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A test about Canada, about canadian history, geography, politics and celebrity.
The puzzle is about Canada, a its history, geography, politics and some of the famous people that the country has produced. The puzzle will look at the cultural aspects of Canada, from music, film and other aspects of the arts.
 1 This Prime Minister was a Nobel Laureate
 3 He hosts Deal Or No deal
 4 The capital of Canada
 6 He once coached the Colorado Rockies and is famous for his high collared shirts
 9 This western city was named after Queen Victoria
 10 His sweater number for the Detroit Red Wings was # 9
 11 His sweater number with the Boston Bruins was #4
 12 This small northern town co-exsist with polar bears for part of the year
 13 This singer's first hit was Diana
 15 Canada's youngest province also known by 4 letters
 17 He directed Fiddler On The Roof
 18 He is considered the founder of the province of Manitoba
 20 This province is known by these three letters
 21 This cocktail is said to be created in canada
 23 A resort town in the rockies famous for its hot springs
 25 He was know as the great one and he is famous for wearing #99 on his sweater
 26 Ths Alberta songstress does not eat beef and is also known by her first 2 intials
 1 He is canada's most decorated aboriginal war vetern
 2 Canadian Rockies largest park
 3 He was canada's first Prime Minister
 5 The capital of Ontario
 7 They are the peoples of mixed blood aborginal and usually French, Scotish or English
 8 Nickleback is from this Alberta town
 12 this Canadian was a regular on In Living Color
 14 This classical pianist died in 1982
 16 This sport is canada's national summer sport
 19 This baseball team moved to Washington DC in 2005
 21 This city is famous for its rodeo
 22 This river flows north and and named after the color of the siltloam sediment
 24 This east coast bay is famous for its tides
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