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by Kez
Rated: E · Crossword Puzzle · Other · #1218069
Every word in the puzzle starts with "bio." Harder than it seems!
Bio- is a prefix that means "life."

All the words in this crossword puzzle start with "bio." Good luck.
 1 The circle of life
 2 Biographical details. Can be abbreviated to "bio"
 4 A device that measures carbon dioxide given off by organisms
 5 The study of medical problems in astronauts
 6 A bibliography that deals with an author's life
 9 A rock formed from organic materials
 11 A writen account of somebody's life
 12 A large molecule. Some examples would be protein and DNA
 13 Is alive or was alive at some point
 15 A person who works with chemistry of living organisms
 16 Free of living organisms
 1 Life science
 3 A short-lived fossil
 4 Desert, coniferious forest, deciduous forest, tundra, rain forest, freshwater, salt water...
 6 Light produced by living organisms, commonly in the ocean
 7 Destruction of life
 8 A unit of protoplasmic structure
 9 The part of the Earth that is livable
 10 A health risk caused by a pathogen
 13 The effect something has on living tissue in an organism
 14 The total of living components in an environment
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