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how well do you know your tennis lingo?
A blue tennis court

See how well you know your tennis vocabulary.
 1 The third point of a game for either player or side
 4 when one person wins the first set, but their opponent wins the second. the sets are?
 5 Play exchange between two or more players
 8 A match between two teams of two players each
 11 A shot on which the ball is hit before it bounces
 14 The speed at which the ball is hit
 17 A 90-second period after every odd-numbered game in a set when players change sides.
 18 When a player loses the serve.
 20 An overhead shot that is hit very hard and down into the opponent's side of the net
 21 In doubles, to hit a ball, usually with a volley, that would ordinarily have been played by the partner.
 1 The first point of a game for either player or side
 2 Forward spin, around the ball's horizontal axis,
 3 A match between two teams of two who are of both genders.
 6 A perfect serve not touched by the receiver.
 7 responsive string made from animal intestines used to string rackets
 9 a high-arcing shot
 10 A shot hit with both backspin and sidespin; as a verb, to hit such a shot.
 12 Want it from friends and family but not on the tennis court.
 13 The flat area of the racket formed by the strings and bounded by the frame.
 15 Reverse spin
 16 When the score is 40-40.
 17 Type of racquet grip.
 19 The thin area of a racket handle, where it meets the head
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