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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Unit 6
St. Barbara School 6th Grade students can earn extra credit in Vocabulary by completing this puzzle and printing!
 2 to pay back
 5 strongly supporting one side only
 6 allowance for mistakes of inaccuracies
 8 to confuse or bewilder
 12 willing to do what someone else wants; obedient
 14 friendly or good-natured
 16 bloody or gruesome
 17 a first public appearance
 19 an idle wanderer
 1 to preserve or save; keep from being wasted
 3 a labyrinth or puzzle; something very mixed-up or confusing
 4 to go away from, or leave empty
 7 to cause or bring about
 9 flexible
 10 someone or something that can predict the future
 11 clearness or accuracy
 13 a list, outline, or plan of things to do at a meeting
 15 a condition of disease or ruin; an eyesore
 18 rough and noisy in a cheerful way; high-spirited
 20 12 dozen; to earn; very noticeable
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