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How well do you know your Twilight facts?
Are you a fanpire? Test your Twilight knowledge with this fun and challenging puzzle. This stuff will mostly be in the books and 1st movie. I will be making indevidual book puzzles and eventually indevidual charecters. Have fun!
 3 What do the Cullens call themselves as an inside joke?
 5 (no caps) Where is the college Bella wants to attend with "grizzlies galore" located?
 7 (no caps) Who is James's mate?
 8 (no caps) What is the name of the vampire that helps Victoria create her "new born" army?
 10 "What a stupid lamb . . . What a sick ___________ lion . . ." (Fill in the blank)
 13 (no caps) Which character said this to Bella (New Moon)?: "Look at it this way, Bella. You're very lucky I was the one to find you."
 17 (no caps) In Eclipse, what was the name of the newborn the Cullens tried to spare?
 18 (no caps) In the vote to change Bella, who, besides Edward, voted against her changing?
 22 (no caps) The Forks High mascot is the ________
 23 (no caps) What is Edward's and Bella's kids name?
 24 (no caps, no space) In the Quileute legends, what a term do they use to describe the Cullens (2 words no space in clude s at end.)?
 25 (no caps) Who is Rosalie's "other half"?
 26 What color eyes did Edward have before he was changed?
 1 (No caps/spaces) What is the main brand of beer?
 2 (no caps) Who does Victoria want to kill?
 4 (No caps) Which vegitarian (good) vampire, out of the two families, is covered in battle scars and gets bit in one of the battles in the Twilight Saga?
 6 (no caps) Which vampire can inflict a lot of pain, just by looking at them (Voultri)?
 7 What kind of car does Edward drive?
 9 What color is Edwards motorcycle?
 11 What are the Quileutes in actuality?
 12 (no caps, no space) What color and type of car did Alice steal in Italy and ask for as a Christmas present from Edward (Example: greenf150)
 14 (no caps) Whos sees the future?
 15 How many days does it take to transform into a vampire?
 16 (no caps) Which vampire bites Bella?
 17 What color does Edward admire on Bella?
 19 What word is the term for true love with werewolves?
 20 Who is the first to imprint out of Sam's pack (no caps)?
 21 (no caps) Who is the vulturi's best tracker?
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