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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Level A Unit 4
SBS 6th graders can practice their vocabulary spelling and definitions, and earn extra credit, by completing this Unit 4 crossword puzzle.
 1 a thin string of wire or hair, etc.; to leave in a hopeless position
 2 a souvenir
 4 lack of thankfulness
 10 being lost in thought; a daydream
 11 unimportant or trivial
 13 a sorry condition or state
 14 the act of calling something back; a cancellation
 17 to worship or love very much
 18 to declare not guilty
 19 to be the cause of
 1 to look over quickly but thoroughly
 3 difficult to catch of hold
 5 to feel sorry for what one has done
 6 to fall forward, or to bring about the downfall of
 7 to think, believe or consider to be so
 8 an outburst of applause
 9 fighting or struggle
 12 to damage in reputation
 15 a being that must eventually die, or something relating to such a being
 16 to destroy or leave in ruins
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/crosswords/item_id/1349087-Unit-4-Vocabulary