ms_penguin
 22 What company is mentioned in "The End of a Relationship [18+] ?
 1 What did she taste? "Next Time [18+]
 2 What did Santa bring Diane's neighbor in "Dear Santa [18+]?
 5 What kind of factory is mentioned at the beginning of "Another Small Bang [E]
 7 This story was a ____ winner in 2018 for best Science Fiction "Hazmat [18+]?
 8 Which character is afraid to fly in "First Flight [18+]?
 10 What is the vampire's name? "The Reluctant Vampire [13+]
 11 What was Jack's daughter's name ? "Invalid Item
 12 What kind of movie marathons does Murray like to watch in "Ferris Wheel of DEATH! [13+]
 15 What object does Suzy break at the end of "(Wake Up) Little Suzy [18+]
 16 "Part 2: The Gem & The Photo [13+] - Shouldn't you be working on your____?
 17 What item was found on the porch at the beginning of "Living [18+] ?
 18 What was the main character's girlfriend's name? "The Something Under My Bed [18+]
 21 "Quorilax: Rising Tide [13+] The size of your body does not reflect the ___of your soul.
Submit your answers to see which words are correct and add those words into the crossword puzzle above. You can still continue working on the puzzle after you submit.
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