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Only for those willing to test their knowledge of the old ways
Come test your skills in this crossword puzzle of Norse mythology. Welcome and enjoy!
 2 Where giants live
 4 What is the name of Heimdall's horse
 6 Guardian of the gods
 7 He carries the words of the eagle to the dragon below
 8 World of the dead, fog-world
 11 The Norns gather at this well
 15 The trickster god
 17 The archer god
 18 Father of Dag,god of dawn
 20 A brother of Odin
 22 This hall has 540 doors and so wide 800 warriors can stand shoulder to shoulder
 23 The bridge guarded by Heimdall
 25 He shall battle Tyr and each will be the other's slayer
 1 Kills Frey at Ragnarok
 3 Nidhogg gnaws at its three roots
 5 Foster-father of Sigurd
 9 The seething cauldron and source of all cold rivers
 10 First of the East Danes
 12 One of two hostages given to the Aesir's from the Vanir
 13 The brother of Vili and Ve
 14 Where Freyja dwells and half the fallen warriors go
 16 She burned three times in Odin's hall
 19 He is called the god of thunder
 21 Created by Odin, Hoenir, and Lothur
 23 First of the Aesir
 24 Goddess of the sea
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1325393